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The 60 second digital video of informal practices helped me understand the true meaning of an informal practice and therefore helping me notice how common they really are worldwide. Researching “Protests and Rallies’ from overseas countries also made me realise what a big impact and informal practice can be with the help of society getting together. In the case of the Greek protest the whole city protested due to the budget cuts and wage reductions in Athens therefore, resulting the Capital to be in complete shutdown; flights in and out of the city were stopped.


In pairs we were given a suburb which we both weren’t familiar with, Doncaster and were set out to find Informal Urban Practices. We made 20 postcards together of key observations and adjusted 5. We found that the use of space for things other than intened was interesting. Activites of sporting nature as well as shopping were the most common purposes.


This project was meant to be understaken by 2 sets of pairs but there was no other pair to go with us so we documented our actions as well as initaiting actions. We were undertaking an intervention action which engages with a social public; Federation Square was our main location. Our aim was to see how people acted with fake signs and see how far the society would go to believe them. This assignment would of been interesting to see the outcome over a longer time frame.


We were to return to Doncaster to learn more about Informal Urban Practices lived by the people in Doncaster by engaging with them through undertaking our own practice. We took this to mean occupying a space in order to create a change. Creating a speed camera on the side of the road was one of our urban practices which resulted in people slowing down dramatically. Creating sign (fake danger, fake maintenance and fake situation) was our other practice which were set up in various parts of the Doncaster Shopping Centre and Eastland Shopping Centre. This practice was not successful as either cleaning staff would remove them or security would not allow us to set up.


Images and key words of interest of Informal Urban Practices whch were influenced by examples from various parts of the world were shown on business cards and hung with a piece of rope from my wrist for easy mobility. These were exchanged for lollies, cookies, tea, other cards and interests/ stories. First stop was the underground station at Degreves Street where things were slow with little flow of people. As we moved to Federation Square and the Graffiti walls off Flinders Lane things became more productive despite the poor weather conditions. In doing this exchange I was able to find others with the same interests therefore, creating a group for my project.

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relection of the semester so far


relection of the semester so far