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1. articulate your aspirations for the studio and propose a means for self-assessment

Student name: Helen Dendrinos What do you aspire to learn through the studio? Clearly propose the most important 6 or more aspects of learning and achievement (in few words) that you aspire to measure your work against.

What is likely to indicate different levels of your performance and achievement against each criteria? Describe in detail the indicators (evidence) of quality at the level of performance that you aspire to achieve. In less detail, describe what will indicate if you have achieved above or below your aspired level.


‘SATISFACTORY’ PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Satisfactory knowledge of an informal urban practice is.

‘GOOD’ PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Good knowledge of an informal urban practice is.

‘VERY GOOD’ PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Having a greater knowledge on informal urban practices when developing the final design. Have taken into consideration of others when capturing intended actions.


Having understanding of what an informal urban practice is.


How have I handled real life scenarios/situations through testing different methods and mediums?

Very poorly.

Have covered it but could be better.


Conceptually framed my approach, interest and intention within the studio context in order to develop a design proposal relevant to the project.

Has completed this area in a satisfactory way.

Has approach conceptually context in a good performance for developing project proposal.


Have I generated and tested the project creative techniques that examine and explore the informal urban practices.

Could have tested further.

A good approach to generating and testing creative techniques.

Has developed the final project with a range of conceptual ideas and have approached interest and intention of the design direction. Generated and tested creative techniques.


Have I achieve what I set out to do?

Poor achievement to final design.


Reflect, examine and discuss my work with my peers.

Very poorly.

Getting an understanding of what’s required to achieve to final design. Has discussed work with peers but could have been more refined.

Having a very good understanding the final brief that is required to achieve. Collecting peers advice and have utilised it in their final design.

‘OUTSTANDING’ PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Outstanding knowledge of an informal urban practice is.

Outstanding achievement when dealing with the public and have an understanding of how people may react to the different mediums and methods of capturing the intended actions. Outstanding conceptually approach when developing the frame work of the design.

Outstanding performance when generating creative techniques for the final design. Outstanding performance of final design. Outstanding discussions with peers, as it show in the final design as they have tested all directions and avenues when collecting all advices.

IUP Self Assessment Document  

IUP Self Assessment Document aspirations

IUP Self Assessment Document  

IUP Self Assessment Document aspirations