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Juan Van den Eynde - Guitar & Vocals Mario Martínez - Guitar & Vocals Carlos Portillo - Drums Eduardo Van den Eynde - Bass contact us:

Special collaboration: 'Javeta' López Jato - Keys Rafael Ordaz - Cello Produced by 'Javeta' López Jato & Vanden Recorded at Estudios Vumeter Cabezón de la Sal, Cantabria Mastered by 'Javeta' López Jato Art direction: SE2DESIGN SERIFDEPALO AR0075


(J.Van den Eynde / E. Van den Eynde) Soldiers marching over the skulls Bullets crossing the air and the bones We don't want to fight for the color of a flag Brothers, the enemy hides in our sides Using us while we melt under the sun This human chess has no place for so much pawns Cause they are gonna Put their words in our heads We'll pull the trigger You'll know freedom has dead Money to feed the rage of our souls Money to buy rivers of blood Nothing will be free in a world of jealousy Cause they are gonna Put their words in our heads We'll pull the trigger You'll know freedom has dead Soldiers, leave your guns and your uniforms Brothers, our time has already come Cause money can't buy our faith or our pride Cause they are trying To put their words in our heads Don't pull the trigger Keep the freedom alive So now we´re gonna Erase the chaos in our minds We'll pull the trigger Fifth of November has arrived


(J.Van den Eynde)

They say I´m not good enough they say where are you going how are you gonna live Pretending words don´t hurt me but right now I feel sick and tired I´m trying to survive Maybe the load is so heavy big dreams over my shoulders But I never gonna give up I´m not that kind of man who risks only his money My heart is in the game I´M GONNA TAKE THE HARD WAY So I start a revolution from inside me And I will fight until we fuckin´ die I believe I can do it for my own And you should follow me I´M GONNA TAKE THE HARD WAY


The sun reaches as far as I can see All I can feel is how it´s burnin´ my skin I try to look back searching for some cold But everything smells like gasoline I didn´t need a reason to leave all behind I don´t remember when I decided to give up My last memory of home is that match Your burnin´ eyes are still stuck in my mind Now everything smells like gasoline Fire in the sky, smoke through my veins This place is burnin´down with all passin´ in One more time to think on what I leave And then the smell of gasoline


(J.Van den Eynde / E. Van den Eynde)

Girl, I´m not the one you want, not even the one you need, but you´re still here with me Tell me how I make you feel and all the things you see looking through my skin While rest of people only see my sins I swear that all my bounds are real Please, let me fight for you, just let me one more round and I won´t let you down This is the last time I asked you to believe that what I feel is real While father only see my sins My scars are opened by your tears Girl, I want you by my side, I really need you here, don´t go away from me Cause life is better seen through your eyes, felt inside your skin While rest of people only see my sins I know that you can see the real me Forget about the crazy things you hear Only trust in what you see

LEAVE IT ALL (J.Van den Eynde)

It´s just another day Once more they want you to play the same old game So you wake up at eight Maybe tomorrow is what you say again And you try and try and try to carry on with this stupid life Dying again and again Do you see any light at the end? Now you try to guess why do you go through all that pain YOU´VE GOT TO LEAVE IT ALL It´s raining again All your dreams are falling over your head Feeling like a dog in a howl No peace, no love, no soul Now you try to guess why do you go through all that pain The only thing you want Is to break down the wall and leave it all YOU´VE GOT TO LEAVE IT ALL


SHE IS THE WOMAN (J.Van den Eynde)

Whiskey bottle, glass with ice, easy way to spread your wings and fly Another beer to change my mind, everything looks better with the head on the bar Then she came into the room, the lights turned off before she started the show She asked for tequila and turned on me, and from that moment I began to believe

SHE IS THE WOMAN I WANT (there´s no one like her) SHE IS THE WOMAN I WANT (She moves around my head) SHE IS THE WOMAN I WANT I´ll pray the lord cause SHE IS THE ONE She sat in front of me, but seemed so far, was from another league She plays her role as I roll the dice, the dice was loaded, it was full of lies So I felt in her trap, she stole my money and broke all my guitars But even now with my broken heart... I´m sick, I´m empty, I need to feel her knife


(J.Van den Eynde / E. Van den Eynde) (J.Van den Eynde) When we were young we were waiting the future to come Now we are not, I hope you can wait me once more The time that I´ve lived without you has broken my bones

He´s just a normal man Nothing special, doing the best he can He dreams about being a star... Wake up brother, for you sky is so far

The days and the nights fly away to never come back The echo of your voice returns tearing my heart The mirror shows me the mistakes I´ve made all this time I´m searching you in the reflection But maybe you were the only success in my life

Maybe you think this is unfair Why the doors are closed for you again Maybe this is not for you You should turn around and go back home

Now I´m following the riverside of your tears Hoping at last you forgive me for make you fear The shadows I hide behind my soul I don´t want to be in your nightmares But I know that I´ve broken all your dreams Now I feel so cold, in this room I´m locked Please open the door of my broken heart I have lost control hitting my face against on the walls For all the things I told, for all the things I´ve done

MISTER NOBODY don´t you know who you are? MISTER NOBODY believe me when I say that I know you He was a normal man But all the pain was too much to stand So he closed the final door Now he won´t have to expect anymore MISTER NOBODY do you know who you were? MISTER NOBODY believe me when I say that I knew you

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Libreto vanden final