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Fall 2009 • Volume 3, Issue 4

innkeeping quarterly

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Is the Right Person Doing the Right Job at Your Property



A Resource Guide to Becoming Pet Friendly

The 2010 Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show

Is your inn tapping into the pet-friendly market?

All the details on the big event in Austin, Texas!

Professional Association of Innkeepers International

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43 Solutions for Data Backup

Do you have a backup strategy in place?

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Fall 2009 • Volume 3, Issue 4

innkeeping quarterly

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A Resource Guide for Becoming Pet-Friendly


Cost Segregation: Uncover Hidden Tax Savings

smart reading for smart innkeeping

special sections 10 The 2009 New England Innkeeping Show

25 The 2010 Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show in Austin, Texas

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Is the right person doing the right job at your property? Who is on your team and what skills do they possess?

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Innkeeping Quarterly (IQ), is PAII’s quarterly periodical. PAII has been dedicated to fostering the knowledge and expertise of keepers of the inn for over 20 years. In line with this mission, each issue of IQ features members of the innkeeping community and covers topics that are important to those in the innkeeping industry: real estate, food, finances, customer relations, operations, marketing, and more. IQ: smart reading for smart innkeeping Professional Association of Innkeepers International • 800.468.PAII © 2009, Professional Association of Innkeepers International


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About IQ: IQ is published quarterly. Editorial comments and suggestions are welcomed. To contribute, please contact Ingrid Thorson, 856-310-1102, Editorial Office: PAII, 207 White Horse Pike Haddon Heights, NJ 08035 IQ Staff: Contributing Editors: John Felton Laura Middleton Ingrid Thorson Contributing Writers: Tim Brady Dan Brown Joseph Conte Jerry Hatfield Linda Hayes Michele McVay Liza Simpson Design: Imbue Creative Advertising Sales: Marlene Sapir PAII Staff: Jay Karen President and CEO Michele McVay Vice President Isabel Abreu Membership Sales Coordinator Laura Middleton Communications Coordinator Marlene Sapir Vendor Services & Sales  Ingrid Thorson Marketing & Communications Manager

Key Notes M

uch like the previous issue of IQ, this issue marks some big changes and a few announcements for our readers. I had thought about injecting a metaphor about the changing color of the leaves (I‘m big on metaphors), but I’ll spare you this issue. I am happy to summarize what’s happening below. PAII Drastically Reduces Membership Fees The PAII Board of Directors recently set in motion a new membership model that allows innkeepers to join PAII for $89. We did this for a number of reasons. The candid truth is that not enough innkeepers were finding the average of $250 membership fee a good value proposition — and we agreed. A new graduating price scale allows innkeepers to enjoy more benefits if they choose, such as free webinars, discounts on conference registrations, and more. The bottom line is that in order for PAII to be as formidable and effective as innkeepers need us to be, we need 8,000 members — not 2,000 or 3,000. This is your call to action — join PAII now. We’re even offering specials of $79 for Silver Membership, $169 for Gold (normally $189) and $259 for Platinum (normally $289) that expire November 15th. Go to today and become part of the growing association. This May Be Your Last Issue of IQ In order to keep receiving the industry’s only trade magazine, we’re asking readers to go to and simply register as an IQ subscriber. This will help clean up our mailing list, and advertisers appreciate a magazine more when the readers actually request to receive the magazine. If you are a PAII member, there is no need to go through the registration process. If you’re not a PAII

member, you’ll need to take this simple step. Look for the “Register” link in the upper right corner at In addition, all IQ subscribers will also start receiving the industry’s weekly news email — INNfo. The email contains news about the B&B industry, as well as news from the greater travel industry that is relevant for innkeepers. More Food and Fun Added to Upcoming Innkeeping Show We want to let past and future attendees know that we’ve beefed up the experience you can expect at the Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show, to be held in Austin, Texas, March 8–11. Now included in your registration fee are lunches all three days of the conference, as well as a big “Night Out in Austin.” ELG Hospitality (the folks who bring you,, Webervations and RezOvation) and PAII, with support from Intuit Merchant Service for Quickbooks, are hosting an evening in downtown Austin that will include barbecue, live music and sites of the capitol city. Go to to check out all the details of this better-than-ever conference and trade show for the industry. I look forward to seeing many of you at the New England Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show and hope everyone has a wonderful autumn and holiday season.

Jay Karen President & CEO

5 Is the right person doing the right job at your property? by Linda Hayes


nnkeeping can resemble a good mar­ riage or any new relationship after a few years. Roles for each part­ ner develop and soon become habits. Trouble can erupt when the honeymoon wears off if one partner (or even all partners) loses interest, isn’t motivated, and begins to hate his/her assignments. Does this apply to your property? What can you do about it? Whether you’re a solo innkeeper or running the inn with partners, the daily

tasks at our properties are not all exciting. The least-paid jobs and most repetitive ones (i.e. housekeeping) are often the most critical to our revenue stream via the happiness of our guests and their impressions when they depart. How to keep the repetitiveness of getting up each and every morning to cook and clean — and not yearn for the corporate 9 to 5 world again  — can be a challenge. Your Team So who’s on your team? What skills do they possess? What are their passions?

Does this matter? Here’s our situation: Innkeeper/owner A (me!): Detailed, methodical list maker and list checker, loves to create menus, new ideas for packages and marketing in general. Also, handles QuickBooks, taxes, paperwork and is involved with the local tourism marketing team, regional bed and breakfast group, and other civic and industry groups. Innkeeper/owner B (my husband): Doesn’t mind early mornings, talking to guests, grocery shopping, enjoys all outdoor activities-golf, fly fishing, hiking with the big dog, working outdoors–gardening,

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

6 etc. Prefers not to take reservations — too many policies and details; always forgets to ask the right questions. Loves the big picture financials but not the daily accounting tasks. Assistant Innkeeper (Eric): Doesn’t like early morning breakfast, is great at talking to guests, up-selling packages on the telephone, handy at all tasks including plumbing, painting, caulking, yard work, etc. Loves to prepare Friday suppers, is a home brewer and loves living 25 minutes away from the inn. Get the picture? So how do we keep everyone motivated? How do we adjust the daily responsibilities so everyone wins? How do we balance our skill sets so that we all can have time off? Here’s how we’ve scheduled ourselves to meet our property demands: A Typical Busy Day 7:00 am • Innkeeper B preps breakfast and serves early corporate guests; Inn-

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

keeper A checks email, answers reservations, pays bills. Assistant Innkeeper is still sleeping! / 8:00 am • Innkeeper A arrives in the kitchen to plate and help serve breakfast with Innkeeper B. They both complete morning routine. / 10:00 am • Assistant Innkeeper arrives to great guests, answer phones, check out guests, and perform daily tasks / 11:00 am • Innkeeper B leaves to play golf. Innkeeper A heads to the office to pay bills, update Twitter and attend a county tourism marketing meeting and have lunch with her girlfriends; Assistant innkeeper runs the inn, working through the daily list / 3:00 pm • Innkeeper B returns to inn and tours arriving guests. Innkeeper A and Assistant innkeeper check in guests in office, work on the new dinner menu for fall, complete afternoon routine. / 6:00 pm • Assistant leaves for the day. Innkeepers A & B complete daily tasks. So in the course of the day, the tasks are done and each person balances his

or her assignments with the things that they prefer and are good at. Work with a check-off list so you can make sure that the necessary things are done without assumptions as you and other team members come and go at the inn. What’s missing? Housekeeping! Of course, a major activity is missing: house­keeping! The most important aspect of your property to the guests is the condition of your inn. Cleanliness is probably the basic expectation that your guests will carry with them throughout their visits. From stepping out of their cars at arrival to walking barefoot on the bathroom floor, they demand and expect a clean inn. So those who do your housekeeping are critical members of your team. How do you find the right person? Three avenues to explore include: Networking, Advertising, and Cleaning Services.

7 Networking Current Employees: If you currently employ a housekeeper who is doing the job you expect and you wish to add to your team, ask the housekeeper to recommend a friend or family member they would be happy to work with and rely on to do the job properly. Your current housekeeper will feel like a valued member of the team when you ask for referrals and will consider carefully whom to refer because this will reflect on his or her own standards. Other Innkeepers: A good source to refer and find candidates who may contact you or another inn seeking employment. Talk to other innkeepers at a regional association meeting. Good people usually know good people, and those who come to you as a referral are more likely to do a good job because they want to live up to the referrer’s expectations.

Advertising Advertise in your community newspaper, at local colleges and schools, on websites such as Craig’s list, (only applicable near larger cities) or check with the online B&B directories for a section to post positions wanted. Be specific in your ad so it reaches the right candidates. If you require job experience or references, state that in your advertisement. Once you have found candidates through networking or advertising, you need to thoroughly interview and screen them. Prepare an application form with space for references to be listed and ask applicants to complete it when they interview. Prepare a job description in advance and review it with each applicant by asking them how they would complete each task. Take them around the inn and have them give you examples of similar situations and how they have handled them in the past. Most impor-

tantly, don’t tell them what the job entails; hear from them how they would do it to make sure your expectations match. It’s important to contact references to understand the applicant’s aptitude for your job. If the references are acceptable, consider offering the person a trial day, fully paid. (In the restaurant industry, they call it a “trail”). Neither party is under any obligation, so you’ll see if the desire is there to do the job, and the applicant can meet the staff and size up the workplace. We’ve changed our minds a number of times after this one day based on comments from a staff member who teamed with the applicant. If you offer the position to the applicant, consider a 30-day trial period — with full effort from the entire team, including you, to train and welcome the new team member. At the end of the trial, the entire team should be allowed to comment on the new person’s performance. Teamwork

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

8 is so key that even when you’re hiring the one housekeeper that you really need, the ability to be flexible, handle the details, yet work independently is essential.

Cleaning Services Hiring a cleaning service is another way to get the job done, especially if your occupancy is seasonal, weekends-only, or possibly longer stays in cabins. Most services will send a team of two to your property so the work will be done quickly. The services may be charged either per hour or by the job in the instance of cabins and cottages. The service bears the burden of taxes, workman’s compensation, and insurance by passing those costs to you in higher fees than if you hired the person directly. This can be a benefit for owners of a very seasonal property who do not want to deal with personnel paperwork. The negatives of using a cleaning service may include not having assistance

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

when you need it as the result of fluctuating occupancy, and different teams coming to your property who don’t know your inn and your expectations and will need more supervision. Another service some innkeepers use is a linen service. Sending out the linens can be a big time-saver to free you up for other tasks without the commitment of a full-time employee or supervising a cleaning service. The downside is that you give up some control over the quality of your linens.

cant brings to the job and the importance to you to have someone else performing that task. When hiring for the first time it’s a good idea to check out the Department of Labor’s website (www.wagehour.dol. gov) for information on minimum-wage expectations, overtime pay and so on. If you hire someone who you hope to grow into the position, offer a starting wage that you can increase after 90 days and again after 6 months.

How do you determine compensation? Every area varies with cost of living and the means and distances of transportation (which can be major factors for lower-wage employees). Review the PAII Industry Study for guidelines that match your area and size of inn. Talk to other innkeepers in your area and compare pay ranges. Consider the experience an appli-

How do you inspire loyalty? How do you encourage communication? This is not as hard as it may seem if you work as a team in the beginning. When a person takes on a new task or just joins your team, the amount of time spent to share the procedures and expectations is equal to the results. A quick overview will result in a sloppy job.

9 It’s important to understand that your housekeepers probably haven’t spent a night in a room similar to what you offer. Their beds at home aren’t triple sheeted; they don’t iron their sheets; and they probably don’t have their bedrooms accessorized like your guest rooms. Yet, we expect tight hospital corners, no dust bunnies, and every detail in its place every day. Empower your housekeeper to “own the room” and make suggestions for guest comforts. Theresa and Troy Stavens of the Inn at Warner Hall in Gloucester, VA, encourage their staff to enjoy a cup of coffee in “their” room, behaving like a guest, and then sharing ideas to improve the guest experience. Hilary Jones of the Admiral Peary House in Fryeburg, ME, was told by a housekeeper at another inn to “sit on the toilet and tell me what you see?” when cleaning the bathroom. Share this idea with your housekeeper as a way of under­ standing the guest’s perspective.

How do you reward great performance? With social networking a mainstay in the bed and breakfast industry, sharing guests’ comments is easy. From comments in room guest journals, to reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor,,, and, the opportunities to share great comments are abundant. Celebrate the positive reviews with your entire team, post the comments where the team can read them, and use the reviews with specific comments to learn where improvements might be made. Set benchmarks for rewards and determine what the reward will be in advance. Each quarter, our assistant innkeeper receives a bonus (calculated as a percentage of the actual sales) for up-selling the extras we offer at the inn. We also established a goal for room sales and will pay a bonus at the end of year for achieving the new goal. Gratuities received from weddings, special dinners, etc., should be shared with all staff involved in creating the experience. Don’t wait to recognize a great action. Do it as soon as you can. Also, praise staff in public and admonish (if necessary) in private. Caution: remember to delegate not abdicate the responsibilities at your property. Your staff will do what they know you are checking. Other ideas for rewarding your staff: ●● A paid vacation at another property ●● When the inn is not busy have a simple lunch with your staff and review guest comments, ask them for input about the inn. They will appreciate the “team meeting” atmosphere. ●● Gift certificate for dinner at a special restaurant ●● Spa treatment ●● Birthday is a vacation day


Close the inn for a day with everybody off but paid too! (the day after Thanksgiving or the day after Christmas)

To quote Mary White in her new publication Running a Bed and Breakfast for Dummies “Good employees are invaluable assets. They’re the ambassadors of your business when their job is to interact with guests and the backbone of a smooth-running inn when they’re doing maintenance and housekeeping.” Today is a good day to review your daily routine with yourself, your partner, your spouse and your team to insure that innkeeping stills sparks a smile with a happy guest and a desire to create an experience at your property. ■

For Linda Hayes, innkeeping is an outlet for Linda’s passion for sales, service and creativity. An interior designer by schooling and practice, Linda and her husband, Lynn, designed and opened Inn at Riverbend, a seven room inn in Pearisburg, Virginia, in 2003. Linda is a frequent guest lecturer at Virginia Tech University in their Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism course where the bed and breakfast industry is presented as a viable section of the Hospitality market. She has presented “Packaging for Profit — Up selling the Extras” at conferences organized by Professional Association of Innkeepers International, Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia and at the 2008 Mid Atlantic Innkeepers Conference.

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

Hosted by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International

Solutions for New England Innkeeping ■■

Get the most progressive and in-depth education for running successful B&Bs and inns ◆◆Creative

Strategies for Increasing Business in the off season ◆◆The Most Up to Date Trends in Online Marketing ◆◆Working with your local organic farms ◆◆And Much More… ■■

Swap ideas with your peers: What’s working these days, and what isn’t


Save a bundle at the trade show


Re-energize your love of innkeeping

Schedule MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16 Pre-Conference Sessions Aspiring Innkeeper Half Day Workshop Invest in your future. Get the “Innsiders” perspective on what it takes to find, evaluate, purchase and operate a successful Inn property. Hear it from the experts who have succeeded before you and get your questions answered by a panel of consultants and expert innkeepers. A half day session packed with invaluable data that will help you decide if innkeeping is for you and tell you what you need in order to be among the elite in this amazing industry. Sponsored by the B&B Team, Inn Consultants and Brokers

Beyond your Website Using New Media to Market your Inn Effectively Half Day Workshop Presented by Tim Brady, Forty Putney Road Bed and Breakfast In this half day workshop you will learn about the

10 • innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

benefits, challenges and rewards of using “new media” to market your inn. From the basics of using your blog effectively, to the best ways to utilize social platforms like Facebook and Twitter — we will cover some of the biggest “buzz” products and services out there today. See how others have used new media successfully, and some great examples of what not to do and much more!

Internet Intensive Workshop 10 am – 1 pm (free, pre-registration required) Presented and paid for by Sandy Soule and Janice Hurley will help you gain a better understanding of the Internet marketing tools needed to survive (and even thrive!) in this tough economy, including: Internet marketing, reviews and social marketing, online reservations worldwide, property management software and booking engines, credit card processing, trip insurance, and much more. They’ll focus on current products and services, as well

as brand-new programs, many still on the drawing boards. You’ll learn how to test and evaluate your marketing spend, and to improve results with such tools as the review widget, high resolution video, customizable gift cards, media coverage, and additional traffic-driving tools like featured property and inn of the month advertising. Visit the New England Innkeeping Show website to read more.

million registered members and 25 million reviews and opinions. Kaufer has also built the TripAdvisor Media Network, acquiring fourteen leading travel companies, and expanding TripAdvisor-branded sites into fourteen countries. Kaufer and his co-founders sold TripAdvisor to InterActive Corporation in 2004, which later spun off its travel businesses to Expedia, Inc., and Kaufer has continued to run day-to-day operations.

Kick off the Opening night with a Texas Style BBQ Reception on the Trade Show Floor

Lunch served on the Trade Show Floor sponsored by the Turkish Towel Company

Celebrate the kickoff of your 2009 New England Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show experience by finding old friends and making new ones. Munch on BBQ style hors d’oeuvres, visit with vendors, stop by the PAII table to visit with staff, learn more about the association and get a little taste of what’s to come at the Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show in Austin, Texas next March.

Trade Show Open • Noon – 2:15 pm

Workshops including…

Conference Sponsors

Dine Around on your own following Reception Sign up ahead of time to have dinner with groups of 8–10…join folks you have something in common with already or have an opportunity to meet new friends. You must be signed up by noon on Monday, November 16th. Visit to sign up.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17 Opening General Session 9 am – 10:30 am Keynote Speaker: Join PAII President & CEO Jay Karen as he interviews TripAdvisor co-founder, President and CEO Stephen Kaufer on stage about the dramatic impact of TripAdvisor on the B&B industry…this is sure to be an enlightening event. Stephen Kaufer, president and CEO Kaufer co-founded TripAdvisor in 2000 with the mission to help travelers around the world plan and have the perfect trip. Under Kaufer’s leadership, TripAdvisor has grown into the largest Web 2.0 company in the northeast and the world’s largest and most popular travel community, with more than 25 million monthly visitors, twelve

The Seasons They Go Round and Round for New England Inns and B&Bs: Ideas for overcoming seasonality in New England Marti Mayne, Maynely Marketing

Joni Mitchell said it best: we can’t return, we can only look behind from where we came, and go round and round and round in the circle game. Finding yourself on the carousel of seasonality? There are some times of year when you can leave $100 bill on the pillow, and they still won’t come to a New England B&B. There are other times of year, when you could increase room rates by that same $100, and you’d still sell out. The seasonality of tourism in New England makes marketing challenging, but not impossible. This workshop will focus on ways to increase income during the busy periods and generate additional bookings during the slower times. We’ll cover everything from expanding revenues beyond room sales to creative packaging, cooperative marketing, developing social media outreach tools, plus more. Innkeepers will leave with practical new ideas for marketing and increasing revenues during the busy and slower seasons.

Beautiful Breakfast on a Budget Carol Edmondson, Innkeeping Specialists With higher food and energy costs a shrinking bottom line is a reality. To maintain a high standard of quality and make use of local ingredients while saving money

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly • 11

innkeepers need fresh ideas. Learn how to create a menu plan, track food costs, partner with your local suppliers and tips for eliminating waste. Leave this workshop with some great budget minded recipes that guests will love.

Blogging 2.0 & how to find great New England Content Jeff Logan, Katie Pate and Steven Dunston, InsideOut Solutions So many innkeepers are turning to this new media to improve their sites search engine placement or just share news with past and future guests. In the last year many new features are now available to users of Wordpress, Blogger or Typepad (the three major Blogging options) and these items need to be shared, compared and explained on how they can be used. Come and check out how to find photos on Flickr of New England and even skiing videos on of your favorite New England slopes.

How to Choose Your Guest Management Software and Online Booking System Scott Thomas, Brewster House Bed & Breakfast One of the most frequent questions on the PAII forum and others is whether an inn should use a particular guest management system or online booking system. Sometimes it is a question of comparing one to another, other times it is just a cry for help. There are a lot of opinions offered, but usually only from one innkeeper with the perspective of a system that worked (or didn’t). Learn from a seasoned software professional and current innkeeper about features to consider when choosing a Guest Management System and Online Booking System and a process for evaluating that software. Walk away with a sample spreadsheet to help you evaluate the software yourselves and make an informed buying decision.

How to Grow a High Profile, Low Effort Kitchen Garden Sheila Oranch, Coppertoppe Inn & Retreat Center The “green” movement is high profile these days especially in areas like New England and visitors seek that as part of their travel experience. Yet, not all innkeepers have the resources to maintain organic farms. Innkeepers can however easily grow useful herbs and vegetables in containers or on window sills enables us to impress guests with our use of local foods and enables us to use flavorful ingredients practically for free. Leave this workshop with specific instructions, references and a bibliography of books and websites, and some samples of herbs.

12 • innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

The Seven Marketing Tactics of Highly Successful Inns New England Inns Scott Crumpton, White Stone Marketing Recent conference sessions have focused on the glamour of Web 2.0 and social media without providing a full picture of how these technologies fit into a complete marketing plan. This session ties together all the pieces to the puzzle of marketing a highly successful inn and outline for the innkeeper an easy to follow road map for success. Every successful inn depends on a complex recipe of marketing tactics for success. This presentation covers everything from your unique selling point to incorporating the social media craze to maximize your bottom line.

Find It, Claim It and BE SEEN in Google Local! Lisa Kolb, Acorn Internet Services, Inc. Your Google local listing is the #1 way for your Inn to be seen. Learn how to leverage your inns New England location and how to optimize your website by using key phrases that folks visiting New England are looking for. Learn how to improve your current listing or if you don’t have one yet how to set these accounts up, claim your listing, build your presence with good reviews and not pay a dime to do any of it. If you plan on attending this session it’s best to establish a Master Google Account and if you have one already have access to claim and edit it.

Lemonade Innkeepers in a Lemon Economy Sandy Soule, and panel of New England Innkeepers While business is down for some innkeepers, a great many properties are holding their own, and many are even showing substantial increases over last year. This workshop will analyze the key elements in their success, both on general basis, as well as with specific input. Hear from a cross section of New England innkeepers who represent a range of experience and opinion — and who have had a good season! This workshop will highlight the elements that have enabled some innkeepers to do well in an economy where many hotels are down by 50% or more.

The Secrets of Inn Value: You Hold the Keys Peter Scherman and Rick Wolf, The B&B Team, Inn Consultants and Brokers From day one, Innkeepers need to know the secret of creating value in their inn. It’s not alchemy; it’s simple economics. Innkeepers have more ability than they may realize to affect the future value of their enterprise. In this session innkeepers will learn how to preserve and enhance their hard-earned capital and the value of their sweat equity by understanding the immutable

fundamentals of inn valuation. By understanding the marketplace, Innkeepers will be able to operate their inns today to best financial effect, reaping the eventual rewards of a well-informed exit strategy tomorrow.

Fall Fiesta Reception in the Trade Show Don’t miss this last chance to take advantage of great show deals and network with your fellow innkeepers! Don’t miss the drawing for some terrific prizes. You must be present to win!

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18 General Session Creating Seasonal Success with Travel Packages Joe Veneto, Opportunities Unlimited New England is blessed with a variety of seasons which will provide ample opportunities to refresh your offerings and appeal to consumers. Discover the essential tools and techniques to innovate your Inn’s package offerings. Understand the themes, destination drivers and events that will create customer connections. Tap into the current market trends and learn about packaging success stories to position your online presence to generate results for your packages.

Everyone in a 200 mile radius knows you and tells all their friends how terrific your B&B is, but you still have that vacancy sign up more than you like you have to ask if your marketing efforts have reached everyone they should. Many New England states Departments of Tourism to varying degrees have already jumped on the international marketing band wagon so it’s time to ensure you are getting the exposure to this market. Join the folks at Discover New England to learn about travel trends from Europe what they are looking for and how they are searching where to stay.

Local Organic Farm to B&B Table

Best Trade Show for the New England The

Northeast Organic Farmers Association invited Learn how to strengthen your local food system by connecting with your local farms. Working with local farms means reducing your carbon footprint not to mention ensuring your guests dining experience at your inn is an opportunity to showcase local produce that changes with the seasons. Consumer trends show that locally grown and raised organic fresh and healthy foods are one more way to market your inn.

Innkeeping Industry

The New England Innkeeping Trade Show is more than just a place to find products for your inn. From the moment the hall opens with Monday nights Kickoff Reception and continuing for the next day, you’ll enjoy networking and doing business with over 30 vendors who cater to your industry and many specifically to New England inns. Many exhibitors offer show specials that can save you money.

Learning Objectives: ■■ Understand how to refresh and reinvent packages with seasonal themes. ■■ Discover tools and techniques for packaging success. ■■ Learn about current market trends and what successful Innkeepers are doing with packages.

Workshops Marketing to our friends across the pond—New England’s reach to the international market

Face-to-Face State Tourism Directors Q & A 11:15 am – 12:30 pm

If you aren’t on a first name basis with your state tourism director now is your perfect opportunity. We have scheduled time for you to ask: ■■

What state resources are there for B&B’s


What opportunities are available for funds and grants appropriate for B&B’s


Travel trends in your state and the NE region


and even legislative updates from employment to serve safe practices to selling your own consumable products

Participating States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island (Invited), and Vermont

Panel of international marketing experts including representatives from Discover New England

REGISTER TODAY AT fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly • 13

14 A Resource Guide for Becoming Pet-Friendly by Jerry Hatfield


t is no secret that the business of pets is booming. In 2008 alone, over $43 billion was spent on pet purchases and related products and services. Over 63% of households in the United States have a pet (75 million), and over 29 million traveled with their pets. More than 30% of that number sought out lodging that welcomed their pets. That amounts to a lot of revenue for pet-friendly accommodations. Benefits of Becoming Pet Friendly The most obvious advantage to accepting traveling pets is the potential increase in

bookings. People who travel with their pets seek out accommodations who will welcome their pets. Their stays are typically longer and more frequent, and these guests tend to become return customers. For the most part, they are considerate travelers who want their pets to be on their best behavior. Another benefit to becoming pet friendly is the additional exposure it brings. Local chambers of commerce usually specify pet-friendly lodgings on their websites. Taking advantage of these offerings is important because they attract targeted visitors who are not just browsing; they are actively searching out pet-friendly accommodations. Most importantly, pet owners who have a positive experience at your accommodation will recommend you to other traveling pet owners. Things to Consider There are important things to consider when making the decision to be petfriendly. ●● Building layout ●● Pet Policy ●● Expenses & Deposits ●● Cleaning ●● Get to know your pet guests ●● Amenities ●● Legal Issues ●● Marketing Does the layout of your building allow for easy entrance and exit for pet owners? This is a great convenience to pet owners,

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

who will need easy egress, especially in the mornings when a walk is necessary. Is there ample area to walk and exercise pets that is located away from guest traffic? Even though most pet owners pick up after their pets, it is important that this area be clearly marked and separate from normal traffic areas if possible. Fenced-in areas are particularly appealing to pet owners, so they can keep their pets confined while allowing for exercise. Are there rooms furnished with a pet in mind? If you have rooms that are spectacularly furnished, it may not be wise to open these rooms to pets. Keeping furnishings simple, with a minimum of breakables, will reduce potential damage and enable your guests, and you, to sleep better at night. Do you have a pet policy? The most important thing to do when becoming petfriendly is to write a pet policy that your staff understands, and each guest reads before checking in. It should be specific and understandable. Any weight or breed restrictions need to be clearly stated in your pet policy, as well as all deposits and charges. See the sample format to develop your own pet policy at the end of this article. What type and size pets will you allow? The easy way out for many innkeep-

15 ers is to set a limit of 15 or 25 pounds — dogs only. That’s fine but it eliminates about 75% of your potential guests. A well behaved Labrador can be just a good a guest as a tea cup pet. Owners of larger pets have fewer places available to them, especially in the chain hotels, so it’s a wide open market. As for allowing cats, most places don’t allow them because of something called cat dander. It’s really not as big a problem as people make of it — assuming you vacuum the room carefully, change the linens and use a special spray. If necessary, charge an extra fee for cats. There are a lot of cat owners who would love to vacation at your inn. Calculate your expenses & deposits Cleaning There are extra expenses that need to be covered when being pet-friendly, such as

Owners of larger pets have fewer places available to them, especially in the chain hotels, so it’s a wide open market. an additional cleaning of the room after the pet has departed. Pet owners understand this, and if you need to add a reasonable, additional cost per visit as a pet cleaning fee, they will understand. Many hotels consider this a source of extra revenue, but, unless these rooms can be dedicated exclusively for pet owners, staff actually should take extra time cleaning for the next guest. If there is potential for damage, pet owners also will understand a refundable pet deposit. Thoroughly cleaning a room that a pet has occupied is extremely important. Cleaning equipment to deal with aller-

gens is available, but there are other, less expensive, options. Changing HVAC filters, cleaners, air purifiers, and laundering goes a long way to cleaning a room that a pet has occupied.

Get to know your 4-legged guests Ask a lot of questions about the pet when guests are checking in. ●● Does the pet sleep on the bed with the guest? ●● Is the pet crate-trained? An investment in a crate that is available to your traveling pets can assist the traveling pet owner to care for your furnishings. ●● Does the pet have chewing habits? A bag of rawhide chews behind the counter or included in a doggie bag of treats can help with this. ●● Is the pet neutered? Males that are not neutered can “mark” territory. (continued on page 17)

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

16 NOT EVERYONE LOVES PETS For those of us who love our pets, who would not consider traveling without them, and who spend thousands of dollars a year on their care, this sounds like heresy. Almost half the households in the United States have a pet but that leaves the other half that do not, and as an Innkeeper you have to deal with both groups. American Airlines recently announced that they transport over a 100,000 pets a year on their planes, which makes it a multi-million dollar profit center. And that’s just American Airlines, one of about 50 major airlines in the world that transport pet animals. Clearly, traveling pet owners are big business which is why you accept them at your Inn or are considering doing so. So here’s the dilemma, you want the extra income that traveling pet owners bring to your property through pet fees, and the fact that they tend to stay a few more nights, but you also do not want to offend those guests who are less than enthusiastic about pets or even worse just downright don’t like them. Many small inns do not have the luxury of being able to set aside “pet rooms” so other solutions are needed. The answer may be communication. ◆◆ When you are talking to a prospective guest be upfront in the fact that you accept well behaved pets. Ask them if they have a problem with that rather than wait until they check in and then get all upset because they see little Fluffy walking through the lobby. ◆◆ Try and provide as much separation as possible in room location between those guests who are traveling with a pet and the guest who is only luke-warm to the idea of pets being on the premises. ◆◆ If the prospective guest has a serious allergy to pets or just does not like animals, you may be better off suggesting they stay at the Inn down the road. It’s better than having them check out early, demanding their money back and leaving you an empty room that you perhaps could have sold to someone else. ◆◆ Let everyone know, including the staff, traveling pet owners, and other guests where pets are allowed and when. I have stayed in many Inns where the owner of the Inn had more than one pet curled up in front of the reception desk. Other Innkeepers prefer that the pet never enter the main building and can only be walked in designated areas. Whatever the rules are, everyone should understand them. ◆◆ Have a well defined pet policy which your traveling pet owners know about in advance. Some people find a very large dog no matter how mellow it is, to be frightening. While we believe that all well behaved pets should be allowed to travel with their humans you may have to set some rules. ◆◆ And finally, when a traveling pet owner checks in explain the rules as to where in the Inn the pet can go, and where they should go when it needs to take a “walk”. Give your guest a few treats for their pet and a handful of plastic bags. With proper planning and a sound pet policy you can make traveling pet owners the big money maker that American Airlines did, and still maintain peace with your other guests.

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

17 Is the pet social? Are there issues with other pets or humans? ●● Do you intend to leave the pet in the room alone? You might want to have rules against this. If you do not want your guests leaving their pets alone, you need to furnish them a list of pet sitters in your area. ●●

The more you get to know your pet guests, the better both you and the guests will feel.

Consider Getting a Pet Although the decision to own a pet is totally an individual one, a “canine ambassador” is a wonderful way not only to greet traveling pet owners, but to also measure the social level of their pets. If a pet socializes well with your pet, then chances are that the pet will socialize well with other guests. In addition, it is a

As accommodations vie for pet travelers’ business, “accepting” pets is not the same as “welcoming” pets. great way to start a conversation with your guests and make them feel more at home. Be sure that your pet is from a breed that is noted for social skills and is exposed to other dogs and humans on a regular basis. Another benefit to having a canine ambassador is for marketing purposes. Your pet can be part of the brand of your accommodation. You may even consider donating a part of your bookings to a rescue league or non-profit, pet-related organization. The effort shows your commitment

to the pet community and will further garner the pet owner’s support.

Pet Amenities As accommodations vie for pet travelers’ business, “accepting” pets is not the same as “welcoming” pets. Offering amenities to pets is something your guests will remember, and it does not have to be at a great cost to you. Pet treats (homemade is especially appreciated), portable water bowls, “pet in the room” door hangars, and chewy balls or rawhide are such a personal touch. Giving the traveling pet owner something to take home will foster fond memories of the experience while staying at your accommodation. Providing your guest with a walking map of pet friendly restaurants, parks, and attractions nearby would also be greatly appreciated. Of course, clean-up bags should always be a part of the package you hand

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

18 out to traveling pet owners when they check in. Additional bags should be available at or near your pet walking area.

Legal Issues A well thought-out pet policy will not only help limit your accommodation’s liability, but it will help your guests know what is expected of them. As per Anthony J. Foschi’s article in the April 2009 issue of innkeeping, “Having a well thought-out and well-written pet policy isn’t a guarantee against lawsuits, but it will go a long way toward avoiding litigation.”

fer pets and their owners. If you have a pet, put pictures of it on your website. This will impart to the viewer the love you have for pets, and encourage further interest in your property. Call your city’s Chamber of Commerce and let them know that you are a pet-friendly lodging option. Also advise breeders and animal shelters in your area. Put an indication in front of your accommodation that you welcome pets. There is no doubt that you will enjoy new customers and make new friends by becoming pet friendly.

Marketing Once your inn is pet-friendly, you need to market yourself as such. Put a picture of a paw on your website that will take the viewer to a secondary page describing your pet policy and what you have to of-

Developing a Pet Policy If you are considering accepting pets, it is vital that you have a clear and concise pet policy. It must be understood by your staff and it must be clearly understood by the guest before he checks in. Post it on

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

your website. Have a printed copy at the front desk for the guest to sign. Mail the traveling pet owner a copy as part of the confirmation letter or e-mail. ●● What types of pets will you accept? ◆◆ Dogs ◆◆ Cats ◆◆ Birds ◆◆ Anything? Yes people do travel with gerbils, fish and even pet snakes ●● Is there a limit to the number of pets allowed per room? ●● Are there size limitations? ◆◆ Under 25 pounds ◆◆ Under 50 pounds ◆◆ Any well behaved pet? ●● Are you going to charge a pet fee? ◆◆ Is it a one time fee for cleaning? ◆◆ Is it a refundable deposit? ◆◆ Is it a nightly fee?

19 I s it a nightly fee per pet if you accept more than one? ●● Do you provide pet items? ◆◆ Treats ◆◆ Water Bowls ◆◆ Dog Beds ◆◆ Pick up Bags ●● Where can the pet owner walk and exercise the pet? ●● Can the pet be left in the room alone? ●● Do you offer pet sitting, either yourself or through a pet sitter? ●● Off Limits: Make sure your pet policy states where the pet is allowed both inside and outside. Are there parts of your property that are off limits to pets? ●● When is check-in and check-out? If you are charging a refundable deposit, explain the terms and requirements of the refund.

Make sure your pet policy states where the pet is allowed both inside and outside.


You may want to include a liability statement to protect you should a pet harm another guest or an employee. ●● Be specific: You can walk your pet here but not here. You can have your pet in your room and in the lobby but not in the restaurant.

Jerry Hatfield is a pet lover, traveling pet owner, and the founder of the world’s largest and oldest online source for traveling pet owners. Jerry has over 13 years experience in the pet travel business.


A clear and concise pet policy will reduce misunderstandings and lead to a pleasant experience for you, the pet and the pet’s owner. ■

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fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

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21 Cost Segregation:

Uncover Hidden Tax Savings


by Joseph Conte


s a business owner do you lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling looking for ways to increase the bottom line of your business? Well the answer may actually lie in that ceiling, or in the floor beneath you or even in the shrubs you recently planted. But only a cost segregation study performed by a qualified engineering firm with a licensed CPA and a registered civil engineering firm can tell you that for sure.

What is it? Cost segregation is an engineering process that allows innkeepers to significantly reduce their current federal income taxes. This applies to newly acquired/renovated properties, as well as those acquired within the past 15 years (for older properties, cost segregation can be applied without having to amend prior tax returns). Essentially, a cost segregation study allows a commercial property owner to reclassify certain components of the property from “real property” to “personal property.” For income tax purposes, personal property is depreciated over 5 to 7 years, while real property is depreciated over 39 years. These accelerated depreciation deductions significantly reduce your taxable income in the current years, immediately increasing your cash flow. “From a cash flow standpoint, this has been a very difficult year. Cost segregation helped free up much needed capital, which we have reinvested into the business” said Marcos Fintz, a hotel owner and innkeeper based in Central Florida. A cost segregation study identifies and reclassifies personal property and reduces


years (without having to amend tax returns) Upon replacement of an existing asset within your building, you can write off the entire remaining book value of the replaced asset (without a cost segregation study, book value of the replaced cannot be determined thus the write off is not possible) A new study can be performed every time the title to the property changes, thereby allowing for additional savings in the future.

In fact, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) recommends that tax professionals routinely advise their clients to consider a cost segregation study as an important tax saving strategy ( Journal of Accountancy, “Cost Segregation Applied”, Soled & Falk, August 2004).

current and future income tax liability while increasing current cash flow. Personal property, as described in the IRS Tax Code, includes a building’s nonstructural elements (such as air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems), exterior land improvements, and indirect construction costs. Property eligible for cost segregation includes buildings that have been purchased, constructed, expanded or remodeled since 1987. The benefits of a cost segregation study may include: ●● An immediate increase in cash flow ●● A reduction in current tax liability ●● The deferral of taxes ●● The ability to reclaim “missed” depreciation deductions from prior

Will I Benefit? As I mentioned earlier, cost segregation may potentially provide a tax benefit to innkeepers, as well as virtually any commercial property owner. But to answer the question you may be asking yourself —will it work for me? We need to take a closer look. First and foremost, cost segregation is useful as an income tax reduction strategy. If you are paying income taxes, then cost segregation may be of significant benefit to you. Conversely, if you are not paying income taxes, it may not be of benefit. Secondly, if your ownership consists of various “silent” investors, the process may not provide the intended benefit. There are several other factors to consider when thinking about cost segregation, including the expected property holding period and the amount spent on capital improvements. In order to adequately assess the potential benefits applicable to your specific situation, you should fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

22 contact a qualified cost segregation engineering firm. Many firms will provide a no-cost analysis which will assist in determining the value of cost segregation to your inn. How Do I Benefit from Cost Segregation? Many building expenditures fall into categories that have much shorter depreciable lives than the standard 39 years during which most property owners depreciate the entire structure and its components. For example, you may be able to reclassify the parking lot as 15-year property and the landscaping for the exterior of the building as 10-year property. But don’t forget about the electrical, data and phone

lines, the heating and air conditioning systems and the furniture, because they can be reclassified and depreciated over 5 years. In addition to accelerating the depreciation deductions on existing assets, when you replace your A/C system, you can deduct the entire remaining book value of the system. Without a cost segregation study, you cannot write off the remaining value of the A/C system, because there is no way for you to identify the remaining book value. Why is a Specialist Needed? For both new and existing properties, the IRS requires that engineering-based cost segregation studies be performed in or-

Evening Wear… by Pendergrass

Creating Tradition and Style for Bath and Body Care


115 North Main Street, Chaffee, MO 63740 800.748.7655 • 573.887.4144 • Fax: 573.887.6086 E-mail: Website:

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

Password: relax

der to realize the maximum depreciation benefits. Engineering-based cost segregation studies provide more precisely segregated property information, giving your CPA the information and detailed supporting documentation needed to meet the strict IRS regulations and requirements for audit defense. In the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide (ATG), the primary requirement of a high-quality cost segregation study is “preparation by an individual with expertise and experience. Preparation of cost segregation studies requires knowledge of both the construction process and the tax law involving property classifications for depreciation purposes. In general, a study by a construction engineer is more reliable than one conducted by someone with no engineering or construction background. Experience in cost estimating and allocation, as well as knowledge of the applicable tax law, are other important criteria.”

23 How much can I really expect to save? Savings vary based on the circumstances of each property, but on average, the owner of a $1 million property may save between $70,000 and $100,000 over a 5 year period, with the majority of those savings coming in the current year (see the sample to the right). Before engaging an engineering service to prepare a Cost Segregation Study, you should request a written estimate of the tax benefits expected. What Role Does the Time Value of Money Play? Cost segregation is based on the fundamental principle that “a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.” The same logic applies to the statement: “a tax deduction today is worth more than a tax deduction tomorrow”. By accelerating your buildings’ depreciation, the property owners can lower their current tax liability and thus realize a significant increase in cash flow—resulting from postponing tax payments—is available for other investments. “The major advantage of cost segregation is not necessarily that it will produce more depreciation deductions. Instead due to the time value of money, the advantage of these front-loaded deductions will be quantifiably greater than had the deductions been spread over longer periods of time using slower depreciation methods.” Journal of Accountancy, ©2005 by the AICPA Rule of Thumb: For every $1 million of Building Cost, the net present value after-tax benefit can approach $100,000. What should I expect it to cost? Cost segregation is generally cost-effective for buildings with a cost basis of $500,000 or more. Before commencing a study, qualified firms should be able to furnish the client with a no-cost, no-obligation estimate of the cost of their services as well

Cost of Bed & Breakfast – $1,000,000

With Cost Segregation Study? NO





Operating Expenses



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Gross Taxable Income



Tax Rate



Taxes Due




Tax Savings using Cost Segregation

*A cost segregation study allows the property owner to deduct an additional $250,000 in depreciation expense in the current years. This reduces taxes and increases cash flow by $90,000.

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Guaranteed building replacement cost Worldwide coverage for business and personal property Mechanical breakdown Liquor liability Crime coverage – employee dishonesty, forgery or alteration Loss of income coverage on a 12-month basis with no waiting period

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18801_CommitmentAd.indd 1

4/13/07 4:51:32 PM

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

24 as of the tax and other benefits expected to be derived. To provide a general benchmark, an inn with a cost basis of $1 million may its reduce taxes by $90,000, at a (tax deductible) cost of $5,500. In almost all instances, clients can expect to recoup many times the cost of the study within the first taxable year. It also serves as a great Estate Planning tool Cost segregation can enable a group of taxpayers to depreciate the same property three times. How is this possible? It is rather straight forward once it has been thought through. Suppose a married couple purchase an inn. They have a cost segregation study performed on the property and depreciate it for a period of time. One spouse passes away and a second study is performed on the property based on its fair market value on the date of death (ignoring the issue of community property versus separate property states) and the depreciation starts over again. Upon the death of the second spouse, the heirs inherit the property, conduct a study and start the depreciation over again (for a third time) with no taxable gain or depreciation recapture! In addition, cost segregation can also reveal opportunities to reduce property taxes, liability insurance rates, as well as certain sale-and-use tax savings. Some Final Thoughts Remember, cost segregation may not be for everybody. However, if after reading this article, you find yourself unsure of whether you may benefit from cost segregation, don’t fret. Simply contact a qualified cost segregation firm. After a brief consultation, the firm should be able to provide you with some answers based on your specific situation. A comprehensive, engineering-based cost segregation study will take between 4–6 weeks to complete. Upon completion you should consult with your financial professionals as well as your CPA to implement the results of the study. While the study can uncover hidden tax savings, there may be other techniques that your trusted advisors can use to uncover additional savings. Remember the old saying, “you can pay me now or pay me later”? It’s your money, pay the IRS later. ■ Joseph Conte, CPA, is a Managing Director at Fusion Commercial Solutions, a division of Fusion Holdings LLC, a quantitative investment research and money management firm. Based in Coral Springs, Florida, Mr. Conte provides tax and cost segregation advice throughout the country. For further information he can be reached at 877945-2888, or via email at, or on the web at

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

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In this all day workshop presented by innkeeper favorite, Tim Brady, you will learn about the benefits, challenges and rewards of using “new media” to market your inn. From the basics of using your blog effectively, to the best ways to utilize social platforms like Facebook and Twitter — we will cover some of the biggest “buzz” products and services out there today. See how others have used new media successfully, and some great examples of what not to do. Learn how to use video to promote your inn, how Google and Microsoft are changing search, and the tricks to using some great free tools to gain exposure for your inn and your area. See what’s on the horizon — where things are going and how you can keep your inn on the forefront. See examples of some great tools to make managing this mess easy and efficient — even how to share some of the responsibility with your staff!

Make a personal connection with the consultants who provide advice and counsel to the industry’s most successful players and have helped shape today’s inn business. Special Guest Appearance! (at the Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar): Howard Helmer, who holds the Guinness record as the fastest omelet maker in the world, will show you the secret to making individual omelets in under one minute! You will even have a chance to practice your new skill and sample the results. Start with the Full Day Seminar, Stay for the Conference Aspiring Innkeepers will get the most benefit by using the full-day seminar described above as a foundation and then attending workshops at the Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show. Workshops with a Novice level designation are appropriate for Aspiring innkeepers. $199 PAII Members $299 Nonmembers Sponsored by The B&B Team, Inn Consultants and Brokers

B&B Association Key Leaders Meeting

Whether you are already using social networks for your inn or even if you are just not sure where to begin, this session is presented at a pace that will leave attendees at all levels with something valuable. You don’t need to be an expert to attend this information packed session. However to ensure the most value to the attendees, participants should have a base understanding of the today’s standard web technology, including uploading photos, writing blog posts and posting to forums. This workshop is for members only and has limited seating on a first come first served basis. $199 PAII Members Only (lunch included)

Monday, March 8, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Join your peers from across the country for a day of enlightening discussions and informative presentations designed specifically for state and local B&B association leaders. The day is aimed at helping you run a more successful association and to discuss bigger issues facing the B&B industry. Who should attend: Officers, board members, staff, and volunteers of all state and local B&B associations. Please limit to two people per association. $35, includes lunch

First-Timers Welcome Gathering Monday, March 8, 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm (hors d’oeuvres and cash bar) 28 • innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

Texas Bed and Breakfast Association Dessert Reception Wednesday, March 10

7 pm – 9 pm (immediately following the reception on the Trade Show Floor) If you are a Texas Bed and Breakfast member or an innkeeper from the state please join us for the dessert reception and please stop by and visit us any time at the TBBA lounge on the Trade Show floor.

Internet Intensive Workshops (Basic and Advanced)

The Biggest and

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (free, pre-registration required) Presented and paid for by, RezOvation, and Webervations

for the

Internet marketing, reviews and social marketing, online reservations worldwide, RezOvation & Webervations property management software and booking engines, credit card processing, trip insurance, and much more. Two simultaneous sessions: 1) Introductory 2) Experienced

Kickoff Cocktail Reception For everyone attending the Innkeeping Show Monday, March 8, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm (hors d’oeuvres and cash bar)

Best Trade Show Innkeeping Industry

Tuesday, 11:00 am  through  Thursday, 12:30 pm A Innkeeping Trade Show is always more than just a place to find products for your inn. From the moment the hall comes alive with Tuesday’s Grand Opening and continuing for two and one half days, you’ll enjoy networking and doing business with nearly 100 vendors who cater to your industry. Many exhibitors offer show specials that can save you money.

Select Registry Events & Information Monday, March 8

Wednesday, March 10

Registration Opens

Select Registry Annual Business Breakfast Meeting

Tuesday, March 9

Lighting of the Association Lantern, Helen Young, Board President, Recognition of New Members and Introduction of Michael Palmer, Executive Director

Select Registry Only Workshops

Select Registry Only Workshops

★★ Exclusive Sessions for Select Registry. Topics to be determined.

★★ Exclusive Sessions for Select Registry. Topics to be determined.

Select Registry regional and super-regional opportunity to meet.

Select Registry Membership Dinner

Select Registry staff members will be at the Innkeeping Show Registration Desk throughout the week.

(these workshops will run simultaneously with the afternoon Innkeeping Show workshops and will be repeated one time)

If you are a regional leader and would like to have the opportunity to meet with your region, please contact Bev or Carol at Select Registry (800-344-5244) for assistance on meeting locations.

7:30 am – 8:50 am

(these workshops will run simultaneously with the afternoon Innkeeping Show workshops and will be repeated one time)

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Join us for this exclusive cocktail reception and dinner in downtown Austin. Buses will be leaving the hotel to take you to your destination.

If you are a Select Registry member please stop by and visit us at the Select Registry Lounge on the Trade Show floor. All Select Registry workshops and social events require registration. We encourage all Select Registry Members to register for the full conference to take part in the top-notch education provided by the Innkeeping Show and add the Select Registry events to the full conference registration. However, for those that wish to only participate in the Select Registry events, you may register for those events only.


2009 • innkeeping quarterly • 29

List of workshops Master Innkeeper Level Workshops We have a terrific offering of Master Level workshops which are designed for longtime, very experienced innkeepers or those with advanced technology skills. Following is just a sample of what you will see in the Master Level Workshops… ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★

ecome a Google Grease Monkey B Marketing 3.0 Can REAL Innkeepers Live Offsite? Wine and Port Pairing Demo Never a Dull Moment — Mental Challenges for Innkeepers ★★ The Latest in Food Trends and Menu Design ★★ Running a Successful Full Service Operation ★★ Pieces, Parts, and Plug Ins

Marketing Lemonade Innkeepers in a Lemon Economy While business is down for some innkeepers, a great many properties are holding their own, and many are even showing substantial increases over last year. This workshop will analyze the key elements in their success, both on general basis, as well as with specific input. Hear from a cross section of New England innkeepers who represent a range of experience and opinion — and who have had a good season! This workshop will highlight the elements that have enabled some innkeepers to do well in an economy where many hotels are down by 50% or more.

Build It and They Will Come… Or Will They?

Web site design and SEO are in fact NOT the same thing. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars to design a new Web site, shouldn’t you be aware of whether that cost truly includes SEO? Innkeepers cannot assume that because they have found a great Web designer that the designer of choice understands the ins and outs of SEO. This session will show innkeepers the difference between just having a lovely bells-and-whistles site vs. one that actually shows up in the Google organic listings for no on-going cost.

7 Marketing Tactics of Highly Successful Inns

Recent conference sessions have focused on the glamour of Web 2.0 and social media without providing a full picture of how these technologies fit into a complete marketing

30 • innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

plan. This session ties together all the pieces to the puzzle of marketing a highly successful inn and outline for the innkeeper an easy to follow road map for success. Every successful inn depends on a complex recipe of marketing tactics for success. This presentation covers everything from your unique selling point to incorporating the social media craze to maximize your bottom line.

Find It, Claim It and BE SEEN in Google Local

Your Google local listing is the #1 way for your Inn to be seen. Learn how to leverage your inns location and how to optimize your website by using key phrases that people search for. Learn how to improve your current listing or if you don’t have one yet how to set these accounts up, claim your listing, build your presence with good reviews and not pay a dime to do any of it. If you plan on attending this session it’s best to establish a Master Google Account and if you have one already have access to claim and edit it.

Marketing Roundtables 

Sit down for 15 minutes at a time with innkeepers and consultants who have information to share on specific topics and who will answer your questions. These discussions will focus on diversifying your inn for sustainability and revenue. Come and learn what you can do.

Blogging for Beginners

So many innkeepers are turning to this new media to improve their sites search engine placement or just share news with past and future guests. In the last year many new features are now available to users of Wordpress, Blogger or Typepad (the three major Blogging options) and these items need to be shared, compared and explained on how they can be used.

PR from A to Z — Case Studies for Successful PR campaigns

Learn the tools to tackle a public relations campaign on your own, and do it with confidence. This workshop will examine the steps necessary to conduct a thorough and successful media campaign.

Managing Your Online Reputation — Google Alerts, Twitter Alerts and More

We know reputation management is important, but who has the time to be monitoring what’s being written about your inn all the time. In this workshop you will learn how to monitor social media mentions (Twitter Alerts and other tools). Innkeepers will get a step-by-step set of instructions on how to set up monitoring tools and easy ways to address a blot on your reputation.

New Trends in Visual Marketing: Strategies for Leveraging Visuals in the Current Economy

Although economic conditions have caused marketing budgets to be reduced or eliminated completely it’s still important to continue marketing by keeping your visual representation fresh, vital and relevant. Innkeepers who invest in visual marketing, photos and video, or those who better leverage the marketing resources they already have will fare better in this economic environment.

Become a Google Grease Monkey

Did you know that Google will offer you a critique regarding your SEO, tell you ALL the inbound links to your site, allow you to submit XML sitemaps for both web and mobile not to mention the variety of other tools at your fingertips that they share to help innkeepers place better in the organic listings? Good content helps Google give their web surfing users GOOD results. You will not want to miss this workshop on what Google search likes while learning about what you have that may still need a little work.

Google Gadgets Gone Wild

This session will teach you how to enhance your current site or what gadgets to include in a new site design. Learn about FREE “Google Gadgets” that innkeepers can set up themselves from Blogger to Calendar, Maps to YouTube Video, Mobile XML SiteMaps to Translation and Currency Conversion…you name it.

Pieces, Parts and Plug Ins

In today’s 2.0 web world of social networking, there are many ways to “integrate” social systems to your web-sites and blogs. These systems are an integral part of your website design that helps create uniformity of your brand. This session will show you how to integrate and create a more cohesive connection between your social network and your website brand.

Google Maps

Why do you need be on Google Maps? Over 70% of search engine users look for what they need on Google… not to mention you want your inn to show up on all the GPS products available. This how-to workshop will show you how to set up your map so guests can easily find you all the while integrating your SEO. Learn how to use your maps tool to enhance the beauty of your map by showcasing local attractions.

Advanced Blogging This workshop will focus on the experience of seasoned blogging innkeepers who have integrated their blogs

in a way that has had great SEO and web presence results and how they have accomplished it. This workshop is for those who have blogs set up already.

Marketing 3.0

Is your marketing keeping up with what today’s traveler expects? Learn from a leading authority in the hospitality marketing business who will share the latest trends and information from everything you need for an on-line electronic press kit to the latest affordable electronic wire services so you can send out press releases and save you time. Come to this session if you want to make sure your keeping pace and not getting left behind.

Management & Operations Not If, But When — Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Emergencies and disasters happen to everyone, including inns and their guests. FEMA suggests that you will be on your own from 72–120 hours. How are you prepared for small emergencies and major disasters, including taking care of your guests? Also hear from a couple of innkeepers who have experienced disaster and landed on their feet.

The Essentials of Financial Recordkeeping… It’s Your Money!

Great financial records are key to running a successful business. Understanding how and why this is important and what tools are available, can save you tax dollars now. This knowledge will provide essential data for innkeepers to make informed decisions about their business, profitability, expenses and more. At the same time, great financials add to the value of your inn when it comes time to sell!

So Now You Want To Be an Employer  Everything you need to know from payroll to paperwork

Every manager on the planet laments about how to attract the right kind of staff and keep them happy and engaged. Join this introspective discussion that covers both the technical aspects of what you need to know as an employer and offers some helpful hints on being the best boss you can be.

Inspect This!

A look at the inspection process from beginning to end. This expert panel of inspectors and inspectees from AAA, the Texas Bed and Breakfast Association and a Select Registry inspected inn owner as they discuss the benefits, pitfalls, expectations, processes and assorted nuances of the inspection process for Bed and Breakfasts.


2009 • innkeeping quarterly • 31

Writing the Dreaded Manual 

life. We’ll introduce you to some of the tools and resources to help you reduce the cost of running your business while maintaining high quality and increasing your profit margins.

If you ever want to have a life and not have your staff (even if they are terrific) call you instead of the plumber when there’s is a problem they can’t fix then this is the workshop for you. This is the task that every innkeeper has on the to-do list, but it always seems to get pushed to the bottom of the pile. This workshop offers templates that give you the outline for compressive employee manuals and leaves you with nothing more than the blanks for you to fill in for your specifics inn.

Running A Successful Full Service Operation

Practical tips and templates for writing a manual for everything


Learn from a Intuit QuickBooks© certified trainer on the latest in financial management and record keeping to make the running of your business as efficient as possible assisting you in improving results and performance goals.

ADA Compliance

It’s more than just “thinking” you are doing the right thing. Many B&B’s have the challenge of being built far before the American with Disabilities Act was instituted and although in some instances you might be “grandfathered in” it’s vital for both legal and ethical reasons that both your facility and website are meeting the needs of our disabled guests. The workshop will cover issues of law, compliance and some case studies.

Green Inn 

A step by step process for becoming Green Certified and what it all means What does being green mean? You already have compost piles and have stopped using bottled water, but what about alternative and renewable energy. Learn about “Incentives for becoming Green” from experts who understand inns structural, historic and financial limitations.

Speed Cleaning Workshop

Attend this workshop and learn from a seasoned 4-star hotel property executive housekeeper the strategies and tips for spotless rooms in a minimal amount of time. Workshop will focus on quick clean up for common problems.

Decorating for Less 

Economic ideas for freshening up the inn Give your inn a great new feel with affordable fixes.

Are you Running Your Restaurant or is Your Restaurant Running You?

They say an Inn’s restaurant is 80% of the work and 20% of the profit… but I’m sure many of you would be happy with 20% profit from your restaurant. In this session we want to demonstrate how to take charge of running your food service operation more efficiently and not letting it rule your

32 • innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

Running a full service inn is akin to being President, CEO, CFO and chief bottle washer of your own corporation. You have oversight and responsibility for every nuance of your multi-faceted operation. Your hours can go from daybreak to dawn. So, when do you even have time to exhale? Come to this workshop to recharge your batteries and learn tips on marketing and staffing and on becoming more efficient to avoid getting burned out, all the while navigating the challenges of your full service operation.

Making Money at your B&B using eBay, Craigslist and Barter

An Innkeeper who has tried it all will explain and offer personal examples about how he has used eBay, Craigslist and barter to make money and save money for the inn. He will explain how he has resurrected the age old barter method: how to barter for room nights, how to ask other vendors for direct trades, and using trade organizations to sell rooms and make money.

Strategy and Planning Take your Inn to the Next Level

Innkeepers asked for ideas how to improve their B&Bs. We need to continue to raise the bar and keep ourselves unique from hotels. In this workshop you will learn the steps it takes from evaluating what you have and getting to where you want to be.

The Secrets of Inn Value: You Hold the Keys From day one, Innkeepers need to know the secret of creating value in their inn. It’s not alchemy; it’s simple economics. Innkeepers have more ability than they may realize to affect the future value of their enterprise. In this session innkeepers will learn how to preserve and enhance their hard-earned capital and the value of their sweat equity by understanding the immutable fundamentals of inn valuation. By understanding the marketplace, Innkeepers will be able to operate their inns today to best financial effect, reaping the eventual rewards of a well-informed exit strategy tomorrow.

Stay withINN Budget

A brief workshop with sample formulae on how to stay within budget. Also, how to stay in touch with your projections and set realistic goals.

How to Choose Your Guest Management Software and Online Booking System

One of the most frequent questions on the PAII forum and others is whether an inn should use a particular guest management system or online booking system. Sometimes it is a question of comparing one to another, other times it is just a cry for help. There are a lot of opinions offered, but usually only from one innkeeper with the perspective of a system that worked (or didn’t). Learn from a seasoned software professional and current innkeeper about features to consider when choosing a Guest Management System and Online Booking System and a process for evaluating that software. Walk away with a sample spreadsheet to help you evaluate the software yourselves and make an informed buying decision.

Innkeeping by the Numbers: Digging Deeper into the PAII Industry Study of Innkeeping Operations & Finance

This workshop will show you how to tie the PAII industry study to your inn. Gain an understanding of the relationship between these performance standards and your own financial results. This workshop will emphasize the relationship of the numbers to size, geographic and physical location, occupancy rate and Average Daily Rate. This workshop will demonstrate how an Innkeeper can use the study to provide guidelines for their own Inn’s operations.

Five Alternatives to Discounting your Rates Travelers are putting a lot of pressure on innkeepers to cut rates, but chopping prices may cost you needed income and can damage your “brand” when business picks up; this workshop presents some terrific alternatives.

Food Glorious Food Tex Mex Breakfast (Demo)

Infuse the unique flavors of the southwest into your own breakfast repertoire. This demo will pair fresh organic breakfast options to items already in the pantry with the savory spices and distinct flavors of authentic tex mex cooking.

Fresh Preserves without the Fuss (Demo)

This easy no fuss technique yields crowd pleasing homemade preserves that taste great. An economical use of overripe and leftover fruits and garden grown herbs.

Garnishing and Plating (Demo)

Want to impress your guests beyond your great tasting breakfast? Tips, tricks and techniques from an expert from garnishing your plates with handy items to choosing just the right tableware so your guests have a sensory experience that they don’t simply smell and taste, but can eat with their eyes.

WIN GREAT PRIZES! Exhibitors’ Spotlight Win prizes worth at least $100 contributed by Exhibitors at the Exhibitor’s Spotlight! Past prizes have included robes, gift certificates, software, web services, artwork and much more. Attendees must be present to win. Everyone attending the full conference is automatically entered to win.

Grand Prize Valued at almost $1,000 Win big just by buying products at the Trade Show! Every time you spend $250 with an Exhibitor, you will receive an entry into a drawing for two full conference registrations to the 2011 Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show. Bring your shopping list, take advantage of show specials, and you may go home with a wad of cash! Drawing will be during Thursday’s Awards Luncheon. You do not need to be present to win.

Stump Hugh Stop by the PAII booth on the vendor floor with the toughest questions you need to have answered and do your best to stump Hugh Daniels, President of Ask Hugh, a former PAII Board Chair, and long time former innkeeper and now consultant. If you stump Hugh you will receive a huge plate of cookies! Exact times Hugh will be available will be posted closer to the event. Your question and the answer may be published in a future PAII publication.

Beyond Muffins (Demo)

Join an Innkeeper/Chef who will demo innovative items you can make with puff pastry and Danish dough as well as the basics of using it to achieve the best results. Learn how to make variations on the classic profiterole to pair with your wine hour.

Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions (Demo)

Food allergies and dietary restrictions from vegans to macrobiotics are no longer limited to exceptions they are now a fact of life for our guests and it’s our job to be prepared. Learn easy ways to adapt the recipes in your regular repertoire to accommodate these guests without compromising taste...even if it’s in a pinch.

Wine and Port Pairing (Demo) A good pairing will balance any food you serve and enhance the flavors of both. Come learn the varieties of port, new trends in wine and how to store and serve both. fall

2009 • innkeeping quarterly • 33

The Efficient Kitchen

Learn time saving techniques for your kitchen without sacrificing the ways you present the dishes you serve. Learn creative ideas for pre-preparation and freezing to containing food costs and minimizing waste.

The Latest in Food Trends and Menu Design

Join us for a discussion on the latest food trends and menu design. It is no longer a one-size-fits-all world, so how do we appeal to all our guests from Baby Boomers to Gen Xer’s? Gain and understanding of the emotional response to the menu as part of the dining experience. This workshop will also cover menu pricing techniques, menu analysis, and cost/revenue management techniques.

Food Sourcing

B&Bs more than ever are working to purchase locally and serve local grown organic food to their guests, but this is not in every case the most cost effective and realistic option for us as conscious as we are for the need to do so. This is an opportunity to raise the bar for your inn without breaking the bank. Learn what is and isn’t as important to buy locally for quality. Discover resources to help you purchase bulk dry goods at wholesale prices and how to work with your local food purveyors.

Professional Enrichment Never a Dull Moment — Mental Challenges for Innkeepers

Do you feel like you earn your PhD in Innkeeping everyday that you show up to work? This will be a fun filled session where two experienced Innkeepers will share some of their own crazy mistakes and explain how they turned around the outcome into a great learning experience and marketing opportunity. Come prepared with one good “What was I thinking when I decided to do that” and see how these two creative Innkeepers turn your lemon idea into lemonade! This will be an interactive workshop and each Innkeeper will have 90 seconds to tell us their “If I could do it over again” moment. Our Innkeeper experts will then be challenged to see what they would have done when faced with the same situation and how it could have been turned around into a possible money making or marketing opportunity.

How Not to Murder Your Spouse

Being together in personal and business is an arena for tension and misunderstanding. The pace and variety of tasks at a Bed and Breakfast often compound the problem. Yet many Inns are owned and successfully operated by couples. It is important for couples in the Inn to recognize the danger zones and learn to cope with them.

34 • innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009


Let’s Eat – Dutch Treat Dine Around Wednesday, March 10 • 7:00 pm Arboretum Area near the hotel (meet in hotel lobby) Network with your fellow innkeepers, share your thoughts about the challenges and victories at your inn or just come to socialize! Spouses and significant others are welcome to attend. Dine around groups are limited to approximately 10 people and grouped by a number of criteria. Sign up on-line by visiting by noon on Wednesday, March 10th to take advantage of this great way to meet other innkeepers.

Can REAL Innkeepers Live Off Site?

A small but growing trend of innkeepers live away from the inn, and a far greater number fantasize about moving offsite. In the search to find some life balance in this weirdly wonderful life of innkeeping, living off-site may be an option.

Reality Check! From the Romance of Innkeeping to the Reality of Finances

Dreamy eyed about how much money you can make running your own B&B? Cross eyed trying to figure out how much you actually made last year? Unsure how to know if you can afford to serve guests the really special bacon or splurge on a new feathertop for the king bed in room 1? Learn from an innkeeper who has consulted with many financial wizards and survived her first couple of years as an innkeeper, she is ready to share secrets, resources, and worksheets to help you understand the general finances of innkeeping.

Raising Children in the Inn

Come hear this panel of innkeepers who have already “been there done that” to those currently in the midst of raising children at the inn the pitfalls and pleasures of this lifestyle choice for your family. If you are trying to either decide if this is feasible for your family or just need some validation that you are not alone in the trials and tribulations of this choice, then this is a workshop for you. You are sure to hear some hilarious stories.

Social Events

included in your registration!

Conference Kickoff Cocktail Party Monday, March 8, 6:00  pm – 7:30 pm

Celebrate the kickoff of your 2010 Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show experience by finding old friends and making new ones. Munch on snacks, visit, listen to some local talent and make plans for what is sure to be the best time you’ll ever have in Austin.

Lunch with your friends in the Trade Show Tuesday, March 9 and Wednesday, March 10 Buffet Lunch served in the Trade Show

Hill Country Reception at the Trade Show Wednesday, March 10, 5:45 pm – 7:00 pm

Join innkeepers and vendors from all over the country for a warm reception that is a reminder of all that hospitality has to offer you and your guests. Sample delicious appetizers while you cruise the biggest and best Trade Show exclusively for innkeepers!

Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show Awards Luncheon Thursday, March 11, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Sit down and break bread with everyone who is at the largest event in the world for innkeepers. Mingle with speakers, vendors, innkeepers, Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show staff, Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show board members, aspiring innkeepers, and everyone who makes this such an incredible industry. We will announce the winner of the Hardy-Bell award and the lucky winner of the trade show prize. Learn more about where the Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show is heading in 2011!

Farewell Networking Cocktail Party Thursday, March 11, 4:30 pm

Join your friends and colleagues at the Lobby Bar for this one last opportunity to network with innkeepers from all over the country.

Texas Bed and Breakfast Association Dessert Reception Wednesday, March 10, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

If you are a Texas Bed and Breakfast member or an innkeeper from the state please join us for the dessert reception and please stop by and visit us any time at the TBBA booth on the Trade Show floor.


Night Out in

Tuesday, March 9, 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm


Join PAII, ELG Hospitality and Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks for a night on the town, Austin

style! This is an evening you won’t want to miss!

Hop on a bus at the hotel at 6:30 pm for the short ride to downtown Austin and the home of and RezOvation. Try a Razzi-RezO-Rita, a cold Lone Star or Shiner Bock beer and tour the and RezOvation offices! From there you can either board the bus or follow a self-guided walking tour to the next stop, including such nearby sights as the famous Texas State Capitol, the historic Driskill Hotel, and (if you’re ready to rock) the crazy college bar scene on Sixth Street. Either way, you’ll end up at the Long Center for the Performing Arts, overlooking Lake Austin, some of the city’s fine parks, and the beautiful city skyline. We’ll gather on the City Terrace for Texas BBQ, cocktails, and dancing under the big, bright Texas stars. The buses will be running from the hotel to these two downtown locations, with the last bus leaving the Long Center to return to the hotel at 11:00 pm. and RezOvation are excited about partnering with PAII and hosting a Texas-sized night to celebrate innkeepers!


2009 • innkeeping quarterly • 35

Hotel Information

Renaissance Austin Hotel, Texas

Airport Information


Austin-Bergstrom International Airport — AUS

512-343-2626 | 800-468-3571 Please mention that you are attending The Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show. The room block is open — BOOK NOW! Standard Room: $169

★★ Phone: 512-530-3825 ★★ Hotel direction: 18 miles NW

Driving Directions

Turn left (west) out of airport and stay on access road for 1.1 miles until you reach Hwy 183 North. Stay on Hwy 183 North for approximately 17 miles and exit at Loop 360 Capital of Texas Hwy-Great Hills Trail. Turn left at first light (over frwy — stay in right lanes) and take very first right turn, which is Arboretum Blvd. Hotel is on the right.

Reasons to stay at the host hotel:

Shuttle service

Renaissance Austin 9721 Arboretum Boulevard Austin, Texas 78759 USA Toll-free: 1-800-468-3571

★★ ★★ ★★ ★★

FREE guestroom internet access FREE local and long distances calls* FREE parking Attendee gift delivered to you only for those who stay at the host hotel ★★ Innkeeping Show Nightly News: Recap on the days goings on and what is on the schedule the next day. ★★ You get to sleep later because your commute from your room to the Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show is approximately 2 minutes…not to mention we’ll have coffee available before the general sessions kick off in the morning. ★★ More opportunity to network with your peers

*(within the country), not available in all markets

36 • innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

★★ Alternate transportation: Super Shuttle 800-258-3826; fee: $19 USD (one way), reservation required ★★ Estimated taxi fare: $35 USD (one way)




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†This is only for an inn with two FULL Conference Registrations PRE-CONFERENCE EVENTS



Aspiring Innkeepers Workshop (includes lunch)



Key Leaders Workshop (includes lunch)



Beyond Your Website: Technology Pre-Conference Workshop with Tim Brady (must pre-register, seating is limited)


Members Only Internet Intensive – Basic


FREE Internet Intensive – Advanced





ALLIED ASSOCIATION EVENTS Select Registry Members Only Events Add ON to Full Conference Registration



Select Registry Members Only Events (for those that do not register for the full conference; does not include lunches)



Texas Bed and Breakfast Association Wed. Reception




If you are not satisfied with your conference experience, ask for a refund of your registration fee, and we’ll send it to you no questions asked.


See you in Austin!

You can register on-line up until Sunday, March 7th the day before the Innkeeping Show begins.


You may cancel for any reason with a full refund minus a $25 per person administrative fee prior to February 22, 2010. No refunds or credits will be issued on cancellation requests received less than 14 days prior to the start of the Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show, which starts on March 8, 2010. Request must be received in writing. For more information, call the Director of Education and Events at 856-310-1102. fall

2009 • innkeeping quarterly • 37


Food Glorious Food How to Accommodate Dietary Restrictions Vegan/kosher/lactose/gluten by Liza Simpson


et’s start with a discussion of what “dietary restrictions” actually are and what that means to an innkeeper trying to accommodate a guest. With all of these, please keep in mind that there are variations, not only on how people practice their beliefs but also how severe their intolerances or allergies may be. Ask the guest! Vegan A vegan is someone who chooses to avoid using or consuming animal products in any form. This means vegetarianism with added components: not eating eggs, milk products, and honey, as well as the use of leather, fur, wool, down, and anything that may have come from or been tested on animals. Kosher Kosher is a term to describe food that is in accordance with Jewish dietary laws, Kashrut. This includes the preparation of the foods themselves, not just the ingredients. While it is unlikely that guests who strictly “keep kosher” will show up at your property without warning, it helps to understand some basics. Meat and dairy do not mix. Kosher kitchens keep not only two sets of

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

serving dishes and utensils for each category, but this applies to cooking dishes and utensils as well. Many people think that kosher food simply means blessed by a rabbi. In fact, fresh fruits and vegetables are kosher, just not the bugs that might come along with them. The flesh of birds and mammals must be killed in accordance with Jewish law. Fish, eggs, vegetables and grains may be eaten with either meat or dairy. “Fish” means anything with fins and scales, so shellfish (lobster, clams, shrimp etc.) are not kosher. Be aware that cheese can also be a problem, as rennet (an ingredient used to harden cheese) is often from non-kosher animals, so it can be difficult to find hard cheese that is kosher. Under Kashrut, food is categorized as Meat, Dairy, Pareve or Treif. Treif means forbidden (pork and shellfish, for example). Pareve means neutral, and can be eaten or prepared with foods in either the Meat or Dairy category. Kosher status is transmitted from the utensil to the food only in the presence of heat. This means that if you eat cold food in a non-kosher establishment, the condition of the service ware is not an issue. Grape juice is an issue. Many juices and drinks are sweetened with grape juice and the drinking of grape juice (and wine) made by non-Jews is not allowed. What does this mean to you the innkeeper? Well, it totally explains bagels, lox and cream cheese! You could serve fresh

39 fruit, smoked salmon, fruit smoothies, and all sorts of dishes that do not mix meat and dairy. If you look at many of the prepared ingredients you now buy — yogurt, bagels, crackers — you will find the kosher certification. Lactose Intolerance Lactose intolerance is very common and varies widely in the severity people experience. It is caused by the inability to digest lactose, which is a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Buttermilk, yogurt, and goat’s milk may be easier to digest. It is less common among Western and Northern Europeans. Lactose intolerance can be the natural result of aging, the result of illness or injury, or a condition one is born with. Many people find that simply cutting back on the amount of dairy they consume in one meal solves the problem. For others, the issue is more severe. Innkeepers should check their pantry’s ingredient list for hidden lactose: whey, milk by-products, fat-free dry milk powder, malted milk, buttermilk and dry milk solids. And remember that, generally, harder cheeses have less lactose. Many innkeepers keep lactose-free milk and other dairy products on hand because the demand is so high. One option is soy milk, some varieties of which can be kept in the refrigerator for weeks or even months. (continues, next page)

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40 Gluten Allergies Gluten allergies can be divided in to two categories, the allergy and celiac disease. Again, it is an issue of severity. Many people have gluten allergies, and celiac disease, often an inherited condition, is a severe form. People with celiac disease must be vigilant as even small amounts of gluten can affect them, in some cases causing a severe reaction. Generally the protein gluten is found in foods containing wheat, barley, or rye. Amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa are the

Vegan Tofu Omelets 2 garlic cloves (optional) 1 pound silken tofu, lightly drained 2 Tb. nutritional yeast 2 Tb. olive oil ½ tsp. turmeric 1 tsp. fine black salt (optional, see note) OR ¾ tsp. regular sea salt ½ cup chickpea flour 1 Tb. arrowroot or cornstarch Chop garlic, if using, in food processor. Add the tofu, nutritional yeast, olive oil, turmeric and salt. Puree until smooth. Add chickpea flour and arrowroot, and puree again for about 10 seconds. Make sure to scrape down the sides so that everything is well incorporated. When cooking, use a larger pan than with egg omelets to facilitate flipping. Proceed as you would an egg omelet, filled with wonderful things. NOTE: Black salt is an Indian salt also called kala namak. It has a sulfuric taste reminiscent of egg yolk. Use it if you want some eggy flavor.

Gluten-Free Crepes Mix the batter in the blender the night before. In the morning just give it a quick stir. Cook as with standard crepe batter. Fill with your usual fantastic filling. Serves four. 1 cup brown rice flour 3 Tb. sugar 1 cup milk of choice (dairy, soy, etc) 2 Lg. eggs 1 tsp. vanilla 1 tsp. oil

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

only grains that are naturally gluten-free. Gluten can be found in all sorts of processed foods including, but not limited to, salad dressings, yogurt drinks, cold cuts, egg substitutes, beer and — because gluten can be used as a binder — even lipstick and postage stamps. It used to be that finding gluten-free products was nearly impossible. But in recent years gluten-free foods have become widely available, even in ordinary grocery stores. This is particularly true of cereals; even General Mills has recently begun making some of its “Chex” cereals gluten-free. The experts disagree about whether oats contain gluten, but it is possible to find oatmeal marketed as gluten-free. Satisfying the Guest So what is an innkeeper to do? First, talk with your guests. Most people will know their limits, and will be able to help you craft pleasant meals for them. They will appreciate you taking the time. Stock your pantry with a few basics: gluten-free bread, vegan egg substitutes, soy milk, soy cheese and a wheat-free pancake mix will have you ready for unexpected dietary restrictions. ■ Recipes are from the book Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Excerpted by arrangement with Da Capo Lifelong, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2009. Liza Simpson, formerly of The Old Miner’s Lodge in Park City, Utah, has cooked professionally for over 25 years. She is currently serving on the Park City Council, innsitting, cooking, and selling books while she and her husband Chris and their Corgis search for their next innkeeping adventure.


358 2.8

by the

The number of people in the House of Representatives who voted to pass the Travel Promotion Act. The Senate passed identical legislation earlier in September by a vote of 79 -19, but procedural dynamics require an additional Senate vote anticipated in the coming weeks. The Travel Promotion Act would essentially create America’s first “destination marketing organization” that would exclusively work to bring more international travelers to the United States. A new study found that consumers who are exposed to a brand’s social campaign, anything from watching a YouTube video to friending the brand on Facebook, are 2.8 times more likely to search for that brand. Source: AdWeek

1 2numbers 3456789 16.3% 26% $79

The decline in the number of people looking at online reviews, according to PhocusWright’s “Online Traffic and Conversion Report”. The study carried out in conjunction with Compete showed a drop in the number of people looking at reviews from 55 percent in October 2007 to 46 percent in October 2009. The increase over four years (2005 through 2008) in median occupancy for the nation’s B&Bs, as reported in the 2009–2010 Industry Study of Innkeeping Operations & Finance. The book is available at The individual yearly results are as follows: 44% in 2008, 44% in 2007, 38% in 2006 and 35% in 2005. The new, ridiculously low price an innkeeper can now pay to join PAII. Rates are good until November 15, 2009. After that, the rate increases to $89 — still, a ridiculously low price.

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Tech with Tim


Solutions for Data Backup by Tim Brady


ou have hundreds of photos, emails, songs, bookkeeping records, reservations, guest details and countless other pieces of your life all stored on your computer. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and it was all gone? Fortunately it is easy and inexpensive to add a valuable layer of protection to this critical information. Back up your data. This doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming; as a matter of fact, once properly set up, it can become rather effortless. Whether you already have a backup solution, or are starting from scratch, here are some tips for having an effective computer disaster recovery plan in place. Start by organizing your data. Microsoft tried to help you out by creating a “My Documents” folder in Windows. The idea was to store all of your data in this folder, so that it could be easily accessible and that you could afford a bit of protection to the contents. Of course, after seeing thousands of computers in my career it’s obvious that people don’t always use the computer the way that Microsoft (and your IT guy) hoped you would. More

often than not, I have seen that the Desktop becomes the storage central on many a PC. In order to have a robust backup strategy you will need to know where all of your important files are located. I am not saying you need to move them, but it could make things easier down the road. (continued on page 45)

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Guest Writer: Dan Brown

I am passionate about PAII! It’s fall foli-

without PAII? We all need to be members of our state and

age season here in New England (which means it’s peak

local associations, chambers, and travel bureaus, and nu-

season); the inn’s twenty rooms are full, and we are busy.

merous marketing directories and organizations. They all

I’ve been thinking of how Michele and I got here, the

compete for your limited dollars, and this is a budget

good and the bad. It started in 1995 when I was nearing

tight industry. There are other online forums, unlimited

retirement from the Navy and a friend asked me what I

free online information, and super internet shopping.

was going to do for my next career, and I flippantly said,

The question is: do you need PAII when you think you

“I’d like to own a B&B”. Well, he had a friend selling a

can find everything in other places? I strongly feel that

property in Annapolis, Maryland, 40 miles away. It was

you do need PAII. PAII represents you as an innkeeper of

somewhat a B&B with little business and the furnishings

a small property who has to compete with the hotels.

did not convey. Long story short, we opened six months

PAII educates, seeks industry opportunities and allianc-

later and made it a four-room B&B and worked up to a

es, recruits vendors, conducts research, hosts the only

70-plus percent occupancy.

national innkeeping conference, has an online forum,

The only advice the Annapolis seller gave us was to join PAII. So we joined, read everything PAII had, and in

e-mail newsletters and the only professional magazine for our industry.

March 1996 we went to San Antonio for the Aspiring Inn-

PAII educates, keeps you informed, and is the indus-

keeper Seminar and the PAII Conference. When we left

try’s advocate. PAII is your professional organization, it is not marketing, it is not a directory.

we were motivated, inspired, educated and already passionate about PAII. We were ready and prepared to start our new career. Well, four inns, 13 years, 30,000plus guests and too many innkeeper friends to count later, we are still

I can confidently say that without PAII I would not be where I am.

here! We’re still motivated, still pas-

PAII is the professional organization for professional innkeepers. A good friend of mine, former innkeeper and great friend of PAII, John Felton, said this: “Innkeeping, like everything else in life, is a lifetime learning experience — and PAII is there to help all

sionate and still learning. Pat and JoAnn are no longer at

kinds of innkeepers learn how to do their jobs better. It's

PAII; the industry and economy have made unbelievable

the conferences, the newsletters, the interaction with oth-

changes and so has PAII. I can confidently say that with-

er innkeepers through the online group — these and oth-

out PAII I would not be where I am.

er relationships built through active membership in PAII

For the last four years I’ve had the privilege of sitting on

that help make PAII members true professionals.”

the PAII Board of Directors and have helped formulate pro-

Talk to me about PAII. I won’t try to convince you to

grams and plans. During that time the industry and PAII

join; I will try to convince you that it’s hard to be an inn-

have had ups and downs. Membership in PAII has been

keeper without PAII. I am passionate about our innkeep-

holding somewhat steady. PAII is constantly searching for

ing industry and I am still passionate about PAII. ◆

and providing programs to educate and support innkeepers, while becoming more involved in the industry. I constantly wonder why any innkeeper would not be a PAII member. Where would the innkeeping industry be

44 innkeeping • innkeeping quarterly quarterly • fall • fall 20092009

Dan Brown and his wife Michele own and operate the Swift House Inn in Middlebury, Vermont. You can reach Dan at

45 Next, pick a backup location. There are two primary options available today. The first option is a disk of some sort — an external hard drive, flash drive or even a DVD. The second option is an online source, backing up your data to an offsite server. Backup to disk is the most popular method and certainly the easiest to implement. A 1TB (one terabyte = one thousand gigabytes = a lot of space) external USB drive can be purchased for less than $100 (Maxtor makes a nice one). This is likely to be more storage than your computer has locally, which will allow for a combination of full and incremental backups (which we will talk about when we get into the software). They are also easy to connect, keep tabs on and transport. Plug the drive into your computer and you are ready to move on to the next section (software). The downside is that most people keep an external drive in the same place as the computer, so in the event of a major catastrophe at the inn (i.e. a fire, flood, theft etc) having a backup sitting next to your computer will be of little value. In addition they are just ordinary single drives and can fail. As an alternative, some like to run their backups to CD or DVD. But with the expanding size of files (digital images, MP3s, video, etc.) this option is becoming less popular due to the size restrictions of DVD and CD media. However they remain a good option for smaller backups (your financials or guest

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

46 The subtle scent of fresh linen gives Joseph Abboud amenities a natural appeal that is powerfully understated. This collection is for those who recognize that the most commanding voice can sometimes be a whisper.

Fresh. Crisp. ClassiC. ConFident.

For more information, visit us online or call us today!

800-541-6775 2 Daniel Road East, Fairfield, NJ 07004

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

database, for example). Another option is an inexpensive USB flash drive or “thumb drive,” which is great for an everyday backup of your super-critical data and can be connected to a keychain and kept with you. The second option is remote, web or online backup. Services exist that will allow you to back up your data to their secure data center for a monthly fee. The fees range from a few dollars to about $50 per month. There are often limits to the amount of data that you are storing on their server, which may restrict how much you can back up. The obvious downside of this scenario is that your data is being trusted to someone else. So be very confident in the service you chose. The other main issue with using this as your primary solution is that these services rely on your internet connection to operate in both directions. So, sending your backup data there can be a time-consuming and bandwidth-hogging exercise. In addition, retrieving that data in an emergency will require an internet connection. One alternative to online backup service providers is implementing this solution on your own. If you already have a web hosting account (especially one with unlimited storage), you can simply create a secure FTP directory for your backups and use your backup software to transfer a copy there. That brings us to software. The software will be doing the actual copying of information from your computer to the selected location for storage. Many external disk drives, as well as all of the online backup services, include some software to perform the actual backup job. But this type of software is not always the easiest to use or the best choice for your scenario. The ideal software for backing up your computer will take some time and focus to configure but will run unattended faithfully after that. There are three terms you will want to be familiar with when setting up your software: Full backups, differential backups and incremental backups. A full backup is just what it sounds like: a complete backup copy of the files you specify. So restoring from that backup is as simple as copying the backup file back to your computer. A differential backup is a copy of only the files that have changed since the last full backup into one file location. This helps limit the size of the backup file, but takes some more time to run. Finally, incremental backups copy only data that has changed on your computer since the last incremental backup to the backup location. This speeds up the process as it does not make a full copy of all changes on every pass, but it also makes a full restore more difficult.

47 Ideally, use software that allows you to configure your choice of these options. I would suggest at least a weekly full backup and daily incremental backups. While I have tried several personal backup applications, I have found that the “Sync Back” application from a company called 2 Bright Sparks is outstanding. It supports backing up

data to more than one location and with more than one profile. So for example, I have my own setup configured to back up critical data twice per day and less critical data every other day. Finally I have a weekly backup of photos and videos and a monthly full backup for offsite storage. The program handles all of this very nicely and offers great reporting options.

PAII Announces Big Changes to the Innkeeper Membership Model On October 5, 2009, the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) announced big changes to their innkeeper membership model. Under the new membership model, inns can be part of PAII for as low as $89 per year. Rather than having graduating dues based on the size of the B&B, dues will be based on what level of benefits innkeepers would like to enjoy. “We know that too many innkeepers want access to the networking and information resources in PAII, but cannot always afford it at the $250 level,” says PAII CEO Jay Karen. “We are removing the financial roadblocks to membership and want thousands more to join the ranks of PAII. Between lobbying both Congress to support more tourism efforts and TripAdvisor to make their site better serves the B&B market, as well as publishing the best educational content in our industry, we’re making an impact on the B&B business. There is greater strength with greater numbers, and we are not ashamed to turn our pricing structure on its head to grow this association. We listened to members and former members and decided change was necessary.” The new model has Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships to fit every innkeeper’s budget. For example, all Gold Level members will have all monthly webinars included in their annual

membership dues (if innkeepers can’t attend the live webinar, a recording will be sent to them). Platinum Level members will enjoy exclusive, monthly evening chats on topics of importance, as well as 10% off registration to the Innkeeping Show. As a special bonus, for a limited time only, to introduce the new model, we’re offering even lower prices! Through November 15th, innkeepers can join PAII for as low as $79. “I think these rates make membership in PAII one of the best values in the B&B industry,” says Karen. To view a list of all membership choices and benefits, please visit *Anyone who was already an active member of PAII on October 5 was automatically upgraded to the Platinum membership for the remainder of your membership. The new list of benefits can be found at

See the ad on the back cover for more details!

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

48 For those who would prefer the online option, I would suggest checking out Dropbox. This is an online synchronization and backup solution that is elegant and reasonably priced. Most importantly, it is built on the Amazon S3 platform, which is a robust server network that provides for quite a bit of redundancy. Their desktop application lets you select what files or folders you want to synchronize and even allows you to share folders with others via the web. Finally, create a plan for recovery. Many people make the mistake of thinking you can “set it and forget it.” Be sure to take an occasional look at the backup data, restore a file or two, and be sure that the backups are current and complete. In addition, be sure to allow for some offsite version of your data by either using an online service, or physically moving a disk to another location. This prevents a total loss in the case of a physical catastrophe. For example I have an external drive at the inn and the office. Monthly I swap them after a full backup — so that a copy exists in both locations. Creating a backup solution will take a few hours of your time. Keeping track of it will take a few minutes each week.

innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

While it may seem like another nuisance task in our busy innkeeper lives, it’s impossible to put a value on having that backup available when disaster strikes. What are you doing for backups? Share your comments and get more detail on backing up your computer at ■

Tim and his wife Amy own Forty Putney Road Bed and Breakfast in Brattleboro Vermont. A recovering I.T. professional and lifelong geek; Tim’s tips, thoughts and meanderings can be read and discussed at




Advertisers’ Index 1st Travelers Choice............................................................................... 6 B&B Team, The...................................................................................... 45 22 38

Who do you think has made a significant impact on the B&B industry in your area or industry-wide? PAII is introducing the

2010 Champion Award. This award is bestowed upon individuals who or entities which have succeeded in working on behalf of the bed and breakfast industry — local, regionally, nationally, internationally — and have garnered through a significant victory for innkeepers within the past 12 months. For example, the nominee could have had legislative or regulatory success, the creation of an indispensable benefit for innkeepers, or a public relations breakthrough that elevates the role of the innkeeper or profile of our industry.   Submit your nomination today at and click “Champion Award” on the home page and tell us who you think has been a champion for the industry. 

Points to remember: 1. The victory achieved by this champion must have occurred sometime in the past year.

2. We’re looking for specific success stories, i.e. an association which helped pass B&B-friendly legislation or helped defeat threatening legislation or policy, a town or city that has made great efforts to recognize, support and promote the B&B industry, etc. The story should be compelling and unique.

3. The PAII Board and Awards Committee may bestow more than one Champion Award in any given year, so this is not a competition for one winner. The nominee does not have to be a member of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International. Nominations will be submitted to the Board of Directors at the fall Board Meeting and the winners will be honored at the Awards Luncheon on March 11 at the 2010 Innkeeping Show in Austin, Texas.

Bonne Terre........................................................................................... 45 Chase Candles....................................................................................... 19 Comphy Company................................................................................... 4 Deneen Pottery....................................................................................... 5 Essential Amenities.............................................................................. 46 Essentials Design Group...................................................................... 40 Fullers’ Soaps.......................................................................................... 6 GuestTracker......................................................................................... 15 Inn Consulting Partners....................................................................... 39 Inns Magazine....................................................................................... 43 8 InnStyle..................................................................................................... 5 INNtegrate............................................................................................. 24 inSPAration............................................................................................ 39 James Wolf Insurance......................................................................... 23 Lanier, Pamela..................................................................................... IFC Markel Insurance................................................................................... 7 Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers...................................................................... 51 Multimedia Advertising Services....................................................... 48 NPC........................................................................................................... 2 PAII.................................................................................... 17, 19, 42, OBC Pendergrass.......................................................................................... 22 14 9 Plows for Half Ton Trucks.................................................................... 41 TMG, Inc., Virginia Inn Brokers........................................................IBC Two Fine Dogs....................................................................................... 18 Turkish Towel Company, The............................................................... 38 Unique Amenities.................................................................................. 41

fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

IndustryEvents November 2009 Federation of Ontario Bed & Breakfast Accommodations Conference and General Meeting Date: November 1–3 Location: Wasaga Beach, Ontario Contact: Maine Innkeepers Association Annual Meeting & Conference Date: November 2–3 Location: Atlantic Oakes by the Sea, Bar Harbor, ME Contact:

CABBI InnSpire Conference and Trade Show Date: January 31–February 2 Location: Meritage Resort & Spa, Napa, CA Contact: The Soft Side of Innkeeping — hosted by the Bed & Breakfast Association of Arkansas Date: February 22–24 Location: Arkansas Contact:

March 2010

Wisconsin B&B Association Annual Meeting Date: November 8–10 Location: Wisconsin Dells Contact:

Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia Innkeepers Gathering and General Meeting Date: February 28–March 1 Location: Charlottesville, VA Contact:

2009 Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers of Colorado Conference Date: November 8–9 Location: Golden, CO Contact:

Annual Illinois Bed & Breakfast Association Meeting 2010 Date: March 1–2 Location: Northfield Inn Suites & Conference Center Contact:

Preferred Inns of New Jersey Fall Meeting Date: November 10 Location: Spring Lake Manor, Spring Lake Heights, NJ Contact:

2010 Innkeeping Conference & Trade Show Date: March 8–11 Location: Renaissance Hotel, Austin, TX Contact:

New England Innkeeping Show Date: November 16 –18 Location: Radisson Hotel, Nashua, NH Contact: OH&LA Annual Conference Date: November 23 Location: Kalahari Resort, Sandusky, OH Contact:

APRIL 2010 Minnesota Bed and Breakfast Association Conference Date: April 18–20 Location: Minneapolis, MN Contact:

January 2010 The Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Trade Show & Conference Date: January 10–13 Location: The Homestead, Hot Springs, VA Contact: Tri-State Conference Date: January 17–19 Location: Louisville, KY Contact:,, or

50 • fall 2009 • innkeeping quarterly

To view the most current Industry Events Calendar, visit To add your event to the calendar, contact Laura Middleton at or call 800-468-7244.



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Lindley House Garden Cottages Cecil Brewer Duncan, OK Turning Leaf Inn Joe Silk Broken Bow, OK Terrapin Peak Bed, Breakfast & Beyond Genny Maiden Cookson, OK OREGON

The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast Michael Rech Pacific City, OR

MEMBER BENEFIT SPOTLIGHT Key Value Discounts PAII just introduced the Key Value Program, an initiative where current PAII vendor members offer exclusive and ongoing “specials” to PAII members just for being part of the “PAII family.” Such specials may include discounts, waved fees, free shipping; each special is up to the participating vendor. There are currently 20 categories where vendors can offer these specials and over time you’ll find almost every type of product or service you’re looking for will be here for you. Visit and click Member Programs to see the new Key Value Program.

Hillside Inn B&B Anne Goldner Bend, OR PENNSYLVANIA


The Willows Inn, Inc Riley Starks Lummi Island, WA

Buck Valley Ranch LLC Nadine Fox Warfordsburg, PA

Orchard Inn Bed & Breakfast Karen Merola Krueger Yakima, WA

Red Cardinal Bed and Breakfast Joanne Hawver Carlisle, PA

11th Avenue Inn David Williams Seattle, WA



James C Smith James Smith Trenton, TN

Franklin Victorian B&B Jennifer A. Dunn Sparta, WI


NEW VENDORS A La Turca Textiles Guniz Alkan Allentown, PA

Centaur Arabian Farms Eva Sealey Flint, TX Coastal Dreams B&B Lana Lander Galveston, TX The Dodge Getway Sharri Calvin Dodge, TX The Hideway Ranch & Retreat Jason Niedziela Bluff Dale, TX Knittel Homestead Inn Steve Finn Burton, TX UTAH

The 1897 Iron Gate Inn B&B Susan Wooten Cedar City, UT

Fusion Analytics Investment Partners Peter Weitz Coral Springs, FL GuestServe Inc. Paul Tomori Niagara Falls, NY INNtegrate Linda Murphy Kingston, ON

White Dove Mattress Ltd Les McNair Cleveland, OH

Matthew Warner Woodside, NY

ASPIRING INNKEEPERS Reweti Wiki Crescent City, CA

Edi Smith Foster, OR

Jeanette Nemcek South Euclid, OH Ginger Johnson Ames, IA Sandra Girouard Cedar Hill, TX Rozanne Bonavito Lafayette, CA Ruth Sproull Rhinelander, WI Duncan Jackson Santa Monica, CA Mary Anne Ray Phoenix, AZ Kristian Kopinski Chicago, IL Sharon Jackson Long Beach, CA Cheryl Robbins Dallas, TX Stephanie Jomisko Bellport, NY

Mocha Joe’s Roasting Company Ari Reis Brattleboro, VT

Linda Morabito Kailua Kona, HI

RDL Appraisal Richard Lord Exeter, NH

Jeffrey Horan New Florence, PA

Cardinal’s Crest Ilana Mann Charlottesville, VA

ReservEase - FREE Online Reservations and PMS Mike Baldock Calgary, AB

Andy Durik Willoughby, OH

Main Street Inn Assoc. LLC Darlene McGinnis Blacksburg, VA

Robbins Home Goods Dawn Manton


Grey Horse Inn John Hearty The Plains, VA White Birches Inn Michael & Paulette Wartella Abingdon, VA


Steven Lewers & Associates Nance Hall Wilton, NH

Churchill House Inn Seth & Olya Hopkins Brandon, VT

Unique Amenities Libby Sheiner Monsey, NY

The Mountain Top Inn & Resort Diane Dickerman Chittenden, VT

The Old Hotel Matthew Wood Lincoln, VT

52 • innkeeping quarterly • fall 2009

Bruce Coury Edwardsville, IL

William Witt

Linda Horan New Florence, PA Janet Burton Vancouver, WA Erin Nelson Antelope, CA Christine Shull Schererville, IN Melanie Camp Arlington, VA Barbara Hughes North Tonawanda, NY Susan Aalpoel Brewster, MA

Kathleen Nasser Delray Beach, FL

Susan Waite-York Houlton, ME Melinda Bess Auburn, WA INTERIM INNKEEPERS Innconnections LLC Jill Britt Woodway, TX

Innkeeping Quarterly, Fall 2009  

Quarterly magazine for bed and breakfast owners and those that serve the industry.

Innkeeping Quarterly, Fall 2009  

Quarterly magazine for bed and breakfast owners and those that serve the industry.