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Informal Urban Practices

Thoughts so far The class for me so far has been all about recognizing the potential of space, space in the case of informal urban practices is simple being used in a more efficient manner. We have been able to see this across the mini assignments that we have completed. The most interesting element has been the way in which people can be simply “manipulated” into doing things a different way, the power of design changing the way we live.


Whats happened so far Introduction class

Getting to know everybody in the class, different and unusual ways of getting everybody to have a chat about there interests and why they decided to choose this class.


Social Revolution the 1st assignment got the class to have a look at all the possible aeras of informal urban practices. as a class we went through all the results that everybody came up with

Exploration broken up into groups we started to go out into victoria and explore informal urban practices, i went to Doncaster, this proved to be an interesting experence as i found that there were very few informal practices. i put this down to there being ample space and as such informal practices were not needed.

Intervention the next stage was for us to take what we had learnt, and see if we could make a social intervention, my group choose to place a number of signs to see how people would react. the results were surprisingly different depending on the person and the location of the signs.


Occupation the next challenge was to see if we could occupy a space and make a change in how people act and behave. using an updated version of the signs we blocked off public areas. the second experment was to set up a fake speed camera to see how people would respond.

Market Trading Trading common interest and ideas to get an idea of how we would proceed for our final project.

Whats next

Market Trading

Using what we have learnt about how informal urban practices, we have been tasked with creating our own practice. we grouped up with people of similar interest and begun work.

Ryan O’Donnell


relfections on half a semester of informal urban practices

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