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Putting Cloch Tenants First Summer 2020


TENANTS TO VOTE FOR LOCAL CONTROL Cloch Housing Association has been a subsidiary of Oak Tree Housing Association since 2012. Cloch is as strong as it’s been for many years and we are now proposing that we separate from Oak Tree.

For this to happen all Cloch tenants will have the opportunity to vote in an independent ballot, at a later date. This newsletter outlines why the proposal is being considered and how you can give your views.

Why Separate? In 2012, Cloch needed more stability due to concerns with finance and leadership. Oak Tree were able to provide a loan to assist with these concerns and provide guidance and support to settle the Association.


Having had fantastic support from Oak Tree through some challenging times and following a long period of stability and growth with a proven track record of strong and expert leadership the Boards at both Cloch and Oak Tree believe that independence will ensure greater freedoms and offer more opportunities to deliver even better services and homes, while always putting Cloch tenants first, now and in the future. The Board Members/Committee Members at both Cloch and Oak Tree have considered all options open to the Associations regarding what the future should look like. This included joining as one new Association, transferring to another Association altogether or separating and keeping Cloch independent and more in control of its future.

Key benefits ŠŠWorking as an independent housing association will give your community complete control over how the Association is run. ŠŠAs an independent housing association Cloch will always be able to decide on major investment for your homes and priorities for maintenance services. ŠŠCloch will manage to keep a local identity and culture which we believe has an excellent reputation and standing in your community. ŠŠYour local office will continue to be based in the east end of Greenock for the foreseeable future and not outwith your community ŠŠCloch will focus on delivering modern services for you and your homes, investing locally in young people and supporting employability and anti-poverty initiatives in your community. ŠŠThe separation process will be cost neutral – that means, there will be no significant cost in doing this and neither will there be moving forward. ŠŠYour rents will never be dependent on Oak Tree or any other Association’s financial position.

Introducing your independent Tenant Adviser Cloch have commissioned TIS (Tenants Information Scotland) to provide independent advice to tenants during this important consultation. TIS will provide information and support to all Cloch tenants to ensure you have an opportunity to give your views and shape the proposal. TIS have a Freephone advice line you can call if you have any questions about the proposal to separate from Oak Tree – 0800 488 0982.

Why will you be balloted? It is important to us that our tenants have a say on our way forward. The best way for this to happen is to hold a vote allowing you to say whether you support Cloch becoming independent again from Oak Tree.  The vote will happen in September, so between now and then, Cloch staff and Board will make sure you are given enough information to understand and make a decision and will get access to opportunities to speak to us about any thoughts or concerns.

The Next Steps... September to November




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STAGE 3: BUSINESS PLAN TO BOARDS Including TIS Report – August



May to August


Stage 2 is where you, our tenants, will have the opportunity to vote in an independent ballot to decide if there is support for the separation from Oak Tree to take place. If the majority of tenants who vote in the ballot support this proposal, a Special General Meeting would be held where members would vote on the rule change needed to legally separate. Members are £1 shareholders who attend and vote at Annual General Meetings and have the opportunity to join the Board of Cloch – most of our members are tenants and every tenant can become a member for £1.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED If you want to find out more about the proposal to separate, and our plans for the future, please get in touch. Your views are important to us in developing our priorities for the future. Normally we would have meetings and visit you at your home, however due to the current lockdown restrictions we are arranging online Zoom sessions. Don’t panic these are easy to do and we can talk you through it beforehand. If you have a smart phone, tablet or computer/laptop we can host a virtual meeting and talk face-to-face answering any questions and giving you some

more background about the proposal. We will help you set up your device if required. If you are interested, please contact us on office@clochhousing.org. uk for details. The sessions will take place on Thursday 16th July 2020. One at 3pm to 4.30pm and one at 5.30pm to 7pm. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01475 783637 and leave a message. Or you can contact the Tenants Information Service (TIS). TIS will provide independent advice to you about the proposal. Please contact them on their FREEPHONE number 0800 488 0982.

CLOCH HOUSING ASSOCIATION LTD 19 Bogle Street, Greenock, PA15 1ER Tel: 01475 783637 Email: office@clochhousing.org.uk Website: www.clochhousing.org.uk MyCloch: www.my.clochhousing.org.uk


Phone 01475 783637 during office hours and leave a message. We check the messages 3 times an hour. Online Live Chat Facility at www.clochhousing.org.uk Pay your rent, report an emergency repair or make a complaint using the Customer Portal at my.clochhousing.org.uk (or find the link on the website). Find us on Twitter and Facebook @Clochha Registered with the Scottish Housing Regulator in the Register of Housing Associations No HEP91 Registered with the Financial Services Authority (No 1893 R(s)) • Registered with the Property Factor No. PF000171. A recognised Scottish charity Reg. No. SC013996 • A member of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

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Putting Cloch tenants first

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Putting Cloch tenants first

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