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Annual MENA Training Joining Instructions 24th – 27th February, 2013 Istanbul

INDEX Regional Office Team


About INJAZ Al-Arab/AMT


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Regional Office Team

Soraya Salti

Akef Aqrabawi

Lama Zawawi

Ghadeer Zalatimo

Rasha Masri

Julie Manneh

Rawan Naber

Lubna Al Masri

Senior Vice President MENA

Events & Data Manager

Deputy Regional Director

PR & Communication Coordinator

Business Performance Senior Officer

Finance & Admin Manager

Education Manager

Finance & Administrative Assistant

Aisha Sheikh

Special Projects Manager




About INJAZ Al-Arab INJAZ Al-Arab is a nonprofit organization that believes in the limitless potential of youth in the Arab world and their ability to create viable economic opportunities. Our teams of enthusiastic, dedicated and visionary practitioners are committed to inspiring, preparing and empowering Arab Youth to succeed in the global economy. Together with the private and public sectors, our programs provide hands-on learning in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship skills. Named one of the top 100 NGO’s in the world by Global Journal 2012, INJAZ Al-Arab has impacted the lives of over 1 million students since its inception in 2004. Today the organization operates across 15 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, encouraging youth to excel in entrepreneurship and coaching them to overcome the challenges of starting businesses. Part of Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAW, INJAZ Al-Arab is a unique organization which believes that we can develop a generation of highly-skilled workers and future entrepreneurs by equipping Arab youth with practical business-related skills through the handson mentorship of business leaders who invest their resources in the future of the region’s youth.

About the AMT The Annual MENA training is a regional workshop for INJAZ staff members across 15 Member Nations in the MENA region. Each year we showcase best practices and highlight new, context appropriate approaches for fundraising, PR and branding, internal and external communication, curriculum development, program implementation, operations, management, as well as soft skills such as leadership and teamwork. INJAZ staff members and private sector partners act and serve as trainers for INJAZ Member Nation representatives. The event is designed to facilitate the maximum degree of staff interaction across national and regional divides and encourage sharing of best practices. The 5th annual AMT will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in 2013. Previous AMTs were held in Lebanon (2012), Jordan (2011), Jordan (2010), and Egypt (2009).

INJAZ Al-Arab currently operates in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Palestine, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon.




5th Annual MENA training Agenda Day One-Mon. Feb. 25th Time

Session CEOs / Executives



Registration Opening Session


Speaker: Soraya Salti


Guest Speaker (Citi Bank)


Ice Breaker Networking Activity Presenter: Lama Zawawi


New Business Presenters: Soraya Salti / Akef Aqrabawi / INJAZ Al-Arab

11:00-11:30 11:30-13:00

Volunteer Attraction in Rural Areas and Volunteer Monitoring

Mastering Prezzi Presentations (Full Training)

Presenter: Yousef Al-Helo / Amani Abu Shindi / INJAZ Jordan

Presenter: INJAZ Jordan *Laptops required

Coffee Break Developing INJAZ MENA Region Policies for Program Delivery Manual –Workshop Presenter: Erin Sawyer / JAW and Ghadeer Zalatimo / INJAZ Al-Arab

Tips on Donor Reporting Presenter: Lama Zawawi / INJAZ Al-Arab

Managing your Financials

Mastering Prezi Presentations (Full training) Presenter: INJAZ Jordan *Laptops required

Presenter: Rawan Naber/ INJAZ Al-Arab

13:00-14:00 14:00-15:30

Lunch Break Developing INJAZ MENA Region Policies for Program Delivery Manual –Workshop Presenter: Erin Sawyer / JAW and Ghadeer Zalatimo / INJAZ Al-Arab

15:30-16:00 15:30-16:00

Digital Space Presenter: Jarle Tømmerbakke JA/YE

Steer Your Career (New SS Program for Universities) Presenter: Dr. Yusuf Sidani / American University of Beirut

Coffee Break Results from the CP Impact Survey/ Harvard

The Art of Social Media

Presenter: Soraya Salti/ INJAZ Al-Arab

Presenter: Bassem El-Hady/ Kijamii-Social Media Geeks

The Review of Our Strategy and Organisation / Boston Consulting Group

Creating Value Through Measurement Tools Presenter: Jarle Tømmerbakke JA/YE

Presenter: Mr. Abbad/ INJAZ Morocco




Day Two- Tuesday, Feb 26th Time





Developing Company Program Competition Judging Rubrics / Universities Workshop

JAW Social Media Tools

Best of You

Company Program / University Level

Presenter: Erin Sawyer / JAW

Presenter: Gunsel Topbas / Citi Bank

Presenter: Abdel Hameed Sharara/

10:30-11:00 11:00-13:00

Coffee Break Making New Partnerships and Making your Programs Fundable

JA-YE Alumni and the Changing Lives Campaign


Presenter: Roxana Stefanescu / JA-YE

Jarle Tømmerbakke & Livia di Nardo / JA-YE

13:00-14:00 14:00-15:30


Best of You

Company Program / University Level

Presenter: Gunsel Topbas / Citi Bank

Presenter: Abdel Hameed Sharara/ INJAZ Egypt

Lunch Break Leading From Good to Great! Presenter: Gunsel Topbas / Citi Bank

Program Management (scheduling, follow up and quality assurance) Presenter: Livia di Nardo /

Virtual Volunteering and Events Presenter: Roxana Stefanescu / JA-YE

Start Up Program Presenter: Sherine Abdel Salam/ INJAZ Egypt


15:30-16:00 16:00-17:00

Coffee Break Leading From Good to Great! Presenter: Gunsel Topbas / Citi Bank


Best Practices:

Start Up Program

Capitalizing on Media Sponsorships: Rona Siuofi/ INJAZ KSA

Presenter: Sherine Abdel Salam/ INJAZ Egypt

Communication Strategy: Mr. Abbad/ INJAZ Morocco Alumni Engagement Strategy: Badria Naqi/ INJAZ Bahrain

Award Ceremony Gala Dinner




Day Three-Wednesday, Feb. 27th Time





The DNA of Strategic Business Planning

JA Online Org Reports

Working in Universities

Presenter: Erin Sawyer/ JAW

Presenter: Tariq Hiary/INJAZ Jordan

Presenter: Muhannad Jarrah / INJAZ Jordan

11:00-11:30 11:30-13:00

Coffee Break The DNA of Strategic Business Planning

Email Etiquette


Presenter: Huda Obeidat/ INJAZ Jordan

Presenter: INJAZ UAE

Presenter: Muhannad Jarrah / INJAZ Jordan

13:00-14:00 14:00-15:00

Lunch Break Best Practices

Sharing Final MENA Region Program Implementation Guide

CP in Schools for Blind/Handicapped: Tariq Hiary/ INJAZ Jordan

Presenter: Erin Sawyer/ JAW

Delivering New Programs in Summer Schools: Badria Naqi/ INJAZ Bahrain Fundraising for Your Events: Aysha Al Mudehki/ INJAZ Qatar


Closing Networking Activity Presenter: Lama Zawawi/Ghadeer Zalatimo/ INJAZ Al-Arab




Session Details Day One-Mon. Feb. 25th Developing INJAZ MENA Region Policies for Program Delivery Manual – Workshop

Developing INJAZ MENA Region Policies for Program Delivery Manual – Workshop

Presenters: Erin Sawyer / JAW and Ghadeer Zalatimo / INJAZ Al-Arab

Presenters: Yousef Al- Helo / Amani Abu Shindi, INJAZ Jordan

Since the inception of INJAZ Al-Arab, Member Nations have been abiding by the JAW Program Implementation Standards. Due to our continuous growth in the different circumstances and needs, the time has come for our Member Nations to develop an INJAZ MENA Region Policies for Program Delivery Manual.

The training describes how to attract and support volunteers in rural areas and explains the process of program implementation and the challenges in attracting and maintaining volunteers. The training also explains how to conduct volunteer attraction campaign and manage volunteer committee.

In this workshop, participants will work on and develop a user-friendly manual describing program placement, number of participating students, program duration, program volunteers, program materials, program orientation and training, program support and services, pre-approved implementation alternatives, instructional contact hours, program variances and student verification.

Master Prezi Presentations (Full Training) Presenters: INJAZ Jordan The training introduces Prezi as a main program to create a powerful and creative presentation. Participants will be able to create their own presentation and practice different techniques. By the end of the training all participants will practice and apply what they have learned. (Laptop required).



ANNUAL MENA TRAINING 2013 Day One-Mon. Feb. 25th The Review of Our Strategy and Organization / Boston Consulting Group

Steer Your Career (New SS Program for Universities)

Presenter: Mr. Abbad / INJAZ Morocco

Presenter: Dr. Yusuf Sidani / American University of Beirut

Tips on Donor Reporting Presenter : Lama Zawawi/ INJAZ Al-Arab Donor reporting can be time consuming and cumbersome at its worst. At its best it allows us the unique opportunity to tell our donors wonderful stories about the impact of their giving. In this session, you will be given valuable tips that will make the report writing process smoother and ensure the production of high quality reports all the while retaining happy donors.

This session will introduce the Steer Your Career program. This program targets university students aiming at teaching them the skills needed to eventually find a job and operate effectively in a competitive job environment.  The different sessions cover aspects of leadership, time management, communication, team dynamics, and job search skills.  Through handson classroom activities, personal assessments, role playing, and reflection exercises, Steer your Career helps students function successfully in today’s workplace.

Managing Your Financials

The Art of Social Media

Presenter: Rawan Naber/ INJAZ Al-Arab

Presenter: Bassem El-Hady / Kijamii

• Achieve understanding of Revenues and Expenses • Specific Internal Control Guidelines • Overview on how ROC are managing their accounts through Quick Books Financial Software • Achieve understanding of allocation of expenses • Donors reports • Budget preparations

This session will discuss how modern communities are built online, and the core value and importance of Social Media storytelling. We gather to tackle an available tool in our hands that, if best utilized, can bring about mind blowing changes.



ANNUAL MENA TRAINING 2013 Day One-Mon. Feb. 25th Creating Value Through Measurement Tools

Digital Space

Presenter: Jarle Tommerbakke / JA-YE Europe

Presenter: Jarle Tommerbakke / JA-YE Europe

To prove the impact of what we are doing is becoming more and more important, and different stakeholders need different information. Being able to prove impact is also connected to funding for the organization. Examples of different evaluations will be shown, about skills learned, about long term impact like setting up more companies and about impact on the society. These evaluations are more and more important for potential supporters and funding of the organization. Measurement tools are also connected to celebrations of the one scoring well. JA-YE Europe has established criteria for Model Nations and for outstanding leadership.

The last five years, JA-YE Europe has had a joint IT platform among several of the Member Nations. This platform is now developed further, different functionalities are added, and Microsoft has included several of its programs into JA-YE Share (the name of the IT cooperation). This is a way for members to easily establish a web, project pages for events and programs and an activity registration tool. In the activity part, volunteers, teachers, staff and students can register. By working together, we are able to keep the cost for the members very low. A few examples of local digital programs will also be shown.



ANNUAL MENA TRAINING 2013 Day Two – Tuesday, Feb 26th Developing Company Program Competition Judging Rubrics for the University Level

Best of You Presenter: Gunsel Topbas / Citibank

This session will be a workshop in which the participants will work together to review the current judging rubrics, that will remain to be used for the high school level competition, to develop new rubrics for the university level contestants in order for these rubrics to be used in the selection process for the most suitable companies to receive funding, incubation and mentorship as part of our Start Up Program.

In this interactive program, every participant will have the chance to develop a practical understanding of their self-strenghts and how to build effective goals accordingly. While doing so, they will understand why people think and behave significantly different then each other. They will be explore the importance and content of emotional intelligence, the personal and social compentencies, natural preferencs for selfawareness and emphaty.

JAW Social Media Tools

Company Program / University Level

Presenter: Erin Sawyer / JAW

Presenter: Abdel Hameed Sharara / INJAZ Egypt CP for Universities is a 6 months program that aims to equip university students with the knowledge, experience and skills required to start their own ventures. The program involves a mentor-preferably with an entrepreneurial experience- and a business curriculum derived from the best business practices around the globe. Students apply for CP with their ideas until they are ready to pitch it in front of investors.



ANNUAL MENA TRAINING 2013 Day Two – Tuesday, Feb 26th Making New Partnerships and Making Your Programs Fundable

Leading from Good to Great!

Presenter: Livia Di Nardo / JA-YE Europe

Presenter: Gunsel Topbas / Citi Bank

1. Why making a new partnership? 2. Identify possible partners and approach them (public and private partners, who is contacting them?) 3. Creating a new program for a new partner (development, branding, marketing and coordination with schools, identify business volunteers, etc) 4. Funding existing programs with new partners 5. Keeping your initiatives




In this program, participants will have the opportunity to find an answer to three questions: 1-“How people can perform at their best” in order to achieve highest motivation to deliver more and better? 2- What is the role of emotional and social intelligence in creating an effective influence on others? 3- What are the common themes for leaders of those organizations that achieved sustainable success in their performance?

6. Concrete examples from your programs and JAYE Program

JA Online Org Reports

Presenter: Erin Sawyer / JAW



ANNUAL MENA TRAINING 2013 Day Two – Tuesday, Feb 26th Virtual Volunteering

Start Up Program

Presenter: Roxanna Stefanescu / JA-YE Europe

Presenter: Sherine Abdel Salam / INJAZ Egypt

JA-YE Europe has started its online initiatives back in 2008 with the Responsible Business Contest. Based on requirement and the willingness from the business world of creating more opportunities for online volunteers, we developed new initiatives and programs that will respond to this need and will also be well received by the members. Therefore, with the Social Innovation Relay we took the model of the innovation camp and transform it into an online competition, and moving further, the Social Enterprise Program, which is built on the Company Program, added to the model online elements and e-volunteering opportunities.

In collaboration with corporate incubators and government youth-support- initiatives, we bridge the gap between seed funding, eco-system support, and mentorship to offer Start Ups the extra boost they need to become legally registered, profitable, wellestablished companies in their own right. The Start Up program empowers these young entrepreneurs and transforms student-run projects into student-run profitable business entities that is ready to compete in the local and global market! After completing the CP and competing for seed fund, the winning teams enter the second stage of the pipeline; the “Start Up” Program! This training will take participants through the student pre selection process all the way to the company competition leading to start up.



ANNUAL MENA TRAINING 2013 Day Three – Wednesday, Feb 27th The DNA of Strategic Business Planning

Sharing Final Program Implementation Guide

Presenter: Muhannad Jarrah / INJAZ Jordan

Presenter: Erin Sawyer / JAW

This training introduces the concept of strategic planning model taking the participants into a step by step on how Business Plans are developed and implemented. Participants will be divided into working groups and will have the chance to develop a basic action plan reflecting what they have learned and applying the key learning objectives into practice.

In this session, participants will be presented with the final results from the two work shop sessions, on day one, in which they worked on developing the INJAZ MENA Region Program Implementation Guide.

JA-YE Alumni and the Changing Lives Campaign

Universities/New Market

Presenter: Roxanna Stefanescu / JA-YE Europe JA-YE Alumni Europe is a Pan-European non-profit network existing of young entrepreneurial volunteers across 20 active European membership countries. Today the organisation counts around +3,000 registered members and has a high potential for future growth. The Changing Lives – This Year We’ll Change Yours campaign is a European initiative encouraging former students of the entrepreneurship education programme, Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise, to reach out to schools sharing their own personal stories. To date we have reached 27,150 students.

Presenter: Tariq Hiary/INJAZ Jordan The content of this training is based on the definition of higher education and how to attract the largest possible number of beneficiaries to be trained on work readiness and business skills. The training is divided into interconnected elements as described below: • • • •

University Volunteers Campaign and Program Roll Out Partners and Follow up Tools and Evaluation



ANNUAL MENA TRAINING 2013 Day Three – Wednesday, Feb 27th E-mail Etiquette Presenter: Huda Obeidat / INJAZ Jordan Email etiquette is a set of social rules that should be implemented to ensure effective communication between one user and another. This training provides essential guidelines to how to improve your business email writing skills, and avoid unnoticed mistakes and misunderstandings. You will learn how to be more professional in writing and sending your emails regarding salutations and closings, signature, content, how to reply to emails and to whom you reply, font style and size and what to write in the subject line. The training also contains a list of do’s and don’ts to improve your communication etiquette knowledge.

M&E Presenter: INJAZ UAE




Guest Trainers

Gunsel Toppas,

Yusuf Sidani,



Gunsel leads Citi’s Direct Custody and Clearing business across Middle East, Pakistan and Turkey. He works very closely with infrastructure and regulators for local market developments and for intra-regional capital markets initiatives. He is also the Head of Securities and Fund Services business in Turkey. Gunsel holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from the Ege University - Izmir; an MSc Degree in Money and Banking from Dokuz Eylul University -Izmir, another MSc degree in International Banking and Finance from the Herriot-Watt University – Edinburgh, and a PhD degree in Corporate Finance from Istanbul University. Gunsel has special interest in and focus on personal development and leadership. He lectures on “Marketing of Financial Services” at graduate and postgraduate level at Bahcesehir University. He is also an internal trainer at Citi with a number of programs on soft skills and core business related topics.

(PhD-CPA) is a faculty member at the Suliman S. Olayan School of Business, American University of Beirut (AUB). He is currently the convener (chairperson) of the management, marketing, and entrepreneurship track at the school. He has a number of publications, journal articles, books, and book chapters. Dr. Sidani has developed and delivered management and leadership training programs for many companies in the public and private sector in Lebanon and many parts of the Arab world.




Erin Sawyer,

Basem Abdel Hadi,

JAW Worldwide


Erin joined the JAW Worldwide in 2005 as a product developer to redesign JA’s flagship JAW Company Program®. Over the past eight years with JAW Worldwide, Erin has redeveloped three other JAW programs and moved into an international operations role working with the 121 JAW countries and 6 regional operation centers around the world. Prior to coming to JAW Worldwide, Erin was a program manager for a local JAW Area Office in Spokane, WA.

Bassem Elhady, a 24 years old Egyptian Computer and Systems Engineer and Internet and social Entrepreneur, is a Social Media researcher and analyst, passionate about and interested in studying and understanding users’ behaviors on various social networks. He is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of “KIJAMII “a specialized agency in Social Media Marketing based in Cairo.




Livia Di Nardo,

Jarle Tommerbakke,

JA-YE Europe

JA-YE Europe

Livia is Director of Development and has worked for JA-YE Europe since early 2011. Livia has 10 years’ experience in developing as a researcher and trainer. Prior to JA-YE Europe she coordinated several projects for the European Commission. Prior to this, she was based in Rome, where she worked as a research consultant and trainer for the International Labour Organization of UN at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She holds a Degree in Labour Sociology and a Master in Social Research from the University of Rome, La Sapienza.

JarleTømmerbakke has 25 years’ experience in the field of education and culture. He used to work as a teacher, educational consultant, and secretary general. He established and was CEO of JA-YE Norway for 13 years.They train 5-6000 teachers every year, reaching 180,000 students nationwide.Mr.Tømmerbakke managed a team of 90, based in 18 regional offices in Norway. During his professional career he established excellent collaboration with policy makers and stakeholders at national and international level. He was Chairman of different organisations in Norway, including National Governmental Committee. He also served as Chairman of Junior Achievement Worldwide Member Nation Council for several years. He has initiated several evaluations on entrepreneurship in education. Today Mr Tømmerbakke serves as Senior Adviser to JA-YE Europe.




Roxanna Stefanescu, JA-YE Europe Roxana works as a Project Manager at JA-YE Europe. Since she joined the team in 2010 she has coordinated a global project with a focus on social innovation and a global award for social entrepreneurs. For these projects she conceptualized and developed an e-volunteering platform, and activities. Her work involves coordinating projects that are implemented in more than 30 countries worldwide, which enables Roxana to have a good overview of differences and similarities between countries. Roxana holds a Master degree in Management from the International Hellenic University in Thessaloniki, and a bachelor in Economic Management from the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest.




Logistical Information Regional Office’s Responsibility


Halaskar Gazi Caddesi, 19 Mayis Mahallesi No 206, 34371 Istanbul, Turkey

• •

One double & One single room per country ( 3 staff members per country ) Breakfast & Lunch for 3 Days for 3pax per day Award Ceremony dinner on Feb 26th for 3pax

Member Nation’s Responsibility: • • •

Airline Tickets Airport Transfers & Internal transportation Any other meals or personal expenses

Phone: +90 212 373 3800 FREE: +90 212 373 3800 Website: istanbul/istsi/hoteldetail Map: istanbul/istsi/hoteldetail/directions

Room Rates: Venue & Hotel Accommodation: Holiday Inn Istanbul - Sisli Situated in Sisli, the very heart of the booming business and financial district of Istanbul, Holiday Inn Sisli is not only exceptionally close to the city’s major business and trade complexes but also to the Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center (Lütfi Kırdar).

• Single room: $129 Inclusive of Breakfast & Taxes • Double room: $137 Inclusive of Breakfast & Taxes • Triple room: $202 Inclusive of Breakfast & Taxes

Check in/Check out time: • Check in: 14:00 PM • Check out: 12:00 PM




What’s Nearby:


Nisintasi Shopping District Distance from Hotel: 2.0KM

Average daily temperature Warmest daily temperature

Kanyon Shopping Mall Distance from Hotel: 4.0KM Cavahir Shopping Mall Distance from Hotel: 1.0KM Metrocity Shopping Mall Distance from Hotel: 4.0KM

6º 6º

Dress Code • The dress code from Feb 25th – 27th (Monday – Wednesday) is smart Casual. • Feb 26th for the Award Ceremony Dinner dress code MUST be Formal attire ( Men: Suits/ Ladies: Formal Dress).

Transportation to and from Hotel: Ataturk International Airport (IST)

Credit cards:

• Distance: 11.81 MI/19.0 KM WEST to Hotel

Visa, American Express, Master Card, JCB, Euro Card, Diners Club & Carte Blanche

• Shuttle Charge (one way): €60.00 EUR

Cash recommended to carry is: Turkish Lira. Exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 1.77870112 Turkish liras

Languages: English, Italian & Turkish

• Located only 19 km from the city’s main international airport-the Istanbul Atatürk Airport - and being also only a walking distance away to all forms of public transport, including the subway line. Taxies are safe to use, please make sure that the meter is on.

Emergency Numbers Rasha Masri 00962797775570




Points of Attraction

Spice Bazaar (Misr Bazaar) The Spice Bazaar, (Turkish: ‘Mısır Çarşısı’, or Egyptian

The Bosphorus The Bosphorus or Bosporus, also known as the Istanbul Strait, is a strait that forms part of the boundary between Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles strait to the southwest together form the Turkish Straits. Fees are applicable.

Bazaar) is one of the largest bazaars in the city. Located in Faith, in the neighborhood of Eminönü, it is the second largest covered shopping complex after the Grand bazaar. The bazaar was (and still is) the center for spice trade in Istanbul, but in the last years more and more shops of other type are replacing the spice shops. Bargaining is accepted. Opening Times: Monday to Saturday from 09:00 - 19:00. Closed Sundays and bank holidays.

Grand Bazaar The Grand Bazaar (Kapalıçarşı) in Istanbul is one of the largest covered markets in the world with 60 streets and 5,000 shops, and attracts between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily. It is well known for its jewelry, hand-painted ceramics, carpets, leather goods, embroideries, spices, dried food and antique shops. Bargaining is accepted. Opening Times: Monday to Saturday from 09:00 - 19:00. Closed Sundays and bank holidays.

Dolmabahce Palace A must see! Built in the 19th century, adhering to the European designs, Dolmabahce is one of the most glamorous palaces in the world. It was the administrative center of the late Ottoman Empire with the last of Ottoman Sultans was residing there. In every hour there is an English language led tour that you join upon entering the palace. Admission fees are applicable. Opening times: Opens daily from 09:00-16:00 except Mondays, Thursdays and first day of Islamic Holidays.



Joining Instructions Manual for AMT 2013  

6th Annual MENA Training for INJAZ staff to take place during 24-28 February in Istanbul, Turkey.