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ELECTRIC CIGARETTES Also known as the ecigarettes are technology's most modern innovative endeavor to assist people with the propensity of smoking to withdraw from the same. The ways of abstaining happen to be the refreshing fact where it goes on replacing the regular cigars that possess carcinogens with the nicotine artificial vapor. This element happens to catalyze the taker's urge. This is greatly identical with the normal cigar's smoke. When a person inhales the air by taking the piece near to his/her nose, an LED response takes place which is seen like an orange like glow. A miniaturized battery atomizer positioned inside will take care of the conversion of the nicotine in to vapor form. A user can inhale this as per desire. This can simply be described as a heating coil substance. This battery atomizer happens to made from lithium ion substance which is also reputed in the cellular phone battery usage for charging. In a similar sense, even here the cigarette can be charged when it is not in use. This atomizer will shrink out of it's effectiveness in due course of time & in such cases, a recharge of the part will become necessary. So, we see that this is a battery like object in many ways. To facilitate the charging of this e-cigarette, a PCC (Portable Charging Case) is provided. LED (Light Emitting Diode) is evincing that cigar has turned on & also that the nicotine conversion has begun. The conversion will be from liquid to vapor form & not vice versa. The initial liquid that is used here is propylene glycol. Glycol polyethylene can also be used as an alternative. These ELECTRIC CIGARETTES are affordable compared to nicotine patches. A patch will only cost around 3 or 4 pounds & a set costs

only 7 or 8 pounds. The duplicated ones are so good looking that you won't realize their truth. These will be available at cheaper rates as well.

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