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As one of the most sophisticated and savvy leaders in the travel world, Altour has earned its reputation by pioneering cutting edge technology and delivering the highest level of personal attention. The group of travel related companies manages the corporate, group and individual needs of travelers in such diverse fields as fashion, entertainment, production, finance and leisure travel. As one of the largest travel companies in the United States, Altour also serve clients through offices in London and Paris. This company boasts a team of experienced and client-focused advisors who know how to take advantage of Altour’s unique position in the global travel market to deliver exceptional value and service.

An American company distributing French movies in original version with American subtitles, created and managed for the past 21 years by two movie-industry professionals. Patrick Gimenez and his partner André Lazare have produced and distributed over 180 films. The company is located in Paris and Miami. Under the patronage of the Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC), French Feeling Films has been the organizer and producer of “France Cinema Floride”, the Miami and Boca Raton French film festivals in South Florida.

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FIAF Other Partners

Westchester Accueil

A not-for-profit organization whose mission is to welcome new francophone families moving to Westchester County.

FIAF is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of French and Francophone culture, to increase the knowledge of the French language, and to encourage interaction among French, Francophone, and American people through programs in education and the arts.

Patronage In French (with English Subtitles!) is placed Under the high patronage of Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC) Under the patronage of The Services Culturels de l’Ambassade de France - Kareen Rispal, Attaché Culturel The Consul Général of France in New York, Philippe Lalliot 6


In French Film Festival Brochure 2009  

Brochure of tthe First In French (with English Subtitles!) Film Festival, December 4-6 2009, Manhattan, New york