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From the Editor

Hello from the new year. When I started this issue a long two months ago (due to hiatus) I hadn’t even thought about the fact that this was where issue six would take us. We’re putting 2017 to bed, and pulling 2018 fresh out of the box.

other times, and that’s cool too. This month, we’re also talking about home. Where it is, who it is, what it’s like. Everybody needs somewhere they feel they belong. Home is somewhere you can let your guard down and let muscle memory do its thing.

I’m a big believer in the fact that you can start over anytime. It doesn’t have to be the I hope your 2018 brings growth and calm. beginning of a year, month, or week. Every time you want to start fresh, there is no reason you shouldn’t. The present doesn’t exist and -Danielle your always becoming a new person. However, I am aware that to some the arrival of a new year is more welcoming to beginnings than


NOW Album What Now — Sylvan Esso

Book It Devours by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

Movie The Greatest Showman directed by Mi chael Gracey Spotlight Podcast: Within the Wires

Modeled by Catrina Ledoux and Danielle Ledoux Photographed by Bethellen Ledoux Cover photo submitted by Alysha O’Mara and Emily Puchalski

My own little corner in my own little chair A quick look at Catrina and Danielle’s rooms.

Catrina My room is one of my favorite places! I love to decorate and rearrange, and I love being surrounded by all my favorite things.

This is my Snow White pillow and mermaid tail knit blanket.

This is my collection of Disney mugs which I started in 2009.

These are mostly coffee table books . My favorites include the Art of the Disney Princess and Harry Potter from Page to Screen.

Danielle Above: A polaroid of my dog, Toby. A collection of owls people have gotten me while traveling. A wooden mallard older than me from my great-grandmother. Below: Crystals on my windowsill from a small shop at Kennebunkport in Maine.

Top: Botanical poster from the Daytrip Society in Kennebunkport. A correspondence by Levi the Poet. A journal with a wooden fox cover from my boyfriend.

Bottom: Books read and unread.

Home When I sit on my bed among my knit blanket and pillows, it feels like I can put the world on hold. Home is where you can laugh and grow and change, but are able to rely on your surroundings to stay relatively the same. It's same-old same-old in a good way. Maybe when you think of the word home you don't think of a place. It could be a feeling. It could be who you're with. No one has only one place where they belong. I know I'm home when I'm dancing with my friends, when I can hear my mom laughing in the next room, or when I'm painting and the only thing I'm thinking about is the next brush stroke. It could be all wrapped up in your favorite person's arms, or being swallowed whole by your favorite album. Home is muscle memory and comfort.

Music we loved in 2017.


What if Nothing


Walk the Moon

Sacred Hearts Club


Foster the People

Imagine Dragons

Gone Now

Lust for Life


Lana Del Rey

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom



Milky Chance

“Growing up is tough and confusing, especially when people are constantly telling you to grow up. Don't grow up yet, you have time.� Grow Up is a short film directed and written by Kylie Langley. The full film can be viewed at

Photo submitted by Emily Puchalski and Alysha O’Mara

Brownie in a mug



2 tablespoons of butter

1. Combine butter, vanilla and water in a mug. Microwave until butter is melted.

2 tablespoons of water 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract, but you add more if you’d like 4 tablespoons of flour

2. Add in flour, sugar, and cocoa powder, then stir.

3. Microwave about 40 seconds, depending on the strength of 2 tablespoons of unsweetened coyour microwave and how gooey coa powder you’d like your brownie. If you just want to have the batter that’s fine too because there’s no egg. 4 tablespoons of sugar

Playlist Tiger Teeth – Walk the Moon Agnes – Glass Animals

Godspeed – Frank Ocean Eat That Up, It’s Good For You – Two Door Cinema Club Mad Sounds – Arctic Monkeys Buzzcut Season – Lorde Harold Bloom – Cold War Kids I’m Ready To Move On/Mickey Mantle Reprise – Bleachers

Umbrella Tree Ain Imchen

It stood on the corner of Regent and Ashby. It didn’t look like too much. It was a funny looking thing with a thick trunk and thin branches cascading down, arching inwards causing it to resemble an umbrella. Hence the name, Umbrella Tree. The tree was stumpy and no good for climbing, but its odd shape made it the perfect place to sit under when one wanted shade. Most of the time, it was bare with only a tangled mess of branches, like hair in need of combing. However, a couple months a year, in the spring, it would burst to life. The leaves were so abundant that no branches could be seen unless one was directly under it. Several delicate pink flowers bloomed on the tree. They were odorless. At least I believe so. Looking back, I am brought to think that perhaps I never took the time to smell them.

safe base when the neighbors and I would play tag or the “absolutely perfect!” spot to have a tea party. One way or another, I would find myself under the tree.

Much of my childhood was centered around the Umbrella Tree. Hot summers were spent beneath it, mouths stained purple, fingers sticky, and popsicles in hand. It was the

“Perhaps they’re right, the place could use a little sprucing up.” I reasoned. However, deep down, I knew nothing could ever compare to my dear Umbrella Tree.

As time went by, my visits to the tree became less and less frequent until it got to the point where it was forgotten. Eventually, I moved away. The tree never crossed my mind. One day, I found myself once again, at the corner of Regent and Ashby, but the tree was nowhere to be seen. I learned later that it had become of no use to the area. The tree, being rather unattractive, simply took up space. So it was uprooted, torn from the spot where it had grown and rooted itself into the ground, as well as my heart. They said it was for the best, maybe they could plant a nice flower bed or put in a patio.

Products used: Glo-Therapeutics Renew Serum elf hydrating primer Covergirl 'The Depuffer' concealer L'oreal Magic Decrease eyelid primer Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette elf liquid eyeliner 'Jet-black' elf eyelash curler Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara

Warm n Cozy Makeup Look Emily Puchalski

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade 'chocolate' elf contour & highlight palette elf bronzer palette Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm Wet n Wild setting spray

1. Prime face and eyelids.

sure to make the outer part of your eye2. Conceal under eyes and any blemishes. brows darker than the inner to create an ombrĂŠ effect. 3. Dust a neutral shade over your eyelids 10. Use a warm toned bronzer around for a base shade. where you would usually contour to add 4. Work in a light orange shade into the color to the face. crease of your eyelid from the outer to in11. Take a light, non-glittery highlight ner corner. and dust over the temples and upper 5. Blend in a dark orange shade into the cheek bones to highlight the face. outer v of your eyelid. 12. Apply a lip balm or lipstick as desired. 6. Blend any harsh lines. 13. Set the makeup with a setting spray 7. Use a liquid eyeliner to create a thin e line on the lash line and wing it out past the lash line, connect with the end of your waterline and fill in any space. 8. Carefully use an eyelash curler if desired and then apply mascara. 9. Outline eyebrows and fill in any bald spots with an eyebrow product, making

Thank you to our contributors. Ain Imchen

Kylie Langley Catrina Ledoux Bethellen Ledoux Alysha O’Mara Emily Puchalski

Edited by Danielle Ledoux

Issue six  
Issue six