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spray to treatment along with a nasal steroid inhaler. The additional medication provides added benefit for those with more severe allergies. Allergists advise people to start taking medication two to three weeks before symptoms normally start. According to ACAAI, if you begin your allergy medications before the worst symptoms hit this spring, your suffering won’t be as bad. Although people think spring starts in April, symptoms can begin earlier in warmer areas. Keep in mind when your symptoms normally appear and start your medication well in advance. 12, according to the guidelines. Many people go in search of “The guidelines recommend “natural” remedies. They might not nasal steroid sprays as the first line of know that immunotherapy — in defense instead of an oral antihistathe form of allergy shots and tabmine,” says allergist physician Dana lets — is a very natural treatment. Wallace, past ACAAI president and During allergy shots, you are given co-author of the guideline. “The task gradually larger doses of your exact force didn’t find evidence of better allergens. The slow increase causes results if oral antihistamines were your immune system to become less added to treatment alongBugow’s with the Driver sensitive, which reduces future allernasal steroid sprays. And oral Rehab antigy symptoms. Allergy tablets, taken histamines can cause sleepiness.” under the tongue, are available to For people with moderate to and Senior adults Driver Evaluations treat pasture grasses, ragweed and Teens, disabled severe seasonal allergies who are house dust mite and, to be effective, Driver Evaluations & Training older than 12, the guidelines suggest must be started 8-12 weeks before 315-341-8811the allergy season starts. adding an intranasal antihistamine

Which Medications Work Best to Deal with Your Spring Allergies? And how much do you need to take to be effective?


ow much suffering is too much when it comes to spring allergies? Anyone who has moderate to severe seasonal allergies knows that when you reach a certain point — when your itchy red eyes, runny nose and sneezing become overwhelming — you need relief. But what does relief look like and how do you get there? “Bottom line, very few people suffer from the same allergies or symptoms,” says allergist Bradley Chipps, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI). “You have to

create a personal treatment plan by first avoiding the things you’re allergic to, and then treating your specific symptoms. The question for many people is whether over-the-counter remedies are enough, or if prescription medications are needed.” According to a new practice guideline from the Joint Taskforce on Practice Parameters, more medications aren’t necessarily the way to go. Nasal steroid sprays are extremely effective and easy to get. They’re also relatively inexpensive and don’t have a lot of side effects. They are a good place to start for those over the age of

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Rochester Ophthalmological Group P.C. is now conducting a clinical study for an investigational glaucoma and ocular hypertension treatment. During the study, there will be no cost for your visits, testing or treatment, and you will be compensated for your time and travel.

To learn more about this clinical study, please call the Study Department at 585-244-6011 X315 or email Rochester Ophthalmological Group P.C. 2100 Clinton Avenue South Rochester, NY 14618

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