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Inside this ZIP file you will find the entire architectural plans for the World Trade Center. This information was passed from a third party onto Steven Jones, and then onto me, where I uploaded it to our server and seeded it out onto the internet. Excerpts from the letter sent to Dr. Jones: "I was not sure if this information was available and I wanted to make sure that it first went to people who are well versed on the existing material. I have enclosed ... the architectural plans of the WTC Complex in .TIFF format. I have also included the WTC Tower collapse ... data that [we] compiled. My hope is that this can be posted on the appropriate websites and more people can make use of it. I would like to contribute my efforts where I can as I was on the ... team working for Silverstein Group ... in 2002." I'm glad this vital evidence can finally be put into the public domain where it belongs. Many thanks to this individual, and to Dr. Jones for passing this information onto me. -Dylan Avery Louder Than Words