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MUSIC & NIGHTLIFE GUIDE May 5 — May 19 2013 l Issue #199 l l EST 2005

Far from the Bronx

Magnificent Martinez Brothers Massively Move Marlin DJ Marky, John Morales, Mr C, Soulab, Smokingroove, Mach 4, Gig Listings, Party Pics, Angry Monkey and lots more...

A Note From The Watchman

Editor-in-chief: Talal Budebs Managing Director: Charl Chaka Editor: Marty Metcalf Sales Director: Vip Patel 050 169 8712

I’ve been kicking around Dubai for many years, and must say that I can’t remember us in the UAE having such an interesting nightlife environment. With such a mixed cluster of nationalities, music tastes, attitudes etc... It is beautiful to see the majority of revellers standing side-by-side, absorbing and enjoying their nocturnal entertainment as one. The escapism that music offers is just delightful. I do love to watch people enjoying themselves on the dancefloor or kicking back in a bar to blissful beats... Respect to those DJs, clubs and promoters whom see beyond squeezing punters for their hard earned ‘Dirhams’ and whom serve up, well rounded nights of audio escapades. Keep up the good work! Musical love & Light .. Jedi Master Marty

Contributors: Benjie Mar Jacobo Gareth Davies Lisa Sant Marlon Tulaszewski Melissa Bayik Miriam Sweeney Nthayi Tshehle Oliver Adams Pan-Arabia Enquirer Design: Allan (Jmaxlolo) Tinsay Grown-up stuff: Infusion is published by Milehigh Media, llc. PO Box 53443 Dubai, UAE Contact us: Tel/Fax: 04 368 8098

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BACK Retrospective on what’s been happening in our world.

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Looking Back

What we did GlobalFunk FeatURING Andy C @The Music Room

It was WELL WORTH the trip over to The Music Room last week! Somalie and Mach 4 played great warm up sets, getting the crowd nicely in the mood for a night of hedonistic DnB! Andy C is just supreme! He supplied a real roller coaster of ‘Drum & Bass’ mayhem. The Executioner took us on a journey of DnB past, present and future all whisked together flawlessly on 3 decks! Packed with energy, he was jumping around behind the decks for the full 2 hrs, loving every tune! The most memorable tune of the night was definitely ‘Wilkinson – Higher & Higher’! All 400 people that were packed into the venue were definitely hardcore DnB fans, jumping about all night and as the party came to a close, all were chanting Andys name!

Sunny Vibe Up FeatURING Shepdog @ Dusk Terrace, Media City

We hopped along to the 12-hour marathon of a pool gathering and were pleasantly, impressed with the soiree. Reggae and mash-ups were the stable of the day with ‘nice ups’ back catalogue getting a good rinsing. Shepdog and Jstar bounced away behind the decks twice during the party, first off early with some laid back pools tunes and then finishing of the night with session bangers! Deep Crates Cartel laid down their typical spread of funk soul, hip hop and breaks. A great mixture of after brunch music heads and the ‘odd’ sports celebrity! Sunny Vibe Up are back for their last party of the season at Dusk Terrace on 3rd May from Midday till Midnight.

Looking Back Martin Solveig @ Café Del MaR The unseasonal rain didn’t put many off from strutting their funky stuff at Café Del Mar last week. French boy, Martin Solveig was ‘inda-house!’ The venue was full of extremely ‘HOT’ girls and boys in a very relaxed ambience. Music was just fantastic, everyone appeared to be having a royal ball! The monumental moment kicked as soon as Solveig dropped his track “Hello” … Although, he wasn’t very interactive with the revelers, his set was smoking! Café Del Mar is a sexy venue with just the right amount of glamour!

House Of Africa ‘Freedom Day Special’ @ Dek On 8, Media One, Media City

It was a colossal party at Media One last Friday! The African posse were out in full effect to celebrate ‘Freedom Day’. There is something really special about the SA Vibe, especially when everyone gathers together! Special guests, Goldfish and Dino Moran did not disappoint, tearing into the excited crowd with blistering tune after blistering tune! Special mention to ‘Nthayi Tshehle’ for laying down some beautiful SA vibes. Thanks to all who joined us and made the night so memorable! We’ll see you all again real soon!

Looking Back

Say What Dancefloor dictionary CRUNK: Contrary to popular belief, Crunk isn’t a combination of crazy and drunk or chronic and drunk. Crunk is from the Southern U.S states and is the passed tense for crank... It has been adopted by the ‘Southern rappers and DJs wanting to ‘Crank up’ the club! ie: “Lets get dis club crunk up” “Hells yeah dawg, dat club was crunk! Very tickled!! In numbers The numerical digits used today such as 1, 2 and 3 are based on the Hindu-Arabic numeral system developed over 1000 years ago.

Short and tweet SAMUEL L JACKSON: Some day I’d like to take a plane journey without someone mentioning snakes. This time it was the pilot! Just drive the fu**ing plane man! KANYE WEST: Do you know where I can find marble conference tables? I’m looking to have a conference… not until I get the table though. OLD ‘REALLY BAD’ JOKE What’s a frog’s favorite drink? Croaka Cola.

Martin Solveig

@CafĂŠ del Mar

Buraka DJs


Freedom Day

@DEK on 8

Full Moon Party @360

Happy Mondays @Dubai Tennis Stadium

Cirque Loves @Cirque du Soir

Looking FORWARD Where we filter out the best things that are coming your way...

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Looking Forward

Local News This is where WE can use the word LEGEND!

When we first found this event. we had to check it wasn’t a joke! We nearly dropped a deuce or two in our chinos. DUST, with loving support from Electric Days and for the first time in Dubai are welcoming legendary NYC Disco producer, remixer and DJ, JOHN MORALES! John Morales has been involved in the creation of hit DISCO records for the better part of 30 years with over 1000 songs on his own, and as part of John Morales & Sergio Munzibai (M & M Productions). Known in the industry as an innovator and chance taker, John has always welcomed the challenge of working with new artists and can lay claim to being one of the originators of the extended mix, remix and re-edit concept. Having worked, remixed or edited everyone from Marvin Gaye, Inner Life, Jocelyn Brown, Fantastic Aleems, Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin, Evelyn Thomas, Fantastic Aleems, Brass Construction, War, Candi Staton, Loletta Holloway, First Choice, Salsoul Orchestra & Double Exposure just to name a few, expect John to give a FUNK & DISCO lesson covering 30+ years of the sound that shaped music as we know it today. Kicking off for sunset with Megadon Betamax, James Locksmith & Cam BCN. If you are as serious about music as us, this is probably one of the most important bookings that Dubai has been lucky to confirm. We tip our disco wigs to the ‘DUST and Electric Days’ ensemble! Tamanya Terrace, Radison Blu, Media City 6PM - 2AM - 17 May 2013. AED 75 (free for ladies before 8pm). Email for guest-list reservations, updates and event info. Hotline 0504760893

Friction Burn

audiOasis is back on Friday 10th May when they'll be bringing over DJ Friction, the first International they’ve booked and a real heavy weight in the scene as well as being the host of the BBC Radio One Drum n Bass show! They said, “we're absolutely delighted to have Red Bull on board, they've been amazing, very supportive and they're helping us with a Void sound system which is being brought in by the guys at Real Event.” Not to forget the local artists who are involved, we will have MC support from MC Prit, an old hand at DnB MCing and a stalwart on the scene. In addition we will be welcoming Malikah (Arabic Female Hip Hop artist) known as the Queen of Arab Hip Hop, to audiOasis for the first time, as you can see, she's pretty popular around here! Local DJs will be, Mr Gremlin, Somalie, Elekktra and Kymera.

The very unseasonal weather we’ve had in the UAE recently … Lovely! 10 years of GlobalFunk with DJ Marky!! It is going to be ridonkulous! The first Fujairah Latin Festival from May 30th... Radisson Blu, Fujairah!

Yet another pretentious opening of an ‘exclusive, legendary, - VVIP venue, only for VVVVVVVVIP’ How snooooring! The unfortunate resurgence of the word ‘bling’ and the introduction of the vile term ‘swag’… Random bank charges ‘100AED has been deducted from your account for relationship maintenance fee.

rty pa n y r na t! O ! rdi ntoo ance rn o ra a ge tu ! ext in Gh ven rs re ssion s i ' io he g E UA herin n aud Brot dic m a o t Ibiz ga h a ez el in ntal wit artin ed, m l r a e ck M k e M num e ba r, the y pac u l , B mo ar e rg ise ther ronx cemb ene r B e er to no gin ith a m the last D anoth e s b ’ w fro ue n ure it-up ers ven ses o t a h r pe teps- brot aded mas m s lo lin te ‘ he As ason th, t ked a Mar se ay 10 roc Blue M ving the Ha take to

s e r h e T h t m x o n o r o r B F r B

he he n T op t t e se ‘dr ha er s t w ck ly ev ther tha teve pa ing e e o w S th em a ’v r ou B no nd f se min fI y inez ’ll k is a est o eir sta r rt ou r th g re y Ma ts’ y s Ch the but ckin . we the s , ro m a e s m s t l r d e be ara fro skil ck- sias the ag an z r lo u p ro rly nt b B se tine thei y, b nth a , s r t ez e ere g i ds rg e tin an diff thin oar e d Ma jus ene ble r ’t ka Ma rom in in eyb f th an isn tless ista he ic. F ying r ma ay k n o age i T m x, us pla u pl era ar uld lim un on in m ts, s. “O lso vet e G r wo d r n a a B is e a en h he rsed rum roug . We as rad fath M. t a ir w t n e s bo as r F i P e nto d g he e he iss rn mm in l Th rs i an Bo ed i play loca , con r fat ke th nd t n K , o o d f s ei li o a is o, on -flo isc , ra nt to es o rum Th ubs kids ows ey nce ir d e to chn e r ch d t.” cl e sh b a g e a h te av d le hur n— tha rk , th io a an ny d m t om into u h … c sio ike Yo up rad , h o e n o i us ff l ew g ’s r, is a r ar d m le f pay path n. “Y her eve rc stu f N win ord P e y t e t o l f e w p s, , o gr is to ick ir s ully ra we ry ha to a s g n f e w u t ba o er and Re do ve k the hey nat be ev tro, fraid n y , c n g o t a t a m n i c s f m i n L h o d Lo im s lvi ich ow es fr ele be ”. o e oT k t ther Evo wh eir l lin ces no, t to self h r t T n Yo Bro e. ots, g th d al uen ch no our te c o e is w y fl in n lis Ne inez h sin ful r find e a t in se, T ey ent t e s l m r o a ouc ou nd ou o g ou he k einv r H t F M t t h a s r

At the forefront of a musical generation looking beyond boundaries – new, old, house, techno, disco… whatever moves them – it’s hard not to be drawn to the Martinez Brothers. Observing their infinite and innocent energy mixed with serious musical skills and knowledge, you can only watch and do just as they do, go with the flow.

This will be a fantastic sun-kissed jam so make sure you have it locked into your social calendar! Friday, May 10th 2013. For reservations: +971 56 113 3400
 or email: Restaurant: 1PM – 11PM
 Safety Driver: +971 56 113 3400

Crank the drums, drop The bass! GlobalFunk, Dubai's longest running nightlife brand continues to light the way for the underground music scene in the UAE. On Thursday 16th May, it turns a sensational 10 years old and will be celebrating with international D&B hero ‘DJ Marky’.


DJ Marky has gone from an avid record collector and music enthusiast to an internationally revered DJ, producer and label owner. How did you discover DnB? I started off playing Hip Hop and Techno, gradually moved onto Hardcore, then found Jungle, which became DnB! When did you first start performing LIVE? I used to DJ off of ‘reel to reel’ tapes when I was like 17/18. This year I celebrate 20 years as a pro DJ. . Why the UK? It’s the biggest scene probably on the planet. British people absolutely love DnB and Jungle, I can’t even describe. What is your greatest musical moment to date? Has to be LK getting into the UK Top 20. For any artist, having a track in the charts is the holy grail.

Greatest live performance was at... It would be the all night gig at ‘The End’. Me and Fabio took a room each, played for 4 hours, then swapped – it was crazy. If you could work with any producer, who would it be and why? I’d love to work with Jazzy Jeff on anything. He has serious skills on the turntables and makes some pretty cool beats. Digital or vinyl? Why? In clubs I use Serato with turntables so it is a little bit of both. It means that I don’t have to carry around 8 record boxes and cut dubplates, which saves my back and my wallet! What can we expect from your forthcoming Dubai showcase? Heaps of big tunes and an energetic performance! I love Dubai and am really excited to come back and to spend a bit of time with you guys.


Pioneer of Drum n Bass and Breakbeat in the Middle East – DJ – Promoter of GlobalFunk – Broken Beat Fanatic. Why MACH4? My surname is McDonald and I was called ‘Macca’, ‘Maccus’ ‘Mac’ etc and my favourite number is 4. Nothing to do with razors! How did you dream-up GLOBALFUNK? The idea of a night playing DnB, Breaks and REAL Hip Hop was there and after bouncing a few names around with Natalie (my wife and driving inspiration to give promoting a go) we settled on GlobalFunk.

Who was your first GLOBALFUNK guest DJ? Andy C. But technically he wasn’t the first international DJ to play as his label partner at Ram Records, Red One, who came over with him and played the hour before Andy’s two hour set! Who has been your favourite GLOBALFUNK guest? WOW, that’s a difficult one as there have been so many amazing sets over the years from both local and international acts. But, if I really have to choose one, then I would say FABIO. How is the DnB scene in the UAE? Right now it’s probably the healthiest its ever been! What does the future hold for GLOBALFUNK & MACH4? For GlobalFunk its onwards and upwards. Since 2009 I partnered up with Charl and the INFUSION team. We both bring strong promotional elements to the table and it’s a partnership that is going from strength to strength. For MACH4 it’s a case of balancing my love of the music with work and family life. Maximum RESPECT and MASSIVE thanks goes out to all the ARTISTS who have played for us over the last 10 years. Celebrate 10 years with the GlobalFunk guys, Thursday 16th May 2013, The Music Room, DXB! Free entry for Music Room Privilege cardholders 9pm – 10pm 100AED for everyone else from 9pm onward. For reservations +971 567 996 335


10 MAY, 2013




17 MAY, 2013



We’ve tweaked the listings, and give one-off events preference. For a full list of what’s on, please head to Please submit your listings to for possible inclusion.

ON THE THE RADAR ON RADAR Urban Circus, Madinat Theatre, Jumeirah, 23–25 May Dubai Rock Fest, Dubai World Trade Centre, 7 June

Sunday May 5 Justin Bieber Believe World Tour AT the Sevens Stadium Extra show for the regional believers 5 PM – 10 PM 350 AED Standing

Monday 6 Hip Hop Mondays, Cirque Du Soir

Bustling early-week party with excellent hip hop vibes from start to finish. 10pm-3am.

Tuesday 7 Ladies night Tuesday at Blends, The Address Dubai Marina The epitome of Dubai’s sophisticated nightlife for complimentary selected beverages. Be entertained DJ Stickyfingers 6pm to 2am, with two complimentary beverages for the ladies.

Uber Tuesdays, Sho Cho

Markii, Mike Daniels, and more hold it down with deep house. Weekly.

Wayans Brothers Stand Up Comedy Show, Dubai World Trade Centre, 21 June Rihanna Diamonds World Tour, Du Arena, Yas Island 19 October

WedNESDAY 8 Diamond Wednesdays, XL Beach Club Radio 1’s Brooklyn and
DJ Shero on the urban soundtrack, with free Diamond cocktails for ladies until 1am. 10pm-late.

Gossip, Dek On 8, Media One

Free flowing cocktails from 8-11pm, with Shaun Somoro DJing at the newly refurbished venue. 8-11pm, Free.

Thursday 9 Boudoir

Free shots for ladies until 1am, and commercial RnB and house. 10pm-3am. Weekly.

Conan Manchester, Loca

Foot-tapping funk, soul and rock and roll from Conan at one of our favorite bars in town. Weekly Thursday and Friday.

Deep Crates,
 Casa Latina

Popular vinyl-friendly hip hop,

funk and soul night led by DJ Lobito. 10pm-3am, free, free wine for ladies 10-12.


Jmaxlolo and guests, Femme Fatale DJs are back with another great evening. Chelsea Plaza Hotel (formoer RYDGES hotel, Satwa)

Ladies First on Thursdays

Ultra-stylish décor and vivacious ambience of Blends on Cosmo Nights. DJ, Patrick Pereira’s sets are a tasteful mix.Every Thursday and Friday 6pm to 3am, with complimentary beverages for the ladies from 8pm till 11pm

Noir Extreme at Pulse, Movenpick (Bur Dubai)

What Da Funk, Chameleon

Deep house to commercial as resident Stu Laurie takes control of the decks. 10pm-3am.


INFUSION MAGAZINE EXPERIENCE @ 360 With special guest Stuart Patterson. Hoolz and Charl Chaka joining him on support

AudiOasis Presents Friction @ Q Underground, Holiday Inn, Al Barsha BBC Radio One Drum and Bass DJ brings it on! 9 PM – 3 AM 50 AED

Audio tonic ‘Sunset Sessions’ with NOIR (Noir Music | Defected)

NOIR is back to inflict Disco carnage with Julian Jinx and Raxon supporting up top and Magadon Betamax down below. 4 PM – 2 AM Guestlist only.


HOUSE OF AFRIKA DEK ON 8 A who’s who of the African & South African house music industry. With special guest Coco Loco HAPPY HOUR from 5pm - 8pm FREE ENTRY!

Big Love Sound System

Every Friday sunset at the Bussola Terrace, The Westin Hotel. Join Marty Metcalf from 5pm for a super, sun-kissed blend of music. Featuring everything from retro movie soundtracks, Drum-n-Bass, Hip Hop to Deep House. No cover charge and friendly priced drinks!

Friday Pool Party with FUNKAGENDA live at the XL Beach Club Funkagenda drops it like its


Energetic house and crossover tunes at this popular club. 10pm-3am, ladies free. Weekly.

Friday 10


hot at this all day pool party affair complete with BBQ and sunshine. Supported by Rich Round Mowgli S3rhan and Serik on Saxophone. 12 Pm – 3 AM

GROOVE ON THE GRASS WATERGATE 13 RELEASE TOUR- CATZ N’ DOGZ, RUEDE HAGLESTEIN, STASSY Emirates Golf Club House music straight from Berlin out on the plush greens, expect madness. 6 PM – 3 AM 150 AED with complimentary drink.


Sandance presents FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE – Nasimi Beach Atlantis

Florence and the Machine grace us with there presence in this memorable showcase with Nightmares on Wax, Keane, and Groove Armada mixin it up on the one’s and two’s, proppa. 2 PM – 2 AM 295 AED



Straight from the Bronx, these brothers are definitely going to work it out and rock it out. With Jean B and Frederick Stone on support. 1 PM – 11 PM

Saturday 11 Audio Tonic Presents Saturday Showcase, 360 Deep, tech house vibes upstairs, with a selection of

some of Dubai’s finest guest DJs. 5pm-3am, free.

Saturday Brunch, Blue Marlin

Weekly chilled out brunch, with funk, soul and disco on the decks. 1-5.30pm, Dhs240.

Monday May 13 Hip Hop Mondays, Cirque Du Soir

Bustling early-week party ballers with excellent hip hop vibes from start to finish. 10pm-3am.

Tuesday 14 granulated funk + soul + ladies night, xs club • lounge

Funky Ladies night at its finest with Jmaxlolo, DJ FreezC, DJ Ru and Femme Fatale DJs.

Wednesday 15 Havana Nights at Blends, The Address Dubai Marina

Complimentary Salsa lessons from dance expert Aloy Junco. Live four-piece band Esencia Cubana and DJ Moe. Complimentary beverages for the ladies; and Beginner Salsa class from 9pm to 10pm. Happy hour 6pm -8pm

Soulful Sessions at 360 360 resident Tristan Bain and Soulful Session’s Schooly will be laying down classic funk soulful house and Nu Jazz in this new weekly. 10 PM – 3 AM Free Admission

Thursday 16


GLOBALFUNK 10th Anniversary, The Music Room

GlobalFunk turns 10 and will be celebrating this fact with internationally known DJ Marky (Brazil) and SP: MC at The Music Room. Free entry for Music Room Privilege cardholders 9pm – 10pm 100AED plus A FREE TIGER BEER for everyone else from 9pm onwards. For reservations please contact +971 567 996 335

Friday May 17

Barcelona based Mexican house DJ carves it up with Russ Cooper and Mr. Mr. up top and Tristan Bain down below. 4 PM – 2 AM Guest list only.

Champagne Shower Pool Party by BONG Event FridAY May 17 @ XL Beach Club

Special Bubbly deals will shower the day with nonstop DJ’s splashing all over; VANILLA (AUSTRALIA) plus guests spinning progressive house. 12 PM – 3 AM 100 AED

A who’s who of the African & South African house music industry. With special guest Vimo HAPPY HOUR from 5pm - 8pm FREE ENTRY!


DUST & Electric Days, Tamanya Terrace, Radison Blu, Media City

For the first time in Dubai legendary NYC Disco producer, re-mixer and DJ.. JOHN MORALES jumps onto the decks with a marvelous mix of all things disco! Kicking off for sunset with Megadon Betamax, James Locksmith & Cam BCN. 6PM - 2AM - How much: AED 75 (free for ladies before 8pm) Email Dustdxb@ for guest-list reservations, updates and event info.

GIRL DJ FESTIVAL MAY HOSTED BY DJ AMELY Velvet Underground Royal Ascot Hotel

Third week installment of this all girl DJ Festival dropping commercial all over the place. DJ Amely shows us how its done. 10:30 PM – 3 AM Free for ladies Gents AED 100.

Saturday 18 ENTRA MI CASA @ 360

Infusion Magazine brings you perfect wind-down to your weekend with ENTRA MI CASA. Free entry for all. Doors open 6pm – 3am


Audio Tonic ‘Sunset Sessions’ with ROBBIE AKBAL (Akbal Music | Get Physical) 360 at Jumeirah Beach Hotel




Look AND

LISTEN Music be the food of love, so read on...

> Music News > Album Reviews > DJ Booth > DJ Top 10

Look and Listen

Music News... MUSIC BITES

Ibiza Calling! Radio 1 star Pete Tong, meanwhile, promised he’ll be bringing the ‘finest underground talent’ to his new Friday daytime series of weekly parties at Ushuaia. “I’m looking forward to making Fridays completely unique, bringing daytime clubbing back to the island with an incredible lineup of underground and global names,” he promised in his own event (called ‘Le Grand Bazaar)’s accompanying press release. UK legend Sasha also announced details of the daytime party at Ushuai’s new Tower venue on Sundays this summer, also featuring DJs ‘pushing new music with no rulebook and total creative freedom’ (also announced in a press release). “I love the fact these parties are free and taking place on Sunday daytime, bringing back a bit of the old island spirit of Sunday daytime raving,” he added. “I’ve already been to see the new venue and made plans for who’s going to come down and join me to play. Some really inspiring music. Can’t wait to get started!”

If you followed the saga of ‘Rehab’ singer Amy Winehouse during her too-short, chaotic and meteoric rise to worldwide fame, you may be interested to know that a documentary film is currently in the ‘works’… ‘fessed up’ to stealing the beat behind his new song with Chris Brown... but insists it was an honest mistake. The song “Let’s Go” featuring Brown ‘accidently’ borrowed the track from an Arty & Mat Zo song called “Rebound.”

Look and Listen Amnesia Embraces Techno

Balearic super-club Amnesia have revealed that Berghain star Marcel Dettmann and Berlin duo Pan-Pot are headlining their opening party on June 8, declaring in the event’s accompanying press release ‘techno is the big thing of 2013’. The massive club also promised their Terrace ‘will host behind the decks a cohort of global ambassadors of the underground grooves’ singling out Davide Squillace – one of the household names for the non-commercial sound – as another signpost highlighting their increasingly tech-house direction.

DJing A Worse Job Than Bus Driving and Being A Security Guard!

A new survey of USA jobs which analysed work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook has ranked DJing 179 out of 200 jobs, below gym instructors, bartenders, bus drivers, rat catchers and security guards. Though typical security guards earned slightly less than DJs, they were more than compensated by stress levels almost half that of the average DJ, plus career prospects three times better. Pest Control workers whose duties include ‘managing or removing unwanted creatures that infest buildings and surrounding areas earned more than DJs for similar levels of stress but enjoyed five times better prospects for career development. Hairdressers were also considerably more content than DJs. While 40% of the hairdressers they quizzed said they were happy in their jobs, just one in nine DJs (13%) said the same, while butchers (14%) florists (18%), and plumbers (20%) were more likely to be happy as well.


Rolled by sho cho’s renowned Roll Master with your own combination of super fresh ingredients. Simply design, order and pay online. Then our speedy delivery Ninja’s will suddenly appear at your door. Let’s Roll!

Call 800 SUSHI (78744) or visit Eat or collect at our restaurant. Find us at Shop 18, Wasl Square, (opposite Safa Park) Al Wasl Road, Dubai.

Look and Listen


For more Album Reviews go to


Mr.C returns to center stage with a stunning new album that embraces his acid house roots whilst examining the world in which we currently reside. Richard West AKA Mr.C should need little introduction to anyone. A pioneer of Britain’s Acid House movement, he helped forge the early House and Techno scene as a producer, MC, DJ and party promoter. From his mid eighties vinyl releases with Eddie Richards, through his legendary Clink Street residency and on to his days as club owner at London’s The End, he has always been at the heart of the ever shifting landscape that is dance music. As frontman and song writer for the chart topping act the Shamen he picked up the prestigious Ivor Novello award and was ingrained into the memory of music lovers across the globe. Since the closure of The End in 2009 Mr.C has channeled his prodigious talents and endless passion into his Superfreq brand, launching parties in the far corners of the globe and taking his sound and his positivity to party crowds across the planet in Ibiza, Mexico, London, LA, Miami, Moscow and a myriad or other cities.

For more Album Reviews go to

Look and Listen



Yep... Perfectly pleasant compilation of Broken Beat, Nu Soul, Disco and Soul offerings. Just right for a sunkissed afternoon on the beach! Made with musical pearls from the SouLab’s catalogue. This compilation is an Ode to the modern Soul Music! A cheeky selection of fabulous Soul edits and remixes. If you know the record label ‘Soulab’ .. You’ll know the melodic quality they always offer. This one should not be missed if you like your music served funkly gorgeous and soultastic!











After his chart smashing track “Miracles”, Peter Brown is back with yet another kicker of a track on Mjuzieek, entitled “Happy People” 2 great mixes to choose from, the Original by Peter himself, the other by Coqui Selection, both are slammin’!


Send tracks/edits/remixes to

BEATS & BEES – NORTHEYE – ¡! RECORDS A simple and pleasing selection of deep bump along edits. Would duck sweetly into any soulful set. Click, drag and plant this into your box! SHMEX – SQUARE EYES – FOR THE RECORD A stealthily melodic doodle, combining a tweak of tough ‘trancey’ drums over laced with an almost ‘broken-beat’ zest.


For more Album Reviews go to


A 40 track belter (plus 3 full-length DJ mixes) ‘Toolroom Goes Deep’ returns for its third outing, showcasing the deeper side of Toolroom Records. Including Toolroom favourites alongside new & exclusive tracks from Dusky, Prince Club, Hot Since 82, Eelke Kleijn, Waze & Odyssey, Friend Within, Ejeca, Supernova, M.A.N.D.Y. & many many more. Dope!! You need it!

SIP – MR BEEP – L2S RECORDINGS Mr Beeb is making waves in the Future Garage world. His debut release for L2S “Sip” takes inspiration from the grimier end of the spectrum. Mutant synths that twist and turn throughout, morphing with 2 step beats and a chunky bottom end. THANKFUL – ZIGGY FUNK – TONY RECORDS Another dope! soulful selection from the Tony Humphries corner. Everything we expect from Ziggy and friends. A quality slice of House Music with a large dose of soul!


As two wise men once said, ‘The brothers gonna work it out’ and it’s an adage the ‘Smokingroove’ brothers have taken to heart as they’ve become one of the most in-demand production and DJ duos around. Specialising in deep, Chicago-flavoured jackin’ house, ‘Safe and Marko’ hold down the most coveted residency in the Middle East at Nasimi Beach, a 5,000 capacity venue nestled on the edge of the ‘seen-from-space’ Atlantis Hotel.

One thing you might not know about me is... S: I studied Sound engineering & Entertainment law at Westminster to run my own businesses. M: I studied Hairdressing in the UK for three years only to figure out it wasn’t for me… My worst ever job was... S: Selling offsite office shredding. I really didn’t care what people did with their own documents. M: At 16, I delivered Pizza’s in a really rough neighbourhood to save up for my driving lessons, I came back to the shop with no bike on more than one occasion… My favourite ever record is... S: The Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ Jack Flash M: Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra DJing is much like... S: Making love to a beautiful woman… M: What he said… Dubai’s clubbing scene is... S: Getting there. M: Doing good things and moving forward! I’m really proud of... S: The years of hard work we’ve put into our professional careers. M: Turning up to Dubai over 5yrs ago with a suitcase & £100... Still going strong! What track could you drop in every set? S: DJ Sneak – The Party of all (Signed to my Gold Drama Recordings label) M: Hard Drive – Deep Inside (I have a remix for every occasion) If I could change one thing about anything it would be... S: I could do with a couple of billion in the bank... M: I’d let nightclubs & Bars in Dubai operate independently from Hotels, then open my own! Until then... If I could go back-to-back with any other DJ it would be... S: The Mongoloids (Daft Punk, Roger-S, Armand Van Helden, DJ Sneak, Junior Sanchez, Basement Jaxx). M: Loco Dice, DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter or Mark Farina… Either of those would do!

Look and Listen

DJ TOP 1234 56 78910

To submit your Top 10, send in the below format to

Julius Papp

Sonny Fodera

Just Lance Barasti Beach Bar, Entra Mi Casa,

Mustafa Sarikaya White X Beach Lounge Dubai

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Souldynamic – NJ Attitude – Underground Collective Lars Vegas – The Game – Large Iron Curtis – Thoughts On – 4lux Black Kings Of Tomorrow – Fall For You – Defected Andre Espeut – Everybody – Imagenes Sell Outs – Without You – Deeper Shades Joey Negro – When You Touch Me – Z Records Scott Diaz – Luv 4 You – Connected Jazzy Jens – C U In LA – Basic Fingers Tom Tom Club – Love To Love You Baby – Caus-N-ff-ct

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DBow – Get Involved – Beatdown Akabu – Everybody Wants Something – Z Records Dusky – Nobody Else – Aus Music Gene Farris – It’s the Underground – Cajual Grant Nelson – Beautiful Lie – Swing City Sonny Fodera – How Quick – Cajual Gene Farris – Good For Me – Cajual Luke Pompey – Crowd Control – Love Not Money Golf Clap – On To You – ¡! Records Lars Vegas – The Game – Large

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1. Ruede Hagelstein – Solitude (Original Mix) [Promo] 2. Riva Starr Ft. DJ Sneak - In Da House Tonight (Original 3. S.K.A.M. - This Is Better (Original Mix) [Audio Tonic 4. SK95 Feat. Swazi - Sun Of The South (R.I.P My D.J.) 5. Kolombo And Sharam Jay - Non Stop! [Tiger Bunny] 6. Sante, Sidney Charles – Jack On The Rocks (Sante's 90s 7. Funky Trunkers - Coveted (Original Mix) [Chicago House FM 8. Belocca, Gabriel & Castellon – Beat You Back (Original 9. Kings Of Tomorrow feat April - It's Only You (Sandy 10. Tim Paris feat. George Levin - Golden Ratio

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Rapture (Avicii New Generation Extended Mix) Say My Name (Calvin Harris Extended Remix) Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing Extended Mix Adele-Set_Fire_To_The_Rain_The_Perez_Brothers_Remix Avicii vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One (Nicktim_Original_ Swedish_house_mafia_feat_john_martin-dont_you_worry_ David Guetta ft. Usher - Without You (House Remix) Changed The Way You_Kiss Me - Exemple Mike Candys Sean Finn - Show Me Love (club house) Criminal Vibes - Pump Up The Jam (Club Mix)




THURSDAY May 16th 2013 Support from MACH4, Anderson Lima, Charl Chaka, MC PRIT & MC Ollywood. Free entrance for privilege card holders from 9-10pm. 100AED for everyone else from 9pm onwards. +21. For reservations call 056 799 6335. I I





S NT AT, T H 4




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Looking Closer

Weird News... Bad Bears

A pair of sweet-toothed bears were on the run after breaking into the Ballard Bee Company’s HQ in Washington State and stealing thousands of Dirhams’ worth of honey!

A Very Fishy Story A New Zealand man checked himself into A&E at an Auckland hospital with an eel stuck up his pooper. X-rays revealed the eel to be about 20cm long.

Fairy Tale A man called 999 to demand police protection after claiming he was being bullied by a fairy in Maidstone, Kent, UK.

23 Kuwait Street, Port Rashid Dubai T: +971 4 3868111


Street Style

Dress: Ley Lau - Wall & Jones Boutique Sneakers: Adidas Originals Honey Heels Purse: Designed myself Lipstick: by Barry M

After treating our office wall to a spectacular street art masterpiece, we wanted to invite aerosol artists ‘Sya and Bow’ back to IHQ for a few more photos and show that their dope thread style is just as fresh as their graffiti style!

Bow: I absolutely love contrast in clothes, period drama pieces to cool street wear, mixing stuff up. I totally believe you can clash clothes from all era’s as long as each individual item is an outstanding piece on its own merit. Sya: My style is “whatever I want it to be“. I don’t go for the high street stuff or big brand names. I go for the brands that have a meaning and represent what I like. Graff, BMX, Music. Bow: Cool stuff is hard to find. I tend to stumble across different things to buy while travelling overseas, I very much buy on impulse and because I’m having a nice day and I want to remember that moment in time. Sya: I have been a huge fan of artistic tees for years, I need to have something different, that not to many people have, not to stand out but to know I am not following any set trend. Bow: Over all I would describe my style as “classy street punk fairy”. Sya: If it’s funky, weird, different, original or just plain eye catching I’m down with it. I have no style I just rock whatever I want.

Hat: Stussy from Overkill Berlin Jacket: Adidas Jeremy Scott Tee: Custom made Deep Crates Cartel logo tee Jeans: Superdry, London

88 MILES PER HOUR!! SHARJAH: Following the recent addition of a Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari FF to Dubai’s fleet of police cars, the police force in the neighbouring emirate of Sharjah this morning unveiled their latest patrol car. The 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, fitted with its iconic gullwing doors, has been painstakingly restored to its Back to the Future heydays, with full police livery. “If only it had a flux capacitor, we could travel in time to stop people committing crimes,” laughed sergeant Wissam Chassis. “Just like Marty does in Back to the Future 2.” Experts have since questioned whether the traffic in Sharjah would allow the DeLorean to reach the required speed of 88 miles per hour needed for the flux capacity to work. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Kabul police last week showcased their newest addition, a second-hand 1988 Vauxhall Cavalier. The Pan-Arabia Enquirer is the Middle East’s premier source of satirical news. This means that it’s entirely made up and not intended, in any way whatsoever, to be taken as factual.

MOVIE Thor: The Dark World After his first impressive outing, Thor returns. When Jane Foster is targeted by the denizens of the dark world of Svartalfheim, Thor sets out on a quest to protect her at all costs. Classification: TBC Director: Alan Taylor Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

The Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf have successfully escaped the Misty Mountains, and Bilbo has gained the One Ring. They all continue their journey to get their gold back from the Dragon, Smaug. Classification: TBC Director: Peter Jackson Starring: Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Ian McKellen


Uptight FBI special agent Sarah Ashburn is paired with testy Boston cop Shannon Mullins in order to take down a ruthless drug lord. The hitch: neither woman has ever had a partner -or a friend for that matter. Classification: R Director: Paul Feig Starring: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Marlon Wayans

THIS IS THE END While attending a party at James Franco’s house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse. Classification: TBC Director: Seth Rogen & Evean Goldberg Starring: James Franco, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen


FRANCESCA L O M B A R DO MAY 11TH | 5pm onwards tamanya terrace, radisson blu,Media city

this is a guestlist rooftop party EMAIL:

opening SET

LIVE VOCALIST SIMONNE COOPER Amy Wells ◊ Miss Fernandez Paz ◊ Salah Sadeq








W W W.I N F U S I O N . A E

Looking Closer

The Big Question

Esteves: Rap music

Ghaith - Brain wash machine

Saif - Cameras Roxanne - High heels for man

If there was one thing that you wish you had invented, what would it be?


Hisham - Alcohol drinks

Thea - Wedding rings

Lilian - Shoes

Zion - Perfumed candles



A voyage over to Abu Dhabi for this episode. First up Cliff Townley! Catch this mostly these days at CLUB RUSH which is at the Yas Viceroy hotel. Introducing mix master Rick Bonetti. Another familiar face on the Abu Dhabi circuit. He certainly knows how to drop a beat or two. Have you ever used your name or fame to get out of trouble? NO, but Ive used a false name to get Nope, yet to get caught! out of trouble though. My nickname at school was? Ginger. I’m not ginger though, I swear! Barney Have you ever injured yourself at work? Do hangovers count? Not Yet! It’s not big and clever but… Brunch before DJ’ing on a Fridays! I still do it every weekend. My best claim to fame is… Got backstage at a Madonna concert when I was about 10. The one with Apart from 5/10 mins on TV and the ‘cones.’ I met all the big guns! Radio, nothing much to report. Banarama, Kylie, Craig McClaughlin, Milli Vanilli. Good times. Describe your best track in 5 words… Any ‘a tribe called quest’ River Ocean Love And Happiness.

Your answer to everything is… ‘That sounds like a mission!’ Interesting! Have you ever been arrested?

Yet to get caught! Twice! Nothing major though.

What’s the best insult you could give each other? His real name is Richard. Don’t tell Were you born like that or do you anyone though, its a secret! have to practice?

The verdict: For us, Cliff just pips Rick to the winners post... Better luck next time Rick... You put up a great fight! Catch both the lads this and every Friday at CHAMPAGNE PUSSYKAT, CLUB RUSH, in the Yas Viceroy Hotel, Yas Island …

ANGRY MONKEY Daft Funk Before you start organising a monkey-hunt and string up effigies of me to the nearest lampost, let me first say The Monkey is a huge Daft Punk fan. We know the name of their first band (Darling), we know they’re named after a review of them that said they make a type of ‘daft punk’ and at last count our iTunes had 148 Daft Punk tracks (and ahem several bad dubstep mashups). But as much as new single ‘Get Lucky’ is a great Chic disco track, albeit with some lazy vocoders slammed over the top, The Monkey was expecting something a little bit more from the dream team. Then again, maybe the Parisian duo spunked their budget on the marketing, or perhaps it all went on Pharrell’s sparkly suit account. And, predictably, their interviews have seen them hammer the current state of dance music, with them as the knights in robot helmets riding to the rescue. Sorry to break it to you, but if re-hashing 70s disco is the answer, then we’ll eat our deep house hi hat. Dance music is definitely a better place now the Daft Punk duo are back, but the Monkey for one is going to listen to the whole album – and not hyperbolic social media noise – before crowing them top of the pops again.

Monkey Out...

The Angry Monkeys’ views are his own, and don’t necessarily reflect the views of Infusion Magazine.

Infusion #199: 5 May - 19 May  

In this issue we closer at The Martinez Brothers before their gig at Blue Marlin, we chat to DJ Marky for his gig at Globalfunk’s 10 Year An...

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