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p 2011 It's A Wra 's Brockville ift G Holiday Guide


a family space The Big Reveal


What’s Under Your Tree?

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Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours

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WINTER 2011 • Vol 1 • No 4 EDITOR & design enthusiast: Angela Jenkins

CREATIVE GENIUS & Jac of all trades: Jacqui Lysko

u o Y g n i h s i W r o F t s e B e h T s y a d i l o H e h T

Contributing PHOTOGRAPHY & blogger extraordinaire: Geoffrey McNamara SMACK Photography

CONTRIBUTORS & local experts: Mike Dezoete, Heritage Kitchens Amy Peterson & Shari Mulville, Custom Decor Carpet One Jennifer Hodge, Picket Fences Sara Washbush, Goldmine Staging & Redesign

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On The Cover: A Brockville homeowner reveals her new family room designed by Reviving Design.


Vol 1 •

No 4


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The Big

a WIn IFt G $200 ICatE IF CERt













Cover photo: SMACK Photography

editor's notebook I love this time of year; getting ready for the holidays with shopping, decorating and entertaining friends and family. What

We would love to hear from you – please send us an email or a hand written note with your questions or comments!

can be better than that? Usually by now, I would have my Christmas list alphabetized on a spreadsheet; who to buy for, what to get, where to get it, how much to spend. This year? I think I’ll wing it. This business has allowed me to be in stores and shops all year-round and I’ve had the opportunity to see some great ideas. I even picked up a few things and tucked them away for Christmas! I added some new ornaments and dinnerware to my collections, so I am looking forward to decorating the tree and having some dinner parties. I get to make my famous Christmas Trifle (extra Banana Liqueur to mingle with the eggnog!) But I am very excited to see my dear friend who moved away and will be visiting through the season. Christmas doesn’t feel the same without sharing some great food and fun laughs with her. I hope she brings her delicious fudge! Either amongst friends, lots of extended family or a quiet intimate festivity; however you celebrate the holidays, have fun, relax and stay safe. This issue is packed with ideas for decorating, entertaining and shopping, I hope you enjoy it. See you in the New Year for our 1st Anniversary Issue.

Happy Holidays and Best Winter Wishes,

letters to the editor The kitchen on the cover of your last issue was amazing! We're renovating next year I'll be calling Heritage Kitchens to do my kitchen. Thanks for such a beautiful magazine. Jennifer B. Brockville It really is a fabulous kitchen; beautiful and functional. We'll be sure to let Les and Theresa know you'll be visiting them.

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I am now an 'empty-nester'. How can I convert my spare room into a guest bedroom for the Holidays? I have the basics, but the room seems unwelcoming, what should I do? Cathy Kingston Hi Cathy, Home Away From Home - Page 21 should be helpful. Happy Holidays.

I realIy enjoyed your magazine, especially the mudroom article. I stole my sister's copy of SPACES while I was in Brockville... (she wants it back) do you deliver to Ottawa? I would love if you could mail me your next issue!   Sandra M. Kanata Sandra, You can return your sister's copy, we'll send you the last issue and put you on our list. We're happy to know you're a fan.

Hi Anglea, I love SPACES and have used the magazine for ideas. Can you do an article about designing a home office? I just started a new home business and my office is embarrassing, to say the least. Help! Janice Gananoque Janice, With so many people running home businesses we've planned a great feature for the Spring issue.

SPACES • Vol 1 - No 4• InGenius Publishing






6 Kitchen Designer Spaces

2 Editor's Note 9 List My 5 - Having a Ball 31 On the Menu - Walnut Biscotti

10 The Bath

Trends for 2012

23 Space to Improve

Kitchen Space Planning

24 Real Life Reno A Family Space

HOLIDAY FEATURES 15 17 18 21 31 33

Chefs' Gift Collection Contest Holiday Decorating Wish List Guest Suites Wrap it Up Holiday Entertaining

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SPACES Vol 1 • Issue 4


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SPACES •Vol 1 - No 4 • InGenius Publishing

They say that in their own homes, plumbers have leaky faucets and gardeners have weeds, but kitchen designers don't seem to follow this trend. Submitted by Mike Dezoete Designer, Heritage Kitchens:


seems no matter where you live space is always at a premium. Especially if the home you live in is 135 years old. Such was the case with our small country home in Lyn. After having our first child we realized that the lack of storage, poor room layouts and insufficient work space just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. The time had come to finally address all of the issues in the house that we had put up with for the past number of years – especially in the kitchen.

The original kitchen floor plan was contained to a centrally located space about 15’ long by about 12’ wide; a large enough kitchen by most standards. However, the allotted work space for counter tops was only about 12 square feet of that. Most of the room was empty and held a kitchen table directly in the middle. The cabinets themselves were hand-made about 50 years ago and certainly showing their age, even through the multiple layers of paint applied over time to help extend their life and appeal. Large empty bulkheads filled the void from the tops of the cabinets up to the gracious 9 ½’ ceilings. A complete waste of space. Appliance placement was originally decided by simple wall space availability with no regard to any kind of work triangle or accessibility. When my wife and I sat down to discuss what we wanted to change the first thing to come up was cabinet storage. Plain and simple. Too many times items that were meant to be used in the kitchen ended up tucked away in some obscure spot in some other room. It wasn’t until we started packing up the house to begin the renovation that we found some of them.

One of the first unanimous decisions to be made was to bring all of the cabinetry right up to the ceiling to make the most effective use of the room’s height. The major change which the rest of the design would revolve around was moving the kitchen sink from facing an interior wall to centering it on a large window overlooking the yard. Originally this window extended almost to the floor, but by simply changing the height, it allowed us to have one long continuous run of counter top extending the full 15’ of the kitchen. From there we worked on the best appliance placement possible to both allow easy work in the kitchen and easy traffic flow through the kitchen. One of the ways we addressed food storage was with our fridge and freezer. Being an old home we didn’t have the space for an extra fridge or chest freezer so we opted for a full-fridge and full-freezer combination. This allowed us to keep all fresh and frozen food items right where we needed them and to this day is probably the purchase we are most pleased with. From there we looked at specializing our cabinetry and using it as a design feature as well. Dedicated space for dinner plates – keeping them close to the island where our everyday meals are eaten. Small drawers for specialty coffee packets – kept above the coffee machine. Pull-out waste and recycling bins – under the counter and close to the sink. Narrow baking sheet and spice storage – close at hand right beside the range.

Floor & Wall Centre

With any renovation you are bound to have surprises. Some you’d rather forget and some you’re glad you found. Ours came in the form of an old forgotten window opening hidden in the back wall of what is now our dining room. Once an exterior wall, the window was boarded over when a small addition was added to the back of the house many years ago. With a little ingenuity and creativity we were able to install a beautiful and functional display cabinet with built-in wine storage. A welcome addition for any wine connoisseur. The island is our ground zero. Everything happens here. From meal prep to meal time. Socializing with friends or enjoying the newspaper on a Saturday morning. This space is what brings the entire kitchen together. More and more, clients are opting to remove their kitchen table and add an island instead; increasing their work area without sacrificing their eating space. The sky is the limit when it comes to island design. It just needs to properly fit in the kitchen – size wise and design wise. At the end of our 5 month adventure, we are now living in a brand new 135 year old home. Although the home is barely 1500 square feet it feels like a lot more. Proper storage and room organization can do more for a home than just adding more floor space. Plus it’s less cleaning!

7758 Kent Blvd., Brockville

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Beyond Expectations

B the editor's picks


List my

All year round, I decorate with ornamental balls. I place them in bowls, vases, dishes and use them as centerpieces and accent décor. At Christmas time, I have one tradition – to decorate the tree with lots of different balls. I don’t necessarily use traditional Christmas balls but I like to use a combination of different textures and styles. I hope this is one décor trend that never goes out of style!

Romantic Heights Monotonous mistletoe no more! Smooch a special someone with beautiful ornate kissing balls


Seasonal splendor Luminous & embossed are such an elegant, yet dramatic affect with any decor

Colour Grouping

Bright and bold colours brings a punch of style to any table. This a great way to break up sections in a bookcase.

Inspired by touch

Whimsical Characters

Texture can add layers of dimension to a design , no matter how small the detail

Add a charming touch with little characters like these deer and bird ornaments

Next SPACES List My 5 Vintage Finds SPACES • Vol 1 - No 4• InGenius Publishing



Submitted by Amy Peterson and Shari Mulville, Custom Tile & Bath


Infused with Colour

Don't be afraid to use colour to add an extra dimension to your room - if it's done right, it will be a major Wow factor.

Amy & Shari's


Earthly Elements

SPACES •Vol 1 - No 4 • InGenius Publishing

It's all in the details with warm wood tones, granite countertops and slim vessel sink highlighted by the natural stone work shown in the spacious walk in shower with granite bench.


Layered With Texture



Contemporary & Sophisticated

Glass and clay tones make an established home feel contemporary and a new one a little more worldly.


Bathed In Light


Light reflects a refined and contemporary space while Cambria quartz countertops, glass tile and mirror reflect the beauty of the room.


Extra storage is always in vogue, so why not add a sleek storage tower to your bathroom to instantly amp up storage. Top it off with an open shelf under your vanity to stow guest towels et voila problem solved!


Warm Neutrals

Small spaces and varied textures add a taste of elegance to this north end home.


Calm & Masculine


Classic Black & White

SPACES •Vol 1 - No 4 • InGenius Publishing

Linear glass and stone sets the mood in this handsome bathroom, complete with an Amba towel warmer and freestanding soaker tub to add to the luxurious feel.

Why mess with a classic? Instantly elegant and refined, a black and white colour scheme is always in style.


Spacious Style

11 Unlimited Possibilities

This crisp and clean bathroom with its timeless appeal would suit any decor, bringing the Oceanside to your home.

Add some glamour and sparkle to your bathroom by wrapping an entire wall in glass tile. Continue the glam look with natural stone countertops and flooring.



Modern Simplicity

Showpiece Fixtures

Modern horizontal and vertical lines make this open concept bathroom seem larger. Adding a punch of colour in the accessories make the space pop and can be changed with every season.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can be extraordinary? The sculptural feel of this faucet and curvaceous lines in the sink will make yours a bathroom to remember.

SPACES • Vol 1 - No 4• InGenius Publishing



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Happy Holiday Entertaining from SPACES &

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Decorate your home during the holidays, whether you are selling or staying. Local CSP's share their inspiration

"Marketing your home during the holidays is an important lifestyle element you want to portray to potential buyers" Living in our home during the holidays is different than selling a house. So in the case of actually living in the space, it's okay to Deck the Halls but don't go overboard. Adornments that are too large or too many can crowd your home and distract buyers. I would start with a beautiful wreath (preferably live) on the front door as the perfect greeting. Welcome them inside with the scent of vanilla, cinnamon or chocolate chip cookies; positive philological affect. In in the main family or living space, choose a tree that is to scale with the room. If you have a large over-sized tree, the room looks smaller and may hinder on the good traffic flow during showings. A simple run of garland decor on a fireplace or staircase, an elegant table centerpiece and stockings at the ends of each childrens' beds keeps the holidays flowing to each room. LIghting a fireplace, playing soft instrumental holiday music, turning the Christmas lights on are great ideas to help buyers visualize themselves living in the home. Adding a dish of candy canes or a plate of cookies by the sign in sheet may be just the added touch of whimsy for the buyers to feel warm and cozy with your home. Wouldn't that be a great Christmas gift to all - a sale!

Angela Jenkins, CCSP™ Brockville, 613-213-4592

Redesigning your home for the holidays is about creating a welcoming space that celebrates your personal style and traditions. As a designer, I use the “re” in redesign to help people rediscover, reduce, rearrange, resource and remake objects and spaces. It is a collaborative process, in which I learn about clients’ styles, needs and wishes… turning dreams into realities. This is especially relevant at the holiday season, as people often need to accommodate more guests and have specific traditions or rituals that take place within the home. Décor and arrangement are integral to this, as they communicate personal styles and beliefs within the intimacy of the holiday home environment. I begin by looking at what people already have, and we then focus on what clients like. Before the holiday season gets too hectic, I recommend un-boxing everything you have squirreled away for holiday or seasonal décor. Think about why you like particular items—perhaps it is the colour, pattern, imagery, or memories that the items evoke? It is easy to get overwhelmed when everything is out at once, so what comes next is to select only the top few items you want to focus on, and reduce the rest. (store, donate, or dispose.) By this select and edit method, the wish lists, colour schemes, and other plans emerge and evolve. The holidays are more fun by celebrating and sharing experiences, and designing is not only more fun but also more efficient and spectacular when you involve the right professional. Whether you are envisioning a one day event or a month-long holiday home makeover, ask a CSP how they can enhance your holiday season.

Sara Washbush, CCSP™ Brockville, 613-349-5429

Wish List Put quite simply, we love to shop! For us it's therapy. That may be why we look forward to the Holidays, a guilt-free retail adventure. We've searched the local shops and collected a few of our favourite finds for your wish list.

ping! Happy shop ela Ang & i u q c a J

2. Inspiring words to wear

1. Holiday glam

3. Warmth in style

5. Tweet condos 4. Luscious leather

SPACES •Vol 1 - No 4 • InGenius Publishing

o you t

RETAIL THERAPY: FAVOURITE FINDS - WISH LIST 1. Sterling jewelry The perfect finishing touch to holiday style is a beautiful necklace. (Green Gecko, Lynhurst)

6. Big time

2. Dream - Love - Shine Foxy Originals help you express yourself. Gold or silver. (Echo Clothing Co. - Brockville)

7. Swankie Mode

8. Dishy comments

3. Chic scarves The right scarf can complete any look (a real fashion-must!) Choose two or three of the hot colours for 2011-2012. (Green Gecko, Lynhurst) 4. Bags & boots Always a great gift for her... a leather bag and boots to match. She'll love this gift! (SAVVY, Brockville) 5. For the birds? Perched on your doorstep, in the garden or anywhere in your home. These bird re-tweets are a wonderful gift for anyone. (Dream Weaver, Brockville)

9. Serious cuisine

6. Time that's Big on style. Never be late - these clocks make a big statement. (Connie's Stage Right, Brockville) 7. Shoe-a-holic on your list? What women wouldn't love this fabulous stockings on her mantel? Handmade so each one is special. (Swankie Mode, 8. Dish the dirt. Let her speak her mind with these fun dish towels. (Trugs Home, Kingston)

10. Whiney words 11. Keyboard friendly

9. For the serious chef It's on every chef's list. A Kitchenaid Mixer with all the attachments. A chef's dream. (Hendrix, Brockville) 10. Wine Tags with attitude Say it like it is and don't lose track of your vino. Let your guests choose the tag that speaks for them. (Eagle Point Winery, Mallorytown) 11. Perfect for techie-teen Let them text in comfort with a pair of BENCH gloves made to keep your fingers keyboard friendly. (Echo Clothing Co., Brockville)

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We are extremely happy to have saved $16,000.00 in fees/taxes and we are using the money to upgrade our new home. Ben, thank you for your prompt service, attention to detail and support during the sale process. The fact that we had a local private sale / real estate expert a phone call or email away 7 days a week was important to us. Mary and Harold

613-925-1100 SPACES •Vol 1 - No 4 • InGenius Publishing

Home away from


Having a guest room in your home is a welcome addition during the holidays, it allows your guests to have a comfortable 'home away from home' with minimal disruption to your household. But is your guest suite dusty, boring and a mishmash of discarded furniture and accessories? Don't feel guilty, you're not alone. Designing a guest suite or room that functions throughout the year can seem daunting. Multifunctional, elegant and inviting are the main objectives. Start with the basics and add personality. Must haves? A comfortable bed (double or larger), a comfy side chair, easy (and private, if possible) access to a bathroom or en suite. The plan? If you are lucky enough to have a spare room in your home and have frequent overnight company, setting up a guest room is a great idea. If you have limited space, consider a multipurpose room in your home. A sleeper-sofa in the family room or office can be the start of a guest room when required and still allow you to have use of the space throughout the year.

The Guest Suite: A permanent guest room is a bonus if you often host overnight company. Think of your guest room as a 'hotel room' within your home. Besides the basics consider adding a TV, an alarm clock, small dresser, a desk and of course a comfy chair. The extras? A basket of essentials (toiletries, local magazines & newspapers and snacks). Decorate this space with simple function in mind, leave space for your company's personal items; an empty dresser and closet will ensure they don't feel they intrude. If there is an en suite be sure everything sparkles, no dried up slivers of soap or 'dust bunnies' in the shower. Add fresh linens and bedding just before your guest arrives and be sure to leave an extra blanket at the foot of the bed. Out to impress? First Christmas with the in-laws? If you really want to impress your guests, go all out! A coffee machine ready to brew, a

small refrigerator stocked with midnight snacks and a special guest basket complete with slippers, a bottle of wine and scented candles. If your guests will be required to entertain themselves during their stay consider adding brochures and tourist guides for local attractions (a map of the area is always appreciated) Stock the guest bathroom with fluffy towels, scented soap and bath oils (sample and trial sizes are available from local spas). A bouquet of fresh flowers is a wonderful welcome.

Multifunction Guest Room: Even if your home has limited space you can still have a welcoming guest room. Invest in a sleeper-sofa for the family room or home office. If you choose this option 'try it before you buy it' and be sure to measure! Will it fit properly into the space when it's pulled out and is it comfortable for sleeping? Don't leave the linens on the pull-out when not in use, fresh sheets are a must! Before your guests arrive open the bed and vacuum thoroughly to remove dust, pet hair and loose change before adding fresh bedding. Remove the clutter and if possible, make alternate arrangements for regular family and household functions. Move the 'family' entertainment into another area of your home; home computers, TV or home office equipment. If you have a spare bathroom, set it up for your guests and have the family share a bathroom for the duration. Guests are wonderful, whether it's family or friends. With the proper planning anyone can be the perfect host, the only drawback... they may come more often and stay longer.

SPACES • Vol 1 - No 4• InGenius Publishing


The Lindal Difference Your Vision The human spirit thrives when a home reflects the passions and personalities of the owners. We will work closely with you to make sure your vision is carried through each step of the way. Bring us your sketches, or choose from thousands of our distinctive plans personalized to suit your needs.

The Lindal family has been setting the industry quality standard since 1945.

Elements of Lindal Living

• At home in a remote wooded setting or urban context • Sun-drenched post-and-beam homes • Expansive window walls and open living areas



• Premium materials • Time-proven engineering • Only lifetime structural warranty in the industry


Modern Please Be Our Guest

RL Homes and Design is the Independent Lindal Distributor for Eastern Ontario. The Lindal Custom Homes Eastern Ontario Presentation Centre is located at 211 King St. West in Brockville. Hours: Mon to Thurs by appointment Friday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm Saturday 9 am to 6 pm Sunday 10 am to 5:30 pm

Learn more at

Come and experience the Lindal Difference. Learn about the process of building your Lindal home from start to finish at a complimentary seminar. Refreshments will be served. When: Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 10 am to 2 pm Where: The Mill, 123 Water Street West, Brockville RSVP: RL Homes and Design 1-855-498-9777 or 613-498-9777

Space to Improve THE Problem

Dear SPACES, I bought an ‘almos

t new’ house and

kitchen is large an family. I find I do

d bright, it just do

n’t have enough

even though the

esn’t function for

storage for my pa


perwork think I’m utilizing the island storage as much as I could be. It’s important that I have a place to get the paperwor k organized, mor e storage for kitchen appliances and co okware as well as sharing the spac e with my childre n. Any suggestio ns? and entertaining

items. And I don’t

Thank you, Gord, Brockville


"Re-configuring the island and building a wall unit is the answer to adding functionality to the kitchen." 1. Build A Wall Unit The empty wall along the entire kitchen could be utilized more efficiently. This is a perfect area to set up a desk station, store loads of pantry items and paperwork as well as entertaining items. Use the expertise of a custom cabinet maker to match the existing cabinets and unify the entire space as one.

2 Re-configure The Island The shape of the island is taking up unnecessary room for this layout. A rectangular island would be ideal with three plus one seats. Instead of having hard to reach corner shelving in the island, you will be able to have a large pots/pans and appliance cupboard with pull out shelves. The island can be moved slightly towards the perimeter to line up evenly to the cabinetry beside the oven, giving you sufficient room between the new wall unit and the seating. Install electrical outlets in the island to provide ample entertaining options and use of small appliances. Adding a built in wine fridge would be a perfect bonus for great entertaining.

3. Family Dynamics The new configuration creates functional work zones within your kitchen. Having adequate prep space on the island will allow you to prepare meals facing the children while they sit at the island. The open concept keeps sight lines open to dining room and living room for guests and importantly the children. Now with your work station in the kitchen, you can work on the household paperwork while your kids sit at the island doing their homework!

'After' photo courtesy of Smack Photography Custom cabinet add-ons designed, built and installed by: Corell Custom Cabinetry

SPACES • Vol 1 - No 4• InGenius Publishing


The homeowner wanted the space to be multifunctional for TV and family as well to reflect memories of fun get-togethers and collected travel pieces.

Real Life Renovations Written by Angela Jenkins Images by SMACK Photography Creative by Jacqui Lysko

"When we purchased the house over twenty years ago, this family room was the deciding factor. I loved the fireplace and view with access to the backyard. It was so special to me that I waited years before I decided to make any changes to it. With a mix of old memories and new pieces, I feel this is my family room. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. It's beautiful and comforting. I feel content." - Debbie Combining the old and the new is the success of bringing this room together. The homeowner owns beautiful travel pieces that are textured with age. A perfect marriage with contemporary furnishings. - Angela

The challenge in this room was the fireplace. It was offset on the back wall and it needed to look centered. By angling the TV cabinet on the right side of the fireplace and having similar dimensions as the unit on the other side, it creates an illusion of balance. Now, the seating areas have an unobstructed view of each focal point and the flow of the room has been defined.


the goal

the inspiration

1. a new floor plan to create a better flow for seating 2. storage solution to utilize the space for efficiently 3. balance the asymmetry on the back wall. 1. the homeowners had beautiful art and treasures from their travels

SPACES •Vol 1 - No 4 • InGenius Publishing

The husband and son wanted comfortable recliners to watch movies in surround-sound. The wife wanted elegant accent chairs that are in scale with the room. They all got what they wanted. Opposite from the swivel 3D Television, these pair of low profile La-Z-Boy速 recliners sets the perfect vignette to push back, kick your feet up and watch a great movie. Speakers behind each chair and sofa were inset into the walls and covered with the same material as the speaker cabinet above the TV in the cabinet to enhance the sound experience.

2. this stone (fireplace) was the natural element needed for a blend of earthy and contemporary

3. little details that brings everything together like these rustic knobs from India and family photos

the palette

1. main wall colour - Rattan accent wall colour - Flint

2. La-Z-Boy速 custom upholstered furniture in a neutral tone, adding pattern and a bolder accent fabric

3. natural woods and organic textures adds layers to the palette

Keeping it a family project: Reviving Design hired out some talented family members to work on this project. Special thanks to Exquisite Designs & Contracting, Men in White Designed Interiors/Pinegate Cabinetry.

770 Gardiners Road • Kingston 613-389-0600

on the menu

Walnut Biscotti

Using cloth to wrap and carry items is an environment-friendly alternative to paper. In Japan a cloth used for this purpose is known as a furoshiki and in Korea as bojagi. To wrap two bottles of wine you will need a 90 cm square of fabric. Hem the edges using a straight or serge stitch or use a festive table topper as the wrap.


Place the square on the diagonal with wrong side up and align the two bottles with the bottle neck facing the outer corners and the bottle bases slightly apart.

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Roll the bottles evenly until the fabric is rolled completely around the bottles.


the cloth in half over 2. Fold the bottles.


4 eggs 1 1/2 cups white


3/4 cup butter, m

elted 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 teaspoon anise extract 1 teaspoon black 1/2 teaspoon alm

walnut extract

ond extract 1 cup chopped wa lnuts 5 cups all-purpos e flour 4 1/2 teaspoons ba

king powder



Bring the bottles to a standing position and tie the excess fabric above the bottles into a square knot.

the bow, add a tag 5. Adjust and voila, a perfect hostess gift that's really two gifts in one.

Want to learn how to wrap it up in style? Picket Fences Fabric in Brockville will be hosting a 'how-to' every Saturday morning until December 17th. Casserole wrap - perfect for Pot-luck Holiday get togethers

Preheat oven to 325 degree F. Stir together flour and baking powder and set aside. Beat together eggs and sugar in a large bowl until well blended. Stir in butter, extracts, black walnut flavoring and the walnuts. Gradually stir flour mixture into creamed mixture blending well. Divide dough on a floured surface into 8 equal portions. Roll each portion into a 14 inch rope. Place four ropes about 2 inches apart on greased cookie sheet. Bake in a 325 degree F (165 degree C) oven for approximately 20 minutes, until bottoms are pale gold in color. Let cool about 2 minutes on the baking sheet then cut each rope on a diagonal into slices 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick. Lay slices close together on sides and bake at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) until lightly toasted (approximately 15 minutes). Cool on baking sheet. Store airtight.

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Set the table

Pictures courtesy of Smack Photography

Choose a theme; this table was inspired by nature.

The use of natural elements such as pine boughs and feathers combined with these adorable 'bird' dishes were the inspiration for this table setting. This is a perfect casual setting for a holiday or Sunday brunch. Textured leather chargers were used under the plates and a mix of drink ware for coffee, tea or Mimosa!

LEFT: A perfect touch, these wood painted holiday birds adds beauty to any table. Available at Dreamweaver, Brockville. BELOW: These Mehndi Wine Glasses hand crafted by Dilly Dally Designs are a custom look and conversation starter at any gathering. Available at The Green Gecko, Lynhurst.


For dinner combine a bit more elegance to the table with touches of metallics like gold and silver. Add a bouquet of fresh flowers and a table runner for a classy style. For the ambience, choose lighting levels like a dimmed chandelier and a soft glow of candles.

The best part of a well-dressed table is the company it's surrounded around. Enjoy your entertaining!



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SPACES Vol 1 No 4  

Home decor magazine

SPACES Vol 1 No 4  

Home decor magazine