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Top 10 Most Comfortable Office Chairs Reviews 2018 The time has passed when people just walked into the market and got any piece of furniture that catches their fancy, for work chairs and desks. Only very few offices still use wooden chairs and desks to work and very soon, those would be a thing of the past or would be modified to be ergonomically safe. With the knowledge of ergonomics being spread far and wide, more and more people look out for ergonomically safe working environment. This is necessary because an individual’s state of health and safety have great effects on their output while carrying out an activity. An average office worker spends more than one thousand and six hundred hours every year. Going by this calculation, one can only imagine how many hours they would spend in three to five decades. That means that almost half of an office worker’s life is spent sitting behind a desk. If they constantly work with the wrong tools, equipment or furniture in no distant time, they would begin to have health issues. You might be a worker looking for durable, ergonomic products and are confused with many brands in the market. This article talks exclusively about the top ten most comfortable office chairs that are available for purchase. These chairs have been starred and reviewed on Amazon, and therefore, it is safe to say that testimonies speak for themselves. This includes their features and specifications which would help you to narrow down your choices. Note that the fact that one is ranked number one and the other number 10, does not make any the overall best. They have peculiarities that set them apart. Fortunately, they are all in stock and the link for where these most comfortable office chairs were sourced from, is provided below. They are quite affordable and within an average worker’s budget too. And also, they are not exclusive to offices. These chairs can be used in homes, game houses and guest houses too, that is how versatile they are. So, without much ado, the ten work chairs which have been voted most comfortable, will be talked about in descending order. Top Most Comfortable Office Chairs List 10. Racing Style Leather Ergonomic Swivel Computer, Office or Gaming Chair by Essentials.

This is a luxurious office chair made of metal and plastic. Specifications – Weighs 37 pounds – Product dimensions: 30 x 13 x 26 inches – Color: Red/black, gray/black, and green/black Features

It comes in different colors which include blue, green, gray or red colors, and they all have black finishing. This product boasts of great lumbar support. It swivels at 360 degrees. Its upholstery is made of SofThread leather, offering optimal comfort. The chair can be adjusted to suit the user’s height. There are tilt tension and center tilt controls, which makes the chair easy to use. Supports a maximum weight of 250 pounds and has a lifetime warranty. Pros   

Lifetime warranty Adjustable height Lumbar support

Cons 

The material is not breathable.

9. Rocking Kneel Chair by Sleekform

This is an office chair with an interesting design; it takes the overworked and tired individual into consideration. Specifications – Wide cushion for sitting which makes it ideal for people of different sizes. – Supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs. – Height of 22.4 inches for the chair and 15 inches for the knee cushions, from floor level. Features

It has three cushions which are 4 inches thick each; one for the buttocks and two for the knees. There are three steel bars to give the base extra support. It is a rocking chair, and the rocking motive would help keep a user active while working. However, it does not have a backrest, but it is designed in such a way that the back and stomach muscles are strengthened while using it. So, when in the middle of work or when having a long day, you can rest your knees on the knee cushions and continue with your work in comfort. Pros  

Thick cushion It has a wide width

Two cushions for resting the knees

Cons  

It has no backrest. The material is not breathable.

8. Professional AirGrid Eco Leather Seat by Space Seating

The seat of this chair is made of leather and it has breathable mesh material on the backrest. Specifications – It weighs 40 pounds. – Product dimensions: 26.50 x 24.75 x 42 inches – It comes in four colors; black, white, gray and multicolor. Features

It has lumbar support which can be adjusted to suit the relaxation needs of a user. Its height can be modified from 19 – 25 inches. This comfortable office chair has two arms which stand at angles and can be adjusted. It can hold a max. weight of 250 lbs. The base is made of metal and has five wheels. This chair swivels at 360 degrees. Pros

   

Breathable covering on backrest Adjustable armrests Can bear heavyweights Has a metal base

Cons 

It has no headrest

7. ALEEL42BME10B Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel / Tilt Chair by Alera.

One from a series by Alera, this chair is a sleek and safe piece of furniture. Specifications – It weighs 4.67 pounds. – Product dimensions: 26.2 x 24.4 x 14.6 inches. – Materials: Plasticmesh Features

This chair is curved in such a way that makes it possible to suit people of different ages and sizes. It has an adjustment lever enabling a user to tilt it to their taste. The seat is made of clothing, and it has a high cushion. There are armrests for placing the arms when tired or catching a break between work. It has a metal base and five-star wheels. It also swivels at 360 degrees. The chair has a waterfall edge

that can take pressure away from the feet. Comes in two colors; black and black & white. The height can be adjusted as required. Pros   

It has an adjustable height lever Can be tilted to suit user specifications It has a thick cushion

Cons 

It has no headrest

6. Computer Desk Chair Comfort White Swivel Fabric by DJ. Wang

This is a well-cushioned chair, suitable for use in offices, conferences, study rooms and anywhere where ergonomics is taken into consideration. Specifications – Wheels which swivel at 360 degrees and make navigation easy. – Double wheel casters which help the wheels glide smoothly while rolling. – It has an overall height of 41 ¾ inches. – The seat can be adjusted from 19 to 23 inches. – It comes in three colors; grey, green, and yellow. All of which can blend in with any background.


Its base is made of metal and finished with chrome which also gives it an attractive look. The covering is made of grey colored non-irritating fabric. It has a backrest which is curved to serve an ergonomic purpose and protect the spine. Adjustable knobs make it possible to increase or reduce the height of the chair. This chair has arms where a tired user can rest their hands while taking a break. It can bear a maximum weight of 200 lbs. Pros   

Its height can be adjusted. Covering is made of breathable fabric. It has a contoured backrest.

Cons 

It has no headrest

5. Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair by Modway

This is a solid chair with breathable covering. It promises a comfortable and relaxing sitting experience. Specifications – Dimensions: 26.5 x 26 x 37 inches

– It weighs 36 pounds. – There are seven colors to choose from; black mesh, blue mesh, green mesh, brown mesh, red mesh, gray mesh and black vinyl. Features

It is a high back chair which can be adjusted to increase or decrease in height. Its armrests can also be increased or lowered to user specifications. It has a base of strong two-tone metal which can carry an individual weighing up to 331 lbs. This chair has five wheels with nylon casters and swivels at 360 degrees. Pros    

It has a 6 inches thick cushion Varieties of colours to make a choice from Height and arms can be adjusted It can bear the weight of a heavy person.

Cons 

It has no headrest

4. High-Back Executive Most Comfortable Office Chairs by AmazonBasics

The seat of this chair is made of butterfly seat plate, which makes it a very comfortable piece of furniture Specifications – It weighs 35.3 pounds. – Product dimensions: 7 x 27.6 x 45.1 inches – Comes in black and brown colours. Features

Its contours are curved to align with the body shape, making it a good choice for an ergonomic chair. It has a covering of bonded leather and PVC, thus making it very durable. The height can be raised or lowered, depending on the user’s choice. Also, the chair can be adjusted to rock or stay still with the same height adjustment handle. It has five wheels with casters and can swivel at 360 degrees and can bear weight of up to 250 pounds. Pros   

Adjustable height It is contoured to align with body curves It has arms for resting the hands

Cons 

The covering is not breathable

3. Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair, Ergonomic Mesh Chair by Furmax

This chair comes with a BIFIMA certification. Specifications – Product dimension: 19.2 x 19.2 x 41 inches. – This chair comes in two colors; red and black. – Materials: Fabric Features

It is an ergonomic office chair with a back made of meshed material and had great lumbar support. This chair is strong and sturdy enough to support the weight of individuals weighing more than 240 lbs. The seat is extra padded for optimum comfort during prolonged use. It is a mid-back chair, and its height can be adjusted from 20 inches to 24.4 inches. It comes with a conventional tilt mechanism, and its seat can be adjusted to user preference. Seat measures 20 inches by 20 inches while the backrest measures 20 inches by 28 inches. The backrest is high enough and shaped in such a way that the spine and neck are properly aligned and ergonomically safe. It is designed especially for people who spend long hours at work or in-game houses. It has a strong base which is supported by smooth wheels which swivel at 360 degrees. Pros   

It can bear heavyweights The cushion is thickly padded Its height can be adjusted

Cons 

It has no backrest.

2. Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Midback Task Chair with Metal Base by Best Office

One of the best features of this chair is its base, made of heavy-duty metal, which means that it is very strong, durable and will not get damaged easily. Specifications – Black colour and all-over black finish. – It weighs 75 pounds. – The seat dimensions are 18 x 19 inches. – The backrest dimensions are 17 by 20 inches. Features

Its arms are cushioned with padded materials, offering comfort for tired arms in between work. The seat is also padded with thick mesh for prolonged sitting periods. It has adjustment knobs for people of various heights; it can be adjusted from 19 inches to 23 inches. Wheels on the metal base that swivels at 360 degrees. Pros

  

It has armrests that are padded for extra comfort. Its cushion is thick. The height of the chair can be adjusted.

Cons 

It has no headrest.

1. Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair by Best Office

This is one of the finest ergonomic office chairs in the market. Specifications – Height adjustment knob from 35.6 inches to 4.04 inches to suit people of different heights. – Product dimensions are 21.3 x 16.5 x 40.5 inches – Chair weighs 22 pounds. – It comes in only black color. Features

It has a mechanism for knee tilting. With it, a lever can be pulled in or out, which makes for a reclining or upright position respectively. The base is made of high-grade metal, to support even people who weigh heavily.

Its backrest is made of comfy mesh material to keep the back rest while working. It has five wheels for stability. This chair can swivel 360 degrees. Pros   

The covering is made of breathable mesh. Its base is made of high-grade metal for durability. It can be tilted to a reclining position for resting during breaks.

Cons  

It has no arms. It has no backrest.

Conclusion Office chairs and desks are meant to be ergonomically safe and comfortable as this will help reduce the rate of body pains from using badly made furniture. These chairs above have been tested by users and every one of them can hold its own. In the end, you should go for one that suits your needs.


Top 10 most comfortable office chairs reviews  

Looking for Most Comfortable Office Chairs to Buy then just browse Trustorereview Where we provide you Top 10 Most Comfortable office Chairs...

Top 10 most comfortable office chairs reviews  

Looking for Most Comfortable Office Chairs to Buy then just browse Trustorereview Where we provide you Top 10 Most Comfortable office Chairs...