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A. ES0091-02 $16 W Ivory ear warmer (Duchess, maroon); ES0072-0300 $22 W Ivory boot cuff (Duchess, maroon); ES0089 $20 W Kid’s boot sock 9” tall, fits up to 12” circumference (Charleston, maroon), also available in adult (see pg. 17); ES0092-02 $22 W Ivory hand warmers (Duchess, maroon) B. ES0091-01 $16 W Pink & black ear warmer (Stacked Charleston, black); ES0072-0200 $22 W Black boot cuff (Charleston, baby pink); ES0092-01 $22 W Black hand warmers (Charleston, baby pink) C. ES0091-02 $16 W Ivory ear warmer (Duchess,maroon) ES0072-0400 $22 Red boot cuff (Gothic, ivory); ES0089 W $20 Kid’s boot sock 9” tall, fits up to 12” circumference (Charleston, maroon), also available in adult (see pg. 17); ES0092-03 $22 W Red hand warmers (Duchess, ivory)


On models (right): ES0093 $39 W Blue and Burgundy Blanket Scarf, 58x58” (Stacked Metropolitan, ivory); ES0094 $39 W Cranberry and Green Blanket Scarf, 58x58” (Duchess, beige); Jewelry shown: JB0085 $259 Sterling Silver Braided Bracelet 7.5”; JB0157 $46 E Follow Your Arrow bangle; JB0422 $26 Girl’s Best Friend bracelet 7-8”; JR0047 $26 E Glitter Accent SP Round ring, adjusts from sizes 5-9

E: $5 engraving fee

W: $7 embroidery fee




EH0148-01 $42 W Gray Florence double casserole carrier (Duchess, red). Single insulated casserole carrier expands to double insulated carrier for hot/ cold items with one quick zip!


SC0213-12 $49 Tree cutting board; SC0217-14 $29 Family seal coasters (Set of 4); SC0225-12 $49 Gingham

rooster cutting board; SC0228-14 $29 Antler coasters (Set of 4); SC0133-12 $49 Flourish chalkboard style cutting board

See main catalog for more design options!



JB0156 $29 E SP thin bangle, fits up to 8”; JB0716 $39 E 14K Gold Plated bangle, fits up to 8”

JE0719 $29 E 14K Gold Plated Button post earrings; JE0019 $29 E Sterling Silver Round post earrings

Monogrammed Black Chenille Hand Gloves ES0096* $14 W (Duchess, gunmetal) Kim (far left) is wearing: ES0095-01 $79 W Taupe Fringe Shawl (Duchess, ivory); EH0149-03 $34 W Taupe Lauryn Envelope Sling (Duchess, gunmetal); JP0347 $26 E SP Fountain pendant shown on JN0731-0030 $18 30” Antique silvertone pearl charm necklace, layered with JN0344-01 $49 Cream Once Upon a Time necklace; JR0048 $159 Sterling Silver Filigree Flourish ring Heather (far right & above) is wearing: ES0095-02 $79 W Black Fringe Shawl (Duchess, gunmetal); ES0096* $14 W Black Hand Gloves; EH0149-01 $34 W Lauryn Envelope Sling in Metallic Pewter (Gothic, black); JN0761-0100 $49 All That Silver Shimmer! 70” endless necklace; JB0150 $239 Sterling Silver Dotted cuff, fits up to 8”; JB0414 $16 Jet Black Crystals 7.5-8”; JB0148 $259 Sterling Silver Rope charm bracelet 7.5” * Monogrammed right glove only.

JP0049 $49 E Sterling Silver medium round pendant, on JN0031-0018 $34 18” Sterling Silver Rolo chain

E: $5 engraving fee

JC0129 $12 14K Gold Plated Clover shown on JN0766-0016 16” $34 14K Gold Filled chain; JN0770 $49 E 14K Gold Plated Disc necklace 14-20”; JN0315 $49 E 14K Gold Plated Bar necklace 14-20”: up to 18 characters personalized; JN0775-(specify letter) $42 Sterling Silver Initial necklace; JN0137 $59 E Sterling Silver Disc necklace 14-20”; JN0776 $59 E Sterling Silver Bar necklace W: $7 embroidery fee

SP: Silverplated


ES0009-2300 $20 W Red Plaid Soft as Cashmere scarf (Duchess, white); EH0150-03 $56 W Pewter Addison Tassel Bag (Duchess, brown); JR0047 $26 E SP Glitter Accent ring; ES00092700 $20 W Herringbone Soft as Cashmere scarf (Gothic, gunmetal); EH0150-01 $56 W Taupe Addison Tassel Bag (Duchess, maroon)


festive IN FRINGE

JN0343-02 $49 E SP Rectangle Best Fringe Forever necklace, 50”; JN0343-01 $49 E IW Oval Best Fringe Forever necklace, 50”; JN0348-01 $34 E: $5 engraving fee

SP Why Not? necklace, 28-34”, shown with JP0348 $26 E SP Vienna pendant and JC0170 $22 SP Freshwater pearl tassel charm; JB0157 $46 E Follow Your

W: $7 embroidery fee

SP: Silverplated

Arrow bangle; JB0155 $29 E VG Make Your Mark cuff; JB0154 $29 E SP Make Your Mark cuff

IW: Ironworks

VG: Vintage Gold


*Wooden monograms sent in natural wood color

GG0227 $39 Antler Single Initial

GG0224 $39 Ornament

GG0242 $39 Nativity


GG0095-0006 $29 6� monogram


Choose your personalization! Designs have a pre-selected font and cannot be changed.

$16! SD0074 SD0073






SD0076 SD0084







SD0082 SD0081



EXPRESSIONS of the heart

What if you fly? JS0251 $40


With all my Heart JS0253 $40 Believe in Him JS0252 $40

I Am Blessed (silvertone) JS0254 $40 On models (right): ES0097-03 $20 W Cranberry & Black Plaid Infinity Scarf (Duchess, black); EH0149-02 $34 W Red Lauryn Envelope Sling (Duchess, beige); JB0423-03 $34 7” Black cuff with JP0548-02 $22 VG Scripture Plate

Be Happy JS0257 $40

I Am Blessed (goldtone) JS0255 $40 Hope Anchors the Soul JS0256 $42


*Chains are 18-20”, adjustable

ES0097-04 $20 W Grey & Black Plaid Infinity Scarf (Gothic, gold); EH0149-04 $34 W Camel Lauryn Envelope Sling (Metropolitan, black); JB0672 $48 E VS Suede bracelet; JB0422 $26 Girl’s Best Friend bracelet 7-8”; JB0678 $59 E VS Rolo bracelet

cozy up WITH PLAID



Generations Necklaces come as shown: JS0258 $74 E Blessed Generations necklace, 20” chain; JS0259 $74 E Loved Generations necklace, 20” chain; JS0260 $74 E Amazing Grace Generations necklace, 20” chain

On Abbey & Hannah: ES0097-01 $20 W Red & Navy Plaid Infinity Scarf

(Stacked Metropolitan, red); ES0097-02 $20 W Navy & Gray Plaid Infinity Scarf (Duchess, beige); Jewelry shown: JB0705 $34 VG Freshwater Pearl bracelet;

JB0700 $34 VG Chain bracelet; JB0699 $42 E VG Cross bracelet; JR0042 $24 E VG Round ring; JB0423-02 $34 Pewter cuff with JP0548-01 $22 Let Your Soul Shine VG plate E: $5 engraving fee W: $7 embroidery fee

ES0097-01 $20 W

ES0097-02 $20 W

ES0097-03 $20 W

ES0097-04 $20 W

Red & Navy Plaid Infinity Scarf

Navy & Gray Plaid Infinity Scarf

Cranberry & Black Plaid Infinity Scarf

Gray & Black Plaid Infinity Scarf


ES0073-0100 (Gothic, ivory)

ES0072-0200 (Hancock, ivory)

ES0072-0300 (Charleston, brown)


ES0072-0400 (Gothic, ivory)

baby, IT’S ES0072-(specify color) $22 W Crochet Boot Cuff -0200 black -0100 brown -0300 ivory -0400 deep red


ES0073-0400 (Duchess, beige)

W: $7 embroidery fee

ES0073-0300 (Interlocking, maroon)

ES0072-0100 (Stacked Charleston, ivory)

ES0090 (Duchess, gunmetal)


ES0073-(specify color) $22 W Button Boot Cuff -0400 forest green -0300 ivory -0100 brown -0200 black

ES0073-0200 (Stacked Metropolitan, white)

ES0089* $20 W Ivory Kid’s Boot Sock, 9” tall, fits up to 12” circumference (Duchess, teal) ES0090* $24 W Ivory Adult Boot Sock, 12” tall, fits up to 16” circumference *Single initial only


stocking STUFFERS Key Chains SC0245-18 $20 (see main catalog for pattern choices)

Headbands $10 W EN0004-0700 hot pink; -0500 light gray

Identity bracelet JB0425-02 $28 E Nude

Red Velvet Stocking GG0060 $28 W

Brushed Silver Plated earrings JE0474 $24 E

Silver jewelry


charmed style

Checkbook covers SC0242-16 $24 (see main catalog for pattern choices)

Pocket Knife GG0112 $13 W Single blade, stainless

Mini Monograms! 9 penny-sized decals in 3 different fonts $22

VN0012-0100 interlocking, curlz, circle

vintage gold

Initial Necklace JC0004-(specify initial) $12 shown on Silvertone Bead necklace JN0540-16 $14; Silver Plated Cross bracelet JB0153 $20 6-7”

Personalized cuffs SC0261-21 $20 (see main catalog for pattern choices)

-0200 circle, times block, single initial

Arm Candy!

Cross Charm JC0174 $14 shown on 18” Antiqued Pearl Charm necklace JN0730-0018 $16

ID bracelets $19 JB0146-01 Hot Pink, -02 Black fits up to 7.5” VG Interlocking Scroll earrings JE0325-01 $22

E: $5 engraving fee

W: $7 embroidery fee


Personalize your gifts WITH STATE & FAMILY NAME! SC0231-12 $49 Home Cutting Board SC0235-14 $29 Family State Coasters (set of 4) SC0265-21 $20 Floral Home State cuff SC0259-21 $20 Aged Leather Home State cuff SD0080 $16 Family State Ornament

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Initial Outfitters Christmas Gift Guide 2015  
Initial Outfitters Christmas Gift Guide 2015  

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