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Booth set up in Bowen Ln

ADMIT ONE The project, ADMIT ONE focuses on secrets and confessions. Through two different methods secrets and confessions were collected using public space as a forum to motivate participants to become involved. These methods were a public confession booth labeled ADMIT ONE, and a series of envelopes with small messages on the front trying to lead participants to pick them up and open them. The picking and opening itself was a practice, the next challenge was achieving responses, which was almost entirely unsuccessful, apart from one response, which was the favorite response of all responses received from either method of testing. The secrets collected vary greatly. Some serious, some joking and some I was unable to tell what they meant by them. This was something I expected, if I went into a booth I don’t know how I would react. It would depend in the mood I was in and what was on my mind at the time. Some of the responses are located on the right of the poster, which show the variety of the secrets, confessions and commentary that were received. Directly in the middle is the response of someone who was very interested in the project, but did not feel willing to divulge anything other than their thoughts. The thoughts were a positive response to my project written in a weird style which i appreciated as I did not know what to expect. Certainly not a full page of writing. Received letter

Confessions from the booth


poster finishes