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Tellement proches So Close So Far

Saturday, December 5 8:00 pm

or k wY Ne RE MIE PRE


Have you ever heard your mother say, "be careful who you marry because you're also marrying their family"? When Alain married Nathalie, he wasn't quite aware of the extra baggage that came along with his happilyever-after: her family. Saturday night usually means dinner at his brother-in-law's, but Alain has reached his limit. He's fed up with the unsolicited life advice, sick of his niece's soporific, pretentious, pre-dinner singing recitals, weary of watching an old wedding video for the millionth time, and has definitely had enough of his sister-in-law, who is constantly on the verge of a psychotic breakdown due to her ticking biological clock. But he hasn't seen the worst of it yet... until he realizes that perhaps there's some affection beneath the insufferable hysteria - one might even say love. SCREENING FOLLOWED BY Q&A WITH ACTOR VINCENT ELBAZ

Genre Comedy Director Eric TOLEDANO & Olivier NAKACHE Screenwriter Eric TOLEDANO & Olivier NAKACHE Director of Photography Rémy CHEVRIN

Cast Vincent ELBAZ Isabelle CARRé François-Xavier DEMAISON Jean BENGUIGUI Audray DANA Omar SY Runtime 1h 42mn Production France, 2008 French release 06/17/09 Distributor Mars distribution



           QUOTES             Eric Toledano & Olivier Nakache | Directors

Éric TOLEDANO & Olivier NAKACHE, Directors

How do you manage together on the set ? O. Nakache: We don’t have isolated tasks, we are both up there in the thick of it all. (..) When one of us is checking the light with the director of photography, the other one is dealing with the costume designer. É. Toledano: Being two directors on the set allows us to have twice the ideas, twice the energy, there’s always one of us ready to go upfront. For now we have found a balance and it has lasted 15 years.


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