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Une semaine sur deux Alternate Weeks

Sunday, December 6 12:00 pm



Twelve-year-old Léa wishes she could live in another family. A united family, with no separations, where her mother would understand her better, her father would be more down to earth and her younger "green" brother would stop bothering her about the time she spends taking a shower under the pretext that the planet is running out of water.... This year, Léa is entering 7th grade. Whilst her father and mother are trying to rebuild their lives, she will experience her first love, the one that sways all her certainties about the world and her parents. It's the kind of experience that leaves you forever changed. That year, each member of the family slowly finds their way and opens themselves to others...

           QUOTES            Yvan Calbérac | Director

Genre Romantic Comedy Director Ivan CALBÉRAC Screenwriter Ivan CALBÉRAC Director of Photography Denis ROUDEN Cast Mathilde SEIGNER Bernard CAMPAN Bertille CHABERT Grégori DERANGÈRE Judith DAVIS Danièle LEBRUN Jean-Baptiste FONCK Runtime 1h 38mn Production France, 2009 French release 07/22/09 Distributor TFM Distribution


I used an intimate camera with the actors, using close-ups, and often in movement, accompanying for instance, the children in their comings and goings, such as on the bridge that separates the father and the mother which has a symbolic value... Such as the bonsai that Léa carries, which not only helped the seasons to go by, but also takes on various symbolic meanings: it evokes both an artificial halt in her development and a need for the young adolescent to find her roots.


Yvan Calbérac, Director 2009 Une semaine sur deux Alternate Weeks 2006 On va s'aimer 2002 Irène


In French Film Festival Brochure 2009  

Brochure of tthe First In French (with English Subtitles!) Film Festival, December 4-6 2009, Manhattan, New york