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A PARTNER YOU CAN TRUST, WHATEVER THE APPLICATION Thanks to years of experience in the field of hot runner technology, HRSflow offers to customers consulting and engineering services; partnering them from initial project stages to offer product feasibility studies, application and material criticality analyses, and proposing enhanced solutions to meet their needs and targets. Support is planned up to final mold part trials and after sales,

thereby ensuring an overall improvement in operational efficiency. The Multitech line is the result of the experience and expertise achieved by the HRSflow division. This line offers the perfect solution for high-performance systems catering to large production volumes involving reduced part weight or thickness and technically-advanced materials.

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The Multitech line’s high degree of reliability and technical capacity guarantees your hot runner is: • built to last • easy to service • energy-saving




Our experience with highly complex applications enables us to design advanced technical solutions for molding processes, starting right from the initial stages. The aim is to optimize both the aesthetic and dimensional characteristics of the part, guarantee a high degree of repeatability, reduce cycle time and avoid waste.

We understand the needs of your sector. Our qualified team of experts is on hand to support you during each and every phase in the design and development of highly reliable molding systems for technically advanced applications, including all project management areas.

An extensive global presence means HRSflow works day in, day out with customers from all around the world, helping them shorten product timeto-market and improve overall operating efficiency. Regardless of project complexity or location, we are able to put our expertise in global organisational systems and knowledge-sharing to good use to make sure you receive the best possible support.

MEDICAL Applications for the medical sector represent a challenging field, not least of all the greater number of cavities required whilst guaranteeing optimal system reliability and fast cycle times. The multi-cavity Multitech line offers the ideal solution for systems using technically advanced materials requiring optimal performance.

main advantages Excellent aesthetic quality High degree of process and product repeatability High output Flow optimization Reduced cycle times

PERSONAL CARE COSMETICS The Multitech line is also suitable when production must meet strict parameters and tolerance levels but also maintain a high degree of quality and transparency. We can guarantee constant uniform wall thickness even in cases where dimensions of the part are unusually thick. Fast colour change is also possible – even where critical materials are concerned.

main advantages Excellent aesthetic quality Reduced scrap Fast colour change Suitable for thick walls

CAPS AND CLOSURES The caps and closures sector requires reduced cycle times, optimal product repeatability and minimal scrap. The number of Multitech systems dedicated to this area is constantly increasing, with equipment optimized to meet customers’ needs to reduce weight, achieve greater quality control and cut down on energy consumption.

main advantages Reduced cycle times Optimal balancing of manufactured parts (+/- 1%) Fast colour change High degree of process and product repeatability Excellent injection point quality Reduced scrap

THIN WALL APPLICATIONS PACKAGING Our systems for thin wall packaging applications (TWP) have been specially designed to withstand high injection pressure levels whilst bearing in mind the need to shorten cycle times. We can also offer customers conformal cooling channels using SLM technology; entirely designed and developed in-house following in-depth analysis in order to provide an improved aesthetic finish and reduced cycle times. The Multitech line for packaging complies with the latest environmental standards, which call for energy saving production systems.

main advantages Reduced thickness (0.5mm) Excellent aesthetic finish of part Fast cycle times Fast colour change Fast start up

HOUSEHOLDS The Multitech line offers the ideal solution for multi-cavity systems. These systems are suitable for applications requiring expertise in areas such as multi-injection, which involves fast colour changes and the opportunity to develop simple and cost-effective applications ensuring an optimal aesthetic finish.

main advantages Tailored solution for multi-component systems Less material employed Reduced scrap Fast colour change A quality finish and safe solution where required

TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS Our Multitech systems allow customers to handle most polymers and allied materials requiring a robust system resistant to high temperatures. Years of experience in the automotive sector have provided us with the expertise to offer cutting-edge products to meet the needs of a technologically fast-changing market that is constantly on the lookout for cost reductions and a high quality finish of manufactured parts.

main advantages Optimal overall management of technical materials High wear resistance Option to use high temperatures High aesthetic quality of manufactured part High degree of process and product repeatability

MTF-Multitech Fast

Suitable for Fast Cycle applications The MTF (Multitech Fast) line is designed for applications requiring both a fast cycle time and high aesthetic finish of the part. Tip pocket geometry has been specially studied to provide optimal cavity cleaning between tip and housing during the injection phase, thereby minimising areas subject to material stagnation. Advanced FEM simulation has been used to improve this innovative tip geometry. The result is optimal thermal distribution in the gate zone, reduced mold cavity surface wear even in the event of high production volumes. Main advantages: • • •

Fast cycle times Wear-resistant bushing Integral nozzle

MTS-Multitech Spring

MTV-Multitech Valve Gate

Suitable for precision applications The MTV (Multitech Valve Gate) line with a pneumatic valve-gate injection on a plate support is designed for a wide variety of applications ranging from medical to technical. Manufactured in stainless steel, the system requires no lubrication and it’s suitable for sterile environments. The insert is made of a special wear-resistant steel and treated with a final protective coating to further improve its resistance to wear and create an unblemished aesthetic finish in gate area. Main advantages: • • •

Valve gate position can be adjusted in the molding machine without having to open the hot half, with the mold at temperature Valve gate can be replaced directly in the molding machine Pre-shaped fully-coated valve gates

The MTS (Multitech Spring) line with spring nozzle is designed to meet the increasing demand for compact systems – including valve gate systems – able to achieve a good standard of performance while using a simple injection system, even in cases of relatively complex geometry. Careful analysis of spring rigidity enables users to achieve perfect balancing of injection cavities. MTS systems employ an integral solution for the cavity-nozzle seal thereby ensuring excellent sealing performance and improving alignment between cavity and channel. The system also offers minimum wear of the cavity gate, valve gate and valve guide, even where high output and simplified maintenance operations are required. Main advantages: • • • • •

No auxiliary services required for start-up (pneumatic or hydraulic) Compact geometrically-simple system Produced for applications requiring minimum maintenance Reduced energy consumption System suitable for applications working in sterile environments

Suitable for applications requiring simple maintenance operations

HRS MULTITECH Robust solution for all critical points

Thermal cutting

Natural channel balancing

Mechanical and thermal manifold balancing

Dimensional precision of manufactured parts

HRSflow division of INglass S.p.A. Via Piave 4 31020 S. Polo di Piave (TV) I Tel: +39 0422 750111 Fax: +39 0422 750301

Compact systems

HRS Multitech Line  

The Multitech Line is the solution specifically developed for high volumes and low weight production in caps&closure , medical, cosmetics...

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