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Christmas Brochure 2011 Knorr Bouillon 1kg Buy 2 get a bottle of Wine or

14th Nov 14th Dec Only

buy 4 get a tub free or a 70cl of Smirnoff vodka

Fenton Gold Turkey

£24.99 3.63kg

Fenton Carvery

£6.99 per kg approximately 6 kilos

Cooked Turkey Saddle 4 kg with 2 x 1 kg Pork, Sage and Onion stuffed Turkey legs

This is a cook and ship product so comes with cook out juices in bag, which can be used for stock & gravy Succulent, Boneless, No Wastage, Cooked in own Juices, Low salt and Fat. DUNNS FOOD & DRINKS, 32 Glasgow Road, Blantyre, Glasgow, G72 0JY TEL: 01698 727777 FAX: 01698 727740 Offers Available From & While Stocks Last: 14th Nov – 31st Jan 2012

Lamb Weston

Roast Potatoes 2.5kg £2.99

Mama’s Mash 2.5kg £2.79

Croquettes 2.5kg £2.59

Parsnips• Stuffing Balls • Sausages Chipolatas 3.22kg 32’s £4.49

Honey Roasted Parsnips 1kg £2.49

Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls 4kg £11.99

Pigs in Blankets x 100 £15.49

Sprouts & Carrots • Broccoli & Cauliflower • Duck / Goose Fat Sprouts 1kg 99p

Baby Carrots 1kg £1.05

Duck Fat 950gm £6.49

Broccoli 1 kg £1.39


1 kg £1.19

Goose Fat 950gm £7.99

Bisto Bouillon/Granules nets to £9.32

Buy 1 get 1 Free nets to £5.75 per tub

Bisto Bouillon 1kg £11.49

1.9 Kilo £13.99

buy any 2 get 1 free

Maggi Sauces Demi Glace 2kg 16ltr £14.49 each Béchamel 2kg 13ltr £10.49 each Original Gravy 2kg 26 ltr £8.79 each

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise • Knorr Gravy • Jelly/Sauce 5ltr 2 for £25.00

14th Nov 14th Dec Only


14th Nov 14th Dec Only

Red currant jelly 3kg £6.09

33% off

Cranberry sauce 2.5kg £9.19

World Classics Range Packed: 1 x 2kg (Approx. 100 pieces per bag)

£11.99 12p per portion Indian Selection

4 Authentic Handmade Indian Snacks in a Handy Selection Box. Onion bhajis, vegetable Pakora , Vegetable Samosa & Aloo Tikki ( A potato and pea patty lightly spiced with garam masala and chilli.

Thai Selection

4 Bite Sized Snacks Infused with the Flavours of Thailand. Sweet Chilli spring roll, Thai vegetable money bag , Traditional vegetable spring roll, & Thai Vegetable spring roll.

Chinese Selection

4 Classic Chinese Vegetable Dimsum. Cantonese Curry Samosa. Traditional vegetable spring roll. Spring onion and ginger money bag & an oriental vegetable cracker.

Breaded Products

Breaded mushrooms 908gm Breaded garlic mushrooms 908gm Breaded brie wedges 24x36gm

£3.19 £3.39 £8.99

Breaded camembert rounds 10 x 50gm £4.49

Beer Battered Onion rings 1kg


Cream Cheese Hot Bites 907gm Red Hot Chilli Poppers 907gm

£7.99 £7.99

Mozzarella sticks 1kg


Quiche • Olives • Canapes

Mexican salsa pickup quiche 1x18 £9.25 Bacon blue cheese pickup quiche 1x18 £9.25 Mini quiche assortment 1x48 £9.25

Pitted Green Olives 2.26kg Stuffed green olives 2.26kg Pitted black olives 2.26kg Sliced black olives 2.26kg Capers 2.38kg

£6.29 £7.29 £6.29 £5.99 £6.07

Chicago Style Canapes 1 x 48 £20.99 An assortment of thaw ‘n’ serve canapes, 6 each of 8 varieties per tray:


Vegetable Satay 60x20gm £7.99

Chicken Satay 60x20gm £8.29

Mixed Cocktail Chicken Satay 4x40x10gm £11.49

Canapes • Sausage Rolls

Mixed Crolines 1x3x30 £14.99 30 each of Salmon, Mushroom and Ham & Cheese

Vegetarian Crolines Selection 1x3x30 £14.99 30 each of :- Mediterranean veg, Greekstyle Cheese, Blue Cheese & Apple

Meat Canape Selection 1x3x30 £14.99 30 each of :- Smoked ham, Cheddar & Gruyere / Chicken Chilli/Moroccan Style Chicken

Cocktail sausage rolls x100 £3.59

Canapes • Potato Skins • Samosas 22p per item

Smoked salmon canapés ( 30 pieces ) £5.99

Available in Cheese and Bacon, Mini vegetable samosa 80x30g Cheese and Jalapeno 50x38g £10.99 £12.99

4kg Chilled Soup from Redemption Soup • Bakers Collection Lentil Soup Minestrone Soup Burns Broth Soup

£6.09 £6.09 £6.09

Leek & Potato Soup Tomato & Basil Soup Lentil & Bacon Soup Healthy Vegetable Carrot & Coriander Cream of Chicken Soup Pea & Ham Soup

£7.39 £7.39 £7.39 £7.39 £7.39 £7.39 £7.39

buy any 4 and get a Burns Broth FREE

Bakers collection 4 x 20 x 55gm £12.49

Flora • Butter Rossettes • Gourmet Bread 33% OFF

12x5 different flavours individually packed

December Only

Flora Butter 1x 200 £10.29 Flora 2kg £4.49

Butter Rosettes 1x100 £7.49 Gourmet Bread Selection Butter Portions 600x7g £21.99 1x60 £9.49 (15p per roll)

Petit Pain • Mussels • Smoked Salmon

White Petit Pain 70x55g £4.99 Malted Wheat Petit Pain 70x55g £7.59 Mini White Petit Pain 1x100 £8.49

NZ Greenlip Mussels in ½ shell 1kg £4.99

Bantry Bay Mussels 1kg £2.79

Sliced Smoked Salmon 200gm £3.39 Smoked Salmon Sides approx 1.3kg £17.99

Prawns 150-250 per lb

80-120 per lb

15% glaze Fairway Arctic Royal Prawns 2.5kg £22.39

10% glaze IQF Warm Water Prawns 2kg £18.99

Pate Fresh Pate

Frozen Pate Farmhouse 690gm £3.49 Ardennes 690gm £3.89 Brussels 690gm £3.89

Grand Mére Brussels Pate Log 1kg £5.99 Grand Mére Chicken Pate Log 1kg £5.99 Grand Mére Duck Pate Log 1kg £6.59

Arran Chutney • Oatcakes • Caesar Dressing 2.35kg

Caramelised Onion £7.59 Country Tomato £9.99 English chutney with ale £8.99

Paterson’s Oatcakes 12x300g £8.99

Cardini Caesar dressing 1.1ltr £4.49

Rannoch Smokery Overlooking Loch Rannoch in the heart of Highland Perthshire, Rannoch Smokery is surrounded by rugged and unforgiving hill landscapes, the natural habitat of red deer which gives origin to our business. Rannoch Smokery is a company born out of bad weather and has grown and developed on the strength of the Barclay family’s passion and creative thinking. Leo Barclay started the company in the 1980s following a bad winter which prevented him getting his deer cull to market. A natural entrepreneur, he brined the meat in a bath tub before slowly smoking it in a home-made smoker in the back garden, creating the first ever Rannoch Smokery Smoked Venison

by request only

Roast Smoked Venison sliced catering packs 250g.The product that started it all Gressingham Smoked Duck foodservice whole breast (sold per kg) Fantastic texture and taste Smoked Chicken whole breast min 250g (sold per kg) Beautiful aroma and product Pressed Game Terrine whole unsliced terrine average 1.2kg. Perfect Christmas Menu Starter

Risotto • Pheasant Borderer • Cannelloni by request only

Lemon and Thyme Risotto 12x340g £21.99 - £1.83 per portion

Pheasant Borderer - stuffed with Apple, Apricot & Raisin wrapped in Bacon Approx 180gm £2.50 per breast

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni 12x400g £19.99 £1.66 Per Portion

Chicken Fillets • Sword’s Pastry

Fresh Chilled Chicken Fillets 7-8oz 10kg “Ask t-sales for your weekly special price”

Oval Pie Tops 96x60g £13.49 Puff Pastry 4x1.5kg £10.15

Philadelphia • Salmon Fillets


buy 2 1.36kg tubs for £26

Crayfish, clam and haddock pie with Philadelphia Mash

A delicious take on a classic dish. Mix cool creamy Philadelphia with light and fluffy mashed potatoes and spread or pipe onto fish for a delicious comforting classic.

Discover a range of professional recipes on our website now!


hilly Fish pieV2.indd 1

Salmon Fillet Portion 10 x 140/170gm (5-6oz) £20.99 Salmon Fillets 10 x 200/230gm (7/8oz) £29.99

18/10/2011 15:00

Scampi • Tilda Rice 25% off

spir nsatipoinration itchitcenheInnI KK

GC9318 EC Flyer CARRIER AW:Layout 1



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Single AW:Layout Wholetail1 GC9318 Young’s EC Flyer CARRIER

Scampi £3.99 19/4/11 454gm 10:00 Page 1 Fairway Twin Wholetail Scampi 500gm £4.29 Fairway Golden Breaded Scampi 500gm £3.49

Tilda Basmati Rice 5kg £14.50 Tilda Basmati & Wild 3kg £14.99

Title ~ title ~ Title





We are very proud of our two flagship products - a crisp Chardonnay Cooking Wine and a robust, full flavoured Cabernet Sauvignon Cooking Wine

Chardonnay Cabernet Sauvignon

Buy 2 x 9L Single Grape Wines and get a FREE 500ml Balsamic Glaze Packed Packed in the UK Packed in the UK in the UK by Gourmet by Gourmet Classic by Gourmet Classic Classic to save to UKsave jobs. to UKsave jobs.UK jobs.

94961 Gourmet Dunns Balsamic advert DL.indd 1

Tel: 01698 727 777 Transported Transported in Transported bulk in bulk in bulk to save to food save miles to food save miles food miles

1/11/11 15:28:47

Christmas Pudding • Christmas Loaves

Walkers Christmas Puddings 36 x 100gm £28.99

Walkers Christmas Loaves 1.36kg £6.99

Mince pies 15x6 (90) £16.59

Handmade Cake Products

White Chocolate & Cranberry Tiffin 1x12 Triangles price £11.49

Apricot and Almond Flapjack 1x12 triangles £8.49

Caramel Heaven 1x12 Triangles £7.99

Aulds Delicious Desserts £10.29



Gluten Free Rhubarb & Strawberry Flavour Cheesecake (Gluten Free) £10.29

The flavours of strawberry & rhubarb marry beautifully in this delicious cheesecake. Light rhubarb cheesecake tops digestive crumb, finished with a delightful strawberry flavour miroir glaze. Pre-portioned 14’s

Gin & Lime Cheesecake £9.29 A sophisticated cheesecake based on the classic drink ‘Gin & Tonic’. A bed of crunchy ginger biscuit crumb, topped with a sparkling gin & lime cheesecake & finished with a beautiful lime flavoured glaze. Pre-portioned 14’s

Red Velvet Chocolate Fudge Cake £12.49 Indulgent layers of moist red velvet cake smothered with a rich chocolate fudge coating. Side masked with a cream cheese frosting & coated with white chocolate padgets. Luxurious & seductive. Pre-portioned 12’s & Paper Interleaved

Sweet Street

Chocolate Lovin Spoon 14ptn £18.99

A giant mouthful of chocolate pudding between two layers of dark, moist chocolate drenched chocolate cake

Oero Cookie Bash £19.99

An OREO® cookie universe of white ‘n milk chocolate cream, starry with OREO® chunks and showered with dark chocolate drizzle

Raspberry White Chocolate 14ptn £23.99

A silken smooth, yet refreshingly light white chocolate cheese all aswirl with vibrant red raspberry. Hand-fired and glazed in simple elegance

English Cheesecake Company £1.15 per slice

£1.16 per slice

£1.05 per slice

Banoffee Cheesecake Pavlova 14

Pecan Pie Batter Cheesecake 12

Brownie Blackout Cheesecake 16

portion £16.10

portion £13.95

portion £16.80

Sidoli buy any 2 lumpy bumpy cakes and get a caramel apple pie FREE

Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy 12ptn £12.99

A layer of light chocolate fudge cake topped with a rich chocolate mousse and creamy cheesecake mousse, all enrobed in dark chocolate ganache and sprinkled with pecan nuts and chocolate. Packed 1x12 pre portion. Thaw and Serve.

Toffee Lumpy Bumpy 12ptn £12.99 A moist toffee flavoured sponge base, layered with toffee flavoured mousse and lumpy bumpy cheesecake. Enrobed with caramel coloured chocolate coating topped with chocolate and caramel pieces and chocolate fudge. Packed 1x12 pre portion. Thaw and serve.

Caramel Apple Pie 14 ptn £6.99 Apples, sliced, layered and laced with the smoothest, richest custard and topped with oozy caramel. Thaw and Serve

Profiteroles • Irish Cream Profiteroles • Sticky Toffee Pudding

Irish Cream Profiteroles £13.99 – 58p Profiteroles Approx 130 buns with 4 x 250ml bottles of chocolate sauce £14.49

per portion Cream Filled choux pastry buns flavoured with Irish Cream Liqueur, with pouches of delicious, sweet toffee sauce. 72 Profiteroles & 3 pouches of sauce

Sticky Toffee Pudding 1x12 £10.99

Trufito • Mackie’s Ice Cream • Cheesecake

Mint Trufito 1x12 £8.99 Chocolate Trufito 1x12 £8.99 75p each

Buy any 2 Napoli 120ml cases and get a Traditional 120ml case free

Buy Any 2 5ltr Napolis & get a Traditional 5ltr Free

Fruit Topped Cheesecakes 16ptn £4.99 Strawberry, mandarin , blackcurrant, raspberry & Blueberry

Mackie’s 5ltr £11.49 Mackie’s 12x120ml £7.29

Cheesecakes • Frozen Fruit

Sidoli Plain Cheesecake 14ptn £8.49 A round biscuit base with a traditional cold set cheesecake topping, simply add your own fruit sauce topping

New York style cheesecake 1x12 portion £10.49

Raspberries 1kg Strawberries 1kg Blackberries 1kg Fruits of the Forrest 500gm Mellon Balls 450gm

£4.79 £2.79 £2.79 £2.29 £1.29

Coulis • Topping Sauce • Cream/Brandy Sauce 14th Nov 14th Dec Only

20% off Carte d’or Coulis 1kg £5.99 Raspberry or mango

Margett’s Topping Sauces 500gm £1.59 Flavours include Chocolate. Strawberry, Raspberry, Toffee Fudge & Butterscotch

UHT aerosol cream 500gm £2.35 Kerrymaid Brandy Sauce 1ltr £1.99

Tartan Rocket Classic Dessert Range Plain vanilla cheesecake 1x20 £25.00 – £1.25 each Dark and white Belgian choc mousse 1x20 £24 .00– £1.20 each Glazed lemon delice 1x20 £24.00 – £1.20 each Lemon tart 1x12 £14.00 – £1.16 each Glazed raspberry delice 1x20 £25.00 – £1.25 each Chocolate and orange tart 1x12 £14.00 – £1.16 each Belgian choc and black cherry gateau 1x20 £25.00 – £1.25 each

The Ultimate Assiette Dessert Range Simply assemble, garnish and wow your customers with these mini desserts packed in portions for your convenience, use our other ingredients and elements to finish and show off! Chocolate 1X14X3 £21.70 £1.55 per trio Lemon Trio 1X14X3 £21.70 £1.55 per trio Caramel Trio 1X14X3 £21.70 £1.55 per trio

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake 1 x 3 £25.80 £0.86 per portion Raspberry Delice 1 x 3 £23.80 £0.79 per portion Duo of Chocolate Mousse 1 x 3 £23.80 £0.79 per portion Each bar allows 10 - 12 portions, You cut any size or shape your like, defrost, garnish and serve. The most economical way to real patisserie

Cheeseboard Dunsyre Blue Average 2kg , £15.69 per kg

Cheese’Cattle from Kirklands Farm graze the light loam soils rich in swards of wild clover, timothy and other hardy grasses on the high pastures of the cold and windswept Upper Clyde Valley. Unpasteurised milk from the farm is collected early each morning to make this rich green-blue spicy veined cheese, pleasant and almost sweet to the palate.

Lanark Blue Average 1.6kg , £17.99 per kg

The celebrated ewes milk cheese from Errington was the first blue cheese to be made since the middle ages back 1985. The milk is from the cheese makers own flock and produces a soft ripened cheese with blue-green veins and an almost salty-sweet mix of flavour, likened to the French ‘Roquefort

Morangie Brie Average 1kg - 1.65kg , £11.30 per kg

Made in Tain, the same town as the famous Glenmorangie Malt Whisky, this lovely brie is fantastic using pasteurised cows milk in a traditional edible rind, beautiful aroma and superb creamy texture and taste  

Caboc Average 1kg , £17.50 per kg

The famous Scottish double cream cheese, rumoured to be the Queen’s favourite cheese, is rolled in toasted pinhead oatmeal. Very buttery taste and texture.

Blue Monday Average 600gm , £12.39 per kg

An usual blue cheese made in collaboration with Juliet Harbutt, Ruaraidh Stone and ex Blur bassist Alex James. Its produced in a 650g square, with a steeley, yet sweet flavour. Its a milder blue cheese, ivory in colour with purple-blue veins.

Isle of Arran Cheddar Average 1.25 kg , £7.52 per kg

Light creamy medium mature cheddar made from the milk of the local cows, crumbly texture with a light aftertaste.

Mull of Kintyre Average 1.25kg , £8.45 per kg

Made using local milk from the Kintyre peninsula, it has an open slightly crumbly texture and visible calcium lactate crystals, these sometimes create a slight crunch within the cheese and forms naturally within the cheese as part of the maturation process. This cheddar has a rich savoury taste with a slight caramel tang.

Howgate Brie Average 1.46kg , £11.65 per kg

Traditional Scottish Brie, matures to a runny sticky texture from Howgate Cheeses in Dundee 

Oatcakes • Coffee • Tea

Patterson’s Oat cakes 12 x 300 gm £8.99 Jacob’s Biscuits for cheese 900g £4.49

Nescafe 750g £17.99

Scottish Blend x 1150 £13.99

Tablet • Fudge • Mints

Duncan’s vanilla fudge 2kg £15.49 approx 180 pieces

Duncan’s tablet 2kg £15.49 approx 180 pieces

Mint crisps 1kg (approx 155) £5.99 After 8 Mints 6x833gm £39.59

Custard • Cream • Hot Chocolate 14th Nov 14th Dec Only

Buy 12 pay for 10 nets to £30.62

kerrymaid custard 1ltr £1.29

meadowland whipping cream 12x1kg

cadbury’s hot chocolate 5kg £28.99

Fresh Milk & Cream Available in Fresh Skimmed, Semi-Skimmed & Whole

Fresh Milk 250ml ................................................25p 500ml ................................................39p 1ltr ....................................................68p 2ltr ....................................................£1.12 3 gallon pergal ..................................£8.02 Whipping Cream ...............................£3.67 Fresh Cream Fresh single cream 2ltr.......................£2.87 Fresh double cream 500ml ................£1.25 Fresh double cream 2ltr ....................£3.93

Golden Wonder • Mackie’s • Real Crisps buy 4 get 1 free

buy 4 get 1 free

buy 2 get 1 free Golden Wonder 48x35g £11.99

Mackie’s crisps 24x40g £8.99

Real crisps 48x35g £12.49

Rauch Juice • Bundaberg buy 3 cases get 6 branded glasses free

Rauch juice 24x200ml £11.99

30% Off £7.99

Bundaberg Ginger Beer / Root Beer 12 x 375ml

Coke/Diet Coke • Belvoir Fruit Farms buy 10 get a 70cl Smirnoff free

Coca Cola and Diet Coke Cans £7.99

Belvoir Fruit Farms 24x250ml Pressés £13.99 Elderflower, Lemon and Lime, Cranberry, Pomegranate and Raspberry, Orange and Jasmine, Raspberry Lemonade, Organic Elderflower, Organic Ginger Beer, Organic Lemon

Dunns Christmas Brochure 2011 Food  

Dunns Christmas Brochure 2011 Food