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This summer, 19 interns brought their hard work and talents to INHF’s office and outdoor spaces. They explored new places and learned about Iowa’s landscapes. See their adventures and learn more about their summer with the #inhfintern tag on Instagram and Facebook!

AU G. 22

Hike at Reeds Run Wildlife Area Spirit Lake, Dickinson Co. Get to know Reeds Run Wildlife Area, 43 acres of restored wetland and prairie off the shore of Big Spirit Lake.

SEPT. 1 4

Hike Kothenbeutel Prairie Sheffield, Franklin Co. Celebrate Iowa Prairie Heritage Week with a hike at Kothenbeutel Prairie, led by INHF’s Ryan Schmidt. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this prairie in its autumn glory.

SEPT. 30

Seeds & Cider at Heritage Valley Allamakee Co. Celebrate fall by hand-harvesting prairie seed at INHF’s Heritage Valley property, followed by warm apple cider.

OC T. 7

Lend a Hand on the Land: A Prairie Seed Harvest Elkhart, Polk Co. Welcome fall with a family seed harvest at INHF’s Snyder Heritage Farm. This annual event is hosted by five Iowa land trusts. RSVPs requested.

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Addition to Diamond Lake Complex beneficial for Dickinson County

New greenspace in Osceola creates safe route between park and school

Until recently, the Diamond Lake Complex in Dickinson County surrounded 13 acres of private property, accessible by a single county road that crossed the Little Sioux River over a county-owned access bridge. The 1910 bridge was in need of replacement, a project that would cost Dickinson County an estimated $500,00-$600,000.

The City of Osceola and Clarke County Conservation Board are excited about an opportunity to preserve green space and encourage kids to spend more time outside in nature.

INHF saw an opportunity to add to the complex of public land — and save the county money by avoiding having to repair the bridge. “It was just kind of a no-brainer for us to make the land open to the public and allow fishers and hunters to enjoy it,” said Dan Eckert, the Dickinson County engineer. “And if we can save potentially five or six-hundredthousand dollars on a bridge by being a participant in this, it made sense.” Working with the estate of the previous owner, INHF purchased the land, which will be owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and managed by the Iowa DNR. Dickinson County will clean up the land in preparation for restoration of wildlife habitat. “By adding this area to the complex, it benefits the habitat for species, increases opportunities for hunting and fishing and simplifies management,” said Heather Jobst, INHF senior land conservation director. “The combination of the county and conservation agencies isn’t normally a partnership that anyone would think about, but it’s good for conservation and good for the county.”

A trail between Clarke Community Elementary School and East Lake Park had been a dream for the community for a long time, so INHF was eager to help when Clarke County Conservation said there was an chance to work with the landowner that held the land between them. Earlier this year, INHF purchased a 17-acre parcel between the school and lake, bringing the connection to the popular park one step closer to reality. The eventual trail will create a more direct route for school children to experience the park’s educational opportunities. “We do field trips with the grade school kids and they either have to be bussed out to the park or they have to take the long way around, which is probably a mile and a half to two miles along busy Highway 34,” said Scott Kent, the director of Clarke County Conservation Board. INHF currently owns the property with plans for a later resale to the City of Osceola or Clarke County Conservation Board. INHF is also assisting in applying for public grants that could help fund the project. Currently, the property is hay and woodland, and INHF will be working with the county conservation board to convert the hay area to native prairie. inhf.o r g


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