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In k a n d F a i r y d u s t D e c e mb e r 2 0 0 9

Ink and Fairydust

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Monthly Interviews with our favorite Author!

Happy Birthday!

Princess_At_Heart Elendil



Orgins of Christmas Hymns

Graphic Art Contest Winners 1st Place - Elphaba

2nd Place - Elenatintil

3rd Place - qiscrazy

Honorable Mention - Yaviel

The Story of the Other Wise Man

What is Your Family's Christmas Tradition? Princess_At_Heart

Illeana's Swiss Christmas traditions

Miss Kathleen

Nenetta Elarinya

Sonnet Contest Winners

P h ot o C on t e st W i n n e r s!

Ink and Fairydust at the Movies Molokai

It's a Wonderful Life

Films for the whole family!

By Lady Blanche Rose

The Advent Wreath

Christmas cookies

The Nutcracker

Christmas Legends

The Messiah

The Nativity Scene or Crèche

"Twas the Night Before Christmas..." A Parody

Twas the night before We looked So watch out!� Jo grabbed We were winning The Green Gables Some used powers

"Now all of you, "Our night We all considered carefully, At last

Norwegian Lefse By Froggy

Feel as though

Do you have


Photography 101

Christmastime is here.

Cameras, and cameras, and cameras, Oh My.

The Rule of Thirds

Subject Matter

Up Close and Personal

Sun vs. Flash

Macro Shots

The All-powerful Editing Softwares

Let Your Creativity Fly

A Forum Favorite

What do you imagine Blanche and Rose's dresses to be like? Draw it, and your vision may appear on our January cover!

The Story of St. Lucia

Prayer to Saint Lucy:

How did you fall in love with

The Shadow of the Bear?




Coming in January Everying "The Shadow of the Bear"

"You Know You're a Fairy Tale Novel Fan if..."

B e h i n d th e Sc e n e s on the set of the Movie! Snowball Fights And other ways to have fun in the snow!

. . . a nd Mo r e !

Ink and Fairydust December 2009  

This Christain Youth Magazine brings you an issue full of the traditions of Christmas - as well as fun recipes, present wrapping ideas, and...

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