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Scenario: In Melbourne, informal bartering runs in unplanned, unorganised ways. Strategies of sourcing, sorting and disposal are varying. Commonly, some of them tradings are in outdoor areas. Aristotle said: “People came to the city in order to survive, to live better and stay in the city” 2010, there are more than half the human live in cities. By 2030, the world’s urban population is likely to exceed 60%.With the developing of the city; people’s living tends to a fast-paced. The urban and life become much more heaviness than before. The city needs a “slow” method to adjust itself. People are the creators of urban life, who is also experiencing city life. What I am considering is the

Project Outcome: The “slow-paced” is utilizing informal space to relieving the stress of city inhabitants. The aim of the object swapping is giving citizens a time for relax when they are waiting or under pressure, so that they can enjoy their life in urban. In order to improvement the strategy for bartering.

Reflection: USB and laptops face to face. They were friendly and nice to pick their favorite song to exchange. In week9, we set up a self-service booth for objects swap. We swap a bag of chip for a pen; however, shy when we ask for permission to record.

Informal urban practices Mobile Swapping Object Swapping (Barter) is a method of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money.

Planning The trading method need to be improved. Ideally, the equipments for objects swap are better to be more attractive. Objects that we swap are ideally out of students’ expectation. In the following weeks, we would like to exanimate other methodologies for swapping. Besides, improved the facilities of objects swapping will be take place.

Methodologies for swapping • Locations • research in melbourne or overseas • face to face • trading market • subway • park tourist attractions



• Lunch time

• mobile

• when waiting

• easy to set up adn clean up

• when they missed a train/bus/tram???

• easy to display objects

Testing for week 9  10

s3191677 Jiazhen Chen (KEN) s3202690 Ka Ming, Lee (Irene)

Mobile Swapping  

Mobile Swapping