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WINTER 2010 Issue 1


Eastern Express Hello Eastern Region FBLA Inside this Issue: members! Welcome back to anOfficer 2 other exciting and fun filled Biographies year of FBLA! By now, I hope Giving a 5 your chapters are well on Hand to the their ways to success by taking Community active parts in the community Maryland 6 and preparing members for FBLA: their competitive events. I enReaching courage you all to continue Epic your work to help your chapHeights ter, state, and region become Photos 7 Simply the Best! The goal of this newsletter is to help bridge the comJustin munication gap among the states of the eastern region. Coleman: Here you will be able to read Eastern Region about the exciting activities Vice President that chapters and states are participating in, and ways to help better your FBLA chapter which you can implement in Check out the Eastern Re- the future. You will also be gion online! able to get the inside scoop on what is happening at the nadefault.asp?region=fber tional level and help the officers achieve their goals. They (Under Construction)

have introduced several new programs, such as the Go Green Project, for the future and can only continue with your help! By strengthening our lines of communication, we hope to update as many FBLA members as possible and reach greater heights. This year has a lot in store for all FBLA members, so I dare you to increase your involvement! It would be a shame to miss out on such great opportunities to further cultivate your leadership, and business education. Strive for success, and don’t let anything pull you back, because this year, we aim to be Simply the Best! Sincerely, Inge Chen FBLA Eastern Region Communications Director

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Justin Coleman

Karthik Krishnan

Inge Chen


Eastern Region Eastern Region Eastern Region Communications Director Vice President Secretary


Birthday: July 14, 1992 Birthday: August 31, 1993 Birthday: August 11, 1993 Color: Blue Color: Blue Color: Pink Bands: Three Days Grace Bands: Love and Theft Bands: Coldplay, Relient K Movie: Transformers 2 Movie: Harry Potter Movie: Cinderella Story Food: Pizza Food: Anything Italian! Food: Olive Garden Dishes Video Game: Halo 3 Video Game: Kingdom Video Game: FBLA Competitive Event: Hearts Super Smash Brothers Public Speaking I,II FBLA Competitive Event: (Blue Kirby) Sport: Anything that’s in FBLA Principles and Proce- FBLA Competitive Event: the X-games. Snowboarddures Marketing ing, surfing, skating Pokemon: Electivire PokÊmon: Pikachu


Justin Coleman is a 17 year old junior at HatboroHorsham High School in Pennsylvania. His older brothers, who both were very active in FBLA, were Justin's major influences to his current FBLA career. Justin has been Freshman Vice President, Sophomore Vice President, and is now Junior Vice President at his local chapter. He was also State Vice President at Large, and is currently State First Vice President. Justin is currently your National Eastern Region Vice President.

Karthik Krishnan is a junior at River Hill High School, in Maryland, and is proud to serve as your 2009-2010 Eastern Region Secretary. He has been active in FBLA since his freshman year and can, without a doubt, say that he has experienced FBLA at all levels. Serving as Maryland State Webmaster and having served as Eastern Region Secretary in the 2008-2009 fiscal year has given him the background he needs to fulfill his duties to best of his ability. He encourages all members to get as involved as possible, and to always remember that they are Simply the Best!

Inge Chen, a junior at Shenendehowa Senior High School in New York., serves as your Eastern Region Communications Director. She has been an active and dedicated member of FBLA ever since she joined this prestigious organization in her freshman year, and continues to increase her involvement every year. This year, she serves as her chapter Co-Vice President and is ready to set precedents within her chapter, state, and region! She joined FBLA in hopes of discovering endless opportunities and meeting new people, and she has not been disappointed. Inge hopes that this school year will bring more FBLA successes to help everyone become Simply the Best!

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Prashant Kota

Giles Crelly-Byers

Tim Fisher

Eastern Region Webmaster

Eastern Region VP’s ASsistant

Eastern Region VP’s ASsistant

Birthday: August 27, 1993 Color: Red Bands: Nickelback, Red Hot Chili Peppers Movie: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Food: Tacos Video Game: Call of Duty 4 FBLA Competitive Event: Emerging Business Issues Sport: Tennis

Birthday: October 29, 1991 Color: Green Bands: Lil Wayne, Guster, The Police, The Lonely Island Movie: Forrest Gump Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Video Game: Halo 3 FBLA Competitive Event: Banking and Financial Systems Season: Summer

Birthday: March 10, 1994 Color: Blue Bands: Beatles, CCR Movie: Step Brothers Food: Crabs Video Game: Beatles Rock Band FBLA Competitive Event: Public Speaking Book: 1984

Prashant Kota, a junior currently attending Ward Melville High School in East Setauket, New York, is proud to serve as your Eastern Region Executive Webmaster. In his sophomore year, Prashant joined FBLA, unaware of the wide variety of leadership and academic opportunities that it boasted. On his own time, he manages his own company website and plays tennis at local, state, and national tournaments. He also serves as a National Presidents Assistant for FBLA and holds active roles in his school's newspaper club, science olympiad, and academic team. Throughout this year, Prashant aims to increase communication between local chapters and the national executive board by encouraging more chapters to stay actively involved in the organizations activities.

Giles Crelly-Byers is a senior at Champlain Valley Union High School, in Hinesburg, Vermont and a Vice President’s Assistant with Special Website Permissions. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with friends, travelling, and volunteering. He is planning on pursuing a career in either healthcare, or business and currently holds a part time job at a local business, as a customer service representative. He joined FBLA in his junior year to see what it was all about and has since become the vice president of his school’s local chapter and the treasurer of Vermont FBLA.

Tim Fisher is currently a sophomore at River Hill High School in Maryland. He is an Eastern Region Executive Board Vice President’s Assistant. Additionally, he is the River Hill chapter Vice President. He hopes to help lead the Eastern Region to success this year so that FBLA can continue to be Simply the Best!

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Anthony Parascondola


Eastern Region VP’s Assistant

Eastern Region Eastern Region VP’s Assistant VP’s Assistant


Birthday: February 24, 1993 Color: Blue Bands: Say Anything, Forever the Sickest Kids Movie: Superbad Food: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Fries Video Game: Rockband FBLA Competitive Event: Business Presentation Sport: Ice Hockey

Birthday: November 3, Birthday: January 14, 1992 1993 Color: Pink Color: Green Bands: Anything except Bands: 10th Avenue Opera! North, Newsboys, BranMovie: The Gladiator don Heath Food: In and Out Burger Movie: What’s up Doc Video Game: Call of Duty Food: Sesame Chicken 4 Video Game: Wii Tennis FBLA Competitive Event: FBLA Competitive Event: Impromptu Speaking Parliamentary Procedure Sports Team: NY Giants Events: Renaissance Fairs


F.B.L.A. has already been an amazing experience for Anthony, where he has been able to gain knowledge at a regional, state, and national level. He loves being able to network with others at conferences because it allows him to be able to meet new personalities and create lasting friendships along the way. This great organization has been able to encourage him to achieve goals that never seemed imaginable. Joseph Riley once said, “A life void of service, is a life void of purpose,” so he likes being able to mo-

tivate others and himself to give back to the community.

Giancarlo Riso

Giancarlo Riso hails from the town of Mamaroneck, New York. He attends Mamaroneck High School where he is a senior. This is his second year on the Eastern Region Board; last year he served as the International Relations Project Director. He looks forward to a great year and can't wait for this year to be Simply The Best!

Darcie Shaffer

Darcie Shaffer is a junior at Chestnut Ridge High School in Pennsylvania. She has been a member of FBLA for three years and is currently serving in the positions of Local President, Region 17 President, Pennsylvania State Parliamentarian, and Eastern Region VP’s assistant. She is also involved in Model United Nations, NHS, Scholastic Scrimmage, Band, Tennis and Track at her school. She enjoys rollerblading, singing, and bike riding in her spare time.

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Millions of peo- year and continues to ple across the nation de- establish an astounding

By: Anthony Parascondola, VPA

vote their time toward community service provolunteering and making gram. Annually, we oran impact on one or ganize an event where elementary students come to the high school and trick or treat in Halloween decorated


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further research and aid takes is dedication and basketball team play at least $4000, in which families who have prema- organization to pursue against our entire District all of the proceeds go to There are a Piscataway teachers. So March of Dimes. Reesting fact you should plethora of ideas that can far we had a meeting and member it doesn’t matter remember is that FBLA lead to a successful fund- I organized a committee how big or small your fundraiser is! As long as is the #1 student organi- raiser. Make sure ture babies.

One inter- your goal.

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come more involved with the




March of Dimes each One of the major

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Maryland FBLA is ready and motivated for a dynamic year, reaching success and Reaching Epic Heights. They have been invaluable in the planning and preparation for the NFLC in Baltimore, which takes place November 6-7. Maryland FBLA is working to increase partnerships, both with businesses and colleges, to give members a leg up after graduating from high school. In addition, they plan to contact government officials to organize shadowing. Drawing from the success of last year’s Go Green committee, run by current state president Aaron Moore, Maryland FBLA is working hard to create committees and encourage National FBLA programs to boost Maryland’s performance this year. One such example is the newly enacted Scholar Member Advisory Commission which will give members

By: Tim Fisher, VPA

The Maryland 2009-2010 State Officer Team: President: Aaron Moore Vice President: Scott Salopek Secretary-Treasurer: Dylan Baker Reporter-Historian: Gloria Majchrzak Webmaster: Karthik Krishnan State Parliamentarian: Daniel Li Region I Vice President: Nina Baum Region IIA Vice President: Ariel Jones Region IIC Vice President: Faith Katsman Region III Vice President: Sedra Gibbs Region IV Vice President: John Stabile Region V Vice President: Samantha Still

leadership experience and assist the 2009-2010 officer team.

In the October issue of Maryland’s newsletter, Gloria Majchrzak, state

historian-reporter, interviewed Geoffrey Long, former Maryland State officer and current PBL National Secretary to give FBLA members an inside look at PBL and college at large. Long revealed that PBL is much more student run, and advised all FBLA members to take advantage of every opportunity FBLA offers, and to dream big. Maryland FBLA has large goals to increase partnership and membership, but is also remembering that the true purpose of FBLA is to prepare members for the college and business experience. Clearly, they are doing a great job, drawing from the experience of former members and giving members the tools to succeed in the organization and life. With the guidance of a strong officer team, Maryland FBLA is doing their part, and Reaching Epic Heights.

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Curious to see what’s going on in chapters in your region? Check out these photos!

FBLA members at Chestnut Ridge HS participated in Fall Fiesta, a festival for students in grades K-2, where the members set up booths with learning games to promote our partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and Project Linus.

Brad Allison and Bethany Barefoot, help students color patches of a quilt.

Liz Lynerd and Jeremy Feight, assist students in learning their coins in a matching activity.

Shenendehowa High School attended the annual New York State District 4 Fall District Meeting on October2, 2009. There, FBLA members were able to attend informative workshops and network with other students in their district.

Co-Presidents of Shenendehowa FBLA, Josh Koopman [L] and Eric Wockenfuss [R], pose for a picture at the FDM.

Members of Shenendehowa FBLA, Alyssa Dalrymple [L] and Dakotah Jones[R], smile for the camera while waiting in between workshops.

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The New Jersey State President, Sachet Choudhary, is delivering an empowering speech towards his FBLA peers while at their 2009 Fall Leadership Conference.

New Jersey FBLA members showing their excitement and state spirit while attending their Fall Leadership Conference in October.

Project Manager Karthik Krishnan and Vice President Tim Fisher speak with prospective FBLA parents at a freshman parent night, in an effort to boost membership.

Eastern Express, Winter 2010  

FBLA Eastern Region Newsletter, Winter 2010

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