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TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA autobrography TRANCE Formationof Americais the documented of a victim of govemmentmind control.CathyO'Brien is the only vocaland recoveredsurvivorof the CentralIntelligenceAgency'sMK-Ultra Project Monarchmind controloperation.Chiseleddeepinto the white stoneof is a partialverselifted from the theCIA's Langley,Virginia headquarters Holy Bibfeandwritingsof SaintJohn..."andthe truth shallmakeyou free." This statement , like the agency,is totalreality.The buildingthatit is manufacturer of lies engravedlpon housesthe world's most successful to facilitatepsychologicalwarfare. "Company" The usestruth and technologyas their raw materialsto "pure" produce lies for controlof you andAmerica'sallies.Within thepages of TRANCE Formation of America you'll find thetruth.

U.S. GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL On August 3rd, 1977the 95th U.S. Congressopenedhearings into the reportedabusesconcemingthe CIA's TOP SECRETmind controlresearchprogramcodenamedMK Ultra. On February8th 1988, an MK Ultra victim,CathyO'Brien,wascovertlyrescuedfrom her mind controlenslavement by IntelligenceinsiderMark Phillips.Their seven yearpunuit of JusticewasstoppedFOR REASONSOF NATIONAL SECURITY. TRANCEFormation of Americaexposesthe truthbehindthis criminal 1947NationalSecurityAct. abuseof theUnconstitutional

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PART II AN OPEN LETTER..... ....,,..75 DEDICATrON.............. ....,..76 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ,.....77 TRANCE-FORMATTON OF AMBRICA.............. ......78 CHAPTER 1............... .........81 My TNTRODUCTION T O H U M A N I T Y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 . .1. CHAPTER 2............... .........87 THE RITE TO REMAIN SILENT ...................87 CHAPTER 3............... .........g4 MY FIRST PRESIDENT ................94 CHAPTER 4............... .........g7 T H E M O S T D A N G E R O U SG A M E ...,,.............g7

c H A p r E R5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .........103 TINKERINGWITH THE MIND .....I03 c H A p r E R6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .........109 UMTED STATES MILITARY & NASA MrND_CONTROL TRAIMNG........................ 109 C H A P T E7R. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .........15 C H A R MS C H O O L . . . . ....115 c H A p r E R8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .........t21 CIA'S WAR ON DRUGS OPERATION: E L I M T N A T T NCGO M p E T m o N . . . . . . . . ........ . . . . . . . . . . , . .r 2 l




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PART I by Mark Phillips

TWELFTH PRINTING Since tlie first printing of TRANCE was released in details September1995,many of the hard-to-comprehend have been verified and miraculously managedto surface through our controlled medias. Pleasehelp us any way you can to provide this book to anyonewho will further researchits contentsand thus shine the light of truth on the psychological warfare plan that is being silently wagedagainsthumanity. Pleaseremember,for as long as your thoughtsremain free, and cclnsiderthe psychologicalannoyanceposerof a singlemosquitoin a room with no light. This book will remain in print until justice prevails,the technological antidote for Kelly is provided, and unbiased,uncensoredmass news media attentionis given to the contentsof this book. Thank you for your support.

pBEwoRq by Mark Phillips ". . . with liberty andjustice for all." Preambleto the United StatesConstitution My name is Marquart (Mark) Ewing Phillips, born May 17, 1943 in Nashville. Tennessee. I have no criminal record and I have never been adjudged insane. I am not a scholar, professional writer, or mental health ptiysician. While I lack the offrcial published academic credentials, I am iec,ognizedinternationally by mental trealth and law enforcement professionals as ariauthority on the secretscienceconcerning external control of fhe mind. The purpose of Part I of this book is to document how this reputation was gained. This brief and highly condensed contribution is intended to provide an understandingof why, when, and where I embarked on a study of the most knbwn to man: Trauma-basedmind control. Through the secret technology -declassified publication of United States Govemment documents,_our U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) admits that this ancient wizard's mechanismfor control is so dangerous that most information pertaining to it must remain classified as TOP-SECRET. As the employee of a DOD subcontractor with exposure to mind-control research, I was required to sign an gqth of- secrecy. to this day I am restricted by law from revealing certain specific information "sensitive" that direcily pertained to hy employment as, among other a U.S. DOD subcontractorin mind-control research. exposures, This super secrettechnology is an evolved systemof remote human physical and psychological manipulation that has only recently been officially recognized by ' a-ciedited mental health physiciansfor what it i.s,_absolutemind_control. My first encounter with- rirind-control research began in the late 1960s in Ailan6, Georgia on the Emory University campus at the Yerkes Primate Center. It wi there that I leained about lrimate behavior modification-the basis for human mind control. Part I of this book is my attempt to impart an understanding of how this and other exposures would prepare me for the challengeof a lifetime. what I witnessed,in terms of technology, at the Yerkes Primate Center and other government sponsoredresearch facilities, combined with years of personal research into this science of mind manipulation, did not adequately prepare me for what I would be exposedto in 1988 through an unexpectedchain of events. This exposurecame in the form of personal acquaintancewith the human results ofhcially entitled by DOD as, among other cryptic file titles, MK-Ultra.' I have outlined tnis noxious intr6duction in tropesthat the material provided by one MK-Ultra survivor, Cathy O'Brien, will incite a legitimate federal investigation of her claims. I was able to liberate MK-Ultra victims, Cathy O'Brien and her daughter,, Kelly, from the invisible grip of this U.S. Government secret weapon. of contiol. In the process, I also helped Cathy recover her mental and physical health. Howevei, I have not been successful in enlisting the cooperation of my government to pursue the justice issue. There is a reason for this failure to obtain justice that you, the reader, NEED TO KNOW. I have been" told repeateilly, "Justiceis not obtainable,For ReasonsOf National Security.

. This book is primarily the autobiographyof Cathy O'Brien, who did not volunteer tor seryrce to -her country, but was used her entire life against her innate, vglqnqry _ryi! lor perpetulting criminal activity by many-so-called leaderswithin the u.S. Government. These "treasonousieadLrs,' diil volunteer for.political "seryice" to our country. They must be held accountablefor their actions. Together, cathy and I have dedicatedour lives to the Dursuit of iustice and rehabilitation for her and Kelly. AII avenuesfor justice anb rehabili6tive relief have been blocked For Reasons of National s6curity. The question arises, whose security?. cathy perhaps aftei 9_'Pri",l provides the logical-answer. reading this work, you will others to readlt. collectively, as iatriots, ^inspire ye carl m+e.a positive difference for Cathy and Kelly, our governmint, and humanity, by_having our voices heard. In niy opinioni6ur grEat United Starcs Constitution does not need to be amended it nrfudsto be-enforEed. . The grim reality we must all embrace is that there is, in human terms, no to equal what these two, and many other Justlce, ang r.l9 r_eye_nge_adequate victims of this u.S. Government secret weapon experiehced. The only remaining remnant of opportunity for justice ior theje survivors would bL derived from -a public forum expos6 of what they experienced. what these survivors need to witness is the mass dissemination of their story and a radical, positive changein their government's managementof secrets. Tiris would be ari acceptable,though belated, substitutefor justice. Their hope lies in the belief that--

"Truth lives a wretched life, but alwayssurvivesa lie." Anonymous

i I

I W"i*t io, Harvey M., M.D., AmericanPsychiatricPress, 1990.

Psychiatry And The Cia. Waims Of Mirrd Control





Sometimes words, or groups of words, found in the English language have many defrnitions or meanings. Within each meaning there may be different logical and literal perceptions of the application of a given word. However, the words mind control usually conjure up a single response. This is most unfortunate due !o the vast differences of perception contained within the reference. For example, if you have access to a late I980s Randarn House or later Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary and reference mind control, you will notice there is a conspicuous absenceof a listing. Should you go one step further and secure a college professor's teaching copy of Oxford's Companion To Thc Mind (Oxford Press 1987), you can reference practically anything concerning research of the mind without a reference to mind control. Perhaps yoq Tay now realize that throlgh Random House, Webster and Oxford Press omissions, you :re a victim of information control. Mind control is sometimes loosely defined as information control. This being one of many accepted ways to iefrne the term should immediately raise questions of distrust towards your information souroes. Since what we think is basedon what we learn, manipulation of a mind, or a nation of minds, can be accomplished through control of information. With thought control being a result of information control, many avid researchers of mind sciences simply label it "soft" mind control. These days, we live in a world in which the continued existence of multinational businesses and govemments depends upon instant communications. However, with consideration to the so-called problem of information overload, it would appear to most people that we hear and see enough to make rational decisions concerning our individual lives. Unfortunately, this is not true. What we don't know, as evidenced by mindcontrol atrocities, is quickly destroying society as we have known it. The answer to this problem is glaringly apparent. We, as citizens of a supposedly free country, should not permit our government to restrict any information that protects criminal activity under the guise of National Security. Secret knowledge equals power, with the end result being control. Therefore, despite the deliberate efforts of those persons in control of national media information management (who are not media employees), results of secret mind-control projects gone awry have been leaking out for years through the media. People are literally waking up to the mind-control reality because there is an obvious lack of logical explanation for cerlain sensational news events. What really happened at Jim Jones' fonestown and with Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinkley, and I-ee Haney Oswald? And, more importantly, why did it happen? The simple common denominator existing among these persons has been publicly stated by the media, based on research of their medical histories, is mind control. In reality, information control is but one component of mind control. Whereas "brain washitrg," a term coined by an investigative journalist writing about Korean War P.O.W.s around 1951, described the results of what the Chinese regarded as thought reform.

The term brainwashingdenotesto most peoplethe destructionof a person,s lnemo_Iy.This slangterm continuesto be usedby the news media in place of encompassingterm, mind control. In ieality, applied brainwashing techniquesare similar to thoseusedin trauma-based behaviofmodification. Pfqqg _thepast three decades,a significant number of religious groups worldwide has been cited by the mainstreamnews media as destructivecults. An empluis-on q9 word de$tructiveis necessaryin defining thesegroups as cults. Random House Diaionary defines cult- as "a particular system of religious rygrship". !y this definition, the word cult would encompassall religions._.Thgse so-calleddeskuctivecultshavebeenpublicly denounced by the -mind news media f9r using brainwashing,thoughtreform, and manipuEtion tactics on their believers. However, there is an obvious lack of expressed concernby these samemedia as they fail to addressthe underlying isiues of mind contiol, thepowerbasisfor abuie. - Perhapsthe reporting news media can not, for somersmon, publicly open the proverbialPandora'sBox. Is it plausiblethen to considei that-closer scrqtiny,by the media and the public, of thesedestructivecults' leadership could reveala solid connectionto governmentsponsoredmind-controlresearch? These are questionsthqt, in themselvesproperly addressed,would provide importantanswersto this socialepidemicihvolvingphysicaland psychological abuse. The answersthat an in-depth professional-irivristigation would pro:viae could be the first stepin resolving the rash of problemsthat destructiv-ecults, serialkillers, andsexualchild abusers,thrustuponsociety. As consumers of nationalnewsmediasuppliedinformation,we continueto accepthalf-truths which, in this casescenario,is seeingand hearingonly what resultsfrom massmind manipulation. Historiansprovide us a glimpse into the future through recordedeventsof the past. It appearsthat throughoutrecordedhistory, man has, towardsthe end of each millennium, returned to a focus on certiin types of bizarre human behavior. For example,there has beenin the past 150 years a resurgenceof wide spread interest in the occult "black arts" which include satanismor Lucifarian religions. Theseconstitutionallyprotectednreligions"use traumato controlthe mindsof their followers. Mind-control practices within the occult groups (according to survivors adjudgedcredible and law enforcementofficials) have been accreditedwith bridging the gap betweenapplied scienceand Shamanism. Occultismas a of_religiousexpressionhasbeenaroundfor thousandsof years. Only in ryan-ner the last 150 years has scienceaggressivelypursuedthe truths regarding riind manipulation hiddenwithin theoccultbelief systemsthemselves. According ta the RandomHouseDictionary, occulttsm"is the practice of qllegedsciencesclaiming knowledgeof supernaturalagencieswhich beyond the range of ordinary knowledge." Once again, it is a reminder that secret knowledgeequalspower. In 1971, the New York Ttmesreporteda story on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and occult research,the basis of which was gained through a collectionof documents releasedby PrintingOffrceuhder - the U.S. Government the Freedomof Information Act. This was a report to Congreis and cleady showedthat the CIA was interestedin the causeand effect clinical findings that occult religious practices have on the Black Arts practitioner's and/or the observer'smind. Of particularinterestto the CIA were tlte heightenedlevels of suggestibility that certain occult rituals produced in the minds of the

practitioners. Cannibalismand blood rituals were rankedhighestin the order of importanceto their research. Behavioral psychology teachesus that control of human suggestibility is recognizedas the fundamentalbuilding block for externalcontrol of the mind. This suggestibility factor alone potentially createsa human rights legal issue when we consider constructinglaws to protect people from overt or covert mind-controlpractices. Consideration to the humansuggestibilityfactor could result in all forms of consumeroriented service and/or product advertising becomingillegal. Advertising and the marketingof servicesand/or products throughcommunications c:m be justifiably definedas a type of psychological manipulation,thoughtreform and/or mind manipulationwhich resultsin a form publishedhis book ofbehaviormodification. A patriotfriend, StevenJacobson, entitledMind cowrol in Ameica, in 1985,eloquentlyexposingthe scienceof mind manipulationthroughadvertising. The basisfor successfullymodifying human behavior requires mind manipulation techniquesthat, when expertly appliedthroughadvertisingmedia,becomea form of "soft" mind control. Factoringin suggestibilitythroughthe tactilesensesas the "Achilles' heelu of the humanrace renderseveryonevulnerableto becoming,on somelevel, a victim of soft mind control. The controversyof what is and what is not mind control rageson among scholarsin the schoolsof law, humanrights, and mentalhealth. All the while the confusionof issuesprovidesa form of legal protectionfor practitionersof mind control, the only known form of remotehumancontrol that trauma-based is absolute.All otherformsof mind control,includingchemicalandelectronic manipulations,are consideredby mind-controlexpertsas temporary. There are laws protectingU.S. citizens' rights to practicetheir religious beliefs and freedomof speech. There are no laws which specifrcallyprotect leadersof destructivecults and/or practitionersof trauma-basedmind control. However,becauseof the U.S. Government's useof mind controland the broad diversity of legal opinion concerningthe acceptedlimits of free speechand religious practices, the legal loop holes for criminals employing mind-control techniqueson their "flocks" for personalgain remainopen. For every problemthereexistsa solution. The formula for problernsolving restsfirmly on the quality of the supportingresearchinformation concerningtlte nature of the problem. Irgislating laws specifically to protect people from mind-control abuseswould be futile. Practically every civilized society in existencehas somelaw and/or group of laws which would protect the people and punish the practitionersof mind control. I:ws are enforcedaccordingto lawmakers' interpretations of the specific legal language. The lack of enforcementof laws already on the books that could pro0ectus from mindcontrol abusesstemsfrom applied legal interpreations and cover-upsof survivor testimonyby the CIA and National SecurityAgency (NSA) For Reasons Of National Security. Mind-control atrocities, if committed by anyone who could be linked to governmentsponsoredprojects, are typically ignored and coveredup. Access to the courtsby thesehaplesssurvivorsis thus stonewalledby governmentpaid so-called legal experts who receive their orders from the National Security Agency. Defining the term "mind control" is akin to definingthe limits of the 1947 National Security Act. The basis for the solution to the National Securi$ controversyis simple. It is known as: Truth logically applied.

rt is an obvioustruq ttril theNationalsecurity Act hasbeeninterpreted,not ofmilitary





Repeal of this Act.and replacement with the.established rules of military conductconcernins

Nationai saili';;t ao noi--i"frft; ;po" the constitutionat riehts-of1m-rica'9;ii;":ry vr o?'ile u' rightsof its alrie-s wourdresurt in compliancew-ith the coiiitutioi.-''rr






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"Ey"ry revolution, bloody or bloodless, has two phases. The first is the struggle for Treedom; the second the struggle for power. The phase of the struggle-for .F ry4oT is divine. He who has participated in it invariably feels, physically, that his best and most precious-inner self has come to the iurface. We. kgory that being faithful to the TRUTH stands higher than our own participation in governing the country-and that is why *e must not have a societythat would reject ethical norms in the name of poiitical mirages.',r As I was saying to my grandmother, Mamaleen Johnson, "My life has turned.into.a nightmare and I'm wide awake," tears were streaming-down my face, dripping off my chin onto her patent leather shoes. She afTectionately patted my shoulder as she listened The words we exchanged, the room's wallpaper and furnishings, my -a beloved grandmother, Mamaleen, even the taste of my tears combined-with feellp. of overwhelming grief--it is all there etchedinto my memory. -of This was the summer before I was to enter my sec<indyear school in 1950. The first year remains a blur with cause. ^ l-iL" f9r qe and my family had changeddramatically over the previous year. So radical a changethat it had taken almost a year for me to realiie life was not becoming any,easier to live. My stuttering was getting worse. The rare momentsI could speakcoherently were limited to short sentencesdevoid of the word "you",.and then only to my mother and grandmother. Occasionally when angry I could speak_ clearly-,or when alone in the woods while talking or linging to trees. .Apqe_ntly- my frustration with oral communication due io stutte;ing had been intensified by a trauma I experiencedthe previous year. Little did I know then that this trauma would positively and negatively inhuence my future and the lives ofothers I would know for th6 rest of irv life. On a hot and sticky TennesseeJuly day in 1949,6y father helped boost first ',gift .ml m_ot!gr,thengg, into the saddleastride our four-yi:ar-old higli-spirited horse" Wojac. This was to be my first ride on the back of an anlmat. Ttre excitement of the moment combined with stuttering rendered me, literally, speechless.As I_recall and from photographstaken at the time, I was wearinga sweat-soaked,pale yellow cottol shirt, dark tan shorts, brown socks, and diny tennis shoes.- At six- years old, I was very thin and did not take up the remaining saddlespacebehind my mother. With the reins in my__mother'stnnds, the horse responded to her polite -down command of "Come on, Wojac., Giddyup." He began slowly walking our driveway to the narrow crushed limestone road beside our iroperty. Upon ^momentaiily r.eachingthe gravel _ro_ad, the horse turned or was guided leTt, disappointing me-as l.lnew .we-were only going for i short ride. It was only about a quarter.of a mile_to th_"!,try paveil intersectionthat would be dangerous to cross. (Had my mother decided to go in the opposite direction, we could have ridde.n-for a couple of miles before reaching any automobile traffic.) As quickly as the horse made the turn from oui driveway onto the country road, my mother nudged his flanks with her heels. With anbther command oi

"let's go," the horse respondedwith a mild jerk of motion and he began a fast trot down the middle of the road. The horse's speed, in retrospect, was too fast for safe travgl on.gravel. Not knowins this then. I was not scareduntil I saw the crossroadslooming closer. I "BBBBBetter slow down. MMMight BBBBe a can heai myself tialf shouting CCar CCC<iming." Before I could enunciatethe last words, my 4ot!9r began I slow sidewavs sl-ideoff the saddle. I could not see her face as she disappeared under the horse, and the reins disappearedwith her. The horse bolted full speed ahead. In ttre titink of an eye, mi iealization of being alone in the saddle with no wav to control the horse-washedover me. Quickly, I tugged on his mane to no aviil. It was in this instant I determined that the runaway horse was not going -my to stop for the crossroads. I jumped. As I -recall, th9 {all was swift and ibrupt tinOing in the sharp rockg ya9 not painful, though i! segmedthat-my Uday would nevei stop rolling-. Panickedand with the dust beginning to settle, I sat ip, blinked the dirst andlticky blood from my eyes, and looked about for to her. my ' mother. She lay in a disorganizedheap beside the road. I ranjust wide-eyed The first mentai impressioi I experiencedwas that qlre yas dazed from her fall. lien I noticed-her eyes weren't blinking and around her head was a thick puddle of blood. Not wariting to leave her in the road for fear she would be run^wer, and not strong enough to pick her up, I began screaming in the direction of our home in hopes thaimy father could hear me. Almost "What immediately he respondedby sprinting to us, all the while shouting, What hapDened?" haooened? ^ "life rehiaining in me" I could not answer for, as, usual, I was For the speechless. As he knelt down to speak_tomy mother, lre stopped-mid sentence when he apparently saw her eyes ih a fixed faze znd that the back of her skull hei up, and as we were running back was crush6d^inward. Instantly he picked -eleven-year-old sister to call an ambulance. to the house, he commanded-my To this day I cannot recall how we got to the hospital The sfislv scenesof this traeed-ywere not my nightmare. It did not play over and'ovei again in my mind,-foi I traOdissocidtedfrom it. I had voluntarily and autogenicaliy created a memory balner of this trauma. This is a normal human re.-sponse.Had I been tortuied after the trauma, I worrld not. have been able to voiuntarily recall either the accident or the torture. Hence the basis of this book. The nightmare began during the subseque,ntrgcoygry year when we realized my mothe; would neier be heiself again.- She had lost over a quarter of her briin when the horse steppedinto hei skull. Permanently gone was her ability to smell, taste, and heai ln one ear. These were the physical handicaps she developed. Her resultant emotional condition would become evident to me of my.mother's condition had many years later. As a child, thls nery aryarele-s.s minihlal impact on me compared to the fear I lived with, moment to moment, due to my father's chronic ilcoholism. Years later my sister would follow his lead into'a losing battle with the bottle. I was safe,_as alcohol made me stutter. After being-told so many times during my developmental years that my mother's condltion was attribiltable to her braindamage, and that my stuttering was becausemy brain was not working correctly, it occurred to me at Some point to learn about the brain. For years after the accident, I overheard adult i:onversationsabout my mother's brain. My curiosiry peaked about the brain and the resultant invisi6le mind and had set the course for my life's interest.

Somewhere in this time period, I fantasized I would leam enough about the mind and brain to help my niother and mvself. As a child, my attention span was reEardedas abnormar. I was considered

god.s in schoolreflecred_something differenr.Although Illy-l11gjl. {:!_TI not prgper_ly dilgnosed,-I was most likely

sufferingfrofi what is now termed AttentionDeficit Disorder(4qD). The liandicaps6f stuiterfi;--OiOD *"." to becomemy first personarimprovement"hali;"gd-;;'i il out in the wonoon mv own. "on This mv own" objectiyecameat ar qgly^ â&#x201A;Źe. I was barely sixteenwhen-I le{r homlp b"ct" vear;-o!d. .ir n'"pii""rJ.-"li}"nrrt efforrs resultedin total failure.. How.ev6r,Iti-p"_tl"it I crjuld not retu]ir to my plarents,home becausethey were now divorced. Young,-brokeand rejected,I-was able to determinetwo things. First, I mustlearn how to communicate if I were to enjoy -y ru"Co, in-iir". I went aboutthis taskmethodicalty,first bv enroilineniyielf into a roc^i-niltrtcottege. In theclassroomI studiedspeectr,business ta'waia psyii';t;t.*fiii,e ribrail, I studiedbrain functionsandtheii effecton the ;ind: i;;;6; dd; oriented because I could not earn enoughat.two jopg to "tieno in" iJluliSa-cussesto graduate,buj r.nystudieswerellowly proviaing me a usableikill. Secondlv. som.ewnere du.nngJhisperiodof learningI beganto realizeI possessed a naturi.i agllrl.yrg selr. . perhapsthis ability to persuadeothers iesulted from mv cnlronoooexpenenceof,having to "read people"throughtheir body languagl: ratherthantalkingwith them. job-in saleswas so successful that.myclient basewasreduced ,.., Yy^f:l:* Dymy employer. I-responded to.thisactionby movingon. 'lhe vletnam war was heatingup and i was el'igiblefor the draft. No school,I knew that my iumber wourdb".ailil i*nl'-el'o ir was. lo.l.q"r.irl Lltue drd l r.nowthat my prayersfor a defermentwouldbe answeredandwould military^duty. r would ,oo" b;;;;td;g roilr,i 1fl":9..r:^g_T-.,Tptt91fto.l] Ampex uorporatronand with the u.s. Departmentof Defensein a-civilian capacity..The defensework closelyassociaied r" *ith !d;;;*r;,h scientists worKrngln me.areaof primateand humanbehaviormodification. Ironicallv. I rearnedmoreaboutthe mind f.rommy casualrelationships with thesescieniiiti than.I did working at,the variousreS,earch sites. f'tre iites includedteachins hospltrals, state mental-institutions,military bases,National Aeroniuiil, ;A SpaqgAdministration(NASA) facilities,andthe yeikes primatecenter. . l4e toUowing years of my corporateemploymentin national and in_ rcrnarronal salesevolvedinto salesand marketingmanagement Dositionsin an personallife, in termfof iovl;t;"'tid;hips, wii ::pq:"^:ipj:i!.. Yv agarnln snamblesbut my careerand ongoingmind, brain, human6eiavior researchwas rewarding enough to_com[ensite for ry ticn oi emotional expression.The secretsI had learnedso w'ellconcerningpo*rti o-fpersuasion, bothconscious andsubliminal,hadrongsinceuecomJfrin.iionine'D; or *u mind'sarsenalof defensiveand offensiie toolsof ionf"i. i-il;fi"fi1ffi*i therenot to becomea "control freak". Instead,.y ?-tr$-i"^'iJt to t*.n whatI couldcontrolbut whatwascontrollinsme. Then,.around^ 1986,a peer friend of min-eobservedthat I hadarrivedin proverbnl "comfbrt zone" in termsof presentingprofitableideasfor othersthe to act upon,and advisedme to go into businessfoiriryself. Shorttvthireafterhe provided me an excellent example by resigning tris ii*:G'ure-executive -r.,i, marketingdirectorshipand nomindtednie as a-can?iaaieioi ,"pLorn"nt.

Ironically, for the hrst time in my life, the nomination was rejected becauseI did not- possess at least a master's degree in business management or communiCations. His assistantwas given the position, and I was subsequently offered the assistant'svacated position with no hope of promotion, which of course I refused. Soon thereafter, my friend, free of his corporate golden handcuffs, establishedhis own firm which becamea very successfulbusiness. Around this same time a childhood acquaintance, long since socially separatedfrom my life, reappearedlong enough to introduce me to his country music entertainmentfriend, Alex Houston. From this introduction I learned this acquaintance, Ray Myers and his wife, Regina, are allgged pedophiles who reporteAty sexually molested Cathy's daughter and their own children. It seemed [hat Houston was looking for someone with international business negotiating skills who could assist him in putting together a large enough sales_ deal to finance a manufacturing operation. After spending a few days of complimentary consulting time with him, I had made some rather interesting and intriguing observationsabout the man and his ideas. First of all, Houston did have a legitimate, potentially prohtable idea concerning the manufacture of an electrical capacitor device that could increase energy efficiency for large industrial consumers. Secondly, Houston favorably impressed me as a calculated risk-taker. Thirdly, Houston agreed to ltnance my production of a marketing plan for presentation to potential foreign buyers. And finally, Houston agreed that I would run the company as President, if and when I sold "No problem!" that plan. I thought, part of this "budding" relationship was my awareness of fhe intriguing Houston's propensity for dishonesty. I felt an urgent need for legal advice on how to insure contractualprotection from Houston. Within days, Houston and I had conceptually and contractually agreedto start up the business. I designeda logo and assignedthe name UniPhayse. The contracts we entered bound both of us to our respective areas of commitment and was iron clad. Houston's willingness to participate in my legal protection maneuverfurther perplexed me, "honesty type" clausescontained in the agreement. At becauseof the obvious "keep it clean" the time, in my mind, I had determined that if Houston could and perform his role, we would be able to make this company successful. If not, I owned the company lock, stock, and banel and could still make it work. Months later, with business and marketing plans in my briefcase and a demonstrationmodel of the proposed product in hand, Houston and I boarded an airplane to Hong Kong. We were met upon arrival by a tall, well-dressed, Korean gentleman who introduced himself as William Yoon. He owned an international shipping company. His ships canied practically everything from scrap metal to Chinesesilkworm missiles all over the world. Mr. Yoon, as he preferred to be called, in keeping with Far Eastern protocol, was interestedin negotiating a joint venture company with his friends in the most populated nation on Earth, The People's Republic of China. All arrangementshad been made by Mr. Yoon's staff for Houston, myself, and him to fli to Beijing the followiirg day to begin negotiations'with the Mining Ministry. After several days of exhausting discussionstlroug! an interpreter almost-entirely between myself and the deputy director of the Chinese Mining Ministry, it appearedas though we had a workable deal. An'elegant banquet was ordered by our gracious Chinese hosts, and it was there I learned that the Mining Ministry was a part of the Chinese Ministry of Defense. Feelings of patriotism welled up in me for the first time in my life. I


was aware that china was engagedin supplying -in missiles to Libya, a Middle Easterncountry with whom the u.s. wa-s conflict. The ihinese were swapping missiles and other weapons for cheap Libyan light crude oil. The chinese were about the only country in_the woild who darid defy the Reagan Administration's trade embargo. Th-esefleeting thoughts of being involved #ith the ch-inesemilitary felt treasonousto me. Attrroultr uncomfo-rtablewith the ideaof a businessventure with such potential for political disaster,I reminded myself that hundredsof other u.S. companieswer6 alreadv in china. Houston refusedto discussthe subject. During the _retu_rn flight from Beijing to Hong Kong, I confrded my patriotic concerns to Mr. Yoon knowing that he would soon become mv business partngi. He eloquently relieved my fears of potential disaster with a complicatedexplanation that made sense at the fime. This man potitely informed me that we could not lose money as he and I would have interirir control over all product salesrevenue generlted outside of china. Bv chinese law.for joint venture companies, 60vi of all manufactured product- musr go outsideChina. Houston and I returned to Tennesseeand I briefly met his wife, Cathy, for the first time when she greeted us at the gate. she appea.edto me to be young, beautiful,very dumb, and dressedlike a prostitute.' I Dacedmv walli to 5'e severalstepsaway from her as we headedto the baggagecjaim arei. within a few weeksof this visit, a delegationoI-ctrineseelectricalengineers and finance experts were flown to our Tennesseeoffrce for more neeoiiations and to collect technical production data (we held) for future manrifacturing purposes. departedfor china, I received a mysteriousphone ..Soon after the delegatio_n call from someoneat the U.S. Department of State, aka the State Department. It seemssomeonein my chinese delegation had earlier been refused entry into this country_dueto_his being rdentifred as an international weaponssuppli6r for terrorists. This telephone voice assured me that there were iro probi6ms that would arise and that this information was not to be publicized. i ttranteo trim and assuredhim the information was secure. A couo]e of_months later, my new Hong Kong partner, Mr. yoon, invited me' my wife, Houston and his wife, cathy, to come to china for the official signing of the chinese joint venture agreeinent. when I asked Houston if he and his wife would attend, he flatly replied, "No". He had already booked his "act" and could not cancel. I then bffeled to escort his wife and mine to china. He responded''no".again, that it was too far and too expensive for a pleasure tnp. I was relieved becauseI had already learned enough of the chin'ese languageto know our partners did not like or respect him, ind cathy's demeanor embarrassedme. I later learned that Holston's "gig" wai to "trancesport"/transport cathy and little Kelly to the infamous-Eohemian Grove for Drostltutron. tvty china-with a! the pomp and circumstancewent well as expected, even though my wife _andI werb irr the process of separating for a divorce. However, just before I was prepared to return to the U.S., f received some extraordinary information from a man who showed me chinese Ministry of Defensecredentials that gained my full and complete attention. This man was in possessionof a file on me that could have only been gained through a thorough investigation of my past professional associltions. tlis english iicills were only strong enough to roughly, nervously translate some of the-file's con-


tent. This man had photographic proof of a U.S. Department of Defense security clearance I once held. He acknowledged that the _"Chineseknew all about he". Thoughts of blackmail raced across my mind. These thoughts instantly disappearedwhen he began to voice his government's true concerns. Their cbncernSwere about Alex Houston and his involvement with the CIA, drugs, money laundering, child prostitution, and the blg one h9 saved for last, he did comment slavery. No mention of mind control was offered, although"very bad man" and his crimes were "of the White House". that Hbuston was a "Eyes Only" Disbelief was in order 5ut not possible, due to the wide array of stampedand initialed (official) CIA letterheadand U.S. Government documents he slowly flashedbefore my eyes. "officer" was that Houston was too stupid. and My hrst response to this"intelligence". This comment was quickly crooked to be cbnnected to U.S. countered with a gut wrenching photograph of Houston. He was smiling a demonic grin while apparently having anal sex with a small,. very young' frightened-Black boy. I:ter he,wasidentified to me asbeing Haitian' -When confrontd with this horrific information and the apparentvalidity of it,' I asked, "What do you (your government)want me to do?" "Get'rid of nim, distanceyourself from him and all of his tte reptied, associates". I respondedby asking him how he thought I could accomplish this task. He '?ny way you cfr'oose". I told him that regardlessof what he had seen stated, Americai te|ivision concerning violence, the only way I knew was to force of him out by purchasing his company stock, and I needed ryoney to do it. He 'Givb us the figure and make the arrangements. It is done." said, -to Tennessee with a Chinese government contract for i had returned products valued at thirty-one million dollars. Stapled to it was a telex letter of iredit made out to me and the company from Houston's bank connection, the New York branch of the now infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International(B.C.C.I.). The amount was one million dollars in U.S. funds. The contract was worth approximately ten million dollars in gross proht for Mr. Yoon and me. the Chinese to immediately discharge Houston of his Given the charge by-what my plan of action would have to be. Any othel duties, I knew exactly approachto resolving this problem -employercould backfire and all would be lost. And of mine (when I worked fo1 ealit{ sin-ce a former, indirect International dirways), the CIA,- was implicated, I knew one mistake and it iould cost mimy life.' A comforting thotight prwailed and I reminded myself Houston was noi only comrpt, but stupid. The CIA must not have respected him either. Otherwise why would he have had to go outside his circle of powerful perverts to recruit me for an internationalbusinessdeal. I drov-eto my ofhce to begin the processof discovering something Houston "must have donb" that would breach the performance contract he and I had signed when we started the company. Houston was out of town supposedly doing one of his entertainmentgigs, so I had complete, unotstructed accessto all fiies, his included. As I had mentally predicted during the long flight from Hong-Houston Kong, the entire ferreting process took about fifteen minutes. It seemed and the old acquaintance who had introduced him to me were, as that I collected the shipping bills and, they say, "selling out the back door'. iroiicatiy enough, the bank deposit slip Houston had retained when he cashed and deposited the customer's check. There was even a letter copy where


fense v all rghts ,rns, J"IA, Iast, nent se'. tly" )nts

Houstonhad specificallyifp:l"d

ffi:fli?iltrf i5;;:**ll'3ld'l:i

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"#t$,1'* fliffiii*;r*****#r"1ift *i

delivered in broken*EnBIish by the.chinese rntenigence :ll.t."tifif";t"Xup-" snortminutes of the_drive,, I fria i,iqi"y"jl^g,q w'anted hinl).mentaliy so muchroâ&#x201A;Źain ii6n,,"i,i1-1n11i"e.The sraverynoted. r .trie ""3flf"H;:lo1il,'vmosl word had ;i"a;6ilk*c other

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:,.i,Tj,#,:1"il.iffi eelroryuief-ri.;;l';,:fr fiL,tr#,;t?H!


constructive ihought, -fir asr U:tT# presenration.'iffi#i .mini-."i'?ir ;i #l',1,'J.:fltgii"it"-term.


;';;t,"Tiid*JJl[5l,'""fJ'#t jXti 5il"rry1oavoidfr iqffr ff*ff they represented a secrer rarned i r,io'p'itriXically mainfor twenty


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customer to discusshis account -n_ot ili;'ql!#tr#tH$fflT$#t"lJy;":ter Rt I't,;;;;]ild,with





' Arrermy arrivarandthelight chit chatof social oerwâ&#x201A;Źen hadbeenexchanged us' theair changedtdone oi serioulx.::..^ licptieq mvolvement, onefedhim on my business and began-amethodia-iin!"i'r I, qu"rtionsconcerningite u-nrnese Intelligence-off,rcer file tte had-p-re*n't.A"o'1.1,-" _a, especially,-onHouston. )19ruy, my friend inl:,Tlted;;;]m;;*nce, *.r;*i:l,rllu smil"d a tri<itr,y grin, and re.srill *r'esarne,ana i; i;"* damnwelr whatr rirean.,, . The spook'wasreferring_,r-o ", ,70srock j"l^ig!,|"d .Srilt, smgerBob Segarthatwas.alsigned to-r""vJ*, earherby mutuarrhe Same,,by ook

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isreaqio-narouii*"ffi ,,,Iff*."-!i*_,Tp*n*r**rr::*i:Ti zu:tffiiil.T,*.,UtTleeyl,ii,if"s,ilw iffi .fi{ifffi,'ffi arou ndtheir eves' noi:slf so. r,i'i'i"

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,,tujtyis once-3gain navesurv-ived my Erieif131rJI"u,yili#ft3, hell,,to busin"s ,irtutionitip *irn ^,"* Houston.

ril !;;# i' in",r,"dread fifii Tii!#:if#$*',1fi", ed ;ef a, :: "J fr ,*i huqe' invisible to details concernrns cIA ,ru*l;"d";il;'H'?:5lt':ltlng a

reg-io'narizeo' to-r;;""r1il: Tig,fi$in"1""y,flilo ti9","ll'".turl"iii"'" ,no,.

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everything t h.*.il^j!pv.anIapiiiifrion gx.ternal controrof th"'n"! mlnd was fully operational priv,are aid "".r6iffii rot* oi *l,r,iri.

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outormydrymouth ,,How '"'10*,fr"1f'Y,i!%::Jh#:fiT,[?.0' were, vur ur rt{ He smildd "io oiol;t'v

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r FBI, and the MOB (Mafia) are the same, and they're making their moves on the military." I responded, "I already know that, but how do I savethesetwo people?" He said, "OK. Get the mother on the phone while her handler is gone. Use the usual hang up code of dial and ring twice, hang up call back, ring once, hang up and call back. Tell her you're God. Give her a biblical passage. They're all Christian basedprogrammed around here." Understanding that this procedure would gain Cathy's full attention, the General continued, "She'll do anything, and I mean anything--except toast Houston--that you command her to do. Remember, God commands. Find yourself a preacher who knows the Bible and get a double-bind verse. You know what to do--for God's sake. And, listen, if you do this, you're on your

uMark, this is nuts," he pleaded. Go to China and take them with you. Forget about this Red, White and Blue cesspool. It'll clean up. There's lots of good guys in the inside busting their assesto stop this mess, but you're not going to savethe world." I injected, "No, just my ass and a couple of people who Uncle considers somethingother than human." Then we briefly chatted about some fine points of the rescue and how to legally stop Houston from taking her back. I never saw this friend again. Walking back to my car, I listened again in my mind to his haunting words, and my own life suddenly seemedlike a scratchedphonograph record with the needle following the same groove over and over again. The thoughts in my head were suddenly very unpatriotic--a far cry from the feelings I had expressed in China concerning Mr. Yoon's involvement in shipping Chinese missiles to Libva. Now I felt pure rage for what my country had become during the years after I had bowed out of doing defensework. For once my own mind seemedto be my worst enemy. Hatred for everything consumedme. I loved what my country had once represented to me, but now I was ashamedto be an American. And unbeknownst to me at the moment. soon I would be ashamedof being a male, basedon Cathy and Kelly's memories. During the long, usually boring drive to my secluded house in the wilderness southwest of Nashville, I distinctly recall considering the inherent risks in the formula I was given for "stealing" two slavesfrom under the cokefilled noses of the CIA. Mv concerns were not of whether I could do it. but related to my friend's question of, "What are you going to do with them?" My thoughts went blank as I muttered to myself, "Life is getting complicated again". I then consoled myself with the old adage of "first things Itrst". Within a few days, I had played God and coordinated the move of Cathy and her 8-year-old daughter, Kelly, out of Houston's house into a nearby apartment. All of this was totally unbeknownst to Houston. As instructed, I had deliberately placed the powerful coded suggestionsinto Cathy's mind. These commandspartially bridged her own amnestic true perceptions that Alex was going to kill her. Little did I know that the messageI was provided to block Houston's former control of her was true. Cathy and Kelly seemed to me to be very disoriented and somewhat disconnectedfrom reality. In their new, sparsely fumished kitchen, I listened quietly to Cathy excitedly explain that 'God had sent me" to her. She "knewu 14

roveson tfie ople?',* once, fn8 r passage. rtion, the fPt toast s. Find E. you on your it! you. i,totsof re not nsiders points never rords. t' th6




/er me for tha

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]ssed ls to rfter rbe vas nI he nt It


se!.up hguse with- her mother. we filed for a noncontested divorce. I agreed to sell the houseand what remained ofourjoint possessions. still unable to secure expert help for caihy and Kelly, I maintained their safety by moving them into my housieuntil it was sold. If ivas durine this time that I was approachedby a neighbor who said he had seensomeonet[rough his binoculars wearing a gun and taking pictures of my house. Other such intirsive vrsits by gnkng_wqpersonsfollowed suit. I was getting real nervous. I again called on a cIA operative I knew who worked within Nashville's corrupt law enforcementelite who, days later, informed me to "get mv ass out of there now--som@ne wanted me dEid!" When I asked why, ie said, "you know damn good and well why!" The house sold quickly and I had al-readydecided to walk away from my company, nly_cgntlacts, and the one million dollars on deposit as-a letter of credit at B.c.c.I. in New York. Mr. yoon came to Nashville. He purchased Houston's stock. I returned Mr. Yoon to the aimort. Mv last words to him were, "Farewell, friend". He knew nothing of what was going on and I have never seenor spoken.wilt tti.r qgain. Thaiafternoon I cldaned'outmy office, handed the keys to the landlord, closed out my personal and compairy banli accounts. I had becqm.e.angrybeyond anything I had ever experienced. In retrospect, ., . this_wasthe birthing processof evolution from man to patriot. I now gnly wanted-answersto what was going on in my government. We needed to be safe while I searched for these anlwers. My-next stop in this pursuit would be Las V_egas,Nevada. Once there, I met with some frwerful, underworld characters I had befriended back in my aviation days it eapitai "packaging" gambling jrinkets for theie characters. lnternational Airways while I telt contrdent that these guys would protect me at least until I could hnd out w,f1t and wlo cathy knew. I was remin_dedby these men that they were a part of the cIA's new funding operations. one oi them flippantly remarked while chom-pinghis Cuban cigar, "You can't hide an egg in a feh holse, fella". My. contact then coldly informed me thaa I had becom6 involved in something that affected_oui National Security. I lied to this ',wise guy" and cryptically responded,"Oh, well. I'll take them (Cathy and Kellv) io ntasta gnd play like a voiceless chameleon". In retrospect, this spontandus [e must have-workg{to.protect me from "red shirting" myself to b-ecomethe recipient of a CIA/MOB hit. stay "parkedu i.n I-as vegas for a few more days .9uthy and.I contir_r-ued-to wSiting to. retrieve Kelly from a last minute (suspected-clA) court ordered viiit with. her biological I:tei, I would-learn from Kelly's {athpr,. wayne.cox. medical reports that she had spent Christmasvacation "in hell.,, I was now alone in my mind, scared, and going broke fast. Once again I felt totally alienated from everything and evlrvbbdv in mv life. ei tnis moment, I began constantly_reminding myself ttrai I w'asdoing the only thing I knew for sure )v^qsright. Realistically, I-was astride the prov-erbialtijer and I could not get off its back and survive.-

3 l99l Ro-^. CatholicWeeklv


greedto ed their histime ugh his rtrusive hville's assout nYou , )m my :tter of chased lo him I have rffice, bank spect, We r this erful, apihl ]ters. Cout paft vhile

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4ry /lslt ly's inI lhis rgI dI

CHAPTER 3 THE RECLAMATTON OF CA "The greatest gift anyone can give anotherrs a good memory.',4

It was now the week after christmas 19gg. I was fulfrlling half -ielonging of my

wirh all of our,ning rffi;l tl*g:I_11"^-V,"q1:_-ob. contannenzed and secretlyin transiton a different ship, I, niy "new family;aid Alaska.Ths sixiee;trunarJmitetrtp fj:..yn j"ry-boundfor,Anchorage,

tnroughrce and snow would take about three days to complete. unfortunately^, it gave me time to think. , Due to€ativecash flow situation, rearisticallyI knew there was no praceto run or hlde lrom the CIA. Cathy and Kelly seernedhappy and believed they were safe. This was my number orie priorityi F"i ri, i'riJulo trust ttrat my escape.plan_would convince interested^clA--personnel that *J-no longer reprgsente! a threat tg theil security. The plair was based on an ancient psychologicalwarfare formula develoied by thi Romans. t waniea lo Dortrav myself as akin to a character in a bad'Reagin 1*esrernf 'noui" *d-rid; fi;;ha sunsetnever to be heard.from again. Thinking to myself that where we were hgaped.geographically, there was=nosun to setlat leatt untit iprins.- L,ateone nlght abolt.mid way into our voyage, I sought the solitude'that"the outside rorward oeck would afiord me. I was thankful for the wind-driven sleet and s^noytFt stung and clgsed and opened^my mind foi6;sed thought. lry.?ye-s ,'strungbut"


1-,,t1^*"..11p1;qchofoCjcalli unDearaDte emotlonalheartache.

To sa.feguard my preciouste€nageson, Mason, from being hurt and/or unwltunglyused as.a pawn to force me to remain silent, I-had virtuallv $stroyeqour tather/sonbond. I lovedand missedhim very niuch.and still do'. The resultantemotionalpai-nfrom the deceptionana sepdraiion-'i""rn"oto u" compounding within me andwasconsuminghy being. I had, in the courseof rescuingcathy-andKelly] shunnedand insultedmy son,collapsedmy company,simur-taneouily orchestiitedt*" di";;c*;d ;ie all personartreasures.I worried I would neverseemy elderly motheragain. Her healthwasdeteriora{ng. Ih" tailoredclothesI *oie no r-oigeirii ,ne, as t forty poundsanOtootceO skeletal. Chronici"i6r,ii", i'ryo,ptorn lll}r^t^:::l ctepressionryr".Uy felt, was slowly driving-mema'd. My'o*n ^";j".^yl"l: I snon-rcrm memorywasbeginningto fail. I had-noticed-for the first time in gJ:r mrny y€arsthat I was stu-ttering whenenunciatingcertainwords. I knew mls wasJust the begrnningof a long and dangerouiexpeditionin searchof answers. As r^stoodalone,with eyesclosed,on the ship'sice-coveredsteeldeck, a strange feelin_g of relief washidover me. I hadsomeho*r-"e"d io iemerue, " I began rrom whereI could draw "emergencystrength. sile-ntlypraying for inner strengthand glidance thro-ugh'ameaitationt""ffii&;I'd i"ffidd i;; ago...Immediately,I experienced a feetingof peacefulsi,tr-aszurance thdt we wouldsurviveto t€ll our story. SuddenlvI becameaware-thatthe icy wind was freezingmy face and hands. '.tpf"t"ntly I was elatei that I could r"et ig*n. I had repressedmy tactile


cathy,s *0,T"*{-,Jl:d^:.::f fi H?."#,i-J#"H.:i"gl""::-rgi^,,1""..f:llltimesincerlearnedof ,,:i:ltI,;9;ii.,ijffi ;fi#ib;ffi:

- gfli.?:::l"*:,1T^l;;" {i"pe.' e voice was comin g from I :HS #I".ri,, sbmewheie. j;ry? r rooreo -: arouna -::--'..rv 4"' ffi d;;;#fu.!" wrvuvrrw uuwll .ill(J #ffi;b::Tf: WrADpeO ln a dark gfeen blanket alm,":t mqirrf'dui""of oi i[" ,,Hev $ffL,t:T: the;;;: voice.;e^iff .uesiai egairiir trearAl r,.",.a. .cy man, manf.t:*l*lf vorrUK?.' oK?,,jlis.ry":*ylili,t;"FH#',,i"i*i#^ilo Tl,:":11",T.:_tL:"19!rge you Ihis good man

whom I latercameto tnooi una ,,J6;; *T:t#il';":yf ,'.t; classic y::"Y,,*kP:,Tl,ll.,^T:_ "*" y"s-a of whatAlaskans rerma ,,sour dough".

Roughlvaefineo,-a sorii"aGh"#;: anybody from rhe "l.iJ";l,j,I

^w" ft t;; y-ll ;;;ffi *"," ['jf,1":1,]1"",:n *:".**:* Fiij1orie j'i?ii{.crl".ff j::f nj#g-::*_qnr,o'";;i"il"*;i;ycilil,i :: 1-,""T,,,"",i:,

mediaviolen".l *a unconilottedgieâ&#x201A;Źd.

I offered him a ciearetteand-my h_andin friendship, somethingI had not e voluntarily in in al-most al-mosta a vear.' vezr- w"-uii*a'"il"rrii We qorecrt r^ .r^r, iX"i""Tilit,'"#3: i- ^^-e^^-r-r^, ffJ ffi;otunanlv arrival.

Abouttwo davsrater,, we randed_ saferyat theJuneaudocks.we weretord by the ferry'sCaptainthat it was tr,".oia.rt any. of i[. iJcioe.':rne snip,s rnermomerer reada minuslorty degrees ranreritreit.''iJi n'il',r.,,,was an anticipated wearhercondition,,ila ro?iutr,v ;"; iGiiy, ;;;i:riiul.nulr"ng.. I had spentabouttwo Alaska'around1gg0. It was then that I helpedmy formerbossfroni gqo,g, i"t".iti""JArr*iyi, o;.* - iamats put a new carrieron line knownurieny is creai Northem back then, not because-ofthe ini,ironmei'i wtricrr Airrines. I reft Alaska I loved, but cue ro my inability to cope with Kamars;a"iry-tr-i"a"r1.. rhi..rrgid colorful hisrorvworking for orhercin .""io.ilea aiirinEil i"ir"*"r,io a long, er'ong'otn"r jobs,

hehadherdtopexecuriue nolitio",of ilitoilt

*itii^ii,,ii"iiiiiXuiii, ,rppon sectionof the u.S. Forestryservic;;Air eiie.ica, and Evergreen(cIA) carri-

Now I wasbackin Alaska,unemployed, and knowingI wasbeingtracked like an animalbv the sameorg'-i'uti,iniiib.p,.uiousry indirectlyworkedfor, the centralInteliieence.Agenq'y. Havingr-t.-pttn" pastcoupleof-nights,I was feeling muchbett6r*g {" *i9yer'['o]'u.irig tractea did not conci.n me. I mire-prodrlcfve.thirigion my mind. r courdnor ailow raw fear to IT^llll:"g Dec9lng any galt_olmy daily diet oTthouelitprocess. uam-y_and r dedicatedeverypossibremorirentto locatea house ,home. we courdcall We finalty founda fourirlgl tf,ut *ur-in"ip"n-rivi with two .anartmgnt bedroomsand a rieatedgarage:'we- rria io triu" u h*tqd. gaiagefoi three belovedpet_raccoons ana'tw5doqr. d;; ;;;lo,"e wourdneverhavemy furniture beyonda TV, two beds,and a taute*a "ituirr. This inconvenience neverwas discussed.We werecoitfortaUte."our After settlins into placâ&#x201A;Ź".in the remote ryral town of chugiak, we aoins.noimar

things.we enrorreo xJii i"'"Jrlt pubric ::rT*it"]y -uee-an scnoor' metour newneighbor.q, andplayed in ttresnow.;r1 ;T frri'*as ueing traditionar'ramily wii__sl,rieilrrins cairry;; ii"iil" haonevei ;:+:l*T_1. Our remainins meager resources were disappearing before my eyes. The cost of asthmamidicati"onttriirerry "orJ.iilrir"a b keep her arive'was over $400per

monrh.r strongry iliiltdd lr'.ii'nt"n killer, wavnecox. s.rtgt"u. 'n";]fi;fiii;u i#,Tffit, satanic ritualssheandheifour-year-oldrt.plio*.,".1'luiou, r,iouL"'r"LJilJ t". "id,! i*i",i r"ii,Li o..rining healthresultedfrom the iwb weits 'in heit;;'it'enaa recently'rp""i*itl alleged serial


;.t ^

t** .

of Cathy,s



ffi dftrj [.;lilf,"#




6. I providedcathy adequate food, vitamins,water,and sreepto restoreher failing physicalhealrh. 7. I taught cathy how to view her memorieson a "mind movie screen. ratherthanre-experirince the; thr;ugi; ttre'mino,s;uinu"rt"rl'iiv';',iotanism. 8. I instruct6dcathy-how to trince terserfand-JiltJitf," le*pttrof trer trancestatethrougha self-hypnosistechniqueEonleregara^ 'n.aiLion). This was put in place to avoid possiblecoritamination inoT- .onr*ion of her memories,.which might happenedhad r "sJ 1--r,ypno;;"i;d.;tffii .have techniqueknownasgurseormaqerv. 9.. gglnt was no.t allowed-to'readbooks, newspapers,or "'-'catr,y magazines,to watch TV, or to discusswith Kelly anything ,tt'"-'.."ittea. hia experienceda l,ifetime of informatio'ncohtrol"and tdef;;; had minimal contaminationof memoryto sort_through.rhis rule *ii ut* unoiistood --'--' and resrylted^!,V Kelly,.whos-e memories weiebeginningto i"rf*i. ru. A' Denavlorpattems and social habits cathy exhibited were re_ throughlgglcatdiscussionbetweenus. All pie-estabiistreo g11mined. uetravior p"rr?Tti routines,werere-scheduted-or itoppel corfiet"ry. i::l::9ilg"llly r r. r requrredher to weara wrist watchtwenty-fourhouisa day, to al'ertme of any "lost-time"shefelt she*as e*periincing. 'iviiiieastrauma, .r.osingtime, wiihout is a strongindicationthat personalitvswitctrin! f-;firrin;.' ' ableto accountfor time is air indicato'rthatrecoveryis occurf;ne. The memoriescathy yas Jecgvelrngwere-trofriutJueyo"8 anythingI had 1ve.Jheardanyole speakabout. I often-wonderediai di falle;"in"love wittr the psychologicalmaladyknown as the resurtof my .develo-ping StockholmSyndrome._ Those trrbultrtsndvrlr both-ered il i,;i i-tew r had I had heard"lougt horro_rfrom Catfryana Xeily to know gr3'y: tg^|gy"-C"1!!,V_. post fiom TraumaticStressDisorder(pTSb). The :..:T^:9i":lll"pq symptomsof this disorderwent unnoticedby cathy and Kelly ulause they too werePTSDed,andhadbeenall their lives. , My own.healthb.gT lo.deterioraterapi{Iy.. My regainedbody weight r wasexferienctng incr&iuii-sto.dcr, pain, 9:r;t1,j: T:l.l vomlrlng'and iyg.9lte.asain... dlarrhea. I wasliterallyliving on a patentmedicineknodrnt6 "secur6" ulcer sufferersas Maalox. A phoie call'to a oocioiiriend in the "lower 48" produced the nameof a locai internal medicine6;iJi; I could trust. .Aw^are of mypredicament, my physicianfriendmadJtnJippointr.nt on my oenarr ror thrsdoctorto,prepgecertainin-officetests. oni-of the tests, sloTach.tulie,'showedrhat as a resultof a *aiei-Uornepar_ :"ttlC ij9^*g-p.!_.^ asrte' there were holes in the walls of my stomach. He recommenided emergencysulqgry. I replied, "No. How riruchlonger can I live with this beloresurgery?" He said,."It depends on how well youcanfollow my instructions". ."\q proutem,'-I said..y.itt" a'few daysof i"eaingryr"ii'int "u.nourry andrakingtheprescribedmedications, I begairto recover. It was during this recoveryperiod thit I beganmy telephonesearchfor

process... Agiin r ri'astoiaby my former 'weil flY,"lt^_t9^:f* 919y'.1rryoygry connected" assoclates that I knew it all.

I was not convinced. However, my persistencesoon paid off as one particular phone ""ti,iiuriJln'my striting proverbial "pay dirt"i The medical books on research for treating .crandestine experimental dissociative disorders mysteriously appeare,O',on hold" i;;; Jin" nug6 . t ! l.!

t-I B



, restoreher irie g41ser,

rhanisrn. Pth of her ton). T}is

rl' 9f IEr rnduction uines, to athy had minimal tood and t/ere re_ rchavior :ly. rleft me lrauma, s being I had e with as the I had larow The Y too eighr Pam, 'n to the ould ton :sh, )arCed his ;ly 0r 3r r 0




A-nchorage PublicLibrary. *.". covertry arerted I. ropick t:"1#:

*i+ild;d{tp{*:l'j"x;.-,',;.r l-ll'l.l'l;.1nffi -'

ffs. : t'*:?ffi *i'trffit trtr#iifjdi# ,xl#,,{Ttin" o"lriixffi" srnceI was walkir

rr'Wrii# i;:"il:; know is"eryid;;I W #:,::'#: |,itt$d*" ,* vouib'.i,,_ii"#i;",la[HtilH1fi"r.,,Ti1ffi'"

Ui':r""i# I ,esponsiureTrr-a,,*fr ;,fl:'fd["*Jpq,if"i:J:{!ifdi.t"[ s-he w3saaoresisinfnie ^,r_Tsur{ by nar r, aso concluded

;*#A[*l*ffi''?n#.t'*l#:ii{ilrttm#H S*{*

800#witha timeand;"; ;;';;i. Rffo'q"q.on_lhe b&k"m;[;';a; l,!"lt fl* provided this800#andmanyorhers r"-foi;""#;;"ifr'j:^'-ut$ :lTttatlv. ($iqe,ilu*;li,'Ji"?",TllillliT3:t.::li.b

t; ;;;#y access rhe


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r.nenext soundI he: lt"t"i" ptffiuse 'I do not knowntit?tntit!1 my callwas",T9 YT tt lngs, qtdiEt ;;;f;' ffj rhe

prob rem 1{ ?,,r r,rt 1?I^"

g:!! f :':1,:i:

:ranwithr'i'-iJ"?il,t'p[fut#r#"i:1qr":rg'l'i'-"1fl emph asizi ng mv "ii:i:*i .'#:""e',T-1.8, dr #i nn,?ilr'|l*ou'tv

up,y f.ftt?'tr;ri;Ht:mH.:i.q,{ii{{Hi,f i!"f'Tiltls'r" fi ,Ii"".lii;-$fn#ihfr i;,?lui#:r";;';{f t#i"XtTlil; .1.1',",1g,tr,yi''#i3;9,$&;fi'#l',qT,}i'[t could speak with som

rasler.He saia,"we'ep

io aftir t *ho douli;"i:.'erruptedhisinstru-ction

goingto need a rererratl "Areferrar """t'i''"" ?JJ#*i,Filt}'o lil{"d, b."i,?*:T"il:iit?,tf ,i]f* withadoctor whoknows about thisandmight wruchI can't provide.

*,,iF'if,#f"fff.*$"**fiffii"ilsffh*:.,, and ,ha, was ,he ,as, ny*tli#nlH"rft ll3t*ft if"",xfiii.llir.ffjpJ;:# r mrnd-contror atrocities) buthecourdd-#ioirl" r,"rp. 2l

oh, be algrt. Everybody's watchingthis guy so anythingyou say, they (thebad guys)will know." "Thankyou very much,"I replied. Somewherein the processdf finding relgrrar professionailyacquainte 3 with Dr. Hammond,I ielephoned dissociitivedisordeis-speciuiirt.'or. Bennet Braun,a well-knownandpublishedpsychiatrist in chicag'o,-i[i"ols. I learned from our conversationthal he had air entirehospitaluniiai:olciieaio ttrerapy for peoplelike cathy and 5elly. I wondered aithe time *rrv fiii nu,newasn,t prevrousty providedto me for a consultation.As a resultof thisbrief telephon encorrnter,.,I lgqrnedthat Dr. Braunhada numberof patientson it""g *'"iiiiri list for a "bed" within this..facility.The doctorthen rit*ia.a rn" the nameand telephone.number of a "friend-" he confrded in,'reojii ai[azine senior investigativereporterCivia Tamarkin. y!i1 reoptglTimeLif.e mag.azJrle. rgporterwas to be my biggest -,_j^"ii3"^rllg srngre errorin thepursuitof helpfulinformation.I woulds60ni&rn Judgement for nearlycbstingme my life, anddid-i"dir;tlt :*.y*,il9ilftly-re_sponsible cosr-Kellylrer chancefor "expert"therapy--which is an6therbookin itself. rpo!: with Civia, shedroppedimportantnareJfit! a maple .-^^\T_a^I f,-rl! rree orops leaves atter a frost. I audio tape recorded practically all conversations with thisseemingly -niewell informed;o!rce,thenandin theyearsto follow. civia first provided the nameand ptroni numue;;i iil" Boston -'9eprogrammer,"an ex-Moonieprogrammerby-the name of Steve Hassen. Next,.she_provided the nameandp^hoi'e numberto contactlotvn "iottv" west at ycl4. Re_luctantly, shegave nie the referral I neededto 6omruriicatewith DI: cgry H_ammond.The later contractbeing the only "briefly helpful', one with whomI wouldspeak. programmer Steve .- Maximizing.myPtso impairedjudgement,I telephoned Hassen, ror advrceon how to.helpKelly (only),whichresultedin-hiscomingto Apparently,-hisagenda. iviq t9 traumarizeCittry Uy usiriga :Ii,h, 1$9 to tngger weil-Known codeher to run for her life-from me. rhrJ method-he employed.gouldhavebeeneffectirrc,but fortunatelyfo1 cathy and Kelly, his robotic delivery like his moral ethicswas very poor. I learnid thaiHassen's respectfor hil ucLA psychiatristfriends,Dr. y,91::d_T{roglded professional. westâ&#x201A;Źnd Dr. MargaretSinger,derivedfrom sinisterreasons.Little did I know that L,r. West had worked for the cIA in project MK-Ultra mind-control researchfor decades.It seemssomeof Dr. west,j cIA support&iiiearch haa beenexposedby a congressionalinvestigatorof the MK-'frira iioiect in tte lvlus. Howeverhe survivedthepublicscrutinybecause the u.s. Gbvernmen had, in-elsence,halted further irivestigationo'r nim *a ttit *otk unoer the gyrse. _His onty rep6rtedcrime was for f.ilin!-an elephani Ilf"g an overdose -lTTrV of ISD wlth in the presenceof schoolchildren. ihese ficts t cathy anj I spokEwith him by phoneand suusequent ygy]9 t?"L3fter disaster 'l-his struckus. too is anotherstorvin itself. -moii-u"tu"ute were informative .The phonecalls betweenDr. Cory Hammondand myself and supportive._He proved himseif to be the singt6, tiu" rntormatlon assetI would know in my questfor experttherapyadvice. Iater Dr. Hammonddeliveredto the mentarhialth comminityttrro'ultri symposlum presentation in l99l,.the wholetruthashe knewit on th[:topic6f min-dcontrol. flls aovlsorylnstructronto me on a-particularEricksontechniquefor painless, nonabreactivememoryrecovery,calied"revivification",literally savedmy pre-

l'i li I



(thebad ;:?ffifJrjtm

relivingthehorrorsassheremembered them. Thismanis my

rsainred .,*:p"iss;l"imfr,tr +r:"xi",.,llRT*, ::ff1lii^u,e##1,il.1 ilT,is i.:H#ll.iffi T#&:"di,'i"#'T,gl,q-t'ig1"'"#"ill, ..";;:

*iH .ffi""3;t",,#-#J.JflT,ffi**;dlTiHffi f":?1,{,Hr :11i# i aff;ilffii^; r"lt?:q frillsi,'J4:'jii*rUtil*:"'a:;tl, ;x#i"i;tr ::39 senlor


deterioratiri'gfornoapparenii*.*]"v s asmmaand behaviorwere raaicatty one Friiay ro"iihg in- iGy,"'cg,v receiveda ca1 from Kery,s school

herexamine fil]{$dffi$:.niffil * f *n ".po,.iur"-"ni'r,,u"

ii,:T'"i'#*qff ffi Butthislltfr;,*f""rt"H;]Fjdt"T"'ffiilT: r:r*i"#ffi#'t1",*idl'ttitg,: s",f fl,flr,nl Epre 'sall to tlon

'ith iil :y-t

I,: ; i ,I


exhausted out^su-ppty oiilHG;;r;.t{,nq-n'Jid',ioi"li,i"r, -i''.;';;hysub_sriruted used in her*:?i*r"i p"t"p. sheresurarlv distilred herwh' water andsatwitlr roiirei;;;;i.i. using.anrrictsonlechnique of guided

*h;;"ired and purred

vt?{ii,r and iTil'g'Ji:f,fl,"fii'*,[m{#Fv," ormJmountiin onry to'6-e il'd#Hi$ifr"Xt*.,.9"q!H f* ;rul,trr:ff3 actuarrv?"rri,! iileasound asreep F:'i+?iltx,y"$nt'*t*:'#and hercoughing-spell. trer ueaiiae'iior asreowhyshe i;;il;;f5 *u"r,lfl*t

r,,;.n*,".,hew ffff*,$;i,B:I*i$:j,pm**r"'*;rff,JH;, (the '"i *ds;;'C"19'wavne '*;,f I.*0, ,ilt#lff?Silil,ou over and over and over again.,, ,r*,+" ifi:{x#:4;#i$#iif school,, out,,lr,.i.p]iJ.'"

:When"What do you mean?,t--' lasked, nWhen Jnerobotically "Doyouremghu{ school,sout.,, lepeatgd, wrreir wffiiii.uri,

royou?,,r asked.

?fi:il,Til#",t["$d:i"rdi'ffii+1J ;l:,,Hil"#i:f li"'",i'"iti1'ji!', Ai;; fiiriirtq"fiilF"3j",ilT,:H;:u"'r#il ;nr#**r5:,'S1,lXl;l;xtiiml*,;"1fffi #n,?:;;u,q," I suggesred,.Kety

*rrs.Ar did feereooatl1ry1t-morning andrerurned daywouldbL.!9rlist dayin Eirch;*a to school. .b,rementary.

.,}"f {iilirffs:-"*.ri,:l'; ry,fr il!#j#tffit"'ll":"tffi "?i Cathysaid,,tto, Uui*e-iiiiT


I-ater that evening, Cathy, Kelly and I would make the last of emergency 9rives to seek mediial help'for Kelly. At Anchoraee's Humana Hospital, cathy'and I met with the young, r


f."lphysician, ii;. r.o"i;' t h6ier;;;il'*;,i.i'


l:,e perhaps'.tnghtened E9 -! alt ano' as to.Kelry'sun-exprainable deteriorating conaitic requested a privatemeetingandshecomolied. After aboutthirty minutesof my exftainingwhat cathy and Kelly had rescued{rory, I defiied mind contr6lid G;:""L;;i.E-il1r,;;.'3ie'1rne.a tr consultedwith a local female.psychiatrist, Dr. pat patriikio'"u"ruui" k"[y. The evaluationwascompletrJdand Oi. patrick invited C"it n--A "uentu me,_to her office for a consultation. This was to ue xetiv's first offi evaluation that indicated she suffered from Muliipri- fiiiti"irii" piro, a serious psychological disorder resulting froh *""i1, ^iA ,"d ^ry1_?1,' trauma. I then askedDr. patrick if shecould arrangefor a sexualabusespeciali if Kelly_hadbeenabused.Shecompliedl rt e ie-suiir*ete leqrfr. ' 'arncK .and uathy seemedalmost relieved at this validation.ioJitiu". The res srcKened me. -- Kelly's-asthmastabilizedat Humanaand she was transferredto cha for in-hospjtalcare. Dr. nat ict apparenUy proul ll:{llrl.llltlil,uosnitaf me Destcare sheknew.- unfortunatelyit was inade4uate.Mbnthspaisedr the Stateof Alaskawelfare.authorities'began io ifii,ilK;ily^*", not'irnpro andher ineffectivecarecostswere.mounti-ng by thousandio?aori"r, *""ruy. ^ . Dr. lltrick' ^cathy-,and I, with the cdbp6rationof thJ iennesseevior unmes uriums commis-slon,begansearchingfor a hospitalthat would acc Medicaidinsurance. Finalry,on-ewas locaft-in ow;;b*, rl,ii""r.y *r.,

workingwith au99J,cr'tiir.n-'--kdily, *::f:li ransrerredtolry'flly,.ln thrstacility andthe stateof-ritually Alaskapaid

all the bills for her'm there. I:.ter we would learn,that eleganltrospitatfacility *i, noir,ing,n than a human warehousethat colected-wtratevii-reesiil6 ilHJ'and sr q^"]^"TT,9lf wouldpay themper..childresident. A pretty placeto see,but caretor.Kelly wouldproveto be "lessthannothing".the summerbefor.gKelly.was-transferied to this Kentuckyhosp .D^ur1ng and cathy was recov_ering satisfactrjrily,I felt it was sareioleauei't'eir site marl could tlnd work. we desperately neededmoneyto travel, to live, and returnto the "lower 48" with Xelly in the winter. I quickly secureda-job- at -AlaqkaBusinesscollege as an interviewe prospectivestudents.My salesnperformance" resultedin ,v Gins;iomoted two weeksfrom an admissions-representative to Director'of eE,fiiisions. muchmoneyas possibreirom my ea-ingJouiiitr" ""ii'nre mon fanked.ap ro provrderor our move, to be closerto {e!!v: The thoughtof the separa agonythat would exist berweencathy and K6lly servedai a ieminder or r ongqingseparationfr_oqmy son, whofrrI had nof heardr.oo, in armost" vea, cathy, on ill advice irom me, cailed her father and u"eeil-?ot' ,t financialhelp for.Kelly's sake. H;i f;th;r-;i;;^$ili ;;;i,Fft;ur tocat and commented,"This is America. Unlessyou comeback to Michieanalor It was this statementttrat triggered Cathy;i'repres 1111t^1 memonesTptt"_ ot her own tortured childhoodby this aflegedpervert and sh salesman, Earl O'Brien. Soonthe FBl,telephoned cathy andtold her that sheneededto "voluntari cometo the AnchorageFBI office for questioning. upon arrival, cathy w


tlre last of our informedthat she was under federal investigation for attempting !o extort moneyfrom her father. Qgthylooked strangelyrelievedwhen she heard thesecharges. Iater I "crazy,' or wouldlearn that she lell belle.r.knowing for sure she was no-t delusional andthather father did in fact d6 ttrosethingsio t"i -o-t"i brothers andsisters. Kelly had been and reportedtythe DOJ "inspired,, . rnepherd.then ,_..Jll^M tq:n! y"r ope+y pympathetic rnvestrgatlon was subsequertly droppedupon his recomm6ndation.This-agent wenton to securea cashdonationthroughhis Mormon churchthat enablei us ,andeveituallv to leavehisjurisdiction. s..nrst officiai It is noteworthvthat during this sametime, alry Disorder -throughanotherspecialagentat the Anchorage i-[""*Ti"!"raing : and repeated an lBi gffce, I fias interrogitea'f;;;;i;t unrelatedcrime involving my ex-wife an-dher lawyer uossin noriai. r m"*, I now know that the FBI was, in effecl, "Grpti"e 6--d"-rton rnn sespecialist to credibjlityasadvocatefor carhy and Kelly throughiheir inieiti'g;tid;ift;;? posrtive. Dr. frir tawyir rne results l?:-}:I _r_"f Sg"irpl ryf 91wife and h'erlawy-erwas sotveA,"anO accompllce_ wasconvicted of first degreemurdei. My ex-wifebecamea stat'e's witness andwasacquitted. d-to Charter However,daysiater I would "seâ&#x201A;Ź"my ex-wifebeingarrestedandprocessed nuy provided on^lne popular.national television show "unsolved Mysteries,'. That s p.assedand unlortunate caseinvolvedonly one homicideand madethe irationalnews for ot rmprovine weels to come. In contrast,cathy's testimony,with proofs provided FBI ; weeklv. officials,was filed and deli6eratelycovered upl-fo" {u-*-o*'o}'National sseeViolent Security. tou-ldaccept The fall seasonin Alaska was now quickly giving in to winter and the "t dust" (snow).was re-coaringflhesuhdunoiig rount inr. The air lnlu.}gti.9q becomrng rippy. The ghangeof seasons si,gnaled anotherchange Y.fl.l.tlntqty T,let move *'tnrn my newt'amily. $gtty;glsgging- to be transferredsoonto the tcentuc[y rmlng more ValleyInstituteof Psychiatry (V.I.F.). -saving t and shte cathy and-I had been every dollar I could earn during my brief ee,but the tenureat AlaskaBusinesscollege in preparationfor our move f,ack'to the "lower48". I. hospi1"I. I realizednow that cathy had gone into a stateof recoveryknown as :u sideso "fusion". -a-r,ioE."or" " .shq.fradlong sinceitoppedswitchingpersonaritler vâ&#x201A;Ź,:tnd to and.logicatlady. she wasno longersusceptible gSlily: rnrerhgent, to anyone mggenngher to.go againstor away from me. she continuedto iournal her yiewerof tnumahcmemories andwasprofessionally adjudgedstable. )Totedin ,.fhp lassaeeon shipsand ferriesouf of lnitrorage to Seattlewas booked slons. I solldlor monthsahead.. They would only acceptfrEight and/or vehicles. I e months purchased two, one-wayticketi on AlaskaAirtine'sano Sroufhio"r ruriii-i"r, rparation Pacer, ind remainingbelongingJto th" An?ii;;ge-i'o"rc ro, i.lZ-6,.AMC rofmy snlpment. ayear. as wg p,"ck* readyto boardour flighr, a )r some _^^*99:lltt nEuby. volcanoeruptedand haltedall air traffic in or irut of Anchorasef6r ihe location roilowlngtwo_weeks. we waited anxiouslyfor the aimort to reofon. we r alone, wouldleavefirst and Kelly and her nursewbuld soonfoilow. rnii'would be pressed thefust stepof whatwoulcibe an endless journeyin our puriuii ofjurtit". I slave



ttarily" rI was

!" Mark Phillips' mouo Tbe term Multiole Pelsonaliw Disorder (MPD) is now clinically referred to by mental healthprofessionals asDissociativeIdentity Disorder(DID).



. . our much anticipated arrival into the seattle (washington) International Airport .terminal heralded nery b"gi!tt-ng. Cathy appeared'to be openly 1 optimistic that perhaps, at long last,-Kelly would doonhave her ctranci ro'r recovery. Privately, I. felt much- less hopeful. I knew from past personal experierces and through {y "insider sgg1c9s" that mental healih physicians from the private sector of society had little acquaintance with secret u.S. Government mind-control research. The only mind-control information these doctors had access to for the most part was from the hysterical comments supplied them by their-troubled patienls. Hysteria, in this 6ase, as a symptom of misinformation is highly contagious, and therefore spread'througt(ou't ttre mental health profession. Many practitioners displayed -thrbughsymptom-s of the "ostrich syndrome" to me, their peeis, and patients fear and chronic denial. It was 1990, the beginning of the last decade of this century and the millennium, and most mental health physicians remained in a state of denial concerning the existenceof mind conEol-. Mental health as a science is barely one-hundred.yearsof age. Truly an industry in its infancy in relation to tG other recognizedhealing arts. Due to mental health's infancy and the fact that it is rooted in the archaic, mystical theories of Jung and Freud, combined with the non-availabilitv oi governmentcontrolled researchinformation, the term "mental health" is vidwed by patients and doctors alike as an oxymoron. PatientsI have interviewed who suffer from dissociative disorders frequently refer to the profession as "mental -unfortunately hell," and their well-intentioned provlder ai "the rapist". for all parties concerned, in many reported instancesthese cruel labels are consistent with. the.quality of.the car.i: prov_idg!. whereas I strongly support, in concept, the healing arts existing in the fields of mental health Ihat corilo 6e applied'iri the treatment of mind-control patients, I cannot foresee their appliiition in meeting the needsof thesg.patienlswithout some radical changesinblur National Security Act. Around 1970, r recall witnessing a "mild" cale in ooint. I was overseeingthe video taping of-a ToP SECRET psychiatric experim'entinvolving I yo-ungman wto had suffered brain damage resulting from s6me type of severE head trauma. .This p_atientwas ambulatory. g" corild not rememblr anything, express himself, or for that matter, think. He was not brain dead. rre wi6 mi1d. !ead.. fhroug! the.application of ? combination of experimental drugs and hi+ech electronic technology _involving harmonics, his brain was beiig "retrained" to permit constructed thought piocessesto commence. The braiil scar tissue that was inhibiting his ability to think was being chemicalty and electronically Qy-pqssed. I equated thii experimental procdiure !o the "hot Ijring] of an ignition switch of an automobile to preclude the use of a key. The extraordinary procedure and subsequentresults 6f this experimental therafy was meticulously recorded. The record, tape, and doctor notes were droprifi into a security envelope and were taken 6y courier to Fort George M#de, Marvland.



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readerin publicrv rh;o:i;sh-irff;urch's washingto ff"fitr%l.f',i"8'''o"'"::i:r' -$:r!.'ffi"?: grum{m1'#tr'#"#i#ffi'lt"i:'1il

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".,}:"i!r fliix?:ii"*.*:d. lfi: f,'i,3-u' fi{::":11, i!!J, "l["'fii,ffitTJ5,1:0"'g n{ subliminir $:fti!fl" :#3:#,g k'ilr"d;ili m,ind contror ,r,r"r!r, i#

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regime rordislherapy :gi["iib:[,Iffi1.flt'l!':o':^r"

ffi ,',??l"l'J:Ti"^[*r'f+'ffi -rufllaryitfijF?;g,i,., tr,,"-,n*-*fr l'3i:i:f ,#',io'.v1' " iliir'.''rrirf'has-round hearth proression,s *g

g{+r;+n { ilf{atr*'qiiF;,T-J ffi*-ifrlf'#tf"###i" concerning-.iirr,r,"o mind-control ;.r#:?:


involves-nat-ional securityr""."ti


ln lhe present climate, referring mind-control victims to mental health professionals for treatment would be-tantamount to subjecting a patient needing delicate surgery to a surgeon who was blind-folded-and hand-cuffed. Th; knorvledge of -these c-onditionsproduced the private opinion I withheld from -C.athy.when sle .professed optimism for Kelly's latesi recovery opportunity. Nevertheless,-cathywas nearing complete recoVeryand we bothiecolnized we were doing all we could at the momenl to provide for Kelly's needs. "who" within our governmdnt is interested in . -Pertr,aps ileltifying withholding vital,medi?l researchfindings and-technologiesinformation from the mental health profession could provide a foundati6n of understanding. ry personal experienceswhile working for capital lnternational Airwayi, 5r.o* l. tormed a strong opinion that addressesthis question. However, the answer that mirrors my perception was.later gloquenily provided -Hunt, by a washington, D.C. _news correspondentand journalist,- Lind-a in her book SZcrei Agenda.6 The historical basis for this book are the declassifiedDoD documents identifying Projegt Paperclip as being the secret importation/relocation of Nazi and Fascist scientistinto the United Statesover a forty-year period. These brilliant criminal .scientists were primarily iocused on two areas of research,rockets an{ the mind. They were-placedin positions of authority in, among others, prestigious universities, colleges, industries, and NASA. buei th.e yearg, these imported criminals have diiectly influenied our society with advanced rocket technologies_and mind-contrdl applications througtr u.s. Government sponsored-research. According to Seciit Agenda, Nazism, as a philosophy an-d f9q of gjrvernment, is alive and destro-ying6ur countiy, in part, as a result ofProject Paperclip. I can attest to this statement frgm.personal knowledge gained during my employment at capital lnternational Airways, which is nam--edas one oT th6 primary transportersfor Project Paperclip. These were background facts for sohe of the thoughts that rushed through my mind on our long drive from Seattleto the SoutheaslemU.S. I was anxiois to discover the end results of my telephonecampaign in the pursuit of justice I had waged while in Alaska. our first destinationwould be Huntsville, Alabama. This southernu.s. city is famous for its tourism_centerpiece,the NASA owned u.S. Spaceand Rocktit center. The town also boasts of being home to more pentagoir, black-budget, U,!. dollars.per capita than anyplace in America. Cath-y liarbors a very $ffeqenl opinion_of this town,.its poti* force,-and the NASA researchfacility'. 'to For cathy and Kelly, Huntsville had been a place they were regularlv taken by Alex Houston for hi-tech torture and the produ'ction of Etrita'ano aautt pornography films. . This trip to Huntsville would be different for cathy, except for one aspectof her previous experiences. Both she and I would reolive oui first threat-to our lives.,inour.pursuit of justice from law enforcement. This was surprising to me and "normal" for Cathv. - Ttrq -lead-upto thil threat began with my phone call to a Huntsville based legal aid group known as the National Rsvicilation of child Advocates. This that it was formed through the leadership efforts of the 9rggi.3ti9n publicized'Bud' local district attorney crammer, who is kn6wn to his constituentsas nGun Ban Bud". After supplying thi.l advocacy center with cathy's recollections of her past experiencesin Huntsville, we were contacted by tivo Huntsville city



o"p*tent 'vice" detectives. TheirnameswereJeff Bennet andchuck anivalinto Huntsvilt"iglT two vjcecopsescorted us andour F,;r*,l Tr.

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y'f fiH'Fifffi**-a$i,#{ik*;f thereto.bespecimens fo;*ii;;;;; #:t"'"y^"t?

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h?plyj assets intrri Di,hiiiA;#:!:ffl'J,:fr#:: o'o crammer. ftl'#,fl,j:J^9rp1ing rheir names wJii

^s:'E:A;t';i,k Arr*c*#-dnao exnaustedn,_d;i?{r. ot and Benner ,l:r.-.1*ollectio.ns,_.Crabtree we*"'i-''tlr tiil,'and shut rili*","-*rj?:i #Jiif"illenowwhile upir we and.l'tuould learn ,h"l.gTll'. andBenner ptifi;rSflllv o'icer in over hadnotified everv oro.iJurfl.,ry

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j,i*:Tf,.*Tnistration-rraaTuao.nry.decra KJut;;ffi i..o"rt?li-i?.X; 'nne!"Thisstatement-wasffi rl,il"i'ii,iilirli;r,*r."rt.:'#,;lt"tr we'llgivet'"r toxif,iuikvttilo

services andrheywi'find adoplrive ffit-:, Thiswasr bT?-trgdevelopment sinSp-_r_{g'r.courd not funcrionoursidea

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hours. we rushed her, gasping.for_breath,to vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, for.emergencytreatment. Again Kelly's condition *o*n"a'io thi extremetv cnuqu pornt, then returned to normal. Her attending doctor thought -----c he hai seena real miracle until he learned about mind control.Vanderbilt Hospital physicians who reviewed Kelly's past medical and psycnlatnc records recommended that she be moved to the worst child warehouse we've seen s9 far, crocket/cumberland House,-the'l'home for brqk91 butterflies" (see-photo). Becausecathy_and I ;;;t'both unemployed . and Kelly only had Medicaid insurance, the state or rennJsiee demanded temporary custody. Their demands for custody were legally legitimate and moraily equatedto extortion for they had no intentions of s&kirig eifert trrerapy for Kellv.

l:lglly j* cgytLproceeding,with five lawyersopposing ^^.Ilto..yg1^", partrat vrctory. Kelly..was transferred to ChartarUos:liitat ii l,Tny:.I",ll1d 1 Ntempnrs' Iennesseewhere

again she did not receive MPD/DID therapy, but for the first time did receive-genuine empathy from a so"iJ *ort"r,'Abbott Jordan. - - Dulng. this period, my life and riberty was threatened by the Nashville

y:Ig^,lgtx_Deparrment.-This verbaldeaththreat*as aetiiereoty Metio

Homrcrde cptail

Mickey-Miller and echoed by his friend and subordinateLt. Miner said, "you be_stf_orgetthis woman; walk away from alt .t;gll{.J19"Js. Jacobs said, "There,s nothing wrong lll.l"igy wltn that P.9,t9I..V,our]lealrh.changes." lod that her father (cox) can't fix. she just has allergies. yo-u'o besi forget you ever heard of either 6ne of them." f rtau" art-ttrir'conversation on audio tape. Within a few months of these threats came others threateningboth our lives and liberty _{r9ry e1ery branch of law enforcemenr *itrriri ittJ stat" or Tennessee. This included the Nashville office of the FBI. The latter was in the form of a "clerical mistake" on.the part of the FBI that was to be ; "rrime up;

tiesidentor tneuniieoStui"r,c*rge Bush. fo;,_mr, ry_ruosedly.threatening..the rnls totally groundless I secureda lawver.

and was subsequentlydropped, but oily after

*d Cathy and I had determined that we must proceed __.,."I,,,y1j__n9*wrth "phasâ&#x201A;Źtwo"J?, of our pr{suit_of justice through a well organized infoimation

-Thefunding for thiiproject woito i"air""try J"r"

fj::Tll"llgl.campaigl...lrom theassrstance of Bill Rosswho alsoprovidedconstantmoralsuDport. felt.uncomfoitable exposinggentteperiSislike Bill - cathyandI have_always Ross to such horrific informationas pertainsto trau-mi-based mind control. However, we have l*1"* over..tha.yearsthrough our puOtic-speating ^ engagements and consultations.with _ptrysiciansanii others ttrat, g6neratt! knowingyn! theyare no -tonger-'"l tt L t6p of thi: lp.lktlg, rygpl_e.appreciate food chain." Bill Rosslike hundredsof oth6rsnever give up hope'that we wouldlive to tell our storv. ., Five yFrs q?yqpasseilsincewe retumedfrom Alaska. The lessonslearned throughthrstrarl-blazing effort in our pursuitofjustice shouldneverbe taught p".pgr1tttould-have N9 ro eiperiencetheheartache, desperation, ind l1gy,ol1.poverty gnndlng thatCathy,Kelly, andI havehadto live with. Du.nng the winding down portion of our information dissemination Cafhy me wittr an idea she thoughtcoutO-tr.tpus win !1T,?19nt pubhc sllpport. lgprgached She had repeatedlycommentedthat she wanted do rescue 'Dlna' Serdrna Reed,daughterof actor/singer Jerry Reedof smokeyAnd rhe 30

l?r #;,#,hii? ffft*ir*i:rr*i ffii" ri*r:r"x {}i5Hi

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tems. Fornded appnxiuutelf a I'ear I svstems' aRAuE wul'rt "b"ttu"" energy costs hate ener8y managmgsFtesrs to ne | o:"1:-"^Y^:Pt o'el LntDese go,ernrcot Chinese Swrrur -tn9I :*"""*ql next 15Fars, accordingto Mark ttty red interest in coodrt bean nlrc-^ ---iia-r I oeelr presideatPhillios, "rniih".'opL*o"*

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energy losses that s-"9^T:""t-g:;5: the use od elecric motors, a"' | *.ttpttt'9

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LASER \SvSrEirS & ELECTRONICS inc. MARX g PHILL'P3 N^lroia! gut xaucrr atotgl Dtvtatox

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INTL. AIRPOffi 24'14r4




Mark Phillips Prcsident

T.l. (Cl5) !05451 Frx. (Clsl L5{5t T.l,: 3-29!677 (5 Lld F.L 5{t$tll lntnrrmtqulCw

^MWUM ||rurys6Ntw


Mark E. Philligs P@idcnt Ofrk Arirn Hd 8d

Box 158352. Nashville'TN 37215 AYAPPOI!.1IENTOI{LY Tlltphonr


Po Box t Na3hville' TN 37215

ik 4ff",LtL / QL"--hL b."9 4{t'"-r;" MARK E. PHILLIPS' C. HT. Cllnlcrl€Po.b

s9cl|lv Noure.Lim;EticProgmmim Sottxvircsis haruaion



Purpost Sports'/AthlotictConditioning Rohab PainRoliel/lniury

U.S.Depertmentof Jugtkc UnitcdSwcsAtartley MiddleD istrbt ofTane ssce ll0 gthAe.e

SNh, tuia A_96I





September 9, 1991 Ir.

t{ark phillips

Dear I.{r. phillips: This



f;:;:"i:::t"Hot"?"t"S'" l.


you are




the foJ.lowing tnarters rc' or.- i rr"' ilo " Ii r cr and Jury r or' which you

ji!,r&i"..,,.r"T1?#";l: I:g::"re,-",,ai'.lvl",i.{l"i!+,'"""!nT.; a

-s-u#'a_r;il=r urtr.ce or the Gra-nd .yo, .lury tras evidence linking .o _tte commission of a.":1r:__"ra-y;;.;",.;, unrted states Attorney, _in -trre Judgrrrenf or the s orri"",, I-po-"^Jior" ctefendanr. - - 2. The Grand Jury i6 conducting an investigation of possible

t,", e,urs.c.'i". tii'ns;r, ;:iiffi"ffi;:.f*'r" : "ifi:i,i:iil1i1;"i 3. iou mav ,"11": to.answer any guestions answer to the qu6stions would t"nJ-to-.irr,.rininate 4. Anythinq "o,r_go,say.may _ be used against Jury or in a subie[uent regfu-"f;";;J;;;.

if a trurhful you.

you by the Grand

You are entitled . 5. to consult rrith counsel about this ndEter. If you cannot affo; ;;ira "r, uaaorrr"y, one rdill be dPpornted for you upon your request to the.court.

j"'.1?l;?tT:l'1"ie:".t&,lT;B::; ::":iiJ,""'l!,,Iitqi"ii=r

consuI t "i i t' """ i55i' uJro.!, "n"r"'ins-!i I "i r"i=","rl"i,J""?":XT ;". Sincerely,

{-aL-s-VAN S. VINCEtfll Assistant United





3fl'g*["]$tates Plrtrict @og,{*u,,"" SUBFOENATO TESTIFY BEFOREGRAND JURY




Dptason you aRE HERCBYCOMMANDEDb 4|ps date..nd lirne tpaifietl bdw

md tdify

bdoc rhs G nd .lry ot the unit d ststB Dis.ti cout.t

rhc dffi,

.S. Courthouse 8th t Broad Nashville, TN 37203


YOU ARE ALSO COMMANDEDlo bhg with Youlhotoltrying doct rEil(d

iou will be asked to provide and testhony.

Thb $bpoam ltdl b€half ol dE trt.




. r9, 1991


in rff€cr 6d



F., re gmtBd harc to &pat



bY oE couft o. bY !n otfE




Thb trrbgoar b AUSA VAN VINCENT, A-951 U.S. Courthouse TN 37201 Nashville, 615/736-515r


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Lclly OrErkn epperrcd.ln ay offlcc ln thc correny - of hcr rothcr, Gathy 0'Brren' on o6/12/E9. lothcr requ*ieir r"* ];l rcruel lbute. Ghlld appeered rorcurret tll rt a.3a but ra! furry good lcaac of hunor Joklng durlng thc crtrlnrtlon.



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Drrr Dlont thal rar lnvolved vlth chtonlc .rthc.tlc klly Gor tc a 9 and l/2-tcar-otd llother lnd Kelly are nor lct irrcnt ln ! cult shlch dtd rind ProS!.nlng' cffect' for thte rt'th tllutrry tl rrthcr lntcnllvc tr..t!.nt ghr hrd phyelcel flndtnga of chronlc trtftrce. gccottty Dierb{lftt cvrlnrtlon shlah rcqulrer copy of thc paperrork ls enclored.

Thcy have eppllcd f-or soclal beyond nrlne. A rnd erpertlrc

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cox (o'BRIEN)' KELLY DR. PA?RICK H.R. f: 00-lZ_t5 AD(ISSION DATE: 09_I9_89 DISCHARGE DATE: tlO_I6_t9 D.o.E,: 02_19_90 OISCHARGS SUHI.IARY


Post TrauRatic










asthnra stress: of




lhe patient is a 9l year old-girr rrho was the hospitar on transfer from Hunana Hospitar. nhcre she haa been " piii."ni-i". approxi.nately-trro ueeks. she was adnitted there becaui" "i in-acute astlTatic ep:lsode in vhich she had deteriorrted from a previous ti.e._ _Additionally, the patient ia a victiltr "i a"i"if-"l;.; :;; involving hypnoalt, Eind control, and psychologica I _?.ll!=.1319..bu!e The patient had been under the hypnotic "ir"ir"i-"i Der step-farher fron the age of teo and a baLt'ir"tii-ufpi"iii"I.ry six nonths-prior to adnissionDuling this tine ttre piii."t--r,"J been sexually abused and had partlcipitco in ritual .i"".-ira-'rr.o bcen prograrueed to dieLast itun., it tt" end of tt" ""to-i-y"Ir, thc patient had an acute.asthmatic episode reguiring intensiv,e trclthent at Hunana Hospital. ouring that time she'wai ""-=i"r"ra" and.has-beeh rccently on a course of steroi.dsffr" piti.nt-i=-admitted to charter North Hospital uecauie of suj-cid;l_,/ho;ici;at i'deation' The ideation appears to be loscry directed towards herself, her mother and her step-talher. The patient's nental statu! exanination at the tine of admission indlcates an artracrive bronde-haii"J-er.i ritt,-"""rign;il-il;" shaped faces conslstent Hith the o"" oi sieroias. Sn. ,"i"t..' e.sily to the erarniner whon 3he r"ot s inio"gn ne, outfali!.i-i."o...r.. She ls anirEted and engagingShe is quite resrstant to exploraEion of he! probl.ems but can- iaiiry easity i.i.i t" the sexual abuse "h: experiencedrhere aie n" Uj.riii.-"r l.i unusual. behaviors notcd in thls examination tonighta h' -; r- t; "; "- = i p p e sa er se m s o m e w h a t a g i t a t e d that she is apprcheisrvc. to be inteilecruarly ;lror;tTtt"

ffiff:=*i,".3i:;i:i"l:I;.::""'u"'os'PostTraumatic social hlatory was obtained by the unit sociar Horker. assessment that she is-an engaging and,.verbal youngsier rt is his on a-s"i"rfi,ciaf, social level. rhe yritcr rei i'5 i"-'iiitg".o w h i c h c o n s i s t e d o f a h o r s e p e ! 6 0 n n a a n d w i i f r d r a w i ti .t r i -pea"tiiie" int ti i " - J ! i " n " . " rl""r eas good and eye contact appropriate.


;rArE oF LoursrANA ;3:."i:ff;;"ili CERTIFICATE OF LIVE AIRTH ri;,,h..-

, . , ., r g _ ! - C l : : 8 5 6





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"^" "'lf,AR'2 0 1980 CONFIOENTIAL

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€ s 8 S(a *,E. e rJ '.= rt, cl : t 5 6

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20, LggO

Dear ConEreaaDan Cleuent: Thank you_for your r.eEnt letter encloslng corr€Bpondenee you roctlrrd frou llark Phillips of ltashville, Teruresae€. your tntcreet !.n tfr. !:.?ppr"giltg Phlllipsr letter vith us. I bave tatc6n the liberi,y or for.tdirrg o copy oC y-oir correspondence to the approprlate officials for firrther attention. Thank you aEain rrritingI{ith





best regards,

lure federlcltF to tbo President Asalstant Affairs for Ieglalatlve The Bonorable Bob Cleoent Eouse of Repreeentatlves 20515 llashlngrton, D.C.





Dcar Hr.




$*,:i$-*uJ*li**gi**X SiDccrcly,





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cocum€E oN rulLrc wof,ks aNo mrsrcRr^TroN raicHsl

cotsrn€t oN ltrrrl AilD frsH€RrEs

coflGitssroN^r mv€L ^do rounsr caocus sTtchrc coMlrn€t

ofthelBnfted €ongruir Ftstcg AoursofRqrrrnton'oer :DE2oflt-lzot ttrlarhington,

oarocMnc sTtcirNc ^{o rcud cosrrtrr


Xr. Mark Phllllps P.O. Box 158352 Nashvllle, Tennessee Dear llr.

s P t r N 6 F r t LT DN . t7r72


T EF 2'O! JTFFFRSO SN x^sHvrrLr. rfl 37200

c^xilor Hou6c oFFrcaeu(oric 202-225131 r




As you lequested, I have forwarded to the presldent and Attorney General Thornburgh the packages you dellvered to Ey office. Should I receive a response, I will be pleased to share it l,ith you. Io the oeantioe, please feel free to call on me if I can be of furEher asslstance. Thank you, agaln,





to my attentlon.

Bob Clenent Member of Congress

Rcl dt

r X I S S T A T I O N E A YP f l I i T T O O N P A P T i M A O E W I T H R E C Y C L E OF I A E N S








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unitctl5r;rr 'Sutrn rv^sl{raillti


|\C lt'!rr.'



t{l. Uark Philllps P.0. Box 158352 ilashville, Iennessee 37215 Dcar t{r. Phillipsr the Honarch Thank you for contacting ne concerning Progran. lhe tradltlo:: of Congressional courtesy provides that we allou our colleagues the opportunlty to assist their cwn constituents. .h,ccordingly, f have referred your ietter tc Senator A.l Gore. He is in ttte best llosition to revjaw the Datter, and I am confident that ire rilf offer a}l appropriate suggestion6 and assista',ce. I appreciate

r:re --cnfidence

you h;ve

shown l:y cortacting



ED/cr cc!

The ttonorabla

A!, Gore


I Cabdftllgm^grrl

* T ? JUL I99I 'v HrlEocM

M s. C a t h y o ' B r i e n P.O. Bor 158352 NashviIIe, Tennessee Reference:


P 9l - 0 7 3 9

Dear Ms. O'Brien: response to your Privacy Act request for This is a final we have searched those Agency systems information on yourself. that might contain information reqarcling you and find that we any information or record filed under were unable to identify the name or names you have provided. We appreciate your patience and uhderstanding period required to process your request. Sincere ly,



John H . w r i g anil Pr iv




rffi@ FtD.a ffi lrofrt'a ar!tgrr

&r cl€|rEvt nlltF.t*s ffid GgrFlw^i$


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iruntrnqtum ordrqtr, 'lEEwtut

rssu@ ffiff4ffiliff 9@.EUtkA &{'gttl

attrly 11, 1992

. l99l tu. Cathy o'Bri.n P.O. Box 158352 trarbville, T€mresg€.


lbout!. your


I bot. tbe De Infoned


O'BciGn: you for daughter.




futura look! brlght of rrly ealdltlonal



you and leu-y. r for progrra.3 eaca. tn tblc

strcc!.Iy, for stems we ler

/</ t*, Dob Cloant llclber of









lnforaatlon Plare







M A R F : ' S A T T I ] R N E YF T ] R 9 - 9 - ' 9 I F E E I E R A LS U B P O E N AT I T L E 1 8 u . s . c o n E S E C T I O N8 7 1






u . s . c o t ' E s E e T I o N8 7 1


E. Tenny

LAWYEi 1 5 0 S E C O N D A V E N U EN . , S u t l E 3 1 5 NASHVTLLE.IENNESSEE 372OI (61 5) 256.5555

F^x (6tg) 256-5652


2tr3 t(tNG cRoaarNc 3.W.


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thrwlittn &rnn[. Oowt D2l*o.d Ar;fl1r,Eogth trldrvllh. Trnocac 372f O

lrtlrFrbbb Aasiglant Progrenr Dirdor (61s1zs&soogcrrEc






S? [613) 7aF!t

"*L?1,.,?"rNrEF rEAf,rr,f. cRo$,E iYYEHiLi ArrtmFr ALso REpReseNr-d'iiE srATE OF TEil}IESSEE tCNrcB S rcELE NEViE55E. ooStAHLxAX A.r.-dG 2t | |'\tgl Srregr uo'mrelttrtEssiE ttzor 6rl) 2aaaato

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OF TENtr\|ESSEE lcruiH att) xst&

ERIC B.TAYLC'R. H.s.H.A. Gontr'Ers lBt{arut





tDae!|!l DCtAFnaft c rc^Ltll AID tt{vnir|crl llEoc o olvlg(xl cncEoFPGi uSEilrlGES



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I P . O .8 O X 5 . 2 4 6 7 I / r c o C O M E R C t OS T . I sAN JUAN. P.R.OO9O3


Crbtr: CONSHtpI T.f.x FiCA tgZSt ZttOl T.l. (8o9) 72s-253?l -_









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Merropotiran lteatthD€p;nni6i:-Daddson CounlyCnmmunity llealrhAgerrl CaringForChlldrunprcgram

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nesourceCoorctinoiof l45lEmlOPlor9.te60A l{dnde.tN 37210 r Fca36?.1Etu 367-1422 OF IENNES6EE 8BD JUOIChL OtsTFICT 6

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Ictl S l!f$ .----L

"Equtl Ju.lict for Vhrtmc"




Hot LhE (6151865-4i165




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RONALD J. MII TF'R Lreutcnant

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i-":iti "'==o"*'' t

Whltc Houlc Pollcc Deporlmanl


:!&F P-O Box 69

WhitcHouse. TN 3?188 Chief of Police

Mcin$. o Gmdlens"ilh,TN17072. 16l, E9-'45

&16-[ htrtgtttlt l*€t,lE

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TmmrilsUBJ[cTs TsltilcnlY0tYll{c By i .1 / BI0t(lGtcAt DmARIiln{T TltE 0FDS[!|SE, 1977 t#:,

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Nov8 1977

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EASrc 6suT.rr{ BroI}lEDIcAt AIYD

BrrfAvrory REsEffH; rez6 HEARINGS tlrbrt trrt suBcoilMrllu 0N[zuTE

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HEABING Tlisl'lll()Nr 0l'lrlt, N(llill,\Nlt. lllltT




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c0}illultl| 0N I'lui JUDIUIAIIY UNITBI}8'I'A1TBEANATE NI -\ ti.l' r .r()t :!911|'u(

tT-rl't. llfrEttTt||rv $ts rrLTolrt:tt ::?, l.J'lB t,'r tlltEl, llt JUlr.{T rrt. ll-lLcll !:9. .tg?-l flr

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ufuFduFU '-ffi rrr!'EqEAT



PART II by CathyO'Brien


AN-APEN-I,ETIEB Mind control is absolute. Under MK-Uftra Project Monarch trauma-based nindcontrol, I lost control over my own free will thoughts--I could not think to question, reason, or consciously comprehend--I could only do exactly what I wasdriven to do. Those who controlled my mind, and ultimately my actions, "gods". But it was my experiencethat claimed to be "aliens," "demons," and theseperpe-TRAITORS of New World Order controls were/are bound by arthly, human conhnes, despite their terror-tactic claims and illusions. The gme laws of nature, and the same laws of man do, indeed, apply to them. Whilethey manipulated me by my religion, my maternal instincts, and my "possessed"my innate being. They genuine concern for humanity--they never couldnot make me one of them. Thev never took into consideration the sengthof the human spirit. They did not-evenknow it existed. Ask why.


I DEDEIIAN This book is for Kelly, 110r{er that she and grantedher right to qualif,redrehabiritationfo1 the Mi Ltrdis unde.rstood project Monarci Mind_control abusessheenduredat the hands;?d;;;;6,s so_called leaders. - This book is dedicated,asam I, to Mark phillips for rescuingKeny andme trom our mind-controlled existence,*a "r.iti"g y"y to recivery ?or Kelly 4" mein ttreiis;;.;ti;"-;il;y-mind,




ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Aspecialthanksto thoseunseen,whose presencehave been evident.And thanksto thoseunsung--youknow who you are. lspecial right ,ntrol

lme .elly tely




My name is Cathleen (Cathy) Ann O'Brien, born l2l4l57 in Muskegon, Michilan. I have prepared this trook for your review and edifrcation co.ncern-ing "our" United States Govemment is covertly, illegally, a little known tool that and un-constitutionally using to implement the New World Orper_(One World Govemment). This well documentedtool is a sophisticatedand advancedform of behavior modifrcation (brainwashing) most commonly known as MIND CONTROL. My first hand knowledge of this TOP SECRET U.S. Govemment Psychological Warfare technique is drawn frop my personal experience as a White House "Presidential Model' mind-control slave. Much of the information enclosed herein has been corroborated and "clean" members of the law validated through brave and courageous enforcement, scientific, and IntelligenCe communities familiar with this case. These individuals' efforts helped me to understand and corroborate what happened after a lifetime of systematic physical and psychological torture orihestrated to modify my behavior through totally controlling my.mind. Some that controlled of thesecourageousindividuats are employed by the very sy-ste_g me and live in fear of losing their jobs; their families, or their lives. They havegone as far as they dare towards publicly exposing this tool of the^engineersof Ihe New World drder--to no avail. Thls book is a grassrootseffort to solicit and enlist the public and private support of Human Rights advocates, the recognized, respected -This doers-in America to expose this invisible personal and can be done by well organized, cooperativecitizens with a sociil menace. passion for justice, who have expressedinterest in restoring out..Constitution ^anO tating back America. This copy you hold is for your edification and acuon. While these pages have been condensedfor your quick perusql, there are literally thousandsbf files of documentation that quppgrt much -of what I am reporti-ng. Thanks to those dedicated individuals who found a means of manipulating the system more cleverly than the perpetrators, the documents refened to were derJlassifiedfor releaseright at the source! It is my patriotic respect for the prin-iples of truth, justice, and ultimately that freedom-on which America was founded that compels me to expose the world domination motivations of those in control of our government, commonly referred to as the Shadow Government. By taking back America NOW, we c9n maintain the integrity of our country's history and future by detouring. its destinedcourse ofbeing recognized world wide for the mind-control atrocities left off. unleashed on humanity that- literally begin where Adqlp_h Ilitler "New Wodd Hitler's version of worid domination-that he termed in 1939 the Order" is currently being implemented through .advanced, amongothers,genelicmind-conirolengineering6y thosein control of America. this Selnatorfianlet Inouye, (D. HD commentedabout the operationsof "...a secretgovernment before a SenateSubcommitteeand described it well as its own fund shadoriy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, 'national interest', raising'mihanism, and the ability to pursueits own ideasof free fiom all checksand balances-andTreefrom the law itself." The expertise of my primary advocate and skilled deprogrammer,-Mjtk "T9P Phillips, drJvelopedthrough his [i.S. Defense Department knowledge o-f Secrei" mind-cbntrol research and researchers, was responsible for the restorationof my mind to normal functioning. As a result, I have recovered the





K f( tI

s a a




1 I I ; I

memories relatedin ft,,:-flrr,-d having lglvived the ordeal,have reachedthis porntof enormousfryrlolgtt, fn iigb, through a series of brilliantlv orchestrated evenrs.varr. H,iiiipr l"*^,i#'o,e_ arld my g-year_old daughter-, Kelly,from our mihd-controltea'eiiiL-nilana_took us to the safetyof Araska forrehabilitation.rr was theretdf;;L-.;; th;kft, piJ"i'i'iunt ngring *y "g^:"

wassupposed toforget. tt and:::::'i"'ly;;;i-*ffi ffi ffir'f, Manv U.S. foreigngovernment r*r#;ltil#"1,i'r?it"?,i""s

were shkedon the belief that-.I iould noi 6J-il-p.grammed and rehabiritatedto accurately revearthe criminal covert-activit-i"i.d.ap"*lrrion-, ii'i"lri"r, x"rry and I were forced to participate,--p"rtiJir-it-i;;"ile"tlgavnusn Administrations. Now ttr,at.ttray6gaini .6it myduty as a motherand Americai-p"Hi;; o, or my own mind, I view it as exercrse gainedfree wil to expose the mind-control-gqTid"rttai my-iaughterandmy the hands ofthosein controlof our government.fhis personal I enduredat pandora,s view of inside Boxincludesa keenoercep"rion or iro* riniJonttor i, impremenr Fri;;;"apparentty rhe New ivortd..oroel il ;;;;;ar knowredge of wHo some "masterminds" theso-called ar" uetina ilri, *Jira andmind dominanceeffort.of MostAmericansold enoughto r"r"-L"iiecat wherethevwereand piesia;;;-i;il; F.exactty d9ine.wr,e-n y"*:",S^:y=_*:1" K;;Jt' *"r"i,l,rt. His ass:rssrnatron rraumatized r*:f:-l^gg provides.anexamptdof f,or*i'f,ehuman recordsevents surroundrngtrauma. The rraumas :i:9_^ql"r:gj"phically. I rcuunerv enduredduring my mind-controiled vic;imi;ti; pr""lii me the latitudeto rgcovgr my mgnigry i" rh;--;h;;graphic derairin which ir was recorded.The direcrquotest havein"tuf'J"in.the^fo'owing depicting ruefullyselectedeventi, are.verbatim. f iporog,," tor any obscenities quoted, butthiswasnecessarv to maintaintneinleg'riiv -"'-"", of tfrestateinent,ani-"l.uot.ty refl9q1 thecharacterof tne speateitsi. WhileI am freeto speak ryVljna, Kelly, now 17, is nor so forrunate. Kellv has ver to receiue_rehiuliit"tii,n"ioi'rrer .srraiierei'i" *a mind. f99nnped,voung. -iiiiri,ily"'ii,i"" f,r-oiJiiron*.n .The high techsopr,isticati;";ilG nauma-based mind-control procfuuresstr6 inoured, uint, reeyirgl highly lp,Tdlycontrol .speciarizet,quatinea"-" i; "iJ fri' in"'."entuaily garnrng of her miirdandrife. brie to the.po.litical;;;;;oi'ou;';bulil1 alleffortsto obtainher inarienibt".igr,rid"r.rilbiritation-and seekiusricehave hen blockedunder the.guiseof so_EarlJ;iv"tionJ Sil;ty:f^il"i ,.surt, Kellyremainsuntreatedin'-ttrecustoayoi tr," Siut" victim of the system-asvstem conrroiled ang riranipurateaof Tennessee--a uy -"19;.-"g! 'leaders"--a-svstem oui ul"ri"E'e"o;-,n.n, wherestat" Foirt'H"l;;" tii rlp8i''miritary TOPsEcREi abuses--a sysrem. which existst"it"_r*a._r"r luniin-6"air"t a uy ourperverse, corruDtabusersin washington,p.b.--itre ;;;ffr;';oritical in


thecustody of thest"t""r il""iilseeto'this'iroiiffi;'"*},ffi;t

Violationsof laws "idpsychologicalWarfare intimidation tactics, lgllrt othLer threats to.our-lives, and various forins of cIA Damagecontainment practices thusfar haveremained""hind;tJ;; unchecked dudto the National Security Actof .1947eNo tt"lqgt iG;;;;.ndment to samewhich allows those in conrrolof our governmentro censor *,"y Tql;; i;;;."r;"_yii'ing -"?i# f.* iioiio.itrio"

ll1:"^Yl:tlill"y:*ftry of theSoviet union,oui


censorship. This facr aronesh<iurd fd Please askwhv.


rhrears asa resulr of rhet#i falr

no.longer .*uo,u.lffi

;s,';;;ursue justice,but it has not.



this book at this time. After sevenlonq vears . ,Hencethe purposeof .releasing or Derng.unl.uslty and parntullyseperatedfrom my daughter,while our ibirsers navenao ruil accessto her th.rougha is mv

i!t."r rosolicitKelpfromyo"in ttieidrm-"f;;'"i;;.';;ili;J,

I.-ry.^l.,,fgp:.1{ ano puDllcourcryconcernrngthis very solvableproblem. I could not prevent the traumatic mind-control abuses Kelly endured due to my own victimization, yet she is dependingon me now to expbse the truth and enlis! the help that the Juvenile court has restrainedher from seeting. I dedicate this book to Kelly, an{ all others like her, and to every American-unaware of -What the mind-control atrocities prevailing in this country. Americans don't know is destroying them from the inside out. Knowledee is our only defense againstmind control. It is time to WAKE UP and arm ourselveswith ihe truth. restore the constitutional values of freedom and justice for all, to retroactively enforce the 13th Amendment. and take back Ameiica!



t l I



jpl j"bssansubstiturinsh ",Y'..f11oTt*?i[:';,rH,s?1ft ,ri"*: oirani,"dil;;;#.J"fl.J:-:"l!g:Tqfi""; .ce,. ilff:: 1y'Tglh_",, ""fion.dueto {',H1ts[) h*r,i li'ir* ;f.,:i:' ;j"""Thpiid"t:.:i.,ll'

Multrple.Personalitj, Disorder., My;f"J;.;;


wntcrt causedher to Scquire

l,"*trfr fsflv:,?::l,nll :g'*fl',.ifx;rr**ilfr *"ilr:'fiffuffi urJwrlr nIS semen fioT

my mothei's mit[.-':


rrlue urroa['

ret I could not

ln"tnii*lii""il:L'Hll#*';l;tIt't i' ilff'$rr-'"'*ff;,1!:-1, p"i.plo?'."' r recarr recar ". "

{ .

toaar"l?tjl'l"s:,f.lY3jlvi39,p*lpr. tdhL.-6"in!"ffiti;t;"T?rtffiffirff.lf#ili.,o

asmyinstinc,r^!:lFA"A, ,y ,no,r,", rf,"r#ehr;r'gu{ni'Bsbbs, r3or.nelp medto crearmvthroatof myfatniiliEil::y.g+* mytenorroseas " 6r.,u,oi ai.. My ffi il,'irE

acc used meo? _c_or [o,tme,she '#,'_"]f",';tr""-st-t,1 "*",:f ji:g:f#-.Ti'..i:ff ff:#'*;;;;;;4il$^gjiri1"*i'.ffi fi:Slf X1?#."* l. l^r{qi-

,lBi:fr :r.4.-{Ut,,S,tii,'J# aoiru!J# ;;, wrons. ya; ;b#;';rn;har_

.lh;i youns tolosically und.rstand ;fi

his strineling:Igt J.lccepted


and na.tufrl_part

of my home ? :ryl and^surrocation il,f;Tt i?lI,:rfi .ffl:gl{itvp.a-""r*ilfr rosari srv

:-fleFrlt;;;r,;;'".d,Tf $*l'"fff:f"nl,i,i'r1li_Htalfri

andretrhis penis. q" t",,*,-'Jr,iJr, nggered T:l access to that partor my urainffi6r"],.l"yrry -::l "r, cbnditiondd_response, er.dured thetrauma.I "to soro ne tre fj$^Pyt.3na-liter mentas will be explained 0.9*^T trg followingpages. n:'i: d;':tonged and

a,t:ir*myu,ain ;?1o1";];"it1it..rr,i.'f I#,.$ffTl,:'l'*H#ff

"?.# t ,i,-"ft'dnp.ff o*., abu sers, abuses and I ^fi t:t* Al"',.1g,Jill.

j#T,';""?T:"g"p*igT'ft ,fl'#?#',:";?:r3*il ffjffiirlr Htr.{$,tS"i3'F,'{"a.;"h*."h;i"l!iâ&#x201A;Ź,il,:,,Tir'.''ii

ffi "nduu J|qr s."* o.,t:T4$:!F!,{r,:y?#lj'#i:;f #ffrA#jj

.'ffi*ffifiit*3,ry,41i#1,"*f .Uonssters..rdever6ped'

";; #,j,,''F,t"{#:it'[Ij:H:qH"l1ffi-1 g,ijhi.qudd' b;i ""ri"l,i n r,",ro*,Ei ;ili,,tt,,?T?gi, ftd%Hi


abused tv todto ind-irertrrree brothers, wrioin turn

_--Yy tgnity often went _caryping on the \rrgf r'ir;a*^^^ __

f,'*rry[*J',I;;ru*$;***l;n*"'$ffi'_'Xffioi"''1Il re Krver flowing through hii


I I propefty, which is where we pitched our tents. My mother's brothers, Uncle Ted and Uncle Arthur "Bomber" Tanis, often accompanied us and sexually abusedmy brother and me. _It was-dee.rhunting seasonin or around November, 1961, when my father took the famify camping on The High Banks to hunt with my uncles-. That night as my brother and I were being sexually passedaround'the campfire to s_atisfypedophile perversions, a lost hunter stumbled into our camp. My father shot him when he attempted to run; the rifle's blasts piercing my brain and further fragme,lting my mind. I sat dazed in a dissociative trancb while my mgther methodically picked up the campsite and my father and uncles disposed of the bodv. AS As my mv ramer_ father orove drove us away rom from the cnme crime scene, scene, we were stopped stopped by several hunters who had the road blocked in a desperate atlempt to locale theii missing companion. They describedthe man I saw my father kill, and said they heard gunshots. Reality intruded on my dissociative trance, and I screameil and cried hystericaly until I no longer knew why I was crying. My Uncle Uncle Ted' led" soon became a street derehct. derelict. Uncle Uncle Bomber died a few years later from alcoholism in his early forties. And my father became more financially and politically connected. My mother's oldest brother, Uncle Bob, was a pilot in Air Force Intellieence and often boasted that he worked for the Vatican. Uncle telligence Ilncle Bob was also a commercial pornographer, producing kiddie porn for the local Michigan Mafra, which looped back to Mafra porn king and U.S. RepresentativeJerry Ford.' ord.' I split off more personalities just mv Uncle Bob, Bob. his iust to deal with my "friends." friends," and the perverse Derversebusinesshe sharedwith my father. My father's sixth grade education had earned him a job as a worm digger for local sport fishermen. By the time I was six years old, however, his pomographic exploitation of my older brother, Bill, and me had provided enough income to move us into a bigger house nestled in the Michigan sand dunes. My father was right at home there. The tourists and drug dealers who littered the eastem shore of Lake Michigan further supplementedhis income by paying for perverse sex with us children. My father also became involved in illicit drug sales. Soon after we moved, my father was reportedly caught sending kiddie porn through the U.S. mail. It was a bestiality film of me with my Uncle Sam O'Brien's Boxer dog, Buster. My Uncle Bob, also implicated in manufacturing theporn, out of apparentdesperationinformed my father of a U.S. Government Defense Intelligence Agency TOP SECRET Project to which he was privy. This was Project Monarch. Project Monarch was a mind-control operation which was "recruiting" multigenerational incest abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder for its genetic mind-control studies. I was a prime "candidate," "chosen a one". My father seized the opportunity as it would provide him immunity from prosecution. In the midst of the pandemonium that ensued,Jerry Ford arrived at our house with the evidencein hand for a meeting with my father. "Is Ead home?" he called to my mother, who nervously stood behind the screendoor, hesitatingto let him in. 'Not yet,' my m6ther replied, her voice shaking.a "He should have been home from work by now--I know he's expecting you." "That's OK". Ford turned his attention to me. I was standing outside on the front porch, and he crouched down to my level. Patting the large, brown


I l I I I I I



envelope containingthe confiscatedporn tuckedunder his arm he said, ,,you likedoggies,huh?""Buster is a nicedo.ggJ,"I replied. nHe,sfunny.,, Not understanding why thedog had beenwhiski7i*ay irt-n'dr" "Buster'sgone." b- wasconfiscated,I comprained, "Buster'sgone?', Ford asked. "Yeah. My UncleSamtookhim away,,,I told him. Ford laugh-ed loudty at ttr;.i;;"1,-.ih';y ,t"t"r.nt. In my limited view, I thoughthe found it humorousthat r{ustei -tanitilvertiute.' ri;;;;;:" Mi?"iilarfijfu into the drivewav,honkinsthe horn of iiiJ.;e% with his fly eye level-to me, r noticed--tir'p"riii'was er."t i;;A;i"d'"p. and reachedfor it as conditioned. "I to tend..." Ford wentinside Irq-raid. havebusiness ..,."'I9.,l*,.honey,wlt!-myparentsto officially sealmv fate. Not long after that my i'a-trrery'as.{io*n to Bostonfor a two-weekcoursear Harvardon how to raip me for this ot'i*rrooi-or ux-utt " projectMonarch. when he returnedfrom.Bosron,,yl;th;;; ilffiilfieail with his new*nowledge of whathe termed;.J"* prv"holosv,,. "satanic rnls equatesto reversal.s," andinvolvesiich play_on_words as puns andphrases that stuckin my mindli(e,;fou-ea- your keep,andl,ll keepwhat -me youearn." He presented with a bommemoralive char'mbilfi of dogs, angTy motherwith rhe news that they ',would b; h";ir;";;iJ-iiirar"n,, to raisein theproiect. fr now.havet*o iiJt"tr'-?_f9* ilqth8., #!iig'rro, ug" t6 to 37 who-are stin

under,fid ;;;l; Mt-;dil9;'ioil;:ili with my father's suggesrions, r1r.l"l.:.g ;^tlT6ye".'r-ifi fti"" :''F; exampre, T whenI could not snaDnly own Sj pajama top to-the bottoms in a childish effort to keep myfarherout<irtnem,r ffiA il;;til"i,-,,;E;i *ip il:::" Shedid. shewouldsnaDher forefing6rs;g"ff;y;rd;

m a sungingmanner.The pain ai trris"prov;d'io;" once again that she had no ll.]1,:f"t:tchological lntentlon of-protectingme from myfather's sexualabuse. Also ln keeDlnswith his.government_provided instructions,my fatherbegan

working melilie ihelegendiry ci"oL'Jfi."'i,h";;ia i;;il;'"iil1,

andshcked firewood.

$qg t'eavgs,itt-""a.i


snow, ctopped ice, and swept--


By thistime,mv fag!9r'ssexualexploitation of meincruded prostitution to hisfriends,local mobslersand ruraso?rs,-lJati";;, S.dil;riffi!"rr, _o police officers.whenI wasn'tb"r'c;'gtid t"rir,v.i."i'"*h"iliffi, firmed

prnographically, prostituted,, or. engiged in ln"".t

abuse, dissociated into book. I hadl6anied ro readat rrreiofingii"-"i rd"i ai,ii" I ,,i'y it"ilg*pn* memory which

wasa naruralresuttof Irapbiijirr. Governmentresearchersinvolved in-lurxriitra project Monarchknew about thephotographicmemoryaspectof M'6TDID, of course,as well as other -ctraricteristicr. "suDerhuman" resultant Viruar'"*iti"i""l, ir,rpbl'nio i, ++ timesgreaterthan that oj_tht;aqg;p"d;.My tieveloped. unusuallyhigh painthreshold,plus compartmentarizafion oi merito.y-y#e ',necJssary,, ro, rufitaryand covert operationsapprications. eaailioiailyl'-.y' Jiutuy *u,

n$"":r,rrffi ffinTffi ##jhllll fi:Hffi{'e11f#rit'iltuf mymemorycompartments, whichcliniciins refer to "r p"itonJiti;r.-*'

83 aflgr my father's return from Boston, I was routinely prostituted_to_then Michigan State SenatorGuy VanderJagt.VanderJagtlatei b e c a m ea U . S . C o n g r e s s m a na n d e v e n t u a l l yc h a i r m a nb f t h e R e p u l l i c a n National CongressionalCommittee that put George Bush in the irffice of President.I was prostitutedto VanderJagtafter numerouslocal paradeswhich he always pa-rticip-ated in, at the Mackinac Island Political Retriat, and in my home stateof Michigan, among other places. My Uncle Bob helped my father decoratemy bedroom in red, white, and blue-panelingand Americaq flags. He providedassistance in scramblingmy mind according to Project Monarch methodologies.Fairy tale themeswere used to confuse fantasy with reality, particularly Disney stories and the Wizard of Oz, which provided the base for future programmins. I h a d . p e r - s o n a l i f i efso r p o r n o g r a p h y ,a p t i r s d n a l i t y f - o r b e s t i a l i t y , a p e r s o n - a l i t yf o r i n c e s t , a p e r s o n a l i t y f o r w i t h s t a n d i n g t h e h o r r e n d o u s plychological abuseof my mother, a personalityfor prostiiution, and the rest "me" functioned of somewhat"normallv" at school.Mv "normal" oersonalitv provideda.coverfor the abuseI was enduring,but b6st of all it had hopeihopethat therewas somewherein the world where peopledid not hurt e-ach o_ther. This same personalityalso attendedCatechism,a weekly class at our Catholicchurch,St. Francisde Salesin Muskegon,Michigan. My Catechism teacherwas a Nun, or "Sister." Al-thouehI could not conscious-ly think to protect,myselffromabuse, I had decidedihat becoming a Nun-would provide me with the kind of life I sought.I could not rely upon my family, the police,or politiciansto protectme. ihe churchappeareht<ibe my answer,and I listeneddiligently in class and prayed religiorisiy.I learned all about the political structureof the church, and was preparedfor my first Confession. The Catholic beliefs I was taught include the idea that man is not fit to talk to God (the Father)directly,but must have a priest intercedeinstead.This is the purposeof going to Confession.I was instructedto tell my sins to the priest(also referredto as Father),who would relay the messagcto God. He would then supposedlytell me how many "Hail Marys" and-"Our Father" prayersto say as my pena-ncer or punishment.My Catechismteachergave the c_lass se-veral examplesof "sins," which included"sex outsideof marriage." When the Priest,FatherJamesThaylen,slid open the little screenedparti-tion in the closetsizedconfessional, I beganas I had beeninstructed,"Forgive me Father,for I have sinned...."I then proceededto tell him that I had six with my father,andbrother,to which he'respondedthat I should "say ' three Hail Marys and one Our Fatherand! would be forgiven?!" I knew then that I had to either believe that this Confessionthins was a hoax, or that God condonedsexual child abuse.That night, my fathir had a talk with me. Apparently he was the "Father" that the priest had intercededto. My father instructe_d me that "fro-mnow on," I was to 3imply say "I disobeyed my parents"when I went to Confessionand nothing more! The next time I went to Confession,I did exactly as I was told. The veiled screencame off the Confessionalpartition between me and the priest, and a penis was stuck through the winddw. "God said that your penanceis io rreat me as you would your father.And remember,'whatsoeveryou do to the least c,f your brothers,that you do unto me'." After performingoral sex on Father Thaylen,I 9me-rge^d from the Confessionalwhereall the othlr kids were waiting very impatientlyfor their turn. My teacherscoldedme for taking so long and


outinely agtlarei

'#ij:"a? s which iinmy te,and ng my i were rd rhe ity, a dous 3rest ra.lity )pe-each our not

r:ffiru*,,';l;ifr ;,i*.J[t]'jt


)on be red rst to is le e





Personality Disorder (MPD),

now known among mental health professionals as

Dissociative Identity Disorder @ID) is the mind's sane defense to en insane situation. It is a way of dealing with trauma that is literally too horrible to comprehend. Incestuous rape violates primitive

instinct and surpasses pain tolerance. By compartmentalizing the memory of such 'normally" as though nothing had happened. horrendous abuse, the rest of the mind san function This compartmentalization specific part of the brain.

is created by the bnin actually shutting down neuron pathways to a These neuron pathways are triggered open again when the abuse

recurs. The same part of the brain that is already conditioned to the traume deals with it again and again as needed. 2 Uo"l" Ted had also cried hysterically

the night of the murder.

Several years later, he

almost killed himself when he drove his car into the White River near the place of the murder. 3 G"r"ld Ford, aka l-eslie Lynch King, Jr., sened on the appropriations subcommittee for the CIA and was appointed to the Warren Commission

to investigate the assassination of

President John F. Kennedy while I knew him only as a pom boss! 4 My -oth", often voiced complaints that she'could not see faces,'which experience has taught me indicated

that she was suffering



on going physical

psychological traumas, and therefore was not in control ofher senses. 5 'illusion H"d -y teachers been educst€d in the obvious signs of child abuse, my normelcy"

would have been interpreted 8s s cry for help.




trance &ydreaming,

tones of helplessness and sexuality in drawings, and the electric prod marks on my face should have been recognized. 6 Th"r. same themes were routinely used in creating Project Monarch slaves. emerged through years of networking with mental health professionals.


This fact


On May 7, 1966,-lwas patentrearhershoesas was dressedin white^frommy C-atho.lic veil to my white m3n$atgryioii" my first was-sranding hory communion. I ourside p!i;,' toirr,.a"oi'o"i":ffiila iliraurk.gon,, *: TJrrv u' Francisof Assisi.g*r_! ri.arting'roi'tir;ceremony to "on'n.'J*. whenGuy who wasaffiriatedwiuit-trecl'ircn, shodeacrossthe rawntowards ;3...............:rderJact' dorvnon one knee, VanderJap _^.C_rouching


uF"utii"i |'","i.E;thrud"i#;"ul?i,'gi,[?ng,| L:-,_y. qear to methatvoull-rour lt;11* are d;iliry. enr.diltffi;,,. tnegraceof God.notyour .fl_awl:$;; rt is by

actions,ir,uty'o"'1r pure. pure covered arL bv thebiood o:tr roto'rios'"iio1, rike ir the nung. cross rhisisforvou.,, on whichhe iusl dri"t;"i"* F..;#l.d; d;, ;i,;;iil-", neckrace' LiketheKennedy dffiGd #ft: pJ presenred-me* withat thesrate il i'tru

rdr."o'"'ti,.ou trl#'# ;llf Ur"::l;*[:"'"""'y.'f * wou ghthe *.il'X"r"'opi';i,f joinedus, HH;S,'Jii:Jii;3lTly9lg$FatherDon,, charm ortheHorv Mo-th'er. qiii1i,r",f:,l:ti:"il:: .rt;;s ;; #ffii {IliiJ_l,f Jft


'J; ,r'""'rs.:trl, fr i,:.,:",'.:',ff,1*,il[l'P#"'"3i'#*riF instruc ted,', wh enFat'he., ,iffi,if#:: yt{:r9gII, 6ffi,i :frJti?fl


fit""Wi"'ti:'-?Ti.!';;gT"T1i'tt'l"g,+dtvou'rn strckto the roof of your mouth unless yousuct iibr?rris thumb.,,

.h*if,"#T.i:nt,l; :j#tj"H

catechism classmates for theprocession intothe

booyor Christ." nlherpgn said, "Ahhh... holdingup thehost. men,"I responded is Gfi;ili"cking rhe_wafer off his thumb.

""1f; *iii*dTilif"U#'1fr '8f, foi*oir* i*':,H,#j.$Efg*ith;;-l;;rriiLr,iri"iy ",f !ou"


i" i i''f ii.,",i,"nlu'Ti J3: f t,* ir";,r l

ps,T#ff !:Tti1ig1",,1HT"",,# 0r'hrs timetarkine *ith,r{,u1.1" ii6i,"tJiiJlg recenrrv ,,a

mssronover seas'i Mv Uncle flownin rrom Bob ;;"idiJrluql were_friends, sotnrogghout and remained the years'. es thepilvirlill^ii "spe"iar thulgl_|o.3 drove euinrng service *i1, Fatn.JblilderJagt mebackio rectory aooiii'ii,.-ld churchacross ,,r'1if,:"ltii,rl,:tffIfl.jn6. thestreer

"n0,' "'k;;;'*;ii,'nTt,s,".:" !ry*, 1.!Ti :i",.ffi ,l*,.to readiry trauma'and sexualabusethat ensuediJttii"tid".o my mind #*, it"# accept 87

programming throughout the years that deliberately merged both U.S. Government and Jesuit mind-control efforts for New World Order controls. "I work for the Vatican, and now, so do you," VanderJagt told me. "You have just entered into a covenant with the holy Catholic church. You must never break that covenant." "What is a covenant?" Still capableof questioning at that time, I asked, "A promise to keep secrets, the secret VanderJagt answered, covenant is a that the church knew all along. The Pope has all the secrets locked away at the Vatican. Your Uncle Bob and I have been to the Vatican. It is time you entered into the holv covenant and learned the secrets of the church that were written long before ttrrist even came into being. The Dominican monks kept the covenant that Noah carried into the new world. They kept the secret with them. It was written on parchment and kept in a secret place in the Vatican. They took a Vow of Silence to never reveal its location, or its content. You must enter into the covenant. You must carry the secret to your grave. Keep it secretfrom your mom, dad, everybody." VanderJagt proceeded to frll my suggestible young mind with biblical "inter/inner dimensional" interpretation that laid the groundwork for future programmers Monarch to control the programming themes utilized by Project compartmentalizationof memory synonymouswith MPD/DID. 'ichrist saw them all," Vanderiagt was telling me. "They are dimensions, places you can see on your way to death.: That's why they're called diementions. You must remember that Christ died and came back to tell us everything he saw while he was on his way to heaven. He was gone three days, but it was much longer than that where he was becausetime isn't t}te same in other dimensions. Purgatory is one other dimension. Hell is one. And there are lots of others in between. Oz is another dimension. The sky is not the limit to all the worlds out there waiting to be explored. You can travel in and out of all these dimensions, learning the secrets of the universe. You have been chosento explore these other worlds for the church. Listen in the stillness and you will hear his voice guiding you3 on your missions. The rosy cross is like Dorothy's ruby slippers. Never take your rosy cross off, Cathy, when traveling " other dimensionsand vou will alwavs be able to return home. Father Don joined'VanderJagt i'n a ritual which bathed me in the blood of a slaughteredlamb, and subsequently,through this hideous blood trauma, locked their stated perceptions and a basis for mind-control programming deep in my mind. This basis for programming was anchored in the Vow of Silence which "not only to keep secrets,but so they can still their mind the Jesuit monks take "Rite to Remain Silent" which and hear their inner guidance." Certain that the performed I keep their secrets,Father Don and Guy would ensure that they had VairderJagtsubjected me to their pedophile perversions. The two joked that I had become"a good Cathy-lick". After the nfte to Rerirain Silent was installed, the voices of my multiple personalities that I had previously heard in my head ceased. In the silence of cleliberatelycreated memory compartments,I could only hear the voices of my abuserswho createdthem... commanding my silence. Silence for who and what I knew was involved in Proiect Monarch Mind Control. My family routinely vacationed at Mackinac Island, Michigan which is a small island positioned in the Great Lakes close to the Canadian border. Mackinac Island, with the Governor's Mansion and historical Grand Hotel, was




a political playsror

*Fjti'ft i'":"ffifit#F:irgiii+:'#l:H,: s#?r?

)u rst

anorherdimension.,ui"ri,"r"ii,,"i,-;.&ff 8j:,l" il:.ff!T,;,T,m"f gnthetiny israni,ihicrrl#

reried Li.l-fi:itJ'Jf,'"rf,::"l,oi'"'.*.i"io-iuiolil on anenor nga'cdf6;nil;T#H ;ffi 'Lt ru""o"" *", ?:lgX:gti"",od" "whatUeiter'oftli'i..IY,l,l':'.":^T9Tl"y's Mansion, I overnearJ place

et le ru e ,t h

triii for auto execsto g"i "*"f lio"r,i, irt ,1,'* on _,. island wiih n;;;;*,", MackinacIslr

fiir;t*rxtru""_r*irftHitf ffi$:fu:*t$ ilil:": J"ild!*'glflJ{{:ff-:iJT,'!Eeo,, or what halocc u.,eo ":ftil"i1,?"illliiofrf$TrSl",f#;*#in jt**t in ennancedby my fath





' when pierre Trudeauwaselectedrrige tleardir said, "pierre TrugTu in lg6g, I often f^ini1lerof can-ada pnrasecrypticallv referring ,: ;;" ;;.b;r"i..{o.l go*_._,,.l drsi heardthis to Trua;;;rl"rnr, to the vatican when Father g.iith;t ilil


a.rte-nass.' rhisract :]iJ;,A fn:Uf:t I knewwhowereinvoiuea-in.rp*t;1-pE;i'd;';:l5r:hose tr,i?"itr,ori"rr.ruit

.. lle summerafterTrudeauwas.l*r.dl-jy-.father Mac.nac took the family to rslandas "ig:.,,cifob;il ;;:i"rg,".statue^onthegrounds t-rovernor's Mansion. of the .". "..;rJin" igg tg the.Grand ]1gura n6iJl r noticed thee ;;;;i

rined therron ooli1i"T"?Tst i ortheord ttX,',ru";ffrLup!:.,tue i#i:'i,iTi i,:g'_ r"t,,upp;";;-h"d";;ur anu.a ci-g-a,ette i""#;il":ll a.J.ini "straightenloui tntti,it"::.991:9t*l



rmportanr for you

,o #,liu"t l.Knewsomeone ir washerebecause ty of thoseflags," I said,tucking ;1,*^r1 fy link rhf#.t*' I was at the.vatican,',vanderJast ,-. .wnen gf,g_ln,,,rwas told that prime

';h''P;;:" lie thinksrik";;'; i:d. Arue U{'ili{Hfi ?:Jti,f;-", f i:1"".

pierrerrudeau where gyJ,fl;',13tiriTof:,.:ql9l' in.themansion, was lilbf_t9o,rcro*oE-*itr," "ror.Ji'r,"tl*ttil-,1di3lJ antiques. Ygq.,.nr, me' tif=l:: -uentno draped tuxeoo-coii"was ovir.a-.[uir,'*-r,."yi

'i,ttr,Tfl 'J##l#fiiffi+l':i?jtti{.tr9!tf Fd1;t'#;;;ili' silencevet?" His somuer, totti_l*^!y friif attitude neattv






thatendured^,1: rupto Remain Sirent, " r aboutinterdimension f:y"HtiffiJi"ilX"-tt1'9r'9

lgmg neicefr;;.'"




what van"cterJagt-rtiJ toro


t i )

I it

"g; ;;?"u b".",.ty -acc"rdi

ir'ii ii,i"'",ril"ension &i,ii#ii'ir'" i"f"Ti1#:y'ii',:Pt l:gtt l"!91tano Lil<ewi se, r didnot, nd":r^gg "l;y, ;; ;ii{ th"i' andtrissers. fl #lf;"ii"rit' fii"9. iiffi"#pHff:f,f '1T.:*9t'!evs' o."ydnil; iire repeating 89

caury: ,..l, ,,Areyorl the Iieeper of

"You can Trudeau seemingly bore his cold, dark eyes right through me. learn more from the, school of thought than you can by asking precocious Haven't vou learned that children are to be seenand not heard?" ouestions. ' "Is "What is a precociousquestion?" that a precociousquestion?" I asked. "That is irrelevant. What matters is that Trudeau sighed with impatience. you shut your mouth, still your mind, and enter the school ofthought. Silence is i virtue.' Listen to the siiencein the stillnessof your mind. Go deep inside "Deeperand deeperwhere it's quiet and still..." your mind," he slowly led. ' Trudeau expertli manipuhfed my mind with sophisticated hypnotic language. Not bnly'did he inlist my Silence for the pedophile perversions he "school of thought" in a manner that equated indulged in, but he-instructed my programming. foundation for Air-Water programsthat is a mirrorHe laid a to diireniional theme often used by NASA and others involved in Project "Pee-Air," he added a perverse twist to Monarch. Playing off his own name the theme that he accessedeach time I was prostituted to him. Had I been capable of fear, I would have been afraid of Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau's slow, deliberate movements masked the brutal power of his body much the way his smooth, soft voice pierced my mind and inlruded qn my thoughts. The icey cold touch of his effeminate, _manicured long fingers contiasted with the heat of his perversion... a perversion for which he blamed me and my "temptuous,contemptuousways". In my childish ignorance,^I believdl Trudeau's demeanor and forward "I know all about the combed hair were characteristic of his French descent. "Grandpa" Van while visiting his home in my new had to French," I bragged Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mv mother's father had died shortlv before KennedY was assassinated,and my Giandmother quickly latched onto a wealthy, highly political businessman from Milwaukee. She het Grandpa Van Vandenburg on the passenget/cargo ship that traveled the waters of the Great I-akes, the Milwaukee Clipper' The Clipper transported cargo including Cadillacs from Vandenburg -Motors to Canida, as well as the drugs sanctionedby the local Coast Guard via the U.S. Governmentthat my father distributed. SometimesI accompaniedmy father to the docks in Muskegon to pick up the drug shipment, which usually involved prostitution. Jerry Ford and Guy VanderJagtcombined businesswith pleasure in the ship's casinos on occasion, which is where the connection betwee! my Grandma and Grandpa Van was reportedly made. Grandpa Van knew Jerry Ford, and subsequentlywas acquaintedwith Pierre Trudeau. "What do you know about the French?" Grandpa Van asked me as I sat on his living room floor petting the dog he just brought home. Improperly cued "I know you've met Pierre and dumfounded by his question I remained silent. "I also know you love doggies. So I bought this dog Trudeau," he prompted. for your grandma now, so you could enjoy him, too. His name is Pepe. He's a French Poodle." "I know all about the French," I said, mentally comparing the large French "They have pretty nails..." I stroked Pepe's Poodle in front of me to Trudeau. "And "They have funny hair..." I petted Pepe's clipped fur. painted toenails. pee lot." I a thev eieeled. -'You'd better-tlle him outside, then," Grandpa Van told me, attaching Pepe's leash. After walking the dog past what felt like every tree in the "Pee-pee". neighborhood, I announcedthat I would call him


Uncle Bob filmed. peqe ald I pomographicallyon_numerous occasions, producingbestiaritvfilms that l *ouio rili?'Ga.n *as privy to. Peperemaineda Dart 9f ry "Tpgri"i6_ rong after Grandpavan divorced himself frommv cg91",'*?'ron!' "rtii"i o"""r"ili"itl,oif'r-deau,s perversion for litt'lechrroren. to.gro.winto adolescence.By *,.I"yt^:t:* !!,e ti,meI wasthirteenyearsold, my Drs$ts were tenderand beginning_ to srie[, wtricrrmaaerneT'iooota,, for -wren pedophite. perversions. my'ra;h;;"b;,;fii,r'" iJvu.rin"" I*d,..J:el'-l rsrand ror routineprostitutionat the political Retreat,vanae'rragi-intioduced me to a new friend hri had made_no;1il'li;;; il\t";hfi;;;,";c.'as a u.s. congressman--U.S. senatorRoberta. By;J; oemocrai?ro; w;rt virginia. Byrdhadbeena U.S..Senator as t,ongas'iiaO Uen afi"e,'s"*iie ", Senate whip and later as presidenteroiemfire or i'r,".s.*t"--i'".-tro'fir powerful nyio5or-*anl.a "tt",iiion i"j idr#t Jq"gg.. fromalI l::f^ 11ql"pl_1go.n, wnocame rn contactwith him, particularlyfrom my ratrrli.-wne]r"'il wereleft alonein his room. he loomed'6vermi-in'u'tlnr*t.nrng_stance. His cord,blue slittyeyeslockedonto min-e.I una."rrJ ini crimbeainto his bedas ordered. I wasmomentarily relievedto-findtfriitris peniswasabnormallytiny__so small

it didn'tevenhurt! Andr couldb;*ih;'*itf, ir'l;fi

ffii,"aili'tt#'# began to indulge. himself in his brutal perversioil; ftrt"g on and on "madejust abouthow I was for him" due to rhe vasr;;""6-"f,p"i"1"""ii*"iiririio. -*"i"".frr0', The spankings and police handcuffst traa preuiousry_enourea ptuy "rire compared to SenatorByrd's neardeathtbrturJs. ;;;, on my body.still show today.-.with Vandi;i"g,,- r;; was a trunareor;1 matterof ,,how much I could.give,". whereaswith Byrd it *ui--"rto*'muchI couldtake,,. And I was {orgedtg take more pain thln any humancourd iogicJit ;ilil;. I was dedicated to Bvrd at aie thirteen*"rti"n,.-iie worildudairec-tng'myfuture

in projectMbnarch,"and ry riir,i,r'il',iri-i"i#-#"*;J,ff";

b his specifications. became moreregimented , My.MPD/DID existence from kept_piysicallyworn down_to ttt" poini-8i'exhaustionthatpointon. I was in oider that I be sutrcrenuyreceptiveto my father'srimitedtrypnotic frog*';il' to conditionmv mind foi mind control. rfie pornrigra-ptry ";;abirities l w?siorced to participate in b&ame much-more;i"6;;il;idtely alei dyro, s*itctring me fro.mpredominantrypedoptrirea"a ueiiiariiy-irr."i"'r;-;o;'";;Lr"TJirions or sadomasochism (s&Ml.^-,1t1 a"?=ilp+o -worked in tanaeni^oailyto 11tte1 ry spiTt,' destroyingany remnantsrert or my-ierf-""tft;;;;, ,!d my rearing down self-esreem. and tnds annihitating --d-py ii;';ili'E; They conditioned/tausht me my dreamsy9r" ;*liit my realityweredreams,that ;;c;;r;i;il wrrjtg I

ii.doil.Il*_il 1na..up mommy.anddaddy" is what

sls.qp tisht,.dream abouryour

I heardeuerynigtt. niis ;as'ini;;ledf"oconruse my-mind to believe incesr in themiddre oitrrJnigrrt *as 'iusi'iuil;;r". \dy television, books, and music became "u"n ,nor"

monitoredthat before. This vas *i ""ry t"'i"'rri"!J#;istrictly controiled and L"r't"',Iinur.ul" freedom of choice,but for totalmind-coniiir"inotuonlnsDumoses. ror example.the annualtelevisingof Judy Garland''s wizoia of oz was celebrated as a erandhotiday-ounJ 'iy t""r!l i[i, *"r-t" p]ii"#my mind base-program.Tin!

,,rpin,, tl,; iii6rJjt-"i-rl'iiU'il;;#;,"lo",ro l-ol-fyluT: "ovei il Intoanother ,Bi;;;iifiij dimension the Rainbow".Arlir ai,.

theRainbow..." was a themethat uecami a



'^su \srruJl lny ou".

My father insisted I watch the Walt Disney movie Cinderella with him, paralleling my existenceto Cinderella's--"magically trance-forming from a dirty little slave to a beautiful Princess". In typical "reverse psychology" humor, he "Someday my Prince (prints) will referred to pornographic photos when singing "will come". come," or by placing literal sexualemphasison My brother, Bill, who was often featured in kiddie porn with me, was not a "chosen one" for Project Monarch more children to be @eyond supplying "what was good for me dedicated in later yea$). Yet my father figured that would be good for my brother". He took us to see Walt Disney's Pinocchio, explaining that my brother and I were his puppets still in the carving stage. The distortions of reality that these and other Disney theme movies provided when coupled with my father's government trained conscious and subconscious controlling influence, began to further erode our ability to discern fantasy from reality. My brother, now 37, remains psychologically locked into those traumatic childhood years and is obsessedwith Disney themes and productions to this day. His house is decorated in Disney memorabilia, he wears Disney clothes, listens to my father's instructions on his Disney telephone, and maintains "When You Wish Upon a Star" as his favorite song, which has locked his children into the sametheme. My father also instructed me to watch Alfred Hitchcock's horrifying movie The Birds with him. This reinforced in mv mind the movie's theme that there is "no place to hide from the birds/Byrd". I was quickly beginning to lose all ability to question anything but my own judgment. It was easy to believe that there was indeed "no place to run, no place to hide," which is a necessary and primary psychological basis for governmenUmilitary mind control. In later years, "who ya' gonna call?" and Ronald Reagan'squip "you can run, but you can't hide" echoeddeep within my mind. After all, even if I could think to seek help, who would help me? The police? The church? My parents? Relative? Politicians? School? There was no one left that would help me, I sensed. My television programming was then expanded to include the shows that every Project Monarch Mind-Control slave I knew had to watch: I Dreatn Of Jeannie, The Brady Bunch, Gumby And Pokey, and Bewitched. I could relate to the Genie pleasing her master, who was a Major for the Air Force rn I Dream Of Jeannie. This served to confuse the reality of my own experienceswith the fantasy of television production. I told all outsiders that my family was "just like the Bradys". Through Gumby And Pokey I was led to believe that I was as flexible as these animated clay performers. Therefore, I was capable of being physically maneuvered into any sexual position. The mirrors depicted a doorways to other dimensions and adventures interlocked with my Catholic conditi<ining and Alice In Wonderland and Wizard Of Oz theme prolramming. ln Bewitched, it is the normal next door neighbor that is consideredcrazy rather than the witches. This is another reversal that was applied to my bizane existence. I was one of the only kids in my school that listened to country music. But then, Senator Byrd fincied himsrif a country music fiddler and it was "my duty to iove what h; did.. I was ordered to list6n to country music or no music at ilI. Music was my psychological avenue for escape,a dissociative tool. But this, too, was used in setting the stage for my future as a Project Monarch "PresidentialModel" mind-controlled slave. As suggested, I read the Boxcar Children Seies over and over again. I empathizedwith the trials, traumas, and tribulations the children endured while


him, lirty ,he will


l.raln.". This term sraves,reversedthe; mrnd" and instill the rralnlng to stay on t ',When 9rte1 quip, c rn.mewrong line,,.

)ta be me io, he en


,us rm se :ls

)y Ld

d s I


t i

; a

,t :*, toT."

Monarch slave,swere referred to as ,chosen ches,. ro

thepointjust before

o**,l*i""Il ,^,_^l jointly-used by the catboricJesuitsand Door programming, was the CIA , ,**#.r?eath's It wasthe voicesof m, and handrersthat I rater * heardguiding . ".;.. ; ,, ;;-::mtemationallv:'*""^ recognized< slaveoperations";;;;: termrorProiect epeatedry Monarch throughout -,,";,ffli,ille


CHAPTER 3 MY FIRST PRESIDENT Muskegon, Michigan is a coastal tourist attraction, and home of the annual Seawayand Coast Guard festivals which bring people to the town from all over Michigan. VanderJagt remained publicly visible through opportunities such as these. My father often could be seenwith VanderJagtand was photographedat his side *trite iudging festival events like the kiddi; parades, inO siuti,turing contests, and so on-all of which I entered and won. In later years. mv fathei polished and shined the red paint of his 1966 Ford convertibte t6 cliauffeur VanderJagtthrough the local parades. This only served to reinforce the illusion that my father was a "pillar of the community". In 1973, Senator Byrd instructed my father to send me to Muskegon Catholic Central High School which was overseenby the director of St. Francis of Assisi Church, Father Lepres. The Catholic church, of course, has its own political structure, with the Pope presiding over all. The strong political ties between the Catholic church and the U.S. Government was overtly evidenced by the much publicized relationship between the President and the i'ope during the Reagan Administration. Of course, I had been privy to this political relationship ever since my First Communion--a relationship that the Rite to Remain Silent was intended to cover. My experience with Catholic Central's direct involvement in Project Monarch'i physical and psychological conditioningfurther confirmed the union betweenthe U.S. Governmentand the Catholicchurch. When Senator Byrd changed my school from public to Parochial, he also destroyed through dissociation my school personality. I no longer viewed school as my haven from abuse, as it was controlled by the church and, as I later leamed, monitored by a com.rpt segmentof the C.I.A. By the time I enrolled in Catholic Central, the cliques and groups had already been formed. I had a personality to fit in with the "good" kids and one that interfaced with the "bad". It did not take long for the "good" kids to notice I also got along with the "bad". I soon found the only kids that could relate to me were the other known Project victims. We clung together in a close knit group, herded around like the proverbial sheepby those in the school who knew we were MPD/DIDed and under mind control. We each switched personalities as circumstancedemanded,most often in unison. We were ritually iraumatized, constantly tranced, and then programmed during school hours. Since t n6 longer had my singular "school personality" and was constantly switching instead, the compartment of my brain that held school memory wis no longer consciously retrievable. Therefore, I had no basis for continued learning aside from what I could photographically memorize from class. My grades appeared erratic, ranging from A's to failing. And some A's received I did not earn academicallv. In my rrfouired religion class, Sister Ann Marie had been leading us in study on the topic of Confession. This was to prepare us for the kind of Confessions we were to be giving Father Vesbit, who was also our school principal. The day Sister ordered us to Confession, I refused to go. I unconsciouslyfeared I would be sexually assaultedagain in the Confessional,this time while my teenagepeers waited impatiently outside the door. Sister made an example out of me to the class, saying I was a "Satanist"and that I was "going to hell'.


r_=ltlgll the occultismthatprotiferared at the school,I Yill l,g.:r"uq" frorn could_no longe-rdifferentiate between

j t

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CatholicismandSatanism. whaleverSenatorsyld'f purposesin sendingme to catholic school,no one seemedto notice that I had no reason to ieligiously ;dhil 6 batholic principles.- Therefore, the.applied "spi.ituar .reuersalof S"tun-iJ,n-h;il-"; paqic" to it either. The wedgebf anti-superstition ttraftne ciifroric s"f,.iof*ui '"gd^::.Tgltl^9-d:ilq intome-only served^ to discount iri;-d;i-ifin.ipr", unJ supersfitlous traumasthat theywereattemptingto useto controlmb. Satanismis ofren usedai g.,extrgme'pai-n/violence trd;;-6;;" in project MonarchMind control,__reportedly due t6 the previousGfian N;i Himler Research. I did not adheieto tlie desiredtretptessness itiit"a" tn-il ni, *u, lspirinigl warfare" and out of the realm o! ;ankina;;- **--abidif to ,top. $egartlessof my-religiousbeliefsor disbeliefs,I eipe;;;; , trr,;luii m9same.,tserngsubjected to andwitnessingtraumaso horrible,while my bodv wasraped-, tortured,and.ravagedby menliterally droveme out of mv -ai -pranned, mi;d. catholic central did intreas-e endurancecapauiiiiiii .py however.I^signedup for the two-mile'runin ttrJ girri;iil[-6;;, ordered. Muskegon_catholic eenFal led the shte of Michifan in trigtr scrroor-adrretiii, "modify" usingmind-controltechniqueto their stai athletes"ano ciuie them to pre-established records. ihe schoorgainer nationalriognition ::::l_q.l-9_q{ ro profe*i-o4 tgague_s with their manufactured progrimmed 1?L1lr^_.ont*-b^ution amletes. . But, lrke rommy.I-aSorda'sDodgers,catholic centralisc-onsistent victories began_to raisesuslicionsandquesti-ons.' This created" puuri. scandal rorlneschoolthatthreatened to closeits doorsin 1975. Thegirls' andguys' trackteamsconverged afterschoolfor practice.I was among.the tew temalessingledout for coachingby CoachCh'everini and his hypnoticmind-controlmethodisms due to my nr5jeci ruonarcrr"ictimiltion. r wasinstructed to run 13 milesper day (an6thercorny satanicploy) to get in shapefor my two-milerace. I o?tenrair with a malerftenowtro'wai'therecord holdertor the two-mile in_guys' .tragk..He and I were friends, sharingmuch due.toour similar Moriarchvictimizations.Togetherwel"arned how to frgject snrt,ou.tpar^n aqd tqtiguewhenwe ran. We trancedinto a fast paceset in our mmdsby coach cheveriniwith no comprehension of time or'distance. we perceivedthe track as our "yellow Bricl,kRoad" in accordanit *ith the oz theme.programming. Senatorpyrd's plan for UuitOing ;t pt i,itJ'J"aurance throug!catholiccentral's.coaching m6thods provedsu"cceisrut'ror allowingmi to survivehis intensely perveisions. torturousse-xual In additionto routinetrip; to MackinacIslandandNiagaraFalls,my family camping. trips to-"get.awayfrom it ail;'. fi ;A,tlt T'ilai'tat en to gflen,took Keyplacestor ntual abuse,prostitution, andpomography. '"bick IrLthefall of 1974, we were going tir go iampiig in ifi;;l; Ty.lathe.rannounced an old fashioned festivatin the smarlrjmotjto*il or ceiar"spriE;, Mi;;E;-for their annual RedFlannelDayscelebraiion.My mothertold me-topac[ rfrvleansana -piessed for Fcl my cathotic schooluniformwhich shehadwashedand :yTl.rt meoccaslon. cedar Spiings was. quiet, with the festival eventsincluding dilapidated amusgment ridessetup in a smallparkinglot, andcontests whereiocalfarrers plttedthelrmulesandhorsesagainsteachotherto seewhosecouldpull themost weight. The .main(and only) srreetof town was finJ with 1fie iew rocat rncludrngthe town's red flannelunderwear',longjohns" factory. In .oJ-ttl._r.r9:, thecenterot town, a mock, single,jail cell hadbeenerectedio hold anv airdau 95

parade participants who failed to wear the required red flannel underwear. The jail was guarded by quasi Keystone Cops. I was amused when the townsfolk beganlining up to march in the parade, with very few remaining to watch it. A mentally retarded man carried the baton to lead the parade, followed by kids on bicycles, hay-wagonsof old folks, a grade school band and people walking-all in their red flannel underwear. The grand finale' of the parade, the town firetruck, was approaching, surrounded by numerous motorcycle police. I heard folks whispering, "the President is coming". I assumedthey meant the President of the underwear factory. I was wrong. I watched in horror as the firetruck rolled to a stop, and Secret Service helped then President Gerald Ford as he steppeddown to the pavement. My father was excitedly tugging on my arm, half dragging me through the wall of Secret Service agents, to talk with President Ford. I looked around nervously as my father made the necessaryarrangementswith Ford to prostitute me to him later that evening. VanderJagt, who never missed a parade it seemed, was signing autographs. As he smiled at me, someone roughly grabbed my arm. Nervous and startled, I screamed. The crowd laughed as a Keystone Cop threw me in the jail, scolding me for not wearing my red flannel underwear when I was talking to the President. I was trying to be inconspicuousin hopes no one would see me with the likes of Ford, but then, they did not know him as I did. The Keystone Cop rattled on and on about "how luc$r" I was until my father paid my bail and I was released from the cell. That night, I wore my Catholic uniform as instructed and went into a dissociative trance as mv father drove me to the local National Guard Armorv where I was prostituted [o Ford. Ford took me into an empty room, pushed me down on the wooden floor as he unzipped his pants and said, "Pray on this". Then he brutally, sexually assaulted me. Afterward, my memory was compartmentalizedthrough use of high voltage. I was then carried out to the car where I lay in the back seat, muscles contracted, stunned, in pain, and unableto move. When we got back to Muskegon, my father sent me to the beach as always, to let the repetitioii of crashing waves against the beach "wash my mind free of memory" while I watched the sun set. I was totally locked into the belief that truly th-erewas "no place to run," not even to the Pri:sidentof the United States. I remember that the "sane" part of "me"--my innate personality--seemedto die after seeing Ford as President. I recall walking up the steps of Catholic Central High School one moming, reaching for the door, and crying uncontrollably. I cried myself into a heap at the top of the stairs. I did not even know why I was crying. As an MPD, I rarely cried at all. But I was still sobbinghours later when school let out. Someonefound me, but I do not recall to this day ever leaving the school steps. I never really experienced "emotion" after that day until I was rescued, deprogrammed and reintegrated in 1988. Now all of my brain was functioning through a wide variety of memory compartments, also known as multiple personalities, with no part of me left "free" of abuse. Now it was as though I had "no place to run," not even in my brain. This drove me out of my mind which is exactly what my abusersneeded for total control.



f"il?;':.tri.ilgfi.ifrry,:'^yl gx'#:iit'ffi 'fl",, j p,t$t*T,$i-fi'#*,l,si+t@ qil*:x# *.?f3iiH"f ff #iiiq?litq,.;t''.;}'Li:i,;{{ln not allow for me matterwasnor*-Y-11^'-d


accordingry. i,;'*y,I *aspansi;;""'[1Ti:fii5i"ili,,;,* themarte


ilrii",r,tHff#',;' ,fr:uft rle,1l"f iiflJf%":}:H ,T;:};*1".#;,*ruf:?:i:ir*"ifl conress ion s r,#' ;'#il::J,#l*,llf, F:""T::,1! Jili;'rh,l;;:1,,,,,h.,in*



me country. He 'ii":-t-l9eestea and traisferredo;i-;i rhen;rde;; ;"#l"iff,^:lpendable to my fatl that I see counseloi,''Cl; the sct'"of gui-Oince enrhusrastically told f^.tjfu; .-o"nnir"'#fner

qft^ffi i:"*"'#tflhll#,;#lt#,?fi";,;dfl ffiflTi'li;,'f fuf*

'trlifi 'ftijffii';",i,;ffil';; idfi '#i-l ftfrHd'ffiff . -ucr-anâ&#x201A;Ź} Deganbv informing me that he r ne knew just what I ri

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scheduleg-a foltowrip"ppoi;tr;;;'iif-r ls groerea ihe srioesran] "couwhile r u rt h er g"' n ser i "rli n tq " ; y".'#:Jff?i,!"# lo11 u'tid^ -p;;il;' of scenery flom theusual f "ouji"*c'nange :rrpuo! rifewasr""alli?'


thefamiryht;;ilt3'r:::I::i1l9t ,,r-connr.lned .._"counsefin!;':l#iltil-Yp,to theTetonswl up

l",oy yhy untitr arrived.

f 1sp,,".;-.ri.;;IT,:TT,:":li'"iil&;'#ng.,t

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invotvedin l

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Il---fi*$t'ffiffi ",Ti;", I tr#,sil. I I J I

personalities. l ume on gave the Deenlibra.lly dr pr.ogrammedsub


to question

After the MecDil

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r wuru onry do as I was

mffim i#*ff;,ffi ffiffi:ffi ffimHff, ffi 98

T nide to show me a stuffed "jackalope" mounted on the wall. Due to my anced,dissociativestateand high suggestibility level, I believed it was indeed crossbetween a jack rabbit and antelope. It was 100* degrees in the adlandswhen it cooled down at night. The intense heat of the day accentuated ty ever increasing thirst. My father was physically preparing me though water eprivationfor the intense tortures and programming I would endure in lyoming. Dick Cheney, then White House Chief of Staff to President Ford, later gcretaryof Defense to President George Bush, documented member of the iouncilon Foreign Relations (CFR), and Presidential hopeful for 1996, was riginally Wyoming's only Congressman. Dick Cheney was the rsrson my mily had traveled to Wyoming where I endured yet another form of brutality"A Most DangerousGame," or human hunting. isversionof It is my understandingnow that A Most Dangerous Game was devised to mditionmilitary personnelin survival and combat maneuvers. Yet it was used n me and other slaves known to me as a means of further conditioning the rindto the realization there was "no place to hide," as well as traumatize the ictim for ensuingprogramming. It was my experience over the years that A lost DangerousGame had numerousvariations on the primary theme of being ripped naked and turned loose in the wilderness while being hunted by men rd dogs. In reality, all "wilderness" areas were enclosed in secure military ncing whereby it was only a matter of time until I was caught, repeatedly rped,and tortured. Dick Cheney had an apparent addiction to the "thrill of the sport". He rpearedobsessedwith playing A Most Dangerous Game as a means of aumatizingmind-control victims, as well as to satisfy his own perverse sexual nks. My introduction to the game occurred upon arrival at the hunting lodge nr Greybull, Wyoming, and it physically and psychologically devastatedme. wassufficiently traumatizedfor Cheney's programming as I stood naked in his rnting lodge ofhce after being hunted down and caught. Cheney was talking i he pacedaround me, "I could stuff you and mount you like ajackalope and rll you a two legged dear. Or I could stuff you with this (he unzipped his nts to revealhis oversizedpenis) right down your throat, and then mount you. hich do you prefer? Blood and sweatbecamemixed with the dirt on my body and slid like mud )wn my legs and shoulder. I throbbed with exhaustion and pain as I stood nble to think to answer such a question. "Make up your mind," Cheney nxed. Unable to speak,I remained silent. "You don't get a choice, anyway. makeup your mind for you. That's why you're here. For me to make you a ind, and make you mine/mind. You lost your mind a long time ago. Now m going to give you one. Just like the Wizard (of Oz) gave Scarecrow a 'come such a long, ain, the Yellow Brick Road led you here to me. You've ng way' for your brain, and I will give you one." The blood reachedmy shoes.andcauglt my attention. Had I been further ong in my programming, I perhaps would never have noticed such a thing or rd the capability to think to wrpe it away. But so far, I had only been to acDill and Disney World for government/military programming. At last, hen I could speak, I begged, "If you don't mind, can I please use your rthroom?" Cheney'sface turned red with rage. He was on me in an instant, slamming y back into the wall with one arm acrossmy chest and his hand on my throat,


I i

choking me while applying pressure to the carotid artery in my neck with his "If you don't mind me, I thumb. His eyes bulged and he spit as he growled, will kill you. I could kill you--Kill you-with my bare hands. You're not the first and you won't be the last. I'll kill you any time I goddamn well p1ease." He flung me on the cot-type bed that was behind me. There he frnished taking his rage out on me sexually. On the long trip back to Michigan, I lay in a heap behind the seats of the Suburban, nauseatedand hurting from Cheney's brutality and high voltage tortures, plus the whole Wyoming experience. My father stopped by the "wash my brain" of the memory of waterfalls flowing through the Tetons to Cheney. I could barely walk through the woods to the falls for the process as instruc'ted, despite having learned riy lessonswell from Cheney on-following orders. "annual" trip to Disney World rolled arou.ld, my The next year when our father drove, pulling his new Holiday Rambler Royale International trailer. (I "I wasn't slept outside in a tent because I was not permitted inside it since family".) My father dropped me off en route at the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Fiorida where I was subjected to my first NASA programming. 'obsessed" with following the "Yellow Brick Road" to From then on, I was Nashville, Tennessee. Moving to Nashville was all I could talk about. If "Why?", I would anyone asked me the question I could not think to ask myself "I respondby reiterating it was something had to do". I had gone through the motions of my senior year in a dissociative trance. I became further distanced from religious values by my religion class teacher, Brother Emmett. This was due to his promotion of cannibalism via Pier Paul 'corseal' retreat I attended Reed's bookAlive, and by his teachingsat a religious that included occult ritual at St. Francis Church. I graduated from Muskegon Catholic Central High School in our bicentennial year of 1976. I was led by Senator Byrd to revise my plan to attend Hope College like I had promised VanderJagt as a child. This new plan was for me to temporarily attend "real education" was to come Muskegon Community College, because my through mind-control programming--not school. In order to be exhausted,.as "real education," I worked three menial jobs in addition was necessaryfor my to attending college. During my first semesterof college in 1976, I made plans to take a trip to Nashville with my Project Monarch friend from Catholic Central. (She remains an expendablevictim to date, and therefore her identity must be protected from public release for her safety.) My father explained that I was to stay at the Fiddler's Inn in Nashville, see the World Famous Printer's Alley row of sleazy country music nightclubs, and attend the Grand Ole Opry o.n Ftldgy_night, .as "friend," in spite of their scarcity ticket irrangements had been made through a during the Thanksgiving holiday. I never thought to associateFiddler's Inn with SenatorByrd's fiddle playing when my friend and I arrived in Music City, U.S.A. Nor did I find it odd "star" entertaining it the Black Poodle nightclub in when a-country music Printer's Alley began directing my activities. My friend and I were provided with free passesto the Black Poodle to encourageus to return each night where enterlainer and CIA operative Jack Greene and his Desperado band were playing. During breaks between sets, Greene and his band would sit with my "my iridnO-anO me Io manipulate our sulgestible minds. I was told it was destiny" to have met band member, Wayne Cox, who had been trained for


I panmilitary mercenary operations under I-ouisiana's u.S. Senator J. Bennett Johnston.I soon learnedthat everyone associatedwith Greene was involved in his cIA "FreedomTrain" operatiois. when I told Greene ttrai mv rriend and I *tuming on Fn$y night due to attending the Grand'Ole Opry, r,e Igylg told usryl9g that he would be working 9pw that night. He made arrang-edrents for ys to come back stageand sei !\" trim imirediatelifollowine hii seement. He gKplarned that the "security" guard at the opry, Nishville tr,tdtropolice Lt. Bob Ezell, wasa good friend oi tris and would lei ui in. my friend and I sat in the audience watchins as Jack Greene . A! the Opry, his "specialguel!," U.S. SenatorRobert C. Byrd. nt the sighr of llttf,fdI we.ntrnto a pre-conditiold d*q trance_androboticirlly went throuEh the LIlg' following Greene's instructions. once backstagi:, Greene p6inteo Tgtigns,or out hrsdressingl9om, which he was sharing with SenatorBird, ano ordeied me onality that had been sitting in the_audience had perceivedByrd as 1.-_{!glgt an entertainerand could not, or would not, think further. Bui as I walked into room_and..sgw.llrd nerched_dnthe elge of the mirrored u-ity in p*hq $g hls_boxershorts, I switched inlo the child personality that had known him is a U.S. senator on Mackinac Island since-age 13,' and responded sexually. Byrd_wasclaiming me as "his,"-excitedry telling m" tr.taihe trid |{terward, "always wanted his own little witch". I soon learned thJenormitv of this statement. JackGreene'sband mem_ber, Wayne Cox, later told me that playing music behindSenatorByrd at the opry wai not the'only way he "baclied'hiri". He also backedhim politically and in Freedom Trairi opeiations. cox then made arrangementsfor my friend and me to stay the re-mainderof our triD at his Hendersorville,Tennessee.There-wasno choice but to compiy. The flfterin tollowlng nrght, after Jack Greene completed his show at the Black p6odte, he lrove mJ tneld and me to.a nearby participating after-hours club, the Demon's Den. There, cox was to pick us up and talte uslo Hendersonville. Instead, we were.slipped? drug.and taken "on a tour" of union station, Nashville's then abandoned.tralnslation, wiere supposedlythe only train still running through therewas the FreedomTrarn. _ se-natorByrd's attemptedcultivation of superstitionthrough mv catholic schoolingshould have maximized the impact of ihe occult ritual-I wai subjected to in the tower of the old stone and slate turn-of-the-century train depot. But th.9 p.arn and horror was sufhcientl.y effective in itself-leven without my adheringto superstition--toproduce tlie intended mind shatterinsresults. coi "flashlight tour" througn the rud'ble of Union loo\ ry friend and me on a Station,until we came to a homelessman sleepingon t[e ground. cox ordered me to "kiss the railroad bum good-bye," then snol nirn betiveen the eyes while I was still only inchesaway'. He then used a macheteto chop off'the man's hands,which he put in a zip-lock bag. He then led us up the ricketv stairsinto the tower of the old depot. There Jack Greene,his band membersiand others dressedin black robes were gatheredaround a black leather alter in a room lit by.candlesand draped in redlelvet. In total shock, I was laid on the alter and subJected to rape_andtorture while the participants indulged in sex, blood, and cannibalismritual. ... Tttq next day I wg\e up on cox's couch, vaguely aware that I had suffered a ''bacl..nightmare". When I stood up, - I passedout from blood loss. I was bleeding profusely from the vagina. lt was all I could do to preDareto drive back to Michigan, and my friend was certainly not in a stable fianie of mind to


help. I..did not know what happenedto me, nor was I able to question it. I had a new "obsession" on my mind. I had been programmed at the ritual to move to Nashville and marry Cox, as ordered by SenatorByrd. Back in Michigai, I made the ann6uncementio my parents that I was moylg to Nashville to.marry QoI, "l it was "predestinaiion". What they would not tell me was that my father had just litbrally SOLD me to Senator Byrd in exchange for lucrative military contracts that made him a millionaire overnight-a millionaire on a sixth grad-eeducation--aperverse, child exploiting criminal, immune frgm prosecution, working as a CIA operaiive for tlie U.Sl government! That mind shatteringoccult ritual I endured in Nashville marked a new life of wealth and prestige for my father while thrusting me into a new phaseof my torturous existence--andI had no choice in any ofit!

I N""huill" Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Bob Ezell, who also acted in the capacity of Grand Ol' Opry security guard, covered up the murder.



programmed slavein the ?!m. I wasa l9-year-oldmind-controlled Fireedom Trainoperation, iitihrrv ownedbv U.S. 5 FEo{ Mgnar_c! g. By{d,who wasthei a 20-y6ari il; ;b Jni;; $gV^ Leaaer.Robert Committee. As Byrd,s'o*i-iitU"-*it"f,;-Gi fgg5,Ap1priations I roul alsobecome involved in covertgovernment operations.I irow

t+ requiredmore memorycoripartments/personalities than I pd. Str Henceonemorereasonfor the hina shatieringoc"ui ftuaf, ry'Etdestined'marriage -PH::-,T1j1, to Cox. In typicalpro:eci MonLch ;-dd;:

g: T* 31q91"l ly_-lif", .while cox begam 9 my.primaqi { q{ rg{"y{ Byrd'sordersto ensurethatI wasiit"i t*,iti'"i,i"*i [_mes andto maintainme undermind control. Cox + appolnt€d

ry notpaidgpf for his role_likemy farherwas. Instead,he either 4y('r0€$ 00 or-wouldbe prosecuted for distributingdrugs and beine the cnal hller thathewasandis to date. cox's primaryrole wasto sfr'atter

occulttraumaur-uiittasiathemI Ouu!r.,t"r, pf !{,rt-Fpugh repeated y, tobe.rarq.inth.e.genetic mind-control studies of projectMoriarch." I mved fo. Nashville,as ordered, to marry Cox, wiro toot o'e io tt " nrcods of hishometown swampin chatham,i-ouisianaro. mo.rttriat " tir"

uy"hi, -anuup in.witcrrcrurt 3atllglt?*1l9rl:_^9,*"_!a$beenbrirught.

lg1qedfgr.1rer. ritua'y. iogil-rrer'trley :!ST:iLd 4_rr.1t{ty, -,oJ€ctsd-me ryxqally to their beliefs, which included- what equates to a-weakenei '

.Enim of mindcontrolusedby witchesfor centuries,atiitioieolniuperstition ;der tlun scientifrc fact. Thelesuperstirious beliefsie.i"gfv "*ni[i.a Utf, &x's.mergenary trainingto thepoint rhathis kifling dc.d ;""i"f "onlior. ro. yould,murdera lu.qan throughrepeateilstabbingwith a knife, !nl4j: odrvng :l9T thatthe_"departing spirit" and splatteredblood gave-him Dowerto gTTJ_Tt ryld. In truth,it was.myaversionandsubsequent traumati'zation by reeventthatcaused meto dissoc-iate andtrance,leavingmy subconscious open c'o*, F-$ *p:_ftns and,thoTof others. puqne the trrre6y#; i;;;;iih andabortedme six times,consumingseveralof his own *Tpuy mpregnated ofisp.nng andpreservingthe othersshapedin ceramicfor iale in his intersnte oocult. bodypartsbusiness. Cox's M.O. for murderingalwavs included thehandswith a machete, as the "Handsof Glory,'he liitn-driedin rymovlng shop of h_is geranlic. and his mother's housewere in'demand *o tr,u, $e. ostnDuted tlrogghouttheoccultunderground supplynetwork. cox's protected parts distribution routes included Texas, Arkansas, 11311:,_11tn0_ ,bodl Mlsslsstppt, I'ennessee, andFlorida. cox andI traveledto Florida on severaloccasionsas his mother's Darenn li^ved in Mims, which is only minuresaway from tt i NeSe xirindf sp""" centerin Titusville. cox, Iike my father,'madesurl i-*J itoe'}ii ,ninacontoltestingandplogpqining aiorderai. Co* perceived,ne ai i thos"n (rle," andottenusedthis cIA projectMonarchterm whenreferrins ' and to "" me forproudly at theNASA install"tion.-""fustifying"hisleaving-me of belief system_s_that ^, .-U.p,L"h1g-1vanlry fr.eapplledto varioussituations,all were superstltronbased. He believed gI,yrucn in spirit communicationor -olvrneguldance" through nature spirits and demons,that Satan must be


i! a door to another that Jesusis an alien, that the BermudaTriangle appeased. 'religiously' carrieda ;ifi;;ri;h; -A tt'"t the end of the world is near. -He scripturelike a to occultrituals--quoting tiiili iiu'him-UJeverywhere--including "eatingttrl boAy and drinking the blood," "being tt*ioni-. iuitift"O itnurderin! children"accordingtothe.-story of i,irriii-in'tt" bt.rird;"and euen his son,Isaac,by knife on an C"O i*tt"g AUrahariby orlering hlp-to rn-urder touted Manson, alter. Jim-Joneswasorie of Coxrsidols, as wasCharlie "power of-and-he (CIA) mind the of prime eiample a as massacre the Jonestown control". I becomea Mormonin the church of Jesuschrist of Iltter co* demanded "prove" that the Dav-Saints.This wasto Mdnroe, LouisianaMormbn church where he led occult ritual, ancl ln the ienOersonville, Tennesseechurch that the so-called Freedom Train rolled through.' ----CEi;* me was to instill his religioussuperstltious.beliefs_in determination by J. BennettJohnstonin hiishrevefurt, Iluisiana office early in siAe-1mcled the - - summerof 1978. Coiir mother,Mary, had driven us to Johnston'soffice nearBarksdaleAir door, I knockedboldly on the obscure_metal Force Baseas orbered.' As she "GeneralDynamiis Researchand DevelopnJgnt": sign: metal i*O ttt" attached read: "Unlawful,to enterpremiseswithout A;".tulier sign nea. the d"oorknob en violatorswill be prosecutedunder penaltyof federal i,;;;;tffi73tion. law." -'iohnston, gf bod.y blue, leisuresuit and smelling.strongly wearinga light "fre1l, backwoods in he-r Mary hey Senator," oOoi, opln"O the dodr. -d.rawled dialect. "I broughtthe childrento seeyou ' " lrke you" :ratd.''.LouiSiaira -Jottnstonlookedat her-withannoyeddisgust. I seethat, he saidmatter-offactlv. He then proceededto instruct Mary to wait outsidea momentwhile he A-lA'*iih b-oi,'tftin to tate him on to h6r homein MonroewhereI could be picked up at the Airport a few dayslater. '---a;;.3,1di *o! usheredirito Johnston'sbarren military-style furnished offrce. SeveralPresidentialand military photographs!'t.'ng .-o.nthe.wall and "r td *ty Oe"or. Johnstonsat 6n the fioni of his military.issuedesk ;;J mind using cryptic, hypnoticDisney.Peter -O tutt"O to Co'x's subconscious as he apparentlyhad done in the past when uox nao a Pan themelanguage,2 mindleft to control. ;A, long as your ticker's you've been feeding Oqnilg_,.thatcroc!:a-dial over the yeis wiit be runningright (Peter)P3tnkney low to -stay the inevifible processof becominggatorbait i siepatt6aaof the gami and-sto"p himielfby offering[o givehim a handnow andthen." "Hands of Cox lismembEred"hismurderedvictims and distributedthe programmed Pan theme Peter andocculttraumatized/ Glort'' to fellow Satanists f""Oing "left over" body partsto-al alligatorthatlived in the ;;;A#;;*ftif" r-*urp U"frindhis house] This was indicitive of Cox's twisted,murderous Pan theme programming...a 6--Johnston's traumatic Peter"first ;;.;;rthand"' experience to I was about or&ramming *""c;;lffiiv that i"rt "rti"g cox on SenatorByrd,sorders,Johnstoncontinued, "l,ui-i5f to t*O it to ihat pan. His livelihoodof creatinghookersfor the ino."o lucrative. And speakingof creatinghq9ke5, a little C;;1"fi-Cftiii*"i to a themethat is..aliencould i"Ia tifir* it"t uinifrfrom routinehand'-ling to ensuremy military mindintenl his Revealing io you." ;i;"'G;t"tir" 104






Johnston toldhim. groundwork r"a;ila#:" tiii,l'i9,,nlh'T-l andset .9:Et"" l1I l-u,!u. to taunch 1"1:"ut"i,'ai-tr#;gTiir"#;?#.;"do herout for

t you,andit,s l s:;"'.dt?1-:i{;ffi.%:"n$jl'i?j,"ifi?,Hhe-turnedhisruratt ty .ii,A:-;; ^tlstdy my.beliefsa1{ aprcture of himselfsh: Rerception;;'f";"i;iit-":-manipulated


Dtpenment. All thodfine'u"rr'?iii.rl'fffr1__Mo.Yn .ul tt" Fttiua"ipfiii

n***tn*l'mfit1{i'i,t:iliTi?di":'-withthei^t'ipi;:b 'ri;f;""""f 3rx"i,"ffiri


tre,+iH*-ft'*l#"y,f*ryr*-ffi *i#pil",irfi{ j

;#*Lr*"h"fr l'hil1;?'#:"r."";*jl"if.'ritri;tf r ffi;,f

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rd'iurt. w.

#'f;-"n'g'"''o"tLi""i;'lt!'o n'l4y*:*"itx#il'S'1"tf;

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ffi#ffiffi :'";#s3ff ,:$nh:lt,l'.3'.i1plf

-, -udrE Arr rorce Base,airflrelg. H" *"-ipiar"nuy Ijl_$qy" :t nar.dill destination--Tinker-friilr."" Basein

; fr,1#"yxii'6-$'"ii5jx';ffi *H*lT;i':i:iii;.t'"ilT# reaav toit"'fr5Lou. tff:f;:#ll " was

;6:;p'5tl.tLq$x;;'";rr{4T,g'",f, f,ff##ii:is,i?: f'Igt'.'m"r"#i*xr"';i"d{#,Ffr

ffi{Tlffii,{:ii'l *Pi,: _.I:1,ydt" ;;#;; il;"6"d;:"ft#nt the pirot horri ;;;' li. ol,?,1 ,T,1",*!1"ft#1,,,,1?, Pii.jl*neaalalespon l:Hr:*

ded,,, whatth.n,"lj llfl,:i,1"ry,1.

beginning to sh"owa A uniformed man

'asrt*s,:"J4.:.',1t"!Liil;'*tll'f"t T,.li::,J:.ry#S*,"T',ff "cap'nu fwniiii"tiJd';""rff;"fiv" fl:# i'#


I was aboutto endure). Whenhe ------noticedmy "'J 'arm, Cap,n $"T",nto.eJ"tlltt_ng reminded him, "Hey, that'snot necess:rry, iroutnow.;"Yeah,I know.' TakecarJ"iit?;';J.Here..-,,Johnston took the straps of mv.!anf top andpulledthemaownarounort f"r*;;ififi;h -ail' couldnot " coverthe bruise.) "There,that.just-about coveisit. He-siiiiJ "You look continued, like i South"- uiti"-irr"iila!'rattrer than a damnedol, yankee anyway." Cap'n said, "She'll be a Tinker-belleby welre $rough heretoday.,, Then, referrins to Johnston'sprimary t: !irn," durpo* in actually eftort ng me to Tinker he askei',"How areyour southhff;',il-"p;r"'iio#tro!"r!"r'ringr' "I.' to you aboutthat,"Johnston answered.The two tarkedas ., worketiin tandemori given nJerc-enary lttgyghtheyh_ad operations/assignrenii "I in th.epast. may needa few of your Soysto backmd ori rorltiii"" " "bacKyou, or coveryou?,'theCap,nretorted "Bothif you,ll laughed, front {9;]nllon "justifred" theoperation.,, Johnstonhad previously. his us6 of Tinker @eterpan theme) programmedmind-controllil mercenaries to me uy saying,'^,rvrir&naries are missionaries who follow their inner guid;cJ system.uti{"r-ttantt "ii ord uncle -to Sam. Politics hinder the route freedoin, and these-boys slip under internationallaws. undetected,ro ""..y out1# *iit tr," ,iiit{}'uoys only dreamof doing...'i I was escortedaway from the two by a nurse,yho. pqp.o4edto be tending to my injuredarm. In fact,shewasp.eiarine.mefor rh'e,ii;k;;_b;lle cage'o__ an electrifiedmetalcas_e-.with an electrih.d frid totto'n. ;;?A iiiiaJJ *", s,ubjected to high,.direct currentvortagelS compartmentalize the peter pan thememind-control orogramming pei;p;{iinkerbeile, that I Endured. Like I learnedto "ride trie.ri'ght""a; ;;;;]liavel., edditi;;"ily; my instiled Tinker-belletheme mind manipulationinctuaer-a sen;^;T'ffiiirlNeuer_una "naturJ;lniuitft timelessness that was rootedin^my 6";;;;;^d time due to my MPD/DID. Backin Louisiana.co1 and I shareda subconscious understanding of peter Pan themesand "riding.the light". r[" aiii"r"nce between us was that cox conscio'slyactivatedTi{<er Air Force Baseprogrammingwittrin lohnston,s while my trancewaspitiretriar*rri.Joy i""o"li ,,N"u"rlgna oI mercenaries, Never-Iand."6 I was with cox on numerousoccasions whenhe wasrunninggunsand/or cocaine,and activatingspecifiedretcenaties for operations as"in-siructed by Johnston.In the courieof thesetravelsI sawnumerous underground arsenars and.stockpiled.weapons thatwereknownto SenatorJohnston,b'ui*"r" not on military instailations. I was also privy to governmentsanctioned cocaine operations. on one such cocaine run in 1979,I traveledwith cox to a remoteareain . the ouachitaNationarF91es!n93rn<it springs, -r----e- Arkansasto ,,watchfor fairies "ride likeTinker-belle" and thelight,'. we sat in the brushneara rilroad track until ye saw a light approaching

fromtheEastem skv.


asr lin retrospect -,p-!'.r-mdtt'' believe,-.trut t recfit my personalities being deriberately switchedand a-helicopterlanding-in a nearuy'.i*ri;;" c;;-;? i;;i;;A approximarely 20f'-a0f poundsdr cocarni-itjomthe ian ti-rr"d-ariu"n, and stackedit in the helicopter. we were then tlown t" ; ;;l appearedto be no more than a dark, fenced-in.iering-*rr"re^ioi'uiirport nat row of 106

n:H'*+$1;,,:t*i-,i**{i jffi ru

n, Cap'n he sfaps ould nbt ntinued. Yankee

hotel. Thr

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today." ,fre to lked as nments


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Clinton r I crypti< proceed. ,,\




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Johnsron saida ritrre(senator) nyrotorarrimI

Clinton r

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was Pan elle, illed Iand due



Jesuithandsignals tre triggeieoTri,,it#iiuung shndard andcrypt ano accessed lTfJXT, a previouilyptgt"ii#o "senaror ,"nr,.." ".., :^: ::

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mulfiple person conditioningthi 9een capable , tnterdimensiona

i anvm.."u,*"ii:* ffi#Ffil*t';;';l# jrutr;',,"i.d*Trffi jr&,fH**:f-f


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"Are you talking about(music).equ-ip.ment or the kind Houston intemrpted, center)?" training (Alabima's mind-control NASA in Huntivilli: tfr.n'y9eot "'-"nirfi;; ',But it was Huntsville that launched her to the ,Jpii"a. i'r-oi"} that. _Byrd took 1 lot-of pride ir.rBarbara' wide after openai The doors stars. l"A-1," Ooo', iilf kept opening. With iny baby's t^ -q the Byrd's influenceon her mind and career' therewas no way we coulo lose'.' handler in 1980, Byrd's When Houston Uecarne-myaipointed mind-coirtrol "enterlainment" career. His travels mind boosttil Hbusbn's innuince il;t had expanded io accommodatecovert drug and money laundering operations throughoutthe canbbean' acrossihe U.S., in Mexico, in Canada,and "no show" m-oney,but I was never Houston had, and has, a great deal of means of control I endured, as more was one o"triit"O--""oss to it. Pilveiy not afforded the freedoms that having money allows. ;ii"fi*"." i.:;;]ik" Wf,"" i *"r ivorking three menial jobs during college, all of my moneJ_was ntln ftorn me bv m-y putents. All"money eamea by Cox's cocaine and body u.sdependenton iuur ieinvested in the coven and drugs, leaving ,"rd";r";;i"r "earn"_ev-erypenny I to I [ad Houston, With U^i" n.""rsities. 5h#d; fd;;i "eamlng my over and over again,_whlchmade sDenton groceriesand necessities f"ro; i O-.fiU"iii"tv impossiblecycle. This kepime financially-dependentand

iUiiiii t" escipe,evenif I liad knownenoughto attemptit. i;"h;il4;"rA*l -*-ii4t il"t" proiective'maternalinstinctsas a mother may have.been -brothersacand attemptsto pr.olecimy centuiteddue io ry pirt unsuccessful safe that Kelly keep toneid desp6rate was_m.y It iiit..t). (I had twb ";* ;iri;;; 'ngnt or flighf i whehI wastransferredto Houston. I lidr" tii"to ttr- point of "fightl' but my newmaternal instinctscompelled -i my ability-to t "a toneaeolosi Houstonandher from myself Kelly-.and savg to" I 6outa ar aia me*;;"fiGii;. lul"-in pi6:""t Monarch. SinceI had no a5ility to-reason99,y1f-amnesic, I "fi.d; to ty parents'new housein affluentGrandHaven,Mighlean-'I had no of what r *as runningrror or to. I arrivedwith my baby.daughterin conceDt -Wittrin out backs,and what few donatedbelongingsI ri'" .'"tr.'tfi"'tatGrJ.tottt"s"on and followed a few-days,nJYParents-received ii""aidii"lrli=f--Glly. SinaioiSv.A's instruitions,and turnedme bactiover to Houston--who,in turn, sentmebackto Louisianafor furtherconditioning. After three ror" *onthr of intense,nonstof-torturesby Cox, I could not andbaielykneiv my own name..I hadno idea think to follow maternat-insiincts iio* ofOi*us, whereiwis, how long I hadbeenth6re,andwhathadhappened io X"ifv Outitigthat time.' Kelly's-own testimonyand gllnent programmed Identity Disorder.reflectsthe *f"ioit"i"tuA'Multipie Fersonality/nissociative trauira sheenduredduring torturous and ffin';#i;;-t"phiitica-t&-conaitioning when I wasreturned were separated.. we tha"t times "ntuing this and numerous to Houstonas orctresiriieOby Byrd, my braiir containeda seriesof new andled. readyto be programmed comDartments -""1';6;i" beganat_oncg,and Houston bef,aviorprogramming minAicontrol' .nrurfi ittui f was taLin to my appoinieOdestiiationsunder the-guise of his i*uJfr in the "ountry musi'! iir-Oustry. In the early 1980s, my base uJ rott-C"titpbell -Kentuckv:bJY S' Armv Lt' piog*rrnini'*uilntiilJ Aquino holdi a TOP SECITETclearancein the equino. botlonetVtiihael Division(PsyOps).. He ;;i;;;; itrtertigence'ngincy's-i'sycholo-gical_Warfare salanpTempleof inspired Himler of"the ]outia"t tfr'" [f*-N-l, is i orofessed at thePresidioDay a6use sexual and ritg.4 chitd wirh Sd';;;;;bil;h-ga b31" in S- ntancisco,-Catifornia.But like my fatherandCox, Aquinoremains 110




E ! ! r r


E r I

'am"r 4. -l"tu' while he continuesto traumatizeand program CIA destined yung mindsin a qu_gst to reportedly -iqdi.iil6;; createthe "supirio? race; of project Monarch Mind-contrbiled sravei. *,"t*eqlii"Ji"id not adhere o his orofoundlvorgfessedGurt "ufJr'rtrtron any more 'Eahniipowern than I did. His i"* il-rh;]-;; ;fi'il"r.varidtiorx or tilir vortagestun s*,' wfichheuq

&"ti;*d "A"itism@lood n:" f,g"gl]ili,,Gh tralP.+ a trauma base,hii prolramming ias high -Het"r, iiJl"rean,,--not nuddled in a Droverbial ytj:!::l br;t ;i Enorance. quicttydispelred the,.and bgs3lnrocgmming -mi".coioing-toiilirr'siecifications

siai stic'"i,"ou".t cie'arug'i,uii ie5r*r.'iii, J fioT.r]illulllt:#*'rT*t During r I 3 3 1 I

tB F I |

thethreemonthsI wasbackwith C_ox,a muscrein my uppervaginal *all wascut anddropped preparaiio"}& i"i,rtd;'iolh'liu.i"" a hideous witch'sface' for Seiitor { plruersion. Aquino provided the ancient _nyio;i inshuctions on how to mutilate,6;;;-i;uston used silver nitrate and hot exactoknivesto carvethe details of ttt" r"* without any form of anesthesia. By flexingthemusclepowlwar.d,*,"ia""lioiil;';"i#,nyiugin". Not thissurgery giveBvrda vagini-suit+ l" *;il;";'i#rdeveroped :I-{-dig rcuriosity" pems' rt alsoprovided. an equitabre to btdispi;t"d;; and over rg"l in.bothcommercial andnon-"orrii"i"i pornography andprostitution. on thel98l anniversary of rohnF. x"n*oy'r assassination, I wasforcedto .'r.oyl Alex Houstonfo; app_ear^an;;;il;. Earlier rhar month when I had beenrakento washington,p.'c. r- p.ortiiution purpoi.r, that I woutdactuailf be "marryingr r'ir-*h.,il'Eiaca'"d iiiiJ'inlo.n.,ed me vows,, to Houston. "It is a covenant "It bglw-eâ&#x201A;Źn the two of us," Byrd-hadsaid. is me that you will honorandobev'til deathgo i," ,, pick up u o:n.t'Byiqlffit"fi"ti n1ywgdpinpdressirom.a ryarby l.b. itore" Throughoutrhe years,Houston oftenjoked aboutthe ,lglrfrcan'ce9{ my.washingd;; D:il-r,i.iling dress__ which was depictedin. Rornoerarhicihotos and a commercial video to 'commemorate bur weddin'g nig6];;"-"-'""" ,,best AIex Houston's iranl" Jimmy Walker, was ajso a photographerfor ,Iarry _Flynt'ssexuallygraphii: corrlrciat


wi,el,i'iiisridl#tn-eie,e*onyif -me i.iiir,"?fr lr" iitrJi^;{,TJl#, he..presented with a i'*eaa-in'g;ifF:_; rose patternedcrysralcrucifix "our"*Edding;, deliberatelv desisned to anchor il;y'c;;hlii[rvlii#" instlred beliefs.rne_Ulry 1411ntr"t"{A;pi&il."r" rn .myweddingdresswith the crystalcrucirrxto'"commemorate our w;ddingnrght," lock-in '*"t"was standard mind-controlled slavesr tnii *fio ioi"*i-6 ",narry; 3;tffiffi,jr"iall (Macl:ughlin), of United Talent and . Houston'sbooking agent, Reggie.Mac "rf.air,uilG,'-f!nn"rGr, laterof MacFadden igEncy p tio u"r"-uLnng cIA countrymusii acti into liy iocitiiis to aid the execution iryolu"o of coverr government operations.. For exampie, Houston,s """triloquiii-ii "Alexand Elemer"would be sctredufed t".-rgk;;l"lat a countyor statefair near Washington,. D_.C-., w[ere

I would'Ui-pi"t"O_.upby .car or helicopterand escorted to thewhite Houseor ttre.lentafon.-rt,i "niuN! ;ivi;;;;ould be compartmentalized in my.memoryin a minner ttat cuurerr',ni-ioEliieve r naa simply.been travelingin the country i,6*k " musicindusrry;;;;;; ho,n",, wouldbe suspecrof my d;td';xample would be that Houston "entertiained" _absence. at Byrd,s'Wert nirgi"i"-s-[G H;;;"ry gave a ;;;";ffi 111


t t I

legitimate appearanceto my presence there, when in fact I was being prostituted to the SenatorI had "married." During the early '80s, Reggie Maclaughlin primarily booked Houston into areas that were conducive to my mind-control programming with Aquino. I was first subjected to Aquino's tortures and programming in Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Fort McClellen in Anniston, Alabama; and most frequently, at Redstone Arsenal and Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Military mind-control was fast, effective, and highly technological, but it was the NASA programming that launched me as a "Presidential Model". Even though Aquino instilled my programming on both military and NASA installations, he had access to the latest technological advancements and techniquesthrough NASA. These included mind foolers such as sensorydeprivation tanks, virtual reality, flight simulators, and harmonics. By the age of two, Kelly had already been subjectedto Aquino and his programming through theselatest technological advancements,which shatteredher fragile young mind before her basepersonality had a chanceto form. Rather than use occultism on Kelly, Aquino traumatized her through sexual assaultand high voltage tortures of the mind and body. She, like I, to this day carries numerous scars from this "non satanic" abusebase. i know, from yeirs of research, NASA technology and Aquino's programming, combined with the Project Monarch standardsleep, food, and water deprivation and high voltage, made Kelly a subject of state of the. art .genetically multigenerational MPD/DID psychological mind-control englneenng. In 1981, Byrd personally joined Aquino in Huntsville, Alabama during one of our programming sessions. NASA cooperatedfully with Byrd on any and everything, since it was Byrd's Senate Appropriations Committee that determined how much and/or whether NASA received government funding. I lay naked on the cold metal table, tranced and photographically recording every word and detail of my programming and every word that Byrd and Aquino not so privately discussed. Byrd was providing Aquino with specific details of certain perversions he wanted me equipped to fulfill or perform. Additionally, they talked about scrambling my immediate memory with two private porn frlms they were arranging to have produced locally. These were tttleA How To Divide a Personality and How To Create a Sex Slave. These films are the kind NASA became involved in producing for the d'ual purpose of "scrambling" memory and ciocumenting their mind-control procedures. The resident Huntsville, Alabama pornographers were two local cops, one of which was (and is) a Sergeant.sThis servedNASA and the CIA well when cover-up was necessary. The How To Create a Sex Slave film depicts the common "spin" programming, which in essenceis the combination to unlocking or accessing a specific programmed act. For example, the compartmentof the mind that holds memory of incest is stimulated to open when the original abuse is eminent. Seeing my father's penis would ntrigger" a specific response, supposedly opening the neuron pathways of my brain to allow the part of my brain that dealt with his actions before to deal with them again. With "spinn programming, the trigger of seeing my father's penis is replaced with a combination of specific verbal commands and a specific number of physical spins so that anyone with the "combination" could accessthat particular part of my brain. The part of my mind containing "knowledge" of the original abuse by my father learned to "likeu painful, sadistic sex. Senator Byrd wanted me programmed in such a way that he could decide if he wanted me to scream and


to my presence there, when in fact I was being prostituted Jegitim3te appglanpg"married." to the SenatorI had Dulng the early _'80s,Reggie Maclaughlin primarily booked Houston into areas that were conducive to my mind-control programming with Aquino. I yas stjecte-d_to_Aquino'siortures and pr6gri'mming in Fort Cimpbell, and-most frequentfy, al {eltucky;.Fort lv{,,Alabama; RedstoneArsenal and Marshall Space Flight center in Huntsville,'Alabama. Military^mind-control .was_fast,efl'ective, and highly technologicar,'but it was the NASA programming that launched me as a-"piesidential-Model". Even lhoug.h. Aquino instilled my programming on both military and NASA inslallations, he had access to t[e latest- technological advincements and techniquesthrough NASA. These included mind foole.-rssuch as sensorydeprivation_tanks, virtual reality, flight simulators, and harmonics. By the agti of two, Kelly had already been subjectedto Aquino and his programriing thr-ough theselatest.technological_ advancements,which shatteredh-erfragile yo*ungmiid before her basepersonality had a chanceto form. Rather than rise occultTsmon Kglly, A.quino traumatiTf her through-sexualassaultand high voltage tortures of the mind and body. she, like I, to this day cames numerousscarsfrom this "non satanic" abuse base. i kno.ry, flom ye,irs of research, NASA technology andAquino's programming, coqrli.ngd with the project tvton'archstandardslee!, food, and water deprivation and high voltage, made Kelly a subject of state bi the . art genetically multigenerational MPD/DID psychirlogicai mind-control englneenng. joined_Aquinoin Huntsville, Alabamaduring one . In 1981, Byrd.personally oI our. programming sessions. ryASA cooperated fully with Byrd on any and elerything,, since it was Byrd's Senate Appropriations iommittee' that determined how much and/or whether NASA reCeiv-edgovernment funding. I lay naked on the cold metal table,.tranced and photograpihicallyrecording every word.and detai.lof my programming and every word-that Byri and eqiino ncit so privately discussed. Byrd was providing- Aquino with- specific dietails of cgrtain..peryepionshe yTrd ms equip-pedto fulfill olperforin. Additionally, they talked about scrambling my immediate memory witli two private porn filrii they were arranging to have produced locally. Thele were tttlid How'To Divide a Personaliry and How To create a sex slaie. These films are the kind NASA bu?q" involved in- producing for the dual purpose of ,'scrambling,' memory -Huntsville, and- documenting their mind-control procedures. The resident Alabama pornographeq_wgre tw_olocal cops, one of which was (and is) i sergeant.s This servedNASA and the cIA well when cover-uDwas necessarv. The How To Create a Sex Slave film depicts the conimon "spin,, lirogramming, which in essenceis the combination to unlocking or a&essirig a specific prggrammed act. For example, the compartmentof th6 mind that ho-lds when the original abuse is eminent. TeTory of incest is stimulated to bpen seeing {y father's penis would '4gg..r" a specific response, supposedly gpening the neuron pathways of my brain !o allow the -again. part of my b'rain thdt dealt with his actions before to deal with them Wittr "spin" programming, the trigger of seeing my father's penis is replaced wiiil a combination of specifrc verbal commanris and a specinc numb-erof physical spins so that anyone with the "combination" could a?cessthat particular pirt of containing "knowledge" of the original abuse .rny bratl.. The part.of my._mind -wanted by my father learned to 'like" painful, sadistic sex. Senator Byrd me programmed in such a way that he could decide if he wanted me to scream and


me, or if he wanted me to become sexually aroused and cry when he whipped "beg" for more. -After programming, when I met with Byrd, I would odance" like a music box dancei, twirling round and round until Byrd's fiddle music stopped. My mind precisely calculaled how many revolutions I had made wtr'eitrer I wai capable of conicious counting or not (huch like a normal person wakes up at a particular time without an alarm clock), and the desired results were produced as accessed. T[is is but one simplifred example of sex programming, and I was pro$rammed for more than sex. But this particular incident of programming at ihe U.S. Army Redstone Arsenal would change my existence entirely and set the stage for my role in covert government black, budget-type operations as a "PresidentialModel". Seeing and/or knowing that Kelly was being tortured and programmed proved to be a detriment to my own mind-control programming,,such that the -common "cross-programming" of mother and daughter was rarely viable. In the fall of 1982, Houston was scheduledto perform at the State Fair in Senator Byrd's home state of West Virginia. Byrd arrived at our hotel with Lt. Col. Aquino, who took Kelly with f,im, supfosedly for programming pulposes. I wat left alone in the h<itel room with Byrd, whose KKK affiliation fueled his rage over my having been recently prostituted to black entertainer and CIA ofrrative Chirtie Pride. Althougtr i nla had no control over the situation to begin with, Byrd expended his fury on me rather than on Houston who was iltimatety reiponsi6le for the incident. He took out his whip and began beating me as he,had so many times before. Only this time it seemedto last forever. me when Aquino returned with my tranced and Byrd was still whipping -I regained consciousnessenough to pull myself up gff trauniatized daughter. the floor when-I heard Kelly's hysterical cries. Byrd ordered me to the bathroom for a cold shower to stop the bleeding. My body could not carry out his orders, and I collapsed again in the bathroom, smearing blood all over the floor. Kelly's cries again revived me, and I crawled to the door to frnd. Byrd sexually assaultingher and Aquino disrobing to join- them. One_small window in the bathroom appearedto be a possible means of escapeto obtain help, but Bvrd caueht -bv me and knocked me to the floor. The whole bathroom was smeared in'Utooa the time he threw me into the shower and turned the cold water on to slow the bleeding. Iater that afternoon, Kelly and I stood hand in hand in the afternoon sun at the State Fair where Senator Byrd was about to make a speech to his constituents. My blouse stuck to my freshly whipped skin as Byrd walked onto the stage, and the crowd cheered. Although Byrd periodically se_xualiygbused Kelly ihroughout her Project Monarch victimization, the horrific incident in Wesi Virginla was the last time I was able to instinctively think to respond at all. Aquino's mind-control programming further insured it, as did Eyrd's accessto high tech mind-control equipment via West Virginia's Jesuit College, "Head Friar".c where he claimed the role of Kelly- has reported enduring much sexual abuseby both Byrd and Aquino. Aquino apparently incorporated sexual abuse with his mind-control programming and sex training of her, and shared more such events with_Byrd. It was also my experiencethat Byrd's sexualpewersions were heightenedwhen Aquino shared in the assault. Traumatic events such as this one in West Virginia reinforced my own programming through conditioning, and further locked me in to Byrd's seemingly inescapablecontrol.


The majority of my programming, as well as a large part of Kelly's, was again Oz theme based. This meansthe combination of codes, keys and triggers to access me were relaled to L. Frank Baum's story, The Wizard Of Oz. Whether or not it was Baum's intention (or for that matter Walt Disnev's. Lewis Carroll's, etc.), it is evident that his psychologically intense story was used for manipulating minds. Much of Thc Wiznrd Of Oz lends itself to themes commonly used by perpetrators. For example, nearly dl MPD/DIDs have suffered the loss of p9t9 during ritualized torture. And all of Baum's primary characterDorothy's nightmarish experiences"over the rainbow in Oz" stemmeil from her desire to risk her own life to protect her threatened pet. Abusers use this lesson to condition the victim to drop all resistanceand cooperate or "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog (or child) too." The "over the rainbow" scrambleof dreamsvs. reality provides abusersa theme by which to manipulate an MPD's subconsciousperception of switching personalities. Oftentimes this theme is transdimensionalas is Oz, or that which was just experiencedwas "just a bad dream" like Dorothy was told upon her awakening in her own bed back in Kansas. CIA cryptic language is manipulation of the English language such that words have a double meaning (aka 'double binds' in mental health terminology.) It works much the way as communication through "inside jokes", among people familiar with each other. Perhaps this is a reason for the government's use of professional comedians as slave handlers. Since mindcontrolled slaves' minds function consciously through their subconscious,which has no way of discerning fantasy from reality or intended meaning from literal meaning, cryptic dual level languageis especially effective. Many CIA covert operations I was involved in occurred in public. Anyone who overheard the conversationwould have discerned somethingvery different from what actually "trance-spired". For example, one of my Washington, D.C. Secret Service escorts linked arms with me like Dorothy did with her companions when ^to walking the Yellow Brick Road. This would have appeared be normal "stay behavior, or even romantic, to outsiders. But to me it was a signal to the course" (Bush's quote) and follow directions. Arm in arm we walked through the crowded Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian to the nearby NASA headquarters. There he read the "Seryice Entrance" sign on the door accentuatingsyllables ever so slightly so that I heard him cryptically command, " Serve-us,En-Trance" . I Jimy Dean is knowledgeableof, and a willing particip8nt in, crimiml covert activity including the uw of mind*ontrclled slaves. ' "Marching to Misrcuri' is a Momon barcd belief that inrerfacedwith the CIA's faction of the country music industry being tmnsfered to Bnnon, Misrcuri in the mid 1980e. 3 l2o,ooG"olt stun guns leave two indentedprod rurks or moleetwo incheeapan, while the cylindrical stun gun u*d prirurily in the vagim and rcctum leaves prod mrks/moles 314 of an inch !p8rt. A l@k into tnsh-magazine publisher hrry

Flint'g ,Ilrctlcr will show prod mrks on the mind*ontrclled slaveshe photogophs, particularly on rhe

thrcat, near the lips, and on the back. 4 The 'witch's face' has alrc been rcfered to !s that of a baphometand Jesuit monk. 5 I photo identified the Serg*nt and his Qailer)ofticer in 1990, and Mark's and my lives werc thrcarenedlhrcugh lhen-Dietrict Attomey, now U.S. Reprcsntrtivc, Bud Cnmer @. Huntsville, Alabam) of lhe Congrcssional Pemnent IntelligenceCommittee Es a rcsult of this rcvelation! 6 To a liteml mind-contrclled MPD/DID slave, the tem "Head Friar'equaler to "he8d frier," meaning high voltsSe to lhe bnin,


CHAPTER7 EHARM-SCHOOL After Aquino instilled my base sex programming, I was often taken by Houstonto Youngstown, Ohio to attend the sex slave training camp hell hole refenedto as "Charm School". Houston often performed in the Youngstown area at county fairs, Fraternal Order of Police shows, or any little country musicentertainmentgigs that would bring us in the proximity of the dreaded CharmSchool. On &casion, Kelly would go through the torture process with me. But usually Houston delivered me to the door for trainilg with other CIA andMafia slav6smy age, and then left taking Kelly with him. When Charm School was in session, there were several gids being tortured and trained at once. I have seenand known numerous girls to go through Charm School, but, understandably,few are reported to have survived or recovered their minds enoughto talk about it. C-harmSchool was reportedly operated by an identified member of the Mellon Banking family @yrd's Endowment for the Arts' largest contributor). "Governor" from th6 movie My Fqir The operatortfrt tfre"ninie and role of Iady,-in an attemptto confuse my torturous reality with movie fantasy,. In the movie, Governor is the cockney title given the professor who transformed a Additionally, female street urchin into a functioning high society lady. Mellon'suseof the title, Governor, was intended to create scramble for the real Govemorwho frequentedthe school as though it were only a whore house. I am referring to then Governor of Pennsylvania (and later U.S. Attorney General,now secretaryfor the United Nations) Dick Thornburgh.' Aquino provided some of the piogramming at Charm School and everyone I knew in government operationswas at least aware of it. Then Youngstown Qleriff, n9y Jim Traficant, was usually present. He capitalized on his U.S. Representative "Lurch" by slowly opening the door and saying, ability to portray himself as "Walk this way''. To a literal slave in training, this means walk like he is walking-like Lurch, Egor, a street whore, Scatecrow, and so on. Oncethe door closed behind me, Charm School meant I would be charmed, mesmerized(hypnotized), and programmed to be a high class prostitute for selectpoliticians. I did learn their way to walk. I learned when to talk, how to dress,how to sit, stand, and all the rest. Table mannerswere not taught as they were not needed since slaves endured food and water deprivation when working. Above all, we were taught how to gratify any sexual perversion. Just as Traficantopenedthe door to Charm School for slaves, he oftentimes.wasthe one to "test" their newly learned sexual skills to determine when or if slaves could leave. A typical three-day course at Charm School included the usual factors of sleep,food, and wati deprivation; trauma; high voltage; and programming. "designer" Often times experimental or tried and proven CIA manufactured produced wave activity to brain specific drugs were administered which maximize and/or compartmentalize programs. I usually spent the first day hanging in the dungeon. Charm School is housed in an identified stone historicalrailroad barron's former residence. and the basement was in fact a wine cellar dungeon. It was dark, damp, and musty and was decorated in classictorture chamberfashion. It was complete with various hanging chains, a




I stretching_rack,whips, and altars including one specially designedfor bestiality sex. As I hung by my wrists, I could hear and-smell-the aiimals in the neit cells--a black Nubian goat called Satan, a small donkey named Nester, sometimesa small white_pony referred to as Trigger, and virious dogs, cats, snakes,and gthers. All Charm School animals were trained to sexually-respond -who to the smell of urine. Whel someone, such as Dick Thornbdrgh particularly _eljoyed this kind of kink, entered my cell and urinated o-n me, I knew I would soon be released from my chains and led to the animal altar for bestiality lessons, pornography, o-r to please a perverse onlooker. I was hung by.Ty ankles, sqeqche4on a rack, burned, and tortured repeatedly. My feet and hands were chained to a wall for what was termed "off thlewall sex." i was taught "Silence" in Oz fa-shionsince screamingdid not produce results anyway urtless they lvanted it for pornography. This was implemented with air electronic canine bark collar normally used to train a dog nol to bark. _ _I wqs repeatedly filmed pornographically, and always taken upstairs to the "Master's Chambers" for prostitution to participanfs, including the real "Govemor" of Charm School, then Pennsylvania Gbvernor Dick Tlornburgh, CongressmanJim Traficant,, LJ. Col. Michael Aquino, and others. When Kelly was with me, she endured the same and we were forced to see each other physically tortured as further psychological trauma. This was to ensure I could never remember the who, what, when, or where of our bizarre enslavement. This is what is sometimesreferred to as cross-programming. In spite of the deliberately created amnesic blocks, I developed a subconscious sympathetic understanding for other Charm School slaves that extendedoutside the walls of this man-madehell. This understandingemanated from the depths of my being, creating a compassion for other mlnd-control victims that compels_ me to give voice to their silent pleas for help to this day. I became close friends with one such victim, who must remain anonymous in order to survive to eventually recover. This beautiful blonde and'I had numerous opportunities to be together throughout the years, as Houston's government sponsored travels routinely took him into her home state of Pennsylvaniawhile Dick Thornburgh was Governor. My friend and I were photographedtogether for hrry Flynt's commercial pomography publications, and featured in the illicit frlms th-at contributed to funding CIA covert operations. In addition to this, she and I were able to spend two weeks together when her husband/handlertraveled to Houston's farm in Tennesseefor instructions on handling his new "bride". I was "made of honor" for my friend's "wedding," which was no more a ryarriagg than mine to Houston. As was customary with Project Monarch slaves, her marriage to her handler equated to marriage to her- mind-control owner, U.S. SenatorArlen Spector. "wedding" I was forced to participate in was for pomography purposes - The only, and it took place in Arlen Spector's Conneaut Lakb-hbus-e in Pennsylvania. Spector's stone house was located in a wooded, remote setting and was masculinein decor. Side rooms were either designatedfor perversesEx or were fumished with antiquated NASA virtual reality-and programming equipment. Th9 mysty smell of Spector's playhousewas ovbrpoweledby the scenfof roses, which he symbolically presentedto his slave on their "wedding" day. My friend's "wedding" photos included Catholic themes-,anci the crucifrx featured was rose cut crystal similar to the one I received from Byrd.


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" d;d; 'Ti",gt. .I was arso trained rTl.Jfr"#',trf,n9;Sial;l'r nug thepentapon,c "., .li^t1tl,1,l{ernStignal dnig mute r^,

3ff:#:n*r?#;3:ff T"f#liii,.#,",:,ffi triffijf '.i"1uffi ',,#pjllljj, il.t"rfiri"il; fiin;::,:; b"#il.X,.r orceBase fi Neh r:ck, gl*T#3*1p*,ru$it"#"*:i'Ig#tr"f r,,*l#jif ffi:T:ffi ?Ti:#h.Hilli3iXill'itr ?f; 5,:';'3t'i,,'#?1ff::-"j;d"rc,dff "iilJ'q,J,liil:?::,:?:ff#,'J:y,,lg t_"_1,

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everymove be a.sefarate foui-scr6nviewer,he. iHTJiXrf"f demonstrated $1. u, r,".o"il5l#,3:;Y919{.-slide show,*it[-u,!"J"n", Itmgasrapidty


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wasdepicted wivinefrom "*'"lpi[$rr+,""5'"6u.r;:u",,'rirc youcovered. :^Lll,yoycan'rhiae.-/rtiir tui-d#"'iuri,'.'utot convince Youcan statethatmy ivery movecould 3estitle u" n,onitollto uunngthecourseo-fmv

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,qif"t,xrTf H';l*i14"#,H:#;lj{:$it'iilttr1ln *srl&ffi;rd**fii'.ffi;{,fi H'$ff r"Hdl"ii*i toBvrd"t mowasschedured 1o;oilt?l1t1t-d ?rylpa notlil'Lil"bbrJ""r ilcn sraverunner,Kds Kristdrerson,4 *riom'iiaa kng*,1 sincerg7g,,my tnilltY programmed for Opry "u"nti--'i,rfron circuited,,. mshncessuch as ttris. Uhaer ^1,^1j1iiptJ'iuiiirout",i.oq*rnring would have rcrsgnStities autogenrcaly, !$, whereas I I )pnerson s:lwmeasI backedfurtheir,u;t*een ile wall andthe machine.

-il"r*_E+,";;;;" *"u,Xor?"'Jn,iilt,il"",l,ff"l lgd. r backed in,o rt7

"what are you doing in there, little lady?" Kristopherson asked. "The wants to seeYou." Colonel -"What ar9 you doing in eouino had walkid over and sarcastically asked, tftor""" *irest That could very well 5e a shocking" All exoerienceswith Aquino or Kristopherson resulted in-hlgh vg.llageelectnc


humanlife.s Aquino neitherriaoaly regqd.for *a ippriintly -to "had

no where to run' no reinforcehis belief that I usedthe oDDortuniti "power"--his stungun. to hide' frornhis where -Wf,if. and Aquino i untangledfiyself from thel wires, Kri.stopherson continuedtheir banterat niy expense.Kristopheison!91.dup.his key qng atlq iinsled it. catching'nV uitaiuiOe6attentionas conditioned,while he told 'eq"uino,';Vou;t" g"onndneedthe Keys to the Kingdom to work with this one rieht ""';i;;;here." to the Kingdom," of course, referred to py previously instilled peisonalities- Since Catholi'cprogrammedmnt tli""lnnir-o-irfrJnsional" time, Kristopherson at the program-mer"ry mind-control ri ffi fdil instilledin childhoodvia the *ii inforring'Aquino'of programspr^wi-ousty ;Ri1eto RemfinSilent". ny jii'gling tireteys, he wasdemonstrating his control Aquino. on edge his momentaD/ over - -;i meand "She'smine sayingas hejingledthe keys. noi 'em." Kristopheiton-*as"' -Events untesi"yluwarinaplayball. nesides, ,,I,ie beene*p'ecting laterthat-night you," Aquindsaidwith a smile. proveditrat lquino naf'U#n suiplied the keys !o qy-previously.established i"i,iii U.iJ pi6grim-ing, which'h'eandByrd usedandalleredto suit their own perversions. '-"S;iJ;onitored "progress,"and often torturedme all of my programming "He off, to pickrjitrip.where.mymotherlgft ''There *itfr iris ;hil;Apoctetf<nifti. said, He developed. iiradverteritly have might I tetf-est""m unv Aeitrov you-toturn b|causeif you could think to talk no one would ever ir-"""jf*Jf* He often threatened Uifiini I wouldhaveanythingto do with thelikes of you.""Th,e ltrst Presidential all, after b"caut", n'" ifrutf wasconsider&--;ai!po*Uf"" M"d;i;tytarityn Monroe,waitcilled right in front of the public eye and no one knewwhathappened." as I could no longer think to Bvrd's thrbits and cruelty were unnecessary and would often droneon talk himseli hear to loved he but ir;lt;vwiv, r""k while I was recitations,. long-winded ;i' in ttis infamous ;;-;';,i pfi"t"!*pfri""tly recording every word-he said. He detailed the inner bperatiotiatstnictureof tn"e*ortd dominationeffort, including psych-ological *d explainedhow he had and would utilize his-"expert" i,'"tlili J*ti*;i, manipulateit and the so-calledU.S. Justice kt";ru;;i'iii'A*tinition_to "and lips providedme yet anothermeansof s-urviving rore. His loose Suit"nr. "the game"onceKeliy andI wererescuedfrom our " rt"p "tl"aa of iii"itiii.i existence. "justifications".for mind-controlled criminalactivityto,measwell' his Byrd revealed Senator knew I wasincapableof input he though even boaid He usedme as a sounding "The only way we can with his motto oi'."rponr". He rehearsidin keeping " fail. is-to fail to think of an excuse. '*-'B;J'6;tin.A;; rina-control atrocitiesasa meansof thrustingmankindinto """ording to the Neo-Nazi principles to which he u..#of"d-"uoiution, ;iustifri:A; manipiltatingmqnkild's-te1tgionto bring about the "OiritJ.--rfl "world p.i."" th-roughthe "only-meansavailable"--total piipiti,ii.A-Uiblical 118

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anyway,andat' involvr fgun._tr)r's

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/ 119

blackielicopters patrolling the area would. And if all else failed, the "Eye in lh" $ky" would locate him or her, and a torturous death was suppoiedly rmmlnent. deprogrammer and primary advocats Mark _-.According to my abusers, my"THE Phillips and I have embarked on Most Dangerous Game" through efforts such as releasing this book and turning a spoflight on the Shadow Government to reveal its members' identities and their crimes asainst humanitv. Mark Plrlllips and I are determined to beat them at their ow-n "game" by - aiming the "95o/o"with the truth that perpetrators"don't want them to-know!"


Di"k Tho-brrrgh

possession. 2 Pl.r""

is listed in Houston's CIA memo book which is now in my (and others')

note that, while still SheriffofYoungstown,

subsequently indicted

for federal racketeering,

Ohio, Traficant was investigated and

drug distribution,

and Mafia


However, he was acquitted through careful CIA jury mqnipulation ard he went on to become the U.S. Representative he is to this date. 3 Oo"" g"ioiog 'eyes to see and ears to hear,' this "you can nrn, but you can't hide' theme is so widely used it is visible from Hallmark greeting cards to Interstate overpasses to the lock-in song by the rock group, Police's 'I'll Be Walching You'. 4 e good friend of mins efte remains a victim to date was 'nsrried" to Kristopherson on the night she wed her mind-control handler-much the way I had "married' Byrd when I wed Houston. The crucifix used in her IJrry Flynt 'wedding night' pom photos was mirrored rather than crystal. 5 Kri.toph".*o

nearly strangled me to death with his penis, which had further sexually

excited him, late in the summer of 1987 during another incident related to Byrd,


in lly


r k :ts nt rk

) I no longe_r had any mind of my own. I was absolutely void of free will and lotally robotic. So was Kelly. We wore our Charm School smile at


all times, and dld exactly what we wAre told to do. The only characteristic noticeablyout of -Outsiders place was Kell programmedvocabulary

and mannerisms. traveling within the country public imase was a programmed musicindustry. music industry. Mv My public personality that always ;rammed "air-head" smiled, lookeit and taiteO tite tf,e proverdial-"air-hean blonde that kept - out-

) i t I I I

sidersaway by socializingonly wittrin my controlled environment. This lifestyleappeared quite-normalfor my role as Houston'smuchyounger,'wife,' rn mecountrymuslclndustry. Whenwi: were not trdveling, I began each day at 4:00 A.M. with a minimumof 2 hours aerobicexeicise. Afterward, I iended farm animalsand d_id_-other chores,then cookedHoustona large country breakfastwhich neither Kelly or I werepermittedto share. Houstonwould then order me to work to exhaustion on his 100-acrefarm while he watched. Thesechoresincluded hauling,stackilg, and feedingout hundredsof balesof hay to our livestock eacf year; maintainingmiles of electricfencing;cutting acrbsof grasswith a pushmoweran_average of twiceweekly;bustingconcretewith a sledgehammer andmixrng_ andpouing new cement;diggingby handand main0aining a two ggqgn for ca4n!ng;cutting, hauling,and stackingfirewoodfor acrevegetable Houston,his neighbors,and friends; shovelingpick-up truck Ioadsof creek gravelto fill in enormouspotholesin the gravel roCd leading to 11 rural residences includingJack Greene's;and anythlngelse Houstondould think of thatwouldwear me down. Houston'sexhaustive,slave-drivingwork orders mademy father'sseembenevolentin comparison. The "best"-of days were rough. 'like a bird--@yrd),'following Byrd's ordersof 300 caloriesper day-. .I ate * or caffeine. IvIy metabolismwaslow. I was trainedto-compirte calorieslike a machine,eatingmorelike a rabbitthana "bird". I had to count everycalorie,from a simpletasteof what I had to cook for Houstonto semen. Houstonensuredthat Kelly and I nevergot more than two consecutivehours of sleepper night. He accomplished this throughautomaticmental"alarmclocks" thatwokeus up at two- hour intervals-Kelly with asthma,and me with panic. Thesetacticscrintributed to Kelly's andmy totalinability to resistmind co'ntrol. in.the country music indultry was no easierthan existing on __ Travelin-g Houston'sfarm in Tenness6e.It certainly-lackedthe glamourthat outsiders usuallyassociate with entertainment industries.CIA covdrtdrug operationshad permeated the industry. Entertainerswere used to buy, sell, and distribuie cocainebr_ougl{into this countryby the U.S. governmentfor the purposeof funding the Pentagon'sand CIA's Black Budgets. Nashville'i local government,_frommy perspective,was totally comrpted by these criminal covertoperations. Cover-up, murder, drugs, and white slavery prevailed. Entertainers usuallymadeit big only when they participatedin CIA dperations and/orwere slavesthemselves.I know of numerousentertainersin needof rescueanddeprogrammingfrom their mind-controlledexistence,becauseit was t2l

I 9i:::y:r."0 that voicescould be harmoni cap[vate audiencel rnese entertainers "il4"i*a"tii.r,-of programmingas I the _have. permit them to carry out govemmentoperations same courseof the-irouu"i:. in the CaribbeanLines (NCL) ..._Ig*:giT.

made, notuo-;l' H.:Yot:1vl."il.iilYpr:::T#"?lrtJ.,T# "f#l:'"j3

-ina.. Miami, rHr nio.ioa ;q'8*'fih;ent"'tu"'Lt,, i*v.:r.n;uEi;"? J:iiifl,r $3t

wiilL rike that eirrete ffi $lliq ffifF*$,xi"3if $Tfl";3lffin:tttp'e"yrJ'.iiriit'"ffff""Xiip:ilirf ffiJh'";"H,ij

lf;'nr*iy;#"fl1trTl# r':#"T:r[TiII""l.*'+!t?ili"ff

with_Houston, ,uri,ttt

and Immigrationiinspectors..

.r ."tiiliy took cruisei thevi;d;"'i;ffi"J,'f, j"".&g;"*f :Jd#l.f 1gF-".ifl{8;['fi,ffi :: :j fi3"%i,1ffi-?il:*,t,,:lffjii#,nt'*;r,ru.""1

ffryf^1lf*i'".Tr:!i'$g;':;*,:tl'^:ll'r*lipri."lii'rrerigrr out.. In theeartytS3grlfiiilT"i#H rorâ&#x201A;ŹachactivityI wasforced?o-cafr

jii$];.lii"Eig*'.:'"'#&]1'ei.'J:# lii,t,'illi,i,ffJ""

" operations, Byrd adjusted his use of n' r u o " *'i'#ili t:'r"'q,'.' ; tJfti,n'S's onur, ? ^':' Airiiii#frilTf"n:fr a"d th;'i;"ii,l"'r oridn o* 9:'l"l'lipL;r,.*'i;],'ffT.".HT,nlLT&"oJ,T1l1 cruise r;?#_Hf,.T, ships i uilt*ri qggurar'*hd;;'ffi In keeping with^NCl,s.C1nUQ"n

avoidedin favor of a th-eme -or.ruitrti! urrG-Robert

i 4tii,T$ lil*;Ji: i: experience-rhaiof

c' (sealnyrd' Heiofi-"il,';el,311s1 rhe Sea_ l, itreepicenrer lastong.ueen

lli"ffgl:'.,*':l.ii"i$t;a#t3j*l-l!,EreJi,iiiierru disappear,-transrormed'into'anoirrei'oirlifiiiffi.fldlil,iT"":

iT_T#,::T 1ve(a]iens)camein. th.*gt"A;;liror.reflection Iabncof space'the deep .T.,rl.lg of thi hore in the blu6.*. Sor*iius_entered anddorphins' And wheh-we Earth,splani as whales .r"rg"d-fio;"hi ,*, out. .someof us c'ame-nying

o.l;ilt" TI:,*" "'"fi"i"l"wii ll.,1:,rtrne p!l;'l3l,'.11,. ,, *dnnsh*h.nyou-"

;:q i frr, srqr;}."$ #:i1""u",1 t #"'x'hvi.n :irr{:? is orugbusiness was b6oming i"i trr,.tr,

,tr,*.-qu+*uf fr

wasstoredintheHJndlylil,nr"dfi;i,#311fi ',rftjff "*:: uf,f 'i!nn.,,*, to " 'uiil'ai'ii19-'1", fi N;il"r", #lr$'i|":l* iiiti_''f$ff aIG;ii#:"1"{,1iff#"'J'"5T:""'3it-':q-"nt.'turn-"'.T'L,ii roi i^:'j:"g rarge amount

of the cor ordiredth;ir;.il;;#f *-$,t,lh,mhf F,,',"1.J{.*iff, F


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triJ,,,l*rt,ffif -,:ilffi #tfr;1*,t'r'ffi

ri,,,e j;:ffifr{,;i$"#i#,#:,,A Byrd,.,d n

: $ffiryPsffiffff 123

I cryptically continued. "And I trade in whatever uncle orders. An order has !_eenplaced. -You.must follow orders and go to that place. Go to the While House Inn at_the pie_r. Carry your laundry 5ag (full of cash) with you, and see the man in blacL. (My cuban contact almost always wore a conspicuousblack trench coat.) There is a laundermat on the dorik itself. Thdv do all mv laundering for me, and will be expecting you. watch for the sea-han with th'e: d_uffelbag. Wh.en you see the military lreen duffel bag, approach the desk. he says. "I need this.laundered,-bu1 you say, )l[ep 1Oo not havE-th-e^time,,' "welcome to Paradise. I will make sure it is cleaned and deliverei on time.; "This Then give him your has been properly {uffel .bag-o^f-'laundry' il.9 9ay, launderedfor, you". Take lhe duffel bag. It will bd light as a feather.^nbturir to the Inn and enjoy the buffet." "Do you like a Qhanging modes, Buffett unzipped his shorts as he asked, buffet? I have a Buffett buffet for you now. And it is paradise!,' I carried out the drug transaciion-as ordered, the whole ordeal lasting a matter of minutes. A buffet was spreadin the courtyard of the white House Inn at 4:00 PM just as Buffett said it would be. Buf due to the food and water deprivation necessaryto maintaining my mind-controlled trance, Houston forbid me liom carrying out this last part of Buffett's instructions. Alex Houston Enterprises was another side business that Houston used to cover for his cIA criminal covert activities. It included the relabelline of G.E. gapacitorsfgr thg "energy sav-ings". c_ompanies, Queen Electric and phise Liner, he sharedwith his former wife and frrst cIA mind-controlled slave. She was i catholic processedPuerto Rican blonde beauty. These G.E. capacitor banks were sold internationally as â&#x201A;Źnergy saving devices, when in fact iltey provided one more meansof transporting drugs from the U.S. around the worl!. It was Houston's G.E. capacitor scam that provided me insight into the elaborate !gng- ]s_land_d_ocks drug U.S. Congrelsman Gary Ackerman (D. NY).' I flrst met Ackerman in l98i when Housi-onwas bookeil into the woodberry Music Festival with known cIA mind-control victim Loretta Lyln.' __l,oretta'sroad manqger,-Neo-Nazi pedophile Ken Riley, who was also Alex Houston's best friend, often assistedHouston in handliir! me. Riley in turn handed my Charm Sclroof programmed keys, codes, and triggers to. CongressmanAckerman, who skillfully accessedmy ,lltce Ii WondeVknd mirror.theme.programmin_g. After snoriing a couplti of lines of coke,'and he stepped.into the center of a three way -inminor where he positioned me proceededto sexually gratify himself my throat. Xen Riley, and other involved membersof Loretta's band, all laughed as Ackerman stumbled around the room while pulling his pants up from around his ankles and complaining that he "couldn't stand for sex like that". The term "Ackerman svnbromer was coined after that in reference to sex that drained a man of hii energy, and circulated among "those who know" for years. I


cruise ships routinely pass through the so-called 'Bernuda

not miss this opportunity


and Byrd did

to tap into old progran-ing

base installed by senator J. Bennett

Johnston. 2 Wh"o Mark and I turned in detailed information

on this drug drop !o law enforcement,

our lives were endangered to the point that e foreign subsequently saved our lives through a timely tip-off.




intervened and


) )

? '

'Diamond in the Rough' was a term used to describe an MpD/DID slave actively engaged in programming via torture conditioning. 4 c.ogr"o-,n Ackerman's caribbean cocaine and Asian heroin operations have not hinderedhis position on the Congressional post Office and Civil Service Committeâ&#x201A;Źs, nor the Arirn rnd Pacific Affain Commitfsg. It is imporiant to nots that, as a matter of Congressional rccord, Ackerman openly opposed compulsory drug tests for all federal employees. 'senetor Byrd proudly claimed Loretta as his mind-controlled slave and told me, "I litcnlly nade Loretta what she is today, and she is maid to order'. Loretta's son and secondary nind'control hmdler, Emest Ray, told me, 'I know what the Byrd did to my mother. I can ger runy with murder.... All I gottr do is call him end I'm free as a bird/Bvrd. ,



. Yv mind-controlled existencebecame more compligted qftqr senator Byrd introduced me to then president Ronald Reaganin tire fal of i-gg2;;t a white ,'Wheriyou Hg5:,qolidgd,p*y. meer the Chief, imagine him _!Vrd totA me, wlth nrs pants down. He's most comfortableknowing you are imagiiing him with.iis pants down. He doesn't want formality." F&frer presidinirori had conditioned me to dread the offrce of president, ana r inecnaniiatty weni through the motions of meeting Reagan. _ Reaga! admittedly had seen th{ now To Divide a personalitv and How to crearc a sex slave videos Huntsville, Alabama. He acteit very pleased with .me as though I lrd participated in their willingly. within the'fiist few mrnutes ot meeting Reagan, he was giving me aiting tips to utilize in and.pomographylf "When you beciom6your part, your g:I"llTe.1lqperllions pertormance lncreases,which in tum increasesyoui ability to d6 youi partl-for '+s\ not what your country cql d_ofor ydu, Ask what'you can IguI_gguntry: ror your country'--your part," he instructed. Somehow.Reagan,sr6minder oo ot Ford's and vanderJagt's conditioning to Kennedy's quote-seemed more "simply" p1li9tl.{ty- significant .ihan lexually . ent6rtaiding -self-professeil potiticiani uy ilag a rn bottom.. After_gazing deâ&#x201A;Źp into his HayTq .my "Kaleldoscope eyes," each metaphoricalphrase he spoke became life aird breath to me. F9"g- explained to me that the illegal cIA covert activities I was forced to partrclpate in were 'Justified." as they fyn{ed covert activities in Afghanistan and Nlcaragua. Heexplained, "America's FreedomTrain is spanningihe globe ancl sex is but a sidetrack to the ultimate course of freed6m. 6ur jorb of procur-lng.andtran_sporting arms is the most difficult part of all. But it can and must be done. How can a man with no arms fight? These operationsare necessary.asAmerican-peopl.e ryrse too much hell a6out violence al'ready,and it is better they're not informed of our supporting wars they cannot underitand the significanceof. " I realize now that twi-sted reality to fit his personal perceptions \*gs rather than to adheretg Byrd's -In philosophyof providing "elxcuses,' fbr what he "the deemed order of things". typii:alRealal fashion, he did not p"t""i"" "an mind control as slavery, but as biportunitf for those who otherwis^e would have.nothing in life". He claimed that multigenerational incestuously abused children like myself, or "previously impoveriihed baseball players ii6m third world countries and slums, are provided an opportunity to '6e lfl ttrev can be' a 'contra-bution' to society,_ddrnatiori, and the *orit, by utiIllq$l TkilC ratentsto maximum potential.' with this attitude,Reagandispiayed llzng.therr pride in_the sick role he played as The wizard of oz, directing project rraonaictr slaveslike myself. -That night, SenatorByrd acted in the capacity of a pimp and prostituted me Referring to mâ&#x201A;Ź.as though I wple amachine, Reagairasked Byrd, io^lTqg. "Does she run on chemicals?"meaningspecificCIA drugs. 'She rakes sp-urti". __Inoticed t'hatReagan'seyes lit up . .Byrd answered, with perversion and understandingbf Byrd's scatement,whiih meairt that I





t I


.} t

"shared'whateverdrugswere in his systemthrough-hisurine. Reaganlater this task sincehe, as President, did;; frepiefene4#x shves equipp.Fd.for urinate... night to get in the up shouldnothlve to ---;W;ii;; "All I've had to fuel her with is neagatisai4holdingip his glass, 'whiz 'That'i of a Wiz(ard)."..Fytd fr6m a of i much not alcohol. ibtt lris gold.cgqrqe vial from irruiltl ai ieugan's oz cryptic -ife jbke and rer_r.roved ihO Reagandiscretelytumedtheir backsto the his suit. theinnerpocket"of "spoonfed" Reaganthe drug up his nose. oar$ '- whiieByrd "Uncle Ronniedoesn't f,tfor. t ieft wittr Reagan,Byrd informedme that preferred snugglinginto his LL (N'ancy),tr he that and sleeowith his mommv neai. tiett blueflann6litreetiin his nightshirtand ridiculousnightcapbecause 'thev'riwarmer. softer.morecomfortable,anddon't snore". ---iit"t, sexualprogramming,and I i" rtii u"oto"m, Reaganaccessed ory patt" as a prostituteto "Uncle 4y Ronnie". Reagandld.not move became "my duty". And my duty was to pleasehim, t"*.'Aftet all, that *as Outine me "ftitiner it took, and'it took moreiime ihan anything, -4eagannever.hurt "bond" to the (healwavsmadesuresomeoneelsedid that) and usedthis as a for sex. . Reagan'smost iiiU"itritO ('Kitten") personalityhe alwaysaccessed was his love foi bestialitypornography''-According ;;;;lDdfiatitv'tint 6';y-idna6rs, t"is passionfor pornograptryesialatedits manufactureand auring his Administr''ation.-H6 wholeheartedlyapprovedand Oistti6utioncovertactivity. thepoin industryfor funding encourased -(private) pornographyfilms I.and others M*?*tnr'.rcial andinstructional "Uncle Ronnie's Bedtime Stories," were oarticiDitedin. referred to as according-tohis instruction, sbt.ty fo. his pleasure--oftentimes ffiiili"i.l'After my initial meetingwith-Reagan,I wasused uiine ii."dor Train slaves. predominantlyat YoungstownCharm ntri ttrat were productid il ffiil;a "Chief'Pornographer"'.Michael to Dant6,-specifically. Scf,i,oi-Olor by his otisf" trir perveisions. Theseincluiieda wide rangeof cryplic themes,but the videoswhile I was proswere'mostl!bestiality. Reaganoften_watched tituted --ifi;rt !o hiin, requiringme tole-enactthepoqr froryeyerpossib-le' - -. . tvtichaelDani6,AKA.MichaelViti, ffi neigan'iCtrief Pornographei "charity" Golf Tournament at an elite Nashviilehotel wherehe was attending Charlie Pride's Pro-Am Golf Tournamentin iestivities. Like CIA Operative"charity" tournamentprovideda coverfor the New Mexibo,this Albuquerque. the event. Houstonand I dominated that 6perations white slavery a;a ilafi; ';ctrafityievents,as did Dant6,but it.was only after having ;it"" ;tt "a"d iuctr ReasanthatDant6'sandmy pathscrossedasarranged. 'met --O"ttt?-t*t rn. to hir hotelioom after our initial introduction. He snorteda fe* finesoi cof", ioot"O me over as though.I were merchandise,and accessed me if I knewwho he was' He mv sexDroqrammlng.He thenanogantly-asked idia-*L't'"ii"J in"Beverlyttitts, ddirrirnia and mademovies. I thoLghthe ;ffi ;;i.rti"g io tris Uoxofftce flop, Wnterhawk,until he said,."UncleRonnie sentme. fre wantsme to mak6 movieswith you as your'contra-bution.' WJtt gonn" have a good time, then he's gon1a.hirvla good !ime'--a1d Baby? Get dressed' We're evirvbfiv's happy. Y6u'll like ihat, won't you " make arrangements. and dow-n-siairs Uaclk eoin's '-"f;;a-t"l.pton"o "our love" thro*gh command me often, pr6fessing me in specific places for meet reinforcementsand making arrairgementstd oroducinguncle Ronnie'i nedtime stories and commercialpol1. These io.ution-5"iniluded,among others, Tennessee,Florida, the Caribbean,and 127

:$;*Tfi:'i+,ffi3$ rgiffh'"H,p,




ic to thecIA baseballmind-controlfarm to scoutout new slaves. Thev excitedlyaboutthe prospectof winning large sumsof moneytfrrouefr 'ling,on ngon riggeq games.I had beenqwqeTor nggedga[es: awarefor y-ears vearsthat many manvpr6 orb playeis, olaveis:ularly..IaSorda's.Dodgers, were mind-controiledand trigge'redto win or according to their owners' bets and favors. The Ddd'sers.Reasan's iteAmericanpastime"ball team continuously won, including tf,e World S"eries

his Administration. The Mafia was in on the bet rieeine. and tion was_pasqd -to certain ones through Thornburghana--ot6drsas 'baseball medhom ftommy "baseball computer"programming.o Tg thl-s-d"y I am not certaihwho'insligatedtfr'eplasticsurgeryto which I but soon after meeting R-eagananil Dant6 I was .fgtqU]y.subjected,duledfor breastimplants.perhapsit wasdonEfor firnography. perhaosit Râ&#x201A;Źagan's preference.I tendto believeit wasa combinadoriof the two^and rytl **_ my breastswereno longerlactating. In the first commercialporn haddirectedDant6to producein St. Thomas,u.s. virein ---lslinds lReagan breasts Dreasts werestill tenderand swollen swrillenfrom siliconeimplant imofnt surgervl .urn.*lMy appearancc w_asnot tlrg .only_j'qakeover" l'enOured?fiei meeting gan.AquinoandI-werecalled 1o {.ashington,p.C. to revisemy basecore nJmgg. to overrideSenatorByrd's control for securityreas<ins.Since .h44b9n shot,.he took extia precautionsto ensure'hissafetv wtriitr d d.irecting A.quingas to how lie wantedme programmed. t(lucti io no_'s olsqray and and embarrassment, embarrassment, Reagan Reaganadmired^thioccult admiredthe occult role role that that this this :'sdismay

1,Lt. Colonelplayed fo^rmind-control traumatization purposes, as it fit in he publicpromotionof religion Reaganhad launched. neaea; claimed to ve that the masseswere manipulate through thiir religion, as p mind-controlledslaveslike mvself. -V,{]|:_Rfqqhad3Ouino ir.rb.C., he demanded {qt h" wear his black

robesto a WhiteHouse

p'n., .T.ry knewAquino'slqage_riasoniy a guisefor rsyJhoi'crgicat at theWhiteHousein costume madeAquino'look Pq, Puthls.appearance hebelievedhis own facade. Aquino got even with Reagan. Mindes before

prostituted to Reagan that evening,-Aquino orderedfie into a ctoiea sioe where_ he very quickly had intercoursewith me. When he finished he slappedme on the behind arrd disrespectfully said, "Take that to

Reagan.instrucred how to program me in keeping IT_ti_g,th1day, t_"spul: prggrammingdepicted in {Quin_o_ the "How to" videos. "program'it,n gansiud,.retemngto me as though I were an object, "under number one. I the numberone. It's the first, the best, and it promotes confidence--like

wgni' I observed. Aquino_giving him lhe inteltiectualyaiig"it"o i*ri-l," ted. with the fortitude to make a suggdstiorito him, but loj percdhis reactionb-y,giving somethoughtto the reqiJst. Sincethe JHow udeosshowed the6th revolutionto "ignite the heat6f heu" for sex, no one rldsuspect I had-sexprogrammingunderthe first woltd tate E modlllcauon of my initial programming,but Aquinowassoldon the idea. rogr,amTing me according io neagan,iinstrucdbn,nquino wouiAU"-aUf" Dudeadded protectionfor Reaganwherebyany programI wasunderat the tm-l!"ll9oof: replacedb.y F?g"tl'lnumber oneasquickly as wIlyo him. This effeclivesafetymeasureinfurialted Byrd ttre i'rrt tirE r," "a* instantaneously switchout of his controlin Reagan'ipresence. t29




sio." I had no con

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that "'r".y "n.o*,".

the'80sseemed rikeonerongdayto Furtherrnore, I was programmed

;;J#;::T_:',tn*"_ been nrsttime"., i. il.* thatr b conoitioned ffi:r.HffT"r:il:1fls;as_"the had rr Reagan *ryi, '

since 1978 at NASA,s cape

in Titusville, Florida. Reagan preferred

suchas bestialitv, whilehis favorite

Pom3osraphic masazine ; ffi Tff,t?},"llo*' f;"#jTtj

l"".",|,11::un'u'nu",*i"f Hustler's stills'

Pornographer. Dantd,s co

Frynr rorrhetirreor pomographer.

Flynt was

*"u- ;;::ffT1l"ffiti:i#1,il.;; gain him ll'i'Flynt" maintai[ed rhe intemariona,,.*

tt such as prqsidents his New world order ^"un"rtotonttt cotleagues "u"o' * "tq cli ,ututo Bill MadeteineAlbright; casey; u'N' Ambassador ,;"..' *o "to '*tot, ".lirector covernors Thomburgh, ,,,"t'-

""0"t**i".,;"Jffi:T$ffittrj#:.Jffi::: Minister orcanada ru,..,'"'T, Prqsident of Mexicodera r"1.--"l"rJJJ]'"''*t' Madrid,"on,""0, Lo,*

travug been out of ci


;,ffii*"H',tf ;':g;H;;ft ".,fff i,1ji''l:il".T,::i,,, 130

ious rtrol the o; the

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'i I nffi'ltHq,--@*l!i,,::r%i,f1r:*: my ex. *' I f;i*l;Jhb*'#n#pg;#h$Ti"


mffmmmrpr 19j.rp iir.Li ItlT'l'#Jil:':"r,ilTff ffi i"i."H#Lf**i#Tfi T:lhlt,f,

estr rirnir'.'ffi:frijT


3Y.head. M

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hitting me in the forehead. "Wipe yourselfup. -You'rejust gettingstarted. I'll seeto it you get whatyou've got comingto you." causeto return to the formal cocktail party nortrinatelv for mi:. Bvrd-had -brutalize me further. My face was battered,mouth not hive time'to and did torn, and my throat felt tom and stretched. I.hail diff,rcultyswallowingflr sometime, ahdcould not speak. I certainlywasin no conditionto returnto the cocktailparty, andwasescortedout by agents/guards. Befoie i'could leave Washingtdn,Byrd made good on his threat and with Cheneyin a blue bedroom-ina pal:t oI the White arrangedfor me tromeet one couldhearmy screamsand moans". But Cherey HouG so remotethat "no "Silence" conditioninganyway as he proceededto implementedOz theme brutallysexuallyassaultme. "B!rd tells'me you need a good whipping. But I'm not certain which you prefer, so I broughtthemall." Cheneyhad a.riding.croq'a instrurirent laid olt on the bed. He beatme quick and hard as whio. and a cat-b-nine-tails my pgn like Byrd thorighhe were releasinghis lensionsratherthan -savor!!-g when Cheneyslid a pillow.underTJ.nTF' did.' I regainedconsci6usness steeredme-by the hair, and bent my headback. Survival instinct kicked in when he posilionedhiniself abovemy head. I hoped_tosatisfyhim.beforehe became<ieadlybrutal again. But he quic$y pulled out his liquid cocaine io get rough. At one point he sprayer.spraveamy thr-oat,then proceeded asideand asked,"Was that a tooth?" and grinned. It was v'anfea'mv tr'eaO imoerative that I kept my teeth off him because,according to Aquino's pr6sramminginstrucdbn,i was subjectto deathif a tooth was ever felt by 'anv"one. with it this was my programmingand manipulated-me chlney knew "satisfyinghim as thoughmy life depended uponit, because, ofien. I resumd of course,it did." This is anotherAquino programmingline Ctreneyknew and used. Whenhe wasgratified,he floppedover and slept. I hadbeeninstructed absolutelydid not wantqe neg him when to leaveimmediatelybecauseCheney -paranoid), and I begandressing- I was he slept (some insiderssay he is escortedout. "running bases"for Reagan'sHands-onMind-control In oreparationfor tgreat dealof programmingby both Aquino and I underwent nemonstritions, Cheney. Cheni:y laid the ground rules while Aquino carried out the prograinmingd6tail and performed the demonstrationwith me on various militarv andNASA installations. Re6ganwanted the demonstrationsto include all programmingdepictedin instilled since the videos were the "Hdw to" films, additionalprogramming -apflicable,-and sex accordingto Aquino's made, delivery of irugs when werepresentat the lecture. Cheney's instructionwitir whomev-er/howeveimany oersonal ,'touch" to the demonstratiois was- to have me programmed to vaginally internally electric prod myself with a high voltage cylindrical cattle -orfo-trutv an exampleof to6l mind-control. arm-in-arm"Oz style" !y tryo agentsto Cheney's I was'routinely'escorted Byrd took me in. Other times downstairsoffice in the Pentagon. Sometimes Chenevwalked me throughthl building, particularlyif we were going to his "Bunkhouse"personalqriarters. Cheneyisoffrce was egupned with black leatherfurnituie, a hugehessybrown desk,massivebook shelves,and an hour glassthat he alwaysu-sedin keepingwith oz programming,to assureme that frv tfe wason ttrdtine underhis-command.As a programmedMPD, I had no


qnceptof time. The hour glasswas a visible way for me !o see "my time running out' andactuallygrasptheconcept. the fust timeI reportedin, Cheneyshuffledthroughthe clutter on his desk, pckedupa paperandbeganreading: 'Numberone. I amNOT your friend, andI don't want to seeyou unlessI cderyouto reportin. Numbertwo. Follow the Colonel's(Aquino)orders,as it is thechainof command.Whathe ordersyou to do. is a commandfrom me. Followit to theletter, as thoughyour life drJpends upbn it, because(he looked q andgrinnedwickedly)of course,it does." His cold eyesbore into mine as bwalkedaroundto thefront ofhis desk. "Any questions?" I knewhe"wasNOT my friend," but he already"sawme" sexuallyon other msions. I was perplexedand hesitated. Even though I remained silent, (latey sensedmy hesitationand becameenraged. He got up in my face, "Don't even THINK to Dotedmy breastbone with his frnger and roared, question I There is no what I do, what I think, or anything say! as to Erstion YOURS!! Your whatI uy, because I amabsolutelyabovequestions-especially Now getout ofhere! I havework to do!" ordenareclear. Throughout thenextthreeyears,U.S. Army Lt. ColonelAquinousedme in Se llandsOn Demonstrations on numerousArmy, Navy, Air Force, and NASAinstallations acrossthe U.S. accordingto Reagan'splan and Cheney's rangedfrom three at a time oders. TheTop Brassprivy to the demonstrations b roughlytwenty. In closing,Aquino always "persuaded"them to line up wtile I wasforcedto perform sexuallyon commandwith eachone. The larger gnupsrverephysicallypainful, while the smaller groups often involved uapprovedvariancefrom the routine, such as revealing Reagan'sbestiality pcrversions.The wide array of "switching" my personalitiesthat Aquino inmrpontedinto the demonstrations, and the vast amountof high voltage and Utureto whichI wassubjected,left me exhaustedandphysicallydevastatedfor aftereachoneof Reagan's Hands-OnMind-ControlDemonstrations. days

I is permanenily dqmqged from Cheney. I have chronic TMJ.



'"APUr-IEIU-SABIE operative)handler,Alex Houstonwasscheduled ^ Yv (cIA to performwith counrry musicentertainer I-orettalvnn iitire. pdtboy-ci;i-in",ffiantic citv. qf .te8t.i,ia'i.'J"i'r,ttedlydid notwantmetheref6r ll::f::Zin-the:ering mepe'ormance.He explained thataftertris sho#,hg iffia"d 6 "ar.rr;; likea carrotaslunch.foitheBunnGs;ili'i'.wouu BurI hadwhite Housebusine*to itiina-*ru,'i ain r"it bnryuein lir'*y. rriiioirl.iiliii,. Reagan hadarranged for me persorgt.attactrJ,-'nnit,:["Hauiu lnow the..ydt -iiduston "oi" or the 9Tpt.o)' whoalways.prayed -"h;i;; AriceIn woiderrandwhite

h; no


bil'; ;i; mearong

cIA operativeKen Riley, the Neo-Nazipedophile capacityof Loretta Lynn's ioao manigii analroiect who functionedin the Monarch^#_gemenrs Mind_Control handler,was Alex Hou_ston's "ior.rt-??"n0.' nile]" o_rGn';a]d; throughI-oretra'sand Houston;,;fiJ-a;nt $eggie Maclaughlin,for all of us to travel together--parti;udt wten agent, it invorvedgovernmenrcovert operations suchas this^playlioyaiil'ilg'AfO. Loretra,siinging careerand political ries into CrA covertof_erations"n?r;;*ril";;"ril;"ilil"r. Rirey escortedher in and out of the wnite rrouse-on.nuo,"rou, occasionsftn^iila ReaganAdministration..By n"tu*t "ttri-tioi,'il.,ir l"i riii;fi;;;"dary rore as a "backuD"handrer me as te ofteniiturned from D.c. wittr ordersfor and/orconc6rningme. {o_r Houstonil riir,;t ;il';."d ;";h;--crei*L,i'op"otionr, countrymusicinterests,Neo-Naziana u1s. cou"-,n"nt project ,il;;il;, Monarchmethodoroeies::J3y: r""{"gt nornoerunhv; -ribilJgrapnicaily pedophile F;;;;; activities. Keilv andRilev'syoungaafgfit;i ;de .irtd,i rii,i.a together,and dnduredth-esrlxual-assaflts of H;u-;!onffiiifii;I8getner on numerous occasions. This trip to Atranticcity_p.rovidedme an opportunity to talk with hretta while her husband.Mooney-,'R1ley -a Ho"Jr" met for business.Lorettaand I had so much in comm.on irlat -o,ir tir;;d;;h"r had beenrestrictedfrom the time we met in t'tinneapotis,Min""its-t" .i" 19gr and discussedour victimizarions.i whilealondil-irr;i6;;l;r,p r9."i ."i!t9 il;l,oy ctub, we discussed a wide rangeof topicpr.ilm-nioiherhood to the white House. we

tarked aboutReasan in iermsoi hi' ;;i; ;;-ih,

*irgii ilr iiiii"i;osry we recitedthe genedl praiseswe were trainedtJ say. "favorite" we rirrca'auoui'n""g-,, musicbv Air^Supply,-*ni"r.t'rr'J tr"aasupptieato us both via Rilev. tieme recordingsbecame,life arid fj_r l,u,pnJr'scryptit NASA/i,rd;i'iii;;;h breath" to us both ac"cording to_neagan;slntention,which locked in our programmed devotionfor him. we discuisediil-il";;'I;"ugiiion p*y I-orettahad attendedat the white Hd;;:-"t thereas Housronrelavedinformaiion-tonifJ| was aware she had enterrained gg1ti"i"g t"'iiriti"t trip to Panamato meerwith panamania"-tidi";;'d jcrn opeiatii,"'ffi;;i Noriega that Riley deliver the i;f;;;ion i-n"gduring the Inauguration lljrdsr party.) Loretta and I switchedpersonaritiesspontaneously as we -inadvertentry triggeredeach other wittr sharJ-;#,ii" ranguage to which we were ^t[e accustomed.we discussed forbiddens"bjdis l;cil;?ilivo;""d ;? Byrd until 134






I '



RileyandHouston "i1g1:-r-andseparated us as thoughwe werea couple naughty kids.I rearnerf of morethanf ;;;";bored ro-aboutLorettawh'e in citv,butwasneverpermirted unotirii'opportunity to speakwith herso f:ill:* Thistrip to Atlantic.Citywas-multi_purpo:e, whichwas not unusualfor govemmenr operations in ;ti.t i*.i i"#.-a,tg.nEticipate. I had a major 'lti,iii:YF

.N;'i';ii"-tillg it tl.'"airport; amessase ffi'i:1.,i'ili':ffi to andano trieri'ogiu''n;oin bvnauluil ; ilJ;; i: i'.XlT'ilt":"",11,'r ?Jji",. piostiturion'io-iiu'uiu a-spects;

t )

and u.roro,ng roReagan,s t"r,ir",illlftinmeni" . _ tu rhesunwasse11i_n_e.9i9r Arla;li;-Ci'ry, activated Monarch theproject oz prosrammin{that ^To,l:lqn *ut uiiJrii''rrrpn levercovertoperations, and


prostituti glrpersona Ii ty,una . r.iu-ri ; ;', i ";

I lii:$jjil:is^?::?il,t*'".lUJi.,'.,ii[1:,i.rt# -pi,,iii'+ "l ni;


inaicate lyfr wasunderarthetime.ilaretydiddioilr ;.,,#it{)Til,.?,*;:g :,nffi,,1*i r wii ;ii.;;r:,

at onceibut they ccrtainly appliedin th.isopL,rati";;ir'h ti#D. ,indicators. Hous_ton led me down the k towa^rd tt'. I " i. i'.iii,ii, *nere ;; ;"; ;; Habi ;l,,Tdwal b, _r_ singing,."Follow theyeiloivi.i"tiiiouo,,. Housron 1.6n,,.uo'lflow^and

'il.,ilJ,.xf;itr;'$'i"*ufr,if j"i,f*;n-,..: tJi ffi :lTf Fq!ll:?,':fi ,pp.,ir,io}i. uiii'r*i,1 ffi ;:ii,.!.11i:'

il:,,l?,,il i i#J,r"d.yi".bi such a long, rong-*ui ii i.. you.uncre Ronnie fl,filftrl,y'come senr you

what-would thatbe?-lre-asked,loudry ashe leered_at_me andchuckred. ourdnotrespond I because I wasundert.Juy progrum.He handed xeyandpultedmecloseas]r_e room iyii""iiliirri,r#t irp.r.o, ,.Userhe mehis key.put it in andstepthiough

a window in rime."'The other &t"tttj"itlti.?mtf;.,door' )leweregettihg impitient, r"o I qi,i'.iiiy.*il".a,r,. gambling room.

WhenI arrivedin Habib,sroom,_two 'be!r'" of ,,Chieflvrspegt programming. accessed my lir^,ggOyg^uards ing,;;'f ,1,9i1i"S^Reagan,s Anangemenb rn.irug.. weremade for thetw6guards-to pi.t.up a fair sizedshipment of

"ffi lffJtXt'i'#Xlt :l'1i'11u'Ifii".c;n"""'in'rrmrita;y ;'b;iljt; i,ir,n. ifl 'n' planeandflv to D-6.*i,.i. i'iouro

oonlpft, ortlis#r3f;3;: TypSrr

- wnenHabibarrived. me inrothebedroompartof the oegan disrobing, suiteand downioli,:rl:*O his boxe*ho;;;;;g; socks.Referrinsro a recent Dant6 pornfilm r was used;;;il; ,;id:?tillin'"".,Xi;

I:rT:r.i"g rnen rnrew reruss... mea prnk reddy teddy andruffled alg ruffred p;"tir;;.1;ftffi;: H*'ll._*ffi;"$; ?pink "l"i,,i:if:*.^r,:Tl1i=l: i:fili:

'"+q:rrnml,;,'^.:,n[h,ddr? "#:i,#t: sdfi ' [T',1''-lrffi $ili.!'1xt':x'd';;:::'1,iilff :'*-'"u-,iuii.t"'ovJl,on

craraclers' especiailv in hisboxdrrh;;;. il; iiyi,.r,.u, conrroredIaughter that

q*"rii"fr"",,. ryl tm#J l1 ff n.!*;;t*i :*'"'. s i nl xl.lji " F*ii"W.ff orthe be d on-co man d,i .*fi,r..-""iffi ffi j#L'rtiT,fJitf ::f ffi:,T

netredme so tightly I was srretch;;."H.-r;;;;,0 ttre stuffed car under mv lJ)

mouth,thenenteredme,r.oughly from behindandsaid,'jcometo poppa".The intensepain.ashe brutallylodbmized'n" ** oui*.iglr.J"uv ; h[i voltage stungun.ashejolted m9 repeatedly to creatett e pe.ue?il.tfting'rfiou",n.nt, andrectalmuscleconstricti6ns he desired. I sgpn^ p-a-ssed oui_r.onittebii"Ai"; highvo.ltage of his stungun.It wasnearly3100AiM. *il;]-ililiid out the doorwith the sruffedcaiin my hands,.niuseated, disorienid;;Ji; exrreme pain.Thecool,oceanbreezeh6lpedreviveme asHoustonmarched me backto thePlayboyClub, Houstonknew I hadbeenprogrammed with a message for Reaganthat I would deliverthe next morning-inD.c. As "ar;i;;;%.s"n i-J.uccess it immediate ly. Hi s quick timing"someh;*p;;ii;h' ii;i;;"t, tr,. aid, progrimme d code"s (designedrSil;;;' ;; i"i"iJ,""ri#' Lpressed) v :l-.,.,_ri:i, andaccessed theinformation. Housionriepta written,i.dd;i-;;i ;.iiug., ri6 was ableto access(alongwith.photosandteogeiijfor hi;;;;;;i;rofit and futureblackmailine ourp6ses, sliouldhe needto protecthimself.In thiscase,I surmisefrom Houlton't'puni'nu"iti"iii.i, *"versationsI overheard between him and.Riley,and my recollection of the-,n.rruges he accessed, purposein extractingthis informationwas for his pErronutpioiit-in that his tucr.aoo, dealing.s with Noriega.-runderstood irwis thesekinds^of -- "' oeilings ---^' ttrat eventually contributed-to Noriega,s downfall*itt tt, Cia. beforeI ias ailowedto rt..p, unat exhausted ., Morning-arrived "spacev" and asI waitedbv.thecurbfor Habib'sbodt'gl;;as it;i;i'Fi;ilon me up and^rakers ro the airport.A smallmilitiri airpla;e';;;-puit.o and in . restrictedfencedin areaas we arrivedat the airpoit.'rr,e t*o SJiyguuro, conducted theirbusiness andquicklyloadedttreirunt wilt it"-6,inotes cocaineas planned.Housronand'I board.o tti"-uirfiun"'irr"o-'lr* or to washington,'D,c.,whereI deliveriJ Hiuiu;r message to Reagan.The bank transaction numbers laterchecked outto be a caymanislandacc6unt number. - Philip Habibwas directly.involvedin variousDIA/CiA-O;;ilons I rvus thro.ulhou.r tr,eneigu;buir,-eo'oinirti.iii,,ii. mtr,Lr"Jf *,:.fd#J"*.lp:,,-:,il. Dlck uheneymaintained his roreas my-commander for thesJojerarrons,

;;Diprot"uii.' g r,.*a mvacrions ;h*t mler"'utionii i.iuii5*"


,]t b R It c( pl

*.r. llbl 91 concernecl..cheney orchestrated eventsfrom behindhis desk,wheriis Habib wasactivein thefieldasReagan,s attache'. documented in theirenrireryfrom my experience _^--Tl:.1:11"^yj.lg_Operationsl perspectrve onry,mosrlikeryinvolve.orheraspects to whicht am iroi iriuy. in scanr"needto knowf inior'nution lypicatDIA/clA manner, i.ruti.jlnii,. ,,r.rt hand.notknowingwhatthe right hand*ut ooing.;;N;;ili;il;lthe'ouerutt criminalRllRosJororyl,i-g"" cariiir iG;;" and operationShe, Game, clocumented herein,doeinotchange. lRiley, over time, owned several slaves. 2Riley, like my father' wayne cox, and other, remains apparenily immune from prosecution for his crimes againstchildren and humanity,as it is considereda matter of ,,Nationaldecurity,,under the 1984 ReaganAmendmenr to the National Security Act. 3I still have the handwritten note from Loretta that prompted our forbidden conversation, and I hope_thatsomeday I-oretta will gain the piece/peace-of-mindthat comes with rehabilitation. the course of deprogramming, I found retrieval of this information much luicte, rtran it .aln would have been had Housron not accessedit previously, against govemm.nt poriJf, "na io, rri. own personalgain.


The tage ents line thi me :to





he d) d I n s r I

m 137

so that when You melt into it, You lose Yourself into the oool of tiquid mirror' Sted into the Lnoking Glass Sink deePwithin its Pool dimensionsin time' and strad-dle I'll seeYou there'.. friends. along with mY "e"tioi"t"fy, Phil Habib," with his name written upside It was signed: a mirror reflection' nlrt w6re it though "* un?l"iiiin" oo*n me-see.your note"' Houston knew therefould-H;be a note,.and ordered "Go aheadand try dress' the towarO g"siurei tv hil;. 'come ,nut.fiiie-it i-t


let,s see,whatdoesit say?


PoDpa'?" -i I'd. ever felt took the dressfrom the box. It did not feel like.anything afraid quietly, crying I started U"'iiti"tit ili;, before. It wascold tike on' rt r nao thatHabibwould somehowshowup U ,,put it on and lll "if you in,'f Houstonsaidas he took anothernote from andreadit asI undressed: *Tiretds his "'" wallet a pair of magicshoesto wearwith your dress' Somethiniin-lightening, to transpoftyou'fasteritian ttreol' ruby slippers(Oz) irt" tttd"t, litcethe dress,are qqdeius! for y-ou' andwhenyou wearthemyou'll be frt for a King' f ii t.nO tli'emfor you at theappropriatetime' "See. You're not going Houstontuckedtne io[-6ici in'his-wallet. you haveshoesto when House -n*^t"r" **.- you'tinloi ftir "ritt" Wttit" it on." wdarwith it. JustsliP Habib's wondlrland brutal sex programmingfor -Xil;il;l-hu-ttg.the I did. Houstonu."Li."a dressin Kelly's-closetwith my gratification. his own until theshoes

;|il ,;#;:ffin.-t';biia-;"t

oi iigr,t,ourof mind:

arrived... "sent the shoesfor me" soon afterward' They were with Habib sides.In

thehiehheelsand to O" ttf-*iligilt."i"g boltsdown *dtbp*ra "wonderlitdwafer"6'IDHMAa g-averne Ho-uston nrght, placeof dinnerthat " ;-E"tt^t'5. at-t-11919 rhe .wafer,tit<e. glnlied' br ''iEat i"iienit a'^i ffiC for thenight prepare to I b6gan me.". *jA tft"t tii't*A.riit iiiltb, fi;" to facethe tirrned-me and dress] the into "J""r'i"ii*i-i"1.- H;;;";ipfih" fromHabibout note another took Houston theTfto"s, itrto rfipp"O ;;;;l;i "'- pocket and read: of his "^ in-tigttt"ning to tranceportyou faster T;;tttittg than the ol' ruby sliPPers' in a snap' 6ri"t ybut treeti toiettrer (.obeyed) and be there thuncler' of rumble the Electrifying--with Boltine-throughtime

date' 5o vofrwon'iuelatefor a veryimportant out. He thendrovemeto the noritio'n"tt'iiri;;fi ti; it"" g""'*A i passed D.C. Washingtol, piane to " small Nur't*iiGulrport*trere-fUo"rOuO ^'-i' anothersmall atiending Byrd, tf'""iliii"-nout"'w-ith J f;"d';yself Byrd Reagan, witfi ipoke rie After "o"tt ii-pu.t' of "U*i)O-3d'];ptr 138

pinted me in the direction- of_philip Habib and sent me over to him. My eyes werelryked on Habib's as he hypno'ri.tty *d'; Melt into your melted miiror tor an electrifying ride. lnok deepintb tfi'eblack of my meiting mirror eyes. reflecting me, ieflecring you, l1ygf rellecting mâ&#x201A;Ź__you__me_you_ m-e ltqur.)vemett together and sink deep rntothe other side. Habibtook me to a quieter pot -!n an adjoining room and held up another

wonderrand warerasr'i

i; ;ii;;i;


l"o" ,o wonderland, Kirten.Thisis *ry fip...L"ili"t". -r rravefift timeio-ixptain.', methewaferand"ontirir.i,--'fr't'ii and I,ll takeyou throughthe ffirqyr Habibtook me bv the hand and led me to the doorway of another room. It wasa dining.roomoi sorts *t "re an inroimii i*t of guestswas gathered. As soon asHabibappeared

in.the doorway,Ki.c FA{rd;i Sfu;-ffiil;; quickly excused himsetf frbmrhetqqte.arrd ;pp;#.ffi: Hewaswearinga murticorored robe andheadwear with a brack-b.&;;6;;a:i;;il'ri"fiu],'ffir..a uy techerous gare. i iteffi b;5i ffi theotherroomin redr. nauiu ftig'lvickg{'l "This '"ii iri;J;; i'r"ntion"o-l,i introduced him. is 9n9_of "y;;; n'r'ri,ii"il' " s.a.pteaiu; I roboticallv resoondei, b '."; -o';r*,!i:il my hand U ashughr in charm'Schooi. Fahd'#;;;"im ti* my hand. As hedid, his evilblackeyesboreinto m_ine ,,you, ;r- h; ;irli"oid, beautv ".rtr:{rgiiilff war

embers. Seti them i.i i-litiii"fi;l-h;!, elowine

llame--black flame.r He Taugrr'ea ;i;ili;


ilin. enect


df nis usi of NASA hypnoticconditionins. slappedhim.on-theshoulderas though they knew ..--Habib eachother welr and herewereno formaritiesbetween them and ;i"d; ;ffi i;ght?' 1",ti"t nt ro. " King?" Thethreeof us went into another room 'ine;"6;;a that appearedto be a guest bedroom *us

occupying. ue crosea sj.,rgibrehuons


knowtheord ,"ying *h.;'ii nirfi'" uo u, Romans do'. iVell.^he'sa Kirrt.- c;t"on lour'k"as. if-*1r-t,"i, you. command. Satisfv hisdeepest wisies.iIi yo"li"- ?;;;;di;.".pii ,i0", ,o turnyourGenie fiee.,'

Fahdwassittinein a a coffee tabre. -As I knert on the carpetin frontoff him,hisoiercing brack;G;;;;'rtuo -He into my brainrike swords. Icouldnotturn arvav. strot6a-my"."i"iriil,-r.,is inddxnngli,'i.iiuuting


ntomytent. A feasthasbeenspreadfor voul-Ue ,pr"O f,li f"gi'iii'e*pos"d hispenis-one of thenastiesr r fi;d ;; i*"* -rii* iiiiJr.'"rgr,?""#*i"i'*o., 0utsmelled andtastedstrongtyoispi;;.-;;il watched"i i .u,'i"a-tut ,ny rd.S, ryjl to thepleasure6f fana.' rnenHablbwentto the chestof drawersand beganpulring out his electric prodandbondase eouioment ^to as h" ;*pi;;a; ;tit* i.t nie intr6duce-you,o ,y other_'friend'. I neric bottleup a riressagewi,h tou,i6"ni""i-o ,Jna"ii ou, ,o sea.Youknowwhatto do. BeginunOi"ir'ing'no*.,, 139

I did as I was told and lay on my stomach on the bed while Habib me with and programmed. sodomizedme. He urJ trir it""iric prod'equipment NCL upcoming an while on No:ri6ga Man'uel General io io-O"flrii ;ry;G; cnuse. - -i ^B"h;;r; *ur at seaon boardan NCL cruiseship boundfor their.privateislandin noint with Noriega. Stir.up Cay, which wasto be fry rendezvoug th" ;iio-tUiiup 'il;t;ri;rd'ihrough th91ryentlpenie in tlreBottle' programming, night wai a crvitic meisageitom flng Fahd to Noriega. It was a moonlessnot could as the blacl as aipeared *atett *n"",iU"'t[ii-C;bd; lig!t!._I ,W fror the'iea in accordancewith NASA .hypnotlc aiii.oiirrt'-1* "ondifio"ing- t gizeA, totally entranced,-from the rear of the cruise shtp. previousprggoufin uGd ttte-oppottunity-tohypnoticallyenhance.Habi_b's overboard. thlglvn of ttre threat ,littr me trddmatizin! while nornnline. leing. whilelhe lights of the-sh.ip in ttreinty blackness w-ate? irt"'iiiiii"qitt';1;;n*6ilf andI sink--tothe depthsof the all il Ulact< f"d. ?ffii;;-;O-i".tr,ei--i*iv--until fact that I was to be the bearerof of the light i*; OiO-notio'Tt ro ttooiUte'in newsto Noriegain the morning. bad "-'Uil anivat tSNCL's Stimrptay, HoustonandI beganour.usualwalking radio stationand tt.t-t5 tlft"f"tttt"ii.nJ of the isl;nd wherethe CIA operatlons *uior"nt were located. In a hiddencove on the island'sback side was a iuiit.i"nt sizeto concealNoriega'spersonalyach.t,anchored il;i;;l;i*a-of behindit. As Houstonand I madeour way alongthe cove's beach,we came uoon - old woodenboit half buried in th-esandanda man sitting besideit. man as my I did-not-recognl-z-elhe s!|uui" I was in a differentpersonality, and covert for drug tower controi Ciy ran the Stirrup who *ntu.i _traff,rpking which, iasked him how'hegbt there. He beganhis char_ade, ;i;i". ffid; r Ueii|veOin its literal i-ext,while Houstonheardquite ;i" ;ililh, #;t story: -;iitrio*tdt.d." a - different John (the nameI called him) pointed to the boat half "That'salt thatis left of my boat." sand, in ihe buried I asked,"Why haven'tyoubeenrescued?" in a bottleandI expecta response HJcrvriticallyreplied,'"Isenta message (he was carvingone) and all that coconits thing I'had these t."r-i*nl'-C-*f 'susar' in thehull to sustainme." """fro";i;i;"!ftJ,-i*r".aiately 'sugar.'.meant cocaineand said, realizingthat surpriiiA'-i;1f tfi"-fiiffi; ai tre Ui:ntdown-tolook insidethe wreck' I looked, iooi fnete was morewhiie cocaineand (dark)cocainepastethanI could mule i;arrryi i; on" *"ttine ti"ui, "u"n with bdth of my tote-bagsfu-ll. But I could of this charade,and therefore.commented il the midst ;;;J#t;h;"J;""tit-y "whiteandbrownsugar"hadmadeit through ;ili,-eri;;'6rtunit" iil,"tboththe thewreck. "So, theycastyou away.,huh?" Houstonsaid, "Yeih, castme awaywith all that 'sugar'-My contactliuehed ani sniflied, io-sfiff at." He looliedup as Houstoninfbrmedhim a sneedboal -"ppiiiii"niitg. tf,"t;i'noitting the cove beyondthe little island and I looked out acrosi i,"i "Noriega{ "blacr-mirror"'finish speedboat, which fil.lly';hi".d Vicht. .A. yacht, was approaching. the uppersnioti gtasswindowsof Ngr.reqa's matctieO I sent. Help me i;h;;"td-r",5'frobably his somethingto do with l4at message and it scramble as-a using and, me-a coconut handed he I did. wave-himin.i me to boardthe speed 6 join hi; d Noriega'syacht,persuaded ;;;-;T;;;e 140

labib with

{cL lin ga. lg, Iht Lof ic ). t-

) )


! I



ffififfiffit-M,f e- - Jsw'twrrn John and

Hl,,T ^t"q1*o'fftfl, wsting trffi ?ff5,:*F:'o#'31*# to ffIiqy^'t


to makeit backto the ship's departuretime. when we lhuttle beforescheduled arrived' the beach*"r n*ty.aiq.ffi;; had been taken .alr.thepassengers backto the ship. A' thattemainea*arir,ltooo conrainerand the NcL worker hurrying usonto*resrrutire

ani; ut-a tril;;p;;t[i'*as



when the cruise ship docked at the port of Miami, puerto Rican drug lord and cIA operative Jos6 B;s-6 *"r'"""tlii as a u.S. Immigratrons officer (commissioried

bv the o-q-!;rf"i"i;"Jn'ixg"n.y often did for NCL. gusto'help;'"g'.iri.i,11n [hroughthe drl;, which he undeteciedwith the rargeroad of cocaine' The drugs-lvetepicrca in'tl*sultcases, th_erloadedinto Houston,s speciallymademotoi.home^wtrich-*i, in NCL,s gu-d"0, restricted iirtg parkinglot. Most of the cocainew"r Air ForceBasein Macgn,.geot-gL,to ttoi!"a off $ usuarit warner Robbins del"itrttiuut"ato destinations unknownto me' The moneygenerateit by-th?.sa6;i.;q: -. wassupposedry usedto fund a maJorarms shipmentinto Saudi etauii. Therg.weii_onswere.reportedry


hu*i ;:S'"t,l"i; il :il; tries.rhei'6il;*; ;henreraye

. ..A large quantity of cocaine was retained by Houston for his own use oellvery ror personarprofit through his coun-trymusic industry contacts. and some or thecocaine

wouldbe..derivered"bt;; 6td"di A;6i;;i'ui"rrioor, prin." ;llJfi iie pieeo" pana-' n S ulran, ". s own_!i r c'urleo a message


from warner Rouuiis Air message from NorieEaagreeingio'r"ii;r'i"ro,1 ForceBasein additionto the b.ack-t"-b-i"i'dnin"y "t tr," Pentagon' chenevtfr91p=reparia me wasa meerinewiih prinie tandar'l;i';roitrronnal phaseof the operation. This to as sultan)-in Nashvirie,T.ilJ;;n"# c;""".y, Houston,and bthersreferred p_opqn visited corrupt friends. rhere,I would

relav "f "c'{";ii to Fahd.\i.ii,, uiiij+n Noriega I fife: andtheu'S.. aswet asconfirmait ar .orcenigr,t'i^cLi"r.i!fteonsl ana banktransactions'In turn,Fahd;i ;i"riii"g prgeo-n" would reraythEmessases

:1f$*Jfl ,':3,":ff ,ffi'lrvloni;;;i"s?.sTi;,;il;;'d;:d?#";; "Suhan Dick chenev cautionedme,

wi' be in Nashvilrehaving dinner with friends artheSiockvur.o.;. silkd,ft;s iriie a popular country music dinner clubknownfor itscrA crrti'inar .ffilJtiJiiy i".'y;i;q"ilj"'dr,.r!y granced at the list on his desk.and;niin;;;""1?ing

orhers,thosefriendswouldbe (Mayor) Fulron' ano (slgriii) fit"ilir.;"iily are-considereda threat to the operation.Thev'renoi aiscreie.-rr,oru, in'iarticuraris not to be trusted__he,s

t"n"'i,",og" ::r'1T.#: i, lffi,itr5ff;,rt"et*ry;;i."'"",r'"t"ui"'u!idi" r certainlvhad no questions

_thistime. I di_{not needhim to cautionme aboutNashviile'sMavoi ni-c4arg nurtin'-*r,o1,-H.9u.ton hadprostitutedme to, and sheriff FateThoiras. r had kn;;; *iJ riltr ror years,had beencautioned aboutthem before.and h3d no ter-fiil'ror-tfem Fulton had indiscieetlyperpetuat& *re-iotai at a'. TogetherThomasand Nashville's$2'8 b'riori goung musicindustfi,corruption that had permeated wh.ichFn thecity of frashvi'e. They ran the citv's busines_s ; b;::ffirstockyard_white -cipacity they drank and openly used coca.ine. If. i ir"m r,"a'iio"ii" to wonder, I hould have wonderedwhat a "Homing iig;. ' ri ir{i|."r to the concrusionof this mternationalcriminal coverlope"ration*ir-aoing with suchrow level sreaze. As it was,I couldonry senseriii"i"l *ir,iti]ri to dealwirh them,too. 142

-----1 we ken ker ing rrd cer he rad t's ed NS

to a ly

'n rd re e e s

I t


PrinceBandarBin Surtan'srepuhtionfor sexand.drugswas widely in Nuhville. But muchor my'inrorrnationp"rt"ining-6- tir-u.'tiiiti", known *rn" ftom-oneof my closestrrojeit ruonJitr-rf,enas. She is an entertainer,s daughler whowis prostituted iegulariy to Suit"n when he *as in town, wtrich nasoften. ffi:n cheney. wasthroughwith me, Byrd escortedme to the white House ^^ who alsocautionedme aboutthe prince. Reaganwasawareof I P.Kgagan, Eabib's havinsacrivared me sexuallywitn firularrq, ;a ;;d"" it ir# tf,"t ,y rheduled reniiezvous with princJBina; fi;l? not incrudeth;-ur;;;*. "nirds

p_l.o'tpresence, @yid;i.ilt ;;ffi;;i"n

bya ","1%T.j:I*_'l fften (Reagan's petname.for1e), but not Homing_Figedns. Homingpigei,nl rlHofti;t-pie;ni'iun" hstefour." Byrd raughed. Reagancontinued, on"

Fryose'Pasingmeslsages-. T.t"en*t trti;'.y ;;;il'iriaâ&#x201A;Źtl'iil"i, mes'.ges-to andfrom eachother by wiy of pigeoni.


Messages that have ourseof eventsthat havealtered'tnebourietf ttiitoqr.--Hr*in! i;ij*n,setthe -" by,l .anddedicated to their task, flying ouei seas,yet pausingrong _never ooughto.even quench theirthirsrlgiving-nothoughtioitreir o*n "ntlcatea fi""ai. wh.n he takesa direct c-ourseto fiis o"stinition.1?:gqnis.released, to thevery messages on which historywas founded. Why, evenNoah T#l,enng traversethe seasto bring backa message o?'hope. It is yourdutvto artachan addedmessageto_thj Homilg pigd"- ;;-;f p*.;; ftomourhomeland to his: one rrom-ttrepresidentof fir"rinit"a stit"i'to ring Fahd of.Saudi raminc;iio;};{r.1!,ia,... (Omitteddueto internationat wasvrsiblyinspiredby the speech.I wasliterallysaved'bvthe bell n_-Byrd Iromanomerbonns. long winded recitationthat Reagantiad just irispired in Byrdwhencheney-teleph-oned me uacf io nir otn.". ji*iirtir]-moriiing ana ognry Fa appeaieo v6rv busy,truniea,anol;hLle ;ir;i r,"J r"!n^i,rn, a shorttime earlier. Mt. h.qt was.heavyin expectantanticipationof iurt the ;dod; normalryincited. yer I was 4rs"l.and sexualbrutirity cheney's rcIleved to escaDe the torturous"picturepainting"competitionthat experience meIiyrd *ere iuo'ulio-"ilu" ruryheart'iigrrtener H-llg.h, escort andReag_an lefr me at cheney's offrce and I noticedhd foui;-ood had rynen {yclunged dramatically. youord.ered me to reportin, Sir." cheneylookedup from his . -'I understand deskwherehe wis shufflingthrough'pape;i,iir tyi"!""i,'ir"JJ",io, b"fo." leaving hisoffice. "Sitdown," "I he ordered. just got word that the Geniein the Bottle ,castaryay'Qpenqign is completeand I i-ntend to pop a cork or two of mv'own in celebntion of its successfur conclusion.I trau6tlmi.on ,ny'rrl"irinj''*-, you h joinme. Thebunkhouse is being.prepared.-.u crreney'apfarentTy-ttrougtrt or something, wentto thedoorandtold th6guy who naoes'coft5o-*",'"rniit.,ur" "bu'nkhouse." ftere'ssomewonderland wafers in the He walked'tohls desk, pig,Hulltt. phoneand said, "I'm outtahere"lnto it ano stam,n.ait ot*n. r rouowed uhenevout the door,_and we turnedto the right ratherthan the left outsidehis oflice and *alkgd. to hi; t;;;;H quarters referred to as the bunkhouse. It was decoratedin chenej't *.rt"* style in brownsand tans, vith leatherfurniture. There was io rooa lmajre ronri nutr*'stashed somcwhere), butplentyof bottlesofalcohol. I wasswollenandbleeding.vaginally, thebottomof my shirtwassoakedin blood,andmv bellv hurtdeef insiaewfi6n ry ii"o.t finatiy-cimeior-ire earry thenextmoriring.'Staying'aroild a-h;;"y'*t;;;;';[it;; "", iLo,, " 143

mishke as removing,}is-clothes

or-questioning him-_it umehebrokehis w_asforbidden. This a"4 ;id'ff;::l 1y_T1", iirir,"n mornin "otanvr,ouir'a"rin'ru_ng,"rcohor

andusing"r,,s enorm

ffii1; #?lgfftlt

,Jfo tni:1ffi i$r"""ri'riiy'::'#f {ru-$:Bi;f 'oiftlll"y

liftedhistreaoana irou-diy-rtu,.o,"Nowyouknowwhy theyca, ir

""rf i6y.d '#t qtlt#lrtil:ff f":g':t y!.oknew r was undermin Lg.ll', 9-r,and.pain. ano:. wrotâ&#x201A;Źmea prescriptign'? I wasstinin lY,"llitlg Back in Tennesseemv cra_n^:r _-._^-


ex-posure io uci Ct enJy ;iiil"fifr" 31. h!,1higi voltage b11";"-tl-9t':nv Nu,r,ulr";,Ti;*ffiff ^iill,i:i"flg,r*,,ru:*1"."_#"i?tl; . . A- waitressred me to.the SaudiArabianAmbassador,s hbre wherehe was

r,,ilJ"i;il;'chief T,'F;igi: #l,r' -ana roe ".s{i commandi:$ril:Iffi to deliver : r;"i"oi"$_H[ii"l_E?;"

t;i h-o-rse pray g",.l,m:ifc:19. *;t;;;1,.*

i,t **j

hughie '"ffi :'r'iJ.""\:iru::gf"*l:l']itri';;il: lgl"

rh;;. "iir'[ ilur"]i #ffi|f,:::gffi tobusinesi.;'

wartress'arm andrh:.ryilt.d to i;*r*.Jr"r:


ftq lflf $a-1led_to._emptu iu',-inside rhe;;;; lio r quicruy a"rir.[o'-rypigtbn

o-;'*T(HH;.J,'trft tr,""ihil,t^fif ill,?Tiffi tdUS,Jdl ]:ffi9'J;r*..lrt#i,#,$tt iffi,-g+i::i[,*ff

,-^.f:.tgld me his dTver would meet me ,

#Jr,ll ,'liH#rl::h:;'Ifi":ffi$"'e*iJ;; y:r"os".^"p'rffi ,[tri*["{!$,*x',ff &{;gt*:r#1,",*m rmmediatery ilii-',i63i"lllXt#:iJ'ffi;#"",*X1,ffi."1 rertthearea. My Fulton and his bankwere j underFederalinvestigation - ::l* as of 1991. Fate Thomasis currentry srv1' io " r.a"or p"ort"otiary " for bribery and exlortion. line RecentlyunderFederalinvestigation fo, comtptiool


This ming mous ived. dto ill ir rind for ney to 3in /as oe er lo er a


somerime prior to the.deathof cIA "' crrrgf .!r]riam casey, I was in wasftngton, D.C. for,1,!lfl", "l-g^*ftion SheltGlT". Ir#_,Contra was


3.1 5,fi'"*l:, *"a:rsx:$;{t't'sll"; 1c) fr:ffi i{,:li' ocaineaspectsof Ginvestigad";:--No;a;"r'"iBltxJrr",i#;#il#lii emDanassment

to the Reagan--s"ih'nJ;;i'"-i";;tion.. The rieedto convincehim to be discrete abouthis.inuoruemeniil'u:i criminarcovert activitieshad

ffiffi#*T"rJ"trtut#:t.r3, il:f *ntm#;,Hrs,,l:

openrions thatfunded -nr'Jiiit ","r"t projectssuchasproiect Monarch. *.pli:k'Ufiod;q'1ii My cIA ooerative rranore?, ilouston,s^shgdbwy panamd cearngs backdoordrue with uiirr.r"d of -,,honof:rmonsthieves; I:$:l:..*iiinii

iilflj;:f #iJ,'"",3;yy-r.,91",.;i',,doiiE[ifrtr'.,o,"ffi9^r"'#'Jf

Game operationshett oi th.-ror" rig"ir**i' #J;".I1:.11-"less, lrormafive covert operationsin whichI hadbeen

forcedto particioate. ..- tuJ rorebeganone,Tfl day when Houstond_ropp"O wasnmgton me off at the Monumenr yq"rg]*ifwds -ih"y m6t Uy i*o agentlty,h9,heg" ciln themby flashinetheir to go IDs. ;J";;; m-ero the rargewhite House omcewhereI had frrstrnet chene'y-to-.a"uiirion,, -i,, for the rtlands_onvrnd_ Lb.ntrol Demonstrations::T bk;+. Cheneyand Reaganwere g$1g, tJrls. time to excess{""., ?o, ,o ..rfi in'if,

v 1 I

;"rflTffi $*i#f,liln:li:"1,*,?'l"s,"gtoi;;,;!,ti!f "ilHH;:';

'"'l'".:i:yT"t:"::ffi 9L1_.qr;'ii:i'ffi ,'ffi#tp,lii;Xl,l,fu "##:i

agrhted as usualat **FT^r^ ome in duringa seriousdisc_ussion .,lpirJity ii ,iiy pr.r"n"". Apparentlyr had .auoi, Reagan,smdod was moresomberthanI had^,ever seenit. i"'60* a gn_rikand looked out the;e,ua',

ffilfrT .;*ffiffitielieve -in

hor.dogs, andorie

,a*ii"l#i"vr mts,s#il*Trfr f,ii{iJ$iil'tr{tr"':.i$fr

ns-not;r-a*ano"oi#:'iW",ll"S,tJ,"#rJ'[!f "' utl",t"l"fl'f,h:H.T*l i.o',"ti mes we

ffiilff;'fl l*,f :#$ f ["-.t;"irttTuJ. musi,iiearoue ns{(ior,d)ord;;-fi *:fn;ji.f,*i]:ltru t1;ililljjix;if'ii'?ifl j':li;g;#*:,':?,Utf, ffil';Tfi:.'*w'n1;c,"d"n*ng 63"i'nuie* l'ffii?;#'+ifl***.1rj*:t"*ffi ff-[,tl{*rfi nusr riseabove th.ra*

io"stagr -f;it;&;J'ty_ooing T"iriul"!'i1,3 i;il;-Jffi l,iifl;r,T1'ri#*l ;: .rEams of rhosebravemenfighting o]1rplrr in sp'reaoing wasc.siu.i"!;;;"'il#;, ipparentry rostin thepoetry or






qd,::?i,Tl",lll,JffJ,T,, grs3l,"l"Jr'".',1"0,1Tffitil.#fl frh"

tn''""r ,"" --qffi:ffi Ri:t#*frtff gffi*i.i;til;;'y;#;!# **.fl**." f'ili Xfl;ini ",,h" rollow mine.n

ournedin your br oua_ your ordersfi


I11.tlr /9I oasement (Oz pro


r{jyj.,l::#Tii,iffi"' $ydr#f$ip:ili'1:ij'Uffi 'fiJ"htr;$1i:mlri'lll#*er 'r:,-.fl ,A+:,!x'ffi f eooa'nr-pffi !'to_si,p"6n;;;";;;sjgi'illWl'*,l,itf; "'1v'J'u'a,e!tJ:

-fhe Tq qds*;#tffi'J".rqE: going ona iili:{,::??""i3%lt . wttt provideyou;i)PT.99a'sYacht)' hiswarei._itU,:T*i""l,::.lFi;qie;i,f"ilt"f l,eiiiryi ,i{ii"tnf 'lJ"l1?.'Ul*.,,p:g"$i"uii,L,ru.e aLtiirliTfJ""tl1T,ffi *.1ryft tim; slmp-son


ttre. 'JrieiSroii 9T' He smiled' "Th;;;';;i once pffi"li$ A shet. rn o"tlt:'!"t youare--emDtv-and -LrI(e void? -vnr;'"y; 'uey holdrhepassk:: * a19;i ifi"ri,# n"u" youreiu not*t-lsirr.i] risten. ii jllou one.ear andodt,n. ff 're.


*is noii ifr'u""ff's

-- "'t Jvvru sooroe 'nu,r$fJ;.., uheney's savage-beast"l"*"*"r +^^r-__ , .

rd-d;';";r'',f*#-$tr;1ffifu$ iiti'i#!*?f ;i#*,' "!"rr"

uneney had pulled it.

' * kk'#*fl Hffiilifl $*lji ;;**, flflkijt comprehend ii5athe \^;",ffi;j;TJ;f"j,*,,1,ft:"lgT"hoy

personality to where I

sincei courdnot

Ronnietu't tJ"-r#;tg-t 4g'g'tt"d 'triiii"nt;certain respionsti' uncie "#ai,Programmed â&#x201A;Źrme.lon onesbecause fll^"1

;c;;hfi ."id,me., "o*Xt^5_!:Vond __ch.n.y tinl, "!. rvu uflnKcognacand fi"$:dl'l'.ffi ,SJrjlJ* mffrt$"fi eatthosegoaOamh;iity .--.1

d""{?:ii ;:Yl,'"il,X:;li;il,.,l:,1[t;l,, aJelyBelyir you ;]::,rohave t46



ry )u 1e


t't"ff'ryiilfi:,i4.1,"4':3,I"4f, sl:'i','ffllko;:tgi:soins,o


ffii*ffiffifi;;ffi j'l't:l,*?:Tt"T#f H:.""hyr" ffi;r,ui#*;r#$,ri,r':1 g!r-d at the oval offi;e-a;;;;,';;"Y'.3



t_ol9"ptof the expdrience. The

--v'Y rrvuJrvrl was waltlng tn the car as though i hii


,,lstiT-*i:,q:!iil;!9,'n*ilr;:"Jr" fttr;xl:ffi ffi"Tjllii*tin"fr[,

ffi.f,ffil$;'{#-".1'P:'1'":'il'#iiln"*, ?#'Hffi 11tdr;:*t1::11*U'-85"i:x1,?ilii'

ffir,"#51:;;r',,';"4ffif,:;#i ,s,;1,if;iqfl;ijffirli#:"ffi j:lli$ *t#i#ffi ,#Jil

pd-,,,r,drike. i'$:triff"*.f""lj.l*-Folg rohave a wordwith re trees off the fairway and turned to me with his


armscrossedover histulgil'-g19rt,,se.lf qp gtler, andborehis shark_ rike eyesinto mine.-rrnd.mreyou.'.a.;. 1.n"0 ttr.e.Baby_ s Ear she, with meas



taning m* *lrg:q ll"il"{!fr:i!:i:f mgrFce-toDickbhenev.,r"jogr-n,"-tf"1":'f mition (pornprofits)to irresani ; h;Iffi"# "ffiry,g. !Xl?r?"#";rf;

International. poorour monevnow I-et,s bei-wimiingin lomgqrce it. Thisoperation 1n{.wg'tt enterprising hasbeenan su6cess._,I-et'r t*p it tiiiiii,iv._ agreiment AII Mexicanchannels with panama. _heroin). are imjr"*liitd?"*"ile .cease and chief." He took""r19ngyuy.u1o.'iii?a,r"end.tq Hail to the Cheney) id;i,# my chestrike ,"kecareo11ni ;;,:._",d" [d;"d";il# lrteria;Dt.i... Baby,sEar. oui,;

thesign.of.the (satanrc) il"rl#ffilf;tTnT.i#1''over.and horns at signietti'aia fican tlv since-Ihud-#;;"ditioned h&"iit;' ii,il'bffif,.fl* mv trance so

hit th6 golf ball, he asked,'How's my friend,A[en simpson, rh"r3_l'frf "Verywell, tt..*^l-np!g bristledas he missed anothershot. His ht;;Alr".

i:1ffi:il1i"firjlr;"I* "Gimme

ii'"0? more tohismessage, hetookour

that fucking. shell." He wiggledhis fingep at me. Thar wasn,t the

HJiffi?yg',and ,,where,s more asi!3ted, fiTiflfit #.1 dii.1,"J^fqi* not respond. _lrnd me your goddamn jll,,"fn"rd roared at me. Close





*=fJ ff L9:"rn"a g*b".'qq;?;,,f; ir".#,ixk''*ffi ,*.iu3l:{,rrLf l; -n" *iih[iffrT$Tllf iliini*i,t,or.". :lx.i;:tl?*,H:.T;t#^:.1il'rrtto;himone" - wnen we met uo w'-ttl my father at the thiri_hole. Ford set up his ball first. or course' and waving tris ciuu ii-mi'ili,i'g", out.of here before I get teed off'" Ir'[vfather ooinied rh;;"y;il

iltiirru.ou.r his_shourder andretoura o'o'n", tutitie,'oJail"l';"through thebushes andbackto waswairingtearfulry for myreturn.ShewasMpDed _oY#i;jg,"f"l;#, *itt*i}:f;fi;u$j

" ""**"r ;f ffi *tlTrx i,"$H lll'"'u' "ftialti4d;

awar. e tharFordhadinitiatei.u.qh.;I;y riri",rr.theyay rreirraani,"in ceaa, rpnngs'andthev.too, dreaded hit-il;fu ;l degradin!_ sexuarity.I hurried

oR.chentjy's f,3i:'?J#:i"rumn1t*:"eii!ilf"irv, was threat to

- r ord not see the,|aby,'i, Ear shell again untir Kelly and I arrived in 'radenton Beach.Frorida. i.apui ui. ri;lr,"me into Froridawith Housron alo.nel.and droppedHdrb; ;il';i T9I:tly

notiave'arorJin-oleiti.insr,i'-6ir":'ft q"I"f,ll"#H,"*';j,l"iJf;.'li

umaha,Nebraska" b!:I:,rt" ;"il;; d6L. ry.o.being trauniatized sexuallyabusedin accordanc".*itt and t["-datnotic invotiement"ine_i"t Monarch.survivorpaurBonacci"ilrt.'iirJious " "f hi;.iL;;;' tr,tl" Frankrincover_upcasehas


inBoy sT;w;' iioi,tton ort"n

,,"i:''1'"" # 9t

sovernment' uusiness."' f,d' .TT'li#*"t EHfj"#:'tr:*t:r?nl 148

inh a participatingcampground on the bay across from MacDill Air Force Base.It, too, was "Closedfor the Seasonn. lle recreation room of the campground was actually a harmonics pogrammingoperation, and the offices were filled with elaborate computers gnssten! with high-level CIA operations. The day Kelly and I mef with Saalor Simpson, I had been instructed by campground wbrkers to drive to utby SantaMaria Island where we were to collect unusual shells. Kelly and I rtre on the "wild side" of the island hunting sand dollars because they had tirds' in them. As we walked through the shallow water, Kelly scared up a $ingay, which sent us screaming for the shore. Simpson was on the beach hughing,looking out of place in his cagney hat and grey suit with legs rolled q andpolishedshoesin hand. He seemed familiar with the beach. When we ratrcd the shore,he struck up a conversationabout shells. It wasn't until he bld us aboutthe Baby's Ear Shell and opened his wallet to retrieve it that I tiggeredand knew who he was. As he^took it out, he also flashed his ID dgalling us to go with him. Considering Kelly, he had slipped a shell into the randfor her to find that looked like an eye in a spiral. He used this as a lypnoticinductionto control her, comparing it to Busfr's Eye in the Sky. Simpson showedme the shell in his hand and began, "You. You alone will llp theshuttleboat to vour Princes' cruise. It will leave the dock from vour ownbackyard(Oz) at Zi30 pm. Dress appropriately (Houston had ensured the poper attire had been packed). You will be escorted to the conference room rndon into the top deck. deck. You You will see you approach the ship (Noriega's see as you yacht) t) thetopdeck deckis surrounded mirrors. Iook surroundedin black black mirrors. Iook deep deep into the mirrors, mirrors,

fut is whereyou will be. And where I will be when next we meet." We

ralkeda little further up the beach to where the motor home was parked and, nfeningto the Baby's Ear, Iln, Simpson said, said. "They're very rare indeed. This one ir theright ear. You must go to the other side of the island, out I-ong Boat find its match. The Colonel (Aquino) has the baby's f,ey, babv's left ear and will El you at the Pier at 4 pm. Stop at the little market on the corner and call. 11€oit's just down the streeta little ways." Ilcn I followedinstructionsrobotically. Kelly and I watched from the pier as

bur big, armed(with machine guns) emotionless(programmed?)guards gnnedthearea areaas asAquinoemergedfrom a car. Kelly said, "Mom, let's go". I rcmembered Cheney'sthreatand assuredher I would protecther, thoughI mild notcomprehend from what. WhenAquinoapproached with two Dobermanson leashes,I told him hadsentmetherelookingfor the left baby'sear. He openedhis hand Sinpson hseal "allthatwasleft--thebaby'sear--thedogshaddevouredandconsumed &erestof the baby." It was bloody, ragged,and bluish rather than pink. fretheror not this wasan actualbaby'sear, the impactwas the same. I put &lly further behind me away from the dogs. I stood traumatized and readyfor command. Aquino instructed me in full detail on the Cltranc€d, personneluntil d$t's activities, andthatI wasto leaveKelly with campground ny r€turn. ThateveningI was taken to Noriega's yacht in the bay via a small notoftoat.I triggeredand trancedfurther as I approachedthe familiar "black nirored"yachtaccordingto plan. I washelpedonto the backof the yachtby 'palace' guardswho kept me thereat gunpointuntil I was cleared Panarnnian nd myBaby'sEar passkey accepted. I was escortedpast the Air Force Base dcials, theirwives,drug people,and the vast amountsof cocainelaid out for t49

$."r. .l recognized.qveralof the guests,includingoliver North and pue nican d.rue.lord Josâ&#x201A;ŹBusto. I was-ledJp the srai"rsto trt"-"oni.r"n"" ,o. where_Aquino,Noriega, and Simpsonweie waiting- Sirp.o"i-- i realize must "be on the other side of the black mirror""and t !-ec out into t darkness. "you're on the other side of the black mirror nc ^-^s^illson spoke.softly, out to sea. Seaof blac !ry+sA programming),peeringthoughthe blackness Sor-ng on a sea of black, drifting,.dri{ting from the winds. Deep into t blackne{.. D3{tirl8 through_thesairdsof tiire. stack sands,-yiJJiig shet suchas this Baby'sEar.]-_He.pressed itinto my handsignalint'iiwastime f me tg_speak.I addressed Noriega. ''If you please, Sir, I havea-message from the presidentof the UnitedSta ^ or Amenca: 'l'he successes we haveenjoyedin our sharedendeavorsare nc history, whose course-chnnot ue atereo--ieearotessor tl -As rmmrnentlitting 9L the veil by well intentioneddo-gooders. this veil shed light yoq. on you musthaveyour housein order, asdo ll1tj9,.11llay .$q uille North, andceaseany andall detectable activity. I will do mv bestto ke you undershieldand out of view if you complywiih theseo.aeijano cease: detectable activityat once." Noriegareacled_ as anticipated,obviouslyinsultedby the messase.In tl ensuingmornentof chaos,Aquino hypnotii:allywaved"trii-tranos-in rront , Noriega.and dramatically out his'satanicblack.upe (*o- roi-irp".i. -spreait Noriega'ssuperstitions) whichappeared to fill theroom.' Norieei uti but uo*, to hlm asAquino'scontroloverhim wascomplete mannerwas side-show-style raiher than the usual somberton $euino_'s. for the Hands6n demonstrations.;rcen".l; i;rt;i ::*jly^tltgy,bases entertarnment and in r,qqggtand apprec_iation of yol,r successfuleriterpris 'contra-bution', lhe chief has sent-hispresidentiaiMod;rio oemonstrate tl in-mind-contror advancements. with the frip of ".*it"rt, tii kf:llTllglogy Plgeonbecomes a Kitten(I beganundressing). euite a differentanimal." Becauseof Noriega's-superstitious beliefs,-thewhole idea oi-switchin personalitiesappar.entlyfrightenedhim. I know Noriega believed who heartedly. rn mind control, but could not grasp the cdncept of multip pgrsonalities(which I Lo* believe. tre pe-rcEiveoas demoniCposessioh Therefore,he did not adhere to the ideabf one SauJ Ueinsirain[A for Uo business andpleasure.Aquino,whomNoriegaalreadyp"tiEiuJ -ir,i"ia "devi yg^tqg -!l^_l31g-, was hanipulating.his beiiefsrnasleiruriy. irpiit o tnrs demonstratron and operationwould prove to be psychologicalwariare o the highestorder. me to lie on the bed and invited Noriegato look closera . Aq.uin-o__ggdered what the "wizard"--'his chief'(Reagan)-couldcreate. N"f,ie" iiepp,eactos Aquino was.pointingogt t.o him betweenmy Uieasts."A large 9_13 yqt "l*."d baphomet.appeared. regr6ssed me to the tiiu _Aquinohad hypnotically or l$ maKlngwhrch cauryd it to seemingly"suddenlyappear,'right befon Noriega's eye_s..Noriega j.umpedback, ilrioranuy teriin6d of this"'scienti pnenomena.I belleveNoriegastayedin the room for the rest of the demo stration.rlrply pec.ayse he wasfroz6nin fear. Aquino tril mJ wiilr-a cat-o-nin pain. Noriega.jumped.Ariuinohit me with it again,thi lg: I ltrrieked ,ruvatrng umeTl me in to respondsexuallyas thoughpain were pleasure---a mind concept that Noriegamore reidily grasfeo. Then eduino-point.dou 9.oltl9l tnatme Daphomet haddisappeared.while Noriegalooked,Aquino rlsedByrd, 150

lb inductionas he cut me between the breasts with a knife saying, "In te sharpand clean, I'll carve out what I want." My trance had lnife trail been to theextentthat my circulatory systâ&#x201A;Źm was slowed. Therefore I did Il until Aquino nypnoucauy u[ur Aqulno hypn6tically cnangeo changed my rance trance levet, level. He then men totd told that.thebaphometcarving had "retreated to the depths of my body and ssesingme and inciting the heat of hell." He commanded rire to show r], the vaginal mutilation carving of the baphomet face. As I did,


s eyepb.ufqgd

q{.r.d ,llpr*pt$,.Noriega ln ten-o! ulsion.ll*:ea^mI WhileAquinotold him his "rejection-ofmi: had Elled me," I breathing and moving as conditioned. Noriega was dumfoundedas laugledwickedly and threatened, "Even death-will not permit her--or from the Wizard's power." apg apeftom exolained that I was waslhe Dower." He explained the "Wizard's "re-energize myself his spell".and could thereforb and come {-'qnd9r lifg." He put C vaginal prod in my hand and ord6red mL to masturbate

withi!, pushingthe button to eldctricallyjolt myself internally upon -his 4, Noriega'seyeswere enormous. He paled io a sickly gri:y, fellopenandhe ran out the door while Aquino assuredhim that tie naa to run, no whereto hide from Reagan'spowers."

apredictably interpretedthe demonstrationas a threatfrom the depths whichshould whrch shouldhave havebeen beenenough enoughto heed heedReagan's Reagan'scommands commandsto break bieak

raffickingties immediately. (Apparently this is not the case as is tafficking by Noriega'scontinuedFlorida incarceraiion.) Aquino and Simpson oyu_1vithlaughter as they congratulated themselves s oh on a job iob well done. -of finally orderedme to drLss an-descorted me to the back the yacht to th guardsput me on the shuttle boat rather than kill me becauseof Nor-


,I approachedthe dock of the campground, the boat driver told me I find Kelly asleepin the 'recreation'-room. I ran to her, and, fearful of

rs threat,madesureher earswerestill intact. I wasimmenselyrelieved themstill thereandto know shewas "OK" (I could not think [o wonder

rtc hadenduredin my absence.) I illogically felt like a "good mom" for g myFrt right so Kelly could live. " Never before had I experiencedsuch : of dangerto us b-otharld my relief was proportionate. I lovingly held

ny armstherestof thenight.




-l met up with Bill Clinton again in 1982 at a county fair in Berryville Arkansas.AIex Houstonwas "entertaining"theredue to the closeproximity of the CIA Near Death Trauma Center(aka slaveconditioningand programmin camp)and drug distributionpoint rt SwissVilla in Lampe,Missouri. I hadjus enduredintensephysicaland psychologicaltraumaand programming. Cliriton was campaigningfor Governor and was backstagewith Hillary and Chelse while waiting to make a speech. Clinton stook in the afternoonsun with his arms crossed,talking to Houstonabouthim and "his people"(ClA Operative being bookedinto specificareasfor the dual purposeof entertainingand carry ing out specificcovert drug operations. From my perspective,those who were actively laying the groundworkfor implementingthe New World Order through mind conditioningof the masse m a d en o d i s t i n c t i o nb e t w e e nD e m o c r a l i ca n d R e p u b l i c 4 nP a r t i e s .T h e i r a s p i rationswere internationalin proportion,not American.' Memberswere often drawn from, amongother elitistgroups,the Councilon ForeignRelations.Like GeorgeBush,Bill Clinton was an activememberof the CFR, Bilderbergers, and Tri-Lateral Commission. Based on numerous conversationsI overheard Clinton was being groomedand preparedto fill the role of Presidentunderthe guise of Democratin the event that the American peoplebecamediscourage with Republicanleaders.This was furtherevidencedby the extentof Clinton's New World Order knowledgeand professedloyalties. Clinton understoodthat I hadjust beenthrough"hell" in Lampe,and took it all in stride as he focusedon his speech. He not only was well aware of the mind-controltorturesand criminal covert activitiesproliferatingin Arkansa and the neigboringstateof Missouri,but he condonedthem! Just as there are no partisanpreferencesin this world dominanceeffort, neitherare there any strongindividualststeconsiderations or bounderies,either. I knew from expe r i e n c et h a t C l i n t o n ' sA r k a n s a sc r i m i n a l c o v e r t o D e r a t i o n sm e s h e dw i t h i h e L a m p e , M i s s o u r i c e n t e rw h e r e h e r o u t i n e l yt e n d e db u s i n e s sa n d c l a i m e dt o "vacation," s t a y i n gi n t h e c o m p o u n d ' sr e s o r tv i l l a s . In 19U3,Houston took me to Lampe for routine trauma and programmin w h i l e h e w a s s c h e d u l e dt o " e n t e r t a i n "a t t h e a m o h i t h e a t r eA. l s o s c h e d u l e dt o perform were Bill Clinton's and George Bush's'friends Lee Greenwoodand CIA operative,slave runner, and country music singer Tommy Overstree Greenwood and Overstreet were active in both the Lampe, Missouri and Lake/]vlount Shasta, California CIA compounds. Ctinton wls flown in from Be_rryville,Arkansas by helicopter for the s[ows as well as for a businessmeeting. Before Clinton arrived, Greenwood and Houston were in the backstas dressingrooms snorting line after line of cocaine. Houston,always eager'[o make an extrapennyto pinch,attemptedto prostituteme to Greenwood."She's the real performer,"Houston said. "She performsall kinds of sex acts upon command. For a small price, she'syours." C r e e n w o o d l a u g h e d , a n d r e f e r r i n g t o m y H u n t s v i l l e ,A l a b a m a N A S A p r o g r a m m i n gs a i d ," l ' v e s p e n tm o r e t i m e i n H u n t s v i l l et h a n s h e h a s ,a n d I


in Berryville. e proximity of programmine :rr. I had iusT ttng. Clinion and Chelsea s u nw i t h h i s , Uperatives ) g andcarryl rndworkfor fhe.masses rnerraspi_ wereoften rrons.Like ergers,and overheard, underthe scouraged Clinto"n's rd rook it re of the {rkansas lbereare lere any

*#ft cadet' program med #il,'ff"1'*.,rp""" rorsex. S *:Htiil""?rfl "."i"#'$Tf#%111;-S:#il-oheard what Greenwood nH said.



;g'fii'Fif,i*f""#i j,Tn:*:r!_(spaine)to il?r"#":i:i,it{;,Tti':1"'*1,# ,?,9;;,r'J#:?1i:?#".;Tnr,kl;ln .ifidi#

T 9xpevlth the med to


mming uledtd ld and rstreet i and from eting. :stage ler to She's upon


\SA ndI

I , / I


l-,iiT;"d:f".?l{ri5:*ii;*u fry*m"i;*oT&1,1Trffi ?:,'f, l ,,:lH"i.1"|,:aff!?i,ff ;3##:f'#s:ffi "tr"1ff*;,:{lls 153


r nao been visiti wnen we parted orsexualfriend a


rampe meedng. eacn other witF a

ru*Hs*#l ffiffi ff 154

lon was/is ourI had ;sVilla. icheduled as u_ouston and

__Clintonaddedb.1lgt Ugultol said, "tbttom il r99r colloquialism tineis, we've_ got "ont oi oI tf,Ei&tg) $,tgil4:rrrrr, rh;ri;;;y",ve got

triTJlsi'$"fr JTtpll;j;:Hl'tmli"i*"*;y,","t,:i,

gonna hangva'6utto,grv.. A"d ;il;i;"'; rl'rs.ofiii,"^iliii},ir; stortune in ,rl a guest unelsqlto . Tommv $e receni :nesfacing .nurnerous lnton-_was tgedfrom nusic.At s countrv o nearbi rchedthi: ouslyno cocaine bility of esseeto ndmost rdustry. e could erstreet

,g9rug nda

pperwork, and Harneauv outhii crearEd rh"abâ&#x201A;Ź;i,n?,Til'"fil,lrTilJillltt: "tg tolJ riouitli,yrc"t ;ill?J"r;,1;T,i,&1"laughed'"She's h",ouroFhere,,. i Pfiidil;

*nti iii#i't"n"i ii,"":ri.l"o

r,r'Ji.; She,s kept

an ilil',ffi#$ir,:"*ffif iil:fi''A*e *"[+ii*1Ji"'iltrfr?

meripg,e,o1,311ain ll' nqIo.ou'e Artiough hadprevioirrll,f:! ,i,4 ffi;'i"X'""":Jil,f#f;fil"ii'",# il;il



verylittreto sayto eachorher__

rrom-the torrur6s r hadendured

,,Ifl lH,*::i#?ih-f f $;1ginfiilt'i'i#"ii%?fi[?:i1,3Hf jJ{l!#di.:"#r[4y1fli,"f# seor-un.*poi.o,i#"ry, nerto mybedroom andm_ade "";in!01"r.,oy"1y'. fully clothedand .-.rflulary_was stretchedout o "Hilarv '-l;fii;il l|re. ald I anived. :::."j'^::,D.ed

sleeping when Hall's

'Yrg:1.;l$,1:j{_"'s"14 . a rwo_ ,,Sheis tite-rallv 'utiiulion .#ili'*j 0,,.r,.

*.lfltiiii:;#d.l*#;hill:T,fl$;$it" .

as ocaine rsiders 3time" r fund l, and okine


course,she,s Bvr

i uin the con versation


;d'''$ il, infr#;t:0"*n'-ol! I e. as 9:ygl : presidentiat a herbeing Model,wiratev#ir,..,rpn",#i,trllljt:".rerhing -about

3:llllH*l?::n,t"t*,:;j-'' ,':**l;*liff lrlil.ff

ji{fr ,* '{r]!!tl:,q*,Ti"H'r}:$i:T;fi'ry mmunitv tosociar diseases-. n *", " *.riffi.*rTfll,i*,ifl",1&.1"1.*il

in thatgovem;;";'b""i; "clean" f|$lr.nasea.around to the r',cuegree degreemat ttt"i none non" of of mv eh,,oo," ,^^',tn9_!gltrolled sex slaveswere

OKE ty of very trust ment on," ut it :the ruld uIs

ff#fiir$f ffi*l;;*+tlni:f,*;inrry

it passe


myabusers t*t p."u,lii";rirA::;:#Xr;

JjP*T,fi*Jt1:ff,ff,:"-1"-oispraythemu 11#jt!1i"311ff ',ri;i,l*ffi





Appuently atouseduv-** J,i,r";':'"**i:".Y-:eSan,Pe,rtorming-oralsexon me. t9ngdayin thehot,eg"rd, ,,E":t;;,";,-god, eatme now,,. I hadno

rl.q*i"rl;;;"ti;fi:"frlill;il-iJtrTfr tt#X3,*y

,mr,:li;lj;P';ir;il1";;*,tuito ft'ffl!.'i',?il3lJ,Hf :',i,',ffi 3'?#TT"TJo1


";;ilT?Hrffi1"i?'y;"#i1'Trff jacket iJrx,"x?H.iv#iT,;;,r;toss 155

I put my clothes on as ordered, and Hall's wife drove me back down to the mansion where Houston was waiting for me. The meeting apparentlv had been a success. I heard discu_ssionsthroughout the remalniirE between v*'r Houslon, his agent Reggie Macl-aughlin, and I-oretta Lynn's trintiter. Ken Rilev pertaining to Hall's successfulbranch of the cIA cociine operation emanatin! from Arkansas. No discussions were as poignant and ievealine as thos; between Alex Houston and cIA operative iouitry music entertaifier Boxcar Willie. Boxcar willie burst onto the country music scene after an ad campaign of high lech hypnotically persuasive produced television commerciils- that strategically made him an overnight sensationand "star". The country music industry's Freedom Train neededa conductor to lead the industrv and'fans to Miqsquri, and Boxcar willie was placed in the driver's s'eat. tite ttre Ppllol' Pipe.r of Hamlin, Boxcar willie succeided in his role of trance-fening ttri fi{ industry in 9lg* proximity to the Lampe CIA cocaineoperations. Boxcar willie was one of the primary ground levdl contacts that Bill Hall made after clinton convinced him to casti in on the cocaine benefits of the country music industry transfer. Houston and Boxcar willie discussedHall,s lucrative dealings-.througholt the years in my presencewhile traveling the ggy.nq' together, billed on the same shows, inclirding performancesat the Swiss villa Amphitheatre. I had much contact witn noxcaiwillie personallv since mv government sponsoredcocaine runs often coincided and intermeshed with his. But I never knew Boxcar Willie as well as my daughter, Kelly, knew him. Kelly has named.Boxcar willie as one of trer frimar! se*ual ab'usersin three different mental institutions, and has voiced fristrati6n at the lack or justice. ")vhy "T I the one locked. up w!!19 my abusersremain free?" she coistanuy pleals. I assureher I am doing all I cair to blow the whistle on Boxcar willii: for her, and_exposehis role in transferring the country music industry to close proximity of the l-ampe, Missouri cIA cocaine operition as outlineij by Bill Clinton.

I I-oyalty to the sovereignty of our country is non existent under New world orders. "President' Clinton poses no more leadership or loyalty to our country than Ronald Reagan did since both follow(ed) New world order directives from former U.N. Ambassador snd cIA Director George Bush. 2 Hill".y Clinton is the only female to become sexually aroused at the sight of my mutilated vagina.


CHAPTER 15 NO MORE BBANNG AROUND THE BUSH It wasa sunny,fall dav in 1983when U.S' C91er91sm9Guy VanderJagt -tnJ handler,Alel Houstonrr-nytlren3 1/2 mdwithmy CIA op"ot uJ tina-*nttof Senatein

on the iteps of the U.S. ila ilr";id"er"r,hil:-ifiii,' '"pp".t"A althoughI had f".iliar.with^VanderJagt, {frifiiit"i, 6.'C.' X"iri I couldnot his @ll-9"1l^: in -ripii"i,i"try remembiret"oing ^li::::l he hadmewhenI hel jdst as abusing hewas,tn-iaci,seiiuatly frinkO realize with her, fi;ii ;; ;i kneein-fronfof her to talk ru a child. VanderJagt "seeuncle would she because ffifr.d'il ttut-;toaii *", " ,poi"t {y' and He stood_up Georse Gush)whitemommlseeiUncteRirnnie(Reagan)". "Ift's go language, wondzrtarid grypri-c li tfifi;r'fi rhLffi;-, ;ti"c'ii,uici man *i';;iAdvinturetogethei"andled her-quietlyandrobotlcallyaway' both of us "iuin-tfr"t aftirno<inat.the White Houie, 6;i1,'rJfy In literalil-,; our toesi fiO- .i"nOing at attention in- Reagan'soffice.

otd Lt2-vezr on m.v..3

6f conttolinflicted "so nerto pertoim; ;bgtt."tly andbehave weli" asshesilently clildtocause President iriiii andunblinkiigiygt, in thepresence.of ffi;ithli"'ptitiS cheney. D.ick -0. B"rr,, Fffia";f lrateioi:rense.s'gritav) ffi;;'i,ildownthe to g*e "l K;]iy, witli trerlongblondehaircascading appea.reo Reagan

ffiffi,,"i'*"iio* ii th;;;il;J

backof her blue prnafore diess, complet'ingher Alice In..Wonderland Reaganr."*"d-to poii'no AiIbt thieat to her sexuallyas he said, aDDearance. 'She a modelchild". isadorable, "ffii|n'til;'g"rl"r"l "This President io*LOt Bushand said, people oon;i u*"tt1know what the role of the Vice Presidentis Bush. Croree ttret""'tt.t makingsureeverythif' that the President ffi,ilffi;;;iiI6"rti"o trt" *iv ili iupposed"to'" Heiooked at me and said ;;-i;;th.pp6n, tn"'puuti"t iitention (he madea gesturein the air rhat #t".Ir;i:i;.iilT'."i.r, out orders"' hiiti) *t ite the v^icePresidentcarries -ffi;*t --n-,1sr,;i.todiriend, "And givesthem"' Dick Cheney,said, ;riinii.; i-*san saio. ,,Anorder'fromhim is like an orderfrom me." "amnisUoatshoesand a cardigansweateras he knelt on ffifu;ilng ;;a;i -ir. 6 t"ti tg 4"t oriher level. Bushusedthe in rronfor"ren;; o*-tn6 Rogers'Neighborhoodto scramble/confuse rf,ifa-iin;rt"irision prog'ram 6f contaciwith him and his sexualabuse' hemory r{et1"yil ifrri-"i.tirr1 ii*e ty Rogerswas-deliberatelyexaggerated Fied fiir o'nrii."f resemUUndtoTV's by fit ffi ii.rliil"f ;l;rles .rlA mannerisms,inO is further conipounded. said, dr",ilp.d uo"*t itnp"tson"tion- Using his best Mr. Rogers voice he Mr. tord-hir". fittiJbn". i *"nt to aii< you something. Do you watch Neiphborhood!" Ropen' ""Yes, Sii,' Kelly resPonded'




) )

his makes il;i'toia r"nn 'w"ii,-i;m nna gf n\g-Mr' Rogers. Y!:",-l: does with

*on" an.i't"ft--fifi" your daddy_(Houston,ventriloquist)' 'F#fi;;ft1;il'''*vl.o"ii r havelotsof pup?etsl,rfi riker4L iogJrl because Mr. Rogers.'I pull like rcng a have iust dui" @aha) ;;ift#;; i#pG.-i ald. I talk through m6vtemenqs) te'rtrings fte^paitomimeO*arion"tte tr-ariO exciting^Adventures. of kinds all we create and *ords .y sa! them. frrey tleigtrborhood(the New World Order). The iiii "*-i';i,uifding-"-new


'"TJt'i" r!vr&rrv-'---- 1;; holdof?Y"p:11' I,l1Y-" isset,and stage urr stnngs. rnc s ur l"iKt"t;f,il"li"i1l mother's pull_your """

H4rn**Ii,ii{Tiffi ffiiltLJT#",1;il;',i"" I was ;ti"-N"Giilh6'd"'or'course notofa (ilTl3t"Hl3ilffL-;iu'



i *": ::ly"l/Kellv'sbig o,spuffi iuifr' s.staternq,.'itil!;1f to consioer prosram' unabte t"r"uiiitin o"iii''i*iiioiFi-t::lf: mindto seebeyono sheresponded',,;,g$: eyesgrew.even{ff;l blue "'"-e,itil Etooa up and took he-r qanc'


Let me show you my

."'*{{l;t$J;"mn,ffi;:$i$li3llll,herinductionirrp with.him thereatter' shehad ,,Neiehborhood,, and ,riii 5"Jry-r:IuJ.n *ni"t i"o" "n9ut19' immobilizing -ran uo*iit 104-6 degrei"'tem-perature*' She "ottiitttnt with high voltage """Hg"*or"ittig" an for 'aivt'JT'it headaches uiio"rry-rl't:t:Tng burns

werelfi:"""Iy;iii-td;!"^,"d,?n."r meto These trauma). carlf Jocioi'andKellyforbade move"' "uen uuoio leftonherston..Houi;}oipa!" n1eI loo #;""illi

IF'^*t comforther, ptttrutrycomplaining ft'Jry--oiiencomptainedof severe 9n9'. Bu-shsexually And she did not 'noue to'' hour!-on. prgl rot " oly ot two after kidnevpain, and n"' tt't-u* iJ""r]yvictimizatiitt"idnJet.ame unableto helpormy ow,nwedgeot abusedher. My o*n'fiir-d-"oniii iu"h honible'c-oniitiond-rove ,ny'.r,iid; until our Seeing her. trer'neels Drotect my total i""r'iriii'io-"nect insanitvin deeper,ptjrpetu4ilg

ffi*:Wy't5:lL"ls'TJ'-':Jq"f.r-":l"THf "i.i i:['!'1,"ff T,*#ir'#"f, 'ireto h6r B"'i'::"F9pl'J':^F*nXl';.t",lH; pa ( sexual abuseol ner


"pull my strings"?"i ;iii"i;;

l|,LTl:,:? of being ramif,rcations

*'1"^fr:fi;ogical dn"doiqr*::^l'"ri':**ffi [i;wri.:;1';:1.;*q 1*-,,'1,ffi further relnlorceo I

",, ;'*i.m'n'."l$"il' ffi m*:x,#'-t-rit$"J,lflf

"il-#i.friti" asa child e1,au1ea ,onui"r"-o^!ii,i"^{rand psychologica ienseof helpressnes'J. to' the u?"tli"pttytitd

t#5'i:J1r:p:LSL"n HyJfr"ii'"^'iri*,":l*$rymffi now seem tnte rn'comparisql

sd",i;'ii hi.,9"t. TdI Tt#dg;*:mlttAp*"*;1itIr ou"itoRe3Ban' s! sdoe wav it ar heh)

; ih;'' qilifj,ipgi lli t.ffiTl'""";i: {",J fffjy; mvpretty.'' i'il get.!e-r' *,,tilJi-Jn"--'tt'"n makeon"

is setto thestage vou ' i oii""to''' ii'""ut6*'ture everyon *id, "G;;;;i'iik; Reasan makes-sure ttttn he tt " N"*'wo?ia'oiirii asIenvision-itimplemEnt how to :Pg"-d whento it"m t.iir n" hai a script-o xrJi"1'Tr.,#;*

it. Ho*'toi'""!J;*o'tp'"ninc l{ t'*t"*l*:ftT"tt:'i.Xth "An speak ll"*$f' th rambred.5n

-oshowso betterpa '?$frf,;;;;;t'i'n" *,xil";n'4ffiffiilu the vou a shse.r'il ttliffil-a; world-'s


well llurrr rrrru projects attention and learn vour Dart iC"o'.eg and.l.will be working closely on a few -see orde given interrufteO, yiru're Cheney t-"'-frtt"n you'll s!!

fii^m' ano*nenltiu topether, fromme.'' orders givi:n ii3"i'iiitit' v;u're


knowsthe chain of command, Dick," Reaganinjected, referrine to his

in charge,.and in whaioraef presio";ilVi; 'p;;rfi#;

X,S^yhg*T Clr.L.y, Byrd,9tc.. ,our .miy'haveueenttri-irrai";i;;;;.ffi unâ&#x201A;Źney's.defrnltlon


was necessa4/to my understandine. Frori mv nve, me chatnof command was clearly BuCh, Chenev, HalUib.Reaean'. -Houston, r.T{lastly,.ona par with my handler, nyrd,'Ai oT;hi;hi;;; ttl cnangeat any grvcn glven momenr. moment. uneney Cheneyjust rolled rofled his eyesat Reagan's Reagan,s Just :_"]T16: 1 1y lt andneversroweddown as he continued, "Right now i stageis Seins

by fhevice.presidenion_ jil9qrro* r,e-*ind-fi;;-q:_dl..Tle{ ry:yjl part.insettingthestagefor Mexico'srole in thi New World OiOei.;Hy,ll1l_1,-ea^ll.."gfli;--Yjt\ !!r9.worr{ in 9r{e1,therewiu be world patriot strategically placing an-American

dedicated to the cause-oi

-9.--:,.:^-yJ cemocracyln qr parts rrr all of the urE world, WUltur we wE can can influence tnlluence me I,qrJ vr the thinkine mtnKnS Ot of

13u0n'sleaderand_paint for them a picture of freedom and Ameri-can never torget. They'll spread it to the people and the whole ryj Tey'r,l wlI De of one mlnd--one purpose--one cause. Freedom. you'll be

friendsairdjeaders. -Ch"*i^;";ifi;, on-mybJ;iil ,kq_tg3.p_f +ese {romt!19 to timJ r slippedback into the meeting,.wirhout iJti: orders Vice presid6nt.rrssori _frommeandyournewdirector--the vice IJndercover y:.y-.t.h"t^M:,9ryi druglsentsraking ,?1?^.],-9: .is. is il of thedrug.ingu_rtry.A Vice president fi .i;%;;;;;; - -- -o i"st if,at:-a"' " hkingcontrolof thedrugindustry--for thepiesident. pro.ble.m.. They'vegor lorsof drugs,but not *,"tryj..y1_^Y:lt_"" I ?. insnorthe meansto sell it^outsidetheir dwn "?untry. So frSwcan ;; their(growing).drug. industrywhenwe can't'evengei;";;;;; 9.1] :l" - . duty . i _s. ryour ru r _ nAmerican r r r v r r e q r vcitizen r u z c t l to ru u open p g n the u l e rroutei outes a and n o linitiate nlnate .assan, ilom poveny.throughouttheir nation by offering them cash as a means rgmelrorug lndustrynght rnto our graspby bringing it right up to our

:ration Greenbacks for Wetbacks," Cheney said, laughing. with him.


"your assignment ,tt.pqglgd. composure. to co_nclude, beginsin lis Lines)andendswhe"nyou ,.tufi }io, {1fllf!{N"orwegian..Caribbean withwordof succ-ess." wrur .1. il.lflu gesture a.hand gcsrure that [nar olrecleo directedmy my gue g'lz;e lrom from Bush tsush i.l:{_;::9.'. Syeht :,:J,eJs 3f, efe with

f1:t. sy.thenr wasd-eepry tranced and :Ttgllir,ll,:111, rl_T9llgnning..oyt gs alI tos:ther


g, trance'w'as timeleisly

3r3":,L l9i" -f l;ft the: White -f! lt" U6use fgr furtherplogramming. gpd white House wiitr a with ;;-r;;;;-i messagefo'r YtcePresldent of Mexico, carlos Salinasde Gortari, from the-vi of theU.S., and with one very sick child.

Mr Roger projects through puppets on his show, and one of his key characters from the of Make-Believeis King Friday the l3th.



^ Vy ClA.mind.-controlhandler, Alex Houstonand I boardedthe Norwegian caribbeanr_rnqs-sl{n boundfor cozumel,Mexico, with a large,black, softiide suitcase-packed full of cashand a proposalof "prosperity'frorir ttreu.s. ttris plo.podz programmed-in-me by vice Presideitgirsh,-wassupposedly initial groundwork for the North American Free Trjdle Agieement 9jplol"FS (NAFTA). It was my understandingthen that the North American Free Trade {Breementwas considereda significantstepin implementingthe New World Order through mind .manipulationof thE massi:s. Acciording to Byrd, propaganda disguisingthe truepurposeof NAFTA includedthecon&pt of "?ree trade"which the U.S. andMexicangovernments had long sinceshared. ',Free trade"of child and adult mind-controlled slaves,cocaine,heroinand businesse hasbeennot-so-secretly-proliferating for years. My own fatherjoined the ,,run for the border" via U'.S. StateDelartmentand Iifexican suusiaizeabusiness incentives. and openedyet anotherb-ranchof his u.S. Departmentof Defensegiven-business_ in Mexico. This was part of the "free trade" agreementthat I knowpersonallyhasbeenoperatingsmoothlyfrom at least1984. In an effort to maintainthe illusion that the agreementwould not createa negativeeconomic imbalancebetween Mexico and the U.S., tourist areas of Mexico were deliberatelybuilt up, enhancedand Americanizedwith U.S. dollars. These fundswere provided-throughCIA covertBlack Budgetoperationsof drug and slavetrading,as well as directly throughthe SenateAppropriationscomfrittee of which SenatorRobertC. Byrit is chairmanasof this writing. I certainlydo not purport to understand internationalbuiiness,nor haveI attempledto "educate"myself through what I know to be propagandaslanted and filtered periodicals. How moneyinterfacesin world maiketshas beenwell documented.For example,who supportswhom in which financialendeavors is apparentlyfar too complexfor evenBCCI attorneysand investigators ro sort lhrough. My personalperspectiveon Mexican, U.S., and Saudi Arabian buildup of Mexico's economyis limited to my own experiences.My understandingis further affectedby deliberatemi-sinformation from the criminat perspectives of thosewho were in control of my mind's knowledgebaseand actions. From time to time,_senatorByrd usedm-easa roboticsountingboard. He told me what he wantedme to hear, and this was structuredmorJ toward strokinghis own â&#x201A;Źrrorrnous,warpedego than it was to educateme in world finance. "the moneygameis simplya gameof control,"and .. SenatorByrd claimed his ailopted Golden Rule of-"Fe who holdi ihe [ota makesthe rules.,' [ves !y "by He told me in so many-words that appropriatingfunds to all (viable) projectsusheringin the free tradeagreerirenf,-and allocatinglesseramountsto 'criminal' justicesystem,Iiontrol our country U.S. socialsystems suchasour and our place in world markets. All the world-is a stage,and I own th! theater! canbankon it!" - SenatorFV.4l lwis,tedrealityechoedin my mind whenAmericawasbought by President-s Bush and efinton in the recent passage-of ($glg) and.._sold -Bvrd NAFTA. "I would never run for President--Oh.I'd win if I did." 160

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!#^;fi,;*r I 'frg

ffi trfl | sn*n**;,rypr wlffi il,

r"":",{. #ix{ Hdn ***$*f XffiEhry 161

with the aforementioned suitcase When I anived at the militarv installation "office" through a series of electronic of cash in hand, I was taken to Salinas' eatessuarded bv off,rcersin white uniforms. Salinas sa[ at his desk, which was issue;, G on a highly poliqtred wooden floor il;i"ffil"i''""^lii:;:,-.iiit"ty This created an air ti.t"air/r;oiO of .iecoi aiia personatiffeiti. t;; il;dtt of militarv practicalitv] I G thesuitcase ii front of Salinasand began relaying rr-i'0"6#" piolrammea to deliver. ;h";;;'""'i "" ;il;"";tii"ioi" Vi"" ptoiA"nt of the United State of America to -ir'onr-ttt" t"if fing to shareits wealth through a trade out nilet Uois in VExico. e."ri."-ir asreemEnt with Mexico. We'll trade our cash for control over Mexico's .8ifr"" i"o t-"ioi" pioari"tion. nycontrolling your dru-gindustry, y9 cal oPPn the border betweenbur countries tb dlow a fred flow of cocaine and heroin into iiii U^f , U*ght and paa f- i" American dollars to build Mexico. Eygntyatp this coufd dis'solve tlie border between our countries altogether as Mexico's economy grows to rnut"ft oui* if *e Uigi" toAay, ttris dreair could be realized bV the tiri of the century--sharingthe samecontinent, sharing the same wealth. industri already dictates what the Mexican government can or Wtrv? ttre drue -giving ttre U.S. control of your drug industry'--Iul"*i"q'-regaiL1 cantot do. By "onttot ouer lier"gouirnment. Re-establisheitpower lacked !V I{.S, dollars will bring Mexico on-an economic par with America. we can begil by spreading the tord through the (drug) cartels that the U.S. is covertly willing to open the borders to free-drug tradtby making agents available to show y_outhe passage and routes through-which th-edrugs are to be delivered. Only V.S, agents can bring Mexican i'eroin and (South American) cocaine across the border, -and likefiise they will bring the cash in. Explain to those selectfew who control the drue empirbs that tf,-e cruise line (NCL) agreement is going into mass -xp-ansiori,tearing down the border beiween oui count4es enough to allow for as manv drues td come in as Mexico can deal out. when do we begin? Immediatdly. fhe cash is at hand. ( gesturedtoward the suitcasewhich Salinas unzippaf to find full of cash.) Ddliver whatever amount of brown heroin you traveit hand as a meansof confirmation to the agreement. Keep the changeas a token of the change and good fortune that has befallen Mexico from its nation." neighboring "e,s f friisneA Bush's message,Salinasimmediately took a note pad from the who was stationedat desk and scrawled a quick not6. He passedit to a-g-uar_d as he extended his h-is desk over and^leaned smiled, up, He stood ttr" O*t. hand in a warm handsh'aice.I was escortedout. Houston found me on the front stJpi of the installation and together we were escortedthrough the barbed wire fentes and back onto the streetsof Cancun. f *ait A in a small clearing nearby for an indeterminate length of time, playing with a large iguana. Fii'ally, a iaxi cab driver pulled u-pand-honkedhis me to pict up a fist-sized ball of Mexican brown horir times,-sig-naling -was citdely wrapped-in brown paper, tied with twine, and heroin. The her6in measuredapproximately the siie of a baseball. Ai quickly as the cab driver left, Houstdri,who was standingsomedistanceaway with two.uniformed men, sistialed me to ioin him. We wlre then driven to th-eairport where we boarded eir Forie aircraft to Washington,D.C. -a-U.S. immediately upon arrival at Andrews Air lorg9 Base just outside of Washington, D'.C., I was taken to SenatorByrd who then escorted me to Dick Ctr"*v?t pentagon office for a meeting with Vice PresidentBush. I was ill and vomiti'ng from i-hehigh voltage administeredin Mexico to compartmentalizemy



lyj mapl wher took Chel r

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rcntionedsuitcase rnes,ofelectronic oesk,which was rcd wooden floor nrs.created an air o beganrelaying rteof America to r through a trade over Mexico,s ry, we qm open :_andheroin ihto rco. Eventually rer as Mexico'-s ouldbe realizd re samewealth. 'ernmentcan or Mexico regains f.S.dollars-will n by spreading mg to open the ou the passage ,.J. agentscan re border, and vnocontrol the ng into mass h to allow for e begin? Imwhich Salinas vn heroin vou the chang6as xrco from its

mem'ry.r was allowedto usgByrd's magneticpasskey card to unlock t mue of doors that led to the i-adies' fr.oom.^ I wds still wearing i inappropriate-for-D.C. cruisecrothesano carrying dte r'eroin-.ii,,iliot" t when I metwith Bushto confirm Mexico's alreementto his propo'sal. gL tooktheheroinfor himserf,obviousrypteasea-wiirr rh; q"Jiiti'ttfrroou cheney.laughedandtold Bushhe nee.ieito "confiscatethe contra-band,,. "Over B*lsh my ashe.laughed at Chenjy;sContr";ot. "If replied, -de1d..b4yl don't sharesoire of it, thit courabi-thiifu;;4h6";y . . you i"ri] "pit " it here. Bushstrucka pitch Dose,,_made a fake out pitch, andjoked b."bfllbanter,'Tl's a itrigti fly' ball.''vouie gorngto have -ct"n'iliot to stear.,, I tossed theheroinin the air,-cau[htit, and stroa"foi if;"-o*i. --"" vrrv'vr t . ofhischair,pointedto theiooriand ;tde;J-;;"Out;;.Houston and I were flown in to MontegoBay, -Jamaicaand transporte 0choRiosto boardour nextNCL cruiseshii.

pad from the ,sstationedat extendedhis : on the front r barbed wire gth of time. d honked hii xican brown h twine, and e cab driver brmed men, we boarded outside of me to Dick wasill and entalizemy


juve ofa l read @ql.sgE[ Dis "Neighborhoodl'-throue! prel Bush's into inducted was Soonafter Kelly -G.eorge exp Jiuat aurise,Bush enforced his odntrols on me. our mind-control rro11iirc-Aret and nousti,n, ttua hken Kelly 319 qe to -Washington,D'C' for il;afi, as by e_scorted had already.been Kelly Bush. r"p"*iiv scheduledmeetingswith whi "i'""s-i"'ttliiJndezvous with him that morning,durlg which ti-mel.had been enh in the.nearty located offices Byrdis C. Robert Senator ;i;;r.d t" in"-of U.S. fort mg byglai,ming ol his holds nuitOing. There, Byrd reinfo'bed Fti-i;G "proving" once again that I had "no ano and Departrireni Justi& tn" .o-"Uof bf Bu was compounded, reaction hoiror My *ttoi to run and no *hiti to hide". the *iiin nvtO lookedat his pocketwatchand notified me in Alice in Wonderlanl referring date," important very for a late you're late, ;ryil;t""g""g",:'iou'te meetingwith Bush. to-my -Houstonwho waitedjust l'sprinted"fromthe HooverBuilding,encountering I waitedfor my esgo.S where me to the Smithsonian Houston -at hunied outsid€-lnrt-Jf"A the "Face Changing"exhibit. This computerizedexhibit a, iffuitrateitow an individual'sface-cahtakeon a radicallydifferentappearanc€ slightlyalteringany singlefeature. by -'Tfie p( tixhibit fiscinated"meas a programmedMPD since multiplesoften tht in themselves recognizing not "*o"riin"" the unnervingph"not"n^ 6f r6utinety Ro slightly changes often face multifle's A io i*ircttin?'personalities. d"; ffiil;; int 'ivalidates" pgtc?.uoll,,9l communrtres' religious the with eachswitch, which w€ "OJ*oni" belief this pors"rsion"in occultism. I-ogic quickly.dispels iol""fl.a m: emotion,.by to according changes expression eueryone's tf'tat *ttin iilr realized on specific ielaxing or ttin "otot and tones, bt*f p."rturi:, and by tig-htening these when exaggerated riore aie chinges l,n'MpO's^face muscles. micro ab programming' naturalconditionsare combinedwith thJ resultsof sophisticated Ft "CharmSchool"teachessubconscious as controlover thesenaturalphenomena re as to well as. as. such slaves government u-i*dv-tnio. disguiseon Tysglf' de of incapable was I t'"iir""J3;'ueautyi to their maximumpotential';"i;;f re I as stood display' with the my fascination. thinkingor logically under-standing tr waitingfor my escortsasordered. totallyEnthralt-ed, Th_ough with them. Kelly to.see relieved was i upptoich.d, et tne escorts \l fact that shewasalive was all I was stre*as nisiUfytranitil and traumatized,1[e "FaceCianging" exhib^it,sheexcitedly fr: ;6"bb oi-gia'sping.Whenstresawthe S hear I could Before just abouithis!" me a read .i'.fuitnJ,"0n'.lJGeorge !9ok ni Kelty with our handler,Hggslon' :rnvmore.i wasled away-,l-eaving -''i;;; was which-here-to-fore Office, Residence B-ush's quiiLty to tik.n tft"n unfamitiarto rrli. nitttoughit had slaleblue, plushcarpetsand fine.furnishings a a different iit " ttr" White Houseoffic"e,latticework andshaller roomsp.rovrlted. SI wliile_Bush--carefully ordered, as "ii. r sat in a trarA-Uici woodenchair b in front of me on a little woodenfootstool. This allowedme *iitio"Jf'tit"r"tf irrili'"ir-i6intv "i-ni hrge boof that he held in.his pp. .,nn,i{tlstrationsfaced A me. while ali text e*"iit the last pagewas printed_inl-t" lolder's direction. to enforce de_sign* pi&e specifical_ly or ait nigtr tecrr Ti'i, iioll ;;r;';"iq";, "You'Are Wtrlatyou Readu. The h mettr^oa'of e;ti{i""otit" irograniming, CHAPTER17

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#'ffiffi,fi$Ht irthe appeara :trrilYkgave ii H{:iiffi1T

ugh trol for by )en 'by ng no ed 7d

rg st ls ir I I

g{-K-fffi ,,fii'is,'.toffi m-l,$r-g-fr f il?.::T.g:'$l'.".T*r:'"'i"grv,i'"ir!';:_!!!i:fi!'ti

tH:gr$iep";;'iff S$?"iffi!li',1#.'ft #i:ig;j'trii:' itJ$::i!i'ffi

ananc€d thedesired affectof,fanrarv-uoStii;l'igiq, -ilit#i_p".rpuy;_r,ad r0rrro scxamble Thisextraordinary reatirvwourotriie er_ ir nor beenfor

':$iix.s';ml'i:l*,i3#fi ",*n$ #ilt}Iiffj"J.:+fi fJ;,ffi?.fl I amtheVicepresiden,^yl_* circumstance demands, y yourCommanderl yiu,-ltfollow my commands. Aljl ttrst command's important_ It is o;;';;; ,rne n*, wtren r seno



Throughout my tenureas_l,fTlOgti?f. Model mind_controiled goudedspecificbooksaccording slave,I was q surt,'i ;"t'&*r. Theseboofts, deiivered ^

ix*?;#;;:#i"*ffi 1",',H"H+["t#t?.$#,

Dool(swereusedto instruct were anaftemptto sc.amble ,o." 1,;;;'d;;itiii'li fantasv;ottre.s mvmmdwith pertinenrnl?,1{,llT"E-Yit *Jre i,st?o roaa

nvmindwitipertiniil;il';';ilxt'#'T"ffi n"r;r:rfsii:fi ,:ltnl"ls

't#+*Fii:1ffi f;m,x','#r';lffi:J#,ffi t#{ l*H[,,ffi "'i'nJo .#* g'ii :,'i int ;f li :.y"r"lg ** o,i-,i,, nae,in "#iri."'#T AJg'hanistun, nisnn, from ,rrfli',,ip,,,,,',8$$1t, from which which Ir X"llfi?,ll"l,bS,L :",i,1*.lfsha **:f-{ l.tojo'v,ir*.ilii'ii?iJ.r


prceive it.


'r w"@rrcu

racl oeyond how I was supposed to

yjidfr -l,,:!.!ri";,";ii7:;i:^trtii"t.*:.f,",#iu iK{"yg,tT.; ffil",HtdJii's;:\,i,"d.ffi'B#,"','i;F,!Jil ,i,d

rugnhansh NeverEndingstory.. st"l"6",itt""iassic^o_f Mice and uihcaused


pyC m: visit hasyet to pick

up on ttris-oioeri bvJuvenile courtoiaer-noito oiscuis-x'Jlii,;";;,ilTlii"ffi'"io I amiorbidden Bush's mosreffectiv""*arptitltti, . elrt.,wr,aty<iJRead,,in his book aboutFacesoccurreddu.irg ,*gii'i ;i"*" pagedepicting "far_off, $ lizard{ike deepspacepta€".-- C ,*ll,r" f:f a

r,l5'.'Hl'lltfl"'iiil,li,.,HflI;*t"'F,truJ# jftrlHt"ff #fr :i$'';l 165

retrosDect.I understandthat Bush had been painstakingly careful in positioning our - s&ts in order that the hologram's effectivenessbe maximized' U.S. Armv Lt. Col. Aq-uino's occultism provided trauma sufficient h maintain mv Pioiect Monarch'Mind-Controlled existencedespite his inability to "fi""i tnv iirt" trjittu"tity. Therefore, I was not routinely subjectedto the other ltr"uma'of choite"--alien themes-like many slaves(including.Kelly).1 i""orit" had been. The effect of Bush's illusion holggranl on such vlctlms ls knew t"ting -a strong. Even Aquino envied the mind shattering effects of Bush's "Iil ifi"*; 'rrisu"Traumas to' the extent that he wrote and published his own "oti" u*t sequel to Lucas' star wars' while occultism is. easily -dispelled ani fact, Bush's alien theme continues to be reinforced tttto.$l ;itii-ieail mind-control atrocities. Additionally, California's 24involvement'in NeSe;r vear incumbent Senator Alan Cranston of the Select Committee on Intelligence base for decades, as have others. Despite_pY frui o"-"tuut"a this trauma "alien" theme traumas,^Bush's"Yoy You ii""iii ii"ip.a routine {r9,What of g4n control total to for him suffrcient devastatingly neadfitrologlram proved 'from 1988' in rescue my until momenion that mv ' robotic'mind gv ttr" time Bush reached the last page of his About Faces book, I was so "became what I reid" when I read the last verse aloud as t "u-ni"ti".A i instantly ordered: I am a True Patriot living an American Dream, pull my string. I will become my role when you'be all I can be' I will become mi, part, so I can 'Causejust like ihe Vice President, I am what I read.

I Rea and exte Cari hon ina eith Dan

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My life seemedto lead me at an acceleratedpace after being

subiected to andBush.Mv handrer, I ragan eGi-i',iiiJ"ls;ti;ily Ji"i'fi*"i/'*u, nr, d Elemer's (his arier-.ego J dtffiv) . poiu"r-ity --wrr"n-*.'*!i",ii *r"t k6pt il'a;;ring so J alarivelvwithinthecountry_musii cricui. I Qribbean andMexicouia Nci strlpr,'#"ori"i"ghis cocainetiliing rh" loadedmotor strategicary bookedtto*r'"J"irr"'rr,"'ii.s:, *" ,iiiJlJ"tiilii.""i"g -6il;J;'Jid,I nandoutof Washinston,_D__C: AIl.alongttreway,my *"." citrerprostituted. usEa popog9phy, or filmed in Michael "chief' 1-191me1cial Ilmtd's bestiaritv pornography asbrdereiby uncleRonnieReasan.

_,,gr3:":*1l".:.11a,.:i:y."!il"gisil'il-'il-i;rire"n,'i_,i,.?'ii". shinwestay6d with"'y ra1nir.y.. r.i, ; ;i'i;;il;?lr'

htinformativ-e. dH' ;#Jt'#l*T;f; Mv motherh#;"";t;;.d o'#p,.psyctrotogical scarsaboveand bcyond herown MpD condition;d-t".:;;; ttupwasroutinelvtraveling.toLondoi;__e;r;;y,insbmniacl My fathii by rhis ani! ![exr_cg,, ana tating ttre turilvto FroridaisDisnev-worrd;d'w;hiilign,.D.c. My otJ" er, Bill,stillworkedfor and.ivith .rt t-",t"r; il;;r"d rvith him an'nuatvto ,,hunt,, in chenev's crevbuil. wyorin3 ltig: il''r"int"in"o his wife'and three dildren undertri'uma-base.mind-contr-oi'"*oroing to my father,s instructions. Mybrother, Mike. ran " "iq.o ""il;'sister,_Keili of my father,sand Uncle l!";;;fr;;;re Bob Tanis' birG; Jo, becamea bely &ncing contortionist bxcellinti";cfi;;;ti"." sn"" she - became,,asflexibleas Gunbv"accordineto her p?oi!{,ffi;-d;mming. sn"*';;rft i'", *uy htoughschooliri chirdren'sday-carecenTers, admittedry spotting, ror my ftther, abused chirdrenfor poteniial';.tor"n-"dn.r,,candiilates. In-.1990 -n"u"n, sh! gnduated to oDena ticensdda;F*;;'",iltti. r*-"-iJ;-ii-'cona Michigan

for nivfather.My f.,iq;i-t",

.iil?*r)_,.is a comlu_iids(crA Pmject) programmed comput''er genius. rral ri-irt.r^Tim broketiis teg1intt " nneplacemy motherh:glr:g it, t.g'yJa';. beforelj;;';'ffid?ing "b,!yond. my nner'ssportsprogramming aboveand rrumair"ii"d,'itv."i"c ,nv y'ungest srster,Kimmv. becamehvstericalivoprgiiJ' ;ifrTir,ii. iog.rr,'

ffif,H;Tffi o'f,r'*e thewhite i,".'ffi;gi"j.'H:;,:'tri*,::,1-1""T:qryi"I'j' House, andwlsunder

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partsof my-.brain I wouldnot haveusedundernormal ,.^llf-_I y"1u,sing. orcumstances, I deverooed the,abirity to reaouictwaro-;;;;ff*ii;ls r couto rcad forward s' Houstorigg.a 116 iqi i tvpi.a*rv ;* rt:b;"d pn# d,,i.'non u, " neans of "scramblins" of wherewe were _road _amnesia baveling.He furthJrcompoui'ded trii -nlr"';r",i*Ujhc%;ih#il inort by conditioningme to , read phonerically and literally, -o "ti"-at"A ,,zoo,, nooz"and"ooz"-tqyrs]4_ed became -;lmlgry'.--ari'L"""r" toloi'.*etronsas rea?"oui-tciisas,,,and Missouri (andwas!) became west, ano-i-ili'wayoo became 99. wheriI traveiqd., i-;iiiJ.iry,iiid iot consciousry know-ifI were omingor going.If anoutsio'errrappend to-"it'n," aboutwh6rer d traveted, r mechanicatly replied,"Thetownsiti tdGJri;, and lookalikeafterawhile.,,

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Commandsdelivered in the same languagetwisting manner were natural for me to follow. "Bq!e with it" was easier for me to become according to Reagan's "rolling with it". Phrases acting definition than it was to go with the flow by "In a switch of an "I" (personality)/ like Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson's "eye"(hypnotic blink)/ "i"(the letter), complaint becomescompliant. The parts "normal" of mv brain I was forced to function with were not conducive to thinking. Nor could I have appeared "normal" to outsiders had they cared to see beyond my supefrcial programmed cover personality. I did have occasion to mix with "outsiders" at the local library where I took Kelly for her books on days when we were not traveling. By age 6, she tested at the 7th grade reading level. I also emergedfrom my closed environment to tend to Kelly's schooling. She maintained straight As, but her poor attendance record threatened to violate state requirements. Once when the librarian asked where Kelly would be traveling to waive library book due dates, or the teacher inquired as to Kelly's "the towns all run together and look absences,I gave the usual responseof, pressed for specifics, I ran through a series of alike after awhile." If they religious phrases such as "praise the Lord", to compensate for my lack of "religious fanaticism" answers. People tended to overlook and accept "role" personality peculiarities, which combined with my traveling the country music industry, kept outsidersat a distancefor years. My "religious fanatic" cover personality was cultivated at the Brentwood, TennesseeI-ord's Chapel "nondenominational" @entecostal) church, through "Reverend" Billy Roy Moore (who has since fled to the CIA Operative preacher Arkansas due to a local murder scandal). Moore transported cocaine from the Caribbean for the CIA, at least during "missions,"r i.s., the Reagan Administration, under the guise of so-called Christian ministries. It most likely was not the intent of the Christians dedicated to their Caribbean ministries to be used by the CIA and Moore to inadvertently mule drugs into our country. Even CIA agentsoperating under "need to know" partial information were denied the full scopeof what they were Many seemingly willing participants were actually participating in. "justification," and deliberately misled to believe they manipulated, provided were serving their country, rather than destroying it from the inside out. "Pastor" Moore combined his knowledge of Kelly's and my programming keys, codes, and triggers with his use of metaphorical language to maintain "following" consistedprimarily anil/or direct our mode of operation. Moore's of government mind-controlled slaves and handlers, including the Mandrells, Jack Greeneand his slave, the Oak Ridge Boys, and others. He instructed us on "religious" how to vote, which political issues to support, and to follow other friend, political leaders such as his and Manuel Noriega's evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. "Religious counseling" from Moore equated to maintaining mind"God's Orders". And "God's Orders" often came control programmingthrough by telephone. "in the loop" who was Houston constantly prostituted Kelly to anyone willing to pay. Wh6n^she wasn't bei'ng proslituted, she was being filmed pornographically. By 1984, Michael Dant6 routinely filmed Kelly in pornography, since kiddie porn was as lucrative as bestiality. He filmed Kelly and me in I:s Vegas, Nevada and various other locations throughout the Caribbean, California, Florida, Tennessee,and in my home stateof Michigan.


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createdprofessional conflict with long time kiddie pornographers associatedwith Houston. Houston's close friend in Waycross,

peooprriiilimry *artei, managJtrreotefenoilei's*;p' il1l ;d

rticipated cipated in black budget funding operations for years on both the r and pornography levels. His counterpart, Dick Flood, refused to nte in any more pornography after Dant6 came on the scene. Even the dlle, ille, Alabama NASA/DIA/CIA-appointed "law enforcement" officers rarely succeedin their bidding for Kelly's video taped performances directlvorderedbv Senator Bvrd. Dant6 considered himself her future aswell as mine, and maintained control of our porn "business" ventures h serious U.S. Government and international Mafia methodisms/ Jimmy Walker, the same photographer who had taken pornographic ddingnight" pictures for Larry Flynt, recently had other photographs of me fishd in Hustkr. When Dantd found out, he was furious. I-arry Flynt and ttd both worked for the CIA. had Vatican and Mafia connections. and

appealedto Reagan'sperversionsusing Project Monarch Mindberately tholled slaves.What Flynt could not "legally" publish, Dant6ran through Flynt andDant6lived on opositecoasts,which, despitetheir unduground. larities,still was not far enough apart to sooth their differences. Waving handsin dramatic Italian gestures, Dantd furiously spouted a string of pnitiesover Flynt's publishing photos of what he deemed "his property". srities lsing Flynt of going to extremes to gain favor/protection from the Dantdshouted, "He's a bigger whore than the girls he promotes!" Ernment, MichaelDant6's pornographic filming abilities served several purposes. from producing porn according tLo Reagan's own (well known) present dur instructions, Dant6 ons and md instructions, Dant6 was was present during many key international "satherinss". nent"gatherings". when I and were prostituted Oftentimes when Oftentimes and others others were orostituted to government )rnment(New World Order) leaders, Dant6 had hidden cameras Order) leaders, perversesexual acts apparently for future blackmail leverage. These were scandalous in proportion and were usually ordered by Reagan. turned the videos over to Reagan, and covertly kept copies to protect ; Dantd converted a small room of his Beverly Hills mansion into a vault, where he kept his personal copies of the international blackmail

bps there. Among theseintemationallyscandalous tapesare numerousvideoscovertly at the supposedly secure political sex playground in northern ia, Bohemian Grove. According to Houston, Dant6's high tech able cameras used fiber optics, and fish-eye lens were in each of the

club'snumeroussexualperversionthemerooms. My knowledgeof these ru wasdue to the strategicallycompromisingpositionsof the political I wasprostitutedto in thevariouskinky themerooms. I wasprogrammedand equippedto function in all rooms at Bohemian Grove oder to compromise specifrc government targets according to their personal "Anvthins. 'sions. "Anything, with anyone" was my mv mode mode of rversions. anvtime. anywhere anytime, anvwhere with anvone" was

ionat the Grove. I do not purportto understand the full functionof this

nl cesspoolplayground as my perception was limited to my own realm of ience. My perception is that Bohemian Grove servesthose ushering in the

WorldOrder throughmind control, and consistsprimarily of the highest

rfraandU.S. Government officials. I do not use the term "highest" loosely, copiousquantities of drugs were consumed there. Project Monarch Mind-


Commandsdelivered in the samelanguagetwisting manner were natural for me to follow. "Role with it" was easier for me to become according to Reagan's acting definition than it was to go with the flow by "rolling with it". Phrases like Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson's "In a switch of an "I" (personality)/ "eye"(hypnotic blink)/ "i"(the letter), complaint becomescompliant. The parts of my brain I was forced to function with were not conducive to "normal" thinking. Nor could I have appeared "normal" to outsiders had they cared to see beyond my superhcial programmed cover personality. I did have occasion to mix with "outsiders" at the local librarv where I took Kellv for her books on days when we were not traveling. By ale 6, she tested at ttre Zttr grade reading level. I also emergedfrom my closed environment to tend to Kelly's schooling. She maintained straight As, but her poor attendancerecord threatenedto violate state requirements. Once when the librarian asked where Kelly would be traveling to waive library book due dates, or the teacher inquired ds to Kelly's absences,I gave the usual responseof, "the towns all run together and look alike after awhile." If they pressed for specifics, I ran through a series of religious phrases such as "praise the I-ord", to compensate for my lack of answers. People tended to overlook and accept "religious fanaticism" personality peculiarities, which combined with my "role" traveling the country music industry, kept outsidersat a distancefor years. My "religious fanatic" cover personality was cultivated at the Brentwood, TennesseeLord's Chapel "nondenominational" @entecostal) church, through the CIA Operative preacher "Reverend" Billy Roy Moore (who has since fled to Arkansasdue to a local murder scandal). Moore transported cocaine from the Caribbean for the CIA, at least during the Reagan Administration, under the guise of so-called "missions,"t i.s., Christian ministries. It most likelv was not the intent of the Christians dedicated to their Caribbean ministrii:s to be used by the CIA and Moore to inadvertently mule drugs into our country. Even CIA agents operating under "need to know" partial information were denied the full scopeof what they were actually participating in. Many seemingly willing participants were "justification," manipulated, provided and deliberately misled to believe they were serving their country, rather than destroying it from the inside out. "Pastor" Moore combined his knowledge of Kelly's and my programming keys, codes, and triggers with his use of metaphorical language to maintain and/or direct our mode of operation. Moore's "following" consistedprimarily of govemment mind-controlled slaves and handlers, including the Mandrells, Jack Greeneand his slave, the Oak Ridge Boys, and others. He instructed us on how to vote, which political issues to support, and to follow other "religious" political leaders such as his and Manuel Noriega's friend, evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. "Religious counseling" from Moore equated to maintaining mindcontrol programming through "God's Orders". And "God's Orders" often came by telephone. Houston constantly prostituted Kelly to anyone "in the loop" who was willing to pay. When she wasn't being prostituted, she was being filmed pornographically. By 1984, Michael Dant6 routinely filmed Kelly in pomography, since kiddie porn was as lucrative as bestiality. He filmed Kelly and me in I:s Vegas, Nevada and various other locations throughout the Caribbean, California, Florida, Tennessee,and in my home stateof Michigan.


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,erenatural for me |rolng to Reagan's y,rjhjt". phiases r lpersonality)/ tp]rant. The parts rclve to ,'normal" hey cared to see nave occasionto lor her books on rth gradereadinp ielly's schoolinel -atenedto viohf Kelly would be red as to Kellv's rgetherand look rugh a series of lor my lack of ous fanaticism" Irng the countrv the Brentwood. :hurch, throueh tas sincefled'lo at leastdurins "r lission5, 1.g.' the Christiani and Moore to rperatingunder whatthey were rclpants were o believe thev le out. programmine le to maintaii' stedprimarily he Mandrells. structedus on er 'teligious" tgellstJimmv tainingmind's" oftencame p" who was being hlmed d Kelly in filmed Kellv oughout thi: Michigan.

" Tht! createdprofessionalconflict with long time kiddie porno rormerlyassociatedwith rrouiton's -or."t'i"oi.J"J*i, close friend in w pgd reJimmv.Houston. gphi warker,

r-"!J' *," "usr91" :. nad in bracri .partrcipated budget'fuil;'t;rtti"iii-?"ilJi"iT o rt pornographyleveis. uii""'ou"nt"rp"rt,

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Dick Flood. ref

in any mor h,.iilinq"Ai;d#;'""f$?tJill6,f$fi il'&"1fl?t#;;:i[ir couldrarelysucceed jT th_eirbiadiil ?5iiierry,, "bite

videorapedperfo unless directlyordereduy senaioiny?a. .onsidered hims6trne 'wneraswelrasmine,airdmaintain6a-co"trir " "rb,iifr."-,'uurii""l.,, -..?.",, r

u.s: couern rneni' i"d' int"*"ttoriJ rra"io

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theunderground.prvnt and'D;te ii"#;n'l!osite coasts,which, desp srmilariries, still was'not.^farenough"ffiiJ'r*th their differences. \ his handsin dramaticItalian.gesiur"i,-b*te spouteda su _furiously obscenities over Frvnr's pubrisfng-li'oior"i'i *r,ut r,e ctlee.f,J-;f,ir*pro Flynt of ^fro *t::le .goinq p_ e*irtmes-tJ'gain favor/protection

men r, Dant6shou sovern ted,_ eiwrrB!9i#'ii,;fi f#;.;. ll g,I afr1fr:;i'"t,,rtr", 91es. Michael Danrd,s oornographic

served severalpur l:d.:_,{tor according-to- Reagan,sown (well. k perversrons and instruciions,Dantd*ii ir"rint *;T;t ;;;'i";"i;;_, "gatherings". government brtentimeJ-ftr"n-i -o otherswere prostitu government (Ney^._WgUA :?ngus OTgert rmrng perversesexuaracts apparentlt kqjers, Dant6 had hidden ca vrdeoswere scandalousin pr6portion, i* i;;ure b6kdri";;;;. _d-ana*i-r" usually orderedb_vRt Danteturned the videos^ov6r tb corerUy,t"pi-"o!i"r-to p .neagan, himself. Dant6converteda smalr t6r'o?'nit BeverlyHills iransion: securityvault, wherehe kept hil;t d;;;fu of the internationalbra pomtapesthere. Amongtheseinternatioryty scandalous tapesare numerousvideosco producedat the ,""?:*1l'r*^fi*q9fitiil California,Bohemiari'G{oyg. According ,.^ praygroundin no io. Houston, Dant6,shigh undetectable cameras "d;;;E isr,-"ye lens were in eachc :*^lt9* eliteclub'snumerous sexualperveisiontteme'rooms. My.knowledge of cameras was due to the stra-tegicalty comfiorrlnq. posrtronsof the po p.?..plol:^I_wasprosrirutedto-in rh6"ari;.u; k nKymemerooms. . r wasprogrammedandequippedto functionln fuf;;;;;;'iiitremian ln orderto compromise c specinigou._*.nl-turt.ts according to theirper perverslons."Anvthing,anytim-e, _y*lrere *rtn anyone,,was my mo operation at the Giove the full funciionor ^t.*Tt;".pdiT"'i"oersrand playground q my_pbrception waslimited to my own rea Pllt_*.^.^""1*l

gfra?:s.i.I{'"fi :3fii-i:i[,;""t1]:T*,q:i: MafiaandU.S.Govern{1,19{afi"t;.'ItJ;"lyse ,,highest,,

theterm loo ascopious quantities of drugswereconsum"d'*,"r".project MonarchI\4


Control slaves were routinely abused there to fulfill the primary purpose of the club: purveying perversion. Bohemian Giove is reportedly intended to be used recreationally, providing "party" a supposedlysecure environment for politically affluent individuals to withbut restraint. The only businessconductedthere pertained to implementing the New World Order, through the proliferation of mind-control atrocities, giving the place an air of "Masonic Secrecy". The only room where business discussions were permitted was the small, dark lounge affectionately and referred to as the Underground.' appropriately -Sex slaves were not routinely permitted in the Underground for security "entertainment". reasons,leaving the lounge's small stageas the only source of This entertainment ranged from would-be talents such as I-ee Atwater, Bill Clinton, and George Bush to CIA Operative entercainerssuch as Boxcar Willie and Lee Greenwood. On one occasion I was instructed to meet with former President Gerald Ford in the Underground where Ire Atwater was picking and singing. As I walked through the smoke-filled room to Ford's table, Atwater intemrpted his song to cryptically acknowledge my unwelcome presence by "Over the Rainbow" and Byrd's song for me "Country singing choruses of Roads" while emphasizingthe lines of "Almost heaven,West Virginia". My purpose at the Grove was sexualin nature, and therefore my perceptions were limited to a sex slave's viewpoint. As an effective means of control to ensure undetected proliferation of their perverse indulgences, slaves such as myself were subiectedto ritualistic trauma. I knew each breath I took could be my last, as the threat of death lurked in every shadow. Slavesof advancing age "at random" in the or with failing programming were sacrificially murdered "simply a matter of time it grounds I felt was of Bohemian Grove, and wooded until it would be me". Rituals were held at a giant, concrete owl monument on the banks of, ironically enough, the Russian (rushin') River. These occultish sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalizationof the memory, and not from any spiritual motivation. Mv bwn threat of death was instilled when I witnessed the sacrificial death of a young, dark-haired victim at which time I was instructed to perform "...the next sacrifice sexually"as though my life dependedupon it". I was told, victim could be you. Anytime when you least expect it, the owl will consume "prepared" equated to being you. Prepare yourself, and stay prepared." Being "on my toes" awaiting their command. totally suggestible,i.e., After returning to Tennessee,Houston attempted to distort my Bohemian "prepare myself for imminent death". Grove experience by instructing me to placed ice cubes in my vagina, then water, me into a bathtub of cold He ordered transferred me to his bed. There he tied a coroner's tygretag on my toe, and hypnotically deepened my trance to the point where my heart and breathing were nearly stopped. Then he gratif,redhimself on my cold, still body through faux necrophilia--reportedly one of his favorite perversions. Houston had "perfected" his perversion to the extent that he handed the keys to my deathstate programming to Lt. Col. Michael Aquino for use in Reagan's Hands-On Mind-Control Demonstrations. My death-statealso further equipped me in my role of "anything, anytime, anywhere with anyone" to be accessedat Bohemian Grove. The club offered a "Necrophilia" theme room to its members. I was so "necrophilia" room, that the heavily drugged and programmed when used in the


threatof actually "slipping through death's door" and being sacrificed "before knew it" did not affect me. My whole existence was balanced precariously o the edge of death as a matter-of routine anyway. My roboti'c state didnr permit me the "luxury" of self-preservation,and I could only do exactly what wastold to do. My necrophilia room experience was only for the purpose ( providingDant6 a compromising film of a targeted member anyway. Other perversion theme rooms at the Bohemian Club included what I hea Ford refer to as the nDark Room'. When he not so cleverly said, "Irt's go I the Dark Room and see what develops," I understood from experience that t wasinterested in indulging in his perverse obsessionfor pornography. In tt Dark Room, members had sex with the same mind-controlled slave they wer viewing in pom on a big screen television. There was a triangular glass display centeredin a main throughway where was locked in with various trained animals, including snakes. Membe walking by watched elicit sex acts of bestiality, women ivith women, mothe with daughters,kids with kids, or any other unlimited perversevisual display. I was once brutally assaultedby Dick Cheney in the Leather Room, whic wasdesigned like a dark, black leather-lined train berth. As I crawled throug theleather flaps covering the narrow entrance, I heard Cheney play on the wor "berth/birth" as the soft blackness engulfed me. With the small openin covered, the blinding darkness enhanced the sense of touch and provided a option of anonymity. Cheneyjokingly claimed that I "blew his cover" when recognizedhis all-too-familiar voice and abnormally large penis size. There was a room of shackles and tortures, black lights and strobes, a opium den, ritualistic sex altars, a chapel, group orgy rooms including postr beds,water beds, and "kitten' houses. I was used as a "rag doll" in the "to store,"and as a urinal in the "golden arches" room. From the owl's roost to the necrophilia room, no memory of sexual abuse. as horrifying as the conversations overheard in the Underground pertaining I implementing the New World Order. I learned that perpetrators believed tht controlling the massesthrough propaganda mind manipulation did not guarantâ&#x201A;Ź there would be a world left to dominate due to environmental an overpopulation problems. The solution being debated was n( pollution/populationcontrol, but massgenocideof "selectedundesirables.'

urposeof the ly, providing ls to "partv" mplembntine rl atrocities] rerebusiness onately and for. security 3rtatnment". twater, Bill :xcar Willie with former picking and ,le, Atwater lresenceby e "Country a". perceptions : control to 'es such as rk could be ,ancingage rm" in the ler of time 'numenton e occultish led slaves y, and not icial death r perform lt sacrihce I consume I to being Bohemian rt death". gina,then 'toe, and breathing y through ston had ny deathIands-On ne in my lohemiair I was so , that the

I Moor" often operated under the cloak of World Vision. n " The wooden sign was carved to read: U.N.DERGROUND

I I7l

funding to get them out of hot water financially. I am ready to do just that so lolg as they follow my guidelines. Mr. Bennett is working out the details of this-plan, and _will be sharing much of that with you. I need you to do what you do best by enlisting the full cooperation of state government at the upconiing Governor's Convention. I have never demanded Conventional sef of vou before, but this time is different. Persuadethese Governors at their wealest moment--bring them to their knees while you :ue on yours, and convince them that global education is the gateway to the future if there is to be any future at all.' Early the next morning, deep underground in the NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center mind-control lab near D.C., Bill Bennett began preparing me for the program. NASA usesvarious "CIA designer drugs" to chemically alter the brain and create exactly the mind set required at the time. Huntsville, Alabama's NASA drug of choice, "Train-quility," createda feeling of absolute, peaceful compliance and a sensationof walking on air. The drug administered this time was sufhciently similar to Tranquility to create total compliance. The beating I had endured the night before had rendered me helpless,anyway, and I could barely crawl up onto the cold, metal lab table as the drug took effect. In the darknesssurrounding me, I could hear Bill Bennett talking, "This is my brother, Bob. He and I work as one unit. We are alien to this dimensiontwo beings from another plane." The high-tech light display swirling around me convinced me I was transforming dimensions with them. A laser of light hit the black wall in front of me, which seemed to explode into a panoramic view of a White House cocktail party--as though I had transformed dimensions and stood amongst them. Not recognizing anyone, I frantically asked, "Who are thesepeople?" "They're not people, and this isn't a spaceship," Bennett said. As he spoke, the holographic scene changed ever so slightly until the people appeared to be lizard-like aliens. "Welcome to the second level of the undergiound. This level is a mere/(mirror) reflection of the first, an alien dimension. We are from a transdimensionalplane that spansand encompassesall dimensions." "Infinite dimensions," Bob injected. "Infrnite dimensions spanned simuhaneously." "No Bill said, limitations". Bob softly sang, "Iâ&#x201A;Źt freedom ring". "There ruly is no where run to and no where to hide from us. We're who is looking from behind the Eye in the Sky," Bill continued. "We're watching you," Bob said. He sang a line from the popular rock song "I'll Be Watching You". "I have taken you through my dimension as a meansof establishingstronger holds on your mind than the Earth's plane permits," Bill Bennett was saying. "Being alien, I simply make my thoughts your thoughts by projecting them into your mind. My thoughts are your thoughts."' The brief messageBennett programmed me with pertaining to Education 2000 was to be directed to stale Govemors at the upcoming convention while delivering a packet of information: "The children. We must consider the children. Think for a moment bevond tomorrow. Our children are the future. Their future lies in education. W6 can control the future today by regulating education. Our thoughts and plans for the future--put in their text. A text they can understand. Children's textbooks. The highest levels of government, the most brilliant minds on the face of this


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st that so jehils of ivhatyou pcoming ot you weakest ce them ufure at

Earth would like input.into.the future by *"J

,TiJiT,t' r,ili. *f"ffi:'*i HlJ iful T*; :l:x1#?3l'"?: i* ', of^,th...children. you, as

I Space me for Iter the tsville, solute, rstered . The and I

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I 'Education


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2000 was dasigned to increase

our child to criticallythinxror themsetves. you canllijtytq as America

capacitv whitedestroying

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pubrished bycitizens ror

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Bennett, who was stin acting ;A;#; ".._ li,l Humanities in 1984,was dasignatea(apped) Endownenr of the to becomeu lt"T^"-^l""onal " George Bush and tbe Educationthroughhis ir"*'w.rii5ra""r'";tT:^9o-tf 1'-t91-"*t

appoinred Bennett asSecreta Education. .rv_of ;;;_,_,;ri flil#rfr, g^*;*:Jt *Tlff pertinent ro .y ilJ"in;" Grobar Education ffiff ;ffi TT1?" dolphin programming prqject.

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rhat water is a mirror !o ,suqc-e^srs

slaves. Identicallv mirror programmed, we operated in unison. The delicate red rose tatoo on my friend's left wrist signified her enslavementto the (New World) Order of the Rose to which Mulroney belonged. fvly friend and her young daughter reportedly were often transported across ttre UlS.-Canadian borier aI Nia[ara Fails for ]rostitution to Mulroney. The sexualabuseof her precious child was used as a trauma base to maintain control of her mind just as Kelly's abuse traumatiz"d .9.. Itfulrgney had prwiously with our accessedse* irogrammin! at Niagara Falls in my friend and me-alo-ng "buslness as daughters--to satisfy his sanctionedperversions as wereusuil,'. Had I beeir capable of connecting events, I would have felt enonnous relief that our daughierS were not forced io participate in his sexual assault this time. "Mission" complete, I slipped on my dress and prepared to-leave. -Mulroney pointed to me and'crypticalli-said, "I'[l be seeingyou around. Maybe I'll see vou in Mackinac. Mav bg somewhere in time"' In three lines, Mulroney i:xoertlv tied the immaliate moment to childhood cues and current Mexican NAffA operations, as well as prepared me for my next encounter with him on Mackinac Island.

1 'Th" "Orders


of the Rose" was an emblem of those ushering in the New World order.

from the Rose' were orders from George Bush.

"my mentor" in first introduced me to u.N. Ambassador Madeleine Albright as 'Madeleine Albright is a saint,' Reagan told me, forming Jesuit operations in the caribbeâ&#x201A;Źn. "The Mother Teresa of the Caribbean-' my perception of her. 3 whil" (via Bush's) instruction, Larry Flynt I was in Jarnaica under Albright's 2


photographers took advantage of my being there to use the picturesque Dunns River Falls as a backdrop for pornographic photos to be used rn Hustler. 4 red rose triggered a sexual mode usually used to compromise/blackmail R.rg"o,, dignitaries and lock them into loyalty to the Order of the Rose.


icate New lross The ntrol lusly 1 our ss as mous t this oney ll see oney rican mon


tor' in :rming

Flynt lls as a




My programmed role toward implementing Education 2000 according to the ohnsbf th6se ushering in the New World Order brought me back in contact '*ith fo.mer Governor 6f Tennessee,I-amar Alexander, and eventually Canadian PrimeMinister Brian MulroneY. I had met I-amar Alexander in 19?8, at a satanicritual I was subjectedto in anaffluent neighborhood of Nashville, Tgnqe,spee.Lamar -Alexander presided over this sex-6riented occult ritual with full understanding of my Project MonarchMind-Control victimization and the impact his actions were having on rnvmind. It was mv exDeriencethen, and intermittently throughoutthe years, thit tamar Alexande'r'ss'exualperversion was to bring his victim to the point of deaththrough "theoral suffocation. course of publicly exposing Tennessee's need for education During reformas"instructed, I wai in c<intacf witti Commissioner-s,_Superintendents, Mavors.and lamar'Alexander. I-amar Alexander, who followed Bennett as Busl's Secretaryof Education, worked in close associationwith Bill Bennett to manipulatethe'minds of the massesto accept Education 2000 as the ONLY meaniof education reform. When Ned McWherter was moved into the office of Govemor to rubber stamp - federal projects, I:mar Alexander maintained influenceover state politics. At the sahe time, he maintained influence over nationalpolitics thr6ugh his role as chairman of the National Govemor's Associationin 1986. As the 1984 Governor's Convention drew near, I met with Lamar Alexander at the Stockvard nightclub where he was drinking with his long time associate In the basementbar andoartner-in-crim-e.Nashvilte's Mayor Richard Fulton. "Shoe. Shine" booth, of tn'iJota, converted stockyard was-a modified antique wherethe term took on new heaning. A key to a private shoeshinebooth could beobtainedby those in the know through Stoclryqrdowner,.Buddy Killen. This bboth was lined in mirrors and had a small bench where Iamar closet-sized Alexandersat after our businesswas concluded. I knelt at his feet as ordered to oerformoral sex. Programmed sex slaves such as myself were trained to go iongperiods of time liithout drawing a breath, and users such as Alexander stretched this time to the maximum.t On this occasion, Alexander appalently exceededthe maximum. I do not recallcompletion of'my programrn6d task. It was afterhours when my mindcontrolharidler, Alex Houstdn, dragged my limp body from the_booth, roused me,and ordereil me out of the buikiing. Blddy Killed opened a back door that oncewas a cattle run, and Houston half-dragged me out the back exit unseen. The night of the'Convention, Alex Houston's youngest daughter, Ronnie,2 wasto ioii me. Bonnie and I were close to the-same age, and together we dressed"forthe occasion. As a prostitute, Bonnie was familiar with I:mar Alexanderand his perversions bufnevertheless was excited-at the prospect of "old friendsn at the convention via Louise Mandrell,r who would be seeins entertiining there. The comradery between Alex Housto_nqd Mandrell thatdeveloled during Bob Hope's U.S.O. tours in the 1960slasted for decades dueto theii shared'involvemint in running mind-controlled slaves for Byrd.


Bonnie shared in this friendship with the Mandrells and was looking seeingher "friends" in the band. I, too, was looking forward to talking with I-ouise Mandrell, but for a different reason. Barbara had just endured her near-fatal car crash, andI deeply concemed for her welfare. Throughout the 1980s while

the guise of the Country Music Industry, Alex Houstontouredwith

and/or Louise Mandrell on a regular basis. Occasionally Barbara and I each other in "church," the Hendersonville I-ord's [.ord's Chapel. This church w offshoot of Billy Roy Moore's I-ord's Lord's Chapel, and was pastored by his mi controlled slave, slave. Mike Nelson, Nelson. who became close friends with Barbara.t B I Houston and I were present when Mike Nelson broke program, and attemptd flee for his life with Barbara Mandrell. The pastor was subduedwith a stung

and immediately relieved of his position, while Barbara frantically sougl answersto the questionsthe two of themhad managedto raise. Alex Houstonwastouringwith LouiseMandrellin 1984whenI-ouisehad "premonition"



l o !d ro0

* Ale htel of bro qlt to 6ljun ilrct Dit"P 'l of inf '( '(

of Barbara's imminent demise--muchthe same way Inretta Lym "psychicly predicted" her son's murder. Like the murders I-oretta's of sonud Country Music entertainer Keith Whitley, I was aware of Barbara's plannd accident before it occurred due to Alex Houston's direct involvement. Theg traumas were also used as a meansoI of loclong locking rn in my mrnd-controlled ind-controlled belief behet tM that I had "no where to run and no where to hide". Worst of all. I could not thinl to speak of what I knew due to my own absolute mind control. While Barbara physically survived her ordeal, her voice was silencedas planned. ,"; When Bonnie and I arrived at Opryland Hotel, we hunied to the ballroorn Ben I where Louise Mandrell would be performing. My concern for Barban detractedme from my appointmentwith I:mar Alexander until one of I-ouise's Othe dancerswho knew of my role put me "back on track". Gov "What What are you doing doin! here?" he demanded. "You're supposedto be at Rhett Butler's ler's lr's restaurant restaurantNOW.' ben NOW. I hunied to the restaurant where I-a,mar Alexander was having dinner with (Be Senator Byrd and several govemors. Byrd was participating in the function for reasonsunknown to me, but I was aware that he had fiddled at the Opry. Byrd thin stoppedeating just long enough to acknowledgemy presence, "Where have you refl been?" I "I was ran checking on Barbara over at the show, " I replied as Iamar Alexander bel excusedhimself and walked over. wo Putting an arm around me and turning me away from the table, he of whispered, "You could wind up just like her if you don't get with the program. M: You've got programs to hand out. But right now, you're intemrpting my go dinner. Have you had anything to drink?" "No, Sir," I replied, traumatizedat the magnitude his of threat. ca I-amar Alexander instructed me to leave immediately, order a grasshopper ha from the conservatorybar. and wait for further instructions. w It was a matter rif routine for me to order a "grasshopper" from Opryland Hotel's conservatory. The ice cream "drink" was specially made--alwayswith a hypnotic drug in it. As sometimeshappened,the waitress was unfamiliar with the process, and conservatory harp player and CIA operative Lloyd Lindroth pi interceded. The drug had the same effect as that administered at the D.C. NASA programming center by Bennett, and my mode was robotic compliance. \ After the drug kicked in, Lloyd Lindroth instructed me to proceed to the o main ballroom of the Hotel, where Lamar Alexander would be meeting me. t l



3ry vas ara i:Iw

an nd,lex Ito gun rght rda ynn and rned nese that hink bara oom bara ise's lhett with n for Byrd ) you mder :, he ;ram. gmy opper ryland with a r with ndroth D.C. nce. to the rg me.

Theouterlobbyoftheballroomwas.decoratedinwall-sizemuralsthatextend "r'.tieinJ - oepicteoon the far wall tothetopof the gotnrc*ili;;'iii":rir"'.t grand tt"itciG'- i fiad seen'the murals to be ractng io*io the aooeared seemJ-to t""t asthey did to me that "frtJ timesbefore,fii';";;it"d"ttrey numerous rt*"y 6""Ur9 doois leadingio the ballroom niehton the NASA o*i' il *v ittengtttio open'it' Inside' meto feel very tfur iJ'ifiii;d;iih cairsed was-relieveilwhen l-amar rhernomwas a seaot brack suils and-ties, anJ'I uitt.i.a-t"" backout into the lobby' as a cryptic indicatorto those ffift;t 'l td;"in Tu# positioni?";;Alexander wasprovideda box ;ir'"int-" mind--contrott"O itiu". u. intheknowthat I was I was to hand idUilnlottution tt"'iiOu*tion pu.*i]tfr ofbrownenvelopes wasto saytn I what exactlv on d me outro rhegovernors. ni&"iioii;;-rtr""t D.c. Then in with prog***.a rie with the #;;"i;;"tl.tuo of a coniuncrion ""t.r in rhecapacitv

to thebaurilft, ?ir"i""ili "ip#"iiii heietumed ot*Pir.


you waitingon the train?"a paunchy-governor i'sut I q9PY" packet "No.Sir," t -r*"'i'i['"n'."i !ttry"11{"i i"ia' yout toomfor you?" *itr, youlna*J-t'ii ii' S1"r1r t"rl" iiTo ofinformation ""Tdhi'da-*tt"i heasked.' it mv name?" ontheenvelopes' nonames nGovernor," , ,"rpotiati''rrt"i"-"tiq{y were me?" for have "Astu!e," y,"-t ;ena tt" r"rponi't f4; elsevouwant anything "Education, hi*''Thispacket,"r *'fri"d, sill of si,ii"tt# utia t" or ramar'it;";lGr complimeirts p ^ r--.^-r^' r'^i nrrpd mv oosition' to my as to themas cued -pi"f.-rhem Onio Accordingto somegr the men'-AlexTg:l-l?9 ana fnornburghsuchas then .ro""*oi of Pennsylvanii Others.


asI 6;"',t""'-?l"IrtJ#:1"#fi?SJ'"Til saving onit".' I was Tiin,ou'name BiII *{ jP,t',tni Michigan gd_9r -in,. lT'lT9 ;' same :l',tJ:'';[""3$t, Bech i*i insuttmâ&#x201A;Ź that wiy' I'm doingthe wouldn'ttt*piJjo*"asTo I offer Bennett) i"ty oiirtt""t."ppi"""fi' The figuies ihinghereyou are,-but'f;;; system." school n;yichii^an o, "oui"iioniridoiil thesuccess rcflecr *"i *ttt awaie of Michigan's I recosnizedcou"i"J"'1t-*"h"ta'':*o "speartingof *ttictt"' he continued'"I first in trrenatioii'in;;;il":' is ranking trti" v"""oi itr-se'aayssince she I seâ&#x201A;Ź your to'ii"T';;;;1G" believe i; ';!;il (ri'-rnv) 1l'lmSexample in the schoot'''T'ttuti"iii"siGr or v*it workins little'sister is coming to inrt,utti#'*ii"pioo"ut"' proper of whit is a prime exampleof how furtherr,eritiits. Your whole ramily Mackinac-to


thenight rqom3s "g"inin,ra13rAlexander's r*fluflt,'ff-Y,fl'*nni" t" asked'Bonnie'who "eonnii"hoJs-t-hat snake"f i;;ti;

to a blose. came Jimmy photographer CIA -uirnmercial hadbeenr,rmeopornoiraprtriiri dv w.rt".i*iitr-oi.ti'r*iPii",ut".-"ttu.o"p"]PPaconsticter' "*;Cieatt" "How'syoursrlaughed. Bonnie timesin the haddonenumerous she,admittedlv ;ffH*i*o-l" -Irt it loose!" 'n project pd;1;ti"iitffyi1c, his pants' Referring to me '1 lamar Alexano"t o6-"t"tnoning ;when I first saw vo","vo" *"r" a-worm with no hint Monarchterms he said, ofbeinga butterflY."


"Daddy (Alex Houston)said she was a diamondin the rough," Bonnie eve We volunteered. ---;;StrJittines "I neâ&#x201A;Ź shiner, shoe you a are know he said, now". Turning to me yor andmineneeda shine." *-B;il;;;*-f"*iti"t with the Stockyardbooth and lamar Alexander's pre "{hy don t you both takea foot"' .*ittg, iiugtted *tten he said, up irearbyioom as instructed. He was in the nyrd's io w;i I Tasf'com-plete, "I-buise On over ruffled feathers her had Uut1ioom-pi6a1i;t himself fo'r UeO. Drying bit'" a down them smooth had to I and distiny Joffislon-*ittr ffibir-J; "[-ookslike you've ttii Aouehgrev handson a toliel, he turnedto me and said, hadvou-rrv-indsspreada bit tonight." '/I woreaiath up anddownthe stairs,"I stated. to fiddle with you further...I jujt n" ,"id, "I'r not going -remember M;;h'i#;-i"ii'"f me by--Bye'" He io something. you *-JJ---io 6iui gun' his stun my memorywith compartmentalized *'5il'ih;t*ir"t, to MackinacIsland,Mic-higan -C-u,ii-(ellv and'l weretransportea James at then-Governor Mulroney Briin Minister Phme to rn""i *iirr mansion. Blanchard's ". iio*io" led-kelly and me to a horse drawn carriaega; e9icklt.,-"-t^ I: antiquated,isl-j: ] 1"I9T that me steppedoff the ferryb6atonto the timeless,mind to flags 'iifriv weie aluin nying at the Grand-Hotel,but was of no Cah'aOian took carriage our as drugged me, apparently q;;ii"". *il"i"tty U6siO? thewoodsto theGovernor'smanslon' -in" -nuiiir us -- throueh in ttt" mansionwere reminiscentof the recent Tennessee Co*.io.?J-"onu*tion, Michigan GovernorBlanchard,Ohio governor Dick c.rlri., *a iennsylvanincoi"-o, Dick Thornburgh..Guy v_anderJagt.and of "honor". to bt the gue-st lirrv n6ra wereals6prisent. Mulroneyappeared --"fi; "I seeyou you would told reacfreaoui f{iJ handsand grtbril me, _I evenlng. tJus here be to distance and space, time, in time! I slipped somewhere - somegroundto cover." You ^ --,,?;,-si;. andI have SecrelaryBill Bennetthas ir"iiaE"i n&gan's Gtobal.Education packetdirectlyto you." .I Yq to delivera ,"nt r"'to oeliverthis educa"tion similar'to [hose handedout at the iri", ir,l*" invefope-oi-Oocutitents s Convention. Governor' -"I've alreadyheardthe schpiel,"he saidas he ni-"f.,"t6 excusedtrimself. wi Mulroneyandme alone' guests, leaving to his other turned '-' As programmed. as recited I GfoU"i-*:"iuti"on iJttre waie of the firture," hy ttr" *oiii g"tt Gat". and smallerdueto highertechnologytlTlllg-lh" glo9"' wi is, it as Lducation world' the oui childrEnmust be educit"Oin the ways-of involved to become need We bickyard. own in their lG for them Uii"fu-"o"ip, g0 il;" Ail{;n;r "Auiution for the sakeof tfreir future and our_legacy.Global "I ttr" *ay. The only way. I-ook into it..." I handedhim the a"-""tiil ir"...Peer M into thefuture." envelope. 8Il "ttns long enoughto acceptthe envelope,which he Mulronevuncrossedhir "I ID we leave legacy the children,the intirested-in am on;;h"it. ""ru^"fi" iorr'"1 rit in their history our record we way the *" tft"p" tft"i. futute by d;* ;Jiffi recoro he signalledme to photograph.lcally test.,, UsingOrderof ihe Rosecues, "Tell Mr. Bennett(sss)," he htssed'grypttcally ke his wordsf6r futuredelivery. re th:at Bill and Bob Bennett worked together using revealing his ""implementation EI Global Global on rnlemenrntinn is hishI'm alreadv sold l'm already-sold--on high. is tfr"r"r, ii"iifi-:Uii" to at Headsets to consider. them *O fr"u. iOOition"tpirintsI would like for Z-CftiO


" Bonnie re shiner, exander's vasin the fled over

" Drying

everycomputerstationtotgp"_Yt-.--?olll,".S"-:1p::,'^:t*rll:t-,lf lf; of thefuturemav "i;utplp"*d, andthegendrations ii;tirf,iili"ffiiir"il--a "lf9,]$ uurLt;utsrvua A yniled spee$'.-e [o speerr' up to Ct"p4 e'v tfrirtnup bnng mem tobring boosterto addedbooster need an added need needan into a clear and packageas a bisis is de'stined-tobring the future voureducation r:^ ' ri

irefnt.reality. me and Mulroney triggeredmy.seT.prog.ramming ;ili#;'i;*plete, ,led under entrancedunder wiiting, entranced ty waiting, was robiltically kelli-was reirc rn me the bdrooms herlrooms whereKellY where DeoI the irs to uDstalrs Oidersof the Rose.

ke you've rer. I just ye." He Michigan nor James kly as we d that the o mind to riage took Tennessee :rnor Dick erJagt and honor". d see you rsevenrng. lennetthas r deliver a rut at the said as he mmed. As , the globe, ln as it is, re involved :y. Global t' him the :, which he :y we leave orv in their :aliy record cryptically *her using on Global Headsetsat

I h"u" witnessed girls die of suffocation from this practice even though 3 to 5 minutes I withgut breathing is common. , While Bonnie was not raised in Project Monarch' Houston's pedophilia and stage her own actions. Bonnie is a multiple hyposis techniques rendered Bonnie unable ti control care' and therapy prostitution in need.of *ith "'-i1rl, a record of

Monarch nr*a'r"ii"p"Jy oJ**a SenatoiByrd'sdirectinvolvementin theProject with Houston' dauqhtel abused incestuously his of victimizations mind-conirolled government me'" what the Byrd taught ;tt"uiog t"tio can be a lucrative way to feather your nest--that's Mandrellcontinued,'l.ouisewasalittlewithdrawn,andsheneededtocomeoutofhercocoon a n d s p r e a d h e r w i n g s . I r a n t h e i c l e a b y B y r d , a' n d h e s a i d ' I f s h e d o e s n ' t h a v e a t a l e n t ' l e t ' s And viola, there she is. Another star on the nake her one. What is a band without " niat"f Alabama)'" (Hunwille, USA City, riselaunched from NASA "* are mind-controlled slaves are usually forbidden, and-conversations ry;;.:6;u"*"." Throughout the years' my owrr occurs' triggering cross-programming lest kept to a minimum basis, whereas Irby Mandrell reiationship with the tvtandrils was limited to a zuperficial .'ptoy.a.Houston,shlpnoticabilitiestomaintainmindcontroloverhisdaughterswhile touring.



pea stro res

agft sak repr of NAFTA's U.S. and Mexican relationswere flourishing in the successes Am groundwork, while polictical differencespertainingto Nicaraguaremaineda effc minor point of contention. Since the Catholic Vatican'sIntelligencearm of reg t o u s h e ri n t h e N e w W o r l d J e s u i t s - w e rweo r k i n s c l o s e l vw i t h U . S . I n t e l l i g e n c e wol to provide and Nicaragua in Mexico Order,they usedtheir establishedinfluence "diplomatic relations". My dual mind-controlvictiedu a common ground for "diplopra m y p r e v i o u s a n d s i n c e c h i l d h o o d , m a z a t i o nb y t h e C I A a n d t h e J e s u i t s Rei matic relations"in Mexico thrust me into the role of messengerand prostitute Pol t o N i c a r a s u a 'D s a n i e lO r t e g a . wh WereFresidentReagan'iNicaraguanFreedomFightersfightersOF freedom wo of ponme incapable rendered existence My mind-controlled of FOR freedom? "passion relr burning in I had a programmed deringsuch questions.Nevertheless, wo when torture, instilled through was patriotically as the Contras my bosom" for Yo "peacekeeping mission" to Nicaraguafor Reaganlate in the I dmbarkedon my ch s u m m e ro f 1 9 8 5 . Po I boardedNCL as usualto reachmy appointeddestination.SinceNicaragua wi was not a port of call for NCL, | flew from the Yukatanof Mexico to a remote ne m i l i t a r ya i r s t r i pi n M a n a g u a .I t w a s i n t h i s s m a l l m o u n t a i nt o p c l e a r i n gt h a t I en met wlth CommandantDaniel Ortega, as had been arrangedthrough the yo Vatican. Re I was dressedseasonablyin shorts,with my long blond hair tuckedback in te( a Frenchbraid. Ortega'sattire,too, was reflectiveof the casualair to meeting. tu H i s t a n ,m i l i t a r yu n i f o r mh a dw o r n t h i n , a n d w a s f r e eo f a n y p r o t o c o li n s i g n i a s . ge The dark, rose-coloredsunglasseshe peered through apparently had not th "noble cause"he claimedto represent'A man changeshis somberview of the th "Come with me." I rode with him of few words, he greetedme with an order, ct in silenceas he diove a jeep the short distanceacrossthe airstrip to a small, AC neat,two story,white, frame house As we cameto a stop in front of the house,Ortegasaid in a sad,slow voice, c( "l haveneedslike any man. But I feel like a whore myself for accecptingyour li offer." President's br His bedroomwas cleanand functional,with numerousassaultweaponsscatt( teredaround. I did not see any modern conveniencesor personaleffects,but a Ortegaseemedto be at home in his surroundings. s Oltega's demeanorwas that of a man who had abstainedfrom sex longer h than mo.stin his political position. As he slowly unbuttonedhis shirt, I noticed d symbol on it, a Catholicmedailionwith the secretJesuitascension/dessension tl a commonaccessoryamongJesuitspooks. He sat in wicker chair as I followed h h i s s i l e n tl e a di n g r a t i f y i n gh i m o r a l l y . 0 While he chain smoked cigarettes,I sat in front of him on the floor, and ! "President Reagan t relayedReagan'smessageto him as programmed.I began, t hassentme as a messengerof peace." "l'd like to have He casuallyinterrupted,slowly looking me up and down. a -oiecein a few more minutes." "Your people have enduredmany hardshipsthroughouttheir I continued, existence.He (Reagan)only wants to help. The Americanpeoplewant to see 184 MY CON-TRA-BUNON

and freedom in vour land. Mexican and U.S. relations are growing oeace irongerby the day, and-it is imperative that we resolve your conflict in order to resolieour own'with the M-exican government. We have come to the with Mexico that the Nicaraguan conflict must be resolved for the agreement mission dkeof your people as well as our own. I am here on a_peacekee-ping. represeniative of Vatican-based common ground shqed. by b.oth Mexican and governments,to enlighten you to our peaceful intentions. The unifred Airerican effortof Mexican-American eatholic missions is to promote peace in your while only enhancingyour culture. The world is rapidly turning toward rcgion, w6ddpeace, and Nicaragua-is way behind the times-from technology ?nd ducatibnto government ideals and-religious senvi_ctions. - Pope John Paul is joined with President forces peace your has region, and in for dilieently FaVing 'neigan', tr,t6xico-,and even the Soviel Union to ensure that peace. - He- (the almost fope)knows your goals, he knows ygqr 4otiles (I leaned f9*99, wtrisieringfroh mi own instilled beliefl, he knows your soul. We can all worfin tindem to ichieve that peace. Nicaragua, small though it in to the rest of the world,ls a signifrcanf stepping stone toward unifying rclation worldpowers. It can no longer be a source of contention and diYgreement. Yourfr:ople must be free. FJee to worship God through your holy Catholic churcf.that is first and foremost on PresidentReagan'sagenda, as well as the Pooe's and Presidentde la Madrid's. A New World Order is coming into being wiihor without you; it is an inevitable processthat cannot be stopped. A whole newworld of piace awaits us all. I can see you iue a peace-loving man. It from-your being. Blood has flowed-across your land so heavily that emanates yourpeoole arb drowniie in it. Together we can cauterize that wound. Americanization can- upg-rade-your ftepta.i btooa flow with- cash flow. at a rapid rate. Your People could compete in-world mar*ets by.$" Ecirnology nrmof t[e centurj. Your future global position has already-beendeterminedby gographyalone.- Flow with it.- IJad your people out of Po1erty-' Educate fneriii d manner conducive to their destined position in wodd markets. Free themfrom their struggles that have held them captiv_efor so_long. Allow the can clurchbells to ring wiltr good news of peace,prosperity and-freedom. -You " all of vour-goals for your country's advancementwith our help. achieve 0rtega thoughtfirtty nnisheO smoking a cigarette, and lit -up another as he repl'ied, "iell your President that I have seen his freedom, and confrden-tly listened to his'words projecieOthrough yet another example of it. He paints a hutifut picture suspendedwithin his framework. A picture can appear serene toitsbehblderwhiki it is being gazed upon. I cannot worship a graven image, mdthe picture he paints is jusithat. Wc have fought loo.halg and too long, millineSweatanO blooO acrbss this land in our determined effort to maintain instilled in us by our forefathers, who gained their profound wishuman-values domfrom the original Cathoiic missionaries. These values are the same as froseportrayed in-President Reagan's painted pictur_e-only ours are.real. His have 6nlv srirfacevalue. like aniother-paintint. If I were to concede, I would onlybe iramed within the pictuie he paints, -!ung gn his-wall like a.trophy. I wilinot mislead my people, in spite oT his offers o! yealh and position. I am [ue to my conviciions, and when he is true to his,. then we will meet on ground and have something of substanceto discuss. For now, words common areonlv a wasteof our time." nl'll OrtLgaput out his cigarette, and pulled back the covers on his bedhis pipe/bong off opium well-used ffe took a plea-sant." hkeyou"somewhere


tg dresserand handedme a nozzle. I hadbeentrainedt9 accept.anydrug.giv.en hesitated I forbidden puliu-3' strictly. the U"ing e*ception onty ."-*-iifr tn" ;;ii d;"g; aisireo t" it.*"t dptfq. 'ls.ihe^drugtooi( {fTJ-le said'-"This of couldbe the way to *oriO p*."1t_Sex with Orte[a walSJvery leastfree relations" to-have."diplomatic forced was I rnort u"lid p;;rJi"". ;"ilil '*iirt foit'nJr*gan eaminiitration, h9 fell asleepwhenhe was throughdue to the "'- differencebelweenopiumandcocaine. a ieep;i trom outsideawokehim. _As-I.preparedto leave,he -ir"'ioiti i1.,f-h;k oi ball of b=lackopium from his riatt, Uq inch o^rso.1.'is said^';W;'i;cigarettepaggqe wrapper' frgm cellophang per-sbnaf stash,wrappedit in the ifri'r'toyour Presidenland.tâ&#x201A;Źll him that Youand I found more fid;;,-;Gli" of his painted tttiJ suUstandtd hiii "*t i*P"tt on the surface -It-tre i'** *itft "Comeback and see behintime he said, ctoseOttri aoor quietly !i66i.,; " whenYouhavemoreto offer. ire "'-i';;r'i;fti"t"tireturned by plane to washingtol, D.9. where^_my ".i-ssioi; trid "tiii"dt a. T-fti*tiind t was taken directly to Bush's office, aiiiverea" Ortela's- .essuge verbatim. Eliminating most of the ;il;;;-i to.Reag?Jr.Unableto iiuf-olur, guih-i*tru.t"d?e to delivir a_partialmessa_gâ&#x201A;Ź_ "-Needto-Know" mindperceivemessage"oni"ni---O p"opt" biyond^my would havea lhat ortdga's message ;;;;;il.d ]i;iia view, I h;d n6 co:ncept irpact. 1 neJei occuneoto m'ethat ot g." had.provenhimselfto be ;a;d; me as.a prostitute to bebylsing-free ai-*uctt a hypocriteas tre purported^n:ug"{t. will with which of badne*s'tn,i*ing-fulliell. thatI hadno ;d;&;"t6i message Ortega.'s of revision palah6le. more to make th"" message .Bush's fuet to a pro-uerUiat-fiJttrat t didn't even know was burning when I aaOeO to Reagan. deliveredthe message Oval Bushwas with Realan fiA tn" in Reagan'ssecondaryoffice (to the "Daniel a! instructed, ; I relayedihe messageoffrcet-of the White iffi* the_sameresolutionsthat we do. But who seeics 6ffii i'"'i;*.;'6;ilg-;x11, in my pursefor.the opum) that he and I found f," toiO me io tell you---1i-aug ha;dedthe opium to Reagan)than you'll ever i" tttis'suUsiancel-G ;;;;'"*;; globe'" painted your on the surfaceof imoari ""'Br;ti'ililJ fice instihtly turnedbeetred -wit! rage.^ Bushthen "in*ein'i ,*.i"0 and spun up Jut Jf tris ctrair, iook the opium fol !iry"]-l and.told spreadwas peace.she more. It seemsth6 only 'ie Reaean."SettleOown.--fnlie's "i would reconsidermy saving, door, for the rte.oea h;;"leg;; ;;tr[j dropped ili*eie in you.iftEi-consiAeting.*hatls friling hers." Bush ;;iid; "It's running he c6ntinued, as my"shoes Ggiio Uic['o-f'rf tt" f,ir e';! A"*n bothsidesof herlegs." douin -I was oouioustv r wouldnil be subjectedto sex with Reaganthat 4I' cruise' NCL my resumed I where Mexico, io back ori"ftl'""i"g'r.a ;Aflil" through high voltage, I the event compartmentalized irvi;il"";';;;ty-"i all' gone at been never had I that feiieved'atthe tinie

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rg glven to I hesitated aid, 'This ast free of relationsn rghdue to leave, he from his wrapper, rnd more s painted < and see here mv s office-, : of the Inable to ' mindI have a slf to be rostitute h which message when I rc Oval "Daniel Lo. But I found 'll ever sh then td told ad was ler my ropped unning I was :ruise. tge, I

CHAPTER23 U.HIRLEL I4SIAN In the fall of 1985,

part of me that met -;Bill"' with Ortega was walking lle $me-6ir;;;r"ili'ii, ylS..-S=Cyappointed; crA 6-"r"";lh?ough the

arDoured rosegardenof his LongIstandesrate. _,C,.1r:t.t"c;"i| #_ipur"tingTI *rliLYrli.cian,programmi"g Fgr"p"it;ili;v wrththeexperrise inorcarrve or mecurrenr unionbetween Catlioticariocle o1ir."iionr.-c;G"il; 'man.Reagan refened to as a o{.;n""undersranding". "r have;iur' io.,nrng my Jesuitmind-control programmed w";ia vir%;fl#;i'p#f. ny ,"_ moving themoreviolentfictions"i r""i"ii", world wideand rbplacingthem withfairhfulleaders of oneworldg;;;;il;and the""i*"rio..ilu?.n, gtouut unification is eminent. gearitguf-"iri"", _a it cameto mein my dreams. Godhasmovedme to 11i1a movemen.

r've -o"& rhem hereand I,ve mdvedthem there-now ir's time to removenem. My-wo'ad tisio";;"tr," grou" andputsto restanv anau tensions,strrie,oierpoputution, and-starvation.My

ano *'i ciu'ciiJJ i"!-ii ilt ;;t^il"r0fr.#'ii; tril,ji ]]'ffiT,ff:|du,1'l:',""'

Referringto mv mind-controlred involvementin Haitian operationsvia NCL,casei furtheidefined-'ihe""Jr";;'ry;'r heartfeltmissionin Haiti has helped in mv worrd vision ques!f--#, pdt to abandonhedonistic voodoo and turntheirevesto

God"ia-c"dri;"ii"ny th;f;;; aililn,'ii.y nu"" created anatmoiphere ple-virwrre-redy'u iiigu. wiil bevisited 6n'their rand. TheLord has so-moved me to move men'wh-o s!ar9 o-ur goals into place, and

re-move thosewhot*,tl.t:yay


*"gl lt_isfor ir.,t,i""ron'ir,atyour mission in Haiti mustbe.broughtto'a cloie. BabyDoc, in his tirelessdevotion t0 savingthe demonicallypo-ssessed i*"6t uoi tr,9 uuraenoi-Jaicning tris people die the wretcheddealttrun-teaitr"l"f"" irr*e doomed for hell. we are left with no arternativebur to h""dT" ;;;o God and sparehim from annihilation. For this reason, we will sendofin-the misriiiiies g"suit Mercenaries) ro inocurate^tne pop.uritio;;ith ; vaccinethil ;ili;par; onry the goodof heartbv virtueo,fits 'oeilgn- eri-"it"ipt, ro mainrainHaiti within the -rourism muit ue stoppedfor the sakeof the ]gq 9t.rrna19iilguin will cease. nnocents visitine a oraguedrand. oespite our diff6iences,' r,u, complied with trie viticin;s ord''' to ;il5't-"ri or his abiritiesri"iilbo" in his demon_ infested tand, and must resignhi; p.;i it to him ro rransporthim to -'w;;;" ufety. It is our dutv as AmEricans-d roilo*iis of God to obeythecommands

ofourLordandMlsbr^and ;i"t "ifi-fr;;ki virfi rrl;l#fiy asan American andfollowerof G_od to instilitre uni;rrhili& ti,ui6itnil'rpot"n, anda plagueis imminent...paby

p9"'il u"iliir"p-"d for transitionandawaits wordof direction. you will pr6vide him ;if, ihat ^: *ord.,, yith wrth perceorions my mv perceptions distorted anJ cethnli" rpcrrir nr ^, .**^r -d qtih;il" "understanding" Jesuir programmed instill'ed,.t*as pi-pareolo-"r"r,grourlyaccept,,any and all I wastold. I,itut'ionin rt"iii'.r,i". u riory wli, neJeicapaote ofrealizingir wasa testrun uatuefoiiiie.i"aii" tr,ir,iii''*"ria'fi;b. The devorionI fert toward.thg rlai-tdpeopte *as .or!^itrii-a'ierigious understanding of these arternatery c"rfii,*s#;fi; "ft;;;rrilTpdri. r *", actually subconsciouslv recogniz'ing ;td;6fi fu mind-conrrolled ihves in this human createdhel cariedltilti. ionsciourry,ino* tnow li ilr-dr;'; pan ,o 187

the visible stun gun/prod marks, plastic ever-present smiles that never quite reach their dead apiearing eyes.- The children clung, to _their wide-eyed mothers. as thev peiforme<i'thrJirtasks in robotic servitude. I had recognized thesechiracteriitiis in other slavesthroughout the years, but never had I seena whole countrV entranced. My compassionfor the Haitian people penetratedinto the realm of ihe spiritual, info a pirt of me that mind control and manipulation of religion could never touch. Ca-seyand I had been walking through the garden, guarded by more armed men thai the President. It wasnit that I was athreat, I couldn't even think to save myself. It was that Casey and his World Vision were a threat to humanity that so many guards were needed. The men appearedto be U.S. Secret Service ofFrcersacc6r-dingto their attire, weapons, and earphone feadget-s. One guard conspicuouslyplaced his hand to his headset,listening as though it were remote contiol. rre'wlrca briskly over to casey, who signaled me to leave with an escort who instantly arrived at my side awaiting instruction. "Take her to iry chambers,t' Casey told him. "Clear her mind. I have something I need t6 instill." Robotically I followed my e.sco4.into casey s ofhce libiary. The room was larren, dark, aq{ hot--just,as de-scribedina book I had beeri given to read in keeping with You Are What You Read proqramming.- It produced a sensati-onbf having somehow stepped into the iofit Cnaniteon by insider William Diehl. The mind scramble of the book and reality instantly commenced. "It's ivarm inhere," the agent said, unbuttoning my white eyelet blouse. "Bill (Casev)likes to keep it this way in case-he(Casey)gets a chill and his blood'runs'cold. Cham6leonsoare haturally cold blooded. Make yourself doesn't wan! to hear a peep comfortable while I turn up the heat. Mr. Casey -He deliberately triggered and out of vou. so I'll warn you now--be Silent." activateil the Jesuit programmed part of me that believed in my Vow of Silence.s "The walls have eais and ttre plants have eyes, so your silence is tantamount to success. I'm going to leave you to reflect in Silence. Bill will be along any minute," "reflecting," I would have queslioned the-Yalidity.of Had I been capable of "religious overtones" on Haitian policy. Like Casey's dramatic'position of not-ring true consideringthe fruits of his labor, did Reagin's, Casey'ssincerity Butihen,'I could not considerany more thanl could r.eflect,and Isgt in a state of what'felt like suspendedaniriration awaiting my instructigns, I could not anticipate nor dread what was about to happgn as futuristic thinkile was left in I rr3alizedthe scramble of reality with the h:andsof my controllers. Had"psychicly" predicted what happenedwhen William Diehl's book, I could have Bill Casev strolled in. Casev walked over to his hiehlv polished, dark wood desk and opened the top dravier. Casey's desk was-on-ebf the few furnishings in the large, airy robm. The dark, itlished, reddish-woodpaneling seemedeven darker with the midnight blue carpeting curving slightly up qe *qll._ - 4?yy, gothic maroon velveidrapes blacked out the sun from the windows behind his desk. "I can^seequite clearly that you have taken a Vow of Silence. Maintain it. into preset trigggrs. He reached reachedinto triggers. He hissed, using using preset Lisssten,"'Casey Casey hissed, Maintain Maintainit and andLisssten,"-

on the drawerand took out a foot-iong,maroonbox with a diamondembossed the top. "freceiveda box, quiteanonymously asI do from time to time," Caseysaid "The box hasyour nameon it. I expected in keepingwith the UorikscramUie. 188

to opâ&#x201A;Ź intend H( elabo Byrd meetir partic II tell. . cut in

you." E\ provi bega carve areat pierc did s stand mew

doom islan (Duv myv Cedn signa \\ "As , retun mem Inng andI H but tl Hous Visio bree throu R evide Chri tram Shri refer sayr


Gen robe walk

er quite ide-eyed ngnized I seen a ttedinto pulation c armed think to umanity Service e guard remote with an I have Casey's a book r Read nto the e book blouse. md his ourself a peep ed and lence,5 )unt to ng any dity of Like labor. a state ld not left in r with when ed the

), airy Lththe laroon ain it. d into ed on y said )ected

!o open i1 and find the usual pierced chameleon and found, instead, a weapon intended for one." He openedthe box in front of me. Inside, laying on a bed of cotton, was an elaboratedagger with a handle of the same rose crystal from which the crucifrx Byrd,had presented me on "our wedding night" was made. My first personal meeting with Casey promised to be torturous as I recognized Byrd's participationin the grisly ordeal. I listened, deeply tranced, as Casey said, "Is it a knife or a crucifix? I can't tell. Both symbolize martyrdom as far as I'm concerned. Note the rose pattern cutinto the crystal. Now, I wonder who would have sent me this to give to you.' Even under mind control I knew, as I was supposed to, that Byrd had providedhim with the knife. My worst fears were confirmed when Casey beganusing Byrd's hypnotic induition, "In like a knife, sharp and clean, I'il carveout what I want. n Casey sliced through the front of my bra, exposing the ueabetweenmy breastswhere Byrd routinely cut me with his pocketknife. He piercedinto my breastbone deeply so that I 6eteved I would iplit, and indeed did split off a personality fragment compartmentalizing this event. Using standard Jesuit-basedinfinity program, Casey instructed me and programmed mewith messagesthat I would deliver as though my life dependedoh it-. "You must go to the Citadel and warn our Dominican brothers of impending _ doomto their neighbors in Haiti. From the Dominican side (of the Haitian island)you will be flown to Port Au Prince where you will meet with Baby Doc (Duvalier)at his Palace. He is already receptive to your word, and knows that my words are your words and your word is Silence. You must tell General Cedras his Order is from The Rose." Casey touched the white rose in his lapel, signalingme to photographically record his-words verbatim. Whgn he was through programming me with his message,Casey told me, "As quickly as you complete this mission, you must depart Haiti, never to returnagafur." Casey used excessive high voltage to compartmentalize my memory. I recall being nauseatedand ill from his stun gun as I departed his long Island compound/home via ferry programmed with messagesto Cedras andBabyDoc. Haiti had recently been dropped from the NCL itinerary as a Port of Call, blt the Dominican Republic side of the island remained open to tourism. When Houstonand I debarked the NCL ship in Puerta Plata, we walked past a World Visioncargo ship that was being unloaded at the dock. I recall thafa soft ocean gently llfted thg hem of my white, gauzy dress as I weaved my way breezethroughthe dockload of World Vision freight to a waiting automobile. Religion and politics apparently mix in the Dominican Republic as evidenced by the inseparablemixture of Catholic Missions, old forts,-statuesof ChristopherColumbus, and Catholic Shrines. As we drove past the mountain tramway that takes tourists up and down to the rustic Citadel and Catholic Shrineat the top, Houstonpelpetuated the "Chameleon" book scramble. Dually rcferring to Cedras and the short donkey ride from the tram to the Citaddl dqicted in Diehl's book, Houston threatened to put me on the rickety tram uying, 'Some Jackasswill seeyou at the top." In an area reserved for covert activities, out of view of tourists, I met with GeneralCedrasin his Citadel office. Dressedin the eerie, Jesuit, dark, hooded robe,Cedras completed Casey's "Chameleonn book scramble scenario as we walkedthrough the ancient structure to his office. Cedras' demeanormade him


appearmore as a militant than a "spook," despitethe corny monk's attire. With his hood down his back, Cedras' sharp, craggy features and darting steel blue eyeskept my full attention. I had seenhim at a monasteryin Santo Domingo as ordered before,o when Haiti was still being used by the CIA for Operation Watchtower to transport cocaineand Contra weaponsfrom Cuba. Alone with Cedras and properly signaled, I began photographically reciting Casey's message, "I have word of warning from the Vatican by way of the honorable and faithful William Casey. He sendsword of impending doom that is to befail your neighbors on the darkside in Haiti. Voodoo manifest itself in mysteriousways while the way of the Lord is clear. Evil must be stoppedat all costs. The cost shall be in terms of human casualty, as a plague is being visited upon the land. Those who fornicate with devils shall be infested with the plague. Woo unto them who have stood in the path of World Peace. By God's design the New Wodd Order shall come into being with or without the Haitians. All American operationsin Haiti are now destined for your ports. Your people (the CIA-UN operatedDominicans) will flourish in peace and prosperity while the dark side (Haitians) drown in the blood of this holy war that they have brought upon themselves. Close your borders swiftly and mainiain guardiansat the gate lest the Haitians infest your land with their evil plague. Inoculation of the massesshall be maskedin the bodv and the blood shall carrv the doom. As more and more Haitians turn to God'in their f,rnal hour, the iommunion they partake will be Satan's own. With their God as the scapegoat,your Island in the Son (sun) will be freed of the vile and wicked. I have seen a vision, a World Vision, and it is through communion with the ancientsthat we have been granted the Keys to the Kingdom? to unlock the gates of hell. The holy water sent herein has the blessingsof the Vatican and must be sprinkled like rain upon the Haitians. Our God reigns, and he rains rivers of blood upon the Haitian masses,and he reigns supremeupon your mission. Your mission is clear. You serve communion and let God sort them out. Those who serve the bodv of Christ are covered by the Vatican, those who serve voodoo evil shall be covi:red in the blood of their own. It is clear our God reigns. Iâ&#x201A;Źt the gamesbegin. " Combining the cryptic language of Cedras' CIA and Jesuit operations, Casey had weaved numerous cryptic commands into his message. Had I been inadvertently accessed,the instructions would make little senseto those not cued to the language. Cedras was listening religiously, fully grasping the magnitude of Casey's instructions. I concluded the message, "The holy water with the Vatican's blessings will arrive at 1 PM today by way of World Vision. The blood shall host the plagus."a I was relieved to depart Cedras' presence without being subjected to his usual perverse sexual brutality. This would be someoneelse's job this time, as my programmed trance was mainlained until I delivered Casey's messageto Baby Doc Duvalier on the "dark side" of the "Island in the Son". Houston took me to the small ClA-operated airport at the foot of the mountain where I boarded a small, white airplane destined for Port Au Prince, Haiti. When we landed, the pilot walked me over to Baby Doc's Tonton guards, and ordered that I be taken to the Palace. He spoke in rapid Haitian French, and lifted my symbolic, rosy cross necklacefor emphasisto the guards. Reinforcing my instilled belief that the Catholic emblem would protect me, the guards treated me with the respect that apparently was reserved for identihed Jesuit spooks. I was driven by white Mercedes to the Haitian Presidential Palace. Looking even more conspicuously out of place in contrast to stark


pove4 revere questi starva I t Projec by a t Presid contro voodo to pet proce Haitia Doc f u!

been I whon Bi intelk mess uI

Case in Ha whos and s the h missi peac not h plagu not b you ( homr doon arm to th hasc \ sam com cont instr as u Don wate haul acro with misl me 1


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I,,iiT''}J5i'0"&83'l?'jHt"J!tuii"''prEv J,.H"L'fl H,YJtr'JJ:,1'dfi 19l


: i

I World Vision was/is a Jesuit controlled organi2li61 that led churches to give them money under the guise of spreading world peace. What they were not saying was what the money was actu4fly funding--a world peace plan undel mind control' z Perceptual distortions of the virtues that good people hold most dear is one reason for the proliferation of criminal activity within such organizations as World Vision. There are those within affected factions of such organizations, the catholic church, and even the U.S. "Need to Govemment that operate under distorted perceptions referred to by the CIA as a 'Need to Know" that their minds, religion, and/or perceptions are being they Know' basis--and delib^eratelymenipulated. J Sin"" the Catholics had joined forces with the United Nations to overtake the world through rrass mind control, the Jesuit influence on Haiti was complete. By maintaining much of the ceremony, placing literal interpretation on'eating the body and drinking the blood,'and providing a mirror reversal ofgood and evil, Catholicism and voodoo, like Catholicism and the United nations. became one in the same. 4 'Chameleon' is a term used to describe spies who are expertly trained to blend Th" t".into gny environment at any time unnoticed-just as an MPD mirrors the one they're with. ) The Iesuit Vow of Silence was installed through the Rite to Remain Silent of my "Silence Equals Death" Now I know, like so rmny others in Intelligence, that childhood. Knoyledge is our ONLY defense against mind sqitr6l. 'a o strategically placed chess piece that the CIA, Je.suits Byrd had told me that Cedres was and p.N. moved around' to usher in their New World Order. ' 'Keys to the Kingdom" was defined by Bill Bennett in accordance with le'suit 'At the Apostles compiled dl the the onset of Christianity, programming as follows: information that they had obtained from Christ and built the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Christ intended it to be the one world church then-the truth, the light, and the way. The secrets And were kept in the ark of the covenant, and passed down generation after generation. generation after generation Christ caused for more to be written--the fruits of his labors This expounding on the truth. Now the ark has become archives--a wealth of information. infoqnation is accessible to very few-the very few who hold the Keys to the Kingdom'. 8 lnterpretation of the finai message is left to fts minds of the masses who can still discern 'clear', based on conversations overheard and my experience as a truth. My conclusions are white House sex slave. Although Byrd and Reagan, anong others, had prostituted me to 'the plague' when having officials in AlDS-infected countries, they used no protection against sex with me. 9 Th"r" can be no world peace without peace-of-mind, and there is no peace-of-mind under mind control. Haiti, once a prototype of New World Order controls, has now been used up and 'pea.cekeeping forces' have created a smoke and discarded by the cIA and Jesuits. u.N. 'pea.ce' by keeping it FROM the Haitian people. mirrors illusion of




slaves with F nuser believ their I had pi I Prosti excite Chris an olc Hous genu Year I itresi< wher place place

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low ' attern woul T coca Hous nighl Ir eveq Asso was Danl look "Ou

cetu watc havi minr porn / the attel insa late toe


n money ,ney was n for the re those he U.S. Need to ruebeing re world much of od,' and r and the to blend h. rt of my Death'. \, Jesuits th Je.suit all the Church. le secrets n. And is labors rn. This tl discern ]ncâ&#x201A;Ź as a dmeto n having nd undet d up and ooke and

o n D e c e m b e r 4 , 1"tftiotott 986,Iturned2gyears-old.Usually^mind.contro ito. the hreedomtrain," at 30; but I argued rfuu.i-*1i"-OiiCarAea, g-e-ment abusersonly had one year left to 'ny 'n" fre told *tren iltir-fu;;G" of.time, and of the pasrsing awareness -iegardless I had had no cotisc'ious G;il;;. of what I believed,my abusersdid rtiif o;tiii. #6!ilii i'*"r ,,use ,o" up"Jnyrii"Iiy and psychologicallybeforeevena month theirbestto passed. had "--l'iai'in which included. b-eing on a routine trip, -cheeks Washington,D.C. "Uncle were flushedfrom presiOeni Ronnie's" iid"g"". -"' io orostituteO "I



qlwavstaketwo Yee\soff for

iii toro-

ry9, to breakinto 6iitirt.^i t" g" Ua6t to Catiio^ia." Reagan^interrupted-himself "Cialifornia hbreI come..." TheWhite -o dance, ii'rid'ri"lii*"".0 siyreto"g "af*ayJ to him, and he appeared beeir confinine frour.,--f,"'"taimed, fraA "I l;ok forward to this trip every ttip.. 'Ot, irri,i-rLfi "-i,lieA aUoutt'ir "pd*i"g I still work while I'm there--the vearbecauseI set to s."-of[ iti"nds. you see I'm there' It's abouttime least at done--but i,"rfli """er iilij"ili "'There'sno *ftri"l-""ff ttorn"." Then, quotingthe Wizardof Oz, he.9ud' 'There'sno pr'*"holni.;-eno you;t" qbou!.p Fe wly. Savit with me, Thgrii no pii"" rif" hor"'.',' Then"he instructedme in oz h;il. ;ffi iiii;;cti"t i*otii. """liilb-;lii;;fiilvour heels.There'sno placelike home' beinghit with {eadlv ;-;i"stiiipioa"a in mv brain, Reagairwas "settingthe stage"for an r.*"""it"1"'iLP;6fiA"airr.eit. I meeting at anupcoming timJstip,to beieactivated litlrriliirii"d r.;;i;lfi wouldhave with him in Bel Air, California' packed with The motor ttome *ai pact eO O ttte walls, and the walls were california. drive.,to. long our on i departed" ui iouston, Keil'y;-;d i'touris^t stops" along the way that proved as plann6d ;Jdt"t ird*t*-rlua nishtmarish as'the California ordeal itself. ""'il'.fr;'v+;;;

N;""da, Houstql ke4rt.Kellyand me buly prostitutingus to "in'-fre-k";il ani in aitendanceat the Country Music Ene* .u.*o*-h" *i""r .onn"ntion. weary of being sentfrom room to room, I il#;id;, ;;;b;,k h th" lobby literaiiy ttving td qrc.t' ti brg3jhrylren,I saw.Michael light giey silk suit and.darkglasses, nrte. He was dresiedin an exfensive, 'moUstei, l-eaning', waiting for me' like a Fed ihan i tootinr 111or" ;Oui 6ue,' he professedover the phon-efo1 mind conditionlngpurposeswas as he looked at his no*.- "yo.i're late," he growled -to crrtainlvnot aDDarent by programm-ing activate iroom I:dies' the ;#h:'' Fi;'.;[ilJ"hi-inio my With walls' the lined that mirrors fr*ir! r":'fir"-mysefF in itr" innnity fti tttJn'used and directed me in commercial mindser like he dtJ; I-ater,he did the samewith Kelly' oornoqraDhv. *^ H;rton iralmgtizea'Kelly and me i n preparationfor Xiifr5'd;?"6-;il,While hiking downthe.canyon,Houston bdifornia. te upcoi,ini*ents'in itt rli.A to-anchorf,vpnotic4fiAt of tne trip's-eventsbehindthe deathand


for.a us. Whenwestopped i5 *rti"h'h"*_"r.subjecting

iateafiernodnlunchin-ihe C*yon, Kelly iollapGd in a stateof-shock,unable was, as t0eat. Houston*"s pt".rea birarisehe'"got fo eatit all himself'. I 193

usual, undergoing the food and water deprivation. I was so thirsty, I could not think to eat. Kelly's condition magnified my own terrifred state, and I did all I could to keep Houston from supposedlypushing her over the edge. I carried her for hours all the way out of the c:tnyon, without pausing to rest. In my own mind I wanted to believe I was actually able to protect her. The fact was, Houston was wearing me down physically to ensure that I could not protect her at our next destination: I:ke/Mount Shasta,California. George Bush was highly active in both the Iampe, Missouri and Shasta, California retreat compounds. Just like Iampe, Shasta's cover was country music. According to everyone I knew, singer and songwriter Merle Haggard supposedlyran the show at I-ake Shasta,diverting any and all attention from the nearby Mbunt Shastacompound. Shasta was the largest, covert mind-control slave'camp of which I am'aware. Hidden in the wooiied hills, military fencing corrals an enormous fleet of unmarked, black helicopters and more mindThis covert military controlled, military robots than I saw in all of Haiti. operation served its own agenda, not America's. I was told and overheard that if was a base for the future Multi-Jurisdictional Police Force; for enforcing order and law in the New World Order. In the center of the high security compound, was another well-guarded military-fenced area that was rggar$qt a1 a "Camp David" of sorts for those running our country. George Bush and Dick Cheney-sharedan office there, and claimed the outer perimeter woods as their "A Most Dangerous Game". Predicated own hirnting ground where they played the two, it was this world police military I overheard between on conversations background that earned Dick Cheney his cabinet appointment as Secretary of Defense' with the Bush Administration. Houston stayed at Haggard's l-ake Shasta resort while Kelly and I were helicopteredto Mount Shastafor our scheduledmeeting with Bush and Cheney. The h-elicopterpilot directed our attention to the military fencing surrounding the outer perimeter of the compound. Rarely did pilots ever speak to either of us, but this one smiled wickedly as he told us we would need to know the outer limits for A Most DangerousGame. As soon as we airived at Bush and Cheney's inner sanctum, I noticed George Bush, Jr. was with them. It was my experience that Jr. stood by his fathei and covered his backside whenever Bush would become incapacitated from drugs or required criminal backup. It appeared that Jr. was there to serve both purposeswhile his father and Cheney enjoyed their work-vacation. Hypdr from drugs, Cheneyand Bush wer6 riagerto hunt their humanprey in "A Most Dangerous Game". They greeted me with the rules of the game, ordered me toltrip naked despite the cold December winds, and told me in Oz "beware of the lions and tigers and bears". Kelly's life became the cryptic to stikes, as usual, which resurrected 6y natural and exagg6ratedprogrammed "If we maternal instincts. Tears silently ran down my cheeks as Bush told me, catch you, Kelly's mine. So run, run as fast as you can. I'll get you and your little girl, too, becauseI can, I can, I can. And I will." "Any questions?" Cheney, daring me to respond, asked, I said,-"There's no place to run becausethere's a fence--the kind I can't get over. I saw it." "no where Rather than physically assaultme, Cheney laughed at my senseof hole in the fence had a a bear torn hide" and explained that to run, no where tb somewhere,and all I had to do is find it. He lowered his rifle to my head and said, "I,et the gamesbegin. Go."


\\ could the s

"Byr gunt Bush Chen I instru Chen Bush diplo the d watc make little way. favor T The I were cryp


You Bush You betw chan pull l room C appa Chen will1 her ir B his h inspi


wabb C (who slave to thr until great progl I forme

ouldnot did all I carried my own rct was, )tecther Shasta, country Jaggard rom the -control fencing : mindmilitary ard that rforcing security uded as nd Dick as their dicated military 3tary of I were 3heney. ounding :ither of re outer noticed I by his ,acitated to serve prey in ) game, einOz rme the ammed "If we , nd your an't get r where te fence ead and

Wearing only my tennis shoes,I ran through the trees as fast and as far as I could,which wasn't very far at all. Bush was using his bird dog 1o track me, the same one that had recently been used with me in bestiality filming as a "Byrd-dog"joke on my owner, Robert C. Byrd. When caught, Cheney held his gunto my head again as he stood over me, looking warm in his sheepskincoat. Bushordered me to take his dog sexually while they watched, then he and Chenevusheredme back to their cabin. I fuiled on my clothes and sat in the office part of the cabin awaiting instructions. I had no idea where Kelly waS, nor do I in retrospect. Bush and Cheneywere still in their hunting clothes when the programming sessionbegan. Bushsaid, "You and I are about to embark on A Most Dangerous Game of diplomaticrelations. This is my game. You will follow my rules. I will have thedistinct advantageof hunting you with my Eye in the Sky (satellite). I'll watchevery move you make. As long as you play the game by my rules and makeno mistakes, you live. One mistake and I'll get you, my pretty,,an{ your little girl, too. Yoir die, and Kelly will have to play with me. I prefer it that way. Then it will be her Most Dangerous Game. The cards are stackedin my favorbecause,well, it is my game! Are you game?" "Yes, Sir! I'm game." Therewas no choice. I respondedas conditioned, just occurred in the woods Theparallels to The Most Dangerous Game that had "impossible" due to weredeliberate and intended to make retrieval of memory cryptoamnesia scrambling. "Good. Then let the games begin. Listen carefully to your instructions. "game timer"--an hourglass. Youhave no room for error." Cheney flipped his "This game is called the King and Eye, and here's the deal. Bushcontinued, You wilt be establishing stronger diplomatic relations according to order betweenMexico, the U.S., and the Middle East. Your role will require a change of face at each new place. I'll chart your course, define your role, and pullyour strings. You'll speakmy words when I pull your strings. There is no roomfor error." Cheney was half lying across the plain, military issue style desk in an apparent drug stupor as Bush talked. Still wearing his hunting coat and hat, "Or a-hunting we Cheneyaimed his rifle at me from the desk and threatened, "We'll catch a fox and put willgo." Bush hnished Cheney'sthreatby singing, herin a box and lower her in a hole. " Bushlooked at Cheney and burst out laughing. The sight of him dressedin hishunting clothes with a huge bore, double-barreled shotgun to his shoulder inspiredBush to tell him he "looked like Elmer Fudd". "Where is that waskily Cheney, imitating the cartoon character, said, wabbit?" OperationThe King and Eye would involve Reagan's#1 envoy Philip Habib (whocryptically played the Alice In Wonderland role of the White Rabbit with slavessuch as inyself and Saudi Arabian King Fahd. So when Bush refened to the two as "Elmer Fahd and the Waskily Wabbit," he and Cheney laughed untilthey cried. Since both were already high from drugs anyway, they had a greatdeal.of difficulty maintaining composure long enough to complete my programmmg. I

military history to justify his position as our nation's Di"k Ch"o"y hff no official llt formerDefense Secretary under President George Bush.



At 4:0

and Ho bcam was


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Iiguel d t"

looting like the other. cenreredbetweentrvo facing-b1ack1i":tiri"i -Bu;h --J *rii'ir,il] coffee table lirtered *t_t!, dpql and p.araphernalia." -t'ilg" *or cr,Jn"y sitting in marchingbtack lea--ther reitine?s ancled to**oi-*," uon fireplace.where a fiie wasbla'ing, illuminatingai'd treatingth; ,oo,n. jush's drugof choi&, wasin abindanceanat-r,eney joinedhimin .._,_!.f9in' usrng lt. Th,e smorgasbordof drugs laid o't supposedtyinciuaed opiun\ cocaine,and wonderlandw_a{ers (MDMHA-xrc a6'ecstas'vl,-*r,icr,-inoicatEi -i-had to me they intendedto celebratetheir vacationwith aua,iion. seen drunkbefore,but this wasthe only time I sawhim useheroin t-h,"lgvstumbling anoâ&#x201A;Źlve me. .Kelly,-too_, wassubjected to thedrugs. on jhe. idea of peiophilia throughgraphic ,^-^",:t_l^1lt1Tp.!"d.-t_" TJI 91.:yf. oescnpuons or havlngsexrvithKelly. Both werealreadysexuallyarduseifiom ory,glT0.antrclpatron.demonstrated to Bushwtry tre did not havesex .chen_ey wlrn KrosDyexpo-sln-g himselfto Kelly and saying,"com6 here,,. uDOnSeeins "No!y -y19L"y_lllus,ualty.tarâ&#x201A;Źelenis, Kelly-reeledback in horror and cri'ed, boT asked_Cheneyfor his liquid cocaine :Tl_^T19".1n:T fayCh_.. ..Bush atomizerast,e got up to_takEKelly to ttre ueatoom.-'lvtt"n'ti";:;-;;?; i now Denevorent "The hell it is. lt was of Bushto numb her with it.before sex, Brishreplied,I Ir's for me." He described his exciteditat"-iiiwolil"r vulsu I explainedthat he wantedit to spray cocaine-on hir '#;i, to i"rrt ! PlTl_"nd longer. theney said, 'I thoughtit wasfor the kid.' "Hdf the fun is havins them squirm." He took Kelly,s . !ush. gxplained-,handandled her off to thebedroom. "responsible" for Bush's assaulton mv , cheney told me that .sinceI was g*C,Tg^1y_?9llecauq,nt1ne.l!4o$ DangerousGame,I would "burn,' (in helt)'. Se..DulnegmJ rnner thigh with the fireplacepoker, and threatenedtb throiv r'eily rn rne rlre. He h)pnotically.enhanced his description of her burningto

Ashesexdally brutalized me,r heard xeii/s-wrrimieii

TSlTlil:T 9.TplI., comlng-rrom the bedroom.. As.her cries grew louder, Chentiy turned on classicalmusic to drown out her cries for help.196

ning me with rez, Mexican nstairsto the :e Kelly soon nd withdrawn told me in a cnly hope she n caught and 'erything that

retriev At 4:00 am, as ordered,BushJr. (andhis helicopterpilot) came^to_ Kellvand me.' we were ilown (by helicopter)back to the I-ake shastaare Bush'sassaultof Kelly prove ;i;i" H;;.ffi andG motorhonie'awaited-us.' ,ii,. Jo Kelly physically devastating me, and for to " ini"i rt "tt"ring "*p"rl"n"" Shewas in dire need oi medicalattentionand was unableeven to movâ&#x201A;Ź nou*t* threatenedto stop the motor homein the Yosemiteareaand throw m ;*D;tiff if r did'n't setttedown. His threatsand commandscould n< il;; inadverten of his control programmin_g_had ;-;"ch ffir"l ril'hd;;, permitt tore bothhis "money-makers,".Houston -Ooctor ffitt *d:''F.i;6i-hL *outO for mt As medicines. adminislering begin and Kelly's meio ieteptrone m I complete that pieces in brder picking the Jp in i;; ilis't"d il;;;;# in tt"itingio caiirc,inia, i.e.-, meetwith Mexican Preside ffi;*?;n;t" MisueiA-ela Madridandfinalizeplansto opentheJuarezDoroer'

ustic,western eatherwas in to an infrnity with one side lr sofas was a Cheney were : large stone )m. joined him in luded opium, hich indicated I had seen Limuseheroin roughgraphic arousedfrom I not have sex Upon seeing "No!" cried, iquid cocaine ney remarked Bush replied, typical vulgar penis to last : took Kelly's nsault on my um" (in hell). :ned to throw rer burning to ly's whimpers iey tumed on


CHAPTER 26 NEW WORLD ORDERS "no time to lose" in bringing me back around to a functioning There was "used up" by qy 30S level. I knew I had work to do. Althoughl was to be to expedite the intention and Cheney's was Bush it birthdav. I do not believe Apparently it was their incompetence due to overorocesi so quickly. InJuis.n"" of Orues anrj'subsa{uent abuse of Kelly in my presence that OertriveA pafts of my maternal-based programming. Regardless of their ;ixcuie," Houston drove us to San Francisco-,California where Temple of Set "f"pg1'", U.S. Army Lt.- C-ol. Aquino qa{e s9m9 emergency (SitanliounOer ' a. I was not taken to a hospital or a' mental institution, but to brain/mind researcliand developmentlab^on the U.S. Army Reservation.atPresidio. There ".i rnunv facilities iuch as this one acrossthe country at various CIA, military' -a NeSe compounds where hyper-advancedgovernment knowledge is put 1o ttr" t"rt,-O"uelofrea and modifie'cl. Those I met who had expertly learned the rii"niift. rnectrinics of the brain in conjunction with the ins and outs of the minO usel their gained secret knowledge to manipulate and/or control others. ihe-onlv thine l\fark phillips, Byrd, and Aquino had in common was the belief ttt"t ;t"it"t kfiowledge equili p,5wer'.' Byid explained to p9 th.alNew World "powers were-strengthehed" by allbwing-the mental health community Order ;ly p"fti"l anOlor deliberite misinfoimation through their organization lobby, ittd Arneti"an Psychiatric Association (APA), conceming trâ&#x201A;Źatment modalities for r"uet" dissociative disorders being created through-.mind. control! Perpitr"totr believed that withholding knowledge and the proliferation of deliberate 'm'sinformation allowed them coitrol over their secrets' and subsequentlyover fturn*ity. They may be correct if no one can or will react to the information presented '- -l;igndfi in this book. oi not, I overheard a conversationpertaining to death-and.the mind between Aquino anO a tab assistantas I lay on a cold, metal table in a deep hvonotic stite. Aquino was saying that I had come close to death numerous "incrdsed my abilily io enter other (mind) dimensions en route to ti'nies which a;ah'. I had listenedto'Aquinri talk at length about such conceptsbefore, as itroueh he were trVing to conrrincehimself of some interdimensional time travel l;"I in'principle or in theory, the results are the same," he ;[iggff. "The conceft of iime is abstractln itself." H;rpnotic talk of pastclaim'ed. Dresent-future set my mind in a spin that, when combined with Alice In created an illusion of timeless frinairtatnAtNAsA mioor world cbncepts,"dimensions" I experienced were only that the know I now dimensions. elaboratememory compartmentalizations5f real, earthly events by real, earthly and certainly not by aliens, Salan,-or demons. criminals, efiJi'mo"ing me fiom th5 table t6 an elaboratebox, Aquino then shifted my my brain, claiming to have taken me into another mind to anothei area of"death's door". Thii was _accomplished.while I was way of dimension by subiectedto'sens6ry deprivation combined with hypnotic-and harmonic remy mind coffinlike structure wai transformed in "I The'seeminely rio'no111111ine. -eridured slowly the senseof increasingheat while where I [o i"retutolum, 'pulled me through death's Aquino then through irypnotic suggestion. bila; "void bf time". Parts of my programming door" and int5 anottrerdime;-sion


were Reage In Holly used Michi and n previr phon Ferra Give shot I L dama plann all. in rel exist said l T base 's Jr. hous imm The conf gath And "Pre I rend the r Con shat knot ahea l Fen sreu stati Are


List Lik witl and

r functioning by my 30th expeditethe ue to overresence that ess of their :mple of Set "repairs". r brain/mind ;idio. There fA, militarv. lge is put i6 learned the outs of the ttrol others. as the belief New World community ationlobby-, t modalities ttrol! Perrf deliberate luentlyover information rd the mind : in a deep 1 numerous en route to l before, as time travel same," he LIkof pasth Alice In rf timeless :nced were %1,earthly shiftedmy rto another hile I was rmonic ren my mind : "I slowly rghdeath's rgnmming

were "recreated for the recreation of world leaders," i.e., U.S. President Reagan, Mexican Presidentde la Madrid, and Saudi Arabian King Fahd. In my next recollection of awareness, Houston, Kelly, and I were in "brolie down"--an over Hollywor5d,where Houston claimed the motor home used-attempted memory scramble. He sent me down the street to telephone MichaelDant6, who lived nearby in Beverly Hills. Dant6 was expecting Kelly andme to join him in his Beverly Hills mansion for several days as had been previouslyananged by our handler, Alex Houston. Kelly and I waited at the phonebooth as instruCted until Dantd arrived to pick us up in his midnight blue 'I got something for you, Baby. Ferrari. As soon as I sat down, Dantd said, "vice" he shared with Bush, and he Giveme vour arm." Heroin was a common shotme up with the drug right in front of Kelly. "handle Iater that evening at his house, Dantd told me that he refused to as previously damagedgoods," and that he would not be my next handler "fit to live" at phnnEd. Xtot onty was I "not fit to live with" hini, but I was not all. I am not ceriain what he meant to accomplish by these threats, but I know in retrospectthat this was not his decision to make. Besides, I never perceived "love" as a "future" anyway. Instead, he with him and his professed existence plan long enough to "acquire Kelly". go with the original he would along said The next day, hours before I was to meet with de la Madrid, L.A. Dodgers baseballteam managerTommy I-aSorda, George Bush, Jr., and star pitcher of Jr.'s Texas Rangers, Nolan Ryan (who was also a banker) Dant6's houseworking oit ttre details of money laundering and bank transactionsfor the imminentopening of the Juarezborder cocaine, heroin, and white slavery route. Thecommon bond of covert criminal activity overrode any professional basebal conflictsbetween them. All three were in town to be in attendanceat various gatheringsand parties of Reagan's, who would be arriving,in a matter of days. And all-three appeared to have an understandingof my function as Reagan's "PresidentialModel" mind-control sex slave. Dantd was gathering the necessary clothes and props for the evening with-de la Madrid. I-aSorda, Nolan Ryan, and Jr. were standing in rendezvous "Baseball Mind theentranceway of Dant6's house attempting to activate my Computer" programmed personality fragment that had inadvertently been "She shatteredby-Bush and Cheney's traumas at Shasta. Dantd told them, knowsmore about baseball than you and Tommy (LaSorda) put together. Go aheadand ask her something. Anything." "How many times does Much to IaSorda's amusement,Nolan Ryan asked, FemandoValenzuela (Dodger pitcher) touch his hat if he's going to throw a srewgy(screw ball)?" I could not respond, although I had once known more statisticaldata than would ever be in print. "Hey, Dant6. Whaf's with your baseball computer here, huh? Jr. hollered, Are we supposedto say a magic word?" "I donrf know," Dant6 responded. "Could be drugs. Her sex is working frne,though. Give it a whirl." "No thanks. The Baseball Computer sucks enough. Jr. declined, saying, Listen, we'll seâ&#x201A;Ź you later." Jr. had never shown any interest in me sexually. Like his father, he had only - shown sexual interest in Kelly, who had been aryqy with him most of the day. As he turned to leave, he stroked me under the chin "Have a Ball tonight". andcryptically said,


.._ LaSorda, who had not been on his Ultra Slim Fast-sponsoreddiet yet, said, "Speaking of balls, mine could use a little attention hlere.,' He unzippi:A nli pants. Dantd told me, "We gotta get dressed. Three minutes." Three minutes was a t{gger for me to perform a-specific, oral sex act. I knelt on the floor and pushed up laSorda s enormous belly, resting it on my head as I groped for his penis as ordered. Dant6's two Greal Danesiame in a-sJr. and NojanRvan left. I had been forced to participate in a bestiality film with these sex-trairied does earlier that day, and I had !o lght them off as I sexually gratified o -'----- hsorda before getting i&Oy for "the Ball'i

I Mark Phillips explained !o me that, by revealing their "secrets, their power would "Good diminish. always prevails through positive application, whereas the bad guys are hindered and slowed in their criminal endeavors through having to cover-up their negative actions with lies to zupport lies. This inevitably allows the truth to emerge,. Mark said.


Di ^f '-o irl.# -m5i;

Dl Presic Malib do no Reag house Pacifi glass rd,' interi cathe overl I was down him' beinp initia and I were from I by$ Mad Calil rami song neve invo Blac undt thro impl l bod Sha mes Wel the InI will end

said, d his


s was r and r his r left. dogs Sorda



Dant6threwrneashort,red,slinkydresswithrhinestoneStraP lanjlap?lr ,'slassslippers" to *".t'iotrCina"i"tta.'s Ball". The shoes, like Oz ruby

wereto trance-form bolt"shoes, ;ipp?ff;t"ffilio ""odt fi"ct" iichi"lingpre-Drosrammed for the event. fr'adbeei meintothepersonallryrragtn"ni-tttat with-Mexican Dant6escortedt" to-irt" p"tti/'gall; whi:re i wis to meet "second-home in his about bragging president de la Madrid. rj*6 nia been I opulence pTice-was ttt" -O frtst-tn-eiii*, Eersonifred' f since ever Malibu,, but Malibu,-ealifornia, in ho.e donotknow who actualty"iiriJ;hiS .*"onld stucco influence*"' .jnio"niin the decor. From the front-,the white Reasan,s a secluded overlooked view The r!"ty. udiitJ't*" i,r iilil;;ilil;'l'iiution

intoa crirf' rl"gqe.hthesmoked ffifi.:;;;.;d';;;Ai'd;;i;"i'-b"i1t in lavisfilvcarpeted threestories, ttte ui.t, tri" ,|ilfi i-h;t ;fitili'ffi;it a beige-white had lev6ls All p"tri-oti""iew." ird,";ffi;,'||;ii;;'ti;il; the hung irom decoratedin gofd'andc.yltuf. en enormoui"tt-O"ti"tgreatroomwhich interior the from once r*Jiut "lT;ht* ceiling, illumin"affi cathedral thebay. overlooked "'-ilil"td day' It tfrll UncteRonnieEeagan) would be arriving the next and"wear

o.",rt i;il;"i *" ,ilv",,p;"irii;t; dgwnany resrstancen" tui

party a;ii'uaa.ia's welcome

ftane;in btaer that Reasan'sbusin-essmeeting with

ihi; ;;.-;;i-tr'J n..t timeI heardthisexcusefor ii;ffi1jld:,;ilrn*i1,r;ll' prostitutei,,iii *6"ia ii uethelast. In reality,I wasto do the beine Doliricalty deh Madridto usedruss o-J-ri';iii"i;;ds;., ;d.encourase ffift fi'iil;itf theU'S' andMexico bEtween relations rfie diplo'maiic ffi;i"*ilh""t-i6". totalcommitment required operation ;i-thJ ; tfi u"t ;ffi ffi.t;L;i';ti""il fromde la Madrid.

to the Hotel welcome iilH,"Yi{3rlii""' io'it"-u.s. and (seductivety) cuedto the beennaa h'e Aeep-iiiio"iJ'f"ugh His California.,, ]"ap4.a " fto.t popular ." or'ny "rypti"^r-tit"r*t"-1;Hotel California, taken ramifications can checkout anytimeyo" li.\:l^ can -i" 'lwiOifi Eagles, bv the "'i; tttt"O;'y* sons permanency

*l".r"i;;;." il;i"#il'in ;i;;ffi;i--ils


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in whichhe was consprnng. criminal,covertoperations, the -openry criminal participant lnitlate; to 6nsurethat each"dirt"

other .on each that if on" f"ii,"tft"V uff fitt. . Maintaining understood criminals these the..only qay ieemingly ;, this tuana-stvte'-m?il;;a throueh "honest'" Neti worta order kepteach-other hilil;ililg,il -De Dant6and the la Madrid ano r *Jni-in-ti i-"#ui u.aroom, followedby. at the p-rogrammid-message-instilled pante the tneri'activited bodvsuards.


r would luys are negative

sir, I havea r;c1eo."rf youplease,'ii"rh ;; ili; M"d;d.__1 of-the UnitedStates'

to deliverto y"oi-ii"t ttt" Vice Presideni I haveworkedout mesese -i,ipr.iii"ii"g ij you know,Salinasand riyriil"r" io i"i N"igiu,j.irLd. bordertomorrow. il;;ilir"i";;dJ -oyl'pr- to opentheJuarez party tonight little. this accom-plishment, In oreoarationand celebration 5f tnis partsof this integral ire who fiew ;i-ri"d ;i,i';ffi;-y*"f;i;i;;;iil andhonor friendship the firsthand see to iJtiiua" and give you'iili endeavor, 201

7 I I I

among the (government-involved Mafioso) family members. I regret tfrat t I could not be here in person to greet you, but Ron (Reagan)can show you thei ins and outs of the organization better than I. The transaction numbers havei been recorded, and arE available to you for cross reference purposes and h: end of the Juarez border, uphold the integrity of the players involved on your -economic standardof living for Your commitmJnt ioday ensurrisyou of a higher your people, increased'relations with the U.S., an influx of American industry, 'Seal of lna a position of high esteem in the New World Order. With your Approval' we can d-issolve the Juarez border and make lvay for a future of -prbsperity -offor Mexico. For now, relax and erjoy your stay." One de la Madrid's guards was shuffling through some papers from a briefcase, and he told Dant6-hewould like the bank transactionnumbers. Dantd "You Are What You Read" Passbook programming, and I switched me to delivered the numbers intended for the border guards to de la Madrid as ordered. A computer of sorts was used to calculate and confirm the numbers, "hidden" Aware that the meeting was being filmed by one of Dant6's high tech heroin. Mexican paper-wrapped of ball held up a la Madrid cameras, de "A,tokqn of app_reciation,Mr. Speakingdirectly at the camera, he cleverly said, Bush. Somethingfor your private stock. The finest heroin available. Enjoy." "I'll take that and see to it that he Dant6 strode-acrois the room and said, " gets it myself. ul'm-sure you will," de la Madrid laughed. He then pu! all but one paper back in the biiefcase. I was instructed to present the elaborately embossed Mexican Presidential Seal (of Approval) to pre-appointedJuarez border guards as proof of de la Madrid's commitment, then deliver it directly to Bush for his file on the future NAFTA agreement. Preparedto presenta modified Hands-On Mind-Control Demonstration to de "You've heard from a Carrier Pigeon (messenger), la Mad:rid, Dantd said, her in mode to accept program. And now I will demonstrate a You've seen " some of her sexual modes. "That will not be necessary," de la Madrid told him. "I have been given a handful of keys that I would like to use on my own, including the one to destroy all memory. Not that it matterswhen we are monitored (he gesturedtoward the camera),6ut neverthelessI was instructed to do it." Dant6 did not seem to know this was not the first time I was sexually prostituted to the Mexican President. "She rides a horse well," Dant6 said, referring to both the rare practice of heroin to supposedlyblock my memory of this event, and a Reagan-inspiredsex "May I recommenda ride for you?" act. Dant6-stucka-needlein my arm. "I am on one now that I wbuld like to maintain," de la Madrid answered, referring to cocaine use and his running nose. Dantd laid out several generous fines of the white drug on a black mirror. He stroked me under my chin triggering Reagan's sex Kitten personality, picked up Bush's heroin, and usheredthe two guards out the door. "You like De la Madri-d, fully aware of my pornography exposure, said, more lines of cameras? Let's give th'em something to watch." He snorted two coke, undressed,-andfurther activated my sex programming with the verbal and physical keys and triggers Reagan had previously provided him_. At onelrcint "if I have my way, the Free Trade he- enthusiistically commented that line (he snortedanother line of coke for few of the in-clude a top will Agreement 'models' (vaginally) carved and trained like you." De la Madrid had emphasis)


long br perver! includi desire

I regret that I snowyou the numbershave rposes and b luarezborder. d ofliving for Icanindustrv. your'Seal of r a fufure of

j!il",::lii:F$.fl#,:';nnTr,#g,"armutilatio #"T,,f,fi1i

mcluding protected"iiee rade,, of mind_cont.",?3ld^tl-ioint oesrre slaves. He reiteratddhi thenextday duringa meetin'g ;#n".Ig#lreo

apers from a roers. Dant6 mmg, and I r Madrid as ne numbers. rch"hidden" rcanheroin. ciation, Mr. ,. Enjoy.', to rt that he t one-paper r ernbossed rderguards ushfor his

ationto de tessenger). lmonstrate :n given a to destroy cward th6 I seem to Mexican

acticeof piredsex )u?" rswered, lenerous my chin ,tn, and bu tike linesof bal and repoint Trade okefor rid had



The next day, Dant6 drove me to a Bel Aire mansion high on a hill where another party was underway. As I joined those who had gathered on the manicured lawn, I recognized many of the same Mafia people who had been at "Hotel California". This was a welcome party for the Malibu retreat aka PresidentReaganwho had just arrived. He was walking acrossthe yard toward me with his friend, Jack Valenti, who was the president of the powerful Motion Picture Association of America. Reagan looked his role amongst his mobster friends, his beige coat with fur collar draped over his shouldersrevealing a dark grey, pinstripe suit underneath. In retrospect, I remember him as dressediike the one mobster I did not have to meet, John Gotti. As soon as my eyes met his, I was knocked to the ground by a familiar blue-white blast (high voltage) like the one I had recently experiencedin D.C. When I came back around and my eyes refocused, Dantâ&#x201A;Ź was holding me "Well, hello Kitten". up. Reagansaid, "Uncle Ronnie, how'd you get here?" I askedin child-like innocence. "The rainbow, Kitten, the rainbow," he answeredin Oz cryptic. "I told you I was coming home. There's no place like home, and you said it with me. So, here we are. I keep a little piece of the rainbow in my pocket so I can get back over it (to D.C.) anytime I want to. I make a wish, and click my heels, and I'm gone." For the moment, Reagan succeededin confusing my mind with Oz cryptic metaphors, reconfirming to my child personality that he was indeed the powerful Wizard. As we went inside for a brief meeting, my personality was tleliberately switched to the one that had dealt with de la Madrid the night before. The grey-white stucco house was decorated in plush Presidential blue "office" was small and further carpeting and deep, cherry wood tones. The crowded by those of us presentfor the meeting. De la Madrid was comfortably seated,as was Jack Valenti. I was not privy to Valenti's exact role in opening, the Juarez border. I only know that he was well educatedto the particulars of this meeting. Dant6 and I remained standing since we would be leaving as quickly as I heard what Reagan, who was shuffling papers and pacing the room, had to sav. "Weli, Kitten," Reagansaid to me, "this is your death sentence:You'll go out in a blaze of glory." I was not surprised to receive conftrmation of my imminent death by Reagan. I had heard about death by fire from seemingly "free trade," through Mexico, of our nation's everyone involved in establishing children for drugs. Reagan'suse of patriotic metaphorsand puns while matterof-factly informing me he ordered my death was reflective of his often displayed lack of respect for human life. What reflected his character even more were the crimes he was involved in that prompted him to cover-up through "sentencing" me to death.I had witnessed the criminal foundations of NAFTA, which in turn could threatenthe successfulimplementation of the New 'Free Trade" Wodd Order should these secrets ever be revealed. Initial including drugs and white slavery extendedbeyond the U.S./Mexican border. It


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on a hill where athered on the rhohad been at :ome party for lheyard toward owerfulMotion gst his mobster evealinga dark as dressedlike N my eyes met : (high voltage) vasholding me locence. :ic. "I told you t with me. So, r I can get back my heels, and vith Oz cryptic ras indeed the personalitywas idrid the night esidential blue rall and further rascomfortably role in opening e particulars of I be leaving as rcingthe room, :nce:You'll go .rmationof my iom seemingly of our nation's s while matter: of his often character even m to cover-up foundationsof :ionof the New nFree Trade" dcan border. It

routedU.S. traumatized,robotic, mind-controlledchildreninto Saudi-Arab I t *t'it. Uuitaingup **p6titoctcdites- in Nicaragua*d.If-qr-.flSgugl r could that.I (eironeous) belief on the *riiOir"l toie no ttrreal,preOicated wo deam my.. events,these of memory my regaih to be deprogrammed "usedup"â&#x201A;Źnl*?y_' t6 thoreinvolved.-I wasnearly orovidieitra insurance;snuif : "t*ili";;; to.De la Mad wasagreed.uponis.proof rlt' ;.!f-h ;i; silencedthrougllaea*. and otheile;dersat risk, thatI hadindeedbeen -'-iioufO "deathsentence".Dantdwante not think to iespondto Reagan's "The-nexttim he fraphically expounded, mate-iureI eraspedth;'"itas voir, uoav and soul' .And) ffiil ;;;-t ?t&;fit fdt"l Cauv,it wiil cbnsum'e iltt Urirn,tiaby, burn. And I'll takey-ourashesand scatterthem to tne wr I'mgoingto blbw you away. On film." - crypticto whichhe couldrelate,Valentilaugha ripotift*ring s6methin! fi.efd*ing to the old, porn, blue pencil editing tt words. ;f Dil6{; ilist "Blue "Blue blazes".,, 'Who -'iiriiimovies,"he added, -;Wi'tl In Blue BlazesWas Thi call it i.i"Lft"O*itfr iir. Or, -'''boui'Cream-Ate'?" "That's l"-UiOria no6ceaReaganwas not laughingand said, close a Mercedesto fitm-a iiunt.""ItHe leaned-fon;ardin his chair crashine is my desireto havesevenjust like ;;G ;d *id, -iisemUty t";;;fiffi ffi*i: -ttre line and shipped io me prior to the agreem ;;ltTii " completion. "Those(blonde-haired, f,rnekids blue-eyed) agreed.responding, Reasan what s don't'have they but line, thd of -Jiop th.;fr?*!" s"-"Oi'nr"-Ui" got"lr* facedones are hard to comeby," de la Madld q-lipped:referrin( code' He cut hls eyes programming -".vptiJ"tiv -continued, mvvasinalmutilationandPresidential "--from one perspec ;d h#;lf il'#:ffi;iffi^ 'count 'One' on"" I can anv*av.And I like having -'rifi;';il"kia";hiE n-te ,nirteo his feet and unfoldedhis arms I mis .noun["t6'"id;;;sh.'-Val-enti seemedto be boredof clich6sor wasmee the of judging tone the from but meanings, ffi.;;ith;;ffitrc-3ouut" youro (nyr{)andderegate lifi''d; iiirtii'*Jrl-;i;ir ,iniidfrit io 6ou5y "It shouldbe relatlvely.$ counterpart. Mexican h hi*,.'R"agan told his toslioonein for vou e*w ie* shipments'orso oncethe Juarezborderis t hewere ;;5h ffi it-.d"'i"iiuiti.i as planned." Reaganspoke-as.though evenwhenhe loo[{ qy drrecuon' tracteA -*fi;d;"nOthinkingof somethingelse, piLse."sir,;-i Gt;; i'I hauethe PresidentialSealof Approva i"Efnii'tni io[e."' Dant6lookedat his watch,.awar-ethat I * r.iitii u"-"i-ir,"iuarez borderby rhe,'strokeof midnight".. Re il.i"Ifi; na-tfioueito "*i;iir. -Wiri,seethe pip"tittiO receividfrom de la Madrid the night bef rarewLi[,-rctten," Reagan.said,.as lr"" Stt.o. TI :q""k' ,'I-,il'seeyo,i on th-eother side (of the rainbowin D. addoiil o; ;ryp,i", Click -'Mi;;;i;-ipun vourheels..." hadhit me with a powerfulsrungun u blact. Someone half dragsingme as he led me tt was *rt oi,*nl1l"ling as thoughDant6 drivl] We soonpulled up tt iircular 1t" ar?eaOy'iariigln *ai ;hi;ii ;; Boulevard,wherehe had 9i ttollyw-ood on gal ,t"tioi ' *ioi ftot" at the hr Kellvand me up ,"u"ol d"y, before. Kelly wasalready in. the.molor som q)' convtnceg been had She t!-aumatized. honibly uo*ldns sick and h;;J!"" attemptedto createa hypnoticallyind ,#'T'ii"d'i;;'L'll"i:205


slip," acting as though I had only been gone a few minutes. We drove quickly, stopping only for fuel in order that I be in Juarezat the appointed time. Th-ereI robotically presented the Presidential Seal of Approval to the proper "Free Trade" of officials as programmed, offrcially opening the border to crimes against humanity. Houston and I had hunied across the Juarez border where we were met by the Mexican official in charge. The guard looked to be in his late 40s, with classic, rugged, Mexican features. He stood approximately 5'11", had black hair, an unkempt moustache,blackbeady eyes and a paunchy belly protruding over his short, squat legs. He spoke excitedly in Spanish, with a harsl'r,cold tone to his voice as he spit out the necessarywords in English, "Give me the Seal". He snappedhis fingers, impatiently hurrying me. He took the Presidential seal and knocked me face down on top of a small, barren metal desk while he closely inspected the document. Even Houston was unusually quiet while this particular uniformed guard paced the small tower room, sweating profusely while he talked on his walkie talkie. Finally, he accessed and verifGd the bank transaction codes provided through whom he said was George Bush, Jr. He concluded the encounter by taking a stun gun from his belt and jolting me with it, supposedlyto erasemy memory. I was nauseatedand weak from high voltage and the ordeal as Houston and I made our way back across the border. My empty stomach rolled, prompting Houston to lie, 'I told you not to drink the water". In reality, I had had nothing to drink since the champagneat the Hotel California, and I hadn't eatenin days. I was thoroughly exhaustedwhen we reached the motor home in El Paso, but Houston was-seiually arousedfrom cocaine and the criminal events that merged Mexico with the U.S. at the Juarezborder.


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. After the opening ofthe Juarezborder, I was kept actively busy according to the.plan to "use me up" before my 30th birthday deattr sentence. I was subjecM to a brutal (near death gang rape) "celebration benefit" at an identifred ocelebrate the free trade benefits" gained by Irl^gniq Lodge in Warren, Ohio to gyolvedEast Coast politicos. Centers such as the nearby Youngstowi "Charrir School'went into niass production of slaves to mule drugs or-be part of the mind-controlledsex slave "trance-sport_operations". Mexico was not the only countryreaping the economic benefits of criminal free trade. After lr<elly's g-rdeal'-in California, Dant6 and Houston were criminally exploitingher for literally "all she was worth". Subsequently, she missed air extraordinaryamount of schooling. When she was in school, she was experiencingdifficulty with her peers. These factors prompted plans to send herto a local Catholic school the next vear. where her unusual behavior would beoverlookedand covered up. Soonthereafter, Senator Byrd came to Nashville to fiddle at the Grand Ole Opryand, as my handler, Houston, remarked, "fiddle around with me" at the OprylandHotel. Byrd explained that close association with me had become volatiledue to my roles in Iran-Contra and NAFTA, and therefore he would be distancing hipse{ from me. He spent most of "our last night together" working onhis memoirs for a voluminous book on the U.,S. Corctitutioi he was writing (nowpublishedat taxpayers' expense),which focuseson his long-winded Senate ' ' (filibuister)speeches. Bryd qtterypted to strengthen my progmmmed "loyalty bond" to him to keep mequiet 'until death do us part". He told me, "If it was up to me, I would let youlive". He talked at length about how our time togethei had been infringed upn by both de la Madrid and Reagan. Bittemess over their stronger controls 0nme was evident as he mocked their self appointed roles as the Wizard and Lizardof Oz. De la Madrid's fascination wittr U.S. mind-controlled slaves reportedlyinspired him to combine Bush's lizard-like alien themes and his reputd Mayan roots/lizard man theories with Reagan's Oz themes to claim the roleof Lizard of Ahs. From Byrd's ramblings, if appearedthat his mockery of theirroles was due to their having decided how "hisr slave would die, and had ngthingto do with caring that I would be killed. Byrd maintained his 'bo,n{ing]programming charade all night. He played his fiddle and sang "to me"in Dlace of his usual torturous whipping and brutality. Sex was, for the fir$ andlast time, painless. Byrd had not distancedhimself too far from me, though, where government oprations_were concerned. When I was "over the rainbow' in D.C. during the '87, summer of it was businessas usual with Byrd. I was escorted to Goddard Space Flight Center where Byrd was waiting foi me in a sterile hallway near the brass-trimmed, mirrored elevators. He was loaded down with items,-which he delpqttedon a small table as he greeted me. He picked up a NASA ID badge andclipped!t on my nipple, the metal teeth biting me with-their serratededg*. WhenI (softly) cried out, he said, "Oh, OK. I'll wear it," removed it, and clipped it on his white lab coat. He handed me a NASA lab coat like his and a whitehard hat. His hard hat suggestively and "humorously" said HARD in


bold red letters. My hat said NASA, in a mirror reversal of the standardbold red lettering. When I read it in a mirror, it appeared as though I were on the wrong side of the mirror and needed to step through (according to Alice In WonderlandlNAsA programming). It also clearly indicated to those-in-theknow that I was under mind control. Byrd looked at his pocket watch prompting a wave of terror in me, and said in Wonderland cryptic, "We're late. As the elevator drops down the rabbit hole, we'll reverse time in order to get there a few minutes earlv. " Byrd spun me arouid to face the elevator's mirrored doors saying, "Irok deep into the mirror and be all that you can be by becoming infrniteiy lbst in atl that you see." Byrd timed his hypnotic induction so that when he ordered, "Step through the mirror," the doors openedand we steppedthrough. As the elevator supposedly went "down 99 (taken from Aquino's corny reversal of 6s) levels to the depths of hell," Byrd told me the Earth "spins faster and faster at the core, causing us to spiral downward in a tornado effect." I dropped deeper in my hypnotic trance. The elevator doors opened to what appeared to me as an exact replica of the floor we just left. However, this floor's hallway led to a computer room and sanitized-lookinglab area. Several of the scientistsworking there were amusedby our hats, prompting Byrd to ham up his comedic act. Byrd ignored the fact that theseNASA workers, like many others, may have deliberately stroked his entertainer's ego becausethey relied on his appropriationsfor funding. Byrd made me robotically announceto the workers, "He's taking me to your leader." "I'm the Commander, here," the apparent director of the underground lab said. The workers again busied themselvesas he stood, arms folded defensively across his chest, while his bespectacled intelligent eyes darted the room surveying the situation. The Commander had a few, grey strands salting his short, dark hair, yet his build was surprisingly youthful and trim for his age, He and Byrd apparently knew each other quite well. Byrd strode over to him, draggingme along. "Tom," Byrd called to his 50ish 6'1" friend. "This is your specimenof the day that I promised I would deliver. I will be most interested to see what llou can deliver since diplomatic relations with Mexico dependson it. Not that I want to increase any pressure you may feel, but we need seven more just like her to stuff in the mouth of his royal Lizardry (de la Madrid) to keep him from spilling his guts on the project." "It's just as well, my friend," the Commander said, stroking his chin without uncrossing his arms. "That way he can't talk without implicating himself." "That's the way the Chief feels about it," Byrd agreed. "He's already in deep anyway, but this order (for slaves)hits him closer to home since they'll be serving him personally." We walked to a clinical. sanitized area that had a maze of small rooms where I was undressedand prepped for the lab. A nurse of sorts injected me with the NASA "Tranquility" drug and instructed me to put my lab coat back on. "Walk this way," she ordered as she led me down the hall, swinging her hips in an exaggeratedmanner. I immediately complied. The Tranquility drug had no recreational affects, but produced an attitude of peaceful compliance to all orders given. As we approachedthe theater-typelab, a small group of men who would be in attendance were talking with Byrd and the so-called


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"Look tsying, titelylost in all :n. he ordered, tgn. iquino's cornv :h "spins faste? tadoeffect." I rcned to what However, this area. Several g Byrd to ham :rs, like manv se they relieil

rquesteda video of the mind-contrortechniqueb usedro createhis seven^iatestd";;;;;s,in "comic" fiiii;ty,"11e camera.was firming scien saltedwith ,sraves... rit'iiioltr"t,on as a humorous,,iro,, #ilii$]ttt to ^ SinceI was considll*. ,,yr*- up,,-anq^my,death. uommander was imminenr, rord the scientists to t"f f#; fuck the Iab specimen,. ,, Irrst," he said, "beforeyou. *ti riy y;; ;;;,"i T9, plyri'ur :uriosi iies samp

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-' A live lizard encasedin test tube of.sorts_was rnecamera inserted in my vagir wasfocused,.o111g ir.ilili;

lg me to your lergroundlab d defensivelv d the roorir ls-salting his tor his age. overto him. 'This is youi rstmterested dependson need seven Madrid) to tg his chin implicating already in e they'li be nall rooms njectedme coat back 'inging her uility drug lpllance to up of men so-called

th.y looked at us and raughed at my literat complianceto ffy,f;Hfl;l;. I was then led bl the CommandgI "packstagel, to entrancewhich 1.

;)i regs.were spread in a birth ffJ'33k,*jT.'S:J:*lii{r;;""n*r*ii?H e4uares ,::xH,f"fi to the reproductile_o,r.f*ri1''"il .i,_qo h{ig 'ramatically breedingmdchine.,, I snap'edon,a_rubber_el;u!-aia-prooeo

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demonstration oi'ir'J'iro"iieor a presidentiar m&et,,,tl

hadbeen . I apparently for thesevenprogramm sraves de ra Madridhad _TlTt"d.ast!. prorotype 5Cygs1ed.iii i""iil"rr,d was.-interested ii N.qs

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adndproduced a horogram sirirar"tJir,eli?nusrraia 209

r in his You Are what You Read initiation. His hologram of lizardlike tongue the illusion that he was transforminginto an lguana. While *Jin""oroduced in Mr5xicri, I was always ordered to wait by rocks where the abundant.Iguanas "tiance-ported" to my'scheduled meetings with "his Royal iunnJUJfot" being Lizardry," the Lizard of Ahs.


)ngue Vhile Janas loyal

CHAPTER 30 IN THE II.I"IEREST OF TIME A SenatorPatrick Leahy @-Vermont), who served as vice chairman on the U,S. Senate Intelligence Cbmmittee ih. 1985-86, was a "friend" of Senator Bnd. Leahy's position on Byrd's Senate Appropriations Committee, coupled withhis former position in Intelligence, afforded him an inordinate amount of pwer and influence. While I had causeto have contact with Senator kahy'This on iumerousoccasions,Kelly was apparently more familiar with him than I. wasevidencedby our meeting with him in Vermont in the late summer of 1985. Alex Houston was booked to "enter0ain" at the State Fair in Rutland, Vermont. The entire trip proved to be a whirlwind of covert activity for me, duringwhich time I obtained a packet of papers from an unidentified operative withorders to hand deliver them to Senator kahy. Kelly had been kept as busy asI, sinceBoxcar Willie and other CIA operative pedophileswere in abundance atthefair in I-eahv's home state. PresidentRea-ganhad given me specific orders to carry out while in Vermont,which included delivering a messageto "Patrick" for him. He also hld me, "When you go to Vermont, be sure and go by ('buy') LL Bean." Literally interpreting what he suggested,I asked, "The whole store?" nNo," Reagan laughed. "I meant stop by there. I didn't mean buy the wholestore. I already own it. Just buy a few things, like an LL Bean Swiss ArmvKnife."' WhenReagansaid he "already owned" LL Bean, I thought he was referring h theamountof shopping he did there. He wore LL Bean shirts, sweaters,and dippers;slept on LL Bean flannel sheets in his LL Bean pajamas; and carried his"Presidential"black, LL Bean, Swiss Army Knife, with which he cleaned hisfingernails. But I learned the real significance of Reagan's stiatementwhen I 'stopped by" the Vermont LL Bean outlet on the final day of Houston's lengthy VermontStateFair engagement. The LL Bean outlet, located near the top of supposedly the highest mountain in the pristine forest, appea.redto be a store front for CIA covert activity. WhenI asked the 'clerk' assigned to Kelly and me for a black, Swiss Army Knife, his response was indicative of familiarity with government covert oprations. Using the old familiar statement(trigger), he ordered Kelly and me h "Wdk this way," as he led us through a storagearea and out the back door. There, a black, unmarked helicopter was waiting on a pad for us. Thepilot flew us a short distanceto the top of a mountain, where we landed ina clearingnext to a house that appearedto have no other access. The place wasrun like a fortress, and two guards in suits met us as Kelly and I emerged fromthe helicopter. The guards escortedus into the house, keeping Kelly while I metwith Senatort-eahy. I walked into an office-type room that had a panoramic view of the wilderness, where Leahy was leaning against a highly polished, wooden desk. IIewaswearing an orange flannel shirt that lost its purpose in crispness. It was myexperiencethat l-eahy's surroundings,like his apps[ance, were as sanitized aspssible. I delivered the documents and messageas ordered. I-eahy then proceeded to explain that he was aware that my death was imminent due to my groundwork


to the participationin NAFTA, and that subsequertlvKellV would be tradedjoin in to No1lrnly dio tre otvio_usly.want west coast po*og*pny'"p";rio" "tracks"to cover-up had he but birthday, my 30th ;G;t"" whereKelly wasconcerned' Most of *v t uuruii. encounterswith 6ahy were alien-themed,but he From often^ieiiJ on'''ni Citt'otic upbringingto drive hi-spointsinlo ryy mind. criminals most.intelligent the of one ;;qGtiduqly i.eahy;;; e, "i, i"tip*ti" Gouern'ment.His carefully contrivedchameleon-like ;f'6i;"'.ilil"-bn-"0"'i, principalsand ;nai;;Lisd; tt""ilA n-imitrJtititute. of appearingto sharJ.',thenationaland a both on minipulating maii"ifully fr"-*is Uifi}i of-*hoin"ue, iespect'throug-h internationallevel. ffe won i*g*'t .their shareddiplomatic he appearedpublicly While hlritaee. Itistr-iitttolic fris and t"rican, ;il'!" A; workedtogether actually thev psugsl Bird il S*"|" nppio'."*ll il;ff;; my behind the scenes,n tn"it sh'areilworld dominancegfforq' Again from no one to answered and aeenda own his had who lon", was i p.i-rpotiu", kahy -i*.hyi to-me by triple depth *is often.manifEsted inteffigence i-i;'";. for a deeperpurpose' was did he and?ctions. to-triiiloias ;;iil .everyllri3' drtterent' no andthis trip to Vermontproyedto be *'-rillv of the "l'to I had beef,-iiu"n *tut felt like a sophisticated.variation mindrobotic into the us turned NesX 6rI-i"^rii"Jr Atiig,-it*quitiiy, -whic.h me, "ir"tt"ffJ r]*Js-ttrat Sen?iotGatty pi6fened. As the drug was overtaking sayrng' was l.eahy what to I^ ''::6';'A;;;;;ft;;;,;-tyginv attentivelvlistened said,'reierringto both mv rolein NAFrA the one you abuse-oihy-O-i,,'gttt"t. peJopfrile anOf,is ."Of coirsg God.ii.not passed on and who's 6ne God. passive is"a if" *iitr. -^ needto be concerned is the iiro o"fv-i" niUt". T'n" CoA you n'eedto be csncerningyourselfrith '"ii:J;ffi,'"rrlriJii"g-6"0..-1tr;i

all, Evein thesky. It sees s.reat,.big. needeil. Irt me give

iighiwhere it's i"f;;;tid recordsalt, and tt*r*itiitr" sfiut and none of this need-be known mouttr iaui""llfe"p-your ;;;;;lda (Bush) will know for s.ur%n.'d he's been ffi;h;;;.-'d"rv v""i-v1i""-Fr6sident -' i'tn-not su]gestingGeorgeBushis God. Oh no, he [#rinn ii"t"ts'atf tris fifi.-

the heis straddling iJdil'6 ffi ;"tfr'-'iilii. ni ii i tJ.l--coa,'which-means withhis sees il;;;iy ;a-earthlypi-"t in oto"i trrattretite actiononwhathe of manipulation

Evef'nfile Sty.;- Cont"ntwith his metaphorical ;;;l.hilf kid'" forq:phy'Goget.the n"i;il,-';No*, that's.enough iirii[ili^'itr;d,'h" "'' two the with door the outside rbbotically iuit -o idli;il';ffiail a;i"itv and door' caryed ratl".ili-oi.rgl^an.ornately -Til;;;-*", nu"ro-r.-'rrtiv-uitt"t.iiil;';tn; foi a man,decorated i,igrrryEffeminate -h;s;biiiowy"piilows. i#il"h;1;ffi;;-. walked when theSenator il il';#frJi *r,i6'Jv""i"t, ;N".*, nof you I-eahy .signalled_Kelly in,'i.f fV'; _with^his .|gdin". submission.Then,accesstng and ffi;: ditl; switchingher into totLl silelnce mv mind in recompartmentalized priuiously. 1,ai il;;";l; il;iil ;;;iliti His ""aressin!. uig"" nyraPr'r!*uj";b,i;;ii;irv,-iiifrl "no fromBush,s to seemed which sheets, whiie'eyelef pJ"'rf.i" i*["4 "i"n'*tr-iifq "g"i".ith" I was that a" my with actions trii"p"oophile perversity-oi the accentuate Kellyandmeto I-eahyordered abuse-complete, ffi. to'rturous il;;;-*"tinl, to his "torturelab"' ,'spy iottowtrimdownstairs chambers conditioning". I hadseenanoe*perien.J6ut"*"nt "torturelab"lortyre morelike looked trairy's Uotftln tfreU.iianO MJ*i*, and Uefore in electronic{drug advan6ements latest .1in$ffi, u"i,ot-to-ttt" [b. ;i.iASA *ur *nritt*t *iitt ttis abilityto useit. I wasimmediately controltechnology



bega A wir to w: Kelly cry' I Eyer "com

nante word

sky' safe !\

oppo deliv fragn ideal to lin for st acce doub T, Gove togra Leah Base the I prog cont to re(

râ&#x201A;Ź$art floon

inesc Ir mind sexu hosp suffe psyc phys Sena E thatI the c wha andr distr often T life ' forth

to the join in )ver-up but he From iminals on-like als and nl and omatic ublicly rgether )m my no one depth llpose, of the mindlg me, AFTA re you rn and is the es all, ,e glve known s been no, he ng the ith his ion of kid. " re two r, and orated valked th his essing mind , His red to I was me to mbers :e like mindliately

steettableby thetwo guards.Leahy "crossyou,randsrainless *l$^^1"_:_"q11,__._l-r" qql and.hope to die,Sti-cka needl6in youreye,/. "ngl:" waspushed.slowly.into fggjilll9;, nly-righteyewhileKenywasfoiced lytff

I0 warcn. lhrs entlre ordeal was directed for trauma p-urposes-primarily at KellysinceLeahv fieured I would be dead soon anyway-."'u you tr'oiiii, ir'you cry,Kelly will bi: thl die. pray to coa andguih wiitiearl uecuus"r,is Efenow-hasan gar_."Lrahy intemrptea nit fo.r to explain that I was now a 'computer-eyesd" link-up [o Busht Eye iir the sky,'-wiih ;l;i nilt"-fiL" rransmrttrngevery word Kelly__spoke.He continued with me, ,,Each ..i19ill. y.orgyol speak, each breath you sigh, your eye tmnce-mits -rerry;i to the Ev6 in the believed it, which roc-kedher inio riiin"i. ili"t *u, 1ry"." -{9t]y vue-lorthe moment. WhileI was literally out of my mind from intensepain, kahy utilized the opponunlty prograr me with what he said was financial ifformation to _to "personality", therefore the shattered r]yer lo-By.rd.. This..required no kahy had deliberately shifted me into when raping Kelly would be sglen5"computer_-eyes" loear to. his message. He told me that mf Uoav was a conduit t0lrrx hlm the Eye in the Sky, where he was transmitting-the information I0rstorageuntrl such time as Byrd accessedit. "only the tiniest little prick can

computer.-eyesd' jto?ge bpk,.'rcany iaid, laughingat'his o*n 11,-c1jllry oouDte meanlng mockery of Byrd'spenissize. This was not the first tihe linhy

transferred apparently -;;1 --i-'i,jj sensitive U.S. rlt_elLigepe information'to thr;ffh pr,o_ .Byrd !^:yl1911l "computer ngJaphrcally rporde! numbersin my mind's

banks',ever iince me tbr the task somemonthsbefore-at white sands Missile fanl prepared_ base In New Mexico. It was therein the Top SECRETmind-controlareaof that high_lech |1^!ry , ^kahy. subjected me to extreme tortures and Combining purposesas usual,kahy wassaying,"Fundiig will ryg,fTTl",g. mntlnue to be approvedas long as (mind-control)Frojectssirctiis this coitinue nrecelve yourlull attention".I wastreatedlike a lab animalwith no apparent rcgud.for whetherI lived or died. I wasput in an electrifi.a rit"r *Ji.a -a lloored cell,.referred to by some as thri *ooopectei gri4 ;hi"h'liovided rnescapable physicaltorture. I1 spite of his tortures,intelligence, high-techmethodism, . andsophisticated runo.manlpulatlons, senatorr-eahytailedto coverhis "serrets"--inciuding his of Kelly. He did succeed,however,in causingfiity ana-,L to Ue f^U_p!rf nospltahzed trom his torturousabusesupon our return to Tennessee.I had suffered excruciating pain and ineparabledamageto.nty tigtttiy",-*rtir" r.ily psychosomatically sufferedrespiraforyfailure dfe to nrsextremetraumas. Th'e of the psycho-logical devasrationwreakedon us by li[i3, iTll"r.Fti"."s Jenator l-eahy talledto raisequestionsfrom outsidersasto the cause. bquallyworthv of mention,are numerousother high profile perpetrators that r-etly-ano I hid exposureto over the yeari. Theseindividualsl iriipite or " " "ih;;fi .il-;-o'*i,r'no? the CIA t need+o-tno'w M.o. "a r"itii;;; mo* what theright handis doing,"-werein positionito ue tno*i.dt;bt- oiicetty,s and myvictimizations.AII of themaccessed our programmin!eittreilor afrrg banking/message. delivery, oi, n'ort $Fbl!ol, .mind-conriol?"r""rtfiti""s, onen, lor tnelrperversesexualgratification. lhesetoo numerousindividualsand eventsare significant -iuli; chapters -;;';;; in my Iife,who, in the ilterest of rime and spaci, *iti .G ," " Ionhcomlng book. Ratherthanpoint a fingErat theseindividuils foi reasonsof 213

',venseance"(there is none comparab'le),they must be publicly identif,redfor all of perpe-

a list "li; f,;;';il;tii'r-d'"n'i*t "'. rfrerefor-e, ;;"sft;;i;;#; aswellas posterity, for AiitriUute. t hasbeen.o*piilf'Li;Gi;. Traitors congresiionalliearings'that in ;t to Dreventtheseindivid;i-, irill;i";drinl exposure' this of result a as sid;ld uJrottttcoming

S invol. blond claim State Band of thr invol scan child contl playt of hz only Arat Migt 'Nei

was the 1 \ L'B gath Kell the offir tofl whe solr thin

Chr Yar opâ&#x201A;Ź and whr had exl life wh ins crc white House-level Knives were a coded indicator of were a standard Knives' and regular Swiss Army Knives operations. Red LL Bean Swiss Army CIA indicator with which I wes also familiar' 1




Bean Swiss Army

your Congressmen' P1"""" support us in this effort by writing


the ex( sle


ntified for all tist of perpe:y, as well as rearingszthat

House-level :re a standard


saudi Arabia threaded in and out of most operations in which I was plTTly due to their purchase_and routing of weapons, Arugr, -O 11vol,v9d, blond-haired,blue-eyed programmed children. Accbrding t6 Georee-Birsh,s clams,Saudi Arabia was in essencea controlled financial arm of t-heunited states. Saudi Arabian King Fahd and his Ambassador to ttte u.s., prince Bandar,provided a front for the unconstitutionaland criminal covert oDeration of theu.S. This included the arming of Iraq and the Nicaraguan contras; u.S. involvementin the Bank of credit and cbmmerce Intern"ationat cs.i.c.r.) yl9.t; and funding of the- Black Budget through purchase of oui nation'i cnilorento be used as sex.slaves and camel jockeys. Since the IJ.S. "won" mntrolof .the drug industries through the so-talle<f Drug wars, Saudi Arabia lnteg.ralrole in distribution. It was my experiencethat Bush,s claim of_having saudi Arabian King Fahd as his puppet wis, in fact. reality. It was ody natural that criminal diplomatic relatioris wittr tr,teiico interface riith Saudi Arabiaunder the circumstances. After all, King Fahd and Mexican president O_" la Ytgt4 "Neighborhood"Madrid were active membels of George Bush's elite in the New World Order. Before I left Wasfiington, D.C., it duty_as Yas-l.ty | (pro.grammed).American Patriot" ro parricipaie in'initiating theKlg and Eye branch of Operation Greenbacksfor Wdtbacks'. .,_Upile p_lans_werebeing finalizgd for a c,landestine3:00 A.M. meeting at L'EnfanteHotel which I would be attending, I was rushed around d.c. glthering_last.minulemessagâ&#x201A;Źsand. informatio-n. I had no choice in leaving I{ellyat ^Bush's!.9sid91ce o-ffice where Houston had dropped us off earlier ii the_day for my initial briefing. congressmanGuy vandlerJagtwas in Bush's 'Before ottrcealong with Dick cheney when we *iy"d. taking Kelly upstairs totheresidenceq?a,. VanderJagt told Bush his story about taki-ngmy viiginity whenI was a small child. He recommendedBush tlo the same t6 xettv b-efori someone else "beat him to it". Bush laughed and replied, "what makes you thinkI haven't?"r ^, vanderJagt took Kelly by. the hand and led her upstairs while Bush and tjlleneybegal me my instructions. Bush joked about working "grave yud" in the "shadows"for "the white House night shift" of the Kine;nd''Eve operation.cheney. began-my instructions with ihe usual threat to Kjlty's life, aldyq inte_mrptedby a phone call ordering me over to the white Houie. Th6 wholetlme lJq-s gong: I.experienced a sensationof panic and dread at having hadto leave Kelly^ at Bush's. Although I could not think to reason, the Shasti ex-perience had left me with an.incomprehensiblesubconsciousfear'for Kelly's lifethat was compoundedby cheney's- most recent threats. I was apprehensive whenI was returned to Bush's house late that evening for compldtion of my instructions. 4.pryr.was underway, and I was dismiyed to sd tnJpuce si, yet void ofchildren. crowded ., As I made my way through the crowd, Cheney saw me and started across theroom towards me. I rpoJt{ YanderJagt ryqby, who had been drinking excesively,and anxiously.askedh.im_wherEKelly-was. He said, "upstairi ping. peorge is expecting yog".. I w-anqeddeiperately to go to Kelly, but )l Cheney, who was drunk as usual, had reachedme by that time.


messa 'Walkthisway,"Cheneyslurred.HeimitatedtheozScarecrow'swalkas busy of this was Bush office' Bush's to "io*O nGl he led me throughm" ;fta" ;i-G 'Phil a He said, behind his desk, and his tensionwas apparent. doing

on his on histignnes!'*iFaio';iiaa' i;anivou to do a number number 'ot.5rror","

"That meansgive him a Royal Dick cheneygroanedat.theterm. tonight' fiftle "'t"giJoFi-ri?eon going fuckine. wear him out. You're riirrorind we'llmeetyouon


the r,6ri-tr,iough

the otherside." w-alkin (to the 3:00 "Good. He'd betterhavea smileon his facewhenwe"If you do your part door. the out went t as me{]i"erltingi; ilih-told ntnf'*i*j*ortea King to L'Enfante Hotel wherer be.prostituted,to first time was.m.y this but b"fot", Fahd. r had been*#6J'ttfi;Lqatit

about I solidif'' word f the wl settles advers stand confid lessfo we all It Houst

^*itiiiii"*o;i;r*i"ff :f,TE:{ *;'Xl1,1ltg,"'lf;t';"':ffi*1j:'fi suggestedthat these.S

"Your rangedfromapproxlmatelytentotwentyyearsold.IndicatingGenie-in-the. I bowed and said' Bottle program*,ng,-Ji#hiirt F"'? wa'siamitiar' which I told him wish is my commano-."^Fahd;firit wish *at.foiTtifotmation,girlsremoved mv


l-at'J;ois'oued" "washine me"with theirlongues' "rtra"t"o by mlv Thegirls t'it'on -his wereordered o."Jnlfir"trnta "1tr s"? whiletheyoungest and instruction to i"*rding f"na 5f;iti'-C*ttf' 'my proceeoi'td asidewhiler doing finished I WhJn an$_nrsh. 6fr-_en9y thoseI hadreceived;ili;"r wasat thedoorto escortme 3'"t"tio11'.Habib #F t" fr;;;;;};Dbffi;tii Habib'ssuite' in A'M' :OO at f out. I wasto meet*t,i''fufid-"g"in

;t Affi;iiil. iiii,ifo'a'"riiil'il; ^o.Jr",,i'iti" ;pt"p;a'';;

AsI stepped eultLelili fi"riiu-fg'gl*:t: \?q?*s"l1"Ttf""Hitl; date!"He important w"Nff,:ffi'?'ffi,ri'"iwii"*r#ryi;g'r"t"i Fo'avery. hadjust Cheney

SushaniJ to tne-eni.aiiloi'tttettoiet,.wtrere tedmedownstairs trenchcoats' their conspicugu;fikeiin,'looffi; ri?iCutousty ;c"tt in to thephoneacross in" andsestured oide?friu-6i5, Bushimmediatery up the dashed Cheney t1'9 rottoi"' tiiilta "Don't the lobby. HabibturnJd"'ild Habib, to vou iefenins said, B"ih i;;"]ifr'ilrh. l*ii,i"rLi"id;; hoP?" ionefo seethewabbit escort later,my (iOerltifel)Secret'Service ,.*tn'# a moment WhenCheney in Habib's meeting the wtrite iait tq iroGr led meto theboutiqu#;;iiii; my for sometime,which "Youcan suitegot underway. r fit"iou?.a *"to o"ptiuation were, orders his -II". totome He teasedme further' escortnotedaswe sar;;;'ifit"tn. hd d;nk" le' -nili: leada whoreto *"ter, friy"";;; camelsdry'' At of a thousand titq I'd;'";"k knew he that stating Bush'chenev' where t**' Hi6ib;t #ti;i last. he took me on ,J,iJ U dlscussron' fanO, anOHabib were in the midst of-b;[ m"saction details I was proerammed ,"irigi.Td tn" Bush accessed de la meetini.w-ith

andorderedmetq relay* "iiiii';f-$y with ar Shasra, of this Thecomplexities oi ittiiut""iil;t subsequeJ;i;;-; Madridand parts'shouldnotbe certain to onlv Eeing.privv tv ;;,ift:;;;;;-"=JJ-bi thestagefor was'seniirg hereoutoi'"oni"*i. fO6 tnbryUiai-nustr documented rolesfor Arabia's Saudi and M"ii"o .lting ttreNewliJ;i'i'&d"t, implementing included This activity' "ri-minal coverandfor further"-piiiit" of U.S..6uet[ The cipabilities' warfare #iffi;f;;J'-i-.ttliti""t rraq the armingof 2t6


,'s walk as wasbusv is doing i rcr on his n a Royal ght, liitle etyou on the3:00 /ourpart .b Sng trst trme smongly err ages rrn-the"Your rld him vedmy )ngues, lrdered on and lg "my ort me n like aid in " Ife d just |CTOSS

p the r you scort rib's rmy can her, At lâ&#x201A;ŹY,

ned :la :his be for lor ed he

* r*il




abuse physician,s exam andphotos corroboraie


CHAPTER 32 A PLACE TO RUN. NO NEED TO I{IDE Alex Houston had maintainedhis capacitordistributing businesscover throushoutthe years,routinely changingcbmpanynamesand custo-mers'Fy salesmqury summ'er'send i-n 1987, Housfonhad stumbledonto a l_egitlmate legal manage.a to Unable proltabl.y China. of nepuUtic ieoples tht dil but have a curious to out checkeri he said partner whom i,"r-ilir"s, fre i&t on i in U.S. Intelligence. This partnerwas Mark Phillips' i*oti"i"iiri associatiori ffourio" had forbid me from meeting-Mark until his backgroundcheck was was intriguedwith ttis attegiancesunderst6od. ;;;i;t"d;a .As muchas he for. condqc$ng-inter; propcnsity his with ias enthralled piri, Houston M*i;i he formed H93$on-gd. cooferation, Mark's for nationatbusiness.In exchange It "l"eJ *.poration. Mark Ph"illipsbecamePreiidentandCEO of Uniphayse.. repeated through confidence Houston's won he that ;ffi't 1on'g thereafter andHoustonpermittedme to meethim' orofessionai ''-i;;;-&ht;ftt successes, that Mark'was v,erydifferent from the other menI his eyes q person,.and "n"ouni"iJ -itin"ty.'He treatedme as though-I.1vere world domination, ;t"d"d no sexualiriterestin me at all. Insteailof discussing slavery, pornography,Ahgs, and genocidelike the other men I knew, he from certain deathand io fiiiiu"co6'ni tre tradyearsago rescued ilil';"l;" "wild" petslovedand trusted his ho\i with impressed deeply I was iiil A;a. iii*. i .*flnot thinli ttr trust, ask for help, or evenqueitionat the time what it wasthat madeMark different. -' St. Pius I" th" iati of 1987,Kelly was enrolledin Nashville,.Tennessee's in schoolcounseling, CatholicSchool. ffer'unusu6tbehaviorswere addressed addressed.Kelly still laughsat the and/ororiginswere never ilith;i.l"ut", "anger"by scribblingthe..source of her absurditvof beingcounsllel to vent her "anger" being her jumping With it. on paper then and oi ;;id il;;il andsexualabuse,it could pt'iJiL"t anapsyctr6togical-tortures ffi;;;y;ii;"t* retiev6Ol Hoiston had forbidden Kelly to display ;;;-6;-Jo-ti*piiitl.iiy "t*tion, -O liud ro c'clnditionedher. Once, when he_savagelybeat her for il;[i"d, ir.tuaJi"a in a cornerholdingher for hours. That did not ryIry.i{ aff&t tirjr enormousnurturing needsany more than jyr_nningon a piece.ot curtains her.fice, she openedhe-1b-edpgy With tearsstreaming.down t"d. "Bush'sEye in the Sky"._"Why do you was be"lieved what she to out ln'd cried hateme? Whv do you hateme so much,world, whenI love you? I wantto dle now. I can'tiakeii anymore." '-Th"tG "niO"nc"A'bythe near deathasthmaattack she endured,-further child to coorovedfiat Houston'stoituresweretoo muchfor a seven-year-old could that mind par! her of remaining that l" iittrrpot, |;;;rh^question wai too horrible to comprehendwas locked away. And sott *hn h"r existence "life" slave. of a mind-controlled eo6sin the ---in b"c".ber 1987,my 30th birthdaylaunchedthe final countdownto my death. Houston was in'regular contaatwith Michael Dantd (as telephone were finalized for Kelly. and me to be i,iiiitr prove), and anangEments to be burnedalive in a snuff 6-6"fifohi". firere, I was supposed i[i;i;.[ property of Dant6. But first, I the becomd woulO feUy and oornoeraphvfilm

by for Wetbacks fiii''i?fui]'t6--.o*i"ai "iv p"rt in Operation'Gieenbacks 2t8

meetin Mexic Ke when parkin Servic and tr create contrc recall, In muse famili kingwas a her o NASr M viewt of th 'expt

multi aGo de la light NAS Madr havir a sp prog but t was proj( 1

my recl pull birtt tear pas hor com has pro( theI

crea NA adn the ren

)E g business cover d customers. By natesalesinquiry ' manage_alegal avea curious but as Mark phillips. round check ias as intrigued with conductinginterln and he formed ofUniphayse. It nrough repeated the other men f on, and his eyes orld dominati6n. ten I knew, he ertain death and rved and trusted at the time what essee's St. pius roolcounselins. ill laughs at tFe le sourceof her "anger' being aouse,rt could elly to displav ty beat hef fo'r I not positively on a piece of oroomcurtains


"I/hy do you

l r want to die dured, further ld child to corculd question ay. And so it

ntdownto mv (as telephon-e nd me to be ive in a snuff . But first, I Wetbacks by

meeting with de ra Madrid. Houstonhadbooked a New year,s NCL cruis Mexico for all threeof us. Kellyand I were *{.Hng.among.theMexican pyramidruins in Tul whenHoustonpointedout ari'iguana"rizara sunnrngitserf on a rock nea prhng lot' As Ketv -a i'"ppioffi"i i{" rguana,two Mexican Se fr6m a aarr'uiue ir,i;;;. rhey usedthe kevs. co *yifgl :rerged anohggersto our Drosrammingthat traO Uee_n'provided create theilrusionttrati-hejgr--" was trance-forming them to hwriotic into de Ia Madiid. : ontroltechniguewas to b-uild* ;;;ri" uioct to ensureagainstmer -museum-style -1 realitr'.we were transported ^There,by automobileto de la Madrid,s ta housenearby. (.ry--a I were familiar bedroombv a unifor'nearu'tton-ty'*11,-. De taken into his arl la Madrid,sbed w: king-size waterbedset in a uarkw*Ji-'ofr"ir"r". rrris time-ttri 6"arp, was a plushblack-bloodred, which del" r"idoriopointed out to Kellv as he heronthebed. It was my experi"n""-ituiJ" h Madrid,sbed was,in itse NASAtechnology advenrure. Mountedinsideof the,canopywas.a movie viewed pom videosand/orNesAiprovio.a'iiirr.. screenwherede la Mad From rris-bediLil repr of the NASA Gordstarmuttiic-rJeni"-ii"i, " "By 'experimenral" thar were routinery used mind-control ;ililill;;. firming the actrial NA monitors,th; ;;;"-rta"?videoprovidedthe illusion cr.o.yp"d ill!,rfl*" of see aLiordstar multiscreen whenshownon a (singie)'r..."niu"r, ai *is'iuilt i, delaMadrid'sbedcanooy.roie*arpri )rn"";*n"n I wasin his bed.thesa lightblue skv with rouing .touaJ'*ii'affi"a on the moniror screensu NASAhad [sed to ro"!-l! ;t-;ld;;il"id,,Somewhere in rime.,, de Madrid showedon his canopymovieicreen. fie further enhanced the 6ffect hypnoticatv Flng r. lnoilrarilq; on iri'*"i"iu.a which he 'iii"i""l,'J hadcoveredw a spread of simirariieht brue

wiirr;Idft., p;;il'M; ;r-cv.^ Nar programming isor"*rt.iJ'in.Time,,^iir'.ofi!['itiJ waseasir-v accessed ri,np

butnevertheless compl6x--vitpl"igq*irg'[.ilr"A. "il The porn6graphysho from prdviousraping, t"*""ting-'*itr, ;' H^ 9j_ T: ;"il i;"";i"# ""r. prolglrng. our sexactsonto the scieenasthey -"it "*i,"r" dccurred. Thistime de la Madrid saig,;G ;; we.began...,,, referring tL"

qp" 9Jmy.oagq\iq il Si;;il: Heordered ll,yit1t-tltne meto undress a rccrrne agarnst theheadboard of-hisbed. eiirre ro-oi-litir"riil,"t" u.g pulling jeansoff aste saiol"vouguu"'oirttLi; Ketlv's #;il;i yiu g" Drth totheborder a'reement, andni,* yourloriiiifirGil; t"iilfJi,r. ' you.burn cannot eitinguish g":^:h:J.r]t.rl_"d

the flames of oassionvou her $ p""aonto'r,-i,lv#"r,i,!',il#fi :ltUf?Jff #ltff H?,ti.i? l,filf, hormonal experimentin evorve for geneiarions .gJnitici'ililr"'r"i.!*i"ily

r come.your role is compl6te.And.thank"ffiy friendsin Washlngton. -of NeSl hasperfectedthe formuli.qrd the rechnology minore -qiJei.T#"'tb procreation using recreatedbloodfinesl -s." ri,J -ry detectabre diiferencemak

fttI"4 ryl c9f-d.Reptilian. ioi'rouirlrl'; ue ta

Madnd sestured Ip .tgwarg the canopy screen,where the NAS, created videoof mv-"siving tidr; to ilt""ri-t"ii'i"r. depicted.By this time, th NASA provided desi-ener-orye ;i ;e;"i'"r,-:''i-;;"iiiiy jl"r,la u", {oi administered and was[icking iff"tiio;;;:-r*i]'"y.r werehypnoticaryfixed o thevideoas he besan *{6r"fG.;;JU'?i"'my.daughter. -defenseress She,-too,wa rendered helplessry tiitt""a'.eL[ quietrycompriedwith his ever 219

demand. Using specificcommands,de la Madrid orderedme to spreadmy legs and displaythe vaginalmutilationcaqying. He positionedhimselfover Kelly-s face, smotheringher with his peniswhile he performedoral sexon my carvin!. When at last we were returned to the NCL cruise ship, Kelly and I were vomiting sick from de la Madrid's abuseand the high voltagd trauma that followed. An unusuallylarge shipmentof cocaineand heroin had beenloaded, which was transferredinto the walls of our custombuilt motor homeoncewe {ocked at Key Bjqcayne,Florida. Houstonsupposedlystayedaboard ship for the next week of his engagement, while I drove the motor homefull of drugs andmy sick daughterto Houslon'sfarm wherewe residedin Tennessee. By the time Houstonretumedto Tennessee from his NCL cruise, Ken Riley hgd already empticd the motor home and dispersedthe drugs as previously planned. The only businessHoustonhad to attendwasimplementingthe finil phaseof trance-ferring Kelly and me to Dant6 and being updatedon Mark Phillips' latestsuccesses. Houston immediatelybeganprogrammingme to not take anything but Kelly's and my clotheswhen sentto Dant6. At the sametime, Mark Phillips and I had reacheda level of communicationthat was new to me. Althougti I had no consciousunderstanding of what he was saying, the truths he spoke resounded throughoutthe depthsof my being. For instance,when he showd me his "Back to the Future" Deloreansportscar, he wisely cryptically stated, "Sometimesyou have to know where you've been in order to know where you'regoing.' . JustbeforeKelly and I were to leavefor California, Mark askedme to help him force Houstonout of businessby providinghim with the files on suspecteil (corporate)criminal activity that Houstonkept hiddenat our house. Not only did I gladly do so, but "somehow"I wasableto askfor help in return. I askeil him to help Kelly and me get away from Houstonbefore I was killed and Kelly was sentenced to a fate worsethandeath. Mark assuredme that he would help. The day Houstonintendedfor Kelly and me to be transferred!o Dant6, I felt I strangecompulsionto telephoneMark and notify him. That morning, Houstondrove to Mark's offrce believing he was going to meet with him later that day. But Mark had brought a team of moversto the house,and rescud Kelly and me. He had brilliantly interceptedus as we were being passedto our intendeddestination!Mark evenunderstood Kelly's and mv needto rescueour farm petsfrom Houston'sabuse. He not only found good-homesfor our livestock, but he had arrangedfor them to be loaded and transferredduring our frantic rush to move out of Houston'shouse. Within two hours.Mark safelv moved Kelly, me, our pets and livestock to freedom. Despite brilliarit orchestration,pandemoniumbroke out when it was discoveredthat Kelly andI hadbeeninterceptedand detouredfrom our intendeddemise. - ,"Wake-u-p,sleepingbeauty,"Mark saidas he gently rousedme with a cup of freshcoffee. "Welcometo a newdav." My eyes opened. I had never exierienced such kindnessbefore, and it seemedlike a whole new world to me. Mark presentedme with a beautiful watgq, which he strappedon rny wrist. Noting my wonder and surprise,he "Now you will alwaysknow explained, thatI gaveyou the time of day.' --The 'They time of dly? No one had evergiven-metireir time before. only took mine. And I neverworc a watchbefore. I did not evenknow what honth or yqr it was, let alonethe time of day. I had no conceptof time, which Mark explainedI mustalwaysmonitor from that momenton.


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"You say someoneis trying to kill you. Why?" Mark asked. I could not .. tunk to answer.I was totally amnesic. All three of us were now in grave -How jmpqt9:{,literally dodgingbulletswhile I desperately soughtthe answers. couldI haverequestedhelp whenI did not evenknbw w:hoand/or what I was running from? Somewhere insidewerethe answers,and I intendedto uncover themall. Fast. Now therewere threelives on the line. Mark understoodthat safety was tantamountto memory recovery. At the umetime, noneof us could be safeuntil I could recall who and whdt we were upag$nst.- Mark quickly.soldeverythinghe owned,includinghis Del-orean, retammg only basicnecessities.He also sold the motor homewhich had been gygdedme in my divorce from Alex Houston. Using thesefunds, Mark took Kellyandme to the peacefulwildernessof Alaska. February4, 1988markedthe beginningof life for Kelly and me, free from ourmind-controlledexistence. It also marted the beginniirgof a ni:w kind of survivalas we embarkedon "The Most Dangeroui Gam6" of international proportions. pgspitedeaththreatsandattem-pts,lntimidation andcover-ups,we havesurvivedthesepast sevenyears by refusing to keep secretsr--whichis in itself"anotherstory.n'

relp :ted nly ked :lly lp. telt o8' rter red )ur )ur ye-

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I A, qoi"kly rs the accurecy of my deprogramming notes were corroborated and/or wrified,abstractsof various experiencesand identifiaction of abuserswere vastly disseminated. I[oaewho read these rbstrscts over the years, literally watched me gain piece/peace-of-mind (rintegrrte.)



the s healt


Tenn Moni politi laws quali


Absolute mind control was the only existencewe knew until Mark Phillips rescued my then 8-year old daughter, Kelly, and me directly from the CIA/DIA's MK-Ultra Project Monarch in 1988. Through a series of carefully orchestrated events, Mark cleverly maneuvered our mind-control handler, Alex Houston, into a position of "trust" that provided him the latitude to lift us free "owner," U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, of our existenceunscathed. When my and other so-called leaders of our country involved in the Project realized the problem Alex Houston's bumbling had created, Mark took us to the safety of Alaska where we began remembering that which we were supposedto forget. The safety and serenity of Alaska provided an atmosphere conducive to deprogramming, despite the pandemonium that ensued. Mark Phillips was the first man who not onlv did not abuse us. but cared for our welfare and well being. His patient, g6ntle manner was iherapeutic, while his propensity for handling weaponsand apparent intellect kept us safe against all odds. Through his noble actions, Mark taught Kelly and me that the world of human interaction in which we had existed for so long was contraq/ to most human behavior. We learned that goodness does exist on this Earth, and that there were those in Washington, D.C. who refused to tolerate the mind-control atrocities they witnessedus and others enduring. As my eyes opened and I woke up to reality, I becameenraged, Enraged for the traumasinflicted on my daughter. Enraged for a lifetime of abuseat the "leaders". Enraged that the American public hands of our country's so-called had no idea as to who and what was/is running their country. Mark helped me "The best revengeis refocus my rage in a productive direction when he told me, total recoverv." I began iecovering at the rate of 18 hours a day through intensive therapy destinedto restore my memory and, ultimately, my mind. I learned the ins and outs of my own mind and recorded my memories in a journal. The stack of journals giew as over a decade of White House/Pentagon-levelabuse flooded my mind and intruded on my thoughts. Pictures from my past flashed across my mind as neron pathways opened in my brain. I was regaining accessto my own mind and control over my future by recovering memory of my past. Best of all, I was falling deeply in love with Mark Phillips. Why wouldn't I fall in love? He rescuedmy daughter and me from cerlain demise, restored my free will, was helping me recover in total safety, and was the polar opposite of my abusers. He treated me with love, respect, and thoughtful consideration. Equally as important, Mark proved to be an ideal father ftgure to Kelly. He providbd her with unconditional love and deep understanding. Through him, Kelly caught a glimpse of how kind men could be-and how good life could be. I had long since ceasedto hope that such a man even existed. The love factor in my recovery is considerable. Not only did Mark Phillips save my -atlife, but now I had a reason to live it! The love we share,ke-ptme going times-{ike when Kelly was institutionalized in 1989 for homicidal/suicidal behavior. The loving relationship that Mark shared with Kelly during our short year together as a family was suffrcient to arm her with



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to al fron supâ&#x201A;Ź acro asa aske com mea l Ten who ana soci

thestrengthto survive her ensuingordeal as a victim of the so-calledmental health anl criminal lustice" system. Stateof xettv. i6-w t8, iemainsa'political prisonerin the custody-9f--1he *netl-itre is deniei qualified therapy for the MK-Ultra B-j*t TennessA underthe Mind-Controlabusesshe'endured.fhe Stateof Tennessee, ftlonarctr violation of-n-umerous in is abusers, powerfut Kelly's of influence Doiitialt 'h;;;d SasiCciuit rights in their determinedefforts to keep Kelly from sheloves. qualified andthe family therapy -positions '-'fvhil" case matii of those in !o qake a differencein Kelly's *ot" on a "i.Ieedto Know"'basisrather than deliberatelyconspirewith the casehistory shouldraiseseriousquestions into Kelly's --Questions I'ni'uuut.-""foteiloot -"What could d child have to do with the solike; intn?ii tiri"A.. presiding fitil.."N;iffiut SEurity" of our country?" Tlt" JuveniFcourtiudg_e "reasonsof for onlookers and media the to doors the closed case ouiif.ffvi" of lawsand rightsensued. grossandblatant_v_io'lations wtrite-years, liltil; -i;at"*ilfity' to an Kelly and I have been denied_our.right thiee long "guardians" so-called and advocates whiie'couri-appglnted onULi.A"ib;;t ioinforceswith'attornevspaid bif by my pedophilefather' My own court'rip"i"t.A;"tt"*iy,i'*fio doublesfoitheluvenile Courtjudgewhenhe takesa my interest. My interestis in Kelly's well being divoff. hasvet t6 represent a futureat all. have will if she future--and anl *-Wfii" X"itV is still amnesicwith regardto mostof her.past,.sne.,i1d,eaccesstdher past,dueto wlio andwhat shewill denirfotherapeutical liberatelv into_ for fear shewouldbe triggered Kelly to a;nieOac,cess 1q21l:-i"n.. "peee.1t1q" As-for my deliberately nr*U"ting by my merepresenc6.fellf to forget,-asher abusersfear,-ithasbeen itre was'supposed torememUeiwhat mviipe.iencethat recovet inustcomefro-mttreinsideout. Not from outside l-havegained for r?:lly thanthe piece/peace-of-mind inirt.'i;-;t;less Why_h{Fe questions: the hises Wtrictr Uiourftou"tlftedrehabilitatioir. nQeorgeBush?" whyis,$-e us rronr sayingthe 1-am9 il;;;Ti;ffi;;.oniuit"o ;Wirra of Ozt a taboosubjectfor l(e[y while the Stateof Tennessee.provides Kelly andI forbiddenby the horr6r novels?fVnVare mr*im jt"p["" Xing "pi"iioint,;;'politiis, " "New'world order," and " mind *oiai ;;ih; ffi i; control?" --il; "norm.alize"our relationship,Kelly and attemptby stateemployeesto efforts to affect her dire and past, immediate my I ". forbiOOitftoiiscuss the situation,or futureplansasa family. desperate *'il;"6"ttfi'"nO refusal unjusfin Kelly's view is the Stateof Tennessee's toallowher anv contactih"tto"u.t'*ittr tvtart Phillips. While I am hindered "onu"rotions with my daught-erdue to court ordered i;-ffi;;-;"i"ire Kelly is deniedthe right to even wave to Mark -C6tirideriirg *i,i*lrifti'-'ti-cJnioirtip, that, like me, Mark hasneverbeennamed ;l;;;ffi.pJkine-iil any court orders.,the questionmustbe viofated u'i,i".ii"r|i A-*i-"1 unfit, or astl'- Wftv does the Staie of Tennesseego to such lengths to ban all Kelly and the man wli-orescuedher and taughther the uittr* irruni*iion love? of unconditional meaning *T;if"-i;-;;kJ-G* The State of questionsfor vears to no avail' "an unbiasedattorn-ey fennesiLtifusis to "uen aiknowledgehei requestfor -iiJ t"ifi r.pi"Jnt her interestsinsteadof thoseof the state".^I.1glly'ppleasfor state i;;;Gsent her go no fartherthanthe deafearsof the assigned ; il;* ;ni-iglng; hlr case. This socialworkeris operatingon a "Need ilffi;k;


"Needs to Know" that she, along with to Know" basis that has no basis, and she the State of Tennessee, will be held accountable in the event that Kelly hurts someoneor herself. Kelly's frustrations have mounted beyond her ability to cope. I applaud Kelly for her determined but weakened efforts to stay in control of her own mind despite being denied qualified rehabilitation for the devastatingresults of Project Monarch Mind-Control abuses.Kelly's daily attemptsto accomplishthe impossibleby psychoLoGICALLY managingher psychiatricdisorderis proportionate to her high intellect and willful determination. But it is not enough to fend off the Psychological Warfare that has been waged against her through CIA Damage Containment practices designedto keep her contained in amnestc silence. She needshelp. Sheneedsa collective voice' Kelly can be helped through public outcry and through abolishment of the 1947 National Security Act (and 1984 ReaganAmendment to same) that has destroyed the tnre security of ouronce greatnation. You can write your "National Security" Congressmenand Senatorsdemanding that the so-called act be repealed. Do it today. Thank you.


Now that Kelly is 18.

Fall 1998: Despite public outcry that grew to include a wide array of inter to directed letters \ national rights organizations, with numerous documents Tennessee'sGovemor(s), many of which were copied to me, Kelly has yet to be granted her right to qualified technological rehabilitation for the proven u.S. Government sponsoredMK Ultra mind control abusesshe endured since birth. Those few criminals in control of our country, our information, and "criminal" justice system refuse to provide the known, but subsequentlyour never the less classified, technological antidote for a problem they won't admit exists. In view of over 70,000 (declassified)documents' evidences' videos, medical records, affidavits, and government insider testimony proving the reality of the MK Ultra mind control abusesKelly and I endured ittut ut. a part of what Mark Phillips and I accumulatedover the years, it is "judge", absolutely inexcusable that cover up continues. or, as the only Andy Shookhoff, thus far involved in this casesaid in a l99l Nashville, "laws do not apply in this casefor reasons TennesseeJuvenile Court hearing, of national security." After a decadeof cover-up, Kelly was released,unheated, from the custody of the State of Tennessee. In the interim she is waiting, in a safe environment, for the rehabilitation she so desperately deserves.




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he,alongwith tt Kelly hurts rc. I applaud lof her own lingresultsof tccomplishthe sorderis pros not enough ;t her through :d in amnesic hmentof the ne) that has write your I Security"

of inter irectedto ly hasyet lheproven luredsince lion, and rown,but :y won't ridences, imony I endured rs, it is judge", rille, )r reasons :d, unsheis ttely


February 4, 1988:MarkPhillipsrescuedKellyand me fromour torturedmindcont existence as slavesof the u s. DefenseIntelligence Agency/centralIntelligence Agency's MK ultra Project.Totallydissociative and amnesic,we fledfromour clA operative mindcontrolhandlerAlex Houston,my "owner'u.S. senatorRobertc. B primaryabuserGeorgeBush,and the criminalcovert'blackbudget,, Kelly's activity funding operation(s) in whichwe wereforcedto participate on nationala-ndinterna levels.we escapedthis pandora'sboxof horrorswith enoughsecretsto expose cnminal and perverseactivityon the highestlevelsof our goJernment, butwe nave the psychological warfareassaultsinvolvingcover-upand intimidation tac !9escape thatcontinueto date.

March1988:I sworeout a seriesof threecriminalwarrantsvia the Nashville, TN Metropolitan PoliceDepartment on Alex Houstonfor threatsand attemptson our liv sought furtherprotectionthroughNashville'sDistrictAttorney'soffice,but was told b theDA'slnve^stigator skip sigmundthat"untilshotswerefired'nothingcouldbe do protect me. since Kellyand I werefleeingmembersof the U.s. Goveinment, 'federalprotection,'was Intelligence_, Militaryand JusticeDepartments, out of the question. SkipSigmund,amongothers,suggestedI leavetown.

November 9, 1988:I was grantedmy divorcefromAlex Houstonin (proven100% mnupt)sumnercounty,TN. whire stiildissociative and programmei,Houston's attomey triggered(switched)me on the stand,and my own attorney,Jack Butrer, refused to addressthe issuesof mindcontrol/abuseand cut a deaiwith his friendal Houston's mentorclA operative"Reverend"BillyRoyMoore(of the Lord,schapel/ Marsha Trimblemurderscandal).Subsequenily, I wis .freed;'frommy "maniage" aranged/programmed to Alex Houstonwith litflemorethan the clotnesor back.JackButlerhas retainedto thisday all evidencessuppliedhim provingmind ontrol/abuse.

December 9, 1988:With only a few hoursnotice,I was subpoenaedinto courtas M Phillips, Kellyand I werepreparingto fleethe state. Kelly'sbiobgicatfatherand my assigned traumabasehandler(arrangedby Byrd),wayne cox, in occultseriatkille usedprofessionally by the clA whomKellyhad seenonlythreetimesin eightyears, demanded she not leavethe state. Dissociativeand amnesic,I representJdmyselfi 61hcircuitcou( (therewas no time to retainan aftomey)againstcox, his motner,A Houston, and his/theirattomeyBob Anderson,and pbad m-ycaseto iudge swiggar wasgrantedthe rightto take Kellyout of state pendinga two week visitati-on periodv coxin hishomeof chatham,Louisiana.Amnesic,I couldnot yet remember why I fearedCox and for Kelly'slife, and compliedwith the coun orcter.



D e c e m b e r 2 4 , , | 9 8 8 : l t e l e p h o n e d J u d g e S w i g g a r t a t h i s r e s i d ehigh n c e t o i n f o r m h i m t h ather t Equinor:/a occult f"ff''nJr"p"rted ritualabuse(in a M;rmonihurch at Winter Kelly that I couldnot have holidayDec 21)to t" oVt"Lpf\on", anOCox informedme The was nothinghe coulddo 0""r. i"JS" SwiggarttiiOln"t due to the holidays'there Anc myself her go in and retrieve O"vf^Osuigesti;g t obtainlocalpolicebackupto Ma saved ,1988:In a ratherdramaticrescue,MarkPhillipsand I successfully December25, tnv K e l l y , b u t n o t b e f o r e s e v e r e p s y c h o l o g i c a l d a m a g e h a d o c c usexually r r e d K e l l y h a d w i t n e snee se and drugged was In humanii"tin"" aid cannibalism' and participated resl assaultedby Cox as is medicallydocumented' abu

milesoutsideof Anchorage' Mid January,1989: We re|ocatedto Chugiak,Alaska,30 Ala M a r k P h i | | i p s g e n e r o u s | y u s e d h i s o w n r e s o u r c e s u n t i | d e p | e t e d t o m o v e u s a n d k e awa ep safe. my his been had programming Spring 1989:Kelly'sMK UltraProject NASAgp{uced of she beganhavingflashes disruptedby the trauma".nL "no,jr"o whilewith Cox,and sel failure.I took Kellyto Anchorage' ."",[.v *n1"n promptedh". progr"r*ed respiratory sui< Kelly's gravelyco19er1.ej.gver who becam-e Dr. l-orrie'Sh6pherd, Alaskapediatrician heâ&#x201A;Ź |ackofrespon"".o"onu"ntiona|medication'Sherecomm e n d eMedicaid dthatKe||ysee|oca| receive arrangeto"niio p"v"ni"tristor pat Fatrickandthat I immediately unc b e n e f i t s , a S h e r t h e r a p y * o u r o u " | o n g t e r m ' S h e a s s i s t e d w i t h a l | t h e a r r a n g e m e n t pol s' pe She spokeof CIA covert June 1989:Kelly'smemoryflashesbeganto triggermy own Su the out of cocaine muling pertaining to "p"r"ti"". run uy u s. senatorRobert-c.Byrd Ch to disruptrecatling/telling failureas programmed Caribbean.Kellywentrniorespiratory der ,,secrets,,, "nJ*"" no.piializedin the IniensiveCareUnitof Anchorage's government be Kelly's After Kelly's HumanaHospital.PsychiatristDr. Patrickwas broughtin on mu perweekfor therapy' releasefromHumana,she saw Dr. Patrickseveraltimes Sal dol

B y A u g u s t 1 9 8 9 : l w a s i n i n t e n s i v e d e p r o g r a m m i n g w i t h M a r k P h i lmy l i p s ' . w o r k i n g a nsof my memoryand stabilize mind averageof 1g hoursp", J"V , an effortto-retrieve allc and me Mark had informed qr"ffyL."rgn to affectke'ny'sOiresituation.Dr'.Patrick termed Disorder,now professiona||y Personatity that Ke||ywas sufferingt'o' rr,r,rtipr" se that lwas MPD/DIDalso' realized I too month, a w't'nin oisoroer. ldentity Dissociative se) "simply" (harmonics) traumaratherthanhightech Becausemy initialabusebasewas wo exhibited p-atrick Kelly that us informed tikeKelly,s,I soonwentinio tusion Dr. se) examinedfor abuseand advisedwe haveher physically ,v.pto,il. ot sexualiritual the sat I 19. inf ex Kelly'sand my liveswere I reportedto the AssistantDistrictAttorneyin Anchoragethat he for whichwe may involvement political of memory iecovering r waf that and iniJoprrov law federal state,and requirebackupprot"",,on*nit" ."pJrtingcrimesto variouslocal, Fa abuse.tothe AnchoragePoliceDepartment "nior""."nt agencies.I reported'Kelly'i Ph local in (Jackchapman,wno trppetotroW aors"rs andwas laterindicted/convicted sp


formhim that r highoccult rothave Kelly e coulddo nyself. :cessfully saved radwitnessed -rxually

of Anchorage. is and keep us

I Deen ringflashes of to Anchorage, overKelly's ly see local Medicaid rngements. cf CIA covert reout of the calling/telling nchorage's Afier Kelly's apy rktngan :e my mind rk and me allytermed D/DIDalso. rarmonics) bited rnedfor

y ltveswere rich we may federallaw )partment d in local

scandal) andthe Department of Humanservices. our Medicaidbenefits/records w thensealed.

ThefederalcrimesI remembered in detailwerefirstvaridated and thenreportedto Anchorage FBI'sKen Marischen(laterfoundto be involvedin scandalwithJacx c.hapman) and residentAgentin chargeJoe Hamblin.As a result,the FBIthreare MarkPhillips' rifeand riberty.BecauseI was stillamnesicof my father'sabuse/ involvement, I contactedhim pleadingfor financialassistance fbr Kely's iii" tnr""t"r needrhe FBI informedme that my fatherhadfired"ertortion"chaig6, on ;" ,n "shocked" response andthattheycouldlock me up. by the ne*s, i..,ymemoryof h abuses beganfloodingintomy consciousmind.

Alaska's U.s. customsReside.nt Agentin charge,Max Kitchens,who was alreaoy aware of governmenucrA invorvement in cocainLoperations, beganinvestigating my/Kelly's allegations when I reportedinternational crimesto him. He was informe hiswashington, ',thewarking DC superiorsto backoff, as we wereconsidered dead

s9n19m.uer1989: Keily'sbehaviorhad becomeviorent.she exhibitedhomicidar/ suicidal behavior, as shewas writingout memoriesof mindcontrorabuses,"no nu. health wasrapidlydeteriorating. Markphillips'knowledgeof governmentl"u"r,ino mntrolmatterspermittedKeilya measureoi temporary ieriefihrougnLoGrcALLy understanding the programming she hadarreadyremembered.Hoivever,dueto Ke polyfragmentation (MPD/DIDcreatedin infancyihroughtraumabeforeher base personality haddeveroped) Keilycourdnot regaincontroroverherown mind. subsequently she was hospitalized at Human-a Hospitalagain,thenwas iransterred t charter NorthPsychiatric Hospitarvia Dr. patrick. retty totdme that she neededher dealing withher homicidalurges,thattheywereprogrammed and rootedin the occu (reportedty belief instiiledby cox tzae; tnatthe;b6od rine"/famiry mustbe 1me1 "voices murdered in orderthat she surviveand the in her head,'cease.'She criedan saidshewas "goingto hibernate" untirshe receivedeffectivetn",."pv,pri n"in""o down andsleptduringthe halfhourdriveto charterNorthHospital.'t'tiave not softgentlesideof Keilysince,and I rookforwardto the daywhenquarified seen therapy allows for herto be reintegrated and becomewhole.

september 11, 1989:Keilyhad agreedto undergophysicarexams(June12)for the sexual abuseshe had remembered by wayne cox anoArexHoustonin nopls lustic would be served AraskaStateappointedexpert Dr. crintonLiilibridge coniimeorer took photographs as furtherproof/evidence. Dr. Liitibridge confirm ,l.l:?1l?T-":q rneaouseto AnchoragepD Jackchapmanand FBI Ken Marischen, and iirmediate informed methat a cover-upwas underway He assuredme thatshourd| 'ever need expert testimony in court,he wouldtravelto any pointin the unitedStatesto "tt""t to herabuse"as it was "horrendous and shouldnot be coveredup.,, Fall1989:cover-upand threatswerereachingdangerousproportions, and Marx Phillips and I beganarrangingto reaveAraska]rnoiing Keilywourdniqrii-r,,gnrv specialized care, I beganan intensivesearchvia terephone, mairand networking to


mindcontrol of governmenUmilitary locatea mentalhealthphysicianknowledgeable Therapistsinvolvedin the infamoussouthernCaliforniaMcMartin techniques/atrocities. suchas Believethe Children,in additionto casethroughnewlyformedorganizations familiarwith mindcontroldue to theirown case and psychiatrists reputablepsychologists wereas classifiedas MK Ultramind techniques loads,advisedus that rehabilitative the controlrecordsitself Threatsto theirlives,liberties,and licensescompounded our finances dilemmaof findinga therapistwith bothfortitudeand integrity.Additionally, hadlongsincebeendepletedby moving,Kelly'smedicalneeds,postage,phonebills resultingfrom our efforts,survivalagainstall odds,and Kelly'sSocialSecuritybenefits wouldnot be granteduntil1991whenSSIwas extendedby lawto coverMPD/DID. I wrote a pleadingletterfor assistanceto Alaska'sU.S. SenatorTed Stevens,who promptlyrespondedby denyingmy requeston SenatorByrds AppropriationsCommittee stationary!I alsocontactedNolaCappof Alaska'sViolentCrimesClaimsCommission, a federalorganizationthat providesfundingfor the rehabilitationof victimsof violent RichardRucker. ClaimsCommissioner crimes. NolaCappreferredme to Tennessee's claimsbeforewe leftAlaska,as he had RuckerbeganfilingKelly's/my Commissioner confirmedenoughof Kelly'sand my abuseto provideemergencyfunding. to assistme in anangingfor Kelly'stransfer Ruckerworkeddiligently Commissioner from CharterNorthHospitalto a sq.calleddedicatedpsychiatrichospitalspecializingin treatingdissociativedisordersin Kentuckyknownas the ValleyInstituteof Psychiatry. December1989:U.S.CustomsResidentAgentin Charge,Max Kitchens,unexpectedly visitedMarkand me,visiblyshaken,to informus thatour liveswerein gravejeopardy. He explainedthatthe'interest'in silencingme was beyondhis abilityto protectus from. and my fatherhadjoinedforces Someof my primaryabusershadarrivedin Anchorage, with involvedpoliticaland federalperpetratorsto have me silenced. He had alsojoined issues. I contac{ed with Wdyne Cox to harassus throughcustody/paternal CommissionerRucker,who had not yet completedfinancialarrangementsfor Kelly, urhichpromptedhim to securean emergencyinterimplacementfor Kellyat the Valleylnstituteof Psychiatryin Owensboro,Kentucky. aforementioned January1990: MarkPhillipsand I had leamed,throughour network,of a so-called "Child'sRightsAdvocate'in Huntsville, Alabama,StateDistrictAttomeyBudCramer (whosoon becameU.S. Congressman,settingprecedentas the mostjunior memberof Intelligence Oversight). Cramerinvitedus to Huntsvilleunder'police Congressional protection"for the statedpurposeof investigating/exposing local NASAand military in MK Ultramindcontroland its blackbudgetcriminalfundingmechanisms. involvement transferredto Underpressure,we temporarilyrelocatedto Huntsvillewhile Kellywas "emergency VIP in Kentucky. CommissionerRuckerprovidedKellyand me with throughBud Cramer"sofficebeforeour claimwas shut down,reportedly compensation" and overseesFBI ViolentCrimes by Byrdwho is chairmanof SenateAppropriations fromhisWashingtonDC'special'"officein the FBI building.Our lives Compensation withthe and Bud Cramer,in association weresoonin gravejeopardyin Huntsville, and CIA was activelyinvolvedin cover-up,intimidation, PoliceDepartment, Huntsville


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rymindcontrol alifomia McMartin n, in additionto teto theirown case VIKUltramind npounded the nally,ourfinances lge,phonebills Securitybenefits 'erMPD/DtD. tevens,who 'iations Committee msCommission, rmsof violent RichardRucker. ixa,as he had rg. rlly'stransfer lspecializing in of Psychiatry. rs,unexpectedly traveJeopardy. protectus from. adjoinedforces hadalsojoined :e0 tsfor Kelly, atthe a so-called lud Cramer riormemberof roer"police ]d military I mechanisms. nsfered to rgency vn,reportedly rntCrimes l. Ourlives withthe rn,andCIA

Damage containmentpractices.The "chird's Advocacy,organization was an er catchnetof D,D/MKUttravrctims, ";ilii;;;sis turtne,proved.We fled Hur backto Tennessee,wherewe would reside.

spring19g0:Markphitiosand r, upon the recommencration of sympathetic/co FBIagents'ensuredour safetyrr.'.i" i"l"rti"'il"'mes to Tennessee,sFBt recording ti-rorg and havingNashviile,rennesse" u]sl'customs witnessthe interview agentsBradGanet and efiTulev ,i*n"r, "tturpi"i il me into sitenceby usrn codes, keysand triggers,o_T1-?lonr"Tming tnat were providedthem,whichto ti amazement did notwork- Tennesseesenaiorsasserwas caughtin the FBrcov (proven) andthe TennesseeBur"","ir."!"tisIi"^ *:" used in an intimidation anempt as well. In the meantime, I "rr"ng"r"ni" vJ-ere oacr in orderto obtainfun Kelly's desperately neededtherapy.

summer'rgg0: Threatsto our riveshad againescarated, and Markphiripsand I maintained our safetythroughvast oissem'inaiioi? rnformation to Time/Life,U.s. senators and Congressmen,Tenness; i;Gi;il vrciims,advocacygroups, supporters, and mediawhichkept us ariveJin* ",i'un,,rerydeathcourdonrvcon ourreports ValleyInstituteof Psychiatry inroni"l'r" that Kelly,slife was ,n0", tl r.m herfather,wayne cox, my father a;d oih;;, and thattheydid not have sâ&#x201A;Źcurity suff to keep her safe. Arso,th"v "r"ir"J'in-"i'uilr,o haveto rereaseher from dueto increasedfederaroressure.-since nnance's*"r" not yet avairabrefor obtai g::l]flejl:habititation,I iought "n "ttor"v i;';;;fu, Ke'y not be tumed into th rennessee mentarhearthsystem,as r oeiLueJ ri-e-. tte therewourdbe in seriouso July1990:I had been"lu:."d that if Kety courdhaveArex Houstonarrested for ct abuse, the statewourdbe forcedto r"te-ase *rliemaining viorentcrimes compens t0providefor her therapy, tl\i$;;;il": tcontaciedSumnercounty sne uunon andhisDetective !flevrns

Hor.ion:""0r"" "r"x"Trv,,a lqry,l" ""j;-;;& ,0cumented medicarand{"f psv,chiltlc orooS-ziitiiro mvwe tnreatened.t rep thistosumnercounty'sDistrictAttomey naylffi*ruey(whoI laterleamedwassutt nend;andprovided himwithtneevidences.'i"ifro methat .unress youhavea videotape of AtexHoustonrraving ;x ;iiin"'t'ij]*o" is nothingI cando., The u'oeo-s,-eic']'"o'Vriii,."o

over toi'"ywn*"y *",."


Tennessee state Legisrator.and sumner county attomeyRandystamps agreedto represent Kety and me. untirhis rifeand tn"ioiii. i"rry were reportedrythreatene sumnercountv sheriffs otr'ciars. nJprl""iilii"" d"rps, thisinformarion over to the Tennesse5;;;;;;;;estigation, sti, fearingfor his rife,tu wherecover_upwas *',n notesat ,"*rr"",-Grri'was

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Following the advicefrom a state_victim's rightsorganization,I contactedU.s. Aftorney Distri General,o" troyl.:-ol"ri" "ioig;[rTrn""tng. Ray Whitey,swife wa JoeBrown'ssecretary,and we onty enOureOiu.ti".-*u"r_up and threats.


Uponthe adviceof a concernedU.S.Senator,I contactedTennesseeRepresentative the in Kelly'sname,addressing a bill beforethe Legislature BenWest,who introduced carefor sexual,ritual,and mindcontrolabusesof children. needfor specialized August 7, 1990: Afteronly72 hourssinceher releasefromVlP, Kelly'sdocumented programmed respiratory failure(triggeredby memorythat surfaceduponbeingreunited Room with me) resultedin her beingadmittedto VanderbiltHospital'sEmergency medicines, but respondedinsteadto where,again,shefailedto respondto conventional that Kellybe psychological it was orderedby Vanderbilt intervention.Subsequently, placedin the TennesseeMentalHealthsystem. to TennesseeMentalHealth Aroundmidnightand by policeescort,Kellywas transferred Kellywas weary,andfrightened, Institutefor "evaluation" and referral.Exhausted, by Dr.Vasseluntilshe vomitedand collapsed.lrateoverhls visciouslyinterrogated insanelineof questioning, suchas "whyare youcrazy?",I defendedKellyand her to Cumberland and he threatenedto lockme up. Kellywas transferred dissociativeness House,whereI wouldnot be permittedto see her for 48 hours. House,theytold me she had August 9, '1990:When | finallysaw Kellyat Cumberland not movedfromher bed sinceher arrival.Shewas sittingin her bed,not blinking, talking,etc. in a dilapidatedroomcoveredin satanicgraffiticompletewith blood smears "furniture" I and NO CARE! Appalledand horrified, on the wall,torn curtains,wrecked and scrubbedthe blood to comfortKellywhileMarkPhillipsphotographed attempted "Dr." Gabboy, who said fromthe wall. I metwith Kelly'sso-calledresidentpsychiatrist, thattherewas "no suchthingas mindcontrolor ritualabuse."I informedhimthatthe graffition Kelly'swallsand floor pentagrams, 666,suicide,murder,and cannibalism Househad neverhad any ritual wereindeedsatanic.He arguedthat Cumberland abusevictims,untilI told himwe wouldsee if the pressagreedwith him. Theypainted the roomswithin24 hours. to Kelly'smental soughtresolution and desperately September1990:I immediately of appointedTennesseeCommissioner and metwith politically healthpredicament, be MentalHealthEricTaylor. He assuredme that Kelly'sdilemmacould/would resolved. Federallaw stipulatesthat in orderfor a childto be transferredout of state qualifiedrehabilitation (wheresupposedly was available)a diagnosisto supportthe transfermustbe obtainedwithinthe state. Sincetherewas no one in Tennessee in children, mindcontrolprogramming military/NASA treatingMPD/DIDwith c/assified Taylorgavethe impossible therewas no one to diagnoseherdisorder.Commissioner of MentalHealth(DMH) taskof locatinga physicianto diagnoseKellyto Department Houseduringthe at Cumberland workerMarshaWillis. KellyremainedUNTREATED what I knewall by MarshaWillis,who concluded ensuing8 monthstatewide'search" along- thattherewas no one withinthe statewho coulddiagnoseor treatKelly'sMK Ultramindcontrolabuses.


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) Representative r, addressing the r children ls documented rn beingreunited encyRoom conded insteadto thatKellybe ieeMentalHealth t,Kellywas 'ateover hr-s llyandher J to Cumberland d meshe had tblinking, I bloodsmears ndhorrified,I d theblood boy,who said ntmthatthe i andfloor rnyritual fheypainted 's mental ;tonerof Jbe :rtof state poftthe essee I children, rmpossible h (DMH) :unngthe xnewall :lly'sMK

ga'o reso, ve, Ke,, y,s d ill8[iilgil]Ttl5lr il:llill-iil?:;#J,'s whereby thestate *o",i ii""#, t""il"",f,i;ffi#t

i'xH:::ffi? Lylg.I-:rrv,.. x"tiv*"rri ."t become ffitilir'llr:,fl!"3#Xy:":'"t embroired inacus

nstitu tions iili ;il ffi ;ff "H'"iir:lffil iflfr"il;;i;J ;.-;;";il::i'Lr*"

Aprir2' 1gg1: wayne coJ a1d his-NashvireTennessee attorneyBobAnderson naidbymyfather e"rrO,eril"l'ii"j ,tlto,mttedtv "no neglectchargesagains inJuvenile court in "n "trortto regaincontrol l;J of ^"1,;:

Asa resurtof cox's ateoations, supervisedI never*"li:T:g_,_"feJlvand I wereimmediatery deniedvisitationunre itil6;;"": ilq rg" unabre andmanyothersdue to my own mino6""troi"[Lioexrstence. ro protecther rron tordrejti"""i"""or Keryarwaysunder


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ro-see rennessee DMH Marsha yofe_r wilis,whornro

roA)lio i,i,.,i,'j.,"j',il.J::?n:;,fl 3:jin.':g:_'t9;*il;b;#"1 abuse rhererore, she nave ;"il;;;;; l9l::ffi tfli ::g"iii:"j,,:Lil1 y1r_o


Aprir1991-Aprir1993:v10l3tio1g.ot rawsandcivirrights. Fsychotogicat withDrA.s Warfare ""1^,1-:9d".;;G;il}i'ra*ics, in conjunction an.meboth Ketvis no*i.,ui:Jir havebeenenduieo oyKet ortneso-caieo'iustice anoMentar quarified Heattn-syst rehabir.ation r"r-,n" ffi"tirt. mind :lff:'li*"^ controrabuses shenas Aprir9, 1gg1: I was denied

rhe right attornev l wasappointegr:gg to defendmyserfin court,and courdnot affordar nadtntervened,and pressed.falsead'*"tJ"'d) Attornev, burnotuntirafterco chargestiritn i5 "",o"nce/documentation

nrm;'and restraining ro back orders-were pr"""i "gli;;i m-e prus, 'ecauseI did not have a oermanent r was put on ,probatron" aoorers oJyoni p.o. tn". r"g"r uommissioner Box r6sio;ncytnat Ruckerhad-estabtisne];;";'#er*ect un!; workerErnestFentre"r.1lh" me Additionary, I metwith r*""iri, c"rrtflno *"" broughtin by specialrv forthiscasefromsumner the state courti,"n-iiziry .r

Ke'yandthat'she wourd bepr"".o

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*'*rzbJ"Jr'fi"vn"cox.,,(Thiswas eveninvesrigated before our *"":l ne il;;;"rgo psychiatric resrrng' arthoughI had neverI:_-d.r"l and psychotogica beennameda;;;;;;""r, and thatcox shoirdnor.


wouldoccurbehindclosed Additionally, JudgeShookhoffruledthatall courtproceedings pressand localadvocateEdithHammons, doorsand ruledthatthe (sympathetic) Victimsof ViolentCrime,leavethe courtroomand not return.I President of Organized on Kelly'sand my behalf,and sat in courtwith was not permittedany supporUwitnesses "my"court-appointed attorneyon one sideof the room,whilefourattorneys,Cumberland Housestaff,DHSworkers,etc. sat on the opposingside. recordsobtainedoutsideof the State April '1993:Noneof the medicaland psychiatric admissiblein court. Thus,Kellywas to begin of Tennesseewereconsidered "counseling" in Tennesseewith JanieAdamsat Luton'sMentalHealthCenter(who' alongwith JuvenileCourtJudgeAndyShookhoff,is currentlyinvolvedin scandalfor labelingsexuallyabusedchildrenas sexualoffendersandthus lockingthemup in detentionratherthanprovidingtherapy).JanieAdamstold us to reportKelly'ssexual abuseto MetroPoliceor I would be the one prosecutedfor the abuseKelly'sTennessee "might'prove. (l knewfromexperience that MetroPoliceDepartment basedsex exams was heavilyinvolvedin the very politicalcorruptionfrom whichwe escapeddue to Nashville's cocainebusiness,as the ex-PoliceChiefJoe Casey,MayorRichardFulton, SheriffFateThomaswere presentduringa covert and soonto be convicted/imprisoned to SaudiArabia!)We were meetinginvolvingdrugsand armsshipments operations referredto HomicideDetectivePat Postiglione,a closefriendof JanieAdamsand neighborof Alex Houston's. Kellywas takento MetroGeneralHospitalby JanieAdams. (l was forbiddento be there duringher exam.) Kellyreportsshewas roughlyexamined(theyforehervagina)and declaredher'NOT abused"! Kellywas then threatenedunder hypnosis(a lameattempt by JanieAdamsand toldshewoulddie if she documented) at hypnoticprogramming, everagainsaidAlexHoustonabusedher.JanieAdamsalsoclaimedthat Kellywas nof of MarkPhillips,I hadobtainedadditional sexuallyabused.Thanksto the forethought in-statemedicalrecordsfurtherprovingher sexualabusepriorto JanieAdamsteaming up with a classiccover-up. "warehouseperson" Kellywas forbiddenby CumberlandHousesocialworkerAKA JanieAdams,to everdiscuss with herfriend/cohort CharleneJohnson,in association her oast! "therapy' Kellywas punishedwhenand if she did speakof her past,which is the worst pastas her for a diagnoseddissociative!When Kellyceasedtalkingabout imaginable "shehadto liveat Cumberland House",Cumberland instructed because,as she says, Housestatedin courtthat Kellywas 'not abusedbecauseotherwiseshe wouldtalk aboutit"l Kellydrewseveralgraphicpicturesdepictingsexualabuse,includingone of the torture Ohio's"CharmSchool"(a sex slavetrainingschooloverseen dungeonat Youngstown, Jim Traficant).Thesepictures,clearlydepictingsexualabuse by U.S.Congressman "Kelly and mindcontroltrauma,wererejectedby the courtas JanieAdamstestifiedthat it made uo."


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curbehindclosed lammons, Lndnotreturn. I satin courtwith reys,Cumberland ideof the State begin (who, Oenter n scandalfor themup in Kelly'ssexual (elly's Tennessee )liceDepartment peddueto Richard Fulton, t duringa covert a!) We were \damsand 'iddento be there ervagina) and r (a lameattempt oulddle if she at Kellywas not inedadditional Adamsteaming

m Atthesametime,MetroPolicethreatenedMarkPhillips'life. Pat Postiglione,told v Rodgers Joe France to Ambassador former and Fulton Richard Mayor tnritorr"," 'seeto it that I was silenced"throughthreatto my life. MarkPhillipsand I provided investigat thesecovertlytaped recordedthreatsto everyonewe knew,sparkingan magazine. Time/Life

April15,1991:ProminentNashvillegynecologistDr.RichardPresle M'etro scam-examof Kelly,and reaffirmedher sexualabuseas well as documente reportsw( u.gin"l;riif"tion carving(carvedfor SenatorByrd'sperversion).These ignoredbYthe court. again

meetwith Spring/early Summer1991: commissionerRuckerarrangedfor me to of Kelly'sdile Miwherter'sLegalAssistantBurnieDurhamfor resolution Gover-nor i pleadfor helpfor Kelly. BurnieDurhamtold me Gover Outot rf'""r desperation, did not addresssuch issuesand thereforewouldnot help. (l had been McWherter forcedunderMK Ultrato work on McWherter'sinitialcampaignas he was being of Global ilGicailt movedintoplacefor rubberstampingand imptementation thereforewas not surprisedat this response)' Educalion,-and

arrangeda meetingfor MarkPhillipsand me with DHSManagerCharle Time/Life Juve Wiront"*r"nti' involvedin-thesamescandalwith Luton'sJanieAdamsand part CIA a of was time the at realize not whomwe did CorttLuOgeShookhoff), onlyassuredme'Kellywouldneverreceivetherap effort. Mr.-Wilson mnlain1ne"nt

lfiledchargesagainstCoxforbackchildsupportof$21,000'whichon (cun furtherchaigesiled againstme in 5th CircuitCourt' JudgeThomasBrothers charg cox's to uphold rights my laws and for cocaineconspiracy)violated indicted may be aw andallowthe Departmentof MentalHealthto interceptany moneythat

worst'therapy" outherpastas ', Cumberland : wouldtalk

to l Apri|22,1991: I petitionedJuveni|eCourtto restrainCox fromhavingaccess (medically and programming control her mind triggered ,i n" n"d previously to do so again' Documenta and openlythreatened documented) psycnofogiLffy and medicaldoctors,as wel psychiatrists psychologisti, pr"ulou"institutions, ho, etc ' were all rejectedb) etc â&#x201A;Źtc frifyi o*n testimonyto the court,rirytestimony, visitationwith Kelly. Kellyand.l.bothhi courtwhilecox was grantedunsupervised with medi rrpf"in"J no* Cox wiuld triggerKelly,and I had documentedin writing Kelly'smindconlrolprogramm recordshow he had previouJtytriggeieOlactivated cox ti tono avail. Socialworkerc#rle;; Johnsondelivereda letterto Kellyfrom predicted' and had anticipated we containedexactlythe methodsof triggering

reof thetorture :hooloverseen sexualabuse ;tifiedthat'Kelly

protection April23, 1991: DespiteKelly'sscreams,tearsand pleasfor helpand with his abuses'including *5. gi;t"O visitation. Kellyreportedlyconfronted..him a human(as docume and cannibalizing dismembering, witneisedhis murdering, "wentwell ' c pi""i""" i""titrtions;. dnarleneJohns5nreportedthat the meeting high levelc attorney,BobAncterson,lwho repeatedlyhid deliveredsophisticated

rseperson" I everdiscuss

2 33

triggersto me in courtwhich,due to my deprogramming, failed)alsohad unsupervised timewith Kelly. My attorneywas refusedvisitation. I witnessedthe aftermathof Cox'svisitwith Kellyduringmy supervlsed visitoverseenby SocialWorkerCeeCeeRalston.Kellywas screamingand crying,and askedCeeCee whatshe mustdo to be heardand thusbe orotectedfromheroccultserialkillerabuser Cox. Sheexpressedconfusionoverbeingforcedto visithimwhilenot beingpermitted to see MarkPhillipswho had rescuedher,and why she hadto havesupervised visits justice. Sheasked, with me. Kellyexpressedconfusionoverthe "reversal"of so-called "Whyam I lockedup whilemy abusersremainfree?" WhenKellyreportedtheseabusesin court,she saysshe had believedthat her"private meetingtestimony" to JudgeShookhoffwouldbringaboutjustice,whenin fact shewas onlyfurtherpunishedby CharleneJohnsonfor havingtalkedabouther pastwith the Judge! Kellysobbeduncontrollably at the lossof visitationwith MarkPhillips,who she loves,respects,and has referredto as "dad"sinceour timein Alaska. To thisdate, Kellystillhas not beenableto speakwith or havecontactwith MarkPhillips. April 23-March7 1991: Kelly(only11 yearsold)lostover10 lbsin lessthantwo psychologically weeks;shedeteriorated to the pointof despondence; and her asthma, whichwas deliberately triggeredby Cox,becameso badthat shewas takento VanderbiltHospitalby Cumberland Housestaff(withoutnotification to me). Summer1991:I was constantlyin and out of court,battlingfor Kelly'srightto rehabilitation andto avoidfurtherreprisalsof chargesagainstme. My fatherEad O'Brien'svastwealthobtainedwhensellingme and my brothersand sistersintothe MK UltraProjectwas beingusedagainstme, as wellas sophisticated CIA codes,keysand triggersdeliberately deliveredby attorneyBobAnderson.Althoughthesetriggerswere ineffective due to my deprogramming and reintegration, the blatantviolationsof laws and rightscontinued,includingmy beingdeniedthe rightto speak/defend myselfin court. I was againorderedby the courtto undergoadditional"evaluations" by psychiatrists and psychologists of DHSchoice,and orderedto payfor Cox'sscam psychological out-of-state evaluation of whichI was permittedno inputor choice. Cox's out-of-stateevaluationbeingacceptedby the courtwhile hundredsof Kelly'sout-of-state recordswererejectedaddedto the rapidlygrowinglistof cover-upevidence. EmestFentressof DHS,who was obviouslyworkingCIA damagecontainment, was caughtblatantlyspreadingmisinformation on Kellyto all stateinstitutions, discrediting her needand preventing transfer,and leavingherat Cumberland Houseto withstand furtherabusesvia CharleneJohnson.The JuvenileCourtJudgedismissedFentress fromthe case,whileDHSpromotedhim.The dilemmacreatedby Fentress'well orchestrated effortshinderedplacement for Kelly. JuvenileCourtJudgeShookhofforderedthat Kellybe placed"temporarily" in thejoint custodyof DHSand myselffor'purposesof obtainingfundingneeessary for her on-goingresidency(warehousing) at Cumberland House.'


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so hadunsupervised roedvisitoverseen bv andaskedCeeCee rltserialkillerabuser notbeingpermitted e supervised visits lJustice. Sheasked, vedthather ',private nenin factshe was ler pastwiththe k Philtips, who she a. To thisdate. Phittips lessthantwo andherasthma, s takento l me).

; nghtto r fatherEarl sisters intothe MK \ codes,keysand -5Se triggerswere lations of laws rndmyselfin ons"by Cox'sscam orchoice.Cox,s (elly'soulof-state ence. rrnment, was s,discrediting ) to withstand sedFentress lss'well

Mypsychological/psychiatric examsdeclaredme sane, reintegrated, and substa mymindcontrorvictimization. Therefore, the oppositionrequested that I be test againwhichwas granted.obviousrythiswas a set up,and federar effortsto sa hadrncreased dramaticaily. As arways,I conceared a iape recorderrnto my;psy evaluation" sessionwith cynthiaTuinerGraham.she immediatery informedLre shedidnot.require any information fromme becauseshe had oeenprovileJ;,eu sheneededto know"from ErnestFentresspriorto his beingtaken from the case Because of my recording,this "exam"on me was rejectedb-ythe court Nolartni cnminal shampsychiatristwourdsoonbe governorlappornted to becomethe ne> serve as the commissioner of MentarHealth. l was insteadtordthat t muit uno "counseling' andfurtherexamination in orderto maintain"ny p"r"ni"t ,ignGt" r, all(l havenoneanyway).

MayJune1991: I was contactedby the southeastern regionardirectorof U.s. c John sullivan(GeorgeBush'sformerdivisionwhenhe was headof crA). This re includes Mexicanand caribbeanoperations.I was interviewed for overeighthor agents sentto Nashviile. Theyexpressedconcernfor Keily'sprightand s;ieiy, ". -ry fives werein increasing jeopardyiromevidencessubstantiating t".i,r;ni in"1 'National Security'ramifications. Theseagentsagreedto inteireneon Kellyls-b legal proceedings.

These u.S. customsagentsreceived"thecail"fromwashington,DC whichprev their furtherinvorvementEvidencesubstantiating criminara6tiuityoy tnenuis. n General rhornburgh(oneof my primaryabu"sers; hadcorroborated .Dick a forme simllar allegations, creatingseriousiniernariepartmentatprobrems for Dickrhorn andhiscocaine/white slaveryoperations.u.s. customs,Johnsullivaninformedr hisboss,u s. customsDirectorwiiliamVon Raab,was stepping downas heado customs due to the criminar activitythatwas proiitlratingand beingcouer"d-ups Dickrhornburghhadto verify/appiove ail U.d. cuitoms-internar iniestigations. Therefore, untirwe naoa poiitivechangeot admrnistration readership,no herpco offered Kellyand hersituation.

June5, .1991: GeorgeBushannouncedthat Dickrhornburghwourdbe resignin unstated reasons.Thomburgh's rorein the rrancontracovei-upscandar"nd .no soextensivethat it could not be fully contained,and was aired on r.rac's ; currel Affairandthroughvariousnewspapers.

I notedthat any successobtainedby me/Keflywas countered equailyby our abuse through organizedcrA intimidation ind DrApsychotogicat warfaretactics. Muchv directed at Kelly,sincetheyknownothingmeansrnoreto me thanher/her welrbei As a Result:

y" in the joint for her

Kellyhad beenappointeda so-cailed"GuardianAd-Litem"Martha chirdvia the opposition, who told Keilythatthe FBrhad'crearedcox ot arLcnarge";"nJ in"t tn,



saidI was "insane"andthat'Mark Phillipsis a mostdangerousman." (MostDangerous Manis CIA crypticterm for beingmarkedfor imminentdeath.) | obtainedproofand witnessedMarthaChildand CharleneJohnsonbeingpaidoff with my father'smoneyfor theirparticipation. This evidencewas not admissible in court. Kellyand I were rarelypermittedto see each other,beingforcedapartfor monthsat a timeincluding telephonecommunications. Kellywas punishedseverelyeverytimeshe spokeof her pastabuseor currentabuseby CharleneJohnson.This is documented. I was deniedaccessto CumberlandHouserecords(despiteseveralcourtorders)which includedbrainwaveoatterns.healthdeterioration. and documentation of effortsto triggerKelly.A sympathetic workerdid provideme accessto someof Kelly'sfilesto makecopies. Kellysaidshewas subjectedto satanic;/occult ritualsat Cumberland House,referredto by staffmembersas "innocentcandlelight seances." Kellywas counseledby CharleneJohnsonthat her past'is not real.' fullaccessto Kelly. Cox maintained CumberlandHousetestifiesthat Kellyis sane and thereforeneedsto be releasedto Cox'scustody. CumberlandHouse'stestimonycontradictedtheir previousstatement,now sayingthat Kellyis INSANE,thereforecan nottestifyin court. Cumberland Houserepresentative testifiesthatthereis "no suchthingas mindcontrol.' Cumberland Houselatertestifiesthat Kellycan not see MarkPhillips'because he is an experton mindcontrol." I am not permittedto comfortKellyin any way, explaincourt proceedings,etc. Kelly expressesnightmarish confusion. Kellywas involvedin a CumberlandHousevan trafficaccident,and was routinely hospitalized.She was deniedthe rightto call me and notifyme. She secretlyslippedme her hospitallD bracolettwo weeks later. July 29, 1991:I was deniedthe rightto pursueprosecution of CharleneJohnsonand CumberlandHouse,and thereforewrote an open letterfor help.

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to any wrotea few letterspleadingfor help,andwas quicklydeniedfurtheraccess Kelly Victimsof Molent outrid"*rrunications, includiigwith idith Hammons/organized any telephonecalls,or to send/receivemail. iir". klrrv was forbiddento ma--ke september13,1991:Cox'sout-of-statescamexamdec|aredhim.sane'.

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it had becomeso summer:A new organtzation,lcAM was assignedto Kelly'sca$ as dedicatedto committee oversight iegal a mmptex.This organizationwas supposedly justicein cover-upcases. An evaluition of Kellywas orderedby Nashville's forcing who nationaltransplant), [put#;0""i Dr. BarryNurcum(a CIA sponsoredAustralian 'was not qualified'when hJ previouslyrefusedio treat Keilyon thb groundsthat he on Kelly's mntiaeoin igag and againuy oMu Marshl willis in 1990. His report was inconclusive. mndition the lcAM managerhad verifiedenoughof my claimsto understandKelly's However, she endured' direneedfor qualifiedther-apyfor the provenMK Uttramindcontrolabuses quickly as qualified therapy to out-of-state transierred ietty nave prepared to Si,.*". and thâ&#x201A;Ź asarr"ngembntscould be mad-e.My credibilityout of washington,DC of i.nn"""i,. Legislaturewas impeccable,and this managerrealizedthe.magnitude even diagnostng referral Drs.' a me.that informed she whatKellyand lwere up against. ;th.po."ibilitythat it tookei like MPD/DID"was all that was requiredto finishthe point' for Kelly'stransfer. DHs dissolvedthe lcAM organizationat this DapeNvork Kellyshouldbe January1992: Dr. BarryNurcumwrote a letterto the courtstatingthat as well as all Shookhoff,. Judge by reiected ilrn WayneCbx. This tetterwas ilA;d that proving devastation the records medical of documentation including evidences other that ruled The Judge trauma. and triggering deliberate waswreakedon Kellyby cox's "upio bumberlandHouse',and they lied and assuredme in courtthat tn. O*iiion *"s Philiipswas_invite{tqcolvgrse with Dr. kelriwourOnot be subjecteJlo Co" again.Mark"lf him stating, you and Cathydon't shut up you will HuiiurnanOsubsequentlyiecorded die'. proceedings Coxarrivedin Nashvillefor depositionsas necessaryfor 6th CircuitCourt p.,t,iningtobackchi|dsupport.At|easttheAssistantDistrictAttomey,Scott who was ptesithtat the deposition,wa: quicklyconvincedby Cox's itosenourg, who was being testimonylndactions'thathe was the abuserI said he was all alongUltraProject MK on holds he information for the proi*tJ Oytn" CfArrUSGovemment and politicalabuserssuch as SenatorByrd' i,tonarch JohnsonallowedCox accessto Kellyat CumbedandHouseanyway'and Charlene permittedaccessto brbidKellyfrom telephoningme. cox's abusivemotherwas also Kelly. a heapon the Ke||yscreamed,cried,begged,pleaded,et9 t9.n9avai|,then col|apsedin"accidentally' ioorfromterroras Oocumllted'in CumberlandHouserecordsthat were worker. charlene Johnsonphysicallyassaulted to me by a compassionate released


cox Kelly Kelly,shakingherviolentlyandforcingher to standat attentionto visitwith cooperation' lack of her waslater isolatedin a paddedcellfor the court. Juvenilecourt ruledthat cumberlandHousewas I againpetitioned to presscharges I had no jurisdiction for theirabusesof Kellysince uniccountable "onestateagencycannotsueanothei'' joint whereby custody in was Kelly b;;; charleneJohnsonrematnson tne job at cumberlandHouseto this date. cumberland initialsR l.P iouse changedtheirlogoto a chili with MonarchButterflywings,withthe writtenin bold lettering. took January 22, 1992: A new organizationacquiredby my attomey,omnivision, wouldprovide I was assuredthat OmniVisions ;n*g" irt oversightof Kelly's-case. I qu"fi"ti"O therapffor Kelly,even out of state,as well as protectionfrom Cox, lF I had no that considering no alternative I had of Kellyto DHS. full'custody retinquished I parentalrightsanywayand ChirleneJohnsonwas abusingKellyso horribly Before DHS placed full in be Kelly ruled that shookhoff however,Judge mademy decrsion, custody. January:IwasinformedbyDr.BarryNurcumthatadiagnosisonKel|ywou|dbe wh_ohad studiedmind psychiatrisupsychologist obtainedthougha new_to-lriashvilte that Orne' Considering Martin Dr. Psychiatrist DefenseDepartment controlunderLJ.S. hours tn'. nighly"r"dentialedphysiciancouldbe with-theopposition'l.spenteight the interviiwingDr. Mitchelito no avail. Dr. Mitchelltook overKelly'scaseunder "her recorctsremainconfidentialas was necessaryfor her safety'" conditionthat knowwho or Kelly was placedin a fosterhomeby omniVisions. I was not permittedto basis wherethis foster home*"". | *"" permitted,however,to see Kellyon a regular made. be could quickly arrangements as throughDr. Mitchell'sofficeas and my visitationdragged to arrangefor Dr. Mitchell'sconfidentiality court proceeclings had been on for iix monthi, during vinicntime I rarelysaw Kelly. I learnedthat she practiced pf"""O in fostercarewitn tne formerCumberlandHouseworker who openly witchcraft.

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orderby omniVisionthroughthe Juvenilecourt further February5, 1992:A restraining forbadeKetiyfromwritingletter! for help or contactingsupportersor victims what little organizationi,and restrainedher from speakingof certaintopics,including she recalledof her Past. for the abuses Marih 8, 1992: I wrote a pleadingletterto DHSto take accountability of rightsKeliywas 6nduring.I wrotenumerousletterspleadingfor help' anOviotations and and remainedvigilantin my desperateeflortsto obtainKelly'smuch-needed deservedrehabiiitation.I receiveda responsefrom a supportiveU,S. Senator that I broadenmy approachto the Tennesseelegislature.Anangements recommending and were madefor me to "p""r "" an invitedguestbeforethe Tennesseelegislature of HumanServices,Grunow' of the Department thenCommissioner



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ith Cox. Kelly

e was ;s cnarges reanother". Cumberland le initialsR.l.P.

isron,took rldprovide ;ox,lF I g that I had no ibly Before I in full DHS

wouldbe died mind )nsidering that lht hours nderthe safety." o knowwho or regularbasis

:ationdragged : had been rnlypracticed

e Court further NS

g whatlittle 'theabuses dingfor help, ed and lator Anangements islature and

of Kelly's pleadingfor resolution April13, 1992: lspoke beforethe Legislature, left Albright, Ray Senator State Tennessee dliemma.One of my formerabusers, Gru whileTN. iep. McAfeepromisedto helpand orderedCommissioner meeting Grunowgr provide"him a reporton Kelly'scase. Afterthe meeting,commissioner "under C therapy-" any receive ever Kelly would no ciicumstances inmyfacethat of Kellyand me,w who had beensupportive DeniseAlexander, DHScaseworker, Grunowto suchan extentthat she quithe Lportedlypressuredby Commissioner rainertnancomplywitn hls cover-up.ShetearfullywishedKellyand me luck

she an July 1992: Kellywas finallyin therapywithDr. Mitchell,and subsequently asso M S.W. his with session therapy" in our'family viiit permitted weekly i weie Mr.Neiswender.Kellyand I were permittedto talk for the first time in two years. that she expressedfearof Dr. Mitchell,and explainedto Neiswender immediately "mother,"o< foster her assigned problems with horrible witr me, but had oroblems fearand anxiety,woreoccultjewelry Thurmond.Kellybeganexpressing if,telissa "futtmoon"campfirerituals/parties, and readoccul o1 spoXe prouid.dby Melissa, was apparentto me that Kellywas againbeingsubjectedto occulttri

throughMelissaThurmondcausedher August1992: Kelly'soccultinvolvement swiichintoan orcult personaand becomeviolent.Melissathenliterallydumped andher few belongingson the streetcurb nearthe YWCA and notifiedDHS. Kel wher behavior,thistimeat Vanderbilt aglin tor homicidal/suicidal institutionalizeO "on"her. OmniVision working be would Mitchell William Dr. BarryNurcumanJ "fit determinedKellywas no longer for their program'and withdrewfrom her case leavingDHSin full control.

and coopera Earlyseptember 1992: I had beenforewarnedby knowledgeable of Vand section Psychiatric the that community of the U.s. Intelligence members universitysubcontractedto the samecorruptfactionof the U.S. Governmenttha immensethreatto Kelly. I was courtorderedto attendfamilysessionat Vanderb that Kelly'smindand life were in gravedangerthere. I w experienced/witnessedfurtherinformeclthat an attemptwas beingmadeto silenceKellythroughclassifi to requ Ultramindcontrolmeans,and to expectthat she may be re-programmed accessto her abusers.

to dealwith the traumaof seein october 1992: I had beensufficientlyprepared "whydon'tI havememoryflashesany rn me asked programmed. She negatively andsaidinat she wantedto see Cox. Mr. Neiswender,who was supervisingthe askedKellyif she couldrememberanything- goodor bad- aboutcox. She rep ,,No."so I remindedher howour braincompartmentalizes memoryof traumatoc horribleto comprehend,and askedif, perhaps,this was why she had no memor The logicrestoredher controlover her own mind,withoutmy havingtriggeredm whichLuld have resultedin respiratoryfailure. Instead,Kellydecidedthat she I notsee cox afterall, then told me that all she could rememberabouther pastwt


Mitchell Mr. Neiswenderliterallyfell off his chairwith surprise,and told Kellyto tell Dr. in the aboutthis that evening. Kellyhad rememberedspecificclA codesand operations pentagon told and House, White and of the out in and well asteing C"riOU""n,as exohcitsexualdetailsinvolvingGeorgeBush'

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Late october 1992: Courtrecordsshowthat Vanderbiltunderwenta battleof ties. I do not knowwho was on which side, "ri"gi""*" betweenKellyand government "harmonics'in an effortto make her forgetwhat to iubjecied butkelly was reportedly and Mr' ine naO;ustremembered.I was forbiddento see Kellyany more-atVanderbilt, to find only Nurcum Dr' and Mitchell Dr. to see lwent immediately. Neiswenber'retired" lockeddoorsand sealedliPs.

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Duringthis same periodof time, I was informedthat informationI had released p"rt"l"ningto the NorthAmericanFreetradeAgreementwas greatlyendangeringour iiues,paiicutarlyas this was an eleclionyear. The NAFTAinformationI had tied directly to GeorgeBusfrandmy own memoriesof his brutalsexualabuseof Kelly. I had of his pedophileactivities,and arrangementswere obtainedfurtherproof/conoboration as well as a speakingcircuitwhereby information maOetor vast disseminationof "silencing'eitherof us wouldonlyproveus credible' GeorgeBushmadefive separatetrips to Nashvillein october, duringthe most important time ;f his re-electioncampaign,mostof whichwere not nationallypublicized'but are welldocumented. l was told that the brainstem scaningdamagedone by the harmonicsprogrammingthat Kellyreportedlyenduredduringthis time coutObe effectivelytreatedand reversedif she was transfenedto qualifiedrehabilitationimmediately' November5, 1992: Mark Phillipsand I spokebeforea largegroupof stateand federal law enforcementpersonneloutsideHouston,Texasto releasemy well documented NAFTAinformation,a meetingwhich may well have savedour lives of January 5, 1993: A new oversightorganization,ACCT,took over management in Memph6' Hospital Psychiatric Lakeside to Charter was transfenJd She Kelly's&se. Tennesseewithoutmy beingpermittedany contact. lt had beenover four monthssince t tastsaw her at Vand'erbilt.I was grantedtherightto attendan ACCT meeting'and drawn up by AGCT was allowedsomeinputOyone of i-heirsupervisors.The papenrvork averageintelligence,now meets statesthat Kelly,alwaysan A-B studentwith far above "her brainwas allegedlydamaged" the criteriafor certificationas leamingdisabledsince at Vanderbilthospital. of March 11, 1993: I receiveda supervisedtelephonecall from Kellyunderthe direction her new ih"rte, Lakesidesocialworker,AbbotJordan. This was my first time to speak *ith t", sincethe incidentat Vanderbilt.Kellyoied and told me that when she reported to to Dr. Mitchellwhat she had recalled(aboutclA operationsand Bush),he forcedher





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Dr.Mitchell erationsin the andtold eof rwhichside, orgetwhat rbilt,and Mr. monlyto find se0 ;eringour rdtieddirectly I had mentswere )reby ostimportant d, butare ammingthat rersedif she andfederal mented

sit in a chairfor 48 hourswith no food,water,or sleep priorto her forgettingevery shehadtold him.

NowKellyis diagnosed"oppositional".who could blameher? she is not at ail the samechildthat I knew-and I knew every personalityfragmentand facet of her. Al knowsis that her consciousfocus has beenerodedand that she is in desperatene specialized, qualifiedrehabilitation. As always,I assureher'lt's not overiill we *,r

March 17, 1993: I had been repeatedlydeniedmy rightto testifyin court. A motio pending,filedby cox's attomeyand chargingthat I shouldpaychildsupportfromil $3000in back childsupportthat was awardedme throughotn circuit iourt. The AssislantDistrictAttorney,scott Rosenburg*,testifiedthat this was not legal,and I the $3000had alreadybeenspentobtainingfurtherevidencesfor Kelly's&se. Th Judgesaid,"Lawsdo not applyin thiscasefor reasonsof Nationalseturity,',and tl shouldpaychildsupportunlesstherewas a reasonwhy I shouldnotwork.-dox's attorneyBobAndersonshoutedthat I shouldspendtimein jail for having.spentth money'(which,in fact, I neversaw). I was not permittedto testifythat due io threa mylifeand establisha routineunderour circumstances. on Marth 17, 1993,Judg shookhoffruledthat I shouldpay $25 a weekfor childsupport,retroactive to Janu 1993.

lwas advisedthatthis ruling(becauseI had no way of paying)couldquicklyresulti terminationof all parentalrights(as if I have any) and jail time for contempufailure t, pay

April {, 1993: I spokewith Kelly,who still has no turthermemoryof her past and h beenseen by her court appointedphysicianat charter Lakesidebnlyone time. wâ&#x201A;Ź waitingon his determinationthat Kellyrequiresqualifiedrehabilitationfor classified abuses.

tentof n Memphis, ronthssince Ing,and 4 byACCT nowmeets f damaged" directionof le to speak he reported rcedher to


pf S e p t e m b e r 1 9 9 5 : M a r k a n d I h a d o u r w e | | d o c u m e n t e d b o o k e n t i twhich l e d T are R A in NGE graphicdetails completewithirrefutable kr Formationof Americapublished, themse|vesevidencetop,esenttoCongress,a|lfactionsof|awenforcementincluding mediagroups'nationaland D ih; iBl CtA,DtA,DEA,TBl. NSA,etc.,attmajornews and Psychiatric Psychological American both ol humanngntsadvocaies, international avail. TRANCE the Nationalinstttuteof MentalHealth,and no Associations, c thoroughlyexposesmanyoftheperpe.TRA|ToRSandtheiragendarep|etewithnames' "whyhaven'twe beensued?"The obviousansweris that the a whichraisesthe questron justice of ,,national + secuntyact; tnat continuesto blockour accessto all avenues same bringingmindcontrol a and publicexposureatsofreventsthesecriminalsfrominevitably we wouldwelcome' an opportunity s to lijht throughcourtprocedures'


Meanwhile'asreportedbybothAPAs,survivorsofU.S.Governmentsponsoredmind c o n t r o | b e g a n t o s u r f a c e u t t * , . o . ' o u r n a t i o n . T h e f i r s t t o e n c othese unterthevastnumberof and and mentalhealthprofessionals, J iu*iuors iere lawenforcement provided being are answers beganto ask questions.In other.countries, professionals n MK in Projecl the CIA's involvement c throughsomewhattesscontiolledmedia,reflecting c U|trahumanrightsatrocities.Ate|evisiondocumentaryentit|ed}9.s-telRoomaired Orne' ltilartin ot tS!! ..O1 F acrossCanadaby the CanadianBroadcastCorp in thi spring thrustKelryinto l an associateOoaitedby Dr WilliamMitchellM D., Ph D who Ewing Dr' to cover-upattempt(re:p 14),is namedas an accomplice s Vanderbilt's "erperi'ments; it shouldbe in Montreal,Quebec. Additionally, MK Ultra Cameron,s which Association, Psychiatric I knownthat Dr. Cameron*"nt on to foundthe American hasheloedtomaintainAmerica'smenta|hea|thprofessioninthedarkagesof l control. information '1991a neworganization was : sincethe releaseof ourVictimof the systemtimelinein I tormedbyconcerned,prominentpsychiatristsandpsychologistsentitled,Th.e is dedicatedto Internationalsocietyto|.t-n"stuov of Dissociation. . This organization Disorder(DlD)' ldentity mentalheatthpr""tiit^L* worldwideof Dissociative informing whichis the basis (MPD)' Disorder Personality fvfuftiple termeO formerlyinappropriately to trauma defense sane mind's as'the defined tor mini controt.DtD ii professionaliy toohorribletocomprenend,duetothee|aboratecopingmechanismof.thebrain's memoryof abuseso the restof the mindcan functionsomewhat compartmentalizing ;normally" This compartmentalization resultsin what is knownas represseclmemoryor The victimcannotthinkto bringto event. traumatic a amnesiaenclosedwithin em-otionally abuse,leavingthe dissociative' consciousmindthe incomprenensible easily subconscious with the suggeJtible highly shatteredvictim/survivorlJpersonatity "chosenones"for mind or prime candidates, led. Hencethe reasonDIDvictimsbecome control,as is/wasthe casewith Kellyand me' repressedmemory,the survivormust learnof ln orderto healfrom trauma-anchored I outsideinput. As a recovered-s.urvivor, through not out, lnsioe inui|.p".t from the who shookhoff Andy Judge court Juvenile reiteratedthis fact ."p""t"ov to T"nn"i""" (i.e topicsof our past' conversations my and Kelly's on ""n"oonip monitored imDosed


"Bush',etc.). I present efforts,futureplans,and the words"mindcontrol","president", knewwhalwas in Kelly'sbestinterest,and his ignorancewas glaringand obnoxious!


December 1995:Afterthe publication and subsequent releaseof TRANCE,public forcedJudgeShookhoffto lift hisfiveyeargag orderforbiddingKellyoutside outcry mmmunications and mail. He sarcastically saidto Kelly,"farbe it for me to 'violateyour Constitutional rights',"as he mimickedthe publicplea. Duringthe samehearing,he 'lt's my alsoorderedKellyto readTRANGEto whichshe responded, constitutional right t0choose whatI read." Representatives in attendance fromJabneel,her newly assigned KnoxvilleChristianbasedplacement, thenvoicedtheiropposition to Judge shookhoffs obviouslackof concernfor Kelly'smentalstate. And whiletheyadmittedly didnotunderstand mindcontrol,theydid recognizea glaringcover-upand vowedto standby Kellyat all costs, And the costswere insurmountable. July1997:The doorsof Jabneelwereclosedforever.Kellyrepo(s thata teamof federalofficersflashingFBI identification,shackledsomeof the childrenfor transportto otherfacilities whileconfiscating all records.Dueto the volatilityof Kelly'scaseand circumstances, arrangementswere immediatelymadeto transferher to relativesafety. "safehouse", Fromthisdisorganized Kelly was thrustintoa nonrestrictive, unstructured lifestyle highlydetrimental to herwell being. And pursuitof her confiscated healthand schoolrecordsbeganin earnestand to no availthus far. Fall1997:Afteryearsof conditioning throughvariousinstitutional/warehouse placements instructing Kellyto "getalongwith her peers,"includinggangmembers, satanists, the violentlydangerous, and mentallydisturbed,Kellyattendeda publichigh school.Herdissociative mindwas highlysuggestible and vulnerable to the samekindof "peers" she had beenforcedto get alongwith the previouseightyears. Her diagnosed DIDrenderedher defenseless,withoutconsciousdiscemment,void of self awareness/self esteem,awarenessthat she was;/issubjectto reactivationof program(s), andin dire needof understanding. Kellybegana downwardspiralfromwhich she has yetto recover. lwasblockedby the Stateof Tennessee,who still had custodyof Kelly,from having necessary contactwith schoolofficialsand/orguidancepersonnel.Their glaringlack of understanding of Kelly'sconditionand plightwas compoundedby the fact that all of her pastmedical,mentalhealth,and schoolrecordswere beingwithheldby the FBI who had onfiscatedthem. Kellywas unableto providethe schoolwith pertinentinformation,of whichshewas still dissociativedue to lack of therapy,and was subsequentlytold she couldnoUwouldnot graduatewith her class unlessher recordswere provided. Weappealed to the TennesseeDHS,now re{itledthe TN. Department of Children's Services, for relief. Instead,Kelly'sso-calledcaseworker KatieFinneywho hao blatantly coveredup the realityof her needsfor years,was beingreplacedby a new caseworker,Fred Polacek,whichdelayedresolutionindefinitely.ln the meantime, Kelly's Tennesseestate medicalinsurancefailedto cover any and all needs,including hospitalizations, medication, and/ortherapy.To compoundthis"felony,'Kellywas told


l I in 1989in Alaska' that her SocialSecuritybenefits,which had beenestablishedfor her of the state of Tennesseeandwouldno longerbe nal tapseothroughnegligence availablefor herwhensheturned18. in limbo" unableto still in the custodyof the state of Tennessee,Kellywas maintained needsrendered health immediate her And future. her recallher past or progr""" i;*"rd plummeted'Whereshe nli n ear anOstudgish.H"ion"" highgradepointaveragehad way beyont her gradelevel,she now was strugglingto once academicaliylested maintainsufficientfocuson her schoolworkto completeit'



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r Carl Klang*t:1:.3 song of On a brighternote,Christianpatriotsingerand songwriter"lts l Not OverTillWe Win,' "n"our"i"rn"nt for Kellyusingour familymottoas its title routine Kelly's natiorwide. getting airplay it began and reteai, includedit on his tatest r boxesofcards,letters,andgiftsfromsupportersswelledtoovernowng'yelner health I pi"o".r"nt remainedunchlnged. still no medicalrelief,no qualifiedmental records case her extensive l and records, no school i6qra;t no SocialSecurityUen"efits, l Services' were scattered"rong *oik"o at the TennesseeDepartmento{-Children's were e)dremely l O""pit" rV p"rsistenieffortsto stimulateattentionand action. My efforts t t "tip"t"O tiy the'legal" reminderthat Kellywas not in my custody' I not were which necessities job pay her basic for Kellywas orderedto take a menial to i couldat school, f"irig "upJ["d by the state. Unableto focus at work any morethan she 1 Kelly-wasnot abieto meetthe routinework demandsplacedon her'


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September20,{997:Ke||ytookflightftomherdi|emma.fledherKnoxvi||ep|acement' sectionof l d and was found sleepingZOOtit"" iway undera bridgein the homeless she food or of clothes, medication.change no had she ruasnville. in RiverftontPark l tt tne Dee Dee Wallaceshelterfor batteredwomenand was immediatelytransporteO l homelesschifdren. / was sfi//tegallyforbiddencustody!! was provided Not one of Kelly'sdifficuttieshad been resolvedby the state,and no relief agatn public school,_where a to back sent was she head. her over her beyonda roof was fueledby a lack ignoranceof her severementaldisorderand lack of understanding dwindleddue to imposedrestrictionsthat oltrlcoras. Kelly'sand my communications phone and 2 hoursa monthvisitation' calls p.t*ittJint"rmittent tO minute necessarysteps February 1998: As Ke||ynearedher 18thbirthday,Mark and I took the tech , privately anJ pi"cautionsto safetysolidifyanangementsfoi her transferto high ""f"ssified' rett"Oititation.CLrtainrecordsand financeswere neededto ipon"or"O "legally"obtainedupon Kelly's "irnpf"t" in" effort,which I expectedwouldfina.llybe month'grace teavingStateof Tennesseecustody. I learnedthat therewouldbe a three and red poioO; foitransitionfrom custody,which equatedto a gray area of legalities tape. 't8. The stepsplannedfor obtainingh.erqualified ilUru".y 19th, 1998: Kellytumed streetsof rehabilitationbeganto pr-"iaiiorsfvdetourwhen Kellydisappealed9n reported Kelly while undermined appeaied efforts Our a time. at NashvilleTN for weeks





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rbleto )ndered eresne

rgof /in,' rutine rlth ,.cords )es, tremely ) not school. nent, I She and rvided larn a lack hat

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travelingoutsidethe stateto suchareasas Fortcampbefl, Kentucky,a ,,former,, mind controlabusebaseshe and l bothendured,with proois. Duringherabsence,herstate rmposed ptacement of rry-AngreHouse(suzanneBoone,s r ii r";g Bi;, Nashviile, "diwied Tennessee37203)craimsto..have up; n"r oetonlings-, incrrii,ig'J"rron"r and her'hopechest"of sentimental ietteisano artifacts,neverto be seen :!ll"s agarn.

Spring1998:With no recordsprovidedor reliefin sight throughthe Stateof rennessee Kellywas againtordthat shewouldnot be abreto graduate wiih hercrass. Highry intelligent , but nonetheress unabreto focus,Kelry,now 18,droppedout of schoorand againtookto the streetsoutto herphe,^*"s "iin to dqr"".rs " handfurof sand,and the tearsI shed,Reaching weresharedby Keilywno,,couldn,t he[n", Ji. H", voicedfearsincruded that she'courdn'ttiep witnthe program'(inai prieram??), "friends" and her she discussedwere viorentsaianiitsand drugdearers. Knowing that roveis the mostpowerfurhearingforcein the universe, I maintained communication with KeilywhireMark,again,s-oridified arrangement" o# "noi" to have hertechnologicaily deprogrammedin hopesshe courcreventuailybe in contror of her disappeared at the mostinopportune 9wnmild Kellycontinuousry momenis.Even socialsecuritywas wiiling proceedwith an appear on hercase,if onryKertycourd lo showup for an appointment as legalprocedures demand.Thosearmed witn govemment insiderintelligence poisedand readyto helpKellyrecoverher mind, becamemoreand morewaryol'theappareni"o'u"|.a"influence on her mindwhilein the custody of the Stateof Tennessee.Liveswereat risk. Livesof someindividuals known to Markwere lost and subsequenfly,the 'secret mentar hearthrecoveryteam,,partialy disbanded and movedtheirremainingoperations to anothercountry. summer1998:Distrauoht withevents,my own conflictwith roveand rogicbetween Kellyand reachedovenivherming proportions. pranned/fantasized 1er programmlng waysto whisk her awavto safetywhirethe crA 'iorchestrated I p"F;i"d; rntensified on us all. The politicalvoratiritvoi our-cJuntrycouldpotentially warfare increasew1h theinternationar ramifications of human,igrtt"i;"u"" instigatedby her prightand the provenfactscontainedwithinTRANCE. iwas tordonce againthat our riveswere in graveJeoparcly, with no chTT of survivarfor any of us if iefiy "no ir"rnitJ, due to her adryeplggrmming. (Thehighrech manipuration ot orainwavlst,"t i"irv i^oured on N|9l and militaryinJtailationsouringthe earry1980,s is as fresh'todayas when Y**: t wasinstilled And technologyhas advance-d lightyearssincethen with the utilization ofcomputerization.) Thisrivingnightmar"*rrJi;i ou"rpowerrove,whichtuereo my determination to ensureKelly'smentaland physicalfreedom,whelher it woulcl be withor without me. Yearsof physicalseparationonly strengthened the bonctbetweenus. Kellyand I share a profounddepthof communicationbeyind the usuar mother-daughter rerationship. Knowing who and what we have experiencedtogether,in addition to what we are !0 against,Kellysometimese^presseJabasicunderstandinj;id;,.'' 9y1ent]V appreciation for our rerentress efforts. Her own iniilrrt rntorn" "*." irghd lvoveo,


with love. Yet she struggleswiththe realityof her and her innatespiritis strengthened mindcontrolprogrammtng basedU.S Government traumaand highlytechnologically instilledto controlher brains'functionoverher respiratory that has beenharmonically wherebyshe,liketoday'sspies,woulddie system(minewas digestiveand circulatory) secrets.Whenshe and I are together,it naturallytriggers beforetellinggovernment memoryof past experienceswhich often resultsin her sufferingrespiratoryfailure. Ihis programmustbe diffusedin orderfor Kellyto regaincontrolover her own life by Kelly controloverher own mind. Psychologically, her pastand reclaiming remembering is at timesawareand determined.Yet,this cannotoverpowerthe harmonic of her of brainwave patternsformedin infancypriorto fulldevelopment manipulation brain. Instead,she continuesto sufferrepeatedhospitalizations. WhatYou Needto Know is that Kelly'splightedends beyondherto u.s.all. Current ActiveAuroralResearchProject(HAARP),and hype eventsincludingHigh-Frequency intensified demandsthatwe{he-peopleWAKE-UPto and media'spin"lendincreasingly take backour and legallyand peacefully Reality,arm our selveswith knowledge, valuesof freedomand justicesystem,and reinstateConstitutional country,our"criminal" justicefor all. our own. By helpingher,we will help Kelly'splight,we will understand By understanding a ourselves.By gaininginsight,we all positivelyevolveintothe nextmillennium to this stronger,wiser,healthier,morespiritualand lovingmankind.Withconsideration leadersand support ask that you becomeresponsible timeline,Markand l, respectfully our effortto resolvethis case- onceand FORALL. Pleasehelpu.s.startingtodayby thistimeline,writingyourCongressmen. throughbroadcasting increasing awareness and refeningto the detailsin our bookTRANCEFormationof America... ...for Kelly'ssake....






....andthe sakeof humanityas we knowit

tc la w w r( r( d



tl u



the sakeof yourlovedones...

di be e\ T] fr a[ S râ&#x201A;Ź

C Ir S I S I ( ( (


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SILENCE EOUAI.S DEATH :htherealityof her trolprogramming erherrespiratory s spies, woulddie aturally triggers iratory failure.Ihis ownlifeby ychologically, Kelly rrmonic relopment of her r u.s.all. Current MRP), andhype eopleWAKE-UPto tkebackour uesof freedomand ngher,we will help llennium a nsideration to this rdersandsupport startingtodayby Congressmen, ca...

rnrtyas we know it

The primary key to our survival is attributable to the vast and disseminationof corroborated, detailed testimony. For five consecuti beginning in 1988, we personally presentedtestimony and supporting in evidencesto all applicablecounty, state, and federallaw enfbiceme-nta This same testimgny was hand ilelivered by a sympathetic U.S. Cong from Tennessee,Bob Clement, to all conceined Wa-shineton. -of D.C. eov agencies,__and-to cerlain members of the U.S. House fiepresen-ta ,,goodguys Senate. We did not discriminate_between or bad^guys"-received the samevoluminous packet. The.responses we eventually received were bland form letters and/or to our lives and liberty. The threats were verbally delivered by local of1 law enforcement agenciesin Nashville, Tennessee. These threats. wt were "hollow" due to the large number of people we had notified who I we could only be credible if we were murd-ered. This is a normal response that we bet would protect our lives. It did and we won tl round. . Secondary to dis-seminatinginformation for insuring our survival determine once and for all, if, in fact, our constitutional system of iusl actually collapsed. The bitter truth revealed through thi's five veir r proved justice is no longer available when the Nationa-isecurity lcl is in . The_following list of individuals and organizations repres'entsa frar the total number we contactedwith testimoni. w" left no^stoneunturne we were stonewalledFor ReasonsOf National Security.

NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL: SenateSelect Committee on Ethicr Council, Wilson Abney; Amnesty International Editor Ron Lajoie; I Investigative Service Counterintelligence Security, Maynard C. An secretary of StateJamesBaker III; pErmanentSelecf com'mittee on Intel U.S. Colgressman Doug Bereuter; U.S. CongressmanDavid E. Boino SenatorDavid L. Boren; B.C.C.L Investigat6rJack Blum; president presidentJimmy lush; Directol U$_Qepartmentof JusticeJaneBurnely; Chairmanof the National.SecurityCouncil; Secretaryof DefenseDick-( Government Accountability Project Executive Diiector Louis Clark Congressm-anBob Clementi Senqte Select Committee on Intelligenc Senator William S. Cohen; U.S. CongressmanI-arry Combest; H.-Ros c/o Ms. Barbara Connelly; U.S. Cbngressman Bud Cram6r; U.S. C^rftnft Investiga4on Command Major GeneralEugene R. Crom'artie; I of White House CorrespondentsAisociation; CitiZens for Decency'T I-aw, Inc.; National Federation for Decency; public Affairs Section !_eltagon; US. Senator Robert Dole; U.S. eongressman Ronald V. D, 9.S. 4.Ty Criminal Investigations Division Jim Dibble; Air Force Br General Francis R. Dillon; U.S. Senator Albert Gore: C.I.A. Director Director National SecurityAgency; U.S. SenatorBob'Dole; U.S. Sena Domenici; Assistant U.S. Attorney General, Civil Rights-Division, J Dunne; Mr. Louis H. Dupart of P-ermanentSelect Corimittee on Iniell U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Intelligence Division o DepartmentMr. Manfred Elmer; U.S. Armv'Criminal=InvestieationsD -Mr. Colonel Terry Frey; Justice Department eocaine Division Cha Gutensohn; Justice Department Community Relations Ms. Grace


Hushes: Permanent Select committee on Intelligence Mr. calvin Hu_mphrey;

ninrv J. Hyde; u.s. congressmanBarbara5ennelly; ii.s:'cd;;;ir"n nlpittv pi?*ioi of tr,e C't.e. nicnarOJ. Ken; U.S' S-91r1tor--l9nlr.5qry; N"fioii"f-Co"titionegainstPornographyPresidentJerry Kiah; U.S. D.O.J. Mr. ir.A".i.t-W. Xramei l.iORAD G" t<utyna;rnl_SpeclatAgent KennethV. Dave lrnnins: U.S. D.O.J. Ms. Mary C. Iawton; U.S. Representative of secretary AssistantMcDonald; Craig nir""ti,r ffiil;ei7, do"et"ir w"tcn rtai"["i; U.S. SenatordeorgeMitchell; Manuel.Noriega -an-d ;;6;'\iV"-.i-C. Frank nuUinoJ-ii.S. SenatorSam l{unn; _CfrigfQgyncil lvlichaelJ. d;;;v 'd;iii;ii;'ceneot-C;uniit l. Brit Snide.r;Humql Righ_ts.watchMs. Susan pooi officer-Herbert Quinde; II'S. U.N. In_tellig'ence Group; ffr"6rn'oti' Mr' C!ar!es-S-aphos;.U'S' U.S.-D.O.J. G. ftbwland; c;;ftr*;-John jji;i;"S;;t;-rbr-pii."to. Witti"t Sessions;-u'l'-.D'o:J' Mr' Michael Neal Sher;StateDepartment 5i"tir";-US.'u.O.l. SpecialInvestigations1vlr. qPef tiont -Associate itii"ttii Jit* biv i sion tvtr. _WilIiam Shepard; Enforcem_e_n! D.O.D. Mr. Morris U.S. General Insiect6r the of Olfrce Shur; Ce.afd biieciii Council L. Britt Snider;Defense.Intelligence_4e-ency B:-SIi;il;in;-C"n"iA birotot Geni:ral Harry- E. Soyster; U.S. SdnatorTed Stevens;National U'S' SenatorDon S*uriiu AgencvDirect6rvice AOmiiatWilliam Studeman; pii."toi O""n Sufton; U.S. Attorney General Dick !i"it"'irii"ri.6.l. *o r"r.. eob Shartezof ChildExploitation and iiiiil6"?irr;"rtri.'p"t-i*robG;ity" Section; u.S. CustomsDirector william von Raab; Independent w"; U.s. senator Harris woflold; !{'A.- Director d;ilT-h;;"nid ANdMEDIA: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN; Wiiid WiUst"r. ONCA|VTZETIONS ef[t" viof"ni Ctitn"i Bureau; Albuquerque(N.M') IouT4. and Tribune; Akron (Ohio) Beaconloumal;' Ameri'can'Civii Liberties Union; American i{;;hi"t}i; Xrso"iitlon; America's Watch; Amnesty International;Arkansas A;sociationbr NationatSecuritli.Alumni, M^s'.Julialne MclGnqey; il;;;; eu-t" cbntiiiution, cinttii iuCter; naptist Sunday!tl'*l BgTd; Baseball and Sciences -netfrboriA; fOitot JamesL'. Cavanaugh-Be}avioral Comrirsionerlotrn Cavalcade getieue, Dalg Children; the Varg6, td'Lfi;-M;. ii;-"d*i6";t-'Ctr"tlott" tit.'C.l Observer;;Child Find., Roy crinlinal Justice ,qctioni-puuiicationsrditor wiItilm. Schapp;. !;.;il;;'cbvert Investigator president l*{tu.t" Christic Rushford; Michael ;i;-ilfiation Ctttliiii Institute Sister Sara Nelson-; Citizens ,lgainst Jifr*d;if,n; Fi-on*pttv Bxecutiuibirector nichard Enrico; Citizensfor DecencyThrough Ir* and order; clarion (Jackson,Miss.).r-edger;con_qress i;;;tit#d6; W"tin, Cou"rr Action; CrucialConcepts;Cult WatchAustralia;CynthiaKisser t"ti Atareness'Network;DeCampl.egal Services,John *a'#tti-N""r"riii,, Free Press;- Tq. . Economist Group; Government detroit' o"C"tp| e".*niiUifity Project; Crand napUs (Mi.).Press;U'S' lepartment of Health fr,fJic"iO Diiectoi ChhsdneNy.e;pale Griffis; Huntsville ilO- ffu*- S'ervici:s public Ai-d; rndex (ii.i^ iild--nli;;is--ilparrment .on. censorship; .of prbjectPresident AnneB. Zill; InvestigativeReporters invJstisariueiournalism il- ffii6;r- M;:' &";"-W;inberg; Narional coalition Againsr_Pomograply".i bifttrap; National Rainb6w Coalition ReverendJesseJackson;. Mr' iuvir-loftnron'of tfre WashingtonPosr; JusticeUnlimited, Faith Donaldson; suioo Chie"fJackNeison;KansasCirySgr; The Lighthouse L;i Ar;;i;;ilrri and Advocacy Service Executive Director ff;t*tdn -siu"iiMil*ilG iiri"iii"'iai;iri;;g=riri6iirt StatFresidentJenrilJones;MormogBishhop-P-ace; nbCSt"* CotAitein;NationalAssociationof Chiefsof Police, ;iil M;t;;





T \


(, I t

( ( l I (

t; I t I t

r. f

Chiefof Staff Eugene R. Cromartie; National Center for the Prosecution of ChildAbuse Mr. James Shine; National Committee for Prevention of Child AbuseExecutive Director Judy Rhodes; National Consortium for Child Mental Health; The Nation Company; National Coalition Against Pornography PresidentJerry Kiah; National Federation for Decency; National Institute oT Mental Health James Breiling; National Victim Center Director Linda lowrance; The Nebraska l-eadership Conference; The New Republic Editor DorothyWickandew; Oprah Winfrey; Organized Victims of Violent Crime PresidentEdith Hammons; Odando Centinal; Parents Protecting Children; People'sJustice Center; Prime Time Producer Herb O'Connor; Tennessee Associationof Trial I:wyers President Reese Bagwell; The Progressive, ReverandPat Robertson of Christian Broadcasting Network; Roclq Mountain Nws; San Diego Tribune; San Francisco Chronicle; San Francisco Exatninery LindaGoldstein San Josd Mercury News; Society for Professional Journalists; SouthernExposure; Ms. Gloria Steinem; Tanpa Trtburc; Ttme/Life Civia Tamarkin;Gordan Thomas; Victims for Victims; Attomey Andrew Vachss; V.O.C.A.L.; V.O.I.C.E.S.; WashingtonPost Editor Bill Bradley; WinstonSalem(N.C.) Journal; Women Against Pornography. STATE LAW: (ALABAMA) D.O.D. Intelligence Judy Langren, Agent Chris Haynes; HuntsvillePolice Department's Jeff Bennett and Chuck Crabtree, District AttomeyBud Cramer; (ALASKA) Anchorage Police Detective Jack Chapman; (ARKANSAS)Detective Kirk Rokoin, Polaski County Coroner Steve Nowyski; (KEIITUCKY) Nicholasville Police Detective Melvin Price; (LOUISIANA) New Orleans Criminal Investigations Bureau Sgt. Joseph E. Hebert, Jr., Homicide Lt. Gary Pittman; (TENNESSEE) Governor Ned McWherter; Govemor'sLegal Council Burnie Durham; Former Ambassador to France Joe Rodgers;U.S. Attorney General Joe Brown; U.S. Assistant Attorney General WendyGoggin; Commissioner of Mental Health Eric Taylor; Child Welfare Chules Wilson; Tennessee Senator Thelma Ha4rer, Senator Doug Henry, Senator Hicks, Representative McAfee, Representative Randy Stamps, Representative Ben West; TennesseeBureau of Investigation Director John Camey,Agent Andy Earl, Agent Bill Thompson; Goodlettsville Police Chief FredSchott; Sumner County Attorney General Ray Whitley; District Attorney Burson; Nashville Metro Police Chief Robert Kirschner, Deputy Chief Charles Ross,Lieutenant Tommy Jacobs, Lieutenant Jim Binkley, Sergeant James A. Hickson,Homicide Captain Mickey Miller, Detective Terry McElroy, Detective Pat Postiglione; Sumner County Sheriff Sutton, Criminal Investigator Jeff Puccini;Williamson County District Attorney Joe Baugh; Franklin Police Chief Widom; Nashville District Attorney Torry Johnson; D.A. Criminal InvestigatorSkip Sigmond; Violent Crimes Claims Commissioner Richard Rucker; White House Police Department Lt. Ron Miller; ([EXAS) Montgomery County Sheriff's Department Noel Stanley, Constable Billy Colson,Lt. John McPhillips; Houston, Harris County Deputy David Rossi, DeputyDave Hasten; Milwaukee Wisconsin Chief of Police. FBI ALASKA: SpecialAgent in Charge Joe Hamblin, Special Agent Ken Marischen; FBI MISSISSPPI:Special Agent Louis Grever, Special Agent Pat McGlennen; FBI NEVADA: Special Agent Roger Young; FBI TENNESSEE Special Agent in ChargeBen Purser, Special Agent Phil Tuney, Special Agent Brad Garrett; U.S. CUSTOMS ALASKA: Resident Agent in Charge Max Kitchens; U.S. CUSTOMS FLORIDA: Resident Agent in Charge John Sullivan, Detective Iloward Rudolph, Detective Jack DeVaneyi U.S. CUSTOMS TENNESSEE:


Resident Agent in Charge Ed Walker, Special Agent Inu Bock; U'S' CUSTOMS - - -CftirU.a Internal Affairi Director Ken McMillan' to the deep into the polished granite stone walls of the entrance "The Price for U.S. OJpartmen'tof Justice^inWashi-ngton,D.C. are the words Thii statement s_upportsour.belief that all Eternal Vigilance". F;""d;r'i, -her must be aware thtl this particular criminal allies patriots and ffiericarr activity is 6eing protectedFor ReasonsOf National Security.


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g center

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Cannibalism,CIA interestin 5 CapitalInternationalAirways(CIA) 12, 16, 18,28 andProjectPaperclip28 Carper,Sue 122 CarrierPigeon137,l4L Casey,loe 144 187 Casey,William (CIA) mess:rge to Duvalier 190 Cassettes, filled with cocaine 123 CatholicChurch 87-88,93 andthe "ChosenOnes"ofNazism 15 beliefs 84 conditioning 92 involvement in ProjectMonarch 149 Jesuits93 joint operationswith CIA 187 Satanism95 tiesto U.S. Government94 Cedras,General 190 CentralIntelligenceAgency(CIA) 93 andCatholicChurch 98 baseballmind-controlfatm 129 cocaineoperations154, 156 sontrolledairlines 18 countrymusicindustry 110, 121 covertoperations107, ll4, 116, lgL damagecontainment79,224 designerdrugs 174 drug operations115, 127 t'FreedomTrain" operations93, 101,103,107 jury manipulation120 LL Bean 211 Mafia slaves 115 MK-Ultra ProjectMonarch 222

Near-DeathTraumaCenters l 152 occultresearch4 operationsl4O, L49, lS4 operativesl42,2Il slavetrade13 underworldfunding operation War on Drugs 118 Chain-of-command128 Charneleon, by William Diehl l( 188. 192 "CharmSchool" ll5, lI7 164,i animals'6 Cheney,Dick 99, I3O,I3Z,133 I36,142-L46,157,158, LC l7l, 176,195,196,Zl5, z A Most DangerousGame 99 brutalityandhigh voltagetortr 100 hourglass146, 195 OperationCarrierPigeon 137 "ChosenOne" 87, 103, 105, 10 167 programming14 Christian-based Christianministries usedfor drug muling 168 Churchof JesusChristof Iatter I Saints andCox 104 ChurchofScientology behaviormodification27 denounciation ofmental health L. Ron Hubbard 27 Cindcrelta 85,92,201 Clement,bb 225 Clinlon, Bill 152, 153 adeptat mind-controlaccessI BandH 155 bisexuality 154 BohemianGrove 170


cocaine 153, 154 cocaineconnectionwith Johnston andCox 107 election 161 Clinton,Hillary 155 Cloning of a Presidentialmodel 209 CoastGuarddrug shipments90 Cocainedistribution 128, 154 dealswith Noriega 140 Cox and Clinlon connection 107 Compu-Kids(CIA Project) 167 PermanentIntelligence Congressional Committee114 Constitution 172 reinstatement of 31, 80 ContraAid 141 Contra-bution127, 145, 150 Contras135,147 Councilon ForeignRelations152 Countrymusicindustry 142 drug operations122 transferto Branson.Missouri 114 Cox, Wayne 101,108,110,111 andsatanicrituals 18 and witchcraft 103 with Byrd 101 association Biblical justifications 104 bodypartsbusiness103,110 cannibalism103 cocainedistribution 103, 106 gun running 106 M.O. formurder 103 marriageto Cathy 102 murdercommittedat Union Station 101 occult serialkillings 107 programmed Kelly to die 23 programming104 Crabtree,Chuck 29 Crammer."GunBan"Bud 29. 114

Cranston,Alan 166 House 30 CrockeUCumberland 113,116 Cross-programming Crowell,Frank 29 scrambling195 Cryptoamnesia Cults connectionto governmentsponsoredmind-control research4 definition 4 destructive 4 Dant6, Michael (akaMichael Viti) 127,193,199,2W,218 blackmailporn 169 for Reagan Chief Pornographer 127 De la Madrid, President(Mexico) 130,161,199,201,205,207, 2@,215,217,219 andlizards 210 Dean,Jimmy 114 televisionshow 109 194 Deathandinsanityprogramming Death'sDoor programming93 Death-stateprogramming 170 DefenseIntelligenceAgency'sPsychologicalWarfareDivision @syOps) llf Delaney, Dennis,CIA operative97 Demonicpossession164 Demont,Mark 18 29 DepartmentofDefense@oD) and Ampex Corporation, 9 secretresearch27 Deprogrammers21 Deprogrammingof Cathy 222 "Designer"drugs,ClA-manufactured 116 DIAiCIA Operations andHabib 136






DiamondCavernscamPground123 "Diamondin theRough" 125 Diamonds,signify'Presidential Model" role 135 Dieh, William, CIA oPerative93 DisneyClassics84, 85 IdentityDisorder@ID) Dissociative akaMultiple PersonalityDisorder (MD) 25 description 86 Dodgers95,129,199 mind controlld 129 RePublic141,189 Dominican Doublebind hypnoticpersuasion93, ll4 Drug EnforcementAgencY(DEA) t42 Drug muletransactions117 Drug Wars 215 Drug cartels 162 Duvalier, BabyDoc 122, 189 "Ecstasy"138 Ftlucatingforthc NewWorMOrder by B.K. Eakman 175 Education2OO0172,174 agenda175 Electroniccaninebark collar 116 Elemer lW,167 Emeralds,signifYOz-Programmed drug business135 Enterlainers,CIA operatorsor slaves t22 Erickson,Dr. Milton 21 Ericksontechnique 22 "Eyein theSkY" ll7, I20, t49, 174,L95,212 Ezell, Bob, murdercover-uP 102 "FaceChanging"exhibit 164 Fairy tale themes 84

FalseMemory Foundation(FMF) lobby grouP 27 FatherDon 87-89,172 Faux necrophilia 170 First holy communion87 Flight simulators112 Flynt, Larry 111 CIA, Vatican,Mafia connections LA Hustlerpublisher 111 pornography116 WhiteHousePornograPher130 Ford, Gerald(akaIrslie LYnch) 85, 89,90, 96,126,128,L47,r70 asPresident 96 Mafia porn king 82 Fort CamPbell111,112 Fort GeorgeMeade 26 Fort McClellen 112 Franklin Cover-uPcase 149 nFreetrade"of drugs,children,and 160,161,203, pornograPhY 206 FreedomTrain 93, lO4, 126, 147, 156 slaves 127 Fusion, stateof recoveryand CathY 25 Geneticmind-controlstudies 82 Cast-awaY' Genie-in-the-Bottle' 143 OPeration programming216 Gibson,H.B. 154 GlobalEducation2W 173-175,183 "God'sOrders" 168 GoddardSPaceFlight Center 208 'GoldenRule" ala BYrd 160 Greene,Jack,CIA oPerative101' 109 I-er 152,153,170 Greenwood,


"Grover" 172 Guidedimagery 20 GumbyAnd Pokey 92,167 Habib,Philip 134-139,195,216 Hands-OnMind-Control Demonstrations 130-133.150 Handwritinganalysis 128 Harmonicallytuned voices 122 Harmonicsprogrammingoperation

rt2, r49 Hanrard MK-Ultra training course 83 Hassen,Steve 22 Helms, Jesse77 HendersonvilleLord's Chapel 180 HendersonvilleMormon "food storage" Bishop's Warehouse for drugs 123 High voltage and torture 98, lI2,

116,r33,r44,158,163, 186, 220 memorycompartmentalization 96 stunguns 111 Hinkley,John 3 HomingPigeon 142 Hotel Caffirnia 20L Houston,Alex I 10, 149, 153, 157, l&, 167,179,197,2r9, 222 andNoriega 145 blackmailfrle 136 BoysTown "vacationn15 capacitordistributingbusiness218 Chinesesecuritycheck 12 covert governmentoperations 109 collusionwith WayneCox 23 crimes.CIA affrliations 12 drugsandmoneylaundering operations110 first meetingwith Mark 10

servedwith divorcepapers 15 slave-drivingwork orders 121 SwissVilla 119 terminationof joint venturewith Mark 13 ventriloquistact "Alex and Elemer" ll2 weddingto Cathy 111 youngestdaughter,Bonnie 180 How To Createa SexSlavevideo 126 NASA produced 112 How To Divide a Personalin video 126 Hubbard,L. Ron andU.S. Navy Intelligence27 Humansuggestibilityandcontrolof the mind legalimplications5 Hummingtelegram 147 Hunt, Linda Agenda 28 authorof ,Secret Huntsville,AlabamaNASA drug of choice,"Train-quility" 174 NASA/DIA/CIA-appointed"law enforcement"officers 169 Pentagonblackbudget,mind control, and pornography 28 programming153 magazine111,114,130 Hypno-sleepdeathprogramming 23 Hypnoticandharmonicreprogramming98, 199 I Drearn Of Jeannie 92 I'll Be WatchingYou I20, L74 Incest 91 "Inner-dimensional " Catholic programmed personalities118 Intergalactictravel 105



Internal electricprod 132 Iran-Contra l4L,145 h.q, chemicalwarfarecapabilities 217 Island of theBlueDolphins 85 Iacobson, Steven afihorof Mind Cowrol in America 5 Iamaican criminaloperations141 Jesuit ascen-sion/dissensionsymbol 184 -basedprogramming ll8,172, 175,189 handsignalsandcrypticlanguage 107 "Orderof the Rose" sexslave model 176 spooks184,191 Johnston, J. Bennett 106, I25 alienthememindconditioning 107 paramilitarymercenaryoperations 101 "PeterPan"themeprogramming 104 Jones, Jim(heroof Cox) 104 Jonestown massacre3 andCIA 104 Jordan, Kelly 30 Juarez bordercocaine,heroin, and whiteslaveryroute 199 IusticeDepartment164 Kamats, Georgel8 Kelly79, 103, 108, IlO, 134, 146, 148,157,158,164,16g,196, 206,207,212-215,2I8,220, 223,224 andMichaelAquino 112 andWayneCox 16 asthma condition 18, 23 from Houston 14,220 escape

mind-controlabuse 76 Kennedymotto 85 KennedySpaceCenter 100 KentuckyValley Instituteof Psychiatryry.I.P.) andKelly 25, 29 Key West, Florida, NCL port of call 123 "Keysto theKingdom' 89, 118, l9O,192 KingFahdofSaudiArabia130,139, 140,195,215,216 Contraaid 141 "Kitten" 127 Kristopherson, Kris 118, 120 Vatican-based Project Monarch slaverunner 117 Kroger,Dr. William S. authorof Clinicaland Experimental Hypnosis2I, Missouri CIA cocaine operations156 I:Sorda, Tommy 95, 128, I29, 199, 2N Leahy,Patrick 2ll 2I3 needlein Cathy'seye 2L3 pedophile 212 torture lab 213 I-egalloop holesfor criminals employingmind-control techniques5 Lindroth,Lloyd CIA operative 180 Little I-earnersDay CareCenter167 Lizard aliens210 breedingmachine209 of Ahs 207 themes210 LL Bean,appeared to be a CIA front 2II


Lucas,George,NASA/NSAoperative 165 Lucifarianreligions 4 Lynn, Loretta 124, 134 Mac (Maclaughlin),Reggie 112, L34 MacDill Air Force Base 149 high+echmind-control conditioningfacility 98 MacFadden Agency 112 MackinacIsland 89, L77, 182 Mafia 128 and Reagan204 baseballigging 129 Majors,Audie 29 Mandrell,Barbara car accident 180 governmentsponsored mindcontrolledslave 109 Mandrell,Irby sexualabuseof his daughters109 Mandrell,I-ouise 183 mind-controlled slave 109 Mandrellsisters 168, 180 ownedby SenatorByrd 109 Manson,Charles(idol of Cox) 104 "Marchingto Missouri" 114 Massgenocide171 Meadows,Hal 153 Mellon, "Governor" 115 Memory compartments akamultiplepersonalities83, 96 Mentalhealthprofession an oxymoron 26 ignoranceof mind control 26 targetfor destruction 27 Mercenaryoperations/assignments 106 Mexico 2L7 economv 160

Michiganorganizedcrime, drugsand pornographyoperation 147 Military mind control 112 Millennium'sendbringsbizarre humanbehavior 4 Miller, Mickey, HomicideCaptain deaththreatsto Mark 30 MilwaukzeClipper drug shipments90 Mind control 13,173 absence of listing in reference works 3 absolutevs temporary 5 aka informationcontrol 3 andJonestown,SirhanSirhan,Lee HarveyOswald,etc. 3 andthelaw 5 behaviorprogramming111 engineering112 government cover-ups5 informationdissemination campaign30 parameters of 5 powerbasisfor abuse4 researchandnationalsecurity secrets27 soft 3, 5 trauma-based 5 vs. "brainwashing" 3 Mind controlin America,by Steven Iacobson 5 Mind-controlled baseballplayers 129 military robots 194 sexslaveotrance-sport operations" 207 Mind manipulationof the masses160 Mirror-reversal.interdimensional. Air-Watei mind-controltheme 122


Missionaries(JesuitMercenaries) 187 MK-Ultra ProjectMonarch andKelly 76 Mob(Mafia) 148 Moneylaunderingoperations110 Monroe,Marilyn 153 Model 118 first Presidential Moore,"Reverend"Billy Roy 168 Mormonconversion by Cathy 104 MountShasta119 MPD(seeMultiple Personality Disorder) Mr. Rogers'Neighborhood157, 167 Mulroney, Brian 130,176,179,182 PoliceForce 119 Multi-Jurisdictional in Mt. Shasta194 based Multigenerational sexualabuse81, 82 MultiplePersonalityDisorder (MPD) 81,164 ndKelly 24 description86 Muskegon CatholicCentralHigh School94, 100 programmedathletes manufactured 95 Myers,Ray 10, 13 NationalAeronauticsand Space (NASA) 9, 29, Administration 90,117,219 CapeCanavaral130 drug, Tranquility ClA-designer 209,212 City,USA (Huntsville,Alabama) 183 with Byrd 112 cooperation electronicanddrug mind-control devices158

Goddard SpaceFlight Center mind-control lab I74 Goldstar multiscreen monitors 219 hypnotic conditioning 139 involvement in mind-control atrocities 166 Kennedy Space Center mind-control testing and programming 103 pornography 112 programmed slaves 209 programming 100, 112, 150 Nashville, Tennessee 100 Mayor Richard Fulton 142 Sheriff Fate Thomas 142 National Association of Child Advocates 29 National media information management 3 "National security" cover for criminal activity 1, 3, 5,

16,22, 25, 27, 31,223 NationalSecurityAct of 1947 6,26, 77,224,225 and 1984ReaganAmendment79 repealof 5 NationalSecurityAgency and mind-controlcover-up 5 Nazi mind-controlresearch15 Necrophiliaroom 171 Nelson,Mike, attemptedescape180 NeverEndingStory 165 Never-Never-I:ndtimelessness106 NewWorld Order 119,154,156, 158,160,177,178,r84, r92, 20r,2r7,223 of Hitler 78 Pope,MormonProphet 119 Newsmedia mass-mindmanipulation 4


Reed,Jerry 31 daughter,SeidinanDina",mindcontrolvictim 31 Religion usedfor mind-control 129 Religiouscults 4 Religiousfanaticism 168 Repressedmemory 27 Reversepsychology83, 92 Ridingthelight 105-108 Riley, Ken 124 Rite to RemainSilent 87-89,105, ll8, r72 Rorick, David akaDaveRoe 31 Rosenburg,Scot,District Attorney 77 Ross,Billy 77 Bill 30 Rosycross 87-88,172 Rubies,signifyOz-programmed prostitutionpersonality135 Runningbases132 Ryan,Nolan 199 Sadisticsex 111 Salinasde Gortari,Carlos,Vice PresidentofMexico 159.161-

r62 Satanicreversals 83 Satanism4, 95 SaudiArabia 217 armof U.S. 215 (seeKing Fahd) slavetradeof U.S. children 205 weapons,drugs,childrentrade 215 Scheflin,Alan authorof "Freedomof Thoughtas an InternationalHuman RightsIssue' 77 Scientologists27

(seeChurchof Scientology) Sea-Bird122,175 SecretAgendn,by Linda Hunt 28 Self-hypnosis20 SenateAppropriationsCommittee 160 andByrd 112 Sensorydeprivationtanks 112 Serial killers 4 Sex,blood, andcannibalismritual 101 Sexprogramming113 Sexualchild abusers4 ShadowGovemment78 paramilitaryprojects 119 Shepherd,Dr.I-orie 24 "ShoeShine"booth 179,182 Simpson,Allen 145-146,149,l5l Singer,Dr.Margaret 22 Sirhan,Sirhan 3 Sislers(of Cathy) Kelli Io 148,167 Kimmy 148,167 Slavetrade andCIA 13 Sleep,food, and water deprivation 9 8 , 1 1 2 ,1 1 6 Small,SmallWorld, Disneydevelopedmind-control program 177 Snufffrlm 205,219 Somcwherein Time 219 Specialforces-trainedrobotic soldiers 119 Spector,Arlen, mind-controlledslave owner 116,176 Sperlberg,Steven 165 "Spin'programming113 St. Francisof AssisiChurchin Muskegon,Michigan 87 264

andGuy VanderJagt84 StarWars 165 "StarWars" electromagnetic mind119 controlequipment StateFair in WestVirginia 113 StinupCay 140,142 StockholmSyndrome20 Stockyard 142 S t u n g u n1 1 4 ,1 1 8 ,1 3 1 "Superiorrace"of ProjectMonarch slaves111. mind-controlled 119 Jimmy 168 Swaggart, SwissVilla ll9, 123,152 Tamarkin,Civia, PeopleMagazine reporter 22 Tanis,Carol(Cathy'smother)81, 98,167 Templeof Set 198 Violent CrimesClaims Tennessee Commission24 TetonMountainsof Wyoming 97 Thaylen,FatherJames84 TheBirds 92 Therapyrulesfor deprogramming19 Dick 115-116,L20, Thornburgh, 128,176 baseballfan 128 cocaineandpornography distribution 128 MonarchProject/sports128 Thoughtreform 4 Throughthz Looking Glass 137 "Thrownfrom theFreedomtrain" 193 Time, to a mind-controlledslave 220 TinkerAir ForceBase 105, 117 covertoperations 107 "Tinkerwith time" 105 Tinker-belle 106

cage 106 conditioning 117 thememind manipulation106 Top secretpsychiatricexperiment involvingbrain damage26 Torture chamber "CharmSchool" 116 Traficant,Jim (Lurch) 116, I20, 128 "CharmSchool" 115 "Trained"mind-controlledslave 181 Tranquility drug 209 travel 105, 174 Trans-dimensional Trauma 116 -basedbehaviormodification 4 Triangularglassdisplay of perversionat BohemianGrove 17l Triple bind lock in 175 Trudeau,Pierre 89, 108 bestialityfilms 91 loyalty to the Vatican 89 pedophile 90 TweedleDeeandTweedleDum 136137 "U.N.DERGROUND" BohemianGrove 171 at Presidio U.S. Army Reservation 198 U.S. criminalcovertactivities 145 U.S. Government andCatholicChurch 94 CIA cocaineandheroin distributionoPerationsand mind-controlprojects 119 mind-controlresearchand development109 mind-controlledslavesand handlers168 sanctionedcocaineoperations 106 U.S.-Mexicanrelations 161


WhiteHousePornographer130 Uncles(of Cathy) white Rabbit 21,6 Arthur"Bomber"Tanis 82 WhiteSandsMissileBase 2I3 Bob 82,87,97, 167 Whitley,Keith Ted 82,86 murderof 180 UncleRonnie'sBedtimeStories 127 Witch'sface lI4 Unhypnosis 19 Wizardof Oz 84-85,91, 714,126, UnionStation 223 murderof railroadtransient 101 themeprogramming92 Uniphayse 10,218 Tin Manprogramming 131 UnitedNations Wonderland Wafer 138,196 Catholiccoalition 192 grid 108,213 Woodpecker UnitedTalent I12 WorldVision l7I,I87-79I Vaginalmutilation 205,209 description 192 andByrd andAquino 111 Yale'sSkullandBones I52 Valenti.Jack 204 Van 90 YellowBrickRoad 95,97,99,147 Vandenburg, Grandpa VanderJagt, Guy 85,87-91,94,96, YerkesPrimateCenter 9 Yoon,William 10,11 100,128,I57,I72,2I5 YouAre WhatYouRead prostitution to 84 programming 165,I88,202, Intelligence armof Jesuits Vatican's 270 in MexicoandNicaragua 184 Youngstown, Ohio"CharmSchool" Vesbit,Father 97 ll5,127 Virtualreality II2 Zerilla,Jim 128 Vsual acuityandMPD/DID 83 VowofSilence 88,188 Walker,Jimmy LII,169 Waron Drugs 123 Warner-Robbins Air ForceBase r23.742 "Washthemindfreeof memory" 96 Washington, D.C.NASA programming center 180 West,Jolyn andCIA, ProjectMK-Ultra 22 WestMrginiaStateFair prostitution to Byrd II2 WestVirginia'sJesuitCollege ByrdasHeadFriar 113 Whalesanddolphinsmind-control theme I22


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