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Responses Very highly likely! I’m working but I’ll try swap my shift


Photo Jumble Shot tower

Clues Cipher + QR

St. Pauls

Clue + QR Federation square

Yeah I’ll do that! Sounds fun! sounds pritts good, hopefully i haven’t got a shift, if not i’m there! Thanks for the invite! - I’ve got work though :( It sounds like so much fun!

Mrst s dozqar trf fppt A device: Within sight of the tower, will draw a crowd on the stroke of every hour

A Walkway: At the the edge, insight of the yarra, a walkway above the ground

i think i should be able to do it if it’s on the saturday, im pretty sure i dont have work Umbrella!! yay! :) perfect :)


Dont think ill be able to make it. ill do my best but im going out friday night and i have a bunch of assignments due and i have work at 3.

Three types of clues were tested, they make use of QR codes which can be read using a QR reader application on a smart phone. Photo jumbles, which require knowledge of city landmarks. Ciphers, which require a keyboard and some problem solving skills to decipher.


I’d love to :-) Definitely :) count me in! So long as work is not an issue im definately in!! and i have a bunch of friends city side who could come too!


Weather = Possible snow as low as the dandenong ranges. Mostly raining and drizzle. I heard rumours that even the Caulfield Cup may be cancelled. That’s pretty intense. I would love to do it but I’m working.....


The weather of Melbourne is always unpredictable, and the deference between one end of the event and the other can have completely different weather at the same time. The weather did have a huge impact in turn out for the event with only around a 3rd of the original expected participants turing up

On going interest Keeping people interest in the event as they worked they way through it was a simple matter of not getting bored. Making lots of stop off’s to have a break or sit down and get something to eat quickly got people back into doing the event.

The journey is the most important part of the Melbourne Challenge, the journey is always different for every person that takes part. the clues provide the framework to see the city

Time frame Overall the timeframe of the event was simple too long. by the end of the day it took much longer to progress through the event. While some of this was positive as the participants enjoyed the journey, by the last block of clues people were getting to tired and had mostly lost interest.

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The Wordpress blog is the nerve center for The Melbourne Challenge, all the required information to take part in the event can be found here.

Clues For the Melbourne Challenge relaunched there will be 4 different types of puzzles that will need to be solved.

Photo Jumble Shot tower

Riddles Botanicals garden

The Melbourne Challenge Relaunched is an event that will take you on a journey through the sites sounds and secrets of Melbourne. A device: Within sight of the tower, will draw a crowd on the stroke of every hour

Children play on miniature structures and plants, especially in the forest of bamboo


Qr codes

China town

Federation square

S qstlomh apy, miznrt 278

A Walkway: At the the edge, insight of the yarra, a walkway above the ground

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the Melbourne Challenge posters  

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