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Bitten by a Dog in Palm Beach County? Get a Personal Injury Lawyer. People often do not understand the procedures to follow when attacked by a dog that belongs to someone else. Usually, there are liability laws for owners of aggressive or dangerous dogs but these laws differ from state-to-state. If and when bitten by a dog, a personal injury lawyer can definitely help you by setting up the case in such a way that you are compensated for your medical bills and any mental or emotional trauma that may have been inflicted upon you. Palm Beach is a very dog-friendly area. However, as loving and docile pets may seem, there is always a chance that you or your child may be hurt by a dog, whether it intended to harm you or not. In case of a dog bite, what should your natural course of action be?: Hire a personal injury attorney in Palm Beach to help you overcome the distress caused by the attack if you have identified the dog and the owner who is responsible for the dog. If the dog has rabies, it is of utmost importance to be vaccinated immediately. Also, hiring a personal injury attorney will help you cover the unavoidable medical bills. Hiring someone in Palm Beach whose expertise is injury-related is your best option. The personal injury attorney will be responsible for representing you and making a substantial argument against the responsible dog owner You should always make sure you hire an attorney who is well-known within your community and experienced in Palm Beach. The prime responsibility of your attorney will be to ensure you receive the justice you deserve. If the case is done well, your attorney can help you get over your pain and suffering.

Brian D. Guralnick, a Palm Beach County Personal Injury Lawyer, who has dealt with dog bite cases states “In the State of Florida the dog owner is strictly liable for any injuries from a dog bite that their dog may have caused. In regards to making a recovery, that’s a little more complex question. So it’s very important that you get to a Personal Injury Lawyer to ask that question. In many instances if the owner of the dog owns a home and has home owner’s insurance, sometimes there are provisions under the home owner’s policy that would allow for compensation for the injuries caused by the home

owner’s dog. However, in many instances there are exclusions or limitations in that home owner’s insurance policy. Sometimes they exclude all dog bites. Sometimes they will provide for benefits for dog bites but will have caps or limitations for the amount that someone can recover, such as $25,000.00. So again, it’s very important that if you, a loved one or a friend has been bitten by a dog, please call an Injury Lawyer right away.” If the lawyer you choose for your representation in Palm Beach County is right for you, he/she should be able to identify and preserve evidence of the attack effectively and impeccably. He/she should be able to negotiate with the insurance company (as insurance companies are known to make clients settle for far less than they deserve) and identify anyone else apart from the dog owner who might be responsible for the attack. Your Palm Beach County Personal Injury Lawyer will (or rather should) take the necessary steps for a fair outcome.

Bitten by a Dog in Palm Beach County? Get a Personal Injury Lawyer.