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Problem without IR • IP camera is mainly useful for a vied range area. One can monitor the field with the help of IP camera. IP cameras are mainly used where drilling and digging is not possible. IP camera will help you remotely access the field with the help of a web browser. But the main problem with IP is the bit rate problem.

• During the night the camera does not get sufficient light. And hence the AGC , which is a camera technology amplifies the magnitude and the bit rate increases. Due to the bit rate increase the picture obtained will be blurred or unclear. This video will be grainy and the camera will be of no use.

How to fix this problem? • We can fix this problem with : – Either Disabling the AGC function – Or to Install an IR light

• Disabling the AGC: This is an easy way of disabling the AGC. This will surely reduce the bit rate but the image quality will be very bad. Doing this directly means no security.

• Install an IR lights: The best solution is to install an IR lights. This will reduce the bit rate and we will get efficient and qualitative images. This helps the security camera get high resolutions. Here the noisy will also reduce and the camera will give better compression. As the Bit rate reduces the storage also reduces.

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Network camera and ir illuminator  

What are the problems which takes place if an IR illuminator is not installed with network camera?