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Boletin Informativo Guatemala, July 2018 / No. 19

Guatemala presented its tourist offer and prevention plans for the Augustinian festivities

INGUAT carried out promotion actions to motivate the arrival of Salvadorans

U.S. Department of State updates its recommendations to travel to Guatemala


Boletin Informativo Guatemala, July 2018 / No. 19

General Manager MBA Jorge Mario Chajón Aguilar Deputy General Manager BA Juan Pablo Nieto Financial-Administrative Manager Nery Solís Product Development Manager Ericka Guillermo Marketing Manager Lourdes Maldonado Head of Promotion and Advertising María Esther Rangel Chief Designer Marco Tulio Rodas Creative Director Erwin Farfán Design and Layout Eduardo Martínez Social Communication Blanca Del Cid Esther Brol Social Networks Oscar Tercero Photography Adrián Ramos Andrea Tórtola and collaborators Collaborator Flor Camey

This bulletin seeks to inform the collaborators of this institution about the main activities carried out by the INGUAT work team during the month of July. INGUAT has established itself as a leading institution which effectively coordinates the development and tourism promotion of the country, along with public and private institutions, within the framework of the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism of Guatemala 2015-2025. Among the strategic objectives of the tourism governing body are the promotion, strengthening and diversification of the tourist offer according to the ordering of the national tourist space, as well as the promotion of tourist destinations of Guatemala in priority and potential markets, with a favorable image of the country and providing a quality experience to the visitors.

Guatemala presented its tourist offer and prevention plans for the Augustinian festivities

In order to attract Salvadorans to Guatemala during the brake they enjoy from July 28th to August 6th, when the patronal festivities are celebrated in honor of the Divine Savior of the World, the Guatemala Tourist Commission, the Ministry of the Interior, the National Civil Police, PROVIAL and the Embassy of El Salvador presented the security and promotion plan for the season, to provide better service to tourists and guarantee safety during their stay in Guatemalan territory.

INGUAT, in coordination with the Tourist Security Division of the National Civil Police (DISETUR) explained that they provided accompaniment on roads through the “Secure Caravans” program, as well as border assistance to publicize the different tourist destinations. For its part, the National Civil Police strengthened its road security plan for these dates, mainly on the roads from the borders to the different tourist destinations in Guatemala, considering that the most visited destinations in previous years were Retalhuleu, Sololá, La Antigua Guatemala, El Petén, Izabal, the capital city and Quetzaltenango.

Salvadoran influencers toured Guatemalan tourist attractions In line with the actions promoted by INGUAT to encourage the visit of Salvadorans during the Augustinian festivities, the institution coordinated the visit of a group of influencers from the neighboring country with the aim of promoting Guatemala as a destination to discover and tour again in their next holiday. These actions are part of the promotion strategy carried out by the institution to receive groups of travel agents, tourism operators and media, so that they know and live the experience of Guatemala as a destination and contribute to promote the natural and cultural richness of the country. The group of Salvadoran influencers was divided to travel for 4 days, simultaneously, the tourist attractions of the Mayan Caribbean in Izabal, Huehuetenango, the Pacaya volcano, La Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City. Another group visited places in El Petén.

Influencers Diego José Molina Aviles @diego_lover Elizabeth Concepción Sanchéz Pleitez @lizpleitez1 Juan Armando Urquilla Urrutia @armandourquillo Carlos Saúl Villatoro Fuentes @saulvillatoro_4 Ruth Abigail Guzmán Alfaro @abiruky Linda Nathaly Cruz Figueroa @lindacruztv Juan Carlos Rodriguez Turcios @jkturcios Madeline A. Guardado Flores @madelineguarda Alejandra Beatriz Costa Arriola @alecostatv Ligia Cecilia Roca Beltran @ligiaroca

INGUAT carried out promotion actions to motivate the arrival of Salvadorans

As part of the promotional actions, INGUAT carried out a commercial tourist caravan with representatives of tour operators, hotels, tourism self-management committees, airlines and other tourism service providers in Guatemala, integrated by 40 companies from the sector who had a business roundtable and a presentation of the tourist destination.

In addition to the above, it included the dissemination of Guatemalan tourist attractions in a campaign in digital and traditional media, as well as activations in shopping centers, so that Salvadorans could rediscover Guatemala’s tourist offer during their Augustinian break. INGUAT promoted Guatemala as a “Close to you” destination in reference to the geographical location of both countries. For the current year, the entity estimates the arrival of 74 thousand Salvadorans during the Augustinian festivities, 16% more compared to 2017 when 63,715 Salvadorans came to the country. The income of foreign currency during this time is expected to exceed US$ 19 million, 17% more than the previous year when US$ 16.25 million were received. The average stay of Salvadorans is estimated at 3.5 days with an approximate daily expenditure of US$ 73. The favorite destinations of Salvadorans are Guatemala City, La Antigua Guatemala, Esquipulas, Retalhuleu, El Petén, Panajachel and Las Verapaces, among others.

INGUAT invests in digital promotion and strengthens its official tourism pages

The Guatemala Tourist Commission (INGUAT) presented the new tools to use the official tourism pages addressed to the international public and for the national public, showing attractive content of the cultural and natural destinations that make up the seven tourist regions of the country. These tools allow to travel “Virtual Guatemala in 360°”, making it possible to visualize more than 190 destinations through the production of photographic and video material in flat format, 360° and virtual reality, as well as access to travel ideas, seasons, destinations, information brochures, hotels, tour operators and maps, which allow to plan the visit with direct link to the user’s session in Google Maps. The user can also take screenshots and share them with anyone through social networks.

U.S. Department of State updates its recommendations to travel to Guatemala The Department of State of the United States of America published an update on the travel recommendations that it makes to its citizens. Last January, the country was placed at level 3. Today, Guatemala is located at level 2, which implies an improvement in these recommendations and, consequently, it will have a positive impact on the outbound tourism of the United States, which is the second most important key market for the nation.

The Guatemala Tourist Commission (INGUAT) welcomes the new travel advise to Guatemala by the U.S. Department of State, as it reflects a broad evaluation of information about the country’s security issues and specifies certain levels of risk to some areas of the country.

This revision was made after several sources, including the INGUAT, the Chamber of Tourism, AGEXPORT, AMCHAM, the Bureau of Conventions, CACIF, FUNGUAT and other entities provided information on crime statistics and on the actions taken in the field of prevention and security through the Tourist Assistance Department in coordination with other institutions, as well as evaluations carried out by the Embassy and Consulate of the United States accredited in Guatemala.

INGUAT will continue with the work of national and international promotion, as well as with the inter-institutional coordination so that the trips of national and foreign tourists take place quietly. In addition, in this country there are available to tourists some institutions such as the Tourist Security Division of the National Civil Police, the Department of Tourist Assistance of the Guatemala Tourist Commission, and the Fiscal Agency of Crimes against Tourists of the Public Ministry.

INGUAT and DGAC presented the achievements of the high-level roundtable for the qualification of aerodromes

Among the high-impact projects in which INGUAT works with the support of the strategic committee of the Presidency, in 2016 a high-level roundtable for the habilitation of aerodromes was established, which seeks to promote the inclusive, sustainable and competitive tourism development. In two and a half years the rehabilitation of the aerodromes of Retalhuleu, Quetzaltenango and Puerto Barrios was achieved, facilitating the aerial connectivity.

Currently, work is being done on the image of the country’s tourist attractions in the halls of the waiting rooms at La Aurora International Airport, investing Q 75 thousand in it. The maintenance and repair project of 16 sanitary modules at La Aurora Airport is also being carried out, for an estimated amount of Q 3.5 million financed by INGUAT, whose execution will conclude in December 2018. A project for the design and construction of a tourist information kiosk is in process, for an amount of Q 130 thousand financed by INGUAT,

which will be completed in December of this year. At the same time, the design and planning phase for the improvement of the western terminal of the Mundo Maya Airport in El Petén is in process, for the amount of Q 85.4 thousand financed by INGUAT, awarded in July for a period of 90 days. Moreover, work is being carried out on the rehabilitation of the aerodromes of Puerto San José and Cobán, with a public-private contribution under the coordination of the high-level roundtable.

11th National Tourism Congress organized by INGUAT and CAMTUR The professional event was about specialization as a strategy for the development of competitive tourism products and had the participation of national and foreign experts. This activity was carried out in line with the implementation of the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism 2015-2025, focused on conducting simultaneous workshops of specialized segments and tourism products, such as language, health and well-being, adventure, destination weddings and honeymoons, nature and meetings (MICE), which were facilitated by experts in the different topics. Through them, it is expected to obtain concrete results that guide the definition of strategic operational plans for each one of the segments. In this congress participated specialists such as Euromonitor International and Expedia Group, who addressed issues focused on consumer market and international travel trends. Meanwhile, an expert from National Geographic Expeditions spoke on the use of the natural and cultural heritage for the development of tourist routes.

New routes of Spirit Airlines to Guatemala

The expansion of air connectivity translates into the diversification of options to reach a destination. In order to open new options to travel to and from Guatemala, Spirit Airlines announced today the new routes which will connect the country with the cities of Houston and Orlando. From September 7th, Spirit will connect Guatemala thrice a week with Houston, and from November 8th four times a week. For this route, it will use an A319 airplane with capacity for 145 passengers. To and from Orlando, Spirit will fly from October 4th, four times a week, with an A320 airplane with capacity for 178 passengers. Thus, the capacity of seats available from Houston and Orlando and connections to Guatemala will be 323 each way.

The work plan of the tourism segment for meetings was reviewed and developed

In the framework of the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism 2015-2025, INGUAT and the Bureau of Conventions organized a working day to learn the needs and trends of the meeting tourism to develop the general work plan for the segment. This meeting was divided in two parts and was attended by officers of the Executive Body, members of the Tourism Commission of the Congress of the Republic, representatives of different government institutions, private companies, academia and other entities. The first part included a presentation by Eduardo Chaillo of STA Consultants of Mexico City, regarding the importance and broad economic impact of the tourism segment of congresses, conventions, fairs or exhibitions and incentive trips, trends, sustainability, security (physical, data, operations, food), the marketing chain and the potential of Guatemala thereon. The second part of the program involved the creation of technical teams from ministries, entities, associations, academia, entrepreneurs of the tourism sector, among others, in order to review and develop the general work plan of the MICE segment within the framework of the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism.

INGUAT promoted the National Folkloric Festival of Cobán

In order to contribute to the strengthening of the local, regional and national cultural identity together with the promotion of artistic, gastronomic and other activities, INGUAT joined the promotion of the activities of the National Folkloric Festival of Cobán in its 50th edition, which ended with the presentation, election and crowning of the Rab’in Ajaw. This activity is part of the cultural attraction of the country, and according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), tourism and cultural heritage allow the encounter with new cultures and the experience of enjoying the variety of scenic arts, handcrafts, rituals, gastronomy and interpretations of nature and the universe, facilitating the cultural exchange promoted by these spaces that favor dialogue, strengthen understanding, and therefore, promote peace and tolerance.

GuateGo presented digital platform to acquire tourist services in Guatemala The Guatemala Tourist Commission (INGUAT) supported the presentation of the GuateGo initiative, a practical, user-friendly digital platform that offers potential tourists a unique experience in the acquisition of tourism products. This tool allows the union of tourist service providers, facilitating the exploration of technologies to acquire transportation, excursions and information for the potential visitors to book, inquire and acquire services according to their needs at only one place.

Guatemala participated in World Meeting Forum The fair provided the opportunity to bring together the leaders of the meetings industry in order to share information and trends. At the same time, the fair offered an educational program with high-level speakers, and also gave the entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in a business roundtable that included an average of 40 appointments per employer in two days. About 580 professionals from the meetings industry attended. Guatemala had the opportunity to make a presentation of the destination to 40 hosted buyers and had the participation of seven Guatemalan businessmen, including the Bureau of Conventions of Guatemala, three hotels, a tour operator and two corporate event organizers.

Festival of the Historic Center announced The Festival of the Historic Center will take place from August 9th to 18th, with a wide variety of artistic, recreational and traditional events that will delight the attendees thereto. Guatemalans and foreigners are invited to enjoy its 21st edition under the slogan “Fiesta en el Centro�. The series of activities is organized by the Municipality of Guatemala, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Guatemala Tourist Commission (INGUAT) and the University of San Carlos of Guatemala (USAC).

During the ten days of this festival, more than 150 free activities will be held, including exhibitions, concerts, theater plays, cinema shows, dance, poetry readings, conferences, workshops and guided tours, among others. With these activities, the organizers confirm the desire of their founders to revitalize the public spaces of the Historic Center and achieve that both its inhabitants and the visitors enjoy its cultural legacy.

Network News The Ambassador of the United States in Guatemala, Mr. Luis Arreaga, paid a courtesy visit to the authorities of INGUAT in order to share information and advances of the Guatemalan tourist industry. INGUAT delivered the architectural designs, construction plans and budget for the improvement of the old building of the Tikal Sylvanus Morley Museum, for the change of use to Handicraft Market of the Tikal National Park, El Petén. A meeting of the high-level roundtable for the rehabilitation of aerodromes of Puerto San José and Cobán was held with the participation of INGUAT, MINGOB, MINDEF, MIDES, MAGA-OIRSA, MIGRATION, DGAC, CAMINOS and representatives of the local governments of Escuintla and Alta Verapaz.

The morning program Café CNN interviewed the General Director of INGUAT about the impact of the eruption of the Fuego volcano, as well as on the damages caused to the tourist destinations of the country. As part of the INGUAT Project “Art and Tourism, a country with more color”, began the elaboration of murals in the sports center of the municipality of Morales, Izabal, where 32 muralists and graffiti artists participate.

A meeting of the high-level roundtable for the tourism development of El Petén was held with the participation of different entities including INGUAT, MCD, MARN, MINGOB, CONAP, SIGAP and MINDEF.

INGUAT held the first workshop for the elaboration of the National Strategy of Gastronomic Tourism in Flores, El Petén. The second meeting of the multi-sectorial roundtable on sustainable tourism was held with the participation of authorities of INGUAT, Vice-Ministry for the Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MIPYME) of MINECO, Vice-Ministry of Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and the private tourism sector.

A meeting of the high-level roundtable for the improvement of border posts and the internal checkpoint Melchor de Mencos was held with the participation of INGUAT, MINEX, MINGOB, MINDEF, MAGA-OIRSA, MIGRATION, SAT, CAMINOS, COVIAL, CDP and the Governor of Jutiapa.

The third edition of the Diploma in Tourism Journalism was launched jointly by the Del Valle University of Guatemala and

The Deputy General Director of INGUAT handed over awards to the winners of the categories of appetizer, main course, drink, dessert and ancestral dish in the Gastronomic Festival of Sacatepéquez, with the participation of neighbors from municipalities and villages of the region.

A coordination meeting for the 2018 Augustinian Festivities Plan was held with the participation of the Embassy of El Salvador in Guatemala, INGUAT, Migration Directorate, PROVIAL, MP and DISETUR of the PNC.

INGUAT trained entrepreneurs of hotels and restaurants of Quetzaltenango with the theme “Marketing 3.0”.

The General Director of INGUAT and Daniel Mooney, in representation of The Palladium Group USAID/Guatemala Project “Creating Economic Opportunities”, signed a letter of understanding for collaboration in tourism development.

During July, INGUAT presented and invited entrepreneurs from the segment of destination weddings and honeymoons to three events to join the second edition of GuatemalaRomántica2018.

As part of the INGUAT Project “Art and Tourism, a country with more color” the transformation of walls in the village El Paredón, Sipacate, was carried out, with the participation of 23 graffiti artists and muralists, who with their creativity gave life to 26 spaces with the support of Comex.

At the Enfoque 500 Festival which took place in Tecpán, Chimaltenango, for the anniversary of the founding of that city, the General Director of INGUAT, Jorge Mario Chajón, was appointed as Royal Knight of the Villa of Santiago for his contribution to the tourism sector.

The Deputy General Director of INGUAT, Juan Pablo Nieto, participated in cultural activities within the framework of the election of Rab’in Ajaw 2018. INGUAT trained entrepreneurs of small hotels and their collaborators with the course “Modernization of the management processes of small hotels, Tecnohotel”, in which hoteliers from Quetzaltenango, Totonicapán, Huehuetenango, Escuintla and Retalhuleu participate.

The first workshop to elaborate the diagnosis for the national gastronomic tourism strategy was held in La Antigua.

Lake Petén Itzá, the Maya Biosphere Reserve and the Tikal National Park, were the setting for the Maya Man Triathlon, a unique tour in the world.

INGUAT authorities participated in the launching of the LGGUATE7 campaign which seeks to promote the discovery of 7 tourist sites in the country.

The Deputy Director of INGUAT took part in the press conference in which the participation of GUATEMALA at the London Design Biennale 2018 with the Palopó Design project was announced.

INGUAT held the first workshop in Guatemala City to formulate the national strategy for the gastronomy sector.

INGUAT trained the tourism sector of the department of Sololá with the theme “Strategic Marketing” with the participation of 23 people from Panajachel, San Lucas Tolimán, Santiago Atitlán, San Juan La Laguna, Santa Cruz La Laguna and Sololá.

The General Director of INGUAT and the Municipal Mayor of Salcajá signed an inter-institutional cooperation agreement to promote the cultural heritage and the diffusion of tourism in that municipality through development, training and tourism signalization plans, among others.

The Deputy Director of INGUAT presented the theme “Expectations of the country for tourism” to the members of the Rotary Club East.

INGUAT trained the tourism sector of the department of Totonicapán on the theme “Creation of tourist packages”.

INGUAT held the first meeting of the high-level roundtable in Guatemala City.

A welcome festival for Salvadoran visitors was held at the Panajachel public beach, where INGUAT supported with an information kiosk. The activity was organized by the Association of Tour Operators of the town.

INGUAT carried out the second “Superior Service” training module to personnel of the La Aurora International Airport.

El Diario de Hoy, a Salvadoran newspaper, interviewed the General Director of INGUAT, MBA Jorge Mario Chajón, prior to the Augustinian festivities.

The General Director of INGUAT, MBA Jorge Mario Chajón, participated in an interview with the Salvadoran La Prensa Gráfica newspaper.

Prior to the Augustinian festivities, the General Director of INGUAT, MBA Jorge Mario Chajón, participated in an interview in the TV show Buena Onda on Channel 33 of El Salvador.

NEWSLETTER Guatemala, July 2018 / No. 19  

Guatemala presented its tourist offer and prevention plans for the Augustinian festivities

NEWSLETTER Guatemala, July 2018 / No. 19  

Guatemala presented its tourist offer and prevention plans for the Augustinian festivities