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Macho stereotypes in Korea media(movie and drama)

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These days, many women like who are made caring and romantic male. But in Korean media(movie and drama ) many main actor are seen as macho tendencies. particularly we can easy to see macho character in police movie and drama.


Stereotypes. In Korea media(drama and movie), many policeman look like macho and there are stereo type.


Stereotypes 1. 1) They have good body balance and muscle.

Police officer in Korea movie and drama, mostly they are muscular and taller like a model.


Stereotype 2. 2) They have many strong sense of justice and leadership. Police officer in Korea movie or drama, they have always strong sense of justice. So rather than their own life, they are sacrifice for other safety.


Stereotype 3. 3) They have good appearance and great skill of martial arts. In Korea movie or drama, mostly police officer have a great skill of martial arts. So in drama or movies, they fight with many criminal.


Background 1. These stereotypes are influence by America police movies. After the movies such as Diehard 2, Bad boys that came out in the early 1990’s many movies and drama followed muscular police officer. They followed many chase scene and they followed the scene when police officer tells Miranda rule to criminal. Also in Korean movie and drama police officer fight with many criminals like Jacky Chan.


Background 2 Therefore, in reality police officer is not a muscle macho-man like in the movie and drama. Common police officer’s appearance usually like a A-jussi ( an old Korean man). But for the success, to provide manly fantasy to viewer.


Conclude/Opinion. Still in many media, many main actor are seen as macho. Actress who is acting in such dramas and movies they reacts in the movie that “ Macho character as awesome “ Why does Korean media showing the unrealistic character in movie and drama?

In my opinion, many people say that all are equal in this society. In fact, Korea is still male dominated. So the men who have the power try to keep their authority by showing Macho character is granted in real life. Also they try to put the idea in the movie that male are stronger than female and women should lean on men . Because they are weaker than men.

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