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By Helen and Rahul

The journey began at RMIT. Hannah and Martine were willing to take part of our Urban Treasure Hunt. We gave them a map of the CBD with riddles/clues and images were used to help them find each destination and to find the final location where X marks the spot.

First Clue: Known as a world class cultural and entertainment destination, home to SBS and ACMI = Federation Square. I presented them with a card which stated the location and had some letters circled which the had to place in the missing spots.

Second Clue: Home of the master pieces, off St Kilda Rd = National Gallery of Victoria The second card was presented and more spaces where filled.

Third Clue: Victoria’s memorial to the men and women who served in the two World Wars = The Shrine of Rememberance At this stage they started to figure out more of the final location, with the clues they already had. Watching them figuring out the clues was quite enjoyable, as they stated the next clue we were off in search of it.

Fourth Clue: Awesome inspiring views of Melbourne from the Southern Hemispheres highest viewing platform = Eureka Skydeck More letters were circled which allowed the girls to fill in more gaps. The letters they found already were F, A, T, I, O, N, D, N, S, T and L, these letters are all mixed but following the numbers listed will help them place the letters in the right spot.

Fifth Clue: A gateway to a ethnic oriental culture = China Town Another friend joined in helping the girls figure out the next clue for the coming destination.

Sixth Clue: What building holds the most stories? State Library The next clue was easy they were facing it, we wanted to make them laugh.

Seventh Clue: A central shopping district, off La trobe street = Melbourne Central At this stage the girls had pieced together the letters and finding the final destination.

Twelfth Clue: Where transportation, V Line and DFO all come together = Southern Cross Station

Eighth Clue: The Queen of all theatres, where Mary Poppins is playing = Her Majetsies Theatre

Ninth Clue: Home to over 10,000 aquatic creatures open for public display = Melbourne Aquarium

Tenth Clue: The most famous open air market in Victoria = Victoria Market

Eleventh Clue: A place where you can gamble your troubles away? Crown Complex The final letters that filled in where - e, e, e, t, e, i, R, s, s and t


Urban Treasure Hunt  

Testing our ideas of the 'Urban Treasure Hunt' with our friends.