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nd behold the glory that is… NEWSLETTER NO 1 in 2014 provided by Youth Co us, join us, support us… For 14 years YCP has been giving the support to young why not returning the favor back now! Have an idea or an initiative? Contact u coffee and sweets! This newsletter is here to keep you up to date with what’s happening in Youth Council Prile promote projects, workshops and ideas that we’d like you to discover. Let’s go!

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EVS: where is the way? The story of a French volunteer in Prilep..

From Portugal to Kocani My name is Maria Luís Metrogos and I’m from Setúbal, Portugal and I’m currently doing EVS – a six month project, in Kocani Macedonia...

Crossing Borders – Rovena, who comes from Albania, talks about volunteering in Youth Council Prilep

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Cyanide & Happiness is a webcomic started in 2005. With an offbeat humour, the four artist behind Cyanide & Happiness make hilarious comics, recently compiled in a book. They also produce short animated movie HERE



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YCP newsletter 1  

YCP newsletter 1

YCP newsletter 1  

YCP newsletter 1

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