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48,000 GVWR / 53 ft. Double Deck Max 6 Car Hauler Trailer

Specifications G.V.W.R Electrical Frame Dovetail Upper Deck Side Rail Tongue Tires Floor Coupler Safety Chains Ramps Tiedowns

48,000 lb. (30,000 lb. axles / 18,000 hitch) DOT approved wiring, connectors, and all rubber mounted L.E.D. lights 6 in. x 3 in. tubular steel N/A 53 ft. with hydraulically lifted rear platform, with wireless remote N/A 6 in. x 3 in. tubular steel Yokohama 235/75 R17.5 LRH (6005) with mounted spare standard Ridged expanded metal runners with open center SAE 2 in. kingpin only (46 in. to 48 in. hitch height) N/A 10 ft. Aluminum Lower:rollback ratchets and straps.Upper:ratchets and 5ft. transport chains

Deck Length Deck Height Deck Width Fenders Lower Deck Brakes Tailgate Wheels Jack Axles Suspension Toolbox Finish

53ft. top deck (plus 3 ft. front flip-outs) for 56ft. usable. 90 in. at highest point of upper deck on standard model. 98 in. N/A 45 ft., 65in. clearance at hump over axle and 60in. at front of lower deck Standard air-over hydraulic with ABS. N/A Heavy duty steel wheels Dual 12,000 lb. drop foot jacks 3-10,000 lb. Oil bath axles Slipper springs 18in. x 18in. x 36in. lockable toolbox Primed, 2 coats of automotive grade enamel

Available Options-Base Price Does Not Include Options Second Spare tire and rim $400 Rollback style ratchets and straps (per set) $135

Frame Appendix Below is a list of additional lengths for this model. Product Number Length N/A


9,000 lb. Electric winch (Set up has access to both decks)

Price $0.00

Additional Info No extra length available


Additional Product Information Max 6 car trailers are full size car haulers pulled by Class 8 trucks. The Max 6 car hauler trailer has a standard top deck average height of 90" (7.5 ft). This allows 6' tall vehicles on top deck for 13' 6" loaded height. For taller SUV's (such as Excursions), we offer a lower top deck height option which limits the bottom deck height to 62". Standard height allows 66" clearance on bottom deck. The featured photo shows the Max 6 loaded with two Excursions, an Expedition, a Grand Cherokee, a full-size Dodge Charger, and a Chrysler 300. This demonstrates the Max 6's hauling capabilities. It will also haul four small cars on top for a total of seven vehicles. With its 10' aluminum ramps, the Max 6 will load sports cars on its top deck. A spare tire, wireless remote control to operate the lift gate, rubber mounted LED lights, and Yokohama 17.5 radial tires are all standard equipment on this outstanding value full size car hauler trailer. 53' Car Haulers may not be legal in all locations!! Check your state laws before purchasing. Kaufman Trailers can help with financing, setup, service and more. Call TODAY. Price Shown INCLUDES FET (Price before FET is

Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice.

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