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Ever see an elderly couple walking hand in hand? For most of us, this is what we ultimately want. Someone to grow old with, someone who will love us despite our aging. Unconditional love. On Valentine's Day, it's nice to reflect and think about the bond you have and promises for your future together. It should be a time when you think about how you can make your special someone feel loved and cherished. Little things are taken for granted nowadays. You don't frequently see men opening car doors for women, or women fussing over men the way it used to be. I miss those days. On Valentine's day, it should be at least one day a year that you bring those customs back. Hold the door for your spouse. Bring them coffee and breakfast in bed. Make an active effort not to complain about any little item that you usually would. Try to think of all the reasons you love your sweetheart and write them down. There really isn't anything more romantic than a love letter or "Why I Love You List". Something else you could do is leave little notes in places that you know your love will find them. This is something nice to do and not just on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is the one day that you should set aside for love. Whether you go out for a special dinner, cook one at home, or do an activity that you both love. This is a night for just you as a couple, try to turn off you cell phones, and tune the rest of the world out. Couples do need some couple time just for them. Often even when they are spending time together, there are distractions. Valentine's Day shouldn't be one of those days. There are lots of things that you can do to put the romance back into Valentine's Day. Getting dressed up is great. You want to look your best for your date, and want them to look their best for you. Often in our everyday lives, we forget to think of the other person and we often forget to make the effort that we made in the beginning of our relationships. Yes, it still matters. Think about it, if you are more attracted to them when they are looking good, then the same obviously applies on the other side. On this day, do everything that you can to enhance the romance. If your love is at work, a quick text message that you can't wait to see them is great. It's not an interruption, but simply a little extra. So now that you have taken pains with your appearance it's time to think of a gift. Romantic gifts don't have to be super-expensive. Valentine's Day Flowers can cost you though. Most stores jack up their prices for flowers right before certain holidays and Valentine's Day is one of those days. Roses are the way to go, red roses are the single most purchased flowers for Valentine's Day. If you are on a budget, as most people are in this economy remember this: While a single red rose says "I love you" and "you're sexy", a bouquet of other flowers can say "I didn't want to spend the money on roses". This isn't true if she/he has a certain flower that is their favorite. I'm not a real advocate of "big ticket item" gift giving on Valentine's day though. Going to a

department store and shelling out a bunch of money isn't really all that romantic. However, well thought out gifts that say "I really know You" or "I can't wait to see you wearing that" are great. Going back to the romance of yesteryear, what's wrong with dancing in the living room, a romantic stroll, or a quiet night in front of the fire?

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==== ==== Great Tips About Get the Romance Back! Check This Out ==== ====

Put the romance back into valentine's day  

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