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Ink and Fairydust

Premiering June 23rd - 26th,

2011 in St. Paul, MN! Check out www.theshadowofthebear for more info about the release!

A stubborn and passionate young woman ventures through life aided by creativity, imagination and a love of writing. Strangely enough, this description could describe Anne Shirley, Jo March, or myself. So is it any wonder that I love both of these heroines and their stories? Even more interesting is that all three of us have gone on to make life careers out of raising children; Anne by having six of her own, Jo by starting a school, and myself by taking on nannying large families. Hmm, maybe I am a heroine in a classic novel after all. Although I strongly suspect that if you're reading this article, you likely find yourself fitting most or all of this description as well. Here at I&F we have an appreciation of imagination, dreams and passionate stubbornness that are the core of Anne and Jo's natures. In fact, I think both of these heroines would be fantastic staff members. Can you imagine? Me: So, we're doing an issue on fairy tales this month, and – Anne: Oh how perfectly splendid! I've always wanted to meet a fairy... do you think I could write a story about a girl who actually meets a fairy? I'd name her Cordelia and she'd have the most GORGEOUS violet eyes... Me: I think that sounds quite interesting, Anne, now – Jo: I'm going to write about outlaws. Something with plenty of sword fights and daring escapes and damsels in distress! Aunt March has a collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales in her library, I wonder if I can sneak it out for research while she's asleep...? While I wait for job applications from Ms. March and Ms. Shirley, I am quite happy to share with you our fantastic spread for this month! You'll get a chance to see a few of our first pieces from our new writers, as well as some fabulous articles from the rest of our dedicated staff. I even roped in my sister to share a few of her experiences playing mean girl Josie Pye in her recent production of “Anne of Green Gables.” So, until next time I remain, Your affectionate editor, Elizabeth Hausladen P.s. Want to suggest an article? Have a question? Want to tell us something you loved about the magazine? We would LOVE to hear from you! Send us a message at

“Hey Micah, you're not reading a comic book, what's up with that?” Micah glanced up from his book as Amy sat down next to him on the library couch. “Yeah, weird, right?” he agreed with a grin. “But my brother recommended this series to me and I haven't been able to put it down!” Amy glanced at the cover and raised her eyebrows skeptically. “It looks like another boring fantasy novel with too much stilted combat writing and not enough character development.” “Oh, I get you,” said Micah. “That's normally why I stick to comic books – they're a much better medium for action. But this guy actually knows how to write action. It's not boring and hard to visualize, it's sharp and vivid. I feel like I'm actually there.” “Really? I didn't think that was possible. Most of the time I just skip fight scenes because they just don't seem to work on the written page.” vvvvMicah reached over to the library shelf behind them and grabbed the first volume of the series. “Here,” he said, handing it to Amy. “Get started and take notes. Your writing is about to change forever.”

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4th Annual Fairy Tale Novel Festival! June 24th-26th 2011 Silver Lake MN The Festival will include: Writing Workships with Regina Doman Filmmaking Workshop with Elizabeth Hausladen Fairy Tale Novel Swing Dance (and lessons!) Murder Mystery Party The Premiere of "The Shadow of the Bear" movie ...and more! To registar and find out more information, visit

In Ma y . . .

W e ' r e d e l vi n g i n t o t h e vi s u a l a r t s . Whether it's tricks and tips of photography and costuming, und e r s t a nd i ng R e na i s s a nc e ma s t e r pi e c e s , o r a l o o k a t D o c t o r W ho 's visit to Vincent Van Gogh, we have it c o ve r e d !

April 2011  

Anne Shirley, Jo March and the rest of the inhabitants of Avonlea and Concord pay the offices of I&F a visit! Plus a look at life in Victori...

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