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French FRIES

4 x 2.5kg

Introducing our Fairway freeze chill range of chips, which currently has 7 different cuts: • Fairway Shoestring French Fries • Fairway French Fries 3/8 (9mm) • Fairway French Fries 7/16 (11mm) • Fairway French Fries 9/16 (13mm) • Fairway Steak French Fries 9/18mm • Fairway French Fries 18/18 (18mm) The Fries have a crisp golden brown outer with a softish white/yellow inner giving a clean “potato” flavour. Primarily produced from the Binjte potato, one of the most famous potato in the world which has been used for over 40 years in continental Europe. Delivered frozen and can be stored in a chiller for up to 4 days.

Freeze chilled Quality appearance, texture and taste 6 different cuts

Local Service, National Strength

Charles Saunders Combined SS2014  

Charles Saunders Combined SS2014