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Summer Specials

August 2013

Fully baked soſt deli rolls, low in fat and sugar, meets FSA salt guidelines


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Classic Deli Roll

A soft white deli roll dusted with semolina Code 7105 Pack 1x36 List £12.14 NOW £7.29

Italian Deli Roll A soft white roll with premium Italian herbs and seasoning throughout the bread Code 6485 Pack 1x36 List £12.14 NOW £7.29

Quattro Deli Roll A soft white deli roll topped with a mixture of four seeds, linseed, golden linseed, poppy seed and mille Code 5385 Pack 1x36 List £12.14 NOW £7.29

Rustic Deli Roll A soft malted grain deli roll with inclusions of flaked malted wheat, oats and barley topped with a malted grain mix. Code 9056 Pack 1x36 List £12.14 NOW £7.29

Fully baked soſt d eli rolls



01733 239445

See inside for more Summer savers . . .

For Deliveries Monday 29th July – Saturday 31st August



Garlic Breaded Mushrooms

Ardennes Pate Ardennes pate containing pork liver, chicken meat & chicken liver. Code 8693 Pack 690g List £5.13 NOW £3.69


Count 50-55 per 900g white button mushrooms, encapsulated in a mild garlic breadcrumb. Deep fry only. Code 4501 Pack 900g List £4.93 NOW £3.20


Breaded Plaice Goujons Cross cut pieces of plaice fillet in crispy crumb can deep fry or oven bake as part of mix platter, starter or buffet approx 20g each 50 per bag Code 2587 Pack 1kg List £8.73 NOW £5.79

Peking Duck Mini Spring Roll Duck Mini Spring Rolls with crispy filo pastry and shredded duck. For best results cook from frozen. Code 7698 Pack 90x20g List £21.24 NOW £12.85

Vegetable Mini Spring Rolls Mini-spring Rolls with a delicious mixed vegetable filling. For best results cook from frozen. Code 8309 Pack 90x20g List £18.39 NOW £10.15


Mini Vegetable Samosa A filling of mixed vegetables blended with Indian spices and wrapped in a light, crispy filo pastry triangle - ideal for vegetarians. Ovenbake or deep fry from frozen in minutes. Code 1632 Pack 80x30g List £19.93 NOW £12.15


ORDER NOW ON: 01733 239445


Chicken and Smokey Bacon Pasta


Tender pieces of chicken and bacon in a lightly smoked cream sauce with pasta shells. Code 1401 Pack 12x450g List £25.38 NOW £20.30


M ou ss ak a


Moussaka A traditional Greek style dish of delicately flavoured minced lamb layered with fried aubergines and sauteed potatoes and topped with a rich creamy bechamel sauce. Code 2316 Pack 12x400g List £26.50 NOW £20.99

Lasagne Verdi Made with fresh egg and spinach pasta, and more meat. Code 7810 Pack 12x340g List £15.58 NOW £12.60


Fish & Chips...

Gourmet Chips Signatures


Delicious, chunky, premium chips with a natural potato flavour and a light savoury taste. Code 8186 Pack 4x2.5kg List £24.13 NOW £11.99

Breaded Cod Fillets 170-200g Prime cod fillet in natural crumb with no colour or additives, deep fry from frozen. Code 5304 Pack 18 fils List £20.76 NOW £12.45

ONLY £10.99

65p Breaded Plaice 140-170g

McCain Thick Cut 9/16 Chips

McCain Beefeater Chips

Code 4539 Pack 4x2.27kg List £18.94 NOW £10.99

Code 3756 Pack 4x2.27kg List £18.94 NOW £10.99

Whole fillet of plaice, individually graded to give effective portion control. Coated in fine golden breadcrumbs to seal in that just caught flavour. Code 4933 Pack 24 fils List £27.63 NOW £15.65

King Bros


For Deliveries Monday 29th July – Saturday 31st August


29p Daloon Chinese Spring Rolls Crispy pancake rolls with chinese style vegetables & beef filling. For best results cook from frozen. Code 4869 Pack 1x10 List £4.46 NOW £2.90

29p Daloon Vegetable Spring Rolls

Malted Wheat Demi Baguette Part baked french bread. Contains wheat gluten & may contain traces of sesame seed & milk. Code 3273 Pack 35x125g List £11.76 NOW £6.75

Crispy pancake roll filled with beansprouts, celery, sweetcorn, red peppers, peas and onions. Cook from frozen. Code 5974 Pack 10x90g List £4.46 NOW £2.90


19p Daloon Onion Bhaji An Indian style snack made from gram flour blended with fresh onions and authentic spices - ideal for vegetarians. Code 3632 Pack 1x50 List £15.14 NOW £9.50

Toffee Fudge Flow wrap Slice A gooey sticky toffee cake laced with toffee fudge cubes finished with caramel topping and feathered with white icing & caramel flavour curls. Code 9150 Pack 1x16ptn List £19.38 NOW £11.99


Spiced Fruit Teacakes 4” Sliced Fruit teacakes, sliced and ready to toast. Serve with butter and jam at coffee time or tea time. 4” diameter. Code 4743 Pack 1x48 List £13.61 NOW £4.80


ORDER NOW ON: 01733 239445

Celebrating 30 years baking, The Handmade Cake Company continue to make cakes and scones in small batches, using trusted household recipes and quality ingredients.


Fruit Scones Large individual fruit scones, made like you would at home. Code 1201 Pack 1x18 List £12.08 NOW £6.99


Maple & Pecan Slice Crushed biscuits, rolled oats & prairie pecan nuts wrapped in maple-flavoured golden syrup and melted caramel, smothered with a new dark chocolate. Code 3934 Pack 12 ptns List £15.60 NOW £9.50


Buttercream & Jam Sponge Our unique light Victoria sponge filled with buttercream and raspberry jam, dusted with icing sugar. Code 6437 Pack 14 ptns List £16.57 NOW £10.25


Carrot Cake A moist carrot & walnut sponge, covered with a full fat soft cheese icing & decorated with grated walnuts. Code 5217 Pack 14 ptns List £20.22 NOW £12.62




Sidoli Luxury Plain Cheesecake

Sidoli Toffee Lumpy Bumpy

Citrus Lemon & Lime Bavarois

Deep creamy cold-set cheesecake on a crunchy biscuit base. Code 8888 Pack 14 ptns List £14.38 NOW £8.45

Layers of moist toffee sponge topped with a rich toffee flavoured mousse & lumpy bumpy cheesecake. Code 9352 Pack 12 ptns List £17.30 NOW £10.70

Light citrus fruits mousse with mandarin orange, lemon and lime juice. Finely garnished. Code 9656 Pack 1x20 List £29.98 NOW £21.80

Buy any 4 and get a Snickers worth £32.40 at RSP


King Bros


For Deliveries Monday 29th July – Saturday 31st August


ORDER NOW ON: 01733 239445



per pac k

Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Jet Code 2903

Bronte Assorted Luxury Biscuits 2 pack

Orange & Peach Fruit Jet Code 2904

100 packets x 2 biscuits a selection of 5 varieties:golden crunch, choc chip, viennese finger, fruit shrewsbury & shortcake. Code 5061 Pack 1x100 List £25.40 NOW £13.99

Strawberry Fruit Jet Code 2905 Pack 12x330ml List £6.35

NOW £4.59

Still fruit drink with a sports cap. 5% juice with added vitamins B & C, no added sugar or colours.


Fairway Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce Code 6613 Pack 2.27ltr List £7.49 NOW £4.65


Typhoo Teabags Extra Fresh


Code 1202 Pack 1100 List £17.86

NOW £12.99

Fairway English Mustard Code 3539 Pack 2.27ltr List £6.28 NOW £3.95


Fairway Washing up Liquid


Code 7116 Pack 5ltr List £4.40

Cartmel & Dalton Luxury Toilet Roll


Code 2368 Pack 10ltr List £17.47

NOW £2.15


Fairway Machine Dishwash Liquid

NOW £11.75


Fairway Bactericidal Hand Soap

3 ply, 200 sheet. Code 6525 Pack 10x4 List £30.25

Code 6255 Pack 500ml List £1.81

NOW £21.99

NOW £1.29

Ariel Formula Pro Bag Comes in a self supporting bag this powder is capable of washing 2.5 tonnes of laundry aprox 170 washes. Code 4568 Pack 13kg List £20.83 NOW £15.99

King Bros


Macphie Raspberry Coulis Macphie Raspberry Coulis Code 4125 Pack 475g List £6.54 NOW £4.99



OHSO Giant Mixed Cookies Mixed display box containing rainbow,choc chip,oat & fruit cookies all individually wrapped. Code 5530 Pack 28x55g List £17.09 NOW £11.80

Buy 2 and get a 1Lt Macphie Panna Cotta

WORTH £5.19



OHSO Gingerbread Men Biscuit Individually wrapped in display box with no artificial colours or flavours & suitable for vegetarians. Code 9044 Pack 20x60g List £17.76 NOW £11.85

King Bros August Promotions 2013  

King Bros August Promotions 2013

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