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Marco Aceves – A00569289

Comedy movie from the last decade When you are boring with the recent movies and you want to see one with a different context, watch this movie: Bruce almighty. How to start talking about one of the best comedy movies, directed by: Tom Shadyac, and with stars like Jim Carrey, Jenifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman. Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) doesn't think the world is treating him fairly. He is a news reporter who keeps getting the worst stories he could ever get, and life just doesn't seem to go right for him. The one person he blames the most is God (Morgan Freeman). But when God responds, Bruce finds himself taking on God's responsibilities. Now his chance to make life perfect has appeared, but as he enjoys his new found powers, he starts to mistreat the things that matters the most. All this plot of the movie you can find boring, but with Jim Carrey any time can be boring, plus a beautiful like Jenifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman that has all the experience, and the rest of the cast as Steve Carrell Philip Baker Hall and others you’ll find this movie so amazing and funny. This movie isn’t a long movie, only takes 103 minutes and it isn’t for children ¿Where do you can find? you can see it Thanks, see you later my public.

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