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Fitzroyalty C.Herman M.McDonell Fitzroy. As an inner city suburb of Melbourne, Fitzroy resident’s behaviour was very typical for it’s location. We observed many activities popular in the area such as, cycling for transportation, street shopping, café culture, loitering, busking, exercising and socializing in the park. Rather than point out all the activities people did in Fitzroy, we thought we would try to document spaces that define the suburb and make it individual in some way. It also became clear that some activities which are quite common in the area are partaken during discreet hours as they may not be favoured by the authorities. There seems to be a culture of social awareness concentrating towards sustainable living, and an air of disuse or disrepair to blend in with the dating architecture and décor of many of the buildings.



Claim of Ownership

Utilizing the Street as Canvas

Early morning Rituals

Shared Space

Public Expression

Public Communication Tool

Reclaiming the Streets


Warehouse Conversion

Health Conscious

Public Disrepair

Enviromentally Sustainable Morals


Community Focused Events

Political Propaganda

The Public Backyard

Remnants of Local Heritage

Cafe Culture



Child-like Appropriation

Maximization Of Space

Alley Shareway

Bike Graveyard


Alley Playspace

Cycle Parking Tree

Icon: Fitzroy Tourism

Weekly Football Culture

Private Vs Public Space: Re-claim / Re-use


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