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SupplyMine Connecting Mining Suppliers & Buyers

Featured and Premium Supplier Listing Featured and Premium Listings are advertising packages that promote your company as a credible supplier of products and services tailored to the mining industry.

Qualified traffic generation. Your exclusive page allows you to tailor your message to the mining industry and add links back to your website (measurable results)

Premium Listings

Featured Listings

Priority listing in the SupplyMine Buyer’s Guide search results page

Brand exposure through a rotating banner displayed on most InfoMine pages and Community recognition through your presence in the SupplyMine pavilion page

Basic Listings

Competitive advantage. Your banner rotates in basic listing pages that are targeted to your business

Additional benefits SupplyMine is highly positioned on Google search results pages - Google directs potential buyers to pages that are popular and contain relevant content. Since so many companies are investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their own website, competition for a presence on the first page of a Google search result is fierce. For most suppliers, success in search must rely on more than their own website. By listing your company on SupplyMine, your product or service will be found by mining people who are searching for what you offer. The priority listing and the back links to your site, will increase qualified traffic. Google query for products & Services


Your Website

When building your suppliers listing page on SupplyMine, we recommend that your message be consistent with what your prospects search for. A strong match guarantees a higher ranking in search engines and increased qualified leads to your website.

Differences between listings on the Buyer’s Guide Premium






Promotional text, logo and product graphics Searchable text in our quick search Priority listing on search results pages Premium banner in search results (217 x 100 pixels) Box banner in search results (100 x 100 pixels) Rotating banner on free listings and suppliers pavillion Product categories on browsepad Complimentary featured suppliers news valued at can $400 per week Initial page and banner design

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Premium Mining Supplier Listing  

Stay ahead of the competition!

Premium Mining Supplier Listing  

Stay ahead of the competition!