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AZTEC Creative Corner!

Shout Outs Beffel I love you a lot :) – Veronica Garcia Camille Fisher, I Love you beautiful, can’t wait to hold you after boot camp! Love always & forever – Steven Isham R.R.B.B you guys are my best friends, love Nixonnnnnn 4-2610 <3 Francisco López TKM! 8-9-10<3 -Bianey Cordero Ana Karen Cruz Fuentes* TE AMO con todo mi corazón changita moxxa –Bianey Cordero Ms. Benson wants to give a shout out to her dog Scrappy Luis Varela you are an amazing friend! -Alexandra Arce *Nixon Castaneda* She exhibited professionalism while selling as space to a business teacher. She also donated 12 inches of her groovy red hair to a cancer patient center court. - Coach Bogus

Her melodious voice eases the fluctuation of clamorous sounds in my right ear. Leaving the yearning for static tranquility. The simplicity in her tone is what makes it so complex; her lyrics undress my skin then swim in my blood like water as if they were creatures with scaly fins. I can’t inject her into my limbs. Listening to her is the sweetest sin. The devils grin crawls across her face as she pulls the cords of my hearts strings, knowing that without her, am helpless like an angel stripped from his wings, which is a human that walks on the earth, her holy melody became my curse. By. Unknown Artist

I’d like to give a shout out to all the Spanish students, because they rock! - Ms. Gunnoe To the bestest man boy in the world, me & your penguin/seahorse child love you. -Anonymous Bri it’s only got 3 legs, you can handle it! – Anonymous All Aztec football teams for doing a great job –Brytny Gage Caitlin you’re the GREATEST person in the world and Zak I LOVE YOU BABE. –Sheila De Leon From Alexis Sanchez in your science class to Marcos Ortiz I like your smile, I think you’re cute. Berenice Dominguez, I look forward to seeing your beautiful face each day your smile is so contagious and every time I see you I cry inside cause your not mine. I hope you reconsider us Tony Coronado <3 Nixon, Shanell, Janell, Avery, and Jalen... you guys are so FETCH! RRBB for life!!! –Johnny Boy

Elijah Goobie, Ollies over garbage

Photograph by: Rayvon Johnson

I Love You Twin(Bria)<333 -Love Your Twin (Mercedes)

Photograph by Gigi Cantres


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To the bestest man boy in the world, me &amp; your penguin/sea- horse child love you. -Anonymous From Alexis Sanchez in your science class t...

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