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Yputh in advocacy proccesses on local level

Youth in creating changes in the community

Analyses of successful actions with practical recommendations for work on advocacy campaigns

Coalition of youth organizations B T D A


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Youth in creating changes in the community

Coalition SEGA, 2009

Author: Zoran Ilieski Editor: Coalition of youth organizations SEGA Design: Katerina Ilioska Technical preparation: Maja Ivanoska Printed by: Printing Company ACETONI Number of copies printed: 500 samples This publication is part of the project “Youth in advocacy processes on local level” supported by Balkan Trust or Democracy. The opinions in this publication are opinions of the author and do not reflect the opinions of Balkan Trust for Democracy.

CIP – Catalogization in publication National and university library “Ss. Kliment Ohridski”, Skopje 352:342.571-053.6(497.7) Ilieski, Zoran Youth in creating changes in the community / [author Zoran Ilieski]. – Prilep; Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, 2009, - 40 pages: illustration 21 cm ISBN 978-9989-2893-3-0 a) Local Self-government – Youth participation – Macedonia COBIS.MK-ID 79496970

Coalition SEGA

The initiative to form a Coalition of youth organizations was raised by the Youth Council of Prilep and two partner organizations for applying and implementation of the project “National Youth Action Plan”. As a continuance of the started process, the Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA was unofficially established th on January 20 , 2004 in order to contribute towards the process of creation and implementation of the National Youth Strategy of Macedonia and to assist in satisfying th the needs of the youth. On 27 of September 2004, a decision was made to formally register the Coalition as citizen association. Coalition SEGA is national organization with collective membership. The membership of the Coalition is consisted of 18 full and 1 3 associate member organizations. The management structure is composed of the following bodies: · Assembly – composed of all members; · Steering Committee – composed of five representatives of the full members; · Supervisory Committee – composed of three representatives of the Assembly members. The executive structure is organized in the Central office, which is located in Prilep and five Regional offices in: Stip, Ohrid, Tetovo and 2 in Skopje.


The Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA works on developing and implementation of youth policies in Macedonia, connecting and strengthening young people towards improvement of their overall state.

Working areas (Strategic aims)

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA has defined 3 strategic aims in the new Strategic plan for the period 2010 – 2012, developed according to the vision and mission of the Coalition. The Strategic aims are determined according to the so far functioning of the Coalition using realistic approach based on the external factors that affect the work of SEGA and also the previous experience with the target groups. The approach in the formulating of the strategic aims encompasses three segments that include external 3

working of the Coalition in the field of youth policies, continuous development of the internal capacities and direct work with youth.

Strategic aim 1

LEADERSHIP IN DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF YOUTH POLICIES Goals: !Initiating an starting processes for adopting law regulations in Macedonia that determine the status of youth !Applying functional models of youth policy and youth participation !Recognizing and accepting Coalition SEGA as national representative of youth from Macedonia on international level

Strategic aim 2

FOSTERING MEMBERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE CAPACITIES OF THE COALITION Goals: !Developing system for financial working and allocating stabile sources of financing !Developing programme for managing and upgrading the human resources !Strengthening the capacities for delivering trainings in the field of youth participation, youth activism and youth advocacy !Educating, motivating and informing the member organizations with developed capacities

Strategic aim 3

DIRECT WORK WITH YOUTH AND INCLUSION OF YOUTH IN THE COMMUNITY PROCESSES Goals: !Active involvement of youth in preparation and implementation of youth activities on local level !Strengthening the capacities of youth for participating in the community processes and their informing on the youth trends


Training course “Project Cycle Management”

Assessment workshop on the needs of the youth organizations and informal groups

Signing contracts with the grantees

Training course “Communication skills and team work”

Training course “Advocacy & Lobbying”

Youth in creating changes in the community

Actions for youth organizing in Eastern Macedonia

Actions for youth organizing in Eastern Macedonia st

of 1 of November 2008 Coalition SEGA started Youth in advocacy As to implement the project “Youth in advocacy processes on local processes on local level” supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy”. The project has been implemented level in period of 10 months in 5 cities from the Eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia: Sveti Nikole, Vinica, Berovo, Delchevo and Radovish. The suggested approach in the project and the determined strategies refer to ensuring support towards the lack of youth organizing in Eastern Macedonia and provides practical solutions for the situation in the region, through supporting young people, informal groups and youth organizations. Aim of this project is to strengthen the capacities of the youth organizations and newly established ones for active participation in the problem solving processes on local level. The project activities encompassed: creating network of youth organizations; organizing workshop for assessment of the needs of the youth organizations and informal groups, providing legal and financial support for their registration as “citizen associations”; strengthening capacity process of the youth organizations and direct support of local advocacy campaigns. The entire process of support is completed with preparation and distribution of publication “Youth in creating changes in the community” containing successful examples and stories from realization of the advocacy campaigns (supported with the project) and comparative analyses of successful and unsuccessful actions as well with practical recommendations for implementation of advocacy campaigns. Direct beneficiaries of the project are young people 7

included in the work of the 10 youth organizations in the cities: Delchevo, Vinica, Sveti Nikole, Berovo and Radovish. Indirectly the project activities affect the high school students, students, political youth branches and young people involved in the NGO sector in the targeted cities. Furthermore in this publication follows the actions undertaken in the project in order to strengthen the capacities of the youth organizations in Eastern Macedonia and review of the successful examples and stories from the advocacy campaigns as well.

Action 1 Creation network of youth organizations

In order to present the project activities and to inform the Mayors, informal groups and youth organizations meetings were organized at start. On the meetings with the Mayors foreseen project actions were presented, on which the Mayors offered their support for the actions and additional financial support for implementing the activity Support for local advocacy campaigns. Therefore, Memorandums of Understanding with the Municipalities that offered additional financial support were signed. With the financial support collective fund for supporting local campaigns was established with amount of 309.400,00 MKD, containing the financial means secured by Balkan Trust for Democracy (ensured with this project) in amount of 244.000,00 MKD, means from the Local Self-government of Delchevo in amount of 13.800,00 MKD, means from the Local Selfgovernment of Sveti Nikole in amount of 24.000,00 MKD and amount from the Local Self-government of Vinica in amount of 27.600,00 MKD. At the same time in the selected cities meetings were maintained with informal groups and youth organizations to which the project was presented and the possibility for their inclusion as well. 8

On these meetings information / contacts of the existing local youth organizations, e-mail listings and Local Self-government contacts were gathered. The contacts were used for sending the public call for including local youth organizations in the project activities. On the announced public call 18 applications were submitted. From the received applications e-mail listing was created, through which all organizations were duly informed for all project and Coalition SEGA activities. Furthermore, Commission for evaluation of the applications was established which selected 5 youth organizations and 5 informal groups from: Delchevo, Vinica, Radovish, Sveti Nikole and Berovo. All applicants were informed for the call results, and the accepted organizations were invited to participate on the workshop for assessment of the needs for development.

In order to conduct assessment of the needs of youth organizations and informal groups workshop for organizational self-assessment was organized. Workshop for On the event two representatives from each of the assessment of the selected organizations and informal groups participated. Within the analyses, tools for needs of youth self-assessment were prepared, organizations and organizational through which the organizations and young people informal groups identified their strengths and weaknesses, the level of the personal capacities and the needs for intervention for building their own organizational capacities.

Action 2

Action 3 Legal and financial support for the informal groups for registration as “citizen associations”

Action 4 Signing Memorandums of Cooperation with the organizations

Action 5 Capacity building processes of the youth organizations

In the period of December 2008 – January 2009 legal and financial support for registration as citizen associations was provided to the informal groups from Eastern Macedonia. The legal and financial support contained of preparation of documents for registration, preparation of Statute of the organizations and other acts within the documentation needed registration of citizen associations. In the meantime five youth organizations were formed: “Cultural movement of youth – POSTMODERNA” – Berovo, “OPIM” – Radovish, “Vision NOVA” – Sveti Nikole, “Voice of youth” – Delchevo and “Young enthusiasts” – Vinica. In order to ensure successful implementation of the project “Youth in advocacy processes on local level” and active participation of the representatives from the selected organizations in all project activities, Memorandums for Cooperation with the 10 organizations that were included in the project were signed. With the Memorandum of Cooperation were determined the responsibilities of Coalition SEGA and all organizations included. Official signing of the Memorandusm for Cooperation was organized on the first meeting of t h e o r ga n i za t i o n s o n t h e t ra i n i n g fo r Communication skills and team work.

In the period of January-February 2009 capacity building process of the youth organizations was organized through trainings on the following subjects: “Communication skills and team work”, Project Cycle Management” and “Advocacy & Lobbying”.


Communication skills and team work

On this training, 20 participants and 10 youth organizations from Eastern Macedonia acquired knowledge and skills in communication (verbal and non-verbal) with special emphasize to active listening. The second part of the training referred to the themes “Leader and leadership” and “How important is leadership through functioning of one organization”. The third part of the training was aimed to practicing team work in the organization and constructive feedback information which is very important part in the implementing various activities and projects in one organization.

Project Cycle menagment

Considering the fact that the existing and newly established youth organizations included in the project have small number of previously realized project/activities financed by donors, training on project cycle management was organized. The methodology used during the training was based on learning by doing. The first part of the training referred to presentation and small group work using the technique tree of problems through which the participants identified the problems in their local communities. The second part of the training considered preparation of logical framework of a project, defining the vertical logic through which is identified the main aim, project aim, results and activities. The participants worked on preparation of horizontal logic of intervention, through which indicators and sources of verification were identified. The third part of the training was consisted of studying systems and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of projects. Through this component the participants prepared monitoring & evaluation plans for the project proposals developed during the training. In the last part of the training the participants gained knowledge for budgeting and managing of financial means and project reporting as well. 11

Lobbing and advocacy

One of the main expectations of the project Youth in advocacy processes on local level is to strengthen the youth organizations from Eastern Macedonia and to support local campaigns for advocacy. Thus, special emphasize was put on organizing training for Advocacy & Lobbying through which the included youth organizations will strengthen their skills in advocacy and develop draft local campaigns. The first part of the training contained review of advocacy aspects, defining the subjects Advocacy & lobbying, advocacy and related concepts, public relations and social marketing. In this context successful advocacy stories were presented, preparation steps in one advocacy campaign, basic elements of the campaign and classification of the elements as well. The second part of the training was referred to procedures for adopting laws, when, how and who decides on local level, what is strategic communication, power mapping, presentation of convincing techniques, presentation of models of strategic communication, developing and sending a message, elements of the message and forms of sending a message. The third part of the training considered the building networks and coalitions, presenting benefits of coalitions, challenges, strengths and weaknesses, presentation of the basic criteria for joining coalition or network. At the end of the training the ways of planning for implementation of the advocacy and budget planning for a campaign was presented. All groups developed draft plans for implementation of specific campaigns for advocacy and lobbying on local level.


Action 6 Support of local advocacy campaigns

Action 7 Signing contracts with grantees

In order to support the youth organizations included in this project and to apply the acquired knowledge and skills from the organized trainings, how to affect the local authorities on local and regional level, within this project support for five local advocacy campaigns were ensured. Therefore, the project team prepared documentation for supporting small advocacy campaigns and support of the interests of youth and addressing their problems on local level. The documentation contained: Application for with guidelines, Budget form and Logical framework. The prepared documentation was announced along with the public call for applications through which the youth organizations were encouraged to apply with project proposals in partnership. The call for the 10 organizations included in the activities of the project was announced on the website of Coalition SEGA In regard to the start of implementation of the th supported projects on 19 of March 2009 in the Big Hall in the Municipality of Sveti Nikole was organized official signing of the Contracts with the 5 organizations which projects were selected on the public call for supporting local advocacy campaigns. On the event participated the Mayor of the Municipality of Sveti Nikole Mr. Slobodan Danevski, representatives of the Local Self-government of Sveti Nikole and Delchevo and presidents of the citizen associations: Voice of youth – Delchevo, Women organization of Sveti Nikole, Vision NOVA Sveti Nikole, Initiative of unemployed intellectuals – Vinica, Young enthusiasts – Vinica, Development – Future – Radovish and Cultural movement of youth POSTMODERNA – Berovo.


Youth in creating changes in the community

Comparative analyses of successful and unsuccessful actions with practical recommendations for developing advocacy campaigns


Our story

We, the citizen association Cultural movement of youth POSTMODERNA and our colleagues GAMA f ro m B e ro vo i m p l e m e nte d t h e p ro j e c t “Contribution of youth towards improving cultural life in the city of Berovo�. Through the project we initiated a dialogue on the level of culture in the city, its possibilities and lacks; we established cooperation between the NGO sector and the relevant institutions and promoted the culture as very important part of the community life. In a period of two months we realized the following project activities: analyses of the current state on culture in the city, preparation and conduction poll on the citizens, analyses of the poll and the survey, preparation and printing promotion material and organizing public tribune.

Analyses of the current state with the culture in our city

In a period of three days the volunteers from our organization visited the city library and two school libraries and registered the inquired information of the books fund, the frequency of visits and most used literature through previously developed form of collecting data. Three volunteers visited the city bookstores and collected information on the available books in the stores and also for the needs of increasing this spectrum of books. Also two volunteers conducted interviews with the responsible persons in the Local Self-government of Berovo in regard to the existing cultural and traditional manifestations within the annual cultural calendar in order to create a database of the number, the significance, inclusion and the level of visits by the citizens. The questionnaires and the form of the database were previously developed in order to classify the information in more effective way.

Preparation and conduction of the pool

The questionnaire was realized on 150 respondents in the city of Berovo. Thus, citizens and representatives of relevant institutions were surveyed. The questionnaire contained questions 16

related to the needs, problems, possibilities and initiatives in the field of the culture in Berovo.

Analyses of the poll and the survey

Preparation and printing of promotion materials Preparation and organizing public tribune

Through the analyses of the poll the current state on the culture was identified, review of the possibilities, desires and expectations of the citizens was also acquired. The research in the three libraries and two bookstores in the city provided information on the spectrum of materials, the genres and most used literature they possess. This information was submitted to the Local Selfgovernment which, by the way, till then didn't have this kind of information. Based on the existing annual calendar we gained information for the visits and the inclusion of the citizens in the cultural events. In order to raise the awareness for the culture in Berovo, we prepared and printed brochure in 800 samples, which we promoted through public tribune and distributed in cultural and educational institutions and the citizens in our city. According to the foreseen activities, the results of the research and promotion of the brochure we organized public tribune in order to present the project. The tribune was with support of the office of Local Economic Development of Berovo and the Mayor of Berovo. The tribute was maintained in the venues of the Local Self-government of Berovo. On the tribune participated around 50 citizens – representatives of the educational institutions (the director of High school “Aco Ruskovski” and professors and representatives of the child day care rd center “23 August”). The Local Self-government (the Mayor Mr. Dragi Nadzinski and the manager of the office of Local Economic Development of Berovo), two members of the Municipal Council, the ex-director of the Home of Culture “ D i m i ta r B e ro v s k i ”, t h e l i b ra r i a n , N G O s (representatives of “Ternovas”, Ecology association “Brica”, “GAMA”, MAASP in Berovo), media, young people and other interested people. 17

After the presentation a discussion was developed on the research results. “The situation of our city is relevant regarding the book spectrum and the frequency of reading in our city” confirmed the representative of the Home of Culture in which framework is also the city library. He spoke of the need for allocating finances for improving the situation the conditions in the library and enrichment of the book spectrum. The representatives of the NGOs emphasized the need of entire inclusion and common cooperation of the relevant institutions in the processes of organizing and promoting the culture in the city. The present teachers from the day care center pointed to the need of ensuring space (multifunctional hall) for maintaining cultural manifestations. The newly elected Mayor, Mr. Dragi Nadzinski, saluted the tribune which was first of such character maintained in our city and which gather in one place the relevant institutions that are responsible for the development of the culture in Berovo. He promoted the next steps that are to be undertaken in field of culture in the Municipality, such as enriching the manifestation “Maleshevijata na dlanka” (Maleshevijata in hand) with concert of popular music groups in our country, enriching the programme of “Berovo cultural summer” and creating terms for development of the culture in all fields.

Conclusion from the public tribune

A lot has to be done in the field of culture in the Municipality (revival of cinema, theatre and recovery of the mandolin orchestra in the city). It is needed to ensure space conditions for maintaining closed manifestations (multifunctional hall). To improve the cooperation between the relevant institutions and NGO sector, providing more efficient contribution. To enrich and promote the existing cultural manifestations. 18

Organizing auction in the central city area. Initiatives from the Upgrading the activities of the institutions public tribune that work in the field of culture. I nte g rat i n g n ew co nte nt s o n t h e Manifestation “Maleshevijata on hand”.

Quotations from the project participants

The Mayor of Municipality of Berovo, Mr. Dragi Nadzinski: “I salute the tribune which is first of such character in our city, gathering in one place the institutions which are mostly responsible for the cultural development of Berovo towards starting an excellent initiative for cooperation between the relevant institutions and NGOs. For this purpose in the field of culture will be undertaken the following actions: enriching the manifestation “Maleshevijata on hand” with a concert of popular music groups from our country, enriching the programme “Berovo Cultural summer” and securing conditions for development of the culture at all levels”.

Lessons learned and significant achievements

As a new organization, in the beginning there were difficulties to establish direct contacts and meetings with the relevant institutions (Home of culture and Local Self-government). Therefore, the organization GAMA helped us, arranging the needed meetings. This was excellent opportunity for our promotion. As for the protocol and organizing the tribune we asked for help from our professors which are members of the Ecology association “Brica” and have experience in organizing events. This helped us strengthening our capacities and organizational capabilities. Cooperation in the field of culture between the local NGOs, the responsible institutions and Local Self-government is initiated. If we would realize this project again we'd do the same also enriching it with particular cultural event in the field of amateur theatre because the theatre shows in Berovo are rarity. 19

As a result of this project the following ideas came up: Organizing art exhibition in the city square, revitalization of KUD - Berovo and overall cooperation between the institutions and publishing texts in the field of culture in the local info newspaper. Thanks to this project and to Coalition SEGA, POSTMODERNA – Berovo had the first steps in writing and realization of projects. We established contacts with the local authorities, the Mayor of Berovo and we promoted our organization as well. Through implementing the project “Contribution of youth towards improving of the cultural life in the city of Berovo”, we promoted in the wider public including the institutions in the city that work in the field of culture.



Our story

Our organization Development – Future from Radovish, implemented the project “For – sport activities of youth”. With this project we contributed towards improving the conditions for realizing sport activities and healthy way of life to the young people in our community. Through lobbying in the Local Self-government we ensured free usage of the sports objects by the youth from the formal and informal sport associations. In the three-month period we realized the following activities: creating coordinative body, establishing team for realizing a petition, collecting signatures for petition and its submission to the local authorities, organizing meeting with the Municipality Mayor, organizing educational workshops and organizing a tribune.

Creating coordinative body

In order to establish coordinative body, on 13 of April 2009, we organized a meeting with professors in gym and health education from the primary and secondary schools in the city of Radovish. On this meeting the coordinative body was created, composed of 6 professors who supported our initiative, and in the following period were lobbying for free of charge usage of the sport objects and helped us in conduction of the educational workshops for healthy way of life to the youth.

Establishing team for realizing of petition

This activity we realized through forming a team of five young volunteers. In the foreseen time period rd th of five days, 23 – 27 of April 2009, the volunteers conducted the petition “enabling free of charge sport object for sport activities of youth in Radovish”. In order to inform the wider public for this activity, we broadcasted information to the citizens on two local televisions and one radio. The petition was realized in two locations, on the city square and in front of the high school “Kosta Susinov”. Through realizing this activity we came to a great interest by the citizens, collecting 837



signatures for supporting our initiative, much more than the firstly foreseen 500. The petition was submitted to the Local Self-government of Radovish.

Organizing a meeting with the Mayor of Radovish

In order to submit the petition to the Local Selfgovernment, we organized a meeting with the Mayor. On the meeting we were discussing for the possible solutions of the problem i.e. providing sport object for free of charge usage by the youth from Radovish. Final solution wasn't brought, but several proposals were suggested for solving the problem by the Mayor. On this meeting we arrange the next meeting with the Mayor, on which he will express his final position for this problem.

Organizing educational workshops

On the classes of physical and health education in the primary and secondary schools with assistance of the professors (members of the coordinative body) we realized 11 educational workshops for healthy way of life o youth. With these workshops we encompassed 300 students, and in order to identify the level of information and the healthy style of life, their interest and sports activities we conducted a poll. With the poll we examined the need of youth for free of charge sport objects. According to the poll results, 38,67% from the respondents stated that they don't have enough knowledge and insufficiently leading healthy way of life, 95% consider that healthy way of living without exception involves sport activities. We received confirmation for the justification of our initiative with the fact that 86,67% from the respondents actively are into sports, and 96,33% from the respondents stated that a free of charge sport object is necessary.


Organizing a tribune

In order to present the results from the poll and to open a discussion for the problem of free of charge sport object in our community, we organized a tribune in the facilities of the Local Selfgovernment. On the tribune Deputy Mayor, professors in gym and health education, Members of Municipal Council and young people participated. After the presented poll results a discussion was developed which followed with speaking of the Municipal officials. They confirmed the support and understanding for the problem of youth and proposed a solution for solving the problem. The proposal of the Local Selfgovernment based on ensuring of free of charge time terms for the registered and informal clubs in th the only available sport object SRC “25 of May”.

Quotations from Representative from the Local Self-government of We fully support and understand the the participants in Radovish: existing problem “non-existence of free of charge the project available object for sport activities of youth” in the community and on this problem is being worked on through the Municipality strategies.

Lessons learned and significant achievements

Our biggest lesson learned of this project is referring to the approach we choose, through which we mobilized the citizens in order to emphasize the importance of the problem and in this manner we succeed to lobby the Local Selfgovernment for finding a solution for the problem. Through the conducted Local advocacy campaign we learned that a common inclusion of all stakeholders is needed for solving this type of problems. In our case that were professors enthusiasts, sport clubs, youth organizations and informal youth groups. As a result of this cooperation the importance of common assistance and providing support to youth in solving their problems was identified. Within the realized actions we ensured promotion and visibility of our organization to the local authorities and the public, making the conduction 24

of our further activities easier. Through implementing the petition new volunteers applied showing interest for direct involvement in the future actions of the project. The shown interest we perceive as eagerness of youth for participation if there are particular activities. With the project we implemented, we gained more frequent activating of the members of the organization and enrichment with experience of our new members. This motivated us to prepare new projects because in this way we will involve the membership and strengthen its capacities. NGO Development - Future from Radovish is youth organization in process of development. The realization of the project “For – sport activities of youth” was of great importance for overall inclusion of the organization members and gaining experience. We learned that for achieving of the project goals, entire conduction of the foreseen activities is necessary. From the implementation of the project we acquired one more very successful experience which will help in our work, we learned from the new challenges and we realized how much better we can function. We are very grateful for the fully support of Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, through which we managed to implement the project “For – sport activities of youth”.



Our story

The project “Beware of your acts, they become a habit” was implemented by us, the volunteers, in the “Women organization of Sveti Nikole” in partnership with the youth organization “Vision NOVA” from Sveti Nikole. By accomplishing the project aim we contributed towards raising awareness to youth for the consequences from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. The strategy for realizing the project activities entailed training for peer educators, workshops in the schools, informing the wider public through distribution of informative leaflets and lobbying the directors of the schools and the councilor for education, culture and sport within the Local Self-government of Sveti Nikole. Significant accomplishments of this project are the adopted decisions in all schools in Sveti Nikole for organizing trainings for peer educators for the consequences of using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and dissemination of the acquired knowledge to their peers.

Training for peer educators

We organized training for peer educators with participation of 48 students of which 26 students th th were encompassed of 7 and 8 grade from the three primary schools and 22 students from all generations of the high schools. The training was consisted of two sessions; on the first session the students were educated about the consequences of using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. On the second session we worked on developing their presentation skills in order to enable them to manage a workshop, establishing communication and dissemination of the knowledge to their peers.

Workshops in schools

With the workshops we obtained 966 young people, students from primary and secondary schools. The workshops were realized by the young peer educators during classes. In each class we conducted three workshops, elaborating the following subjects: Consequences of using drugs, consequences of using alcohol and consequences of using cigarettes. 27

Informative leaflets

In order to efficiently inform the target group, 1500 leaflets were prepared and printed, which were distributed by the educators to their peers and the project team distributed the other leaflets to the wider public.

Lobbying the directors of the schools and the Local Self government

Aiming to realize this action we maintained 8 individual meetings with all directors of the schools in Sveti Nikole and one individual meeting with the councilor for education, culture and sport within the Local Self-government of Sveti Nikole. Also we conducted meetings with representatives of the police, Center for social work and the health department. On the meetings with the directors was discussed about introducing regular project activities for informing the students on the consequences of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. We lobbied the directors these subjects to be integrated in the annual curricula of the schools. On the meetings with the representatives of the institutions we collected relevant information on the level of presence of the deviances of youth in the community. Lobbying activities we completed with organizing a round table. On the round table participated the Mayor of the Municipality, Councilor of education, culture and sport within the Local Self-government, the directors of the primary and secondary schools, the psychologist from the Gymnasium, inspector in the department for prevention in Sveti Nikole and inspector in the department for prevention from Shtip, independent inspector for prevention from Shtip, the director and professional staff from the Center for social work.

Quotations from the participants in the project

Mayor of Municipality of Sveti Nikole, Mr. Rober Georgiev, : “The subject is interesting and wide, and I'm glad that this initiatives are undertaken, one must work a lot on this field”. Inspector for prevention Shtip, Mr. Lazo Paskov: “I salute the idea for implementing such project 28

alcohol and cigarettes and I want to point that the Ministry of Internal Affairs undertakes measures of preventive, but also repressive character to reflect the overall population in decreasing these occurrences”. Director of primary school “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Ms. Valerija Ivanovska “I want to express gratitude to the peer educators for their serious and at the same time direct approach of engagement. I consider that this is efficient way to reach the children identifying the need of bigger inclusion of the children in project activities where they can contribute for a positive change with their own creativity”.

Lessons learned and significant achievements

During the realization of the project we learned that is very difficult to work with children which are in a period of adolescence. Also we concluded that the method of peer education was acceptable for the participants, and by the teachers was pointed that the students are more interested in this type of work, reaching them more easily. We learned that through implementing the project again, bigger emphasize should be put on the children from the primary schools, i.e. it is th better to start with children in 6 grade, because we consider that it is more efficient to act preventive at smaller age. Also if we would implement activities on these subjects again, we would include people previous users of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes in order to transfer their negative experience. Because the current state in consuming drugs, alcohol and cigarettes in our community is serious, we concluded that we should continuously work on resolving and improving of this state.



Our story

“For clean and ecological Delchevo” is the project that we implemented, the members of NGO “Voice of youth” - Delchevo. Aim of the project was to support young people in implementing policies on local level and their active inclusion through establishing system of mutual cooperation between the NGO sector and the institutions. The main activities of the project were: media introduction of the project; contacts and meetings with responsible institutions and school communities; conducting an action for cleaning of public surfaces; Ecology happening - Youth for clean and ecological Delchevo and forming ecological patrols. As a result of the lobbying and the cooperation we established with the branch of PROKREDIT Bank in Delchevo, we received financial support through which we will set 6 ash cans in the central city area, we'll organize one more mass action for clean and ecological Delchevo and painting the existing bridges and banisters in the central city area as well.

Media introduction of the project

In the first month of the project implementation we presented ourselves through the media by organizing press conference on which the project coordinator presented the goals and activities of the project. Information from the press conference was broadcasted on the local “D1” television and local radio “Radio Zora”.

Preparation of leaflet

Aiming to promote the goals of the project we prepared a leaflet, which we printed in 2000 samples. In order to identify the final version of the leaflet we formed focus group composed by representatives of different profiles (pensioners, businessmen, high school students, representatives of the Local Selfgovernment, citizens). We determined this model to ensure that information provided on the leaflet will be understandable and available to all stakeholders. With the focus groups we held a meeting on which all versions of the leaflet were reviewed, each was discussed and afterwards the final version was selected. 31

Contacts and meetings with relevant institutions and school communities

We prepared a plan for maintaining meetings with the institutions foreseen in the project plan so we held meetings with: Mayor of Delchevo, President of the Municipal Council of Delchevo, director of the public enterprise for utilities “Bregalnica”, Department of inspection surveillance, directors of the primary schools “Vanco Prke” and “Ss. Kliment Ohridski” and high school “Metodi Mitevski Brico”, councilor for education, prevention inspector and the commander of the police station in Delchevo. On these meetings the project was presented, the responsible persons were introduced with the foreseen activities and goals expressing positive reactions on our vision to see Delchevo clean and ecological. On these meetings cooperation was agreed and support by the relevant bodies through the further actions within our project. As a result of the successful cooperation with the local authorities, Memorandum of Understanding between Municipality of Delchevo, Public enterprise for utilities “Bregalnica” and the citizen association “Voice of youth” from Delchevo. Also, we initiated cooperation with the business sector and the bank branches from the city for the future activities and sustainability of the project. In order to define the plan for the surfaces that are to be cleaned in Delchevo, we maintained 3 meetings with the school communities from the two primaries and one secondary school in our city.

Action for cleaning public surfaces

Aiming to successfully conduct the cleaning actions of public surfaces, we purchased 2000 bags and 2000 gloves for one use. We realized 4 cleaning actions of the most polluted surfaces in the city, on which participated 730 students. According to the project we have foreseen 3 actions, which we realized in the period th th of 09 of May - 12 of July 2009. On the occasion of nd Planet Earth Day 22 of April we conducted action for cleaning of the public surfaces, promoting the project successfully and introduced the future activities. 32

12.06.2009 in the hall of ASNOM in Delchevo, Ecology happening On we organized music event announcing the start of - Youth for clean the campaign For clean and ecological Delchevo. The event was officially opened by the President of and ecological the Municipal Council of Delchevo. The ecological Delchevo patrols were also promoted and for the music part were responsible young music groups from the Municipality.

Forming ecological nooks

Forming ecological patrols

Quotations from the project participants

In cooperation with the directors of the schools in Delchevo and the teachers in ecology, we formed 3 ecological nooks, one per school. The ecological nooks were set in the biology cabinet. As a result of the successful cooperation of the schools, in the three schools we established ecological patrols composed by 15 students from each school. The members of the ecological patrols will be responsible for maintenance of the cleanliness (ecology) of the schools. The established ecological patrols took active participation in all of the conducted actions from the project. President of Municipal Council of Delchevo - Toni Trajanovski: “It is my pleasure to cooperate with the young members enthusiasts from “Voice of Youth”. As Municipal Council we will provide further unconditioned support in the implementation of project that address youth in the community”. rd Kiril Spasevski 3 year in high school “M.M. Brico”: “This project is first youth project of such kind, transparently implemented in our city. A lot of youngsters were involved, ecological nook and ecological patrol was established in my school in which I'm member. Through including youth in negotiations with the Mayor of the Municipality, the President of the Municipal Council and other institutions opportunity was provided the young people to be involved and to feel useful for the 33

community through activities of this type, actions, happenings, and in future I hope that there will be a lot of such projects in which young people will be direct beneficiaries”. Dragana Stojmenovska, student from Primary th school “Ss. Kliment Ohridski” 8 grade: “I was involved in many projects realized by local NGOs. But this project is particularly interesting through the activities we implemented, the direct inclusion in the cleaning actions especially in Saturday market day in Delchevo, showing how youth and adults should behave regarding the environment maintaining it clean and healthy. I have to highlight the music happening especially, where many youngsters at different ages showing that we are part of the society too, we want to have our own future and to participate in all creating policy processes on local level.

Lessons learned and significant accomplishments

According to the interest shown and the number of young people included in the project implementation, we can conclude that youth can give contribution if they are encouraged and motivated for engagement in NGO activities. If the project was to be realized again, we would have changed the timeframe towards more mass inclusion of the youth in the actions, and the project would be realized during the school year and also we would have included youth from the political youth branches ensuring significance of the project implementation. Through the implementation of the project we have learned how to build a team and to develop team work in one organization. We have also gained experience in establishing cooperation and building confidence between institutions and young people members of “Voice of youth” as well.



Our story

The project “Raising awareness of youth for the consequences of alcohol and cigarettes” was implemented by us, the members of “Initiative of unemployed intellectuals” in partnership with the members of “Young Enthusiasts” from Vinica. Aim of our project was to decrease the presence of alcohol and cigarettes at youth in Vinica. In order to accomplish this aim we organized a campaign (campaign for promotion of healthy life styles and encouraging youth to sports) composed of the following activities: peer education training, organizing workshops in high school “Vanco Prke”, organizing handball game and promotion of freeof-alcohol drinks.

Peer education training

For the purpose of starting the project activities, we organized a meeting with the director of the high school “Vanco Prke”, gaining agreement for conducting certain project activities in the school. During May 2009 we organized two-day training for 16 peer educators. From the training, the young educators acquired knowledge of the consequences of the alcohol and cigarettes at youth.

Organizing workshop in high school Vanco Prke

The peer education method was selected because the same is based peer to peer education, considering that youngsters accept mostly from their peers, having close and direct approach, without shaming and asking what do they want to know. Using this method we organized 30 st rd workshops entailing 350 youngsters from 1 and 3 grade from the only high school in the city. These workshops were organized in order to transfer the information for the consequences of the alcohol and cigarettes. At the end of the workshop informative-educational leaflets were disseminated to the participants.


Organizing handball game

As a part of the campaign for promotion of healthy life styles and encouraging sports to the youngsters a handball game between 2 women youth clubs was organized in the sports object in Vinica. The game was of public character on which 70 youngsters visited the event. To the participants of the game were shared t-shirts with the logo of the project, and on the visitors leaflets were shared.

Promotion of freeof-alcohol drinks

In order to affect bigger promotion of the activities of our campaign we established cooperation with the owners of the local café-bars in our city, providing smaller prices of the nonalcohol drinks, after the handball game. Afterwards, the same evening the volunteers of our organizations disseminated leaflets in the local clubs in order to raise awareness at youth for the consequences of using alcohol.

Quotations from the project participants

Director of high school “Vanco Prke”, Mr. Tihomir Tasev ”I salute the initiative of NGO “INI” and “Young enthusiasts”, which contributed to greater information of youth from the Gymnasium for the consequences of alcohol and cigarettes on the health of youth. I hope that we will continue our cooperation in realization of similar projects that are of interest of youth”. Aleksandra Anastasova - student in high school “Vanco Prke”: “Although we all consider that we are well informed of the consequences of alcohol and cigarettes, with the workshops maintained by the young educators we gained detailed information on the damages that can affect young organism. The workshops were very detailed and reached us, opening discussions on which we expressed our opinions. I consider that activities of such type should be organized more often”.


Marija Gorgieva peer educator “I'm very satisfied of the seriousness and interest by my peers and also by their including and expressing their opinions and positions on the subject. I think that the best part of the workshops was the exchange of opinions and experiences of certain number of our peers which spoke in open for their experience with cigarettes and alcohol�.

Lessons learned and significant achievement

If such project is realized in future, we consider that the project shouldn't be implemented during elections because different groups of people understand the project as part of pre-election campaign for certain political party. Also we would have changed the time period of implementing activities. Activities in the school year will be st finished by 31 of March of the current year. Especially important for us was that through this project we learned how to conduct process of internal self-assessment of the organization. This process helped us to set up new goals against our weaknesses and we identified strategies how to improve them. Our organization decided to conduct process of organizational self-assessment every year.


CONTENT 1. Coalition SEGA


2. Action for youth organizing in Eastern Macedonia


3. Youth in advocacy processes on local level


4. Action 1: Creation network of youth organizations


5. Action 2: Workshop for assessment of the needs of youth organizations and informal groups


6. Action 3: Legal and financial support for the informal groups for registration as “citizen associations�


7. Action 4: Signing Memorandums of Cooperation with the organizations


8. Action 5: Capacity building processes of the youth organizations


9. Action 6: Support of local advocacy campaigns


10. Action 7: Signing contracts with grantees


11. Comparative analyses of successful and unsuccessful actions with practical recommendations for work on advocacy campaigns 14 12. Story 1


13. Story 2


14. Story 3


15. Story 4


16. Story 5


Coalition of youth organizations B T D A


T h e Bal k a n Tr u s t f o r D e m o c r ac y O F





Youth in creating changes in the community SEGA 2009  

Youth in creating changes in the community SEGA 2009

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