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About storing your files, info and websites in the cloud

PRINTING YOUR OWN PLASTIC OR WOODEN TOOLS The future of 3-dimensional printing on a small scale

CLEARING THE FOG ABOUT WHAT NANO-SCIENCE ENTALES Thousands of modified everyday products are on the consumers market now

THE UPRISING OF WINDPOWER AGAINST FOSSIL FUELS This renewable energy can now compete on a commercial level in more than 30 countries






The future of 3-Dimensional printing on a small scale



Thousands of daily life modified products are on today's mass market


Can the Nobel prize winning invention harmful for your health?


WHY MOST CLOUD COMPUTING ISN’T GREEN About storing your files, info and website in the cloud


WIND POWER CAN BECOME THE MAIN ELECTRIC PROVIDER This renewable energy can now compete on a commercial level in more than 30 countries


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FROM THE EDITOR From building large wind power farms, using daily products such as suncream adhanched with nanoscience and testing LED lighting on the streets: to making use of the cloud. Technology developments won’t slow down. We live in an exciting time with allot of real time practical testing and ABOUT INFORMTOMORROWTECH

research. This doesn’t always mean we’re

InformTomorrowTech believes

ready for it . Some of us have cable and still

that technology can be a solution

use conventional old yellow bulbs. As

for a greener earth. Writing

consumers we became more sceptical:

accessible articles 1-2 times a

checking product and service reviews and

month about current major technological developments.

there prices. There is allot of information available and excessible, but some of us have made ideas into a reality through international crowdfunding website such as Kickstarter. I founded Informtomorrowtech blog to give you an overview and background to ‘’new’’ and important future technology, which can be benificial for planet earth. In issue 01 we explore familiar sounding technological developments, that are already  mass produced and in daily use.   BY RENEE VAN WESEP





One of the trends at this moment is the 3D printing technique. This is also called Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Manufacturing. In ”Modifying your own 3dimensional objects” we’re going to look at the 101 on 3D printing. BY RENEE VAN WESEP


This work as follows: you design a 3D digital

from plastic, metal, nylon, paper chocolate,

design file called .STL, this file you sent to the 3D

ceramic and even wood and glass.

printer and the printer prints this file out. The 3D

And because of this variety many industries make

printer divides the .STL file into layers and those

use of this ‘’new’’ found invention. On one hand

layers are stacked upon each other.

we have the artists, designers, small business

If this production technique sounds familiar

owners and of course the individual consumer aka

you’re right, because digital printing exist for over


twenty five years. Manufactures already make

It makes a great way for current small startups.

use of digital printing on a large scale. From car

Because you can print for low cost a Marquette,

manufactures to custom marketing printing.

model, gadget etc. Services like Shapeways,

However, digital 3D printing is now more

Materialise or Sculpteo offer you possibility to

available for the ‘’average’’ consumer, because the

make your design a reality. For example

quality of machines and services are risen, the

Shapeways has halls with 3D printers in New York

software is more developed and more importantly

city and can produce five million 3D objects.

the average costs are lower.

On the other hand you have the professionals,

This development got their kick start with the

scientists and medical world for experimenting.

growing community of DIYers and MIYers, the

Scientist of the American based NASA space

rise of IT specialists and the injection of daily

station are experimenting with the possibility of

technology in our lives.

3D printers in space. Because objects can then be

Because we can choose where our attention goes,

created in space. Meaning that objects can be

we now can develop our own customized design

created for emergency purposes , experiments

for not only our presentations and marketing, but

etc. One of the biggest challenges is that the

now also our personalized objects like bubble-

machine airtight is.

heads etc. See Full Printed by nueveojos.

The company Airbus is working on a complete 3D

In the professional creative business, like: artists,

printed airplane, that will be completed around

architects, fashion designers and product


designers, people experiment with a wide range of

These small individualist 3D printers are ideal for

materials and sizes to produce an original series of

(luxurious) brands, because they can personalize

products/prototypes or other objects.

their product and objects. Designers can shape

This requires specialist- software and/or 3D

their work in a accurate way for a specific

printer. For example architects and designers use

customer request.

specialized 3D printing software solutions like:

In the medical field scientist experiment with skin

Rhinoceros, AutoCAD of SolidWorks.

tissue, blood vessels and plastic bones for

At the moment this industry is still in

reconstruction. This means that average costs for

development, but there are already a wide range

a replacement arm or hip can lowered.

of available 3D printing materials. This list goes

With the 3D printer comes plusses for the


environment, because physical objects can

exists of minuscule drips and this becomes with

printed on demand with the transportable digital

UV light hard directly when it comes on the other

.STL files. These objects will be printed locally


and thus no object transport costs and storage

-Color Jet Printer uses a powder material that is

can be minimized with printed on demand.

being glued together with a binding material. The

Meaning a lowered waste and surplus with those

result is that object a softer is like a plaster.

objects and that is good for our planet. Hopefully,

-Stereolithografic uses liquid plastic and were the

if we’re going to 3D print massively scientist

laser beam hits the surface this liquid plastic

develop environmental friendly or recyclable

becomes hard. This works layer on layer and the


object and the platform lowers itself in a basin.

With those diverse materials and printed objects

-Fused Deposition Modeling uses thermoplastic

you have different 3D print techniques. At the

material in a thin, long wire. The 3D object is being

moment there are 9 known techniques. Keep in

created layer on layer. Most desktop 3D printers

mind that not all of them are widely available as a

are FDM.

desktop 3D printer. Even available printers can

-Selective Laser Sintering uses a thermo- metal or

between a couple of hundreds to thousands of

plastic powder and puts layer on layer. A laser

dollars. The more known are listed below.

melts the powder on place, this becomes hard and

-Multi Jet Printer prints layer on layer with

gets stuck to the other previous layers.

polymer material on a platform. The material 7


NANO-SCIENCE: INCREASING USE IN EVERYDAY APPLICATIONS In some conversations today you hear a term called ”nanotechnology”. Also casually translated as a dense technology on a very small scale. But allot of people nowadays aren’t aware that this technology is already on the current market. Let alone that it’s listed in more than 2000 commercially available consumer products. In this article we’re looking at the 101 on nano-science and answering questions such as: what scientist mean by the term”nano”, what kind of

When we pick up a dictionary like for example Oxford Dictionary the explanation is very general: The branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. By

average home products have this

So we start by explaining what the field at nano-

technology and why is this

science revolves around. Nano-science or

specialized science branch important

nanotechnology involves the ability to see, understand, manipulate, mix and control

for future adaptations on products

individual atoms and molecules, at dimensions of

and appliances.

roughly 1 to 100 nano-meters in a useful way.



This new broad science can be used across other diverse scientific fields, such as physics,


engineering, chemistry, material science and

meters. The prefix ‘nano’ means a billionth of a

biology. Nano-scientists have tools like

meter (10-9). Here are other examples of how

specialized microscopes in order to measure,

small a nano-meter is:

image, model and manipulate the matter.

◊ In one inch there are 24.400.000 nano-meters.

For starters atoms and molecules are the building

◊ Your fingernail grows one nano-meter per

blocks of the matter you see in the world. Which


means that everything you see on planet earth is

◊ A strand of human DNA is 2,5 nano-meters in

made up of atoms, such as the plants we see, the


cars we drive, the houses and our own body.

◊ If the diameter of Earth was one meter, then the

One atom alone can’t be seen by the naked eye,

diameter of a marble would be about one nano-

because this matter can have a dimension of


about 1 to 100 nano-meters in size. To put this in

Not only are nano-materials minuscule they come

perspective an average human hair has a

also in their individual shapes, such as particles,

thickness around 80.000 and 100 000 nano-

tubes, wires, films, flakes or shells.



It all started with physicist Richard Feynman, who

photosynthesis with plants and smoke from a fire.

gave a lecture in 1959 at California Institute of

Over millennia these natural processes are nearly

Technology, called ”There’s plenty room at the

perfected. Others occurs as a byproduct like

bottom”, in which he described a process were

exhausting fumes and smoke of manufactures and

scientist would be able to manipulate and control


individual molecules and atoms.

When we take a look at in which products

In 1981 Feymans exploration became true with

nanotechnology or nano science plays a role,

the development of the scanning tunneling

there’s a long list. Because our current market has

microscope (STM). You could now ”see” individual

products and applications that are relied or

atoms. With the help from the invention of the

advanced by nano-science. It is estimated that 60

right tools, like the STM and AFM (Atome Force

billion dollar worth of products were sold in 2007

microscope) scientists could step into the modern

with nano-science and this number will rise. We

nanotechnology, that we know today. Only with

give you a couple of examples below:

these powerful specialized microscopes nano

Firstly, tennis rackets and bicycle frames are

particles can be seen.

lighter and stronger with the help from carbon

Microscopes are being used and it revolves

nano-tubes. And in order to block UV radiation

around the thought that nano-materials have a

during your outdoor activities sunscreens have

bigger surface, because the surface area per mass

particles of titanium dioxide and zicoxide of nano

increases. For example if you have two same sized

size in order to block rays more efficiently while

cubicles. One is one whole piece and another is

giving you still that suntan.

made out of ten cubicles. The surface volume area

If you are getting a snack after sport, notice that

of the last named cubical is bigger, than the first

nano-scale silver is being used for kitchen applies,


the sink, refrigerator handles and other surfaces

Because researchers have a larger surface area to

that need to be antimicrobial and prevents food

work with, a greater amount of atoms or

from going bad.

molecules can come in contact with other

Next, some clothing is nano engineered, these

surrounding matter. As a result of that the matter

have coatings, making them static free and stain

is more chemically reactive and scientists of

proof.And nano-scale components are a standard

different fields take advantage of their enhanced

when we look at computer-chips. Meaning

properties, such as lighter weight, better strength

consumer electronic devices are enhanced or

and color control. This gives them more

dependent on nano science.

possibilities to construct and image new

And in the solar power technology industry

processes, alter their size, chance the internal

researchers are investigating nano systems in

structure of the compound or organize matter at

order to optimize electronic storage in a

the nano scale.

nonpolluting and inexpensive way. Drawing from

Nano-materials are not created by humans, but

the photosynthetic model, which occurs naturally

occurs in nature: volcanic ash, sea foam,

in plants. Quantum mechanical processes set 



sunlight into energy with minimal waste in energy

 the USA alone their is a budget for tens of

and heat.

millions of dollars. And it is predicted that in the

On the other hand we have the medical branch,

next decade seven million jobs are being

where researches are developing more

generated globally by nano-technology.

personalized and precise tools, therapies and

Organisations and groups are created to exchange

treatments on the natural nano scale side of

knowledge and stimulate collaborations, like the


NNN (National Nano fracturing Network) in USA.

An example is a prostate cancer bio-marker

This is a community of government, academic and

following prostatectomy, developed at

industry partners, that cooperate to advance

Northwestern University, which basically

nano-manufacturing. They have InterNano, this is

”recognize” disease particle and DNA ”amplifiers”

a digital resource of up-to-date archive on nano-

with the help from gold nano-particles.

manufacturing information, tools, environmental

Bio-bar code assay detects these disease-specific

health and safety, standards, events, processes

bio-markers in the blood more efficiently than

and reports.

conventional treatments. On top of that it is

In the end is nano-technology still in rapid

relatively a more low cost method and

development in order to create lighter, durable

considerably more sensitive for picking up the

energy efficient solar panels, better tasting

same molecule target, even if the sample is small.

durable and nutritional value in foods, increasing

In order to fabricate nano materials in a cost

storage capacity in computer driven devices and

efficient reliable mass-productive way there’re

lighter, more powerful and longer lasting

nano-manufactures, which revolves around

batteries. It will nearly effect all products,

research and development of nano-materials.

materials and devices for everyday use.

Here, properties and structures are being improved with processes like molecular beam epitaxy, dip pen lithography, self-assembly, atomic layer epitaxy, chemical vapor deposition and rollto-roll processing. Next, there’re two main approaches for nanomanufacturing: on one hand you have the topdown processes, where a large piece is reduced to nano-scale materials. And on the other hand you have the bottom-up approach, which involves creating products by building with atoms and molecules.This is a more time consuming method, than the first mentioned. Manufactures in the nano-industry relies often on expensive facilities, personal and equipment. In




Nowadays we don’t stand still with the development of LED lighting, because it’s in allot of daily applications such as the back-lighting in many laptops, tablets and naturally smartphones. This widely popular invention got the 2014 Nobel prize in physics awarded to Japanese

In the last few years LED’s are widely being used

scientists; I. Akasaki, H. Amano and S.

in our daily applications, such as the flickering

Nakamura. LED lighting is durable

Christmas decoration, in the back-light for LCD’s in smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. You

and energy efficient. However why is

can use them for car lighting an conventional

it that people haven’t switched from

household lamps.

conventional lighting to LED’s? In this article we answers this and what possibilities lies ahead for future LED applications. BY RENEE VAN WESEP


Also, with blue-ray players they use a blue LED laser instead of an infrared laser which is used in regular DVD players. This blue laser makes it possible to store 5 to 10 times more data according to C. Wetzel, a physicist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. LED’s could have a positive effect on the


society, because people of third

within this solid piece the LED lights up. You see

world countries can have lighting off the grid with

the semi-conductor is made of a positive charged

a LED light combined with a rechargeable battery

layer with holes and a negative charged electrons

and a solar cell. Another important factor is that

which floats around. When you put on the

LED’s purify water directly at the faucet, turn

electricity it activates the negative charged

on/off, which results in lower costs. At this

electrons flow, which go through the positive

moment only a few companies are working on

holes and then you get light. Some of the light is

LED water purification, but in a few years it could

trapped inside causing the bright light.

be everywhere according to physicist C. Wetzel.

In agriculture scientist are experimenting with

The LED is a solid-state technology (ssc), which

LED-colors to make their crops grow faster and

emits light from a piece of solid matter. That solid

healthy. Plessey is a UK leading expert in the

piece is the semi-conductor with LED’s and when

manufacturing of lighting and sensing products

electrons move around

and components and they


developed Hyperion. Which will grow crops with

efficient. For example a 60 watt incandescent bulb

a LED grow light and it’s available for all

uses 525 kWh a year. Not only saves it energy,

commercially grown plant varieties. Universities,

time is also an important factor. Incandescent

research organizations and commercial growers

bulbs last 750 hours and their Geobulb

work close with Plessey in the 60 UK based

counterpart lasts about 30.000 hours.


Technological development in this field made it

On 6 July 2015 the GrowWise Center from

possible to crick LED’s efficiency up to 50.000

Philips opened her doors on the High Tech


Campus in Eindhoven (Netherlands). This indoor

Lastly LED’s doesn’t make use of toxic mercury

farm facility uses LED lighting in order to do

and other toxic material with a blue tooth

research on optimal growing conditions for fruit,

connection lights can be customized and you can

vegetables and herbs. Some farmers are already

uses them to transfer data through LiFi. You can

commercially experimenting with LED lighting.

incorporate sensors with LED’s in order to switch

Such as Koppert Cress in Monster (Netherlands)

on/off the lights when someone enters or leaves

installed 16.000 squares of LED lamps in his

the room. Scientists are now exploring the

greenhouse. Depending on what you plant the

potential to transmit data from the internet

LED colors are suited to optimize the result.

across an open space with LED’s . Because of the

With led lighting you have pro’s and con’s and

speed of light they will be able to transmit data

through recent development in costs, efficiency

faster than WiFi.

and output it opens up the market for large scale

With the many pro’s you also have a few big con’s.

production. The costs per light bulb goes down.

The first one is high upfront costs, which aren’t

For example at the University of Cambridge in

always available for the masses. One LED bulb

England they use silicon wafers to grown

costs can be equivalent to ten’s of incandescent

semiconductors which resulted in a dramatic

light fixtures. However, it’s an investment in the

manufacturing cost reduction. They hope to

long-run, because you save energy and time.

reduce the future price with 50%.

And although the picture looks pretty rosy about

First, you have the advantages of LED’s. Which

what scientists say about LED’s research indicates

are: they are instant on, unlike compact

that some wavelengths may damage the eyes over

florescent bulbs, you have a wide variety of

a period of time. According to a recent study by

colors available and cooler in operation. But the

Complutense University of Madrid LED’s emit

most important advantage is that LED lighting

high levels of blue radiation. And according to Dr.

can be used to battle environmental issues,

M. Babu, an American medical Association board

because compared to an incandescent s lamps

member;”Despite the energy efficiency benefits,

they reduce Co2 output with hundreds of

some LED lights are harmful when used as street-



It’s all because LED’s are time and energy

The AMA gives the guidance about potential


harmful health effects from ”improper” LED

York and Seattle have street lighting of 4.000 or

lighting. This helps local US governments to

5.000 Kelvin.

choose LED street lighting. According to the

On the flip side B. Qureshi a London Eye Hospital

organization medical experts LED’s emit too much

consultant ophthalmologist it takes a huge

blue light, which may cause the disruption of

increase in LED use to cause permanent damage,

sleep, the suppression of melatonin and

such as is concluded according to the Madrid

intervening with the body’s circadian rhythm.

study, which tested a person with a 1000 watt

Researchers of the Mid Sweden University

light bulb for 12 hours a day at a distance of 12

compared the effects of caffeine and blue light on


the brain. They found out that blue light ex posers

If we would replace conventional yellow bulbs on

performed better and positively influence us such

the street for LED's, it's possible that allot of

as on alertness. According to professor R. Stevens

drivers and locals could complain about dizziness

from the University of Connecticut the color

or even a lack of sleep. At this stage these blue

temperature of lights at night must be no more

LED's are too bright, but not harmful for the

than 3.000 Kelvin. LED’s produce light at the same

human eye. It takes a huge increase in order to

frequency as sun light and the brightener the LED

develop eye related symptoms. For now we can

lights the more blue it emits. Incandescent lights

use these efficient clean lights for small objects:

are 2.400 Kelvin and some cities such as New

tablet back-lighting or Christmas decor.


WIND POWER CAN BECOME THE MAIN ELECTRICITY PROVIDER Last year the total installed  wind capacity was 54.6 gigawatts globally. And according to the Global Wind Energy Council today’s total installed windmills produce circa 487 gigawatts.The first place goes to the Chinese market with a total share of  42.7%. In order to meet their increasing electronic needs the country installed 23.3 gigawatts of new wind mill farms and if the growth stays at the same pace they can provide 26% of their own market supply by the end of 2030, says a study of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) USA. On the second place you have USA, where less than 8.3 gigawatts windmill power was installed, supplying 4.7 % of the entire electricity in the country. In this article we”re going to look at which modern windmills are mainly used on today’s market and what the (dis)advantages are from this ”new” invention. And lastly, why their is a big spurt in investments and growth in the industry. BY RENEE VAN WESEP 

A wind electric turbine captures kinetic energy

it's around 976 million in the USA. Another

when the wind particles are moving quickly. Just

important fact is that wind energy can't be stored

as a hydroelectric dam, but instead of liquid

and it's unpredictable. On 7 August 2016 Scotland

particles that drives this motion it's gas particles.

wind power plants produced free energy for a

The turbines blades capture wind energy and

entire day overriding the quota of 106%. The

this is transferred to a generator. Which turns

predicted strong wind of that week resulted in a

this into energy. It all starts with how the wind is

record-breaking result in this area.

being transferred: the sun heats up a land area it

On the other hand prices are decreasing since the

absorbs the heat. That hot air comes free and

1980's with 80%. At this moment some countries

stats to rise quickly when a certain temperature

can effort to make wind and solar energy cheaper

is being reached. Because hot air travels faster,

than fossil fuels, according to Lazard's 2016

lighter and exerts more pressure than their

''Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis 10.0 ''report.

cooler counterpart the cool air flows fast to fill

The operational costs are low and horizontal

the gap that the hotter air has left behind. It's

turbines are space efficient, but can't be placed

being picked up with the sail of a sailboat. The

too close to each other. According to M.

same happens with a wind turbine. Which is

Liebreich, chairman of the advisory board for

placed where hot&cool air meet each other in

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF)

order to capture this motion. Modern wind mills

renewable energy is becoming cheaper to

basically exits of rotor blades, a shaft and a

produce. Because their is twice as much clean


energy global funding investment being made

The invention of the windmill dates back 200

than fossil fuels. In the beginning government

B.C., but the modern variant was already

subsidies made wind and solar power accessible

widespread throughout America by the 1930's,

for the mass market, but now economies of scale

with a estimation of 600.000. These were placed

are investing in these projects. Which means

in rural areas for water pluming and electricity.

falling prices. And the oil/gas industry face

After all these years there are advantages and

declining investment and prices have tumbled.

disadvantages to windmills. We start with the

Currently, wind power prices are either the same

ladder. Some people don't like the appearance of

or cheaper in more than 30 countries according to

windmills and find them to make allot of noise.

the World Economic Forum 2016 report called:

While new designs show significant

Renewable Infrastructure Investment Handbook:

improvements with noise and looks are a

A Guide for Institutional Investors. “Renewable

question of taste. Furthermore, wind-turbines

energy has reached a tipping point–it now

pose a threat to flying wildlife: such as bats and

constitutes the best chance to reverse global

birds. Compared to collisions with buildings

warming. . It is not only a commercially viable

chances are slim. The annual fatalities of flying

option, but an outright compelling investment

wildlife is less than 500.000 and for buildings

opportunity with long-term, stable, inflation-


protected returns,” said M. Drexler, who leads

make use of a natural abundance source: wind. It

infrastructure and development investing at the

doesn’t involve harmful greenhouse gases or

World Economic Forum. However BNEF says that


this renewable energy happens not fast enough to reverse the impact that fossil fuel dependency left

At this moment you can divide wind power in

behind. And according to the Paris Agreement of

three main technologies. First we have the

UNFCCC global investors lack the drive toe invest

modern wind power technology where you have

in renewable energy. The worldwide investment is

two primary designs. These are vertical axis

only 25% of the total $1 trillion goal.

turbines (VAWT’s) and the horizontal axis wind

And although it can't be stored wind energy is

turbines (HAWT’s). The VAWT’s also known as

renewable and occurs naturally. If we could

the egg beater are pretty rare from a commercial

harness the maximum power according

perspective. Because VAWT’s are typically

researchers the potential annual wind electric

mounted to the ground, which means easy

power could be 400 Terrawats (TW) worldwide.

installation and maintenance, but it can intervene

Lastly, wind-turbines slightly contributes to global

with the daily lives from for example farmers and

warming, because it’s manufactured, transported

there is less wind. Unlike popular commercial

and installed. However, they are durable and

HAWT’s VAWT’s are always aligned with the


daily lives from for example farmers and there is less wind. Unlike popular commercial HAWT’s VAWT’s are always aligned with the wind, but can’t start by themselves. Next up we have HAWT’s , which are horizontally parallel to the ground. Because of the height engineers use a tower in order to lift turbine components, this is a laborious task. However, they take little ground space and won’t interfere with human life. HAWT’s make use of a yaw system, that usually consists of

MidAmerican Energy (USA) plans to install 1.000

gearboxes and electric motors, which moves

wind-turbines for an estimated project costs over

them little by little in the optimal wind direction.

3 billion dollar in the next year.

This automatic process is done by the turbine’s

In the Netherlands Eneco has partnered up with

electronic controller, which reads the position of

NS Dutch railway company in order to make

the wind.

public train transportation run 100% on wind

Lastly, we have the turbine Aerodynamics

power. They hoped to achieve this millstone by

design. This is an aerodynamic upgrade from the

2018, but made it already possible on first of

Dutch windmill HAWT’s in order to capture the

January 2017.

winds energy as best as possible. The turbine

Also, MidAmerican Energy builds a 2.5 megawatt

blades use an airfoil design, which looks allot like

turbine at 379 foot. In the UK they made 8.0

airplane wings: one surface is rounded and the

megawatt turbines, which are 370 feet tall. Which

other one is flat. These blades are being twisted

means that in a 24 hour span circa 18 American-

fro the ideal aerodynamic lift to drag force ratio.

sized homes can be lighted for an entire year.

With the aerodynamic turbine design engineers

With this invention MHI Vestas holds the world

look for the most efficient blade size: generally

record for wind energy in 24 hours. As of now the

longer blades catch more wind-energy. However

company has commercial offers, such as

in a lower-wind-speed-area smaller blades can

delivering a 258 megawatt project that only needs

capture more wind and are consistently running.

32 mills.

Another important factor is tower height: the

In conclusion wind energy can compete with fossil

height the tower is the more wind it catches.

fuels on the current market. Their prices are in the same range or are cheaper in more than 30

Their is good news for environmentalists there

countries. And more innovation is being done to

are tons of projects that focus on making wind

produce more wind power per turbine. It makes a

turbines a practical solution for our energy

profitable investment on a commercial and

needs. A handful of these are listed:





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purposes. However, do you know as active user where your files are


parked? Which types of cloud


know that organisations like

In the first quarter of 2016 Dropbox has about 500 million active users. Meaning, that almost every household in the USA could have a big file cabbed in the sky, which is accessible at any moment of the day on the internet. One big

services there are? And do you Greenpeace are actively protesting for greener cloud option? In this article we answer these questions and define the meaning of ‘storing in the cloud’. BY RENEE VAN WESEP Just because you don’t know where your cloud service is provided, doesn’t mean your cloud

file cabbed with your vacation

computing is actually environmentally friendly

photo’s, work presentations and

It looks like this service uses fewer resources,

word documents or your

like servers, cooling systems and is efficiently centralized than each of them individually ran in

instructions for your daily game-

a inefficient local system.

play on Wow. And active internet

So in theory, cloud computing saves equipment,

users make (often) frequent use of these seemly free cloud computer services. This is without a single

energy and maintenance costs. You may think it isn’t employer friendly but it’s environmental friendly. However this is a hasty conclusion, because it works differently in practice. The debate of about the energy slurping huge

other thought. The reason it’s free,

data centers sparked by Greenpeace report in

accessible almost everywhere,

2011 called: ”How dirty is your data center: a

flexible, burn and waterproof and

look at the energy choices that power cloud computering.” In this report they ranked cloud

more importantly it won’t clog up

computing providers. Concluding that Amazon

your basic PC hard-drive, so you  

and Akamai providers are Eco-friendly. Today

can fill it with other useful 


it’s relatively easy to find out if your data center is powered through green energy or


conventional energy if it’s an important factor in

,more time online. All of them are web-hosted

the business. However it depends on where the

based and stored in the cloud. It’s expected that

data center and company is located.

the rise of these cloud data plants aren’t slowing

First we have the increasing need for information

down in the near future. Analysts at Gartner

data and other online services. In return the cloud

estimates that it will be a 67 billion business by

data servers need more space and even more


electricity in order to adept to their current

The current global energy usage is gigawatts


(GW), this was in 2007 12GW and 24GW in 2011

Next you are actually merely transfer your

according to a study by DatacenterDynamics

environmental impact elsewhere in the world. You

Intelligence, the Britisch Computer Society and

use energy and they use energy in another part of


the world providing your needs. It’s efficiently but

However their are multiple solutions to reduce

not necessarily Eco- friendly.

the high energy costs of huge data centers, like by

Also, allot of internet served services are

using smart load balancing algorithms to spread

encouraging users to use products and spending

out data processing between different data  23



broadband internet connection. This isn’t always

Reducing the cloud emissions by over 20

accessible in developing countries or in rural

percent, according to researched at Trinity


College Dublin and IBM in 2013.

Next, these services are restricted to what they after, thus not all businesses benefit from this one

Advantages and disadvantages

cutting service. And if their service is stopped you

With cloud computer services you have

might not know when. For example Google Docs

drawbacks as advantages. We’re going to look

stopped with their support at one week notice for

why you should consider or avoid cloud

their customers in September 2012.

computing. Starting with the pro’s: your

If this happens you need to migrate your numbers,

equipment software is up-to-date reliable and

data and files to another service and you better

secure, because you outsource another

hope that this merge with their software. Or you

company for your website hosting or storage,

probably have to crunch your data all over again.

you can take up extra service or take them away

Another con can be that your companies security

and even leave it.

and privacy could be compromised if you need to

Also you don’t have to wait months for the

have a reliable security measures in place.

software or PC to arrive. You don’t have to deal

The last point is the rise of cloud computer

with updates, crashes and run anti-virus

services can mean a loss of jobs in this technology

software. And you will cut down on capital costs,

branch. At the back end of the cloud computer

such as electricity, buying and maintaining the

business you have a loss of possible IT

complex PC system.

maintenance personal, because of the future

Local PC’s don’t have to run heavy applications.

potential usage of automatic computing systems

You can buy a software licence for all your PC’s

that are self managing.

without installation. You can simply load one application which hosts all the programs which

How it works

the job acquires. It decreases the costs for

Your can divide the cloud computer system in two

hardware and software.

main parts: the front end and the back end. The

Lastly, cloud computing services enables the

first one is the service that the clients sees,

dependence of location and device as long as

experience and users. Then you have the back end

you have a connection to a network. And you

of the system: these are storage systems, various

don’t have to learn allot of code or require a long

computers and servers. You have a central server

learned PC skills.

that administers the system, meet client demands

On the other hand your convenience means you

and monitoring traffic. They follow protocols and

buy a dependable permanent service, which

use middleware.

might work out more expensive in the long run.

The last mentioned allows that the PC’s are

And it comes with a requisite you need a high

connected to each other. All PC’s aren’t running


constantly, because each runs it’s own



independent operating system. This process

and are stored in the cloud, thus you have more

called servers virtualization and it reduces the

installation PC space.

need for more physical machines.

At last you have Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service)

In order to prevent that data centers are breaking

also known as utility computing. This means you

down cloud computer systems have at at least

buy storage space, thus buying raw computer

twice as much storage than they have clients.

hardware. For example putting up a website ore

Making a back-up to retrieve data that usually

making use of Dropbox for your album pictures.

isn’t accessible.

What you do is you (pay) for megabytes/gigabytes to have your files on a hosting company services.

Current cloud computer market

When you are searching online for a new phone in

In order to understand what cloud computing is

a search engine like Google, your words go

we’re going to look what kind of cloud services are

through hundreds of thousands of clustered

being offered at the current market. Because

chained PC’s. These are digging in their systems

there’s a quite of vagueness about this subject.

for your search results. Google provides a

First I lift the fog about what this cloud entails:you

computer cloud service, which is actually being

have three kinds of cloud services called: Iaas,

done in Dublin, California or Beijing.

Saas and Paas. Keep in mind that some services

These three main services often offer their

can cross with one and another.

services for free. For example search engines are

Starting off you have Saas (Software as a Service).

free and have mostly have custom advertisement.

This is a complete application running on someone

Using your data, analyse this and providing

else’s system. Examples are web-based email from

services for businesses, like Google Analytics or

Hotmail,outlook and gmail. But you can also think

payment to get you higher int the search list. On

of web-hosed office applications like Microsoft

the other coin Google optimize their software,

word and exel. Where emails are being stored and

keeping them up-to-date. So you still make use of

processed through a service in another part of the

outsourcing them for your need of information.


Other cloud services are private or public using

Secondly, you have Paas (Platform as a Service).

the pay-as-you-go model or on a subscription

This means you develop applications like an e-

basis. For example Dropbox and Netflix. Currently

commerce website including a shopping cart and

Amazon Web services is the largest public cloud

payment mechanism. Other examples are

computer provider since 2006.

developing mobile,tablet applications like Google

In conclusion cloud computing is a computer

App Engine ore App Cloud. This developing

service that makes use of a network like the

software is web-based and is provided with their

internet, And it can be called information

software system and hardware.

technology (IT) outsourcing through a computer

One of the newer services in the cloud is making

service like a search-engine or storing files on

documents, presentations, excel-sheet etc. using

Dropbox and many more. We enable our local and

web-based technology instead of desktop install

information usage making us more in-dependable

software. You got to have a internet connection

but not necessarily Eco-friendly. 25







Informtomorrowtech issue 001  

Informtomorrowtech issue 01 February 2017 by Renee van Wesep 90

Informtomorrowtech issue 001  

Informtomorrowtech issue 01 February 2017 by Renee van Wesep 90