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Autumn Savers

September 2013

Introducing our exclusive new traybakes range from


These traybakes come in three great traditional flavours and are pre portioned in 12 triangles. Coconut & Raspberry Traybake

Classic shortbread base covered with raspberry jam topped with a layer of chewy coconut macaroon and baked to a golden brown. Code 1088 Pack 1x12p List £11.58 NOW £7.10


Millionaire Caramel Shortcake Classic shortbread base topped with a thick layer of caramel and smothered in the finest belgian chocolate Code 3343 Pack 1x12pp List £12.43

NOW £7.59


59p Real Chocolate Brownie Traybake


01733 239445

A chocolate chewy delight, made with the finest belgian chocolate infused with white chocolate curls, baked with a generous topping of milk chocolate chunks Code 9134 Pack 1x12pp List £11.58 NOW £7.10

See inside for more Autumn savers . . .

For Deliveries Monday 2nd September – Saturday 28 September

Great new mouth-watering starters & appetizers from the market leader 29p

Camembert and Caramelised Onion Bites Camembert with caramalised red onion encapsulated in a wholemeal breadcrumb. Can be ovenbaked. Code 7151 Pack 1kg List £12.83

NOW £8.20

22p C am e

ram nd C a a t r e mb

e li s e d

Black Pudding & Apple Fritters Black pudding with Bramley apple in a rustic home- style breadcrumb. Code 1111 Pack 1kg List £10.17

NOW £6.25 Bl ack

P udd i

ng & A p pl e Fr itters


Chicken Fajito

jit o Ch ic k en Fa


ORDER NOW ON: 01733 239445

Chunks of Chicken breast, peppers and mozzarella cheese with Mexican flavours coated in a rice flake crumb Code 6196 Pack 1kg List £12.83

NOW £7.85


Chilli Mango Prawns


Butterflied prawns spread with a spicy chilli jam and a crumb coating. Good for a starter,buffet or as part of a sharing combo Code 4393 Pack 500g List £8.81 NOW £5.89

Prawn Twisters Herb & garlic marinated prawn meat, hand rolled in a crispy spring roll pastry. Approx 24 in a bag Code 1345 Pack 800g List £12.60 NOW £7.95



Salt and Pepper Squid Chunks Pineapple-cut squid chunks with salt & pepper coating Code 8799 Pack 1kg NOW £9.49 List £14.58

Beer Battered Cod Goujons Delicately cut pieces of prime skinned & boned cod fillet enrobed in our light beer batter Code 6339 Pack 1kg List £7.62 NOW £5.29


Thai Cod & Prawn Fish Cake Cod fillet,prawns & Rosti potato in a spicy sauce & dusted with subtle thai spices Code 4497 Pack 24x114g List £22.62

NOW £15.65


Chicken Teddies Seasoned chicken formed into a unique Teddy Bear shape & coated in an appealing golden crumb Code 7327 Pack 48x50g NOW £13.50 List £19.81

King Bros



For Deliveries Monday 2nd September – Saturday 28 September


Vegetable Lasagne Shepherds Pie Minced lamb in a savoury sauce with carrots, celery, onions, topped with mashed potato and cheese. Code 1765 Pack 12x450g List £25.62 NOW £19.80

Aubergines,mushrooms,onions,tomatoes,carrots and cheese are generously layered between sheets of fresh spinach pasta and topped with a rich bechamel sauce. Code 6271 Pack 12x340g List £17.40 NOW £13.80


Gressingham Duck Legs 1kg Pack 4 Raw Oyster Cut Gressingham Duck Legs Code 3111 Pack per kg List £6.95 NOW £5.95


99p Battercrisp Cod Fillets 230-290g Prime cod fillets in crispy batter for 3 way cook, can deep fry,oven bake or grill Code 8713 Pack 15 fils List £25.46 NOW £14.89

Signature Gastro Chips Unique homemade hand cut appearance, crisp golden exterior with a soft and moist interior for a premium taste and texture Code 4866 Pack 4x2.5kg List £26.84 NOW £16.50

Sweet Potato Fries Crispy sweet potato fries perceived as a modern alternative and healthy option to traditional fries. Deep fry from frozen. Code 5405 Pack 2.5kg List £9.84 NOW £6.95

ONLY £10.99


McCain Thick Cut 9/16 Chips

McCain Beefeater Chips

Code 4539 Pack 4x2.27kg List £18.94 NOW £10.99

Code 3756 Pack 4x2.27kg List £18.94 NOW £10.99

ORDER NOW ON: 01733 239445





Chickwich Breast Burger

Country Mix Vegetables

Vive Le Pain Mini French

Prime quality white chicken breast meat coated in a delicately seasoned light batter Code 6388 Pack 40x85g List £29.72 NOW £19.29

Broccoli, cauliflower, sliced carrots & green beans Code 1747 Pack 1kg List £1.48 NOW £0.99

Part baked french bread Code 1157 Pack 46x85g List £10.96 NOW £5.60


ready to bake Pastry JusRol Shortcrust Pastry

Block of shortcrust pastry for general use Code 4004 Pack 1500g List £3.80 NOW


JusRol Puff Pastry

Block of puff pastry for general use Code 7195 Pack 1500g List £3.80

NOW £2.49

JusRol Pastry Sheets 23” x 15” Very thin sheets of pastry -prerolled for convenience Code 5376 Pack 12 x 625 List £22.20 NOW £15.85

JusRol Puff Pie Lids Oval 6”x4” Pre-cut ovals of puff pastry for convenience ideal for pie lids Code 4588 Pack 1x96 List £18.14 NOW £12.69



JusRol Puff Pastry Round 6” Pre cut puff pastry rounds-ideal for pie lids or turnovers Code 7410 Pack 96x54g List £16.82 NOW £11.65


59p Spotted Dick Individual

Syrup Sponge Pudding

Traditional favourite sponge pudding with currants Code 1377 Pack 1x12 List £12.35 NOW £7.10

Golden syrup over melt in the mouth sponge pudding Code 9573 Pack 1x12 List £12.16 NOW £7.10

59p Strawberry Jam Sponge Pudding Indivdual Steamed sponge pudding with strawberry jam Code 9249 Pack 1x12 List £11.25 NOW £7.10

King Bros


For Deliveries Monday 2nd September – Saturday 28 September

Ina's cupcakes are handmade and hand-crafted with only the best ingredients including Belgian Chocolate, Irish butter & Irish Flour. This selection contains four of each f lavour

Lemon drizzle – moist Madeira sponge with lemon zest and lemon frosting. Red velvet – cocoa flavoured moist sponge with Christmas red icing.

49p eac h

p Cakes M i x ed C u

Chocolate – chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting topped with marshmallow. Strawberry – Strawberry flavoured Madeira cake with a strawberry frosting. Code 5767 Pack 16x90g List £13.38

NOW £7.85

Broderick's Tray Bakes are completely handmade with only the finest quality ingredients, this selection contains 6 of each f lavour Mixed Traybake Selection Butter Caramel Shortbread – Handmade Butter shortbread with a thick layer of our own specially made caramel topped with a layer of Belgian Chocolate. Belgian Chocolate Biscuit cake – Handmade Chocolate biscuit cake with Belgian chocolate, Irish Butter and crunchy Biscuit. Belgian Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate topping – Moist Belgian chocolate Brownie made with dark chocolate butter and eggs all topped with a layer of milk Chocolate. Suitable for eating on its own or serve as a heated dessert with ice cream. Belgian Chocolate Brownie with caramel, hazelnuts, cranberries & chocolate chunks – Belgian Chocolate Brownie with a layer of Handmade caramel covered with chocolate chunks hazelnuts cranberries all drizzled with white chocolate. Belgian chocolate Rocky Road – Chunky slice of Belgian Chocolate mixed with Biscuit and marshmallow all dusted with icing Sugar. White Chocolate Heaven – Belgian White Chocolate Crunch with Peanut, caramel & chocolate chunks. Suitable to eat as it is or delicious as a dessert with ice cream. Code 8212 Pack 36x95g ptns List £35.57


NOW £21.25

ORDER NOW ON: 01733 239445

59p eac h

Celebrating 30 years baking, The Handmade Cake Company continue to make cakes and scones in small batches, using trusted household recipes and quality ingredients.




Chocolate Fruit & Nut Slice

Blueberry & Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Buttercream Sponge

Old fashioned chocolate cake with biscuit fragment walnuts & sultanas in a gooey chocolate fudge Code 5559 Pack 12 ptns List £15.35 NOW £9.50

A new Madeira-like sponge with blueberries, steepe d in a tangy lemon syrup and finished with caster sugar. Code 7284 Pack 14 ptns List £16.20 NOW £10.25

Two deep sponges filled with buttercream and lemon curd Code 7296 Pack 14 ptns List £16.57 NOW £10.50



Gluten FREE Sidoli Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Sidoli Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

A moist gluten free carrot cake made with pineappl e carrots and coconut. With a combination of mixed spices filled with cream cheese frosting and fini shed with nibbled hazelnuts. Code 1021 Pack 14 ptns List £14.25 NOW £9.65

Decadently dark moist chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate fudge icing, topped with more fudge icing & decorated with chocolate shavings. Gluten Free Code 1507 Pack 14 ptns List £14.25 NOW £9.65

All this and it is also gluten free…! Your customers will never know the difference & your ever increasing gluten free customers will keep on coming back for more




Individual Sticky Toffee Pudding

French Style Apple Tart

Stracciatella Kirsch Torte

A square cut sticky toffee pudding with butter- scotch sauce Code 7222 Pack 12x200g List £16.69 NOW £10.20

French apple tart filled with caramalised apple in a crisp pastry base Code 5229 Pack 10 ptns List £7.27 NOW £4.39

Layers of chocolate sponge,with vanilla cream & pieces of chocolate, on a short pastry base Code 5561 Pack 12 ptns List £12.08 NOW £7.10

King Bros





C hil led Pate

Chilled Ardenne Pate Log shaped coarse pate containing pork liver and chicken Code 8067 Pack 1kg List £6.81 NOW £5.99

Chilled Brussels Pate Log shaped smooth textured pate containing pork liver and chicken. Code 1242 Pack 1kg List £6.81 NOW £5.99

Chilled Chick/Liver Pate Smooth chicken liver pate, log shaped Code 5094 Pack 1kg List £6.81 NOW £5.99

Fairway 1 Cup Tea Bags A good quality everyday tea Code 3909 Pack 1100 List £11.02 NOW £7.99


Chilled Duck Pate Log shaped pate from pork liver,chicken and duck. Code 4788 Pack 1kg List £7.06 NOW £6.25

Fairway Coffee Granules Premium freeze dried coffee granules, good alternative to Nescafe gold blend Code 1939 Pack 750g List £16.62

NOW £11.95

H Pr icael f

Balsamic Vinegar A 3 yr old balsamic vinegar made in Spain Code 7673 Pack 5ltr List £17.76 NOW £12.99

Red Cooking Wine

White Wine Cooking Wine

Code 3486 Pack 3ltr List £8.10 NOW £3.99

Code 1889 Pack 3ltr List £8.10 NOW £3.99

ORDER NOW ON: 01733 239445 For Deliveries Monday 2nd September – Saturday 28 September