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About my learning.

Collection of compositions.

Unit 1 Profile.

Unit 2 Description of my favorite restaurant (Italianni’s).

Unit 3 Book review “Maldito karma”.

Unit 4 Email.

Unit 5 Volunteers.

Unit 6 Science and technology (two compositions).

Unit 7 Time and money (two compositions).

Unit 8 Home and away (two compositions).


This paper contains a collection of compositions which by Ingrid Jiménez Beltrán made during the school year. So far, I have eleven compositions, which are my learning English; The first was my sister Kitzia profile. The second was the description of my favorite restaurant, which is the Italianni’s. The third was a review of a book I read, on this occasion use the book “Damn Karma”. The fourth is about an email that we send a colleague to agree to a conference and answer it. The fifth is to volunteer at a sporting event. The sixth is divided into two compositions: the first deals with mobiles phones, their advantages and disadvantages and the second on the issue of euthanasia, its advantages and disadvantages. The seventh is divided into two compositions: the first talks about how people spend their time in nothing productive activities and the second is about to be spending more time with our loved ones. The octave is divided into two compositions: the first is about the place you visited my friend and second place you visit.


During this time I have learned more vocabulary, grammar of the English language mange how to communicate in writing and verbally, with the help of my teacher and my classmates, because together we learn, we know of others who did not know, we clarify doubts and correct ourselves if we have errors. But I still need to learn more, and some forms I make for better command over the English language, we watch movies, read newspapers, magazines, books using my dictionary if you do not understand alguma word, and expand my vocabulary, listening English music to hear the pronunciation of words.

Unit 1 Profile.

Profile Name. Kitzia Occupation: student Kitzia is a sophomore high school student she is affectionate. She can speak both languages English and Italian. She has traveled to America and Buenos Aires Argentina. In her free time she is dedicated to dance ballet and writing horror books. Kity is very good at Math so in the evenings she is tutoring her peers. Kity´s dream is to be a Graphic Designer, and travel around the world.

Unit 2 Description of my favorite restaurant (Italianni’s).

My favorite restaurant is Italianni´s. It a very nice and elegant. It decorated with things from Italy, the waiters are dressed in clothes from that country. The restaurant is full of pictures of landscapes and important events in Italy. Most of their food is made of pasta, and their drinks are made from wine, Italian style. Like their traditional Italian desserts are, tasty and great. All their dishes are exquisite, but the one I like is the lasagna pasta sheets leading interspersed with meat, may be accompanied by vegetables, or fish sauce, this dish is wonderful. The drink that I like is the grape wine with pineapple and cherry, it tastes sweet and refreshes you. playlist_direction=forward.

Unit 3 Book review “Maldito karma�.

Novel: Maldito Karma. This novel is very interesting because it is a story that makes you laugh and helps us think about the priorities of our life, and where we discover the secret of happiness. It´s about a TV presenter Kim Lange, who is enjoying the best time of his work when he has an accident and dies crushed by the basin of a Russian space station. Once Kim dies, he learns that for their terrible deeds, like being bad with his daughter and deceiving her husband, bad karma accumulated over his life, so you have to pay, and his punishment is to live like an ant. The only way for Kim to ascend the ladder of reincarnation and return to being human, is to accumulate good karma, and this is achieved by doing good deeds. Will Kim manage to go back to being human?, Will he overcome the setbacks?, Will he recover his family?, read and find out. playlist_direction=forward.

Unit 4 Email. Dear Yunuen, I hope you are well, I am writing to check the details of the conference. I hope to arrive by train around 10:00 a.m., and take a taxi from the train station, there is a taxi stand, we would take a taxi to take us to the conference center. We will come at 10:30 a.m. Shall I meet Anna at the reception? After the conference we'll go to eat at a nearby restaurant. I give you my cell number. It is 5531301049, if you have problems or are running late please call me. Without further ado, I hope to see you soon. Best wishes, Ingrid.

Dear Ingrid, I am glad to hear from you. I read your post and I love the idea of agreeing to go together to the conference. Now browse to the location of all the places you mentioned, to avoid getting lost, it just happened to me. I have written down your cell phone number to avoid wasting time asking. And regarding the restaurant look for a place where the food looks delicious. Without further ado, I look forward to seeing you soon. Best wishes, Yunuen.

Unit 5 Volunteers.

Mr. George Ellis, I contacting you to inform you that I am interested in volunteering for the international sporting event. I do like all sports, a bit of each, especially athletics. With regard to language, I have an excellent knowledge of English, I have a good Spanish and some French.

I have work experience in international events. I was in ticket sales at the Expo07 and I worked as a guide at the local museum last summer. I personally really enjoy meeting people. I´m 18 and am available throughout the month of July. I thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you and your decision very soon. Looking forward to your answer; Sincerely Ingrid.

Unit 6 Science and technology.

“Essay on mobile phones”. Introduction: The mobile phone was created in order to catch up, to be in contact with people who are far away or close to us. As I can see the mobile phone, has changed our

culture. For us young people, the mobile phone has become a necessity rather than a luxury or comfort, because this device contains a wealth of applications that we use in everyday life. Its advantages are: We provide wireless communication, ability to communicate by voice, text and even email, enabling interaction at any time across vast geographic areas, they are useful for emergencies, since they can be used to provide alerts or early warnings of any chaos, such as medical, accidents, natural disasters, crime, mobile phones are also very useful for industries, businesses and entrepreneurs, because they use applications that are useful for their businesses. Its disadvantages are: Distraction devices, limited attention to other activities and duties during the conversation, a great time to go driving and calling while driving, we can cause health problems the effect of microwave radiation on the brain and irregular sleep patterns in preadolescents and adolescents. Conclusion: Mobile phones are a reality we can not avoid, because in so far as they give us tools to have a better quality of life, we will see how this technology will gradually be part of our daily life. However, like everything in life, the excesses and abuses will always be bad, such as cell phone use in excess, regardless of time, place, space and respect for others. So, to live in harmony with these devices, we need to use them correctly to have more tools to help us better do our work and live our personal lives.

“Essay on Euthanasia�. Introduction:

Euthanasia means “good death” is the act or omission which hastens the death of a terminally ill patient, with or without his knowledge, with the intention of avoiding suffering. Euthanasia, good death, is associated with the end of life without suffering. Its advantages are: The end of the patient is suffering, no more suffering family to see that the patient is suffering, people have the right to choose freely what they want, it is a way to help patients live only connected to a machine, with no expectation of life that have gone through many recovery processes, and just want to rest. Its disadvantages are: Conflict of guilt, religious conflict since the church believes that “God gives life and therefore corresponds to Him alone the power to remove”, which is going to miss the person, decision made by someone who is probably not in full use of its powers, that mistake and that person will achieve life. Conclusion: Euthanasia can be seen as an unworthy act in the eyes of God, as it is a suicide, “assisted”, which violates God's law and is unforgivable, however it is an act of good faith, and to avoid suffering, people suffering from any terminal and incurable disease.

Unit 7 Time and Money. First composition: My opinion is that most people waste their time doing things we do not favor at all, such as spending hours playing computer games, social networks, in front of the TV, doing activities from my point of view only fun for a while but we do not build anything good, time spent is valuable and so just how bad we are spending it. We should do activities where we learn valuable things like spending more with our families, reading a good book, exercising, learning a new language, learning to play an instrument, talking to our loved ones, learning to drive. We should do in our time free activities that make us grow as people and make the most of the time.

Second composition: I'm all for people to live together more with their families, because our loved ones are the ones who will always be to support us both hard times and good, then why not invest our time in them?, spend our time with people we love is the best investment we can make, rather than spend our time with people who are only used if you're helping, but when looking for support do not get it, so it is better to spend time your family.

Unit 8 Home and away. First composition: My friend Yunuen state visit Guadalajara, Jalisco. She made this journey, it took her a six hour trip from Mexico city to Guadalajara. When you get there, stay at the most famous hotel there, “La Hacienda”, which is located one block from the center of this beautiful city, unpacked your things and go out to see the most popular sites. The first thing is the “Tequila Trail” it is a fun outing to the factories of Tequila, where he discovered the source of tequila, he also met some typical towns of Tequila.

When I finish, at night, I made a tour of the city of Guadalajara, it is a tour around the most important monuments of the historic center of the city, I found their interiors sites considered World Heritage by UNESCO. They talk about its historical and urban legends. I visited the modern city new vibrant and modern city of very exclusive. This will give us a tour tapatio depth panorama of the capital of Jalisco.

Second composition: I visit Buenos Aires Argentina. I made the trip by plane, it takes nine hours from Mexico city to Buenos Aires airport. Stay in the “Costa Galana” hotel, arrange your do this and go out to explore the city. Visit the Government House, also called the Pink House, it is a great architectural beauty. Weekends and holidays do a tour and know every corner, including the presidential office. Go to the “Plaza de Mayo”, known as “the square of the Argentina people” because it has witnessed the most important events in Argentina's history.

Among the Metropolitan Cathedral, neo-renaissance character, is the most important Catholic shrine of Argentina. Here lie the remains of Don JosĂŠ de San MartĂ­n, the father of the independence of Argentina, Chile and Peru. Late at night, go out to have dinner and eat the traditional empanadas Argentina.

Collection of compositions  
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