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ENG TOKYO ry Otakaari 1 PL 11100 Aalto-yliopisto TOKYO Space Otakaari 1 Y137 – Y143 Facebook: Add Sheryl Arts as a friend, join the group Student Association TOKYO, like TOKYO – Students of Arts, Design and Architecture Twitter: Instagram: @sheryltokyo PUBLISHER: Aalto-yliopiston Taiteiden ja suunnittelun ylioppilaat TOKYO ry EDITING: TOKYO board

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Terhi Adler ILLUSTRATIONS: Cecilia Kugler PRESS: Paintek

PRINT: 500

Ta b l e O f C o n t e n t s University slang list 4 I Welcome to ARTS, new student! 7 II Community 8

∂ TOKYO Love 8

∂ Sheryl Tokyo Arts 8

∂ TOKYO Board 10

∂ TOKYO Committee 11

∂ Student Organizations 11

∂ Aalto Community 12

III The perfect first year 13 ∂ ARTS pass 13 IV International Affairs 14

∂ Tutoring 13

V The Alumni 15 VI TOKYO spaces, services and benefits 16

∂ TOKYO’s Service Point 16

∂ TOKYO Space 17

∂ Kipsari 18

∂ Kino Sheryl 19

∂ Membership Benefits 20

VII Events 21 VIII Student Advocacy 24

∂ Student Advocacy, Is It Something That You Can Eat? 24

∂ What Should I Do When Things Go Wrong? 25

∂ Hallopeds? Are They Some Kind of Birds? 26

IX Communications 27

∂ The Design Calendar 27

∂ Social Media 28

∂ TORSO Magazine 27

X AYY, What AYY? 30 XI Housing 31 XII Student Income 33 XIII Student Card – FRANK 34 XIV Health and Well-being 35

∂ FSHS 35

∂ Unisport 36

XV Transportation in the Metropolitan Area 37 XVI Campus and Maps 38


University slang list

ARTS = School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Kilta = Name for the student associations of technical school

Alvarin aukio = Large grass square in Otaniemi

Kino Sheryl = A movie theater owned by TOKYO

Amfi = An amphitheater the candidate centre

Kipsari = TOKYO’s vegetarian student restaurant

Arkkari = An architecture student

Kippari = Freshman captain

Aino = Magazine run by AYY

Koomuli = Member of the student association Kooma

Appro = Bar tour event for students AVP = Aalto Ventures Program AYY = Aalto University Student Union


Budu = budget Dipoli = The main building of Aalto

Kritiikki = Evaluation event at the end of period KY = Aalto University Business Students

Fuksi = First year student

Kylteri = Student of the business school

Halloped = Halloped = student represtentative in the administration)

Lukkari = Song leader, acts as a host at Sitsit

HOAS = Student apartments in Helsinki

Läsy = leaflet for lyrics, used at Sitsit

HOPS= Personal study plan ITMK = Tutor committee

Maisu = Student of landscape architecture

JMT = Jämeräntaival, a road in Otaniemi

Maskerad = TOKYO’s annual party with a yearly changing theme

Jodel = An app

Mursu = First year student in BIZ

Keto = AYYs central office

MyCourses = Site where to see all your courses

Noppa = credit OK20 = Otakaari 20 Ossinlampi = a pond in Otaniemi Paperi = Magazine owned by the Guild of Architecture Plassaus = order of seats at a sitsit Pre-start picnic = A picnic before the ARTS orientation

Teekkarikylä = Part of Otaniemi which includes many student apartments Telegram = a messaging app used by many Aalto students (like Whatsapp) TOKYO = Students of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture Torso = TOKYO’s magazine

Rantsu = Sauna

Tutori (ISOhenkilö) = Student who helps the new students to get familiar with the school

Sheryl = The bodiment of the TOKYO spirit

TF = Teknologföreningen = Swedish students’ union

Sillis = herring brunch (in the morning after a party)

TJ = Teekkari section

Sissari = Student of interior architecture

Ullis = Ullanlinnanmäki

Sitsit = An academic table party with songs and food SMT = Servin Maijan tie

Täffä = Student restaurant owned by TF Vappu = a big celebration on 1st of May Vappulehti = a magazine that students can sell (Aalto has two Julkku and Äpy)

Smökki = A event/party space owned by AYY, it’s located in Teekkarikylä

Vujut = Annual ball

Speksi = interactive musical student theater (f.e. Teekkarispeksi)

WebOodi = Site to maintain your courses and performances and also HOPS

Teekkari = Student of the technical school

YTHS = FSHS = Finnish student health service

Väre = New main building of ARTS


You can’t predict the future. Are you prepared to define it?

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Join the Aalto Alumni Circle The Aalto Alumni Circle is a social platform that brings together all Aalto alumni and students providing a platform for inspiring meetings and new contacts. You can join the Aalto Alumni Circle already as a new student!


We l c o m e t o A RTS , n e w s t u d e n t !

And congratulations on your new place in the department of Film, Television and Scenography, Design, Architecture, Media or Art. Together we form an ARTS community of students, teachers and staff. TOKYO is every ARTS students’ association, and some of its most important tasks are taking care of student advocacy, and most importantly bringing together all the ARTS students from different fields of study. During the year TOKYO organizes events and other community fun for students such as the starting party of the academic year Start ARTS 4.9., Finland’s biggest costume party and TOKYO’s annual party Maskerad and January’s most atmospheric sales, TOKYO Christmas Sales. TOKYO also enables students to organize their own events and other stravaganza (look up TOKYO Committee and grants). We want you to become a TOKYO-active! This Info-Torso is your guide to your first year in our school and it is meant to collect ALL the information you need. However, if after reading this leaflet you still have questions, don’t be afraid to send TOKYO a message or come chat us up in the corridors. TOKYO exists to help you! I want to wish you a brilliant first year in ARTS and above all great student life! With TOKYO love, Matti Jänkälä Chairperson of TOKYO board



Co m m u n i t y



What is TOKYO Love? In short, it is the love TOKYO feels towards ARTS and its’ students. Student advocacy and the well-being of our members and ARTS in general are the main purposes of TOKYO’s existence. TOKYO is a student organization that is more influential and has more resources the more it has members. By joining TOKYO you’ll be supporting the greater good for our school. TOKYO’s other important tasks include supporting and developing ARTS student culture: TOKYO’s activity should always look like its’ members; the students have the power to decide what TOKYO concentrates its’ time on. TOKYO’s goal is for ARTS students to be an active part in developing our Aalto community.

SHERYL ARTS Hey new ARTS-student! I’m Sheryl Arts, the embodiment of student spirit and recreational activity in ARTS. When needed, I incarnate in the people who bring you the most glamorous events of the year. I’m always where the action is and would just love to take you with me! In social media, I will remind you of upcoming events and post photos of our most memorable times spent together. I would love to be your Facebook friend, so that I can invite you to all the best parties and events, so please do add me, Sheryl Arts, as your friend on Facebook and follow me in Instagram @Sheryltokyo. After school you can run in to me at Kipsari having a snack/beer or in different events making new friends or in my signature movie theater Kino Sheryl enjoying the art of cinema. Among these, my hobbies include verbal acrobatics and eco-glitter face painting. When I grow up I’m going to be Doctor of Arts. See you in the fall! xoxo, Sheryl


TOKYO BOARD TOKYO is run by a group of ARTS students who have a passion for student advocacy and this community. If you’re interested in becoming a part of TOKYO send us a message to We are always looking for new enthusiastic people to join us!

Tina Cerpnjak Communications, Architecture

Kilian Kottmeier Corporate relations, New Media

Heidi Kivistö Events, Architecture

Matti Jänkälä Chairperson, Architecture

Cecilia Kugler Events, Fashion

Andreas Sode Brand, Student Well-being, New Media

Tero Uttana Executive Manager

Heljä Nieminen Student Advocacy, Architecture

Astria Excell Vice-Chair / Advocacy/ Community, Interior Architecture

Sushant Passi International Affairs, Product and Spatial Design

Kaapo Lipasti Campus and Spaces, Architecture

Emilia Heikkinen New Students, Interior Architecture

TOKYO COMMITTEE Committee is a group of TOKYO actives, those wonderful people who want to be part of making fantastic events and better student environment. There are several committees focusing on different topics so you are sure to find the one just for you. Whether you were interested in organizing events such as sales or Maskerad, international activity such as movie nights and TOKYO’s Lapland trip or being in the editorial team of TOKYO’s publication TORSO magazine. In TOKYO you get to do just the thing that interests you. If you have some crazy idea, join the committee and make your ideas reality in company of the best of people.

S T U D E N T O R G A N I Z AT I O N S In addition to TOKYO there are many other student associations that represent the students, arrange parties, trips, and other events. These associations also do student advocacy for their members. Most of the departments and schooling programs have their own associations. Joining a student association is a perfect way to get to know your fellow students from your own program. So don’t hesitate to ask more about your own student organization from your tutors or from TOKYO’s service point! TOKYO … Students of Arts, Design and Architecture NuDe … Young Designers, (Department of Design)

KOOMA ry … Art education students

ETL ry … Department of Film, Television and Scenography

GRRR ry … Visual communication design students

AK … Guild of Architecture (Department of Architecture)

VISTA ry … Landscape architecture students

SISTA … Interior architecture students

DADA … Media Lab students VIMMA … Cumma and Vicca students




Aalto university is a fairly young university. It was established in 2010 when University of Art and Design Helsinki, Helsinki University of Technology and Helsinki School of Economics were united into one university. Aalto University has six different schools: The best of them, School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS), School of Business (BIZ), School of Science (SCI), School of Chemical Engineering (CHEM), School of Engineering (ENG) and School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC). There are 15 000 students in Aalto who study in over 100 different degree programmes. Students of different fields have different traditions and student cultures that you hopefully have a chance to explore during your studies. You can (and should!) get to know students from other fields in events or perhaps through AYY’s hobby clubs. The time you spend at university is said to be the best time of your life, better spend it in good company!


T h e p e r fe c t f i r s t y e a r

ARTS PASS The ARTS pass, which was handed to you in the orientation, is designed by the associations in ARTS to help you get to know the student life. By gaining stamps to your pass, you get to know the ARTS culture and above all get new friends and amazing experiences! The ones who gain all the points required, will get the TOKYO cockade as a prize. Ask more from your tutors or from TOKYO’s service point!

TUTORING Tutors important task is to help you and guide you through the orientation and also the whole first year in ARTS and in Finland in general. Tutors introduce Aalto and ARTS to you both ways: physically in the school’s labyrinth alike spaces and also mentally to the community and the culture. They are there for you throughout the year and you can ask them for help in all situations – if they don’t know the answer, at least they know where you can find it. TOKYO is working together with tutors. The great start to the school year is Start ARTS Party on Tuesday, September 4th and unforgettable Freshman party couple weeks later. Those you don’t want to miss!



International affairs

Internationality is very important to TOKYO and that’s why we have a special seat in our board for taking care of our international sweethearts. TOKYO’s International affairs arranges for example a Lapland trip once a year and also other events like international food fair event and berry and mushroom picking in the Autumn. TOKYO International affairs Facebook group is the best channel to keep up with all of these events, also if you are a finnish speaker, but yarn to reach out to the world!



The Alumni

You are now part of the Aalto-community but did you know that after graduation you can still be part of that community as an alumni? Join Aalto University’s alumni network AlumniNET. You can do the registration for being an alumni already after your bachelor degree at the address (https:// ). Being part of the alumni network you get updates of what’s going on in your University, you get invitations to different events and you can also have an impact on your University’s development. You also benefit from alumni network when you are a student. As a master student you can apply for Aalto University’s Mentoring programme. From the programme you can get versatile coaching for your career path and support from an experienced alumni. In the Career Cafe -events you will hear interesting stories from alumnis’ career paths and in the working life interview you get a chance to talk with alumni from your department. TOKYO is also involved with alumni activities and one of the TOKYO board’s responsibilities is alumni relationships & working life.



TO K YO s p a c e s , s e r v i c e s a n d b e n e f i t s



TOKYO’s service point is located at TOKYO Space on the Väre side corridor of Learning HUB. At the service point you can get advice and information on study related issues, become a member of TOKYO, get the member stickers on your student card, get the newest calendar and take the insurance for accidents. The service point is open from 12.00 to 14.00 on Mondays and Wednesdays or when ever the executive manager or any of the board members are present. If you find yourself in need of the service point you can book a time by sending a message to TOKYO Space site on facebook.

TOKYO’S SPACES TOKYO members have three spaces to use at the Otaniemi campus: TOKYO Space in Otakaari 1 and Corner and Lounge in Väre. You can reserve the spaces for your own use through a form on the TOKYO website and you can follow what’s going on in the spaces by adding TOKYO Spaces Calendar to your Google-calendars. If you have some ideas you would like to make happen at TOKYO’s spaces share it by messaging TOKYO Space on Facebook. TOKYO acquires new furniture and equipment to TOKYO’s spaces every year so please share your ideas on what you would like to see at the spaces. TOKYO Space is located in room Y139 in Y-wing, Otakaari 1, next to Learning HUB. Space is an open space for all the members of TOKYO. There you can make some coffee, study, have a meeting or just hang out. From TOKYO Space you can find a terrace that opens towards Väre, great kitchen to make lunch in and TOKYO’s service point! At space you can also organize events ands other fun! Go like TOKYO Space in facebook so you won’t miss on anything. Corner and Lounge are located in Väre basement under the stairs leading to the main lobby. These spaces are open to all ARTS students. ARTS student associations use the spaces for their meetings and running their other activity. These spaces are perfect for taking a break in the midst of working at the workshops or having a movie night with your friends.




Kipsari is an ecologic and vegetarian student restaurant, café and a bar, owned by TOKYO. Kipsari favors vegan food, Fair Trade, local food and organic products. The nutritious menu serves options for every taste. Besides warm lunch, you can find salads, soups and huge sandwiches. After school Kipsari offers you cold beverages, funky board games, good music and magazines. One could say that the student culture of ARTS is born and lives in Kipsari. Eating in Kipsari is like putting money in your own pocket: Kipsari is owned (via TOKYO) by ARTS students! With the proceeds from Kipsari we are supporting students’ artistic projects; If you are a TOKYO member, you can apply for I love Kipsari -grant again in the autumn 2018! Kipsari has two restaurants in Otaniemi: Kipsari in Väre and Studio Kipsari in Aalto Studios building Otakaari 7. If you live in Otaniemi Studio Kipsari is most likely your closest restaurant right next to the Teekkari village bus stop. Like Kipsari on, and you’ll get the menu and the latest news right away!

KINO SHERYL Kino Sheryl is TOKYO’s own movie theater in Helsinki’s Kallio. The theater opened in Arabia’s Media Center Lume in 2015 and back then it was Helsinki’s first new movie theater in 15 years! Because of the move of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture the theater has been closed for a year but now Kino Sheryl will open again in the new spaces of the Culture Center Caisa. There will be both art house films and audience favorites in the program. Kino Sheryl will offer a unique opportunity to see students’ production from Department of Film. The program isn’t only aimed at students but all citizens. You can join the Kino Sheryl activity through TOKYO, just contact TOKYO board members or come chat at the service point. Students get a special discount from Kino Sheryl tickets and TOKYO members even a little extras! Welcome to watch a movie! Instagram: @kinosheryl Facebook: kino sheryl


MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS The greatest of TOKYOs membership benefits is love. It may sound a bit cheesy, but still it’s true. Student advocacy and the well-being of our members are the main purposes of TOKYOs existence. In addition to the love, TOKYO offers many materialistic delights such as the right to use TOKYO’s spaces, the result of TOKYO’s and AYY’s collaboration: design calendar, amazingly cheap insurance for accidents, TORSO magazines, discounts in art museums and special art shops, TOKYO’s grants and project allowances and other great things! In addition to love things you can get many different member benefits with TOKYOs shiny sticker, which you will get from TOKYOs service point as TOKYOs member. See the full list in 20


Ev e n t s

Student life is a lot more than just studying! Have an open mind and come meet other students in events!

EVENTS CALENDAR 1. Summer picnic 21.8. Tutors will lead you to sunny Suomenlinna, where you have a perfect chance to get to know your new course mates. Join the fun and get your first touch of the ARTS before the school starts! 2. Orientation picnic 4.9. After orientation’s second day, before taking off to Start ARTS! –party, orientation picnic is held in Otaniemi, Alvar’s square. Tutors will lead your way to the place after other program ends. See you there! 3. Start ARTS! 4.9. Start ARTS! Is party organized by TOKYO and tutors. It is held at restaurant Kipsari in Väre. This is the best opportunity to start your year with glitter and sparkles. Party space will have different places to just have interesting conversations or party away on the dance floor. Also the theme for Maskerad is announced, don’t miss it! Free entrance.


4. Aalto party! 5.9. Aalto University wide opening ceremony for the new semester, that starts at 12, takes over whole Otaniemi campus and ends at Otahalli, where after party is held. The grand opening includes food trucks, music and much fun! 5. ARTS Middle Party 5.9. In honor of the ARTS move TOKYO and associations arrange a common ARTS Middle Party before the Aalto Afterparty in the A-wing of Otakaari 1. This is the best place to hang out with friends, listen to good music and wait for the Afterparty to start.


6. Aalto Afterparty 5.9. This is the biggest party during the year. It will be sold out. Remember to by your ticket in time! 7. Otasuunnistus by FTMK 6.9. (and 4.9.) Otasuunnistus is Otaniemi-orientation organized by FTMK (Teekkari freshmen committee). Also ARTS associations will have check points on the 6th so jump in to this traditional event and see which team is the best! Otasuunnistus is a great way to get to know the Otaniemi campus and all the hobby clubs and associations inhabiting it! 8. Freshmen party 21.9 This is the event where students go around Väre and clear checkpoints each organized by ARTS associations. Get to know your associations in great company of your fellow students! 9. Foliage camp, 27.9. – 1.10. Foliage camp is TOKYO’s incredible international trip to Lapland. We take off on Wednesday evening and arrive

late Sunday night. This trip is the most unforgettable experience of Northern Finland you can have including reindeers, foliage and the magical Lapland you always dreamed of! 10. Maskerad, 27.10. TOKYO’s annual anniversary party Maskerad is held at the end of the year. This party showcases the most incredible costumes and the best one will be rewarded at the Maskerad. Theme changes every year and it is announced in Start ARTS!. Be there! 11. TOKYO Christmas sales! Date to be confirmed TOKYO’s traditional Christmas sales will be held near Christmas. This is a great opportunity for TOKYO members to sell their artwork and design. 12. Restart ARTS! Date to be confirmed After spending half a year in ARTS, you already know all the tricks for your all department, so why not to learn some new ones? Restart ARTS! is whole ARTS wide party which has all the aspects of a great event: new people, good music and chance to mingle with other department students. Ask more from your tutor or TOKYO’s service point! + Aalto community holds a lot more interesting events, which we encourage highly to take part in! For example Aalto sitsit is an unforgettable experience of famous sitsi-culture and are held twice a year. MOSAIC offers world dinner and language cafe’s, AAVA showcases some of the most perfect events throughout the whole Aalto. Be sure to follow TOKYO’s Facebook page and International affairs page to be informed of these and other events in time.



Student Advocacy

S T U D E N T A D V O C A C Y, I S I T S O M E T H I N G T H AT Y O U C A N E AT ?


Welcome to the university community! Things are a little bit different in university when compared to school: students are equal members of the community with the professors and other university staff. Students are not only passive customers for the teaching, but also active learners and involved in developing teaching. Programmes and courses are developed in collaboration with the school and the university. A big part of TOKYO’s activities revolve around student advocacy. We take care of students’ interests in Aalto ARTS, in Aalto University and also on the national level. Advocacy work happens in formal and unformal meetings with the school staff, and on national level in collaboration with other students of art and design and with different trade organizations. Remember to give course feedback! Quality of university teaching is evaluated and teaching is developed based on that feedback. It is really important that you fill in those feedback forms when you get them at the end of the course.

W H AT S H O U L D I D O WHEN THINGS GO WRONG? If you face unfair treatment, there are problems in course arrangements or there’s something that you think needs to be fixed in the teaching, you should do something about it! Usually the best way to approach this is to discuss about the issue with the teacher. If that doesn’t help, you should contact student advocacy people in subject associations or in TOKYO ( or hallopeds. Usually they know how to help, but if they can’t, you can contact AYY’s student advocacy specialists. You can share your concerns with your name or anonymously through a form on TOKYO’s website. TOKYO’s advocates will handle the cases with absolute discretion and take the matters forward to the school management. 25



You can start influencing your surroundings by applying for halloped position. Halloped comes from Finnish HALLinnon OPiskelijaEDustaja, student representative in university administration. Hallopeds are regular students who have been elected for a term of one year to represent students in different university bodies and committees. They take care of interests of all students and do important work for developing our university. It’s easy to act as a halloped also as a first year student. Most important thing is to be interested in making an impact on your surroundings. AYY educates hallopeds and hallopeds collaborate a lot with each other. It is a great opportunity to learn how to influence things and how the university works. You can always contact current hallopeds if there is something wrong in our university. You can find the current hallopeds in website. They can bring up your troubles in different committees and start sorting out the situation. Application period for halloped positions for the year 2019 is in November–December.


Co m m u n i c a t i o n s

THE DESIGN CALENDAR TOKYO publishes the gorgeous design calendar yearly. We arrange annually a calendar design competition for ARTS students. The designer is chosen by a jury. Calendar looks different and unique every year and it delights all TOKYO’s members throughout the year. It is one of the our most popular benefits, and you can get your calendar from TOKYO’s Service Point. This year the calendar is produced in collaboration with the student union so it will be handed to all Aalto students.

TORSO MAGAZINE TORSO is an independent magazine working under TOKYO and which editorial staff is picked each year from Aalto ARTS students. We are designers, illustrators, architects, rebels, art educators and adventurers. TORSO is free art publication, so it’s content, form and visual look changes with the editorial team. If you want experience from photography, writing, layout design or illustration, join us and come make TORSO a publication which looks like you!



• TOKYO – Students of Arts, Design and Architecture Go like TOKYO on Facebook and stay up to date on all activity and events. • Sheryl Arts At Facebook, you can add Sheryl Arts as your friend. Sheryl is an emissary of TOKYOs love and good will. Sheryl is the spirit of TOKYO and she is always present at the TOKYOs communication. You can add Sheryl as a friend here: 28

• Instagram You can see pictures of events, TOKYO boards operation and other things at TOKYOs Instagram profile. You can find TOKYOs Instagram-page with the nickname @sheryltokyo • Student Association TOKYO Student Association TOKYO is a group for all the TOKYOs members and ARTS students. In this group you will find most of the TOKYOs and other student associations’ events. You can join the group here:

• TOKYO International affairs TOKYO International affairs-group is meant for the communication about international matters, among the exchange students. You can join the group here: • ARTS Events ARTS Events is a group for all the ARTS students, where you can find and share information about the events which ARTS student would be interested. The group you can find here: 1329963930416572 • OTA(rts)NIEMI OTA(rts)NIEMI is a group for ARTS students, who are studying at Otaniemi campus. You can find information about the events and other interesting things from there. The group you can find here:




AY Y, W h a t AY Y ?

Aalto University Student Union (AYY) is the student union for all students of Aalto University, including you. AYY connects approximately 15 000 art, design, business and technology students. All Aalto University students undertaking bachelor’s or master’s degrees are members of the student union. Doctorate level students and exchange students can join the union if they wish to do so. AYY provides its’ members services and possibilities from a calendar for the academic year and student housing to volunteering at AYY. We work to benefit your well-being and developing the education in the university. In addition to that, AYY members have the possibility to rent different sauna and meeting spaces as well as a van for an affordable price. More of AYY’s members’ benefits and services can be found in On AYY’s service point you can for example take care of getting your student card and term sticker. Otaniemi service point and AYY’s housing office Otakaari 11, Espoo 050 520 9400 The opening hours can be found in



AYY owns apartments that are for Aalto University students to rent. There are not enough apartments to all Aalto University students so you should search for a home through other means as well. First year students and students coming from outside the metropolitan area are a first priority in getting apartments in the beginning of the school year. You can apply for an apartment as soon as you get a confirmation of your study place. Freshmen can get an extra point for single room apartments if the application is made during July or December depending on when you have started your studies.

A P P LY I N G F O R A N AY Y A P A R T M E N T • Get to know AYY’s housing at • Read through the info for applying at • Apply for an apartment in AYY’s Domo at Housing issues are handled by AYY’s housing service point: Otakaari 11, Espoo (entrance upstairs) Phone: 050 520 9410


OTHER HOUSING OPTIONS I N T H E M E T R O P O L I TA N A R E A • Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region HOAS: the biggest provider of student housing in the metropolitan area. • University of Helsinki student nations: • Private apartment providers:

∂When 32

looking for an apartment you should check the rental-apartments-groups and sites in facebook also!


Student Income

You should apply for financial aid and housing aid when you get a study place. Applying for aid on the internet is a bit faster. Student financial aid is a combination of study grant, general housing aid, student loan and student meal aid. Applying for study grant online: Changes to financial aid and housing assistance for students:

SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE IN FINANCIAL AID AND INCOME ISSUES: University financial aid services: , You can get Kela services through the internet or by phone:




S t u d e n t C a rd – F R A N K

Congratulations on your study place from the whole Frank team! Frank is a student-own service that provides student cards and the best benefits all over Finland. Frank App, a digital student card, is an official student identifier that you can use to get hundreds of benefits like discounts in student restaurants, train rides and public transportation. Download the Frank App from Google Play or App Store and activate the application after joining your student union. You can attach your international ISIC license to your application and get benefits around the world. A plastic student card with a Debit MasterCard payment feature provided by Danske Bank is free for university and UAS students. A card without the payment feature can be bought for 15 â‚Ź. More information on the different card options and delivery can be found in the Frank service See you there!


H e a l t h a n d We l l - b e i n g

FSHS The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides general, mental and oral health care services for students of universities and other institutions of higher education. You get to use these services by paying the student union member’s fee. Reservations are made by phone and FSHS will contact you via a call-back service. Contacting and visits concerning general health are always free. To use FSHS services efficiently you need create an account to FSHS digital Self Service with your bank account or via mobile identification. You can take care of appointments, moving an appointment and other health affairs digitally. Make sure your contact information is valid and updated in Self. More information: self When FSHS is closed or you can’t get an appointment you can use your own state health centre near you. The FSHS invites all first-year students to health examination. This examination consists of an electronic health inquiry and, if necessary, a personal health discussion. The inquiry covers issues related to general and oral health and factors affecting these. If necessary, you will be asked to make an appointment with a public health nurse and/or for an oral health examination/treatment. You can get the information of the examination through the Self Service or via text message.


FSHS UNITS I N T H E M E T R O P O L I TA N A R E A Otaniemi: Otakaari 12, Espoo Töölö: Töölönkatu 37 A, Helsinki You can get services in any FSHS unit, also in different states. More information: With worries and fatigue you can get help from Nyyti and Aalto University chaplains. More information: & 36

If you’re having difficulties concerning studies you can contact the Learning Services of ARTS or the Study and Career psychologists korkeakoulusi (opintopsykologit@

UNIVERSITY SPORTS – UNISPORT Students of Aalto University can get affordable sport services in UniSport. UniSport Sport Centres can be found in University of Helsinki central campus, Kumpula, Meilahti, Otaniemi and Töölö. UniSport offers group exercise, ball games, gym training and different courses among other services. Season and single tickets are low-priced to all Aalto students. More information:


Tra n s p o r t a t i o n i n t h e m e t ro p o l i t a n a re a

A student discount (-50 %) for public transit in the metropolitan area can be received by students under 30 years old who live in the HSL area (Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Vantaa) and have a student status in their travel card. The student discount can also be granted to exchange students temporarily living in the HSL area if the grounds for admission are filled. More information on prices, getting a travel card and discount ticket aplication form can be found in

C O N N E C T I O N S T O A A LT O C A M P U S Exact routes and timetables can be found in timetable books or through the Journey Planner (

L O N G D I S TA N C E T R A V E L L I N G AS A STUDENT The student discount in VR long distance train journeys. More information: Travel and Parcel Services student discount -50 % from bus trips that are over 80 km long. More information: To get student discounts in busses and trains you need a valid student card. A receipt of your student union membership fee does not qualify for a student discount!


Campus and maps


VÄRE G Floor G-kerros









Kauppakeskus Shopping Centre





BIZ Kauppakorkeakoulu School of Business ARTS Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu School of Arts, Design and Architecture E VALOKUVASTUDIO, AVOIN STUDIO photography studio, open access studio F PRINTLAB, EDIT 1, EDIT 2 G MEKATRONIIKKA mechatronics H LASER, MUOVI, PINNOITUS laser, plastic, surfacing I MAALAUS painting J KERAMIIKKA ceramics K 3D PRINT, COBOT, VESISUIHKULEIKKAUS waterjet cutting LK LOUNGE, CORNER

L METALLIPAJA, NC TYÖSTÖ metal shop, nc milling M PUUPAJA woodshop O OMPELU, JACQUARD sewing, jacquard PO KAAVOITUS pattern making P PAINOKANGAS textile printing QR KIPSARI Q TAKEOUT RQ KUVANVEISTO sculpture R MONIMATERIAALITYÖ multimaterial work S KUDONTA, NEULONTA knitting, weaving

VÄRE 1st Floor 1. kerros













A BLOC Kauppakeskus Shopping Centre

BIZ Kauppakorkeakoulu School of Business ARTS Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu School of Arts, Design and Architecture G AALTO-YLIOPISTON PUOTI Aalto University Shop G BROOKLYN CAFÉ F L Q LUENTOSALIT auditoriums L M Q R OPISKELUTILAT study spaces E J K M O P R TYÖTILAT workspaces


VÄRE 2nd Floor 2. kerros












A BLOC Kauppakeskus Shopping Centre

BIZ Kauppakorkeakoulu School of Business ARTS Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu School of Arts, Design and Architecture G IT-LUOKAT computer classes Q LUENTOSALIT auditoriums E K L M O OPISKELUTILAT study spaces F J P R TYÖTILAT workspaces

VÄRE 3rd Floor 3. kerros








O BIZ Kauppakorkeakoulu School of Business

ARTS Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu School of Arts, Design and Architecture J K OPISKELUTILAT study spaces L M O P Q R TYÖTILAT workspaces

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