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NXT Basics: Technic Building and NXT-G Erin Cejka Riecker Center for Engineering Educational Outreach Tufts University

Getting to Know the NXT

Motors and Sensors

Hardware Comparison

Technic or “Studless” Building Pieces:  Studless beams  Connectors  Axles Features:  Symmetry  Sturdy

Build a Two Motor Car

Software Options ROBOLAB 2.9

LEGO Mindstorms for NXT (NXT-G)

Using ROBOLAB 2.9 with the NXT New sensors

Screen control

Using ROBOLAB 2.9 with the NXT

NXT control panel appears during download

NXT-G Interface Tutorials

Toolbar Workspace

Sequence Beam Palettes Controller Configuration Panel

Help & Navigation

Web Portal

NXT-G tools   

Pointer tool: move blocks, select blocks Pan tool: move within workspace Comment tool: add notes to your code

Intro to NXT-G: Palettes Common:



Most commonly used blocks

All blocks

Downloaded and created blocks

Writing a Basic Program 

Drag and drop block(s) on sequence beam

Manipulate Configuration Panel & Download

Intro to NXT-G: Controller

Downloa d & Run Selection

NXT Window



Download & Run




Icons or VIs



Configuration Panel

Wiring together icons

Sequence beams

Need start & stop light

Start is given, no stop needed

NXT Rotation Sensor  

 

Built in to motors Measure degrees or rotations Reads + and Degrees: accuracy +/- 1 1 rotation = 360 degrees

Viewing Sensors     

Connect sensor Turn on NXT Choose “View” Select sensor type Select port

NXT Sound Sensor 

Sound sensor can measure in dB and dBA 

dB: in detecting standard [unadjusted] decibels, all sounds are measured with equal sensitivity. Thus, these sounds may include some that are too high or too low for the human ear to hear. dBA: in detecting adjusted decibels, the sensitivity of the sensor is adapted to the sensitivity of the human ear. In other words, these are the sounds that your ears are able to hear.

Sound Sensor readings on the NXT are displayed in percent [%]. The lower the percent the quieter the sound.

Challenge: Stop with sound 

Program your NXT car to drive until you yell “Stop”

Example Program: Remote Control

NXT Sound  

NXT can play sound files or notes Sounds take up more memory space

NXT Display    

Display images, text, or drawings Choose location on display screen 100 x 64 pixels (up to 7 lines of text) Graphics take up memory space

Challenge: Say Hello 

Have the RCX say hello using sound and the display screen Don’t forget – the program ends after the last block. You may need a wait for to see the display. Caution: one of the options in the configuration panel is Clear – use it to clear screen. Otherwise, uncheck the box!

Example Program: Say Hello


esto es una prueba