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Announcement: We have a new blog!

Ink and Fairydust Managing Editor Jansina G.


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Editor’s Note 2 by Jansina G.

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Benjamin Franklin 3-4 by Stephen Vincent Benet

Mini Magazine 2014 Ink and Fairydust Mini Magazine 2014


Announcements by Jansina G.

The Most 7-9 Important Issue by Rose Dominick

Ink and Fairydust is a free e-magazine and blog created by teens and young adults. We seek to inspire with a mix of creativity and faith. Look for our first “Best of ” issue on Amazon in January 2015! To Subscribe: Or Email

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Editor’s Note

Jansina G.

Dear Readers, As we began college and careers, we

had to step away from Ink and Fairydust and look at what we could realistically do to keep it going. Since graphics seem to be what take the longest, we’ve decided to move (mostly) to a blog format. We post three times a week, with the variety of stories, articles, and poetry on a mixture of topics that you’ve come to expect from I&F. Our goal is to present quality content regularly. However, we still love the magazine format, and we’re not willing to give that up. Once a year we will release an issue, in print, online, and in ebook formats. The current plan is that it will be a “Best of I&F” issue and will be released the first of January each year. Of course, as we’ve seen, The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. Thank you for your continued readership. We value you! You are invited to follow us at Jansina G. Managing Editor 2


Ink and Fairydust’s We have a new blog! We love the magazine format, but it takes quite a while to create it. As we grew with the magazine and started college, graduated college, and began careers, our time became limited and issues became scarce. In order to continue to offer you great content, we started this blog. We will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, on a wide range of topics (politics, moral issues, love, friendship) but mostly about books. We’re a group of avid readers, and I’m sure that will be reflected in our posts.



Members of I&F and Rivershore Books teamed up to create a new kind of review site. Our goal is to give viewers the facts (focusing on the moral side) and let them form their own opinions. We review books, movies, and TV shows - and we’re very open to outside submissions. Every reviewer has a chance to include information about their own website, blog, books, services, &c. at the end of their review. Reviews generally take about 5 minutes to write. Authors, we request you don’t review your own books, since we might miss things our readers see. You’re welcome to request a review of your book/s by emailing us at, or ask a friend or reader to submit one to us. We would love your help in adding more reviews and passing along the link to parents and viewers who might appreciate a site like this. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Thanks!






Coming January 2015: The best of Ink and Fairydust!

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I&F: Mini Magazine 2014  

A mini magazine to announce our new blog and review site.

I&F: Mini Magazine 2014  

A mini magazine to announce our new blog and review site.