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Denis Dercourt Talented, Denis Dercourt ? For sure. A gifted musician, a brilliant student, he also is one the most interesting emerging French directors. Where the music and cinema meet. dossier de press demain ok3:Mise en page 1



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Michel Saint -Jean présente

Denis Dercourt was trained as a musician and still is one today. A Classical education

Vincent Perez

Jérémie Renier

Demain dès l’aube Un film de Denis Dercourt

Born in Paris, son a piano teacher and a film producer, he sang in the very prestigious child chorus, Les Petits chanteurs à la Croix de bois and studies viola, and later alto. He also starts shooting several short works on video and super-8. After acquiring his degrees in Political Science and Philosophy, he joins the French Symphonic Orchestra in 1988 as an alto soloist. He performs in places like the Salle Pleyel and Carnegie Hall. He has also freelanced for French and foreign pop-music groups. Music and Movies In 1993, he becomes a viola and chamber music teacher at the Strasbourg Conservatory. In 1996, he makes a medium-length film, Le Déménagement, the same year he founded a production outfit (“Les films à un dollar”) with his brother Tom, who produces all his films. His first feature film, Les Cachetonneurs, is a comedy about freelance musicians trying to find jobs. After his second film, Lise and André, a road-movie, he directs, in 2003, Mes enfants ne sont pas comme les autres, in which Richard Berry manages his own two children, both gifted musicians. International recognition His third feature film, La Tourneuse de pages (The Page Turner, 2006), featuring Catherine Frot and Déborah François, is selected for the section “Un certain regard” at the Cannes Film Festival. This story of a well-known pianist and her page turner, who is waiting in her shadow for revenge grants him large international success. It also marks his debut in the thriller genre, which he pursues in his fifth film, Demain dès l’aube.



In French Film Festival Brochure 2009  

Brochure of tthe First In French (with English Subtitles!) Film Festival, December 4-6 2009, Manhattan, New york

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